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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 06/26/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             |    Ghostbusters    |
                             |    Version 0.99    |
                             |  Created 6-18-2009 |
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                  Version History...........................[HSHY]
                       The Sedgewick Hotel..................[WLKT2]
                       Times Square.........................[WLKT3]
                       The Public Library...................[WLTK4]
                       The History Museum...................[WLKT5]
                       Return to Hotel Sedgewick............[WLKT6]
                       Lost Island..........................[WLKT7]
                       Central Park Cemetary................[WLKT8]
                  Tobin's Spirit Guide......................[TBSG]
                               I N T R O D U C T I O N                    [INTD]
    Welcome Gostbusters Fans. This guide is written based on the Experienced
    (normal) difficulty setting. It was also written using the PS3 version of the 
    game. My guess though is that the guide will also work for the Xbox 360
    version. My goal with a guide is to provide a step by step method for moving 
    through each level of the game. I expect that once you are able to defeat a 
    common enemy you will likely be able to do so again. I do not proclaim to be an
    expert on the game. You can be assured though the descriptions below are a 
    method (maybe not the best) that will allow you to complete the game. While the
    main portion of the guide is the Walkthrough do not neglect the other sections.
    Review/scan over them and they may help you in some way. 
                             V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                 [VSHY]
    Version 0.80 
     -Submitted 6-22-2009
     -Walkthrough complete
     -Equipment, Spirit Guide, Artifacts and Fountains outlined
    Version 0.99
     -Submitted 6-25-2009
     -Equipment section complete
     -Spirit Guide and Artifacts almost complete
     -Need to find other fountains
     -Need to finish Gameplay section
                                G A M E P L A Y                           [GMPY]
    Proton Pack
    PKE Meter
    -Do not be afraid to spend your money on upgrades. You earn more than enough
     cash to pay for all the upgrades.
    -Scan a ghost on the first encounter to gain valuable information.
    -Having trouble defeating a particular ghost? Check out Tobin's Spirit Guide 
     for its weakness.
    -Revive, revive, revive! Healing downed teammates can be the difference 
     between continuing a mission and game over if you go down.
    -When in doubt do two things: Listen to your teammates and/or use the PK meter
                              W A L K T H R O U G H                       [WLKT]
    Firehouse                                                             [WLKT1]
    Watch the intro videos. A well known apparition has escaped. Ray and Egon need
    some assistance from the new recruit. Slide down the pole and follow the guys
    down the stairs. Use R2 to fire the proton beam at Slimer. Unfortunately the
    blast hits a little more than the gross green ghost and another potential 
    bustee escapes. Move with Ray down to the basement while Egon repairs the 
    containment unit.
    Listen to Ray explain the importance of the proton pack. It is not only a 
    primary weapon but will serve as the HUD. The green bar indicates health while
    the red will indicate when the pack needs vented to prevent/treat overheating.
    Fire at Slimer with the proton stream. A green circular meter appears when
    a ghost is targeted. This basically indicates their health. Once Slimer's meter
    is depleted enough he escapes. The first actual enemy ghost shortly appears,
    Sloth Ghost.
    Fire the Blast Stream at him to weaken the ghost. Listen to and follow Ray's
    Instructions to learn how to use the Capture Stream, Slam, and Trap. When the
    Sloth Ghost is weakend press L1 while holding R2 to throw a capture stream. 
    Practice slamming and wrangling the ghost. Once the Sloth Ghost is trapped the
    action moves to Ecto-1, where you can leave for your first real mission.
    The Sedgewick Hotel                                                   [WLKT2]
    6 Artifacts
    6 Ghost Scans
    Follow the guys to the elevator. Move down the first hall on the left. When
    Ray mentions that he has made contact be aware of the incoming furniture and
    avoid it if possible. Fire a blast at Slimer and he will escape. As you and Ray
    proceed, equip the PK meter by hitting Triangle. Listen to the explanation of
    it use to investigate the wall Slimer escaped through. Track Slimer to a 
    vase/urn at the end of the hall on the right. Get a scan of Slimer and move 
    back down the hall. There is a vending machine in an alcove on the left. On the
    floor is the first artifact. Scan it. 
    Peter screams for help over the radio. Race behind Ray by pressing circle. 
    Revive the freshly slimed Peter by pressing X. Egon mentions more activity down
    stairs. Call the elevator and go down. A couple of Bell Hop Ghosts are causing 
    a disturbance. Help the other Busters zap and trap them. Slimer reappars with
    two more Bell Hop Ghosts. Attack them while avoiding the thrown objects and 
    they eventually split up. Peter and the Rookie are given the task of tracking
    Slimer. Before heading out move to the near by desk (find the right one with
    the PK Meter) to find a service bell/artifact.
    The hotel manager will not allow access to the Ball Room. Follow Peter around 
    to a side entrance through the kitchen. Equip the PK Meter and investigate the
    black goo on the wall. When the appliance moves to block the path forward, 
    several Dead Fish Fliers appear. Use the proton stream to defeat them and move
    to the appliance blocking the path. Move to the right to find an artifact then
    return to Peter's position. 
    Inside the ballroom, Slimer is found. Wear him down with the proton stream. As
    Slimer is weakened he will hide. Look for him with the PK Meter and he will 
    eventually reappear. Continue to blast and look out for him to charge and slime
    you. A press of O will help evade the goo. Trap Slimer and before leaving the
    area zap the ham that was on the large table to get the Kosher Trophy. Move to
    the bar and destroy the shelves on the right hand side. The wall should break
    and show a secret passage. Behind the wall is an artifact.
    Exit the ball room to find more Bellhop Ghosts in the main hall. After a 
    discussion about payment with the hotel manager the Angry Fisherman Ghost
    flies by. Move with Egon to track down this ghost. The Fisherman will collapse
    a set of stairs putting the Rookie on his own. Head up the next set of stairs
    for an artifact. Go back down the stairs and through the next hall. The 
    Fisherman will flood the area with water.
    Use the PK meter to search for the Fisherman. You should find a new enemy the
    Candelabrum Crawler at the first right after room 304 and a Toaster artifact
    near rooom 307. This small ghost does not have to be trapped but will be 
    eliminated with a good zap from the proton pack. The difficulty with them 
    however can be numbers. They like to attack in groups. Continue the search for
    the Fisherman with the PK Meter. He is at some vending machines not far from
    the Toaster relic. He will flee across the dead end and bust through a door.
    Fight through the Crawlers to this new location. Once the elevators are reached
    the water will drain when a set of elevator doors open. 
    Enter Sargassi's to fight the Angry Fisherman. He floats above and will move
    from one side of the room to the other quickly. Focus you stream on him and 
    be prepared to dodge his fishing line attack. The key is to locate him quickly
    (he will usually be behind you) and fire regularly. Once the Fisherman's health
    is adequately depleted he escapes and the other Ghostbusters enter expressing
    their pride in your destructive abilities.
    Use the PK meter to track the Angry Fisherman to the exit. Unfortunately when
    you get to the door a Kitchen Golem attacks. Stay at a distance and keep a 
    regular stream on the Golem. It can deal out heavy damage if you get too close.
    Once its health is depleted wrangle out the inhabiting ghost by using the 
    capture stream. The Fisherman is now the primary target again. Continue to 
    focus a stream on him but now you have some help. Trap him when possible and 
    the cinematic will exit the team to the outside where Stay Puft awaits.
    Times Square                                                          [WLKT3]
    6 Artifacts
    6 Ghost Scans
    In the distance Stay Puft will create Marshmallow Mini's to attack. These 
    treats can be eliminated without trapping. Once the big guy throws a car and
    opens the path continue forward. Once the first wave of Minis are defeated Hobo
    Ghosts appear. These phantoms must be weakend and trapped. Its easier to use 
    the constantly open trap on top of Ecto-1 than the more mobile version each
    Ghostbuster carries. Advancing leads to more Hobos and Minis at the same time.
    Be sure to keep an eye on your teammates and revive when necessary. At the end 
    of the street (you'll see a wrecked Doritos truck), Stone Gargoyles will attack
    from behind. The way to defeat these ghosts is to use the Capture stream and
    Slam them into the ground. Next up are some Construction Worker Ghosts that
    will attack along with some Garoyles. Take out the Gargoyles quickly then 
    focus on the Workers. They will attack from a distance regularly. Focus on one
    at a time and get them trapped.
    Winston has the idea to cut through the side alley to cut off Stay Puft. Find
    a path through the possessed washers and enter the small room on the right for
    an artifact. Exit the Laundromat and use the Boson Darts to destroy the leaking
    tanker. This provides a path for Ecto-1 to follow. Locate the Midnight Goose
    artifact and destroy the fence to the left. At the first alley after knocking
    over the fence you will find Otto's Bar. At its entrance is another artifact.
    Once back on the main street the guys find a theater that houses Hindenberg.
    Several Opera Diva Ghosts appear. Zap 'em and trap 'em. This turns into an
    even bigger fight when after the first couple of Divas are trapped Hobos and
    Gargoyles appear. During this fight stay on the move for protection. Also you
    have to make sure to quickly revive fallen teammates. At least one person has 
    to stay alive or its game over. A good general strategy is to use the stream
    regularly with intermittent Boson Darts. This seems to deplete the ghosts 
    health more rapidly. The Divas and Hobos have to be trapped while the Gargoyles
    can still be slammed.
    Stay Puft is nearby and looking for something. Move through the maze of cars 
    away from the giant Marshmallow defeating his Minis along the way. When ever
    a dead end is reached fight of the Minis and fire Boson Darts at Stay Puft. 
    When he's ready he will unknowingly open your path. Enter the building at the
    end of the path and fend of several Minis. Get the artifact on the desk then
    ride the elevator up.
    Move down the hall end enter the office. The PK Meter leads you to the center
    of the room. Look up and numerous Minis crash in from above. Boson Darts are
    very helpful when several Minis congregate. Fend off all the attackers and 
    exit with Ray after picking up the artifact in the back right corner of the 
    room. Upon opening the room more Minis come down the hall a few Boson Darts and
    the hall will be cleared. Grab the artifact at the end of the hall. Enter the
    conference room and fight off the Mini's and fire a Dart at Stay Pufts hand.
    Exit to the stairs and move down. The path is destroyed so there is only one
    way to go and that is up. On the roof trap the Construction ghosts. When they
    are all trapped move to the edge of the roof to see Stay Puft up close and 
    personal. Fire at him to knock him to the ground and victory...Not so fast.
    Stay Puft is on his way back up the building. You somehow slip off the edge.
    Hanging from the edge of the roof fire Boson Darts at Stay Puft as he ascends.
    His attacks now will be the Minis that can be taken out with a Proton Stream.
    He will also spit large gobs of marshmallow that can be broken up with a Dart
    or Stream attack. Continue to pelt Stay Puft with Darts alternating with
    fending off his minions. Once the last dart hits Stay Puft falls crashing to 
    the ground.
    Public Library                                                        [WLKT4]
    6 Artifacts
    10 Ghost Scans
    Move over to examine the remaining lion statue only to have a few ghosts break
    free and enter the library. Climb the stairs and watch as the events unfold.
    Ray explains the use of the stasis stream and the guys disperse. Equip the PK
    Meter and return to the bottom floor. Investigate the ectoplasm on the ground
    then the case on the right side of the room. The ghost exits and busts down
    a gate behind the columns and to the left. Follow the path to a large open
    room with lots of reading tables.
    Ray and Egon are on the balcony to the right. At Floor level on the far side of
    the room a Book Golem will appear. Use the stasis attacks to slow the golem 
    down while circling him. The circling will be easier once much of the room is
    destroyed. This Golem like the last has a devastating melee attack, hence the
    importance of remaining at a distance. The more you are able to slow the Golem
    the better chance Ray and Egon have at attacking. You can even switch the 
    pack to the normal proton stream and fire some Boson Darts if you like. Once
    the Golem is low on health wrangle the ghost out by using the capture stream.
    After wrangling the ghost out of the Golem it escapes. Investigate counter at
    the far end of the room (opposite the entrance) to find the ghost of the 
    Librarian. Move behind the counter through a door on the left and get an 
    artifact to the left. Now go through the door that was opened as the ghostly
    librarian moved through. She will Shush you and disappear. Move down the stairs
    and into the next room. Investigate the area Egon finds with your PK meter only
    to have the libarian appear again. Take the side path with the other 
    The large bookshelves will move and cut you off from the others. Wait for a 
    path to open to the left. Follow it and encounter the first ghost of this
    level. Fire at him then keep moving foward. Watch as the bookcases move to 
    open new paths. This will lead you to the Microfilm, Reprints, and Archives
    room. To the left of the entrance is an artifact. Move to the right of the door
    and the path will be cut off. Take the center aisle to find the ghost. Fire at 
    him and keep moving foward.
    Exit the stacks via the door marked Authorized Personel Only and make a right.
    The room is full of Black Slime. Exit and go toward the other end of the hall.
    Scan the purple ectoplasmic residue then make a right. In the next room, 
    destroy the folding tables and boxes with Darts. Once that is done with the PK
    meter equipped scan the book drops (I guess) on the other end of the room to
    release some Book Bats. Fire the proton stream or Darts at the bats to destroy
    them and the main ghost you've been tracking will appear. After he takes a 
    beating he gets some help and there is two of them. They seam to be more 
    difficult to trap than the previous ghosts but having both capture streams on
    one seems to make it a bit easier.
    Follow Ray out and down the hall. In the next room Paper Constructs attack. 
    Change the Proton Pack to equip the Shock Blast and fire away at the critters.
    It may be best to stay in the entry corridor in order to force the ghosts to 
    attack from only in front of your position. Move forward into the Reference,
    Journals, and Current Periodicals Room fighting Paper Constructs as you go. 
    At the end of the book shelves you reunite with the Librarian. She wants quite
    and disappears again. Return to the previous room and go toward the newly 
    open door only to have the Librarian unleash some Book Bats. Follow Ray and 
    listen to the Winston provide some story during the cinematic.
    Take a sip from the fountain and as the Juvenille Curriculum room door slams 
    shut more Paper Constructs will attack from behind. Enter the room they escaped
    from and open the door on the right. Inside the Children's Reading Room, try to
    open the first door on the left. It will only partially open. Use a proton 
    blast to destroy the obstruction then investigate the bear on the chair. It 
    leaves and heads to the other end of the room. Follow it to the large tree in 
    the back right corner. This action should give a trophy and cause Ray to want
    to move along.
    Go down the stairs and arrive at a room just outside of the Special Collections
    room. To the right notice the chair propped up against the door. Use the
    capture beam to remove it and open the door to find an artifact. Regroup with
    Egon and Ray only to have the Librarian leave again. An attack comes from
    a duo of ghost that will be fairly easy to eliminate. Use the PK meter to find
    the book shelf on the back right side of the room that leads to a secret 
    Run down the stairs and be prepared for a Paper Construct to bust through the
    boarded up passage. Enter the new door way and turn right. Follow Ray to the 
    big open area. Use the PK meter to investigate the book on the stand to the 
    right. It will levitate and enemies appear. First its just Book Bats, then
    some Paper Constructs. The next duo of enemies will be the Book Centurions. Its
    best to use the shock blast against the first three enemy types. The final
    in the series is another Cruster. Switch to the proton stream and attack cause
    this one has to be captured. The Librarian appears and moves down the hall.
    Follow her again.
    At the end of the hall is a room with only one exit which is conveniently
    block by large beams. Before moving the beams move around the book cases to the
    left to find an artifact. Return to the block passage and use the capture beam
    to remove the three impediments. Slam them then move each beam out of the way.
    Blast the remaining wooden boards and enter. Move through the watery room to
    the stairs. At the top flip the switch for some power and watch as a Golem
    appears. Use the Shock Blast and circle the enemy. As before keep your distance
    and the fight should not be a problem. Once his health is depleted use the 
    capture beam to wrangle and slam the remnants of the Golem.
    The previously electrically lock door opens. Move through it and down the 
    stairs to the furnace room. Inside the team attempts to surround the Librarian
    but this evil, evil ghost disappears yet again. In her place two Coal Golems
    appear. Defeat these guys using the Shock Blast until their health is depleted
    then wrangle and slam the ghost inside. The wall just by the furnace has a 
    spot weakend by black slime, use a Boson Dart to blast through it. Egon now
    will describe a modification he has made to the proton pack. Use the slime 
    blower to neutralize the black slime and enter the tunnel.
    It looks like the Ghostbusters have finally tracked down the Librarian (its 
    about time). Move to the book she was reading and interact with it to take it.
    She disappears and Ray thinks you helped her move over peacefully to the other
    side. After all this chasing he better be wrong... and he is. Use the PK meter
    to track her position. She shows her true self and forms a wall of books for
    protection. Use the shock blast to destroy the book stands surrounding her.
    Their destruction causes her shield to dissipate and you can now send a couple
    shocks her way. The quicker the book stands are destroyed the easier the fight
    will be. Once the shield is gone and enough of her health is depleted throw 
    out a trap to capture the librarian. The guys are concerned about how easily 
    the Librarian went down. Once the talk is done interact with the glowing yellow
    light to open the way out.
    Move through the gate that opens on the other side of the cross dimensional 
    portal. Neutralize the black slime on the door at the top of the stairs with 
    the slime blower. Ray and Egon enter the central portal. It disappears while a
    Book Golem appears. Defeat it using the Shock, Capture, Slam method. Go to
    the opposite end of the area and enter the portal to the left for an artifact.
    Exit the way you entered and go through the portal on the opposite side. A 
    Book Golem forms in the distance. Equip the Shock Blast and charge him. Once 
    close begin firing while backing up. You may be able to defeat him before 
    reaching the portal, if not thats okay just back through it and he will follow.
    Now walk up the stairs to where the Golem formed and Ray will exit the portal.
    He discusses the usefulness of Slime Tether. Once Ray lowers the portion of the
    bridge closes to you move to the edge and use the new function to lower the 
    other half of the bridge. Use the Tether ability to move the large rotating 
    wall to reveal an exit portal. I tethered the right side to move the wall 
    clockwise but either way will work. Follow Ray down the long corridor and he
    will exit through a portal. The portal then promptly disappears when you try to
    follow. The hall now has several mirrors and a new ghost, Cultist, appears to
    the right. Attack him with the proton steam/Boson Darts. Trap the Cultist and 
    move through the door at the end of the hall.
    A few Book Bats will attack but keep moving to the portal at the end of the 
    path. Once through go up the ramp and through the portal at the top of the 
    small set of stairs. Equip the Shock Blast and defeat several Paper 
    Constructs ahead. Use the columns and broken stone walls for cover if you feel
    overwhelmed. Exit through the portal at the end of the path. On the other side
    Egon mentions he has almost found the way out. Go through the portal at the
    end of the bridge and fight off more Constructs. Egon has found the way out and
    hopefully will be helping us out. At the end of the path turn left to find an
    upside down room. Scan a chair on the ceiling to acquire another artifact. 
    Continue through the room and find a long stair case that is the way out.
    The way out is littered with lots of attacking books though. Raise up the first
    set of stairs and pause. When the books stop moving through the stone wall to
    the right run up the stairs and through the opening. Take cover behind the
    wall. Watch the rotating set of books ahead. There is a gap in the circle.
    When there are no books flying in from below run into the gap and up the next 
    set of steps. Blast your way up until the walk way breaks apart. Use the Slime
    Tether to reconnect the path. Blast through a few more books then tether your
    way to the portal.
    Whew, now that the team is out of the ghost dimension everything is safe. That
    is except for Azetlor the Destroy attempting to kill you. First switch the 
    pack to utilize the Slime Blower and fire at Azetlor's mask to remove the 
    black slime. Once the slime has been neutralized switch to the capture stream
    and remove the mask (slam helps). Now use the proton stream/Boson Darts to 
    attack its green shining eye. Keep steady fire on its eye while reviving any
    downed teammates. Constant movement around the area helps avoid death. If you
    haven't done so purchasing Blast Stream Recoil Decrease can help with 
    maneuverability during this fight. Up to now it is unlikely this has been a
    problem. Buying this ability could mean the difference between winning and 
    losing if you are having trouble with this ghost. Once the big ghost is 
    defeated exit through the portal Ray notices.
    History Museum                                                        [WLKT5]
    6 Artifacts
    11 Ghost Scans
    Its kind of dark at the loading dock so just locate Winston and Ray up ahead.
    Something has esacped from the crate. Neutralize the slime and move around to
    the other side of the dock. The door is sealed and the power needs restored.
    Turn around and destroy the boxes in the corner to the right. Flip the switch
    and the door opens. Follow the guys until one of them mentions they saw a 
    possessor. After he mentions that look for an artifact in the corner when the
    path turns to the right. Enter the next room and bust open the wooden crate to
    release the assisstant curator of the museum. Next a cinematic has a ghost 
    possessing Ray. Fire a stream of slime at Ray's body. Doing so will cause the 
    ghost to exit. Once out attack it with the proton stream and trap it.  The 
    cinematic takes the team up stairs.
    More possessor ghosts are attacking those at the museum party. There is a 
    total of at least 4 Beauty Queen Ghosts that must be trapped. They will take
    control of any human in the vicinity including the Ghostbusters. Use the same
    tactics as before, Slime the possesed human until the ghost appears then 
    quickly switch to proton stream/Boson Darts to damage the ghost.  Finally trap
    each one. If the ghosts are not trapped they can continue to repossess people.
    Staying in the initial room until a couple of possessors are trapped helps 
    provide some degree of order to the battle. The PK meter shows a trail of 
    ectoplasmic residue that leads into the next room. 
    Following the trail leads to a fight with several Possessed Statues. These 
    ghosts do not have to be trapped only eliminated. Boson Darts seem to work
    pretty well but the description of the ghosts in Tobin's guide states they have
    a weakness to Shock Blast. These enemies can be somewhat fierce especially in
    numbers. Stay back while using the corners of the corridor for cover in between
    shots fired. Open the door at the end of the hall to enter the Lost City of the
    Mayans exhibit.
    Statues can attack from either side. Pick one and fire away while keeping in
    mind you may be attacked from behind. The path on either side of the wall will
    become blocked at points. Use the bridges in the center to cross when needed 
    and continue forward. Just in front of the temple Winston mentions will be 
    another fight with several Statues and a new foe, the Flying Skulls. The 
    strategy remains the same, use Shock Blast against the Statues and Skulls while
    staying on the move to avoid damage. This can be a hectic fight so keep an eye
    toward reviving fallen teammates. Use one of the doors on either side of the
    temple to proceed. The next hall (the one with the broken skylight) houses more
    attacking Statues. When the Statues are eliminated continue until Ray comes on
    over the radio. He has made it to the security office and will open the gate
    leading to the Civil War Room.
    There is an artifact on the wall to the left. This is a good room to create
    some damage if you are looking for the trophy. Once you reach the other side 
    of the room Union and Confederate ghosts begin reenacting the Civil War. Blast
    and trap them all. There are alot but it should not be too difficult especially
    if you have purchased the trap upgrades. Once the room is clear exit the Civil
    War towards the Egypt Exhibit.
    Examine the Black Slime on the floor and Flying Skulls appear. They will 
    constantly stream out of the Black Slime Portal until you neutralize it with
    the Slime Blower. The people still examining the exhibit behind the gate are
    startled and run when chased by a ghost. Upon entry into the next chamber the
    door is blocked behind you and the team is stuck in a room with lots Possessed
    Statues and Civil War Ghosts. Use Shock against the statues and trap the Civil
    War relics. Ray says the way out is a door on the west wall. Follow the team 
    there only to find no exit. PK scan the wall then after some banter Ray comes
    up with the idea of sliming the door to hopefully speed up the team's exit.
    Move down the hall and pick up the Bagged Head artifact before entering the
    next room (a water fountain is nearby as well). The Chairman is in this room
    but escapes before you can attack. Instead he sends some Flying Skulls and 
    a few Statues to do his dirty work. Clear the room and exit. Use the PK meter
    to see some residue leading to a display on the left. The vase is an artifact.
    The path to the left is blocked by a closed gate so move to the right side 
    of the hall. The Chairman appears again but runs leaving behind more statues.
    Grab the painting/artifact at the end of the hall. Just keep moving through the
    Egyptian exhibit fighting statues until reuniting with Ray. A lengthy cinematic
    leads to the continuation of the search for the Chairman.
    The PK meter lets you know that the large central structure can be destroyed 
    with your Proton Pack. Its desctruction leads to the creation of a stair way
    down. Ray leads you through the tunnel. Once you arrive at the end of the 
    tunnel let your PK meter lead you to the left for an artifact. Regroup with the
    team. They lead you to an apparent deadend. Scan the sealed exit to find it 
    has been weaked by Black Slime. Equp the Slime Blower and fire away to create
    an exit. Follow Ray through the network of tunnels again. He thinks its a good
    idea to equip the proton packs with Egon's newest technology, the Meson 
    Collider/Overload Pulse. Find the door without a lock and kick it in. Cross the
    bridge and be prepared for a fight against the Chairman.
    The Chairman's weakness is the Meson Collider. Fortunately, Egon just equipped
    the Proton Pack with that capability. Fire the Collider at the yellow eye on
    his chest then blast him with an Overload Pulse. The Chairman usually appears
    twice per attack cycle, once on one of the sides then in a corner. The sides
    have large destructible tanks that provide some cover to the Chairman. Early on
    in the fight blast the tanks with the Meson Collider to provide a clear shot.
    Once he disappears a series of Venom Crawlers, Black Slime Fiends, and Black 
    Slime Ghosts will attack in his absence. Use the Slime Blower to close off the 
    Black Slime Portals and eliminate these enemies. When the Chairman reappears
    attack with the Meson Collider. Repeat this process while regularly healing 
    your teammates until the large ghost is gone. The battle is somewhat lenghty
    simply because the Chairman does not stay around long for you to attack. Though
    it may take some time the battle is not that difficult once you become familiar
    with the Meson Collider's use. In fact if extra cash is availble upgrading it
    immediately may help move the fight along more quickly.
    Return to Hotel Sedgewick                                             [WLKT6]
    6 Artifacts
    6 Ghost Scans
    Take the first left after seeing the harmless ghost echoes and clear out the
    Black Slime to get an artifact. Regroups with the team and travel up to the 
    12th floor. Except the elevator is broken and the stairs where destroyed by
    the previous visit to the hotel. Investigate the scream only find the hotel
    manager. The Ghostbusters promise to lead him to safety but first move up the
    stairs to find an artifact behind some suitcase. Follow the manager toward the
    kitchen and the back up generator. On the way the team encounters some Webbed
    Fiends. This new ghost is susceptible to Shock Blasts.
    Enter the door to the kitchen and use the capture stream to move the metal
    appliance to reveal an artifact. The Generator Room is in a corner on the 
    right side of the kitchen. There are no ghosts at the time so explore 
    thoroughly and it will be found. Take a sip once inside. Move down the stairs
    and locate the power switch. Flip it on and the water becomes electrified. 
    Aim the Slime Tether at the light in the water and raise it to the ceiling.
    Now leave the way you entered. The kitchen comes alive... umm I guess that 
    should be dead with ghosts. The big guy is Chef DeForrest and his helpers are
    Cook Ghosts. They are quick and dart around alot. Use the Proton Stream and
    Boson Darts to nab them. This can be a tricky fight. The combination of 
    multiple constantly moving ghosts and the debris they throw can quickly kill
    off several members of the team. Be sure to heal any Ghostbuster while they
    are down. Try to take the spirits out one at a time. The Chef seems to like 
    to hover around the generator room so I'd start with him. Once the kitchen is
    clear exit and head toward the elevators.
    Before going up to the 12th floor head back toward the entrance to the hotel
    and turn on the PK meter. There is a door near the entrance that when opened 
    will reveal an artifact. Inside the room is a lot of Black Slime. Clean out
    all the Black Slime and a trophy will unlock. Move to the elevator and ride it
    up to the 12th floor. In the bathroom of a suite at the second left is an 
    artifact. Continue the search for the Spider Witch's room. I have a feeling you
    will know which one it is. After Egon mentions the tranformation the floor is
    making there will be a small cutscene. Take the first right when its over to
    find an artifact. Follow Egon down the hall fighting off Spider Crawlers when
    necessary. Egon can not seem to find the room. Equip the PK Meter and 
    investigate the room covered with webs. Use the Slime Blower to gain entry.
    Once in the Lair use the PK meter to track her position. Once you find her 
    fire Boson Darts or Shock Blasts to deplete her health. At times she will 
    disappear to recharge/gain power. Track her position with the PK meter and 
    interrupt her attempt. Continue to blast away at her and eliminater her for
    good. The battle is not difficult if you get to her before she powers up
    Lost Island                                                           [WLKT7]
    6 Artifacts
    6 Ghost Scans
    Upon arrival at the island, use Slime Tether to hook the crane and move it
    to cover the gap in the floor. Cross the makeshift bridge and begin up the 
    ramp. Be careful though a mine car will come screaming down the center so 
    walk up to one of the sides. At the top of the ramp look to the right of the
    statue. Destroy the barrels in between the crates to gain acess to an artifact.
    Climb the stairs and fight of a few Gargoyles, in case you don't remember they
    are destroyed by using the Capture stream and slamming them. Across the bridge
    an attack will come from some Venom Crawlers and a Gargoyle. Clean up the Black
    Slime and cross the next bridge only to encounter more a Gargoyle and more 
    Crawlers. The final bridge has a door that closes as you approach. Move down
    the stairs to the left at the end of the bridge.
    The stairs lead to a hedge maze. Use the proton stream or Boson Darts to burn
    all of the shrubbery for a easier passage and a trophy. In the far left corner
    behind a crank without a connection is an artifact. Find the need crank on the
    right hand side and use the Slime Tether to turn it by connecting the spokes
    on its wheel with a distant object. When the door opens portals appear
    releasing Black Slime Fiends. Defeat them and go through the door at the top
    of the stairs. Take a right and watch the cinematic.
    Circle around the top floor and find a secret boarded up passage. Destroy the 
    boards to find an artifact. Return to the walkway and attempt to enter the
    door. It closes abruptly. Defeat the Black Slime Ghosts and Fiends that appear.
    Once they are disposed of go through the door that previously denied access.
    The cinematic separates you from the team. Move into the catacombs and look for
    an open tunnel on the right side. Follow the tunnel to its exit only to find
    another. When this second tunnel divides turning right will lead to an
    artifact. Go grab it then return. Defeat the Venom Crawlers and exit the 
    the second tunnel. Continue foward toward the mixing room. The corridor leading
    to it has numerous Crawlers to Slime. When you see the columns protruding from
    the river of Black Slime turn left and cross the bridge. When you reach the 
    other side equip the PK meter and look for a way to drain the Black Slime. The
    meter should lead to a gate. On either side of the gate are weights. Attach a
    Slime Tether to the weight and the floor below. Once the weights are lowered
    the gate closes and the Black Slime dissipates. That is the good news. The bad
    news is a giant Black Slime Monster is quickly approaching behind you.
    The Black Slime Monster is susceptible to the Slime Blower. Unleash as much 
    slime as you can while staying as far away from the Monster as possible. It 
    has a very devastating melee attack that you do not want hit by. Move to the
    ramp on the left when looking at the approaching Monster. At the bottom of the
    ramp begin firing Slime while back peddeling. When the Monster charges turn and
    move back. I was able to defeat him before he could reach the site of the 
    gate. Now coming up the right side of the area is another Monster. Just as 
    before fire Slime while backing away and the ghoul will be eliminated. Numerous
    Crawlers remain as well as their spawn points. Defeat them while investigating
    the now slime free sewer floor.
    Enter the opening in the "floor" at the entrance to the room. As you proceed a
    gate will close in front of you and the PK meter turns blue. Continue around 
    until encountering more Venom Crawlers. Defeat them and take the first right
    to find an artifact. Continue through the linear underground tunnel defeating
    Crawlers along the way. Winston says he has been captured and needs help. As
    you exit the tunnel scan the iron madien that is rocking back and forth. Move
    to the front of it and open it to release Winston. Climb the stairs and enter
    the next room. Stay at the floor level and search the left side for the 
    Singing Slime artifact. Move up the steps and work your way around to the 
    corner to the right. Black Slime Fiends and Ghosts attack. Defeat them all and
    move down the stairs.
    At the bottom of the stairs Egon believes you are getting close to his 
    position. Follow Winston to the next room and free Egon from his enclosure on
    the right. Numerous portals open releasing Black Slime Fiends and Ghosts as 
    well as a Monster. Close the portals quickly and defeat the enemies. Peter is 
    the next Ghostbuster to be heard. Jump on the elevator/lift and ride up to
    the Orrery Chamber.
    Use the Slime Tether to bring each of the three vertically moving orbs down.
    Now climb the stairs only to have Black Slime begin filling the room leading
    to the appearance of an new enemy, Imprisoned Juvenile Slor. First fire at the
    eyes dangling in front of the monster. Since the Slime Blower will be important
    soon just go ahead and equip it to take out the eyes. Once the eye have had it,
    constantly move around the Slor enticing it to attack. When it does fire Slime
    at the green orb on his head. The pattern is constant motion and attacking the
    glowing green dot on Slors head (by now it goes without saying to heal fallen 
    Central Park Cemetary                                                 [WLKT8]
    6 Artifacts
    10 Ghost Scans
    There is an artifact in the far right corner near the gate in the distance.
    Enter the cemetary through the crack in the wall. Destroy the tombstones that
    rise from the ground blocking your progress. Move through the cemetary until
    you hear the loud gong of a church bell. Use the PK Meter to locate a ghosts
    signal. Several Flying skulls will bust through a door. Before entering look
    behind a building to the left for an artifact. Clear off the Black Slime on
    the floor and break away the branches blocking the whole in the wall. Continue
    forward in the dark underground tunnel. At the exit of the tunnel there is a 
    sign for the Gate Control. Slime Tether the metal weight to the ground to open
    the gate.
    Move through the newly opened door and trek further into the cemetary. You are
    eventually attacked by some Cemetary Crawlers and ghosts. The crawlers are 
    fairly easy to take out with a Boson Dart/Shock Blast. The ghosts have to be
    trapped. Break some tombstones opposite the church to proceed. A Stone Angel
    Head artifact sits behind a broken wall to the left of the next gate. The next
    area has a somewhat tough battle mostly due to there being little room to
    maneuver. Use the Meson Collider to take out a couple of Cultist and a Cultist
    Summoner. Each of which has to be trapped. Push forward and enter the open door
    that leads to the other side of the cemetary. Move down the stairs to the left.
    Walk through the Crypts to find a large gate. A ghost takes off with the key.
    Track him down to continue. As you go for the key Grave Fiends will suddenly
    attack. A Boson Dart will work nicely againt these enemies. Once the key is 
    found use the capture stream to begin carrying it back to the gate. Your 
    progress is quickly halted by a giant Grave Monster. Equip Shock Blast and 
    elimiante the Monster, while trying to avoid his melee blast/ranged fire
    attacks. Pick the key up again and take it to the gate. 
    After the cinematic press on to the right. Look behind the next set of 
    buildings to find the Ghostfruit Tree artifact. Head toward the bell tower and
    go left. The next battle takes place in the big opening with the large tree.
    Grave Fiends and ghost attack. Defeat them and leave the way you came. Doing
    so triggers another Grave Monster to appear. Use Shock Blast to take him down
    easily. Go through the opening left by the now eliminated Monster only to
    face some more Fiends and a second Monster. Nearing the Bell Tower again 
    summons yet another Grave Monster. Exit through the gate he created and examine
    the wall ahead. You guessed it another Grave Monster busts through the wall 
    (its a good thing Shock Blast works so well against them). Defeat the Grave 
    Monster quickly then focus on the sever Cultist Ghost flying around. To defeat
    them use the Meson Collider then trap each one. As the battle proceeds Grave
    Fiends will hinder the trapping process. Take them out as needed with a primary
    focus on trapping the flying spirits. After winning the fight reunite with the
    team on the other end of the wall the Monster busted through.
    Everyone is stuck because of closed gates. Look to the right of the gate and
    blast the skulls to lower the metal weight and open both gates. The graveyard
    is no place to be underground but the Ghostbusters sure do seem to spend a lot
    of time there. Anyway defeat the Crawlers and Fiends near the water and circle
    around for a artifact. Defeat a few more enemies before resurfacing to find 
    and industructible gate blocking Ecto-1's path. Crawlers will attack from 
    ground level while Stone Angels attack from above. The Angels are destroyed by
    using the Capture stream and slamming the enemy into the ground. Only this time
    you need to slam them into the stone wall above the gate to help open the path
    for the rest of the team. That is the nuts and bolts so to speak of what needs
    done. Actually accomplishing the goal can be very difficult and insanely 
    frustrating. The Angels attack without mercy. Ray is the only one available to
    heal you if you die and he does not do a very good job of that. After several
    attempts and trying different ways to complete this part here is what may 
    work best. 
     -Completely ignore the Crawlers and hope Ray will fend them off
     -Find and heal Ray anytime he is down
     -Attack the first wave of Angels and just smash them in the ground
     -Move in a straight line from where you found the artifact and the gate Ecto-1
      is behind (move back and forth constantly)
     -As you are moving toward the gate pick one of the Angels above it and slam it
      straight down then retreat
     -Egon mentions using the Slime Tether to break open the gate. It may be a 
      useful tool here but I personally can not get it to work well enought to 
      move past this part. I may be doing something wrong but the Capture stream
      works better for me.
    This part was the most difficult for me to get by thus far in the game. Even 
    though its hard not to, do not get too discouraged it really is possible to 
    open the gate.
    Once you are lucky enough to get the first gate open Slime Tether the second
    one to Ecto-1's bumper and Winston will do the rest. Move to the large gate 
    and attempt to Tether it to Ecto-1, this time the plan doesn't work. An the 
    team is rushed by several Cultists. Use the Meson Collider to damage and then
    trap them. Next the two large statues come do life. Use Shock Blast to 
    eliminate them easily. During the entire battle Crawlers and Fiends may 
    approach the same way the Ghostbusters arrived. Additionally, Stone Angels will
    attack from above. Focus on the main enemies (Cultists and Monster) and defeat
    the others as needed. With the Keyhead Monsters down use the Capture Stream
    to place the keys in the keyholes on the two columns on either side of the 
    main gate.
    Shandor the Architect is the enemy now. He has a protective green orb around 
    him. Use the Meson Collider's capabilities to damage the protective shell 
    surrounding Shandor. When it is damaged enough he attempts to draw power from
    the green lights encompassing his position. When the cocoons open fire at the
    green light to detroy each one. The Slime Tether can also be used to open the 
    cocoon to destroy the enclosed power source. Once the shield is down the team 
    collectively uses their capture streams to push the evil Shandor back through 
    his portal. Shandor now takes his Destructor form. Its large and mean looking
    but not too difficult to defeat. Use Boson Darts to attack him as he circles the
    outer area. He will throw flaming boulders and use fire whirlwind attack. On 
    ocassion Shandor will move into the center of the area. While there he will
    create a pedestal across from his location that he will use to recharge 
    himself. Race to the pedestal and fire some Darts at it to destroy it. This
    reduces the health he replenishes. The quicker it is destroyed the better the
    battle will go. Once he moves back outside the ring attack with more Darts. 
    Repeat the process until Shandor is no more.
                                E Q U I P M E N T                          [EQPM]
    The following abbreviations will be used for this section:
         C: Cost
         E: Upgrade Effect
    Blast Stream Focusing
         C: $1500
         E: Reduces Beam Wandering
    Blast Stream Recoil Decrease
         C: $10,000
         E: Removes Movement Restrictions
    Boson Dart Supercharge
         C: $12,000
         E: Heat Cost Reduction and Damage Increase
    Boson Damage Immunity
         C: $14,000
         E: User Damage Reduction
    PKE Meter Scan Improvement
         C: $5,000
         E: Increases Scan Target Size
    PKE Meter Recharge Booster
         C: $8,000
         E: Decreases Scan Recharge Time
    Fast Trap
         C: $5,000
         E: Increases Ghost Trap Draw Down Rate
    Slam Dunk Trapping
         C: $18,000
         E: Enables Slam Dunking
    Shock Blast Rate Increase
         C: $11,000
         E: Rate of Fire Increase
    Shock Blast Heat Reduction
         C: $12,000
         E: Reduces Shock Blast Heat Cost
    Stasis Stream Amplifier
         C: $6,000
         E: Immobilization Rate Increase
    Stasis Stream Heat Reduction
         C: $9,000
         E: Reduces Stasis Stream Heat Cost
    Slime Blower Force Increase
         C: $3,000
         E: Range and Damage Increase
    Reduced Slime Consumption
         C: $4,000
         E: Reduced Slime Consumption Per Shot
    Slime Tether Duration Boost
         C: $5,000
         E: Creates Longer Lasting Slime Tethers
    Slime Tether Cost Reduction
         C: $8,000
         E: Tether Slime Cost Reduction
    Meson Collider Penetration
         C: $7,000
         E: Adds Shot Penetration
    Meson Collider Accelerator
         C: $10,000
         E: Rate of Fire Increase
    Overload Pulse Accelerator
         C: $8,000
         E: Rate of Fire Increase
    Overload Pulse Enhancer
         C: $10,000
         E: Damage Increase
                                A R T I F A C T S                          [ARFT]
    The following abbreviations will be used for this section:
         M: Mission
         L: Location
         D: Description
    Gustav Self-Service Tray 
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         L: On the floor in front of some vending machines while tracking Slimer
         D: c.1893 Fine silver service set purchased as a lot from the famed 
            Austrian Hotel de Gustav after it mysteriously burned down. This is the
            only piece from the set known to appear at the Sedgewick rooms unbidden
            and unaccompanied. Frightened guests are often unsure as to the proper
            gratuity for this service.
    The Summoner Bell
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         L: On the desk after the initial fight with the Bellhop Ghosts
         D: Origin unknown, but reportedly seen in the Hotel de Jardin Printanier
            just before its disappearances (the hotel, not the bell). How this 
            paranormally significant artifact ended up in the Hotel Sedgewick is
            anyone's guess though its impact on customer service cannot be 
    Stay Puft Figurine 
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         L: Kitchen
         D: c.1989 A Ghostbusters craze broke throughout NYC following the Vigo 
            incident of '89. Souvenir street vendors moved literal tons of 
            unlicensed clothing and cheap knockoff novelties. It's estimated that 
            Stay Puft figures outsold the usually bestselling Statue of Liberty by 
            more than two to one that year. The trend faded almost as quickly as it
            began, and sales of Ghostbuster merchandise dwindled. Some remainders 
            can still be found on the streets of Manhattan and the Borroughs, and 
            may even be imbued with supernatural elements.
    Voyaging Case International
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: c.1865 The Voyaging Case Internationale has been appearing at train
            stations, loading docks, and airports since the mid 1800's. Porters and
            baggage handlers around the globe whisper its legend. Generally regarded
            as friendly.
    Portrait of G. Sedgewick
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: c.1910 When Godfrey McCallister Sedgewick opened his grand hotel, many
            though it strange that someone who detested people so thoroughly would
            open a business where so many were invited to come.
    Toaster of Sights Unseen
         M: Hotel Sedgewick
         L: Near room 307
         D: c.1968 Madame Dee, a powerful but dying medium, cast her estimable 
            power for prophecy into the object nearest to her as she drew her 
            final breath The Toaster of Sights Unseen can answer any questions 
            posed about the future.
    Gaillmano's Enchanted Pal
         M: Times Square
         L: Inside the Laundromat
         D: c.1940 World-famous magician Angelo Gaillano had an older brother, 
            Ronald, who was said to be an even more talented magician than Angelo.
            Ronald wasn't good with audiences, though, so took up construction work
            when he couldn't get regular stage work.
    3 Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose
         M: Times Square
         L: In the alley after blowing up the gas tanker (next to a moving truck)
         D: c.1944 The fabled Bottomless Bottle of 3-Toed Jenkins, a notoriously
            unrepentant tramp that rode the rails in the 30's and 40's. The legend
            goes that he was called "Speedy Jenkins" before he exchanged something
            dear to him for a bottle of cough syrup that never runs dry.
    Patrelli's Mischieveous Cone
         M: Times Square
         L: In an alley at the entrance to Otto's Bar
         D: c.1979 Charged with a high level of PK energy as well as a strange sense
            of mischievousness, this ordinary looking traffic cone has been known
            to maliciously change position - confusing drivers and racking up an 
            impressive string of bizarre taffic accidents.
    Asmodeus' Hotline
         M: Times Square
         L: On the desk after esaping Stay Puft on the street; Marshmallow Minis
            will attack but grab the phone before defeating them all
         D: c.1965 There were only five production models of TeleCo's Red Phone ever
            made. Its rumored that the phone only completed calls for those about
            to die.
    Homan's Black Low Rise
         M: Times Square
         L: In the back right corner of the office where the Marshmallow Minis 
            attack from the vents
         D: c.1926 American occultist John George Hohman commisioned a scale model
            for a domestic center of evil "Black Low-Rise of Tri", from the Shandor
            architectural firm. The model was completed but Hohman never returned to
            claim or pay for it.
    Ravishing Red Prince
         M: Times Square
         L: The hall outside the room where the Marshmallow Minis attack from the
         D: c.1954 Painted by the famed "Madman of the Hague" Remco de Groot. De 
            Groot was infamous for supposedly using this own blood, and the blood of
            others, to construct his modernist masterpieces. This was later proven
            just a wild rumor, however.
    Portrait of Eleanor Twitty
         M: Public Library
         L: After the Golem fight its behind the counter through the door Ray 
            does not open for you
         D: c.1923 Eleanor Twitty head of the New York Public Library's Special
            Collections, was murdered by her lover, philologist Edmund Hoover, when
            she denied him furhter access to Special Collections. Hoover was later
            revealed as an incorrigible serial killer and was executed by the state.
            Twitty is memorialized as a dedicated librarian that gave her life 
            protecting the books she so dearly loved.
    Reluctant Reading Lamp
         M: Public Library
         L: To the left of the entrance to the Microfilm Room
         D: c.1959 Celebrated novelist Arthur Houston conceived and conducted
            research for his new books at this library table, under this lamp, for
            over thirty years. Severe writer's block gripped him in his sixties and
            wouldn't let go. Houston's psychic frustration channeled to the lamp
            and resides there now, refusing to let anyone read under its light.
    Pin-Up Calender of DOOM! 
         M: Public Library
         L: Just outside the special collections room behind a door with a chair 
            propped in front of it
         D: c.1975 While surveying the contents of seventeen crates of old stock
            photographs he'd bough as a lot at an auction, calender publisher
            Werner Gischman came across a treasure trove of photos: a twenty year
            collections of ravishing pin ups of Parade Queens from New York 
            Thanksgiving Parade. Gishcman recognized the goldmine he'd stumbled
            upon, a nostalgic pin-up craze was sweeping the nation in '75, and he
            rushed to print the collection as a sixteen-month calender.
            What Ghischman didn't know was that the photos when arranged in a 
            certain order, deciphered a code that points toward the true origin of
            the Devil (an origin that as it turns out is far less impressive than
            most people think).
            Foresworn to protect this secret for untold generations, dark cultist 
            sect, the Vigilant Legion of the Black Pit, realized the calender had 
            reached store shelves too late to stop it. In a last ditch effort to
            keep the code secure the Vigilant Legion cast a spell over all the 
            crates of calenders, so that the pages would flip and switch constantly
            As it turned out, nobody was really interested in Parade Queens from
            the 50's and 60's, and the calender sold less than a dozen copies. The
            Vigilant Legion bought up most of them, and Ghischman gave the rest to
            friends and family at Christmas. Embarrassed by their alacrity, the 
            Vigiilant Legion of the Black Pit murdered them all anyway, just to be
    Seat of Vapors Foul 
         M: Public Library
         L: Behind a book case to the left of the door that the steel beams have to
            be removed from
         D: c.1957 Originally owned by self-proclaimed wizard and prankster, 
            Franklin "Laffy" Wurst. Wurst felt that the famous whoopee cushion gag
            while amusing needed an update. He supposedly summoned a sub demon and
            bound it to the chair then invited obnoxious dinner guests to have a
            seat, to their eventual horror and embarrassment. Wurst was shot and 
            killed by a particularly tempermental victim.
    Ali El-Baluu's Irksome Rug
         M: Public Library
         L: Left portal at the top of the stairs in ghost world
         D: c.1256 Antique carpet imbued with the power of flight by minor Persian
            magus Ali El-Baluu. On its maiden flight around his palace the rug
            dipped erratically, and the corpulent El-Baluu tumbled off while more 
            than 90 feet in the air. He died instantly on impact.
    Featherwell's Stalking Chair
         M: Public Library
         L: Inverted room to the left after Egon says he found the way out
         D: c.1976 Nate Featherwell, aspiring ventriloquist, had big dreams but not
            much talent. He spent his life savings on a charm from a voodoo
            priestess. When used correctly the spell would bring wood to life. 
            Nate hoped to use it to charm his dummy, Smuggy, but accidentally 
            worked his spell on the chair he sat on instead. The chair, alive but 
            ignored, grew jealous of the attention Featherwell lavished on the 
            inanimate Smuggy, and did away with them both in a rage-fueled wood 
            chipper "accident." The chair slipped away unnoticed and remains at 
            large to this day.
    Ritual Mask of Bad Advice
         M: Histroy Museum
         L: After one of the guys sees a possessor fly by its in the corner as the
            path turns to the right
         D: c.1915 Leslie Campbell, niece of archaeologist Professor Gordon 
            Campbell, received the Huxatli Ritual Mask of Bad Advice in a package 
            from her uncle. It was the last anyone ever heard from him. In the 
            package was a cryptic note: "Don't listen." But, eventually, she did.
    Cursed Musket of C. Starkey
         M: History Museum
         L: Civil War Room
         D: c.1868 Confederate artillery gunner Cecil Starkey deserted his post
            in the midst of a bloody battle that wiped out his platoon. The last
            surviving man in his platoon cursed Starkey with his dying breath, 
            "The cannon you desecrated will yet find ye." Starkey was killed years
            later in a hunting accident, where witnesses claim he somehow fired a 
            12-pounder cannon shot from his rifle. The shot allegedly bounced from
            tree to tree until returning to its terrified owner, Cecil Starkey
    Bagged Head of Azathotep
         M: History Museum
         L: After exiting the Mummification room its in the long hall
         D: c.1967 BC Once part of a mammoth statue of the evil Egyptian 
            god/warrior Azathotep this stone head has never been able to keep its 
            mouth shut. Normally it just breathes heavily and mumbles but 
            occasionally it will whisper a maddening sanity-dissolving riddle that
            has sent more than one unlucky listener into the asylum.
    Phoenician Plague Vase
         M: History Musuem
         D: c.1700 BC Worshipers of Resheph surreptitiously placed these vessels 
            among goods shipments to enemies. When activated, the vessels produced
            hordes of various plagues to overwhelm and terrorize enemies. The 
            writing on this particular specimen translates as "sacred rat jar."
    Painting of the Trustees
         M: History Museum
         L: While chasing the Chairman
         D: c.1936 Painter Ambrose Whitman captured the city's most powerful
            captains of industry in a moment of solemn reflection in a painting 
            entitled "The Chairman and the Board of Trustees".
    Remote Controlled Ecto-1
         M: History Museum
         L: To the left at the end of the tunnel under the musuem
         D: c.1987 Created as part of the merchandising flood that followed the
            Ghostbuster's initial success, this remote controlled Ecto-1 was a
            favorite among the fans. Judging from its occasional twitching and 
            wheel spinning this particular car seems to have had a run-in with a 
            low level possessing sprite who has somewhere else to be.
    Possessed Bell-Bottom Jeans
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         L: Take the first left upon entering the hotel, the jeans are behind some
            Black Slime.
         D: c.1970, Rumored to have first been haunted during a seance on the
            Merry Prankster's tour bus, these jeans have long been a staple of the
            psychedelic supernatural underground. Spotted backstage at Woodstock, 
            caught on grainy 16 mm film in the candle lit background of a 
            Haight-Ashbury love-in, photographed riding behind a member of a 
            notorious biker gang fleeing Altamont, the 'Walking Pants' have been 
            around whenever weirdness or tragedy strikes the hipster scene. The 
            'Walking Pants' are the hippie equivalent to the 'Girl on the Road' 
            ghost story. Prior to their resurfacing this year, they haven't been
            seen since 1981.
    Broccoli Queen Autobiography
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         L: After finding the hotel manager move up the stairs and look behind the
         D: c.1973 As related in her book, "Confessions of a Broccoli Queen", the
            beautiful Sydney Chalmers came to the big city with big dreams and a
            modeling contract, and was selected Broccoli Queen of the Thanksgiving
            Day parade in 1967. Little did she know that would be the pinnacle of 
            her career. She went to Hollywood to make movies, but only appeared in
            a string of low grade exploitation films. A life of ongoing wild 
            parties and desperation led her to pen a sexy and scathing tell all 
            of the beauty industry. Sydney died in a tragic and somewhat suspect 
            hot tub accident the day the book hit the stands. She never knew that
            she'd finally found the success she craved, as the book entered 
            bestseller lists and remained there for over two years. Not really 
            cursed but its a really good airplane read.
    Cruel Oven
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         L: The manager passes out and enter the kitchen; move the first metal 
            appliance to reveal the artifact
         D: The origins of this evil cooking device are unclear. What is known, 
            however, is that demons and devils apparently love a home-cooked meal.
    Swiss Death Clock
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         L: A closet near the entrance of the hotel accessible after turning on the
            power and fighting out of the kitchen
         D: C.1821 The Infamous Swiss Death Clock was constructed by Herschel 
            Glueke genius but demented watchmaker. It is intended to show the exact
            time of death of anyone that comes near it. When placed in the 
            Firehouse in close proximity to so many past-life entities, the clock's
            hands spins out of control. peter uses it as a desk fan.
    Phantom Flush Toilet
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         L: The bathroom of one of the rooms on the 12th floor its down the hall 
            at the second left upon exiting the elevator.
    The Unruly Beard of V. Belascu
         M: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: c.1933 Russian demonologist Vladmir Belascu, peformed exorcisms 
            throughout Central Russia in the twenties and early thirties. He never
            noticed that one of the very minor subdemons he cast out had escaped
            into his beard, a massive and wild nest that stirred envy in most men.
            Upon his death the possessed beard left Belascu's face and stowed 
            aboard a freighter to the Americas. The beard has a tendency to affix 
            itself to the chins of unknowing victims while they speak to mock them,
            but rarely does any real harm.
    Church of Gozer Songbook
         M: Lost Island
         L: Behind some crates to the right of the statue at the top of the ramp
         D: c.1919 Having resuscitated the Dark Church of Gozer and wanting to 
            increase its popular appeal, Ivo Shandor made attempts at updating 
            ancient Sumerian droning riturals to moder day worship songs. The
            practice of singing in the Dark Church was abondoned soon afterward.
    Anguished Stuffed Bear
         M: Lost Island
         L: The left hand side of the Hedge Maze behind the wheel/crank that is not
            connected to the necessary door with a chain
         D: The origin of this ratty old stuffed bear is not known but its 
            paranormal behavior the emitting of an off putting (though strangely 
            compelling) cry of anguish has been periodically heard since the day it
            was removed from "Clough's Museum of Taxidermic Curiosities" in 
            December 1867.
    Fox Hunt on Tiamat Island
         M: Lost Island
         L: After finding some disturbing information about Alyssa cicrle around
            the top to an apparent dead end except you can destroy the boards to
            find a secret passage with the artifact
         D: c.1910 Artist and Shandor devotee Vikram Veedam painted this fanciful
            scene after attending a prestigious foxhunt on Tiamat Island.
    Wheel of the Alabaster Wretch
         M: Lost Island
         L: After entering the second tunnel in the catacombs the path divides, 
            turning right leads to the wheel while left to further game progress
         D: c.1796 The Alabaster Wretch was lost with all hands while carrying
            unspecified cargo from Zanzibar. The ship's manifest records the uneasy
            misgivings of Captain Alfred Ghaster: "Crew is on edge. We hear the 
            blasted singing from below decks both night and day now. But there's no
            one down there! I have resolved to pitch that cursed Albanian's strange
            shaped crates overboard tonight, and if he protests he'll go too.
    Ghostbusters DVD
         M: Lost Island
         L: With the Black Slime drained enter opening in the floor and circle 
            the closing door. When you reach the Crawlers turn right to find the
         D: c.2008 Shandor cultists, searching for artifacts from the future that
            would reveal the outcome of their plan for world destruction, retrieved
            only this sad, transparent attempt at cross-marketing. Its an awesome 
            movie though. Available now, only on DVD!
    Singing Slime
         M: Lost Island
         L: The floor level of the room after freeing Winston (its on the left)
         D: The orgin of these colorful jars of slime is not known but it can't be
            all bad. I mean they're singing barbershop, right?
    Whistling Bust of Mausch
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: Move straight ahead from the beginning and run into the distant wall, 
            now look in the corner to the right
         D: c. 1734 Friedrich der Mausch was a damned sneak, and was always up to
            something. His bust, carved by the Italian genius Marscapone, is the 
            exact same way.
    Ghostbuster's Mug and Balloon
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: Behind a building to the left of the room where the Flying Skulls open
            a path under the cemetary grounds
         D: c. 1989 The Ghostbusters offered this souvenir mug and balloon as a 
            service premium during the comeback phase of their career. Its assumed
            that one of the escapee ghosts from the containment unit snatched these
            and carried them to the Central Park Cemetary: even ghosts like to pick
            up a souvenir occasionally.
    Stone Angel Head
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: After defeating the first round of ghosts break some tombstones 
            opposite the church then move to the left just before the next gate
         D: c.1943 This statue originally resided with many others in a fountain in
            a quiet piazza near the Ponte Vecchio. Stories have it that during WWII
            a squad of Blackshirts was brutalizing a woman and her small children.
            When one of the children fell his head struck the rim of the fountain,
            and he died instantly. The fountain's cherubs stirred to life at that 
            moment, wailing and crying, beseeching "Perche, Il Duce? Perche?" Indeed
            the stone cherubs never stopped, and made such an awful and pain-filled
            sound that the fountain had to be demolished by explosives. A single
            Stone Angel head was gathered up by villagers and hidden in a deep well
            until Mussolini was overthrown, which is the exact moment the head 
            stopped crying.
    Ghostfruit Tree
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: After defeating the Grave Monster and moving through the gate look
            behind some buildings on the right
         D: c. 1983 The extremely rare and delicate ghostfruit tree was imported 
            from the deepest swamps of Louisiana by horticulturist Fran Abernathy.
            Abernathy hybridized the plant with other strains that she never 
            revealed to make it hardier and easier to grow in slightyl less 
            stananic climates.
    The Skull of Ivo Shandor
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: Circle the underground pond after reuniting with Ecto-1
         D: Convinced that society was too sick to survive, Ivo Shandor created a 
            cult dedicated to bringing about the end of the world. He had more than
            1000 followers when he died and they mad sure he was interred in 
            dramatic fashion; following hours of Gozerian rituals his body was 
            carefully placed in a dramatic if unnerving mausoleum. In the end, 
            however, time and decay did to him what they do for all - with one 
            exception: though he rests in pieces, Shandor doesn't rest in peace and
            his skull occasionally lapses into ranting fits and the odd soliloquies
            on disappointment and faded glory.
    Archangel's Gallbladder
         M: Central Park Cemetary
         L: Opposite the "Indestructible Gate" blocking Ecto-1's path during the 
            fight with the Stone Angels
         D: c. mid 1300's An unknown Turkish merchant found this curiousity lying 
            in a field. It has changed hands countless times since then. It has no
            known purpose or use, but instills a sense of wellbeing and has
            therefore been treasured by each of its subsequent owners.
                                 F O U N T A I N S                         [FNTN]
    Behind Slimer's cage at the firehouse
    The end of the hall after exiting the Mummification room and before 
     encountering the Chairman
    The Generator Room during the Return to the Hotel Sedgewick level
                       T O B I N ' S  S P I R I T  G U I D E               [TBSG]
    The following abbreviations will be used for this section:
         C: Category
         T: Type
         B: Behaviors
         F: First sighting
         D: Description
    Azetlor the Destroyer
         C: Class VI Elevated Remnant
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attacks - Melee, Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Special - Limited Weak Points
         D: Azeltor, Keeper of Knowledge, was once a powerful leader in Shandor's
            Cult of Gozer and, as a reward for a lifetime of service, was given 
            eternal life as a transformed demi-god in the twisted ghostworld plane.
            Now, Golem-like, he clothes himself in a dense skin of environmental
            debris that whith the additio nof his massive reserves of PK energy,
            makes him a devastating and dangerous opponent.
    Beauty Queen Ghost
         C: Class IV Wandering Possessor
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Ranged
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Medium
            Trap Resistance - Medium
            Special - Possess Bystanders
         F: The History Museum party
         D: Beauty pageants and parades of all sorts have always been a big part of
            the culture of NYC, and Beauty Queens have been among the city's 
            crowning jewels. Beauty Queens hate to be replaced, though, and for
            some, perching atop thrones and waving to the masses is the high point
            in life. In death, they remain desperate for attention, and return to
            reign and be adored all over again in specctral splendor.
    Bellhop Ghost
         C: Class III Animating Specter
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Ranged
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Low
         F: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: While all grand old hotels have their dark secrets, the elegant 
            Sedgewick Hotel has them all trumped. Ever since it opened in 1897,
            the Sedgewick has exuded an eerie atmosphere. An inordinate number of
            guests and staff have met untimely ends due to strange accidents and 
            sometimes foul play. Most of them stay forever, draw to an inexorable
            force that traps them in the Sedgewick's many corridors, suites, 
            ballrooms, and service areas.
            The spectral staff takes great care of the hotel, and don't appreciate
            disturbances other than the ones they create themselves.
    Black Slime 
         C: Class I Caustic Seep
         T: Environmental (Inert)
         B: N/A
         F: The Sedgewick Hotel - Kitchen
         D: Black Slime is encountered in locations of intersection between the
            real and the ghost worlds. It is a dangerous substance formed of 
            ectoplasm super-saturated with negative energy. Black Slime is 
            incredibly caustic and will cause severe damage to anyone heedless
            enough to come into contact with it.
    Black Slime Fiend
         C: Class V Black Slime Fiend
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Rush, Ambush
            Weakness - Slime
            Special - Ambusher
         D: These humanoid fiends are composed entirely of PKE saturated Black 
            Slime Motivated by a seething angerand caustic to the touch, Black 
            Slime Fiends are dangerous if straightfowrward and unimaginative 
            fighters. But don't be lulled by their apparent simplicity. Black Slime
            Fiends are seldom encountered alone.
    Black Slime Ghost
         C: Class V Black Slime Floater
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Rush
            Weakness - Slime
            Dazed Duration - Short
            Trap Resistance - High
         D: These entities are unique among Class V ghosts. Unlike other phantoms,
            the ectoplasm that creates the form of these creatures is infused with 
            Black Slime. The resulting hybrid is an exceptionally dangerous enemy 
            that can be difficult to overcome.
    Black Slime Monster
         C: Class VI Slime Shambler
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Berserk
            Weakness - Slime
         D: These power brokers hailed from a dominated their respective industries
            in the late 1800's through the mid 1900's. Shandor used his dark 
            abilities to help each of them in some state of their careers, and they
            were indebted to him. They came together publicly as trustees of the 
            Natural History Museum and privately misuesed their influence to help 
            Shandor implement and maintain his Mandala throughout the city.
    Black Slime Portal
         C: Class I Transdimensional Conduit
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible) 
         B: Attack - Spawn
            Weakness - Slime
         D: These conduits or dimensional rips provide temporary and highly 
            unstable portals between our world and the ghostworld. It is not known
            if these portals are formed in especially dense pockets of Black Slime
            or if the portal forms first and the Black Slime follows through the
            resutling weakened dimensional intersection. Either way, these 
            counduits are inextricably tied to Black Slime and the neutralization
            of surrounding Black Slime has been known to close the Black Slime 
            portal as well.
    Book Bat
         C: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Rush, Swarm
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: The Public Library
         D: Its a book but it acts like a bat! They can be very dangerous when 
            flocking in swarms. These bat-like minion spirits have been forced into
            the mortal plane weher they animate books and tomes. Book Bats often
            travel in swarms and are very territorial, attacking when disturbed.
            Under some circumstances these Class I entities can be coerced or 
            controlled by more powerful entities
    Book Centurion
         C: Class VI Armored Composite
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Special - Damage Blocking Shield
         F: The Public Library
         D: Its not known if the attraction is the books or the actual store 
            knowledge, but these Class VI entities favor the same book and scroll-
            filled locations that Paper Constructs are drawn to. Book Centurions
            are composed of PKE bonded book and paper, but with a higher book 
            concentration. Most notably however Book Centurions carry a distintive 
            shield a concentrated PKE barrier that blocks most energy attacks. 
            Fortunately, the Capture Stream can still indirectly attack and can
            be used to tear the shield from the Centurion's hand.
    Book Golem
         C: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
         T: Unstable (Wrangle Parts)
         B: Attack - Melee, Berserk
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: The Public Library
         D: Golems can bend objects to their will manipulating them to form 
            portions of their own phyically manifested form. PK Energy greatly 
            enhances the golem's ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed 
            portions of its body. This golem was formed from overly energetic PKE
            charged books at the Public Library.
    Candelabrum Crawler
         C: Class II Vermin Imprinter
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Swarm
            Weakness - Proton Stream
         F: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: Candelabrum Crawlers are powered by swarming little vermin spirits who
            animate seemingly innocent light fixtures and turn them to sinister 
            purpose. These spirits, primarily the imprint of an animal life force
            that once existed in our physical world take over simple objects and 
            then force them into a rough copy of their original physical form.
    Cemetery Crawler
         C: Class II Vermin Mimic
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Rush, Swarm
            Weakness - Boson Darts
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Cemetery Closely related to Imprinting Vermin Spirits, like other 
            scuttlers, these Mimics are powered by swarming minor spirits that 
            animate gravestones and other funerary monuments.
            Because Cemetery Crawlers are composed primarily of stone they are more
            resistant to damage than is typical for Class II entities and is 
            another reason why it is probably best to spend as little time in 
            haunted cemeteries as possible
    Chef DeForrest
         C: Class IV Anchored Phantom
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Spawn
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
            Special - Summons Minions
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: DeForrest was a talented chef on the verge of becoming world famous
            The night the restaurant critic came to his restaurant, however, things
            went poorly. In order to avoid a bad revies, the intensely paranoid 
            Chef poisoned the critic's dessert course. He hid the poison poorly,
            though, and it accidently found its way into the staff's dinner the 
            following evening. The entire staff, including Chef DeForest himself, 
            died horrible and painful deaths.
    Coal Golem
         C: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
         T: Unstable (Wrangle Parts)
         B: Attack - Melee, Berserk
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         D: Golems can bend objects to their will manipulating them to form 
            portions of their own phyically manifested form. PK Energy greatly 
            enhances the golem's ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed 
            portions of its body. This golem was formed from PKE charged coal in
            the NYC Public Library's furnace room.
            What's so scary about a pile of coal? Nothing until it balls up a
            massive fists and smacks you with it.
    Confederate Ghost
         C: Class IV Full-Torsoed Specter
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: The History Museum
         D: These ghosts fighting for Poindexter's Partisan Rangers, were so
            dedicated and focused during their battle that when it ended - with 
            their deaths - they failed to realize it. Trained to unerringly follow
            their regimental banner, when that tattered battle flag made its way
            into the museums collection so did they. Unfortunately, there they 
            encountered other ghosts loyal to the Union, and the resulting fight
            has raged ever since.
    Construction Worker Ghost
         C: Class III Animating Specter
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Low
         F: Times Square
         D: Skyscaper and bridge construction crews: brave souls that, since the 
            evolution of the Manhattan skline, have met their fates in terrible 
            accidents. They've fallen from great heights, been crushed by swinging
            steel, drowned in vats of setting concrete and scalded by hot pitch.
            The city is built on the bones of these victims of on-the-job 
            construction accidents. Now they've all found new careers in 
    Cook Ghost
         C: Class III Animating Specter 
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Low
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: To avoid a scathing review, the famous French chef DeForrest poisoned a
            food critic's dessert course. Unfortunately he did a poor job of hiding
            the poison and the next night it accidently found its way into his 
            staff's dinner, causing them all horrible and painful deaths.
            When the state of the art kitchen equipment was bought and imported to
            NY by the Sedgewick Hotel, the ghosts of the chef and his now post 
            mortal staff unfortunately came with it.
         C: Class V Telekinetic Animator
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range, Telekinetic
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: The Public Library
         D: These animator ghosts never walked the Earth as humans. They are 
            ectoplasmic entities that came through inter-dimensional tears to our
            world. These creatures seem to personify sloth and unlike most ghosts
            these Class V entities don't seem to operate alone - they almost always
            seem to be accompanied by another of their kind.
         C: Class V Telekinetic Animator
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range, Telekinetic
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: The Public Library
         D: These animator ghosts never walked the Earth as humans. They are 
            ectoplasmic entities that came through inter-dimensional tears to our
            world. These creatures seem to personify sloth and unlike most ghosts
            these Class V entities don't seem to operate alone - they almost always
            seem to be accompanied by another of their kind.
         C: Class III Elevated Remnant
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Meson Collider
            Dazed Duration - Short
            Trap Resistance - High
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Shandor's horde of Gozer worshippers are drawn from around the world.
            Shandor cultivated his minions carefully, drawing followers both from
            the world's most affluent quarters and from the halls of intelligentsia.
            He promised them all stations of power and glory in the new post-Gozer
            millennia, while secretly binding them to his own service in life and
            afterwards. Though fairly powerful entities, these cultists seem to be
            subservient to other more powerful creatures.
    Cultist Summoner
         C: Class III Mortal Remnant
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Spawn
            Weakness - Meson Collider
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
            Special - Summoning Ability
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Once lesser leaders in Shandor's cult, these elevated cultists are now 
            part of his paranormal horde of minions. Though they seem to possess 
            elevated positions of power over the lesser cultists, these elevated
            Cultists are still utterly subservient to Shandor's will.
    Dead Fish Flier
         C: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Rush, Swarm, Suicide
            Weakness - Proton Stream
         D: These minor spirits seem to be subservient to a greater entity's will
            and have been driven to protect it by possessing and controlling a 
            variety of fish market castoffs. Like other Class I Swarmers, Dead Fish
            Fliers, are quick moving but fairly weak creatures that once disrupted
            quickly fade back into the depths of the ghost world.
         C: Class I Supernatural Secretion
         T: Environmental (Inert)
         B: N/A
         F: Sedgewick Hotel after scarring Slimer away
         D: A thick slimy substance ectoplasm is formed when ghosts interact with
            the physical world. Usually seen as a viscous mucus-like slime 
            ectoplasm has also been encountered in mist like and even crystalline
    Ectoplasmic Residue
         C: Class I Supernatural Secretion
         T: Environmental (Inert)
         B: N/A
         D: Ectoplasmic residue identifies areas of paranormal contact or 
            interaction. While some ectoplasm can be seen with the naked eye,
            residue can only be seen while using the PKE Meter enhanced Paragoggles.
    Flying Skull
         C: Class I Osteo-Focused Swarmer
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Rush, Swarm, Suicide
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: The Histroy Museum's Mayan Exhibit
         D: Skulls are scary especially when they fly around with glowing eyes and 
            try to kill you. These Class I Swarmers are drawn strangely but 
            exclusively to skulls, real or imitation.
    Grave Fiend
         C: Class VI Reanimator
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Known to haunt cemeteries and other, less official bone yards, Grave
            Fiends are semi-sentient, self aware entities whose hatered and anger 
            in life now fuels their malicious and highly anti social behavior in
            death. Not a terribly imaginative or cunning fighter your average 
            Grave Fiend makes up for its simple nature by sheer volume, inhabiting
            as many interred skeletons and bodies as possible
    Grave Monster
         C: Class VI Focused Animator
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Ranged, Berserk
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Grave Monsters are creatures composed of animated cemetery debris 
            possessed by hellfire and driven by hatred of all things living. These
            are slower moving, but exceptionally powerful creatures.
            Defeating a Grave Monster is not easy. Their accumulated cemetery 
            rubble gives them an additional layer of defense allowing them to soak
            up a lot more damage than commonly expected.
    Hobo Ghosts
         C: Class V Roaming Vapor
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: Times Square
         D: The big city can take a toll on people especially those on the fringes 
            of society and New York is no exception. Many of its wanderers and 
            outcasts have met unfortunate ends and some of those sill remain,
            attempting to extend those unfortunate ends to others.
    Imprisoned Juvenille Slor
         C: Class II Ectoplasmic Outsider
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Slime
         D: Somehow Shandor's Cult guided by Ivo himself discovered a way to lure
            a young Slor from its home hell dimension into our world. More 
            impressively they also managed to imprison that Slor within a
            ghostworld pocket at the heart of Shandor's island mansion. Fueled by
            hatred bile and anger and assisted by mechanical monstrosities of
            Shandor's own design this captive Slor serves as the powerful guardian
            of the Lost Island's dimension aligning orerry machine
    Keyhead Monster
         C: Class VI Semi-Merged Attractor
         T: Corpreal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Berserk
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Closely related to other bi-dimensional attractors, these golems have 
            been bound to a will greater than their's to serve as sentries tasked
            to eternally guard otherworldly portals and gates
    Kitchen Flier
         C: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Rush, Swarm, Suicide
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: These restless spirits have been driven to inhabit and control small 
            kitchen utensils. Quick moving but fairly weak, these swarmers 
            insubstantial forms quickly fade back into the depths of the ghost
            world when dislodged from the objects they possess.
    Kitchen Golem
         C: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
         T: Unstable (Wrangle Parts)
         B: Attacks - Melee, Berserk
            Weakness - Proton Stream
         F: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: Golems can bend objects to their will manipulating them to form 
            portions of their own phyically manifested form. PK Energy greatly
            enhances the golem's ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed 
            portions of its body. This golem was formed from paranormally 
            compromised items from the kitchen of a restaurant located in the 
            Hotel Sedgewick
    Librarian Ghost
         C: Class IV Semi-Anchored Entity
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range, Spawn
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Low
            Special - Commands Bookbats
         F: The Public Library
         D: Dr. Eleanor Twitty was the head librarian of the NY Public Library
            and overseer of its collectio nof ancient artifacts, stone tablets, and
            thought forgottent parchments. In March 1924 Dr. Twitty went missing.
            The NY Police Department made every effort to find her including 
            repeated room to room searches of the underground library stacks where 
            she was last seen but she was never found. Alive that is.
            Now she wanders the stacks of the NY City Public Library still 
            organizing books and keeping louder library patrons shushed with a bony
            finger to the lips. By most appearnaces she is still the same quaint and
            genteel looking woman she was in life. Aggravate her however and she
            will transform into a rage filled horror and heave help you if you have
            any overdue books.
    Marshmallow Mini
         C: Class V Manifesting Outworlder
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Boson Dart
            Special - Spawn of Stay Puft
         F: Times Square 
         D: These Class V entities are the mischieveous spawn of the Stay Puft 
            Marshmallow Man, a not so tasty blend of corn syrup, water, gelatin, 
            tetrasodium pyrophosphate and evil.
    Opera Diva Ghosts
         C: Class IV Full Roaming Phantom
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: Times Square
         D: In the popular and long-running Broadway adaptation of Wagner's epic
            opera cycle: Ring, Brunhilde was sung by world renowned soprano
            Carlotta Caprizzi in her most famous role. The entire cast was killed 
            when in a burst of thunderous applause nearthe end of Carlotta's aria
            the old and structurally questionable stage collapsed underneath them. 
    Paper Constructs
         C: Class VI Transformed Composite
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range
            Weakness - Shock Blast
            Special - Can Teleport
         F: The Public Library
         D: Drawn inexpicably to old libraries and archives these malicious 
            apparitions have been known to clothe their insubstantial forms with
            paper, books, tomes, parchments, and even ancient scrolls in order to
            manifest in and interact with the mortal world. Paper constructs seem 
            to be lesser manifestations that are controlled by more powerful 
    Pappy Sargassi
         C: Class III Roaming Animator
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: Hotel Sedgewick
         D: Descending from a long proud line of seafarers and fisherman, Pappy 
            Sargassi attempted to avoid the notoriously unlucky early deaths on the
            water that pagued his family by pursuing a more landlocked career. In 
            1950 he opened a restaurant, Sargassi's, and attempted to turn his back
            on the sea. In later years he overcame his fear of the water and took
            up fishing.
            His family's curse caught up with him or he was the unluckiest 
            fisherman who ever lived and he died choking on a fish stick while 
            being eaten by a great white shark.
    Possessed Human
         C: Class III Possesor Host
         T: Possessor (Slime Neutralize)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Slime
         F: History Museum, first ghost fought
         D: Possessed humans are innocent bystanders possessed and controlled by 
            Class III Possessor Ghosts. Slime Blower use will drive Possessor 
            Ghosts out of their human victims but beware its lingering PK resonance
            is not enough to prevent Possessors from re-possessing anyone already
    Possessed Statue
         C: Class III Possesor Host
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Shock Blast
         D: Possessor Ghosts can also possess and take control of some statuary and
            mannequins and are thus ofent encountered in a wide variety of museums
            as well as in far more clothing stores than one would reasonably expect
            Fortunately, possessing an inanimate nonliving object like a mannequin
            or a statue binds the possessing spirit to that object. Not only is the
            ghost unable to leave but it is also disrupted when the possessed 
            object is destroyed.
    Possessor Ghost
         C: Class VII Wandering Possessor
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
            Special - Possesses Bystanders
         F: History Museum, first ghost fought
         D: Mrs. Myrnick a pragmatist with a vision opened the St. Nicholas 
            Rehabilitation Mission for Wayward Angels. The mission took fallen and 
            destititute women off the mean streets and cleaned them up, gave them
            hope, and trained them for new careers. St. Nick's provided its 
            desirable charges to the many gentlemen's club events, fraternity 
            parties, and business conventions that occurred around the city on a 
            regular basis, in return for their considerable donations.
            Shrewd Mrs. Myrnick could always spot an oppourtunity and knew that her
            customers could not afford to let word of its excesses get around: 
            these were highly respected and upstanding men in the community,
            after all. She told them she was willing to remain discreet for a 
            sizeable donation
            Unfortunately, Mrs. Myrnick failed to realize the lengths some would go
            to preserve their reputation and one night a gang of Pinkertons paid a 
            visit to St. Nick's. Now Mrs. Myrnick's ghost and those of her charges
            has appeared in many fine establishments and hotels since 1923 but they
            tend to favor the Museum of Natural History.
    Shandor the Architect
         C: Class VII Transformed Mortal Remnant
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attack - Throw
            Weakness - Meson Collider
            Special - Protected by Mystical Barrier
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Though his early history is problematic and open to debate, it is known
            that Ivo Shandor was a medical docotr who performed a lot of 
            unnecessary surgery as well as an architect of some renown. After WWI
            Shandor decided that society was too sick to survive. On June 6, 1920,
            he started a secret society of Gozer worshipers, numbering nearly 1,000
            dedicated to bringing about the end of the world.
            It is now known that Shandor and his followers researched heavily into 
            the paranormal, especially in the areas of pre-apocolism and 
            ectoplasmic hybridology.
            During the same time Shandor apparently also made some serious 
            connections within the Gozarian pantheon because, following his death, 
            he has undergone a complete transformation and has become a major 
            Gozerian power himself
         C: Class V Full-Roaming Vapor
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Throw, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Long
            Trap Resistance - Low
         F: Firehouse
         D: Sometimes called Onionhead or simply the Mean Green Ghost, Ray 
            purportedly named this creature Slimer specifically to annoy Peter (who
            still carries a long standing distrust of this creature. Regardless of
            what hes called this focused non terminal repeating phantasm 
            personifies gluttony and is drawn to anything edible. While this 
            Class V Full Roaming Vapor isn't especially malicious you don't want
            to be between him and a snack.
    Sloth Ghost 
         C: Class V Full Roaming Cardinal
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: Firehouse basement
         D: The Sedgewick Hotel traditionally auctions off a family Thanksgiving 
            Feast and donated the proceeds to charity.
            In 1937 Arbison Morguncher, a wealthy but lonely epicurean, bid upon
            and won the feast. On Thanksgiving Day, he arrived to dine alone. The
            Sedgewick's manager protested that the feast was intended for more than
            12 people, but Morguncher insisted that he be fed the entire meal. The
            manager shrugged and finally relented.
            Morguncher sat down and ate the entire meal, leaving no a crumb. "My
            compliments to the Chef" he said, 7 hours later. Swallowing the last 
            bite he died from a gastric rupture due to massive overeating.
    Spider Crawler
         C: Class VI Vermin Entity
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Poison, Swarm
            Weakness - Boson Dart
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: A close relative of the Venom Crawler, Spider Crawlers are also 
            physical manifestations of the vermin spirits though of a different 
            order. Encounters with these creatures have only been reported on the 
            ghost plane where they are usually the heralds of other more dangerous
         C: Class VI Elevated Remnant
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: This anonymous woman spent several years in the 20s living in the Hotel
            Sedgewick. There for purposes only known to herself and to her master,
            Ivo Shandor, she lured men into her rooms and then murdered them 
            (though its uncertain if they were killed before or after they were 
            hung from the ceiling and drained of their blood).
            As a reward for her efforts as member of his inner cicrcle, after her 
            death, Shandor used his substantial powers to elevate her, creating the
            Spiderwitch. Now a terrifying spider human fusion, she and her insect
            like minions protect Shandor's interest in the strange twisted plane
            that exists immediately between our world and the ghostworld.
    Stay Puft
         C: Class VII Outsider Avatar
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attack - Melee, Throw, Spawn
            Weakness - Boson Dart
            Special - Spawns Marshmallow Minis
         F: Times Square
         D: Once only the cartoon mascot of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Corporation,
            Stay Puft became a giant marshmallow menace when Gozer, the powerful
            Sumerian God, forced the Ghostbusters to choose the form of his 
            physical manifestation. Though they all tried to clear their minds, Ray
            couldn't help but think of his favorite childhood icon. "It just popped
            in there" he said. Stay Puft was initially defeated when the 
            Ghostbusters crossed their streams at Gozer's Portal resulting in total
            protonic reversal.
            Its not certain why or how Stay Puft has returned but without a 
            portal to the ghostworld handy, crossing the streams to defeat it again
            is probably not an option.
    Stone Angel
         C: Class V Minor Kinetic Animator
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream, Wrangle Slam
         F: Central Park Cemetary
         D: Weaker entities possibly related to those at the heart of each Stone 
            Gargoyle these Kinetic Animators make up for their individual weakness
            by attacking in greater numbers.
    Stone Gargoyle
         C: Class VI Kinetic Animator 
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Throw, Rush
            Weakness - Proton Stream, Wrangle Slam
         F: Times Square
         D: Created when normal stone gargoyles are inhabited by powerful 
            ghostworld entities these Class VI Kinetic Animators possess all the
            inherent strength of their original stone fortified by a large dose of
            PK energy. Stone Gargoyles are strong and dangerous but also 
            susceptible to taking impact damage. All Class VI creatures are openly
            hostile to humanity and great care must be made when dealing with them
            to minimize the risk of innocent lives.
    The Chairman
         C: Class Vii Ectoplasmic Entity
         T: Deity (Supreme Being)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Meson Collider
         D: Shandor and his cult made many powerful connections, perhaps none more
            so than NYC's most powerful business leaders and power brokers. Shandor
            used his dark abilities to help each of them in some state of their 
            careers, and they were indebted to him. They came together publicly as
            trustees of the Natural Historty Museum, and privately misused their
            influence to help Shandor implement and maintain his Mandala throughout
            the city.
            When they died each of them returned as guardians of the Mandala, and
            the Natural History Museum in particular. Their closeness to Shandor's 
            evil regenerated them as ectoplasmic entities. The Chairman (Cornelius
            Wellesly) wielded the most power when alive and likewise is the most 
            powerful in death becoming one of Shandor's mightiest servants.
    Union Ghost
         C: Class IV Full Torsoed Floater
         T: Ghost (Must Trap)
         B: Attack - Range
            Weakness - Proton Stream
            Dazed Duration - Moderate
            Trap Resistance - Medium
         F: The History Museum
         D: A local Civil War unit, the New York 87th: Thurbold's Wrongways, got 
            lost on the way to battle, wandered in circles in the coldest winter in
            East Coast history, and eventually died of exposure only 30 miles from
            home. They now haunt the city looking for battle. In the museum, it
            seems, they've found it.
    Venom Crawler
         C: Class VI Vermin Dominant
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Range, Poison, Swarm
            Weakness - Slime
         D: Venom Crawlers are physical manifestations of the vermin spirits that 
            power Candelabrum Crawlers having managed to breach the planar barriers
            and cross over to our world. 
    Webbed Fiend
         C: Class V Webbed Fiend
         T: Corporeal (Dispersible)
         B: Attack - Melee, Range, Rush
            Weakness - Shock Blast
            Special - Ambusher
         F: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
         D: Outwardly humanoid in appearnace Webbed Fiends can draw upon PK energy
            to alter their appearnace in order to present a terrifyign visage that
            can cause those with weaker wills to flee. As though they are trapped 
            between two worlds, Webbed Fiends quickly transition between the ghost
            world and the physical world.
                                 T R O P H I E S                          [TRPH]
    Platinum Trophy
    We Have the Talent
         Complete the Firehouse training level (Bronze)
    The Flowers Are Still Standing
         Complete the "Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick" Level (Bronze)
    Once S'more into the Breach
         Complete the Panic in Times Square Level (Bronze)
    Get Her!
         Complete the Checking Out the Library Level (Bronze)
    Ghost Fever Grips New York
         Complete the Museum of (Super)Natural History Level (Bronze)
    Somebody Saw a Cockroach on 12
         Complete the Return to the Sedgewick level (Bronze)
    Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers
         Complete the Lost Island Rising Level (Bronze)
    Disaster of Biblical Proportions
         Complete the Central Park Cemetary Level (Bronze)
    We Came, We Saw...
         Complete the game on Casual or Experienced difficulty (Bronze)
    Are You A God?
         Complete the game on Professional difficulty (Gold)
    Slam Dunk!
         Slam dunk a ghost into a trap (Bronze)
    Slime Dunk!
         Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether (Bronze)
    Stasis Dunk!
         Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream (Bronze)
    I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!
         Trap a ghost (Bronze)
    Aim for the Flat Top
         Eliminate a creature (Bronze)
    Heat 'Em Up
         Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun (Bronze)
    Mother Pus Bucket 
         Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun (Bronze)
    We Be Fast! They Be Slow
         Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator (Bronze)
    I Don't Want My Face Burned Off 
         Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider (Bronze)
    We Have the Tools 
         Purchase all available equipment upgrades (Bronze)
    The Destructor
         Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage (Bronze)
    Nice Shootin', Tex!
         Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage (Bronze)
    ...And You Want to Keep It?
         Collect a cursed artifact (Bronze)
    Spores, Molds, and Fungus
         Collect all cursed artifacts (Gold)
    I'm Picking up a Signal
         Obtain a 100% PKE Scan on a paranormal creature (Bronze)
    Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist
         Obtaina 100% PKE Scan for every paranormal creature (Gold)
    I'm A Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor!
         Revive your teammates 20 times (Bronze)
    I Feel So Funky
         Get slimed by a charging ghost (Bronze)
    Total Protonic Reversal 
         Knock yourself down with your own weapon (Bronze)
    You Gotta Try This Pole!
         Slide down the fire pole (Bronze)
    It's Slime Time
         Use the Slime Tether on 15 Ghosts (Bronze)
         Remedy a dubious food choice to make the Bar Mitzvah as orthodoxi as it
         can be (Bronze)
    I Love You, When You Rough-House!
         The tidy architectural office could use some Proton based humbling 
    But the Kids Love Us!
         The children's reading room has a story to tel but it will take more than
         your eyes to see it (Bronze)
    You Never Studied
         Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War 
    I've Quit Better Jobs Than This
         Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up? (Bronze)
         The hedge maze is a realy eyesore do some Protonic pruning (Bronze)
    One Down, on the Ground
         Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge
         Mother Nature (Bronze)
    Ghostbusters Drinking Game
         Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless 
    Loans Paid Off
         More than $100,000 earned in multiplayer (Bronze)
    On the Payroll
         Successfully complete one multiplayer campaign (Bronze)
    Egon's Guinea Pig
         Use one of every Pickup (both Power-ups and Equipment) (Bronze)
         Be the overall top earner in each muliplayer campaign setting (Bronze)
    It's a Living
         Trap over 50 ghosts in your multiplayer Ghostbusting career (Bronze)
         Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts (Bronze)
    Employee of the Month
         Be top earner in each multiplayer job type (Bronze)
    No Job Too Big
         Defeated all Most Wanted Ghosts (Bronze)
    Gozer's Most Wanted
         Successfully complete each Multiplayer job in every location (Bronze)
         Get over $2,500,000 in multiplayer, over 30 Post-Job Awards, 50 Jobs
         Completed (Bronze)  
                                L E G A L I T I E S                       [LGLS]
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
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