• Heroes Over Europe cheats

    Plz enojoy enter at main menu where campain multiplayer and options are

    •All missionsAt the main menu, press Right Analog-stick Up, Right Analog-stick Down, L1, R1, Right Analog-stick Left, Right Analog-stick Right to unlock all missio
    •All planesAt the main menu, press L2, Right Analog-stick Left, R2, Right Analog-stick Right, L1, Triangle to unlock all planes. Note: Enabling this code will pr
    •Cheat modeAt the main menu, press Triangle, L2, D-pad Left, R2, D-pad Right, L1 to unlock the in-game cheat menu. Note: Enabling this code will prevent the game

    Contributed By: cheatmaster400.

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  • Unlock the Spitfire Mk IX-c and the Bf109 G10 early.

    Go on the main menu screen and enter the following inputs. A confirmation message should appear if the code is performed correctly.

    Unlock Bf109 G10.Left-Analog Left, Left-Analog Right, L2, R2, Right-Analog Left, Right-Analog Right.
    Unlock Spitfire Mk IX-c.Left-Analog Up, Left-Analog Down, L2, R2, Right-Analog Up, Right-Analog Down.

    Contributed By: glowsquid.

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  • Unlockable planes.

    On Rookie difficulty, you only need to complete the mission to unlock the plane. On Pilot and Ace difficulties, you also need to complete the Bonus Objective to unlock the plane.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beaufighter TF Mk XComplete Operation Cerberus on Pilot difficulty
    Bf-109 E4Complete London Burning on Rookie difficulty
    Bf-109 E4 AceComplete Heart of the Empire on Ace difficulty
    Bf-109 G10Complete Heart of the Empire on Pilot difficulty
    Bf-109 G6Complete London Burning on Pilot difficulty
    Bf-110 C-4Complete Firestorm on Rookie difficulty
    Bf-110 G-4Complete Firestorm on Pilot difficulty
    Fw190 A8Complete Operation Jericho on Rookie difficulty
    Fw190 F8Complete Operation Jericho on Pilot difficulty
    Fw190 F8 AceComplete The Butcher's Birds on Ace difficulty
    G41 Meteor Mk IIIComplete Eye of the Storm on Ace difficulty
    He 219A-7/Rl OwlComplete Firestorm on Ace difficulty
    Hurricane Mk I I-cComplete Phoney War on Pilot difficulty
    Hurricane Mk I I-dComplete Defense of the Realm on Pilot difficulty
    Ju-87-B StukaComplete Fighter Superiority on Rookie difficulty
    Macchi.202 FolgoreComplete Defense of the Realm on Ace difficulty
    Me-262 A-2Complete Operation Jericho on Ace difficulty
    Me-262 AceComplete The Black Heart on Ace difficulty
    Mosquito FB Mk V Series 3Complete Party Crashers on Pilot difficulty
    Mosquito NF Mk V Series 2Complete Operation Cerberus on Rookie difficulty
    P-38J LightningComplete Eagle Day on Ace difficulty
    P-40-B TomahawkComplete Phoney War on Rookie difficulty
    P-47B ThunderboltComplete Party Crashers on Rookie difficulty
    P-47D-23 ThunderboltComplete The Butcher's Birds on Pilot difficulty
    P-51A MustangComplete Eagle Day on Rookie difficulty
    P-51D (NA-124) MustangComplete Battle of the Bulge on Pilot difficulty
    P-51D MustangComplete Battle of the Bulge on Rookie difficulty
    P-51H (NA-126) MustangComplete The Black Heart on Pilot difficulty
    P-61 Black WidowComplete The Black Heart on Rookie difficulty
    P-80 Shooting StarComplete Battle of the Bulge on Ace difficulty
    Spitfire Mk I-aComplete Defense of the Realm on Rookie difficulty
    Spitfire Mk IX-cComplete Fighter Superiority on Ace difficulty
    Spitfire Mk V-bComplete Fighter Superiority on Pilot difficulty
    Spitfire XVI-eComplete Party Crashers on Ace difficulty
    SwordfishComplete Heart of the Empire on Rookie difficulty
    Tempest FB Mk IIComplete Eye of the Storm on Pilot difficulty
    Tempest Mk V-IIComplete Eye of the Storm on Rookie difficulty
    Typhoon Mk I-bComplete The Butcher's Birds on Rookie difficulty
    Whirlwind Mk IIComplete Eagle Day on Pilot difficulty
    Yak-9UComplete Phoney War on Ace difficulty

    Contributed By: JGA1980.

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