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  1. Any one please I have tried everything

    User Info: smile5187

    smile5187 - 10 years ago

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  1. Well, what I use to beat this mission (and to S rank it) is as follows...

    -Depending on your play style and skill, build a light or medium Next that is fairly fast and energy effecient (tuned obviously)
    -Use dual blades on this Next along with at least the "Add Main Boosters" back weapon. Choose which ever dual blades you want, I usually eitehr use the MOONLIGHT or the energy effecient ELTAN (this is probably not spelt right but you'll get the idea)
    -When you start the battle, go ahead and boost towards The Answerer. Once you get to it, blade the extention near you that shoots missles. Doing so will destroy it and it will no longer shoot missles.
    -After this, you probably don't have enough time until it PA Explodes, so fly up fairly high to avoid this and avoid missles.
    -Once it PA Explodes, go to the other side of The Answerer and destroy the other extention that is shooting missles (looks just like the first one, a long rectangle)
    -After doing so, on this same side somewhat near the upper center of The Answerer, you will see a missile bay that looks like a bridge. Go ahead and slash that also to destroy it. Now The Answerer can no longer shoot any missles (this is mainly important if you have a light Next and are not good at dodging missles, but basically this makes it so it won't do damage to you anymore).
    -Now I can't remember for sure, but you'll probably have to go back up in the air to stay away from the PA Explosion again.
    -Now you will notice that there are four sauser (sp?) type things on the top of The Answerer. Land on the middle of then and slice each one of them to kill them. Make sure you pay attention to tells that The Answerer will PA Explode and act accordingly.
    -Finally, once all four of them are destroyed, slice two of the wing extentions and The Answerer will fall.

    Not too tough to S rank at all this way.

    User Info: Fumma-Monou

    Fumma-Monou - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. To beat the answerer. Trick is to use melee weapons with Additional side boosters + main booster. Keep your AC in the air as long as possible if you wish to take it down quicker. Take out the plating around the Answerer and it will begin to lose balance. To counter its Assault Armor, keep your eyes open for its core and just drop to the floor. The beams emitted from it aren't a serious threat, so dodging it is optional but you'll get more money if your AC is less damaged. That's all.

    User Info: WingReborn

    WingReborn - 10 years ago 1   1

  2. Equip OB with assault armor then boost to top, then boost to the back, once you get to the backside you mustactivate your AA between circular portion of Answerer (above the center where the KP is stored) and the center portion. Equip the Assault Amplifer if neccessary.

    User Info: Hop103

    Hop103 - 10 years ago 1   1

  3. Your best bet is to do what Fumma-Monou said because that is what i do and i get s rank on hard with this method quite easily.

    User Info: Lladnar700

    Lladnar700 - 10 years ago 0   0

  4. top the boosters and equip the dual kojima blades. Fly around hitting the petals that shoot lasers at you and hit them till they fall. when they are all gone fly to the center and attack the base

    User Info: NoxTaicho

    NoxTaicho - 10 years ago 0   1

  5. Destroy the wings with your specific style of play i reccommend practicing with a faster mech thats all

    User Info: noob0nator

    noob0nator - 10 years ago 0   1

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