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  1. Does it? can't seem to do it and been fihting them for weeks, they rough.

    User Info: acmechaphantom

    acmechaphantom - 10 years ago

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  1. Yes, the glitch works. Ensure that you are attempting to shoot through the correct walls (if you are standing on the wall that the enemy AC's fly over and facing towards them, it is the walls to the 7 o'clock position).

    User Info: Supplice_

    Supplice_ - 10 years ago 2   0

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  1. Easier way-I had posted this somewhere in the boards:

    1. Load up the HYDOR-ARGYROS build
    2. Switch the boosters to Tellus standard
    3. Attach:
    -Add on Shoulder Boosters
    -A ZINC or SIRIUS to your RB
    -A damaging weapon of choice (I used a Gatling Cannon)
    4. When the match starts, fly to the other side of the compound and land on the wall, charging your Kojima Arms.
    5. As your enemies Over-boost on-screen [after tossing insults at you] Take any one of them down with your now fully charged ARGYROS/XA. Whichever Next you want, there sitting ducks at this part.
    6. The others will land on the other side of the wall and begin to battle with Old King
    7. He will keep 90% of their attention while you charge your Koji Arms
    8. When their charged, fly down carefully dodging Roadie's attacks in particular (as well as everyone else), blast someone!
    9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until Old King Dies, and then just hide on the waters outside the wall while you charge and they will wait for you mostly. Nothing else changes.
    10. If your Koji Arms empty before defeating all Nexts, use your ZINC/SIRIUS add finish off the remainders the old fashioned way, being cautious to dodge Wynne's Becrux & Roadie's Bazooka shots, everything else, not much to worry about.

    And that's that. A or S Rank, if done correct! =D

    User Info: BlueMoney5

    BlueMoney5 - 9 years ago 1   0

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