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Guide and Walkthrough by MasterMurph

Version: .30 | Updated: 04/03/2007

___________ _________._______   ____
\_   _____//   _____/|   \   \ /   /  O
 |    __)_ \_____  \ |   |\   Y   / 
 |        \/        \|   | \     /  
/_______  /_______  /|___|  \___/     O 
        \/        \/                 

  _________.__    .__                   .__                
 /   _____/|  |__ |__|__  __ ___________|__| ____    ____  
 \_____  \ |  |  \|  \  \/ // __ \_  __ \  |/    \  / ___\ 
 /        \|   Y  \  |\   /\  ___/|  | \/  |   |  \/ /_/  >
/_______  /|___|  /__| \_/  \___  >__|  |__|___|  /\___  / 
        \/      \/              \/              \//_____/  
.___       .__                 
|   | _____|  |   ____   ______
|   |/  ___/  | _/ __ \ /  ___/
|   |\___ \|  |_\  ___/ \___ \ 
|___/____  >____/\___  >____  >
         \/          \/     \/ 

|                   Author: Tyler Murphy(Mastermurph)                        |
|                   Began: March 30th, 2007                                  |
|                   Completed: Not yet                                       |
|                   Email: mastermurph@gmail.com                             |
|                   Version: 0.25                                            |

|                              Table of Contents                             |

This guide has been made to be very accesible. I have implemented the Ctrl-F
Search function. So all you need to do is Type in what your looking for and
you will find it.

1.  Introduction.......................................................(00010)
  i  Updates/Version History...........................................(00011)
2.  Controls...........................................................(00020)
3.  Quests.............................................................(00030)
  i  A door in Niben Bay...............................................(00031)
 ii  Through the Fringe of Madness.....................................(00032)
iii  Baiting the Trap..................................................(00033)
 iv  Addiction/The Lady of Paranoia....................................(00034)
  v  The Cold Flame of Agnon...........................................(00035)
4.  Legal..............................................................(00100)
5.  Credits............................................................(00200)
6.  Outro..............................................................(00300)

|                              Introduction                          (00010) |

Well this is my first guide so bear with me. I got oblivion 2 days after it
came out and have been playing it since and now that this has come out it
is practically a new door opening in the Tamerial universe.

Also I am doing this with a level 24 character so results may vary.

Ok so this guide is about the new expansion pack for Elder scrolls 5: 
Oblivion. It's called shivering isles. this is a very confusing place and
has to be completed with care and precision. Oh this is where this guide 
comes in handy. Also you must be clinically insane to understand this world.
So lets get this rolling.

\                    Updates/Version History          (00011) |

Friday,March 30th-Started this guide

Tuesday, April 3rd-Added a few more quests and an alternate way for
killing the gatekeeper.

|                                  Controls                          (00020) |

The conrols for Shivering Isles are very simple if you already are familiar 
Oblivion which I'm sure you are. 

Move: Left Stick
Look: Right Stick
Hotkeys: Directional Pad
Grab: Left Bumper
Block: Left Trigger
Wait: Back button
Pause: Start Button
Attack: Right Trigger
Cast Spell: Right bumper
Crouch: Left Stick Down
Third person/first person views: Right Stick Down
Jump: "Y" button
Inventory/Ready/weapon: "X" button
Activate: "A" Button

|                                  Quests                            (00030) |

\                      A door in Niben Bay            (00031) |

**Note**-You must wait 1 or 2 days before you get the message about a strange

When you first load up your save you will get a message stating that there
is a strange doorway on an island in the middle of Niben Bay. Well first you
will have to travel to Bravil or if you have somewhere closer you can travel 
there. Once you get there there will be a guard. You talk to him and ask about
the strange gateway and he will tell you to stay out and whoever goes in there
and returns are all wonky. Well your first intention will be to go through the
gate right? Yup thats right, theres no sense waiting around.

Once you go through you will be greeted by a person sitting at a desk. He 
will tell you to sit. Well lets just be civil here...sit! When you have sat
down on the chair talk to Haskill and find out whatever this place is and
all that other stuff. Agree to be sent into the isles. The room will deteriate
before your eyes and turn into BUTTERFLIES! Yes theres about 50 billion of 
them. Ok well move down the path until you come to the town of passwall. 
Oh and I have gotten a bit ahead of my self there, onto the next part.

Once you make it to Passwall you will see 2 people talking. Talk to the man 
named sheldan. He will say something about a gatekeeper and adventurers. 
Well I guess you can't miss the fun. Follow them up the hill and watch the 
gatekeeper destroy these...adventurers. Take there 

\                Through the Fringe of Madness        (00032) |

Once you make it to Passwall you will see 2 people talking. Talk to the man 
named sheldan. He will say something about a gatekeeper and adventurers. 
Well I guess you can't miss the fun. Follow them up the hill and watch the 
gatekeeper destroy these...adventurers. Talk to the only survivor and he will
tell you to go and see Jayred. Well I found jayred in the Wastrel's purse.
If he isn't there he is in his house south of the pub. 

After finding Jayred he will talk about killing the Gatekeeper with bones.
Yeah...this guy has a fetish with bones or some sort. Well you will have to 
do a quest now. You have to go unlock a door in the Gardens of Flesh and 
Bone. Well you follow Jayred up the hill to where GoFB are and you have
to unlock a very easy lock...I don't know why he couldn't just do it 

Once you get in there will be a few monsters and you must kill them before
Jayred can retrieve the bones and make some arrows. Although once you kill
them he will say come back in a few hours and I will have arrows. Well just
wait a few hours and then return to him to go kill the gatekeeper. After
waiting go talk to him and get the arrows and then go up and then attack 
the gatekeeper. This is quite a hard fight so you will have to fire a few 
arrows and if your feeling brave go in for the close combat way. Also 
remember to save before fighting him. You don't want to be stuck way back
at the GoFB do you? 

**Alternate Way for killing the Gatekeeper**

Thanks to Valen ross for emailing me about and alternate way on killing the
gatekeeper. This way is easier and just might save your but in the fight.

Ok instead of helping Jayred you can just go to the Wastrel's Purse and
if you go into the upstairs area and you go to the last room you will find a
note that's from the mother of the Gatekeeper. You find out that she weeps
for her son(gatekeeper) but her tears hurt him. So what you do is wait until
midnight and then go to the Gatekeepers area and you can pick up a soaked 
hankercheif. You have three doses of this stuff so you should put it on your
sword or some arrows. This makes him very easy to kill.

After killing him you can search his body and get 2 keys. One to the door
to mania, and one to the door of Dementia. After you get the keys Haskill
will come forth and talk to you about you becoming a champion and 
Lord Sheogorath wants to talk to you and blah blah blah. He will explain
to you the choice that you are about to make...well actually there is no
choice, just if you choose dementia you will get golden saint armour 
and if you choose mania you get dark seducer armour...you can figure 
what those are later. But seriously they are both the same like the entrances
are five feet apart when you enter. Well anyways once you enter the gate 
of your choice we go to a different section now.

\                      Baiting the Trap               (00033) |

Well anyways you should be going to New Sheoth. Which is on the east part
of the isles. You will have to go to palace district and then talk to 
Sheogorath. He will talk about some stuff but will give you a quest.
Since you killed the Gatekeeper, the Shivering Isles need a new line of
defence which is Xedilian. This is a 3 chamber place where you can kill
or make people insane but right now it is shut down and you must 
reactivate it.

First you must travel there which shouldn't take too long but you should
watch out for the enemies on the roads. Once you make it to the complex
you should see one lonley grummite on the bridge. Kill him and then go into
Xedilian. You will be greeted with a few grummite. For this part all you have
to do is just follow the paths this isn't to hard, I wrote this after I did
the quest so it is different and I can't retrace my path. Well anyways you
have to kill 3 Grummite shamans. Which have focus crystals with them. Thats
how you reactivate Xedilian. So after you kill this 3 shamans and a few other
grummites. Go through a metal door to a teleportation pad.

After you go through the teleportation pad you will be greeted by Kiliban. He
will congrat you on reactivating the complex. He will then explain to you that
some adventurers have come into the complex and you must...deal with them. 
There are 3 adventurers, which is a particularly good coincidence because
there are only 3 rooms in Xedilian. Ok so he explains that you have 2 choices
on what to do to the adventurers. Number 1 is a lethal choice to one of the
adventurers and number 2 is to make them insane. You can do whatever you want
with them because it does not affect your loot that you get at the end. After
you do what you want witht the three adventurers go to the recovery chest and
grab what you want. Also kiliban gives you a noice sword named Dawn/Duskfang.

As you take the final transportation pad you will be attacked by 3 knights.
Now return to Sheogorath for your next quest.

\                Addiction/The Lady of Paranoia       (00034) |

After you talk to Sheogorath he will tell you to understand what this realm
of madness really is before he can tell you any more information. Well we 
better better get started because you have to do 2 quests to finish this


Ok from sheograth you can either choose to go to house Mania and talk to 
Thadon the duke of mania or go to Syl the Duchess of Dementia. Right now
this is dedicated to the Addiction quest from Thadon. So when you finish 
talking to Sheogorath go to the left and follow the map marker to where
Thadon is and talk to him. He will usually be painting in his conservatory.
So talk to him and he will talk about hows he addicted and he needs this 
item called Chalice of Reversal. Guess what you need to go get the Chalice.
So go out into palace yards and walk to the burrow where your map tells you 
to. Once your there eat your Melldew. Oh and once you do this you should walk
through the door blocking your path to the door to the colony.

You have to pretty much kill any ants that come in between you and your 
chalice of Reversal. Once you go through the tunnels you need to go through
a door where you have to kill 3 or 4 Melldew Addicts. They aren't too hard.
Grab the Chalice of Reversal and go up the stairs to a back exit and make your
way to New sheoth and into the castle and talk to Thador. Now that wasn't too
hard was it.

The Lady of Paranoia: 

Ok so now you have to go talk to syl to become part of the Dementia court of
madness. Ok her quest is simple but it may take a few tries. First she is 
scared of someone trying to kill her. She tells you to go downstairs into the
torture chamber and go get her assistant to help "persuade" people to talk. So
go downstairs and into the torture chamber and talk to Hedir. First you should
talk to her two servants. I forgot there names but they are usually with her.
Torture them until one of tells you to talk to Anya Herrick. 

Anya is usually found out in Bliss or crucible or in the palace courtyard. You
should have a quest marker showing her position. Torture her and she will tell
you to find Ma'zaddha. Find him in crucible. Torture him a few times until he 
talks about a conspiracy against syl. Talk to pretty much anybody in Crucible 
and and they will tell you that Ma'zaddha and a Dark seducer named Nelrene 
meet at night by the sewers. Rest until about 12am or 1am and then go there
but remember to stay out of sight because they are very keen on telling where
you are. After there conversation is done talk to Ma'zaddha and he will you
to talk to Nelrene. She will refuse anything against her. Although after
talking to Ma'zaddha he said to meet him 1 day from now in his house at 
midnight or anytime.

After you wait 1 day go to his house and pick lock the door or go in. Although
make sure to go in the top way. You will see Ma'zaddhas body on the floor. 
Take his key and go into his room at the top of the stairs and in a closet you
will find "Nelrenes cerimonial sword" Take that and then go find Nelrne. 
Show her the sword and she will give up all her information. She tells you
that Murrine is the person behind the whole conspiracy. Find her in the palace
grounds and confront her or torture her about the conspiracy. She will admit 
to planning on killing Syl. Talk to Syl after this and she will tell you to 
meet her in the torture chamber. This is where Murrine is locked up. Watch
Syl kill her and thats the end of the quest. Go talk to Sheogorath and see
what quest he has for you now.

\                   The Cold Flame of Agnon           (00035) |

Ok so after you hear Sheogorath ramble on about stuff you should be assigned
the task of relighting the flame of Agnon. So anyways since the Golden saints
and the Dark seducers are enemys and they each control a shrine so they are
currently unlit. Ok so first you have to travel to the shrines. So travel to
Cylarne which is on a island to the NW of Palace.

So once your there you must talk to each leader and you should choose which
side to help. I helped the Auriels (Golden Saints) but I don't think it really
matters what side you choose. So if you choose the Golden saints you must
check the underkeep to see if theres any resistance. There will be non so you
should go back up and talk to the leader of the Golden saints, I forgot her

|                                   Legal                            (00100) |

This guide is Copyright 2007 Tyler Murphy .

This guide may not be reproduced and only the following sites may use this
guide on there site. Gamefaqs.com, 1up.com. If you would like to host this 
guide on your site please email me and I will decide whether to allow you to 
host this guide. If this is found on any site that was not listed above that 
is a copyright violation. Also if you find a site with this guide that is not
listed above please email me and help to get rid of plagerists.

|                                 Credits                            (00200) |

Thanks to the GF community for helping me and Betheseda game studios for 
making such a great game. I also thank Gamefaqs for having a great website.
Since this is done all from my mind and not much help was needed I have only
Grueling shadowz to thank because he helped me get past the Assension quests.
I would also like to thank Valen Ross for giving me some info on an alternate
way to kill the gatekeeper.Thanks to anyone that finds this guide useful and 
reading this.

|                                   Outro                            (00300) |

Well this guide may not be done but I felt that since no one has made a guide 
yet this is a good of guide to be put up and I am constantly writing the rest
of this so it will be done as I go on with the quests and I find a little more
details that I can explain. If anyone has problems that they have found please
email me at MasterMurph@gmail.com I will give credit where it is due and I 
will include any helpful information that people tell me. Also I like feedback
but please do not send spam or any rude comments like bashing. It doesn't help
me or this Guide.

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