Saw (PlayStation 3)

Does any one know the combination on level 1?

  1. I tired 435 and that did not work. Where are the numbers?
    sportschickny - 12 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Close the bathroom doors it appears nmbers are on them but they are wrong so ajust the camera with the mirror and you should get 437.
    PetuniaMother - 12 years ago - report
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  1. Its 437
    guate502 - 12 years ago - report
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  2. Close the toilet doors and then look in the mirror. The code is written on the doors. Go to the lock and enter the corresponding code and voila!
    Poxy013 - 12 years ago - report
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  3. Close the doors. Adjust yourself to look at the mirror with the markings on it, so they line up with the doors. "435" is incorrect.
    djHaQ - 12 years ago - report
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