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by RealtimeGamer

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Boss Guide by RealtimeGamer

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/18/2010

VIII. The Caverns (Continued)

i. Fighting In the Squared Circle

These battles are really easy...if you know the path of least resistance.

The trick here is to not kill any grunts, just wait for the minotaurs to show up. Now you can grab the grunts and use them as battering rams. It's actually pretty easy to knock off a minotaur in this fashion. If you want to get a few more red orbs, just save one minotaur so you can fight him alone, otherwise knocking them both off is the safest way.

After disposing of all the grunts and minotaurs, another set will show up. Avoid the grunts by rolling and flying around and take care of the archers with flaming arrows (one will kill three). Use the grunts as battering rams again on the minotaurs.

This final part is more difficult. A cerberus will show up. Ram a couple of grunts against him and you'll get the O-prompt. Grab and ride. You should be able to kill at least three minotaurs here with the cerberus. About 2.5 light attacks will kill them. You definitely do not want to be fighting more than two minotaurs at a time. If there are any more grunts then ran them against the minotaurs. You can block/parry all the minotaur attacks except the heavy downswing which is part of their two-hit combo. Parrying their charge attack is an effective strategy as well. Just make sure you don't allow either one to start chipping away at the chain. If you're going to kill one with a QTE, don't initiate it if one of them is attacking the chain. PoPs are your best bet here against the minotaurs.

ii. Hermes

"To catch a fly from the ass of Zeus..." Best line in the whole game? Probably.

Gorgon Eye #8: Don't miss these hidden chests as there are a ton of red orbs here. When you first enter the chamber of the flame, go to the opposite side where the other chain is. Use Helios to reveal a small hidden room with four chests. There are also 75 red orbs in each of the two chests outside so don't forget those before going after Hermes.

''Red orb count: 6300+"

There are a bunch of small battles between here and Hermes himself, just grab everything, including the citizens, for maximum orbs and combos.

To Catch a Fly

Hmm, this battle with Hermes is a strange one because it can feel very easy or incredibly frustrating depending on what you do. This is the way that I prefer to beat him consistently:

When he's not catching his breath, you need to be rolling around trying to avoid him since his attacks are unblockable. Roll around the middle area where the floor is broken and he shouldn't be able to hit you with his spin attack.

When Hermes is trying to catch his breath, don't approach him right away, but instead charge up a SPoP and hit him with the final blow. Hopefully, by this time, you know approximately how far you need to be from an enemy to land the final hit. The trick is to go into the final blow while moving toward him and then landing it as he starts to move (Hermes will stop trying to catch his breath once you're within a certain distance from him). If he doesn't move after you execute the final blow then that means you were too far so move in slightly and try again. If you're too close before Kratos starts performing the final blow then Hermes will run away before you can hit him and likely hit you instead with his annoying spin attack. Sometimes he'll be off camera so it's best to just shoot him with an arrow to make him move again since it's too hard to tell how far you are from him.

Sometimes he'll initiate a QTE so be quick with your stick (6 to 12 o'clock in either direction).

After he released three giant health orbs he'll crawl into a corner, waiting to die, and what a death it is.

Phoenix Feather #7: Another hidden chest in the area after running across the very long stone mural.

Cyclops and Legionnaires

First off, grab and kill as many of the citizens here as you can before engaging any enemies. Now, take care of the legionnaires as you have before.

First cyclops: This guy's very easy. Luckily, these cyclops are very vulnerable to PoP attacks so just keep hitting him with PoPs and he won't be able to get an attack off on you. After about 30 hits on the combo you'll be able to kill it with a QTE.

Second and third cyclops: These guys in conjunction with the two legionnaires are pretty tough. The cyclops have a huge attack range so you have to be careful about getting too close to them. If you keep your distance then they won't initiate any attacks.

When you kill the first cyclops from before, wind up a SPoP in preparation for the legionnaires as they will pop up quickly. Hit them with that and use the arrows to soften one up even more. You want to weaken one so that you can grab it and ram it into the other one and hopefully get a O-prompt on that or even knock it off the building.

After getting rid of the legionnaires, go towards the blue barrier on the left and kite one or both of the cyclops along. Now you can start attacking one with PoPs repeatedly. It will be knocked back toward the other one and you can stun both at the same time with each PoP hit or you can keep moving back toward the barrier and only deal with one at a time if you'd like. This strategy makes this battle much easier.

Minotaur Horn #6: This one's to the left of the door, past where the blue barrier was.

Red orb count: 7100+

iii. Upper Chamber of the Flame

Four archers in here, easily dealt with.

Sirens.....Would You?

So this is the first spot in the game where you encounter sirens.

This battle is made easy by running past the siren and waiting by the doorway where the red chest is. Now you can wait for the legionnaires to come in a single file and get off some PoPs. The sirens will likely stay back. If they don't then it's no big deal, just keep getting off PoPs and using Helios' quick flash attack when necessary. After softening up the legionnaires, grab them and ram them against the sirens or each other.

When you have the two sirens alone, don't attack one of them head on because it will likely counter attack with a spin and then a charge attack. You can stun it by either using the hyperion ram (L1+O) or Helios quick flash attack. If those don't work then keep trying. After you stun one, pull off a PoP and the siren should be sent in the air. Now unload a bar of arrows on it. Keep alternating between PoP and arrows and you'll quickly kill it. If you see the first O-prompt on a siren, attack with a full SPoP and then a bar of arrows and you should be able to get the final O-prompt on it shortly after.

Phoenix Feather #8: This one is in an upper corner of the room where you play Guitar God along with a bunch of other red chests.

Gorgons and OG's

All you have to do here is wait around holding block until the gorgon serpent uses her freeze beam on Kratos. Then parry (tapping L1 works) and press the correct button and you can kill the Olympus guardians. You'll have to do this one more time and you're through.

After this, you'll have to deal with a couple of wraiths. The strategy is the same as before, start off with the hyperion ram and keep pressing circle until they die.

Gorgon Eye #9: This one's hidden at the bottom of the winding staircase, just before Hercules.

iv. Hercules

Does the voice sound familiar? The one and only Kevin Sorbo who does a great job here.

Phase One

Well, this part's hardly a phase now is it? Start off by killing the archers with a couple of fire arrows. Just keep grabbing and ripping all the grunts until the man himself joins the battle.

Phase Two

Grab grunts and ram them into Hercules. Soon enough he'll initiate a QTE with Kratos. After winning the QTE and picking up Hercules, ram him into one of the spiked walls. Kratos will rip off Hercules' shoulder guards.

Phase Three

Okay, now the challenge is ramping up. This part takes quite a few more rams before Hercules initiates the QTE. He's going to use a crazy amount of heavy attacks here. The only thing that can damage Kratos here is if he throws the grunt after using it as a battering ram just as Hercules executes his attack. Just make sure you're not ending the ram as he's executing a combo. If you see a combo coming then run away with the ram. Always roll out or immediately grab another grunt as you finish throwing the previous one. After the QTE, you'll need to ram him into the spiked wall again.

Phase Four

Remember that strategy with the SPoP against Hermes? You can do the same thing here and not even take a hit. Keep your distance and land the final blow of the SPoP at a safe distance. Hercules should be stunned by it. He'll occassionally block it, but not too often. PoPs work as well. After some time of whittling him down, he'll stun Kratos and have an O-prompt above his head. This QTE requires a left stick rotation so be ready.

Phase Five

Now you have the Cestus (Cesti?), quite an awesome weapon.

All you have to do here is hit Hercules with a one or two light attacks and evade. Rinse and repeat. His grab punch is heavily telegraphed so you can avoid that one pretty easily. His other attack, the bear hug, is also fairly easily avoidable, but you'll probably be grabbed a few times. Just finish the QTEs and you'll be okay. The Cestus have a convenient auto-targeting system so just press square in Hercules' vicinity and you'll automatically hit him.

After damaging him enough, Hercules will rip off part of the spiked walls. Just evade these right as he throws them. After about three of these wall rips, Hercules will initiate the final QTE event.

It's actually quite possible to never take any damage for this entire boss battle, even on chaos mode.

IX. Poseidon's Chamber

Minotaur Horn #7: This one is right behind where you emerge from the water.

As soon as you walk in, a bunch of Olympus Guardians show up. I recommend using the Cestus magic here to break most of their shields. If you stay around the water hole, you can more easily deal with these guys and the dogs. Grab a grunt and use him as a ram against the other enemies. There will probably be one or two guardians with shields left after you use the magic, don't worry about them until there are fewer enemies in the room.

i. Poseidon Princess.....Would You?

Gorgon Eye #10: Inside the Poseidon Princess' room.

Bronze Talos

After rescuing the princess, you have to fight these bad boys, my favourite enemies in the game. You chip away at them like the stone talos except this one requires that you keep up the damage.

Arrows are your friends here.

Evade around the room using the Icarus wings and the air dodge. Attack one of the talos with a couple of shots or even a PoP if you can pull it off safely and then back off and fire a bar of arrows at them. The talos will be stunned once it grows to an intense bright yellow. Keep using this tactic while air dodging around the room. Basically, using arrows is the primary method of "heating" them up while the BoE are used to get a few hits in between while your item bar recharges. Just be patient and don't get too greedy with the hits here and you should be fine.

Bronze Talos and Guardians

Start off by immediately air dodging away from the Olympus Guardians. Then hit them with light attacks. You should be able to break their shields without the Talos coming close. Kill these guys by grabbing and ripping. Now deal with the Talos as you did before except it's made even easier now since it's one-on-one.

Super Hillarious Cheesefest: If you lure the Talos into the water hole here, it will die instantly. You lose the potential red orbs, but it's worth seeing at least once.

Phoenix Feather #9: In the room where Kratos talks to Pandora.

''Red orb count: ~6300.

X. Tartarus

Before heading off to Tartarus...

Minotaur Horn #8: This one's in Aphrodite's chamber, along with two red chests.

i. Gates of Tisophene

Phoenix Feather #10: Before you fight any enemies here, make sure you get this. It's in plain view.

Centaur and Grunts

You know the drill by now. This fight is made very easy by the fact that you can grab one of the dozens of grunts that pops up and just ram them into the centaur until you the O-prompt, *yawn*.

Chimeras: Double the Trouble

Okay, this fight is a little harder than the the last one.

You don't necessarily need to use the exploding pots, but if opportunity presents itself then go right ahead, but I don't recommend going out of your way to kite the chimeras beside the pots.

First part is easy since the second chimara only pops up after you execute the first QTE on the first chimera. Just keep using PoP on the first chimara since they're stunned by it.

After the QTE, the second chimera will pop up. I recommend killing the first chimera first. Their second phase is VERY quick and the least dangerous so this part should be okay. It might make it easier to do the first QTE on the second chimera since it puts them into their second phase where they're easier to avoid.

So get the first chimera into its final form and use your arrows here. You'll probably have to switch targets a bunch of times. Arrows are your safest bet here. You don't want to get hit by the firewave since it does a ton of damage on chaos. If you see the chimera getting ready to attack then just roll away or off to the side since it's hard to tell which attack it's going to use.

After disposing of the first chimera, the second one should be no problem. Use PoPs on it during the second phase and then arrows on the third phase.

ii. Pit of Tartarus

Phoenix Feather #11: This one is outside the gates, across from the save point.

Bunch of skeletor grunts here, no problem. Just grab and rip.

Minotaur Horn #9: This one is found in a hidden alcove to the right after you glide over the gap, before finding Gaia's hand.

iii. Chronos

Is it me or is Chronos a lot uglier than before? Must be that harsh magma in his face all day.

Anyway, the QTEs in this boss fight are the same across all difficulties. Grab and rip every grunt except for against the stone talos and cyclops remains, you'll want to use the grunts as battering rams again. Try to run into a talos against the edge since Kratos will get stuck and keep hitting him with the grunt. You should use air dodging here since the platform is so small. The cyclops isn't too difficult either, same tactic.

The hardest part is actually the wall (hand) climbing sequence where there's a ton of skeletor grunts surrounding you. I think the best thing to do is to immediately move away into a corner or edge and use light attacks to keep them stunned since it's not a good idea to get surrounded here.

Super Happy Fun Time: Whoever put this in the game is a great person. After putting Hephaestus in his place, you knock his head around. Hit it the right away and his head will be knocked back. I don't know why, but this is very amusing. You can exit and re-enter the forge and keep doing it.

i. Upper Gardens

After you leave Aphrodite's Chamber, you can use unlimited magic for your new weapon. This should net you a 200-hit combo against the grunts so I recommend using the magic here.

Daedalus' Workshop

Minotaur Horn 10: Before raising the platform, turn the ballista and shoot it into the portal to the left. Go into the portal on the right and you should come out on top. Jump off the edge and float back toward the rope to hang off it and follow it to the chest.

Gorgon Eye #11: Simply shoot the rope into the portal on the left and follow it to this chest.

Phoenix Feather #12: Open the gate with the ballista, then run up the portal orange portal. Activate the lever, go back, shoot the ballista again.

After getting the above Phoenix Feather, shoot the ballista again. Now go into the blue portal on the right and jump off the edge and float toward the rope. Move Kratos toward the front of the room to find a ledge with four red chests and a ton of orbs.

Minotaur Horn #11: Look for this chest after leaving the workshop via the vertical rope.

ii. Garden Maze

There is a large chest here. Go past where Hera was where you'll see a red chest, take the left path and use Helios at the fence to reveal this chest.

Make sure you get all the red chests around this area.

There are some Legionnaires here, use PoP on them. Now with the maxed out BoE, these guys are a lot easier than before.

A stone talos is also here. You can unload a whole bar of arrows on him to chip away. This part's fairly easy since there's a lot of room to fight.


You should have max BoE by now.

This fight is brutally hard. You should have a full bar of magic by now. I recommend casting AoS at least four times (don't forget to tap circle while casting) then grabbing one satyr as they're both flopping to the ground to kill it with the QTE. Do the QTE as quickly as possible since you are not invulnerable while doing this. Dispose of the second one the same way.

If you don't want to use magic then the only attack that you can't attack or parry is the wall jump. Use air dodges and arrows a lot (fire arrows do burn them). Don't try any big combos, even PoPs are risky as hell here. I haven't done the fight this way, but I'm sure it takes a long time, even with maxed out BoE.

Gorgon Eye #12: In the area with the two red chests after the satyr fight, use Helios to reveal. Do not walk in the area to the right of the green chest otherwise the gate will close and you'll have to reload the last save.

Minotaur Horn #12: After using the hyperion stone and going into the new area. When you have to jump across a gap, go left instead of straight.

There's a hidden chest after you go through the maze, outside the gate. This should be red orbs if you have full health.

The rest of the Phoenix Feather/Gorgon Eye/Minotaur Horn chests should be mass red orbs.

Alternative Strategy: I was watching videos by "shinobier" on YouTube. He has done Chaos mode with no upgrades and is probably one of the best God of War players in the world o_O Yes, really. You can use the nemesis whips here and use the L1+square move which launches them and Kratos in the air and then you can grab them in the air and let the animation run. Keep doing this while evading attacks, it's a good strategy.

XII. Labyrinth Part Deux

The scorpions in here are for decoration only. Just grab them for easy kills.

One-Eyed Monster Party

This fight can be intimidating, but there's enough room and if you kill them in proper order, it's not too bad. I believe there are six cyclops enforcers here (big spiked ball hand) here and one stronger cyclops berserker (wooden club) that can't be stunned.

First off, get off a SPoP on one of the cyclops as it is spawning. Ideally, you want to be able to kite both of them so that whenever you land a PoP, it hits both of them, but this isn't necessary. Just deal with one and try to keep away from the other.

Get both of them down to O-prompts, but only kill one. Now two more cyclops will spawn, one of them being the stronger one. Get the new cyclops enforcer down to the O-prompt and kill it. If nothing else spawns then kill the other enforcer. The Cyclops Berserker should be by himself now. Get him down to the O-prompt and start riding him. Three more berserkers should spawn.

Your goal here while riding the berserker is to get at least two enforcers down to the O-prompts. You may not get this, but you definitely should get one down to it. You don't need to kill any with the berserker since getting O-prompts is essentially killing them. After the berserker is dead, kill off any enforcers with O-prompts and deal with the remaining one or two like normal.

After this battle and going forward a bit, there is another big chest in the room where you have to make the water rise. Use Helios to reveal it before making the water rise.

Gorgons and Harpies

Another relatively easy fight. Just wait for the gorgons to use the flash technique, parry and hit the right button. All the harpies will be stoned and the gorgon stones go down in one PoP. A few more harpies may pop up after this.

After this battle, there is another large chest and two red chests if you go past the part where you need to use Hermes' boots. Just follow the narrow wooden platform to the end.

i. Skorpinok

Boy is this fight frustrating. Not just because this boss is pretty tough (it is), but also because the hit detection between Kratos and the boss is very glitchy. ''Max out the Cestus before going in; you should have more than enough orbs by now.


Where do I start? The first time I did this on chaos, I died a few dozen times here. That was due to devising a strategy and perfecting it. Now I'm dying more because the game just felt really damn cheap here and there's nothing I could do to prevent many deaths. I love you Sony Santa Monica, but I think you guys know that this wasn't the most well-designed and/or playtested boss fight in the game. If you take a hit from ANY of its attacks, it's pretty much game over, you have about 15% of your health left. Not only that, but getting hit by one scorpion is pretty rare. It's more likely you'll get hit by 3-5 scorpions in succession so that's endlessly frustrating when you're trying to attack the boss and glitching out on its body.

Before the fight starts with Skorpinok, make sure you have full health and don't get hit by the lil' bastards before Skorpinok comes up. If you do get hit then restart from last checkpoint and try again.

Phase 1: Cripple the Bastard

  • Pro Tip #1: First thing to keep in mind, whenever you're not on either side of its body, always move towards it by the outer edges of the box since its attacks have a huge range and are unblockable.
  • Pro Tip #2: When trying to take out its legs, jump and use the L1+square attack. Sometimes Kratos glitches on Skorpinok's body and you can do more than one of these per jump, sometimes even three. I think if there aren't any lil' bastards around, it may be quicker to use light attacks on the ground, but they'll swarm you quickly.
  • Pro Tip #3: If you're in a bind and need to clear out those little bastard scorpions then you can use the Cestus' jump+L1+triangle attack. Or you can use the BoE L1+O, lvl1 or lvl2 (lvl2 is L1+tap circle)

*Pro Tip #4: When taking out its legs, it will often raise its tail for a huge slam attack. Here, you need to grab a lil' bastard scorpion before Skorpinok's tail slams into the ground and you'll be invulnerable for the attack while in the animation for grabbing and killing the lil's bastards. If you're in a bind and can't grab any nearby scorpions then use the Cestus magic for invulnerability, it doesn't use up too much of your magic bar at all. The worst thing that can happen is going to grab a lil' bastard and trying to grab Skorpinok's leg instead. If you have time to recover and use magic then do so, but if not then you'll have to take the hit.

  • Pro Tip #5: When it rotates, stay on the outer edges of the box and use air dashes to get to its side again. It's actually good for it to rotate (still annoying) since it gives you a chance to attack its legs without the lil' bastards swarming you.

You can start on either side of his body; I like to start on the left. Using air dash here is a good idea. After you take out its legs, quickly get to its mouth and switch to the BoE. I like to start off with the AoS here to clear out the lil' bastards and then wale away with L1+square. You definitely want the O-prompt here and not to let it regenerate its legs. One AoS plus a bunch of cyclones should do the trick assuming you didn't take much time getting to its front.

After this, finish the QTE and move on.

Phase 2: Cripple the Bastard Some More

Very similar to phase 1 except he seems to use more tails slams so be on your toes here. He'll also run off the platform multiple times. This is a good chance to grab a bunch of lil' bastards and get as much health from them as you can. You should be able to grab 3-5 before the fight resumes. Get on its side, but make sure you stay on the outer edge of the box.

After taking out all its legs, go to his mouth again and follow the same procedure as above.

Do the QTE again. The start of the flying portion is a checkpoint. Goodbye bastard.

Gorgon, Minotaurs, OG's

After the boss fight, there's large chest before the second time you use the ice key. It's on the ledge above the key hole and around the corner, use Helios to reveal it.

Easy fight once again. The gorgon will spawn first. Wait for the others to spawn. Just wait for her to use the flash freeze attack and parry it. Stone everyting except for the gorgon until the other enemies are gone then kill the gorgon however you want.

Rinse and repeat.

ii. Daedalus' Box

Boy, this guy's story is pretty sad and really touches the heart. TOO BAD, KRATOS NO CARE.

There's a large chest on the right at the end of the platform after talking to the old man.

So now you have to explore this guy's box. That sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Bronze Taloses, Cerberus, and Lil' Dawgs

Taloses? I hope that's right.

Before you hit the key hole in this room, there's a hidden red chest to the left of the entrance here so use Helios to get that.

These guys are such a joy to fight. Just dodge around pelt them with arrows until they're all chipped away. This arena is very similar to the one in Poseidon's Chamber except now it's even easier because you have a fully upgraded item bar. Refer back to the Poseidon's Chamber section for the full strategy on these guys.

I really recommend getting both of these guys down to the O-prompts before killing them because as soon as you kill one, a cerberus pops up so you want both taloses out of the way while dealing with the cerberus.

After hitching a ride on the cerberus, two more taloses will pop up and they are just so easily melted away by the cerberus fire. All you have to do here is make sure you get both taloses down to O-prompts and it's going to be close. You may not be able to do it, but get at least one and soften up the other one a good deal. If you get overwhelmed by the hell dogs that come up in the midst of the chaos then just use an AoS to clear the area. If you have both the taloses down to the O-prompts then just keep grabbing everything after dispatching of the cerberus.

After this fight, in the next room, there's a hidden large chest along the left wall before flipping the room. The room after this has a red chest to the right of the entrance as well as a large chest and another red chest which are obtainable after flipping the room once. You have to use the stone block to jump onto a narrow ledge near the keyhole. Then jump from that ledge to another nearby narrow ledge and then jump across the room to the platform that was barely out of reach before. It's not a big deal if you don't get this since there's nothing else to upgrade.

Big Tumbling Spiked Box of Death

There are many ways to pass this area. Most people like to fly around use air dodges and just wait for the harpies to show up. This is a pretty good strategy. You can also lure the enemies into the area of the floor that's going to have spikes pop out from it. The most important thing here is to not get cornered. Use the Legionnaires as battering rams when you can grab them. This helps you avoid any spikes coming up since Kratos is moving pretty fast while ramming and it helps knock enemies onto the spikes.

After the room rotates the first time, it gets a little harder. There's a bunch of Legionnaires and a pair of sirens. You'll have to work on your evasion skills here and chip away at the Legionnaires. The only reason to attack enemies here is to avoid being overwhelmed and trapped into a corner.

After the final rotation, the sirens won't die if they're still alive, but you can leave the box and they won't follow. Just for fun, I like beating on these ladies with the Cestus. Brings back good memories.

iii. Pandora: Because Every Game Needs an Escort Mission

Large hidden chest after rescuing Pandora.

Two hidden red chests in the first room, before and after rotating the room.

Gorgon Serpents and Grunts

Just grab all the grunts and ram them into the serpent. Then kill and stone everything.

When two gorgons come up, you can freeze both of them by parrying and stoning both very easily.

Hidden large chest in the room where you have to rescue Pandora, along the right wall.

Pointless Point: In this room, if you have jump into the spikes after rescuing Pandora, Kratos will act as if he's taking damage, but nothing happens.

iv. Epically Hard Battle #1

Boy is this a doozy. Luckily, Pandora is actully useful as a sidekick and distracts enemies without every dying.

The key to this room is knowing which enemies to kill and in what order in order to control the spawning of the next wave of enemies.

Before you start fighting, keep in mind there are two hidden chests on either side of the room. Try to keep them hidden until the end of the fight if possible since they can get in the way.

Wave 1: Sirens

Three sirens here. I'm very excited because I've discovered a super easy way to beat the sirens here, LAUNCH THEM BI***S.

What you want to do is use the BoE, go up to one of the sirens, hold triangle to do a heavy attack and launch it, keep holding triangle until Kratos jumps up next to her. Now just keep pressing circle to grab and slam. When you get the O-prompt, I would keep using BoE and PoP on it to soften it up, but not grab it. You can also use the Cestus hold square attack to pummel it (do this once and then a few light attacks). The key is to not kill any sirens until you've softened up all of them to near death. Killing one siren will trigger the next wave.

Wave 2: Olympus Guardians

There are...six of these guys? Killing one triggers a wraith. Killing another one triggers another wraith so just try to kill one only. I recommend starting off with the Cestus magic to break most of the shields, it's just too risky trying to break them one by one.

Wave 3: Wraiths

You can use the grunts (OG's without shields) to ram into the wraiths, but you can just launch them by:

  1. Holding triangle, but letting go before Kratos himself jumps and then repeatedly pressing circle.
  2. Straight up grabbing it and then repeatedly pressing circle.
  3. Juggling it with PoP and then repeatedly pressing circle.
  4. Grabbing it with Hyperion Ram (L1+O) while it's burrowed then repeatedly pressing circle.

After both wraiths are done, after you kill enough grunts, a siren will show up. Quickly dispose of her with the above tactics. Killing more grunts will cause three more OG's will show up. Use the magic to break the shields.

Wave 4: Minotaurs

Don't get aggro on both of these guys at the same time. Run around the room until one of them is targetting Pandora. Now you want to corner one of the minotaurs and keep pummeling it with the Cestus with light attacks and it is easily juggled. Always try to do the QTE kill for health. It's easy to accidentally kill it while pummeling away with the Cestus.

After killing one minotaur, three more OGs will show up so use the Cestus magic on them. Take care of the other minotaurs.

Wave 5: Siren and Wraith

After killing enough grunts, a siren and wraith will show up. Try to take care of the siren first since she can use her air magic-stealing attack if you leave her alone for long enough.

After taking care of those two and killing off enough grunts, six OG's will show up. Try to destroy 4-6 of their shields with one Cestus magic cast

Wave 6: Siren and Minotaur

I think taking care of the siren first is easier here, but again, move around the room and try to isolate one enemy.

After the minotaur is gone and if you killed enough grunts, two more wraiths will show up, regardless of whether or not the siren is dead.

Wave 7: Wraiths

Easy to take care of, especially if the siren is already dead. Isolate one and follow the same tactics as before. You can use any grunts to ram one into a corner to isolate it.

There! All done! That wasn't too hard, was it?

Three hidden large chests on the top of the box.

If you go to the save point, the three boxes that have hidden chests are on the boxes:

  1. Diagonally down-left from the save point.
  2. Diagonally down-right from the save point.
  3. Diagonally up-right from the save point.

i. Chain of Balance: Superman III

Another fun-filled flying section, this one's the toughest one and the longest. I believe you receive full health for this section.

ii. Epically Hard Battle #2

Well, this one is not as chaotic as the last battle, but it's tough as nails.

You start off with full health and magic so that was generous of the game.

There are a few different ways to go about this fight, but this is one that I have used.

I like using the BoE so this fight consists entirely of that.

  • Pro Tip #1: Always grab the little dogs when possible. It gives you invulnerability during the kicking animation and it's a good way to create some space between Kratos and the enemies.
  • Pro Tip #2: If you're kicking a dog and another one is going to explode beside you, you can move the right stick to roll before the animation is done and Kratos will not take any damage even though the dog did explode right beside him.
  • Pro Tip #3: Satyrs will generally attack you way less if you don't attack them. Their specialty is in counter attacks. They will attack if you run close to them though.
  • Pro Tip #4: Air dodging is better than rolling for getting out of a tight spot. Rolling is too inconsistent in what direction you want to go and Kratos will often get stuck if you're trying to roll at the edge of the arena or near an enemy.
  • Pro Tip #5: Arrows are absolutely invaluable here. Use them when you have a good distance between Kratos and the enemies, but DON'T USE them if there are any dogs out since it's better to kick them and the game always auto targets the dogs.

Phase 1

The easiest phase, but that's not saying much ALTHOUGH you should be able to take off the first head without taking any damage.

Start off with a full SPoP on the cerberus breeder as it's popping out from the ground. Now back off and kick any dogs that are out. Always use arrows if it's just Kratos and the Cerberus on screen, unload as much as you can. If the Cerberus charges then just jump and air dodge away as it's attacking.

Sometimes the cerberus will pound the ground and three fireballs will rain down. The only way to get hit by this is if you're standing at a medium distance away from the cerberus. It's best to stay as far away as possible.

Phase 2

Now one head is off and has been replaced by a satyr, oh joy. I suggest not attacking the satyr head on here at all. He'll attack you less in turn.

The trick here is to be VERY patient, this is the hardest phase. Don't get dodge happy. Stay in a corner. The satyr won't start attacking unless you roll into him or throw some attacks his way (arrows are okay). Jump and air dodge out if you feel that there's not enough room to do anything. It's important to use arrows here when there are no dogs out, but sometimes Kratos will auto-target the satyr. You can flick the right stick while holding L2 to change targets. Using the Helios quick flash sometimes causes the Satyr to be pushed back.

Just always kick the dogs whenever you can, but be careful not to grab the satyr or Cerberus, doing either will lead to getting hit and likely death.

Alternative Strategy: As mentioned before, you can use the nemesis whips (you can even fully upgrade them without a care now) and use the L1+square move to launch satyrs in the air and then air grab them to do a good deal of damage while being relatively safe. I believe there are other ways to launch satyrs, but this is the easiest.

Phase 3

I like to use up all my magic here, but before doing so, I always try to corner the cerberus and at least one satyr. This is easier said than done. If you can get some hits down on the satyrs while casting AoS then that's good.

It takes a full magic bar of hitting the cerberus with AoS before you can get the O-prompt. This includes the initial part of the magic's attack as well as the rain of arrows and you have to cast the magic almost immediately one after the other to avoid getting hit.

Now with two satyrs left, my suggestion is to circle the outside of the ring and let them approach. Air dodge over them and head to the other side. Now charge up an SPoP attack and hit one or both of them with the final shot. If you can see that there's no time to finish the combo before getting hit then air dodge away again. It's going to be close, but it's doable. This attack does a lot of damage so you need to keep repeating this until one of them dies.

With one satyr left, keep grabbing it and finishing the QTE until it dies.

iii. The Three Judges

There are many hidden large chests around. One to the right of the semicircle pool.

Two upstairs (one by the gap that you have to jump across and one opposite the hidden portal).

Sirens and Whelps

These pop up after destroying the first judge's stone.

Grab the dogs whenever you're not close to either siren. If you're facing a siren with nothing else nearby then use the same tactic as before in the Daedalus' box fight, launch, jump and keep grabbing.

Satyrs and Olympus Sentinels

Well, this fight is just annoying after the cerberus fight. You can kite the satyr to around where the portal is while the sentries stay put. Then all you have to do is grab the satyr three times. Then there's another satyr which you can do the same thing to.

Alternative Strategy: As mentioned before, you can use the nemesis whips (you can even fully upgrade them without a care now) and use the L1+square move to launch satyrs in the air and then air grab them to do a good deal of damage while being relatively safe. I believe there are other ways to launch satyrs, but this is the easiest and quickest. Thanks again to shinobier's videos on YouTube.

The sentries can be taken out by using Cestus magic or just being careful and destroying their shields one by one. After this, you can easily kill the legionnaires with PoPs or by using the same tactic as the sirens (launch, jump, grab).

iv. Chain of Balance: Superman IV

Well, this is short and sweet, but has some tough parts where the path will change really quickly. If you screw up then just memorize the parts where you need to do special evasions.

After the flying portion, you can get open the three hidden chests on top of the boxes again. They're in the same spots relative to the save point as before.

XIV. Zoos

After entering the Chamber of the Flame, go to the opposite chain and into the area that you discovered before with Helios. Open all the chests again and destroy the onyx to get two more red chests.

i. Zeus: Street Fighter

Ready? Fight! I love this little 2D battle.

I suggest using the BoE. Zeus is vulnerable to the hyperion ram attack, but I don't think it's necessary here or in any of the Zeus fights.

Round 1

Start by attacking him, he might initiate QTEs which are easily passed.

His main attacks are the three-hit combo and the air lightning attacks, both of which are easily countered or avoidable.

  1. Three-hit Combo: All you need to do is parry either the first or second punch. You can't parry the third so if you need to, jump and air dodge over Zeus' head to avoid this.
  2. Air Lightning Attack: This is a gift. Roll toward and under him and then jump and grab when you're under his body to bring him back to the ground.

I suggest using plain old PoPs and strings of light attacks. It won't be long before you can grab him. The QTE has some quick button presses so be ready.

Round 2

He has the same attacks as above, but also a ground electricity attack and a superman-type dive bomb.

To avoid taking any damage, I suggest blocking very liberally. The ground electricity attack is BLOCKABLE, you don't have to jump. It's hard to tell whether he's going to use the three-hit combo or the electricity attack so just block when you're standing right in front of him. If he does the three-hit combo then parry the second punch. If you block the electricity attack then start attacking with light hits and PoPs.

To avoid the dive bomb, just roll towards him when he jumps up. He doesn't do this attack very often.

Attack him the same way as phase one and you'll be done in no time.

ii. Zeus: Street Fighter EX

Easy fight. More of a transition to the final fight.

I'm going to be lazy and suggest the easy way to pass this. Just keep avoiding everything Zeus does by using rolls and air dodges. Gaia will eventually interrupt the fight.

If he raises his left hand and it lights up, it looks like he's going to throw lightning, but he's just going to do a charge and uppercut type attack. His lightning throws are quick and aren't really telegraphed, but they are avoidable. It might be easier to parry the lightning since they come very quickly. He has a main charge attack where he moves one of his feet back before charging. Easily avoidable as well. He also has a more rare lightning bomb attack where he will float in the air and then bomb down. Stay far away or jump at the appropriate time.

iii. Zeus: Final Fight

So after raping Gaia's heart, we have a fairly challenging fight here. Stick with the Cestus for this battle.

Stage 1

Zeus will likely start off the fight by immediately throwing some lightning so be on your toes to parry.

His bread and butter attack is the circling around and then launching out a ghost at Kratos. You can block this or parry.

He also has a similar three-hit combo as the first battle. You need to parry one of the first two punches.

His air bomb attack is avoidable with a double jump and float.

Basically, just keep waling away with the Cestus (light attacks only), even when he's circling around Kratos. Block/parry when necessary.

Hopefully you didnt take any hits. When the heart is glowing red, attack it for a small health refill.

Stage 2: Attack of the Clones

When Zeus is floating slightly above the ground, attack him with the Cestus by holding square for a barrage attack. Now he'll summon a clone to attack you. The clones use the three-hit combo attacks which are the same as the real deal so be careful. They are very easily stunned and knocked back with the Cestus however.

Get across the room from the real Zeus and start attacking his clone with repeated light attacks. If you position yourself correctly, the Cestus' attacks toward the clone will help dodge the lightning that Zeus throws since you're far away from him. The clone should go down after 2-3 light attack combos (square, square, square).

When the heart glows red, do not attack it, but rather you should be attacking Zeus. This is how you end the battle quickly. Just keep attacking Zeus relentlessly. He'll use the circle-around clone attack, the three-hit combo, and sometimes the dive bomb attack.

Whenever Zeus summons multiple clones, position yourself in front of all of them and use the Cestus magic. This is the easiest way to kill all of them and continue pillaging Zeus' face. These are the only times you need to use magic so you should have 5+ casts to use up.

He'll usually summon multiple clones while floating in the air. Stay in one area until he summons all of them (usually three) and then move well away. You only need to jump and float when the real Zeus dive bombs (last one to dive bomb). After this, use the Cestus magic to kill them all.

Whenever Zeus is about to go for the heart, always attack him instead of the heart. You can use the barrage attack (hold square) to stun him and prevent him from charging the heart.

As the fight goes on and he's closer to death, he'll summon at least five clones at once. Use the magic again to take care of them. You're getting very close to the QTE and end of this battle. You should never need to attack the heart for health since you're giving up a chance to pummel Zeus and you barely get any health on Chaos mode so the only way to survive is not get hit too much.

So after this, there is a very long QTE, the longest in the series. There are a couple of times where Zeus launches you in the air and the QTE is a left stick rotation.

Alternative Strategy: Once again, the master known as Shinobier has shown me the light. You still use the Cestus, but if you use the double triangle attack, Zeus will often be launched in the air by the second attack. Simply jump and grab him and this grab attack seems to do a lot of damage since Shinobier managed to kill Zeus in a matter of minutes without mass clones spawning at all. Use this on the single or double clones as well to quickly take them out. Just keep pounding Zeus with triangle, triangle. This strategy is applicable to stage 1 of the fight as well. Have fun!

XV. Existentialism With a Side of QTEs

This is the end game. There's nothing else to do except wander through the fear world, do some QTEs afterwards, and attack Zeus a couple of times. Enjoy.