English Voice of Android 16Jeremy Inman
English Voice of Android 17Chuck Huber
English Voice of Android 18Meredith McCoy
English Voice of BrolyVic Mignogna
English Voice of Captain GinyuBrice Armstrong
English Voice of CellDameon Clarke
English Voice of FriezaLinda Young
English Voice of GokuSean Schemmel
English Voice of Kid Gohan and Teen GohanStephanie Nadolny
English Voice of Krillin and BardockSonny Strait
English Voice of NappaPhil Parsons
English Voice of Piccolo, Yamcha, Vegeta, and RecoomeChristopher Robin Sabat
English Voice of RaditzJustin Cook
English Voice of Tien and SaibamenJohn Burgmeier
English Voice of TrunksEric Vale
Executive ProducersDonald T. Clay
Japanese Voice : Android 16Hikaru Midorikawa
Japanese Voice : Android 17Shigeru Nakahara
Japanese Voice : Android 18Miki Itou
Japanese Voice : BardockMasako Nozawa
Japanese Voice : BrolyBin Shimada
Japanese Voice : CellNorio Wakamoto
Japanese Voice : FriezaRyusei Nakao
Japanese Voice : GinyuHideyuki Hori
Japanese Voice : GokuMasako Nozawa
Japanese Voice : Kid/Teen GohanMasako Nozawa
Japanese Voice : KrillinMayumi Tanaka
Japanese Voice : NappaShozo Iizuka
Japanese Voice : PiccoloToshio Furukawa
Japanese Voice : RaditzShigeru Chiba
Japanese Voice : RecoomeKenji Utsumi
Japanese Voice : TienHirotaka Suzuoki
Japanese Voice : TrunksTakeshi Kusao
Japanese Voice : VegetaRyo Horikawa
Japanese Voice : YamchaToru Furuya
Japanese Voice: TenshinhanMitsuaki Madono
Original AuthorAkira Toriyama
Roundcall VoiceMike McFarland
Voice of Majin BuuJosh Martin
Voice of Super BuuJustin Cook

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