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Weapon Guide by Sol4688

Updated: 01/18/2009

Weapon and combat FAQ

Written by: Sol4688
E-mail: hypersonic444@yahoo.com


Hello, and welcome to my Lost Planet weapon and combat FAQ.
In this guide, I will tell you all about the weapons that can be found
in Lost Planet. I will give as much detailed information about their stats,
their strengths and weaknesses, and the ideal situations they can
be the most useful in.

Please note that this guide will NOT cover any Vital Suits
(Or VS, as we will call them.) Technically, yes, they CAN  be
weapons, but we have enough VS guides around here. I will,
however, be handling all VS weapons. So I hope that is a 

I'd like you to also note that I write this guide with the PS3
in mind, so I'll be referring to the PS3's controls. I don't
remember what the 360s' controls are, so tough luck,
360 fans.

Now, when I get to ranking each guns' stats, I'll be using
a ranking system of  1 through 5, with each stat being as so:
1= Very poor
2= Not good.
3= So-so
4= Pretty good
5= Excellent
Also, there may at times be an N/A, which stands for
"Not applicable," or this stat is not featured with the weapon.

And with those, I'll be ranking each gun in 6 different aspects:
1. Damage: Approximately how powerful the gun is.
2. Range: How far the gun can shoot from.
3. Speed: How fast the gun's rate of fire is.
4. Reload Speed: How quickly you can reload the gun.
5. Ammo per Clip: How many shots can be fired until reload.
6. Max Ammo Capacity: How much ammo the gun can hold.

This goes for all the sections EXCEPT the grenade
section (which will be revealed when we get there.)

This is also one of my first FAQ's, and I appreciate any and all

So without further ado, let's delve into... Lost Planet!

Table of Contents

Section.................... Weapon.................. Shortcut

Part 1....................... Combat basics............[PT01]

Part 2....................... Handheld Weapons.........[PT02]
Part 2-a.................... Machine Gun...............[PT2A]
Part 2-b.................... Shotgun...................[PT2B]
Part 2-c.................... Rifle.....................[PT2C]
Part 2-d.................... Rocket Launcher...........[PT2D]
Part 2-e.................... Energy Gun................[PT2E]
Part 2-f..................... Plasma Gun...............[PT2F]

Part 3....................... Grenades.................[PT03]
Part 3-a................... Hand Grenade...............[PT3A]
Part 3-b................... Gum Grenade................[PT3B]
Part 3-c.................... Disc Grenade..............[PT3C]
Part 3-d.................... Plasma Grenade............[PT3D]
Part 3-e.................... Dummy Grenade.............[PT3E]

Part 4........................ VS Weapons..............[PT04]
Part 4-a..................... Gatling Gun..............[PT4A]
Part 4-b..................... Rocket Launcher..........[PT4B]
Part 4-c..................... Shotgun..................[PT4C]
Part 4-d..................... Laser Rifle..............[PT4D]
Part 4-e..................... Missile Launcher.........[PT4E]
Part 4-f...................... EM Laser................[PT4F]
Part 4-g..................... Homing Laser.............[PT4G]
Part 4-h..................... Grenade Launcher.........[PT4H]
Part 4-i...................... Laser Vulcan............[PT4I]
Part 4-j...................... Cannon..................[PT4J]

Part 5........................ Credits.................[PT05]

Alright, let's get this show on the road!

Combat Basics........................[PT01]

To kick off the Lost Planet Weapon and combat
FAQ, let's recap on the controls and how you
use them for combat.

Left Analog stick: Move. If you wanna fight, you got
to start by moving!

Right Analog stick: Look around. Keep your foe
in your sights!

Directional buttons Up and Down: Zoom and/or
use scope. If you're using a weapon without a
scope, pressing the directional button up will
zoom the camera closer behind Wayne.
Tapping up again will put the camera in a 
first person view. Tap the up button again to
return the camera to normal far view. 
Tapping the down button does the same
things, but in reverse. For example: In normal
view, tap the down button to go to first person
view. Tap it again to get to close view, and again
to return to normal view.
When using a weapon with a scope, Tapping up 
will make Wayne look into the scope, allowing
him to see targets in the distance. Tap up again 
to zoom  further, and again to return to normal
view. Tapping the down button does the same
things, but once again, in reverse.

Square: Fire grapple line. In Lost Planet, there are
often times where you need to climb to reach your
enemies, T-ENG, or a better weapon. 
So to reach these things, aim at a wall or barrier
you wish to cross. If your crosshairs turn green,
then you're ok to grapple to it!
However, in battle, it is sometimes essential 
to flee somewhere quickly, and let's face it: 
Wayne isn't too good at hauling ass.
The grapple line can be essential
in speeding up your movement. After firing your
line, tap square in mid-flight and Wayne will
release the grapple. This is a much used tactic
in online play, and will be very beneficial in
those races to get to the VS or better weapon
before your opponent.
If you grapple to a ceiling or horizontal plane,
then Wayne will not jump up, but rather hang
from his grapple line. While in this position, you
can shoot your currently equipped handheld
weapon, tap X to retract the grapple and jump,
or tap square to release the grapple and drop
down. You can also press up or down on the
left analog stick to maneuver Wayne up or
down his grapple line. Also, this will occur if you
run off a ledge or drop. Wayne will quickly turn
and shoot his grapple line, potentially saving
your life.
Another maneuver you can do after grappling
to an object is the backflip shot. While Wayne
is flying to his grapple, hold down the fire button.
When Wayne anchors to the barrier, he will start
to shoot at it. Release the shoot button, and
Wayne will kick off the wall, backflip, and land on
the ground below. You can also hit the fire button
in midair to come out of the backflip and start your
assault early. While this move doesn't REALLY
have any major combat purposes, it does look
pretty cool.
It can also be noted that your grapple can be
used to hit some opponents. However, this
causes even less damage than the melee hit,
which is absolutely pitiful, and this should be

Triangle: Switch weapons. You can only carry
two weapons at a time in Lost Planet, so it
shouldn't be too hard to keep track of them. But,
just in case... When you have two weapons
equipped, tapping triangle will make Wayne
switch to your secondary weapon.
Now, if Wayne is wielding a VS weapon, he 
CANNOT carry it with him if he swaps to a
different weapon. Tapping triangle when
wielding a VS weapon will make Wayne drop it
to switch to his secondary weapon.
I must caution you though, that swapping 
weapons isn't instantaneous. There will be a
brief delay as Wayne grabs for his weapon,
causing him to become a sitting duck for a
moment. Thus, it is very ill advised to swap
guns in the middle of combat. Get to a safe
cover, THEN switch guns.
It's also of interest to note if your primary
weapon is out of ammo, and you switch to a
secondary weapon, Wayne's primary weapon
will disappear altogether. If Wayne only has
one gun and it's out of ammo, he will still hold
on to that weapon.
Also, if you do not have a secondary weapon
equipped, then pressing triangle will do

X: Jump. Tapping X will cause Wayne to jump
in the air. When in the air, you can also fire
your handheld guns. 
It's interesting to note in Lost Planet, you do
NOT suffer from fall damage. However, if
you do fall from a great distance, Wayne will
stumble a bit and cost your precious time in
running or fighting.
So don't be afraid to leap... but don't forget
to look first and see if it's okay.

Circle: Melee attack/Activate data post/
Enter VS/Exit VS/Pick up weapons.
The circle button has... quite a few uses, no?
I'll go down each one and what it does.
First, the melee attack. When in combat, tap
circle and Wayne will smack at his enemy with
his currently equipped weapon. I will say this
now, I will say this a hundred times: Forget
the melee attack. It's slow, it will leave you a
wide open target for enemies, and it does
next to ZERO damage, even on Easy mode.
You're really better off just shooting at your foe
constantly, even in close quarters.
When you're next to a data post, tapping circle
will cause Wayne to kneel down next to it and
activate it with his PDA. From here, you are
required to mash the circle button to jump start
the data post as fast as you can. Activating a
data post will reward you with an extended map,
an abundance of T-ENG, and a little hint of where
you need to go next. Remember, though: While
you sit at a data post, you ARE open to attack.
Speed is of the essence. Make sure you're free
from harm's way, or in online play, make sure you
have a buddy to watch your back.
When you're next to a VS, tapping circle will make
Wayne climb into a VS. While Wayne climbs into
a VS, he is invincible from harm. Remember this,
as it could save your life in a major battle.
When you are in a VS, tapping circle will make
Wayne climb out of his VS. If, god forbid, your
VS's life bar is depleted, the VS will become
immobile, and a prompt will pop up demanding
you mash the circle button so you can escape
before the VS explodes. If you fail to escape, a 
VS explosion is an instant kill, so I suggest you
hone your circle button mashing skills ASAP.
If you're standing over a weapon, and a prompt
pops up saying "Circle: Pick up," then press circle
to pick up and use the weapon.
When you have two weapons already, Wayne will
drop his currently equipped weapon to swap for
the weapon he is picking up. If you're picking up
a copy of a weapon you already have, Wayne will
simply take the ammo from the weapon and
replenish his equipped weapon's ammo. This will
also apply if you pick up a copy of your secondary
Take note: If you pick up a copy weapon just to
restore ammo, then the weapon will still vanish.
Save a weapon for when you might really need it.
Also: If you have the maximum amount of ammo
for your weapon, and you go to pick up a copy,
you will be unable to pick it up.

L1: Pan camera ninety degrees left. Tapping L1
will make the camera swiftly turn ninety degrees
to your left.

R1: Pan camera ninety degrees right. Tapping R1
will make the camera swiftly turn ninety degrees
to your right.

R2: Fire currently equipped weapon/Fire right arm
weapon in VS.
When on foot, tapping R2 will fire your currently
equipped weapon. Some weapons can shoot
continuously; hold down the R2 button to fire the
weapon with rapid fire.
Some weapons may require you to charge the
blast for more effectiveness; hold down the R2
button to charge the weapon, and release it to
fire the weapon.
When riding in a VS, the combat changes a bit.
R2 will become the button you use to fire
whichever weapon is mounted on the VS's right
side. If you have no weapon mounted on the right
side, then R2 will do nothing.

L2: Throw grenades/Fire left arm weapon in VS.
When on foot, tapping L2 will make Wayne throw
a grenade.
When riding in a VS, the combat changes a bit.
L2 will become the button you use to fire
whichever weapon is mounted on the VS's left
side. If you have no weapon mounted on the left
side, then L2 will do nothing.

L3: Crouch. Holding down L3 will put Wayne into
a crouching position, making him a smaller target
and harder to hit.

L3 + Left Analog stick: Crouching run. Moving the
left analog stick while Wayne is crouched will
cause him to run in a crouched position. While
this does make him smaller to see, it also slows
him down a bit. So be wary while on the move.

L3 + X: Dodge roll. Tapping X while crouched will
cause Wayne to lunge out of the way and roll out
of harm's way. The move is swift, and can get you
out of many situations easily. However, there is a
delay when Wayne has to pick himself up at the
end of the roll. Be careful, and make sure you
don't roll headlong into a hit.

R3: Reload your current weapon. Tapping R3 will
cause Wayne to reload his currently equipped
weapon. Reload speed varies on the weapon,
and Wayne can do it on the move with handheld
Energy-powered weapons do not need to be
reloaded, they only require T-ENG to work.
When you are riding in a VS, tapping R3 will
reload all your mounted weapons.

Okay, we good to go? Let the REAL FAQ begin!

Handheld weapons................[PT02]

Our first section on guns in this FAQ will be the
handheld weapons.
Handheld guns are the mainstays of your
arsenal. These will be your main means of self-
defense until you can get to a VS. Now, although
it is certainly possible to fight off just about every
enemy (and even bosses) in the game without
a VS, you'll still require the right handheld 
weapon for that job.
Handheld weapons all have different strengths
and weaknesses, but here are the traits that all
of them share:
- Handheld weapons, when you find them, are
surrounded in a bright yellow square.
- Wayne can shoot handheld weapons while on
the move in one way or another.
- Wayne can reload handheld weapons while on
the move in one way or another.
- When you kill a human enemy, there is a chance
they will drop their weapon for you to pick up. And
in online battle, this is pretty much a guarantee.

Let's get cracking on these, shall we?

Machine Gun...........................[PT2A]

Image of the Machine Gun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/


Damage: 1/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload Speed: 4/5
Ammo per Clip: 50
Max Ammo: 999

Pros: The Machine Gun boasts unmatched firing
speed and can rip past small enemies like
The gun does everything quickly; It can shoot and
reload with the best of them. In the hands of a
speedy and watchful player, it can be deadly.
Ammo for it is also remarkably abundant;
In just about every mission, you'll be tripping over
all the Machine Guns littered over the ground.
But with a staggering 999 max ammo capacity,
it's unlikely you'd ever need many refills.

Cons: The Machine Gun, however, is also one of
the weakest guns in the game. Single shots are
more or less comparable with BB guns, and in the
(although very unlikely) instance where you could
be low on ammo, you're as good as dead.
The Machine Gun's weak power and poor
accuracy combined make it a bad choice for
challenging large Akrid, large groups of people,
 or a VS in combat.

Recommended Strategies: Switch to another gun.
Heh, kidding... mostly. Seriously though, try to
make the Machine Gun only your backup gun.
Early in the game, you'll knock down most foes
easily enough, but the Machine Gun will not be
ideal for situations later in the game.

When fighting Akrid, target their weak point and
pound away. The Machine Gun can do away with
small and medium sized Akrid with little trouble,
but against larger ones, you'll need to swap guns
or retreat.

When fighting humans, dodge roll to find cover,
then pop out and fire quick shots. Aim for their
heads if you can, but it's no big if you take their
bodies instead. Work your way one person at a
time; rushing in and tackling a group of people
with just a Machine Gun is an easy way to get
killed fast.

When fighting VS's... well, you shouldn't be taking
on a VS with a Machine Gun, ever. But if you get
caught off guard by one, there are two main weak
points you need to aim for. Either the legs, or the
pilot. Hitting the legs will make the VS start to
smoke and spark, and deal extra damage.
Also, you could Shoot the pilot in the head enough
times and you will eject them from the VS. In story
mode, odds are they will stay out of the VS and try
to fight you on foot. Easy pickings. But in online
mode, the player will most likely try to make a run
for their VS. Take them out before they can.
But like I said before. If you're ever caught fighting
a VS with just a Machine Gun, you need to turn
tail and get a better weapon.

Comments: The Machine Gun basically exists for
two purposes:
1. To give you a fighting chance at the beginning
of a mission, and
2. To be a last resort weapon.
That's pretty much it. Not a BAD choice for online
battle, but always keep your eyes peeled for
something better.


Image of the Shotgun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/


Damage: 3/5
Range: 1/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload Speed: 2/5
Ammo per Clip: 8
Max Ammo: 99

Pros: As one would expect in any game with a
shotgun, the Shotgun is a powerhouse in close
range combat. One shot is capable of knocking an
enemy on their ass (if it doesn't kill them outright)
Allowing you precious time to take them out at
leisure. It also has a very wide blast area,
capable of engulfing several enemies in one blast
of buckshot.

Cons: Sadly, the Shotgun also possesses the very
worst range of all weapons in the game. Unless
you're right next to a foe, the odds of them taking
any damage is quite slim. The gun's damage is
vastly diminished at higher ranges, and odds of
hitting a foe from a distance itself is non-existent.
Also, the shotgun has a fairly slow rate of fire, and
the reload time, while not crippling, is still less
than favorable.

Recommended Strategies: The Shotgun is a
risky weapon in this game. In close range, you'll
be able to decimate your foes outright, but you'll
have to chance taking a hit or two yourself. In
online battle, the Shotgun can be an invaluable
tool for setting up combos. After knocking down
your opponent with buckshot, slapping a grenade
on him while he's down, and blowing him up
when he recovers is a common practice for quick
and easy kills. As an ambush weapon, the Shotgun
has few rivals.

When fighting Akrid, make sure you can get close
to the weak points first and foremost. Hitting them
anywhere else will just be a waste of precious
ammo. If you can get clusters of them together,
the Shotgun will clear them all out in little time. If
an Akrid gets ready to strike back or you need to

When fighting humans, try and sneak your way up
to them by using as much cover as possible.
Running up to an enemy across a wide open area
is just begging for a quick death. Use cover and
barriers to hide until you're close enough to jump
out and pick them off. Then go back to cover,
reload, and plot your next move.

When fighting VS's, you should really use another
weapon. It's perfectly possible (and at times, quite
easy) to defeat enemies riding in a VS with a
Shotgun, but you must keep in mind they ARE
bigger, better armed, and have the advantage. The
Shotgun is also very handy in the respect that
shooting a VS in the body at close range can do
just as much damage as hitting them in their weak
points. Once more, make good use of barriers or
cover, and remember: the dodge roll is your friend
for getting away from them.

Comments: The Shotgun is often a common gun
to find after the Machine Gun. It can make a good
primary weapon until you get to something bigger
and better.
The Shotgun also CAN be used to deal with some
of the bosses in the game, but I personally cannot
recommend doing so on harder difficulties. If you
can, then... wow, make a video and send it to me.
But otherwise, I insist you don't.


Image of the Rifle:
1) http://media.teamxbox.com/games/ss/1369/


Damage: 3/5
Range: 5/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: 4/5
Ammo per Clip: 6
Max Ammo: 99

Pros: Good, long range is the Rifle's bread and
butter. The ability to pick off your enemy from a
nice, safe range while they fire uselessly at you
(Hell, sometimes they won't see you at all!) is a
pleasure in a class all its own. Scoring a headshot
is vastly rewarding and a quick, ammo-efficient
way to deal with unwanted foes. It also boasts
good power at any range. In story mode, the
Rifle is also a required tool for gathering most
of the target markers. 

Cons: The Rifle's most crippling weakness is its
own super direct fire. The Rifle demands absolute
accuracy and steady hands; without them, you'll
miss your targets outright and only succeed in
giving away your position. This isn't so much a
problem in story mode, where your enemies will
be too stupid too run most of the time. It's a more
fatal problem in online play, where moving targets
can become hell to fight with, and a very skilled
sniper can put you down faster than anyone else
in the whole online community.
Ammo for the Rifle can also, in most missions, be
very hard to find.

Recommended Strategies: There are two ways to
be successful at Rifle combat; one of them is
fairly obvious and the other, not so much.
The first way is to keep as much distance between
you and your enemy as possible. At maximum
range, a Rifle is still a deadly weapon in the hands
of an attentive predator with keen sight. Keep your
eyes out for any movement at all, and watch out
for other snipers. Giving away your position is
dangerous in story mode, but outright fatal in
online battle.
The second way is to actually stay at close range.
This sounds crazy, yes, as the Rifle is very
unwieldy in close range. But if you familiarize
yourself with it, you can use it to take out a foe
who is still trying to flee and get to a good range
from you. It's an unexpected tactic that works very
well against some people.

When fighting Akrid, just focus on maintaining a
good distance. Most Akrid in the game lack any
attacks with range, making the Rifle a good tool
for scoring quick kills on Akrid. If you encounter
large groups, switch to another weapon. It's not
worth wasting precious Rifle ammo for picking off
clusters of small fries.

When fighting humans, be very careful, as some
human enemies can also be wielding Rifles to
return fire at you. Taking out the snipers first will
make dealing with the rest of the foes a cakewalk.
Maintain distance and pick them off while they
shoot uselessly at you.

When fighting VS's, the Rifle can either be your
best or worst gun. At a range, you can try and hit
the VS pilot, which will eject him with ease. This
is more or less your only hope when using a Rifle
to fight a VS. Sadly, hitting them anywhere else
will be as useful as the Machine Gun. The leg
weakness still works, but without the speed of the
Machine Gun, it'll be a much longer fight. And as
usual, this tactic will not work so well in online
battle. So keep your distance from a VS.

Comments: I personally am not a good sniper, so
I can't say I use the Rifle all that often. I can,
however, use it at close range, will attest to the
Rifle's capability in that regard.
Also, being ammo efficient is a must for the Rifle.
In early missions, ammo for it is VERY scarce, so
practice your sniping skills as early as possible.
I have mentioned also that the Rifle is a required
tool for obtaining target markers over the course
of the game. Many target markers are out in some
of the most completely unreachable places in the
mission. The Rifle (and the Plasma Gun) are the
only weapons in the game capable of reaching
these markers, so be sure to have just enough
ammo to reach those markers in a mission.

Rocket Launcher....................[PT2D]

Image of the Rocket Launcher:
1) http://farm1.static.flickr.com/145/355116812_


Damage: 4/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 1/5
Reload Speed: 1/5
Ammo per Clip: 1
Max Ammo: 20

Pros: You may have already guessed this, I'm
sure, but the Rocket Launcher's biggest strength
is raw, destructive power. I don't need to tell you
that the Rocket Launcher is capable of flat-out
decimating just about any enemy in the game, as
well as most VS and bosses. In harder difficulties,
the Rocket Launcher will be a must-have for
dealing with bosses. It also has pretty solid range.

Cons: The main drawbacks to the Rocket
Launcher include its less than acceptable speed.
The rockets have a slow rate of fire, which means
you will have to do a bit of planning to hit your
target. In hectic fire fights, this could be a costly
gamble, and not to be heavily relied upon. The
reload speed for the Rocket Launcher is also
frustratingly poor, leaving Wayne wide open to
counter attacks.
The Rocket Launcher's most annoying weakness
is that, oddly enough, it lacks a wide blast area.
Your required to be somewhat accurate with the
Rocket Launcher, and if you don't hit an enemy
on the spot, you'll only make them stumble a bit.
When you fire the Rocket Launcher while
standing on the floor, Wayne will stand firmly in
the ground and be unable to move for a second
or two. Keep this in mind, especially in online
battle, as this time loss is sometimes all it takes
for your opponent to get a lucky shot.
The most dangerous hazard when using a Rocket
Launcher is to be careful firing it in close quarters.
It's very possible to hit yourself and inflict massive
damage on yourself. Exercise caution.
The gun also only holds 20 shots. Conserving
ammo is essential.

Recommended Strategies: It's absolutely crucial
when using the Rocket Launcher to constantly
stay on the move. Firing the Rocket Launcher from
the ground renders you immobile for precious
seconds, so practice using the Rocket Launcher
while jumping around, and you'll make yourself
a target MUCH less often.

When fighting Akrid, don't ever bother wasting
your precious rockets on small fries. But it can be
a life saver against big ones. One or two shots is
all it will ever take. Aim carefully.

When fighting humans, you need to aim extra
carefully. As small targets, it's highly unlikely you
will land hits, especially if the targets are moving.
Try and predict their moves, and shoot only when
you can get them. One hit is all it will ever take.

When fighting VS, a Rocket Launcher can be one
of the best handheld weapons to use against them. 
Rocket Launchers inflict high damage, can stun
them temporarily giving you time to reload, and
you can even eject the pilot with a good shot.
They're large targets, and most of them will not
evade you quickly. As long as you remember not
to blow yourself up, you can take on most VS with
utter ease.

Comments: The Rocket Launcher is a strong
weapon regularly, but in the hands of someone
with good aim, it can be brutal. I suggest playing
a few online battles with Rocket Launchers only
to hone your skills quickly. In Hard and Extreme
difficulties, you may not have access to a VS for
some boss battles (and the ones you do, you'll
likely run out of T-ENG quicky) Which may leave
the Rocket Launcher as your sole means of
I recommend the Rocket Launcher as a solid
secondary weapon easily.

Energy Gun.............................[PT2E]

Image of the Energy Gun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(Far right)


Damage: 3/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The Energy Gun is the first weapon we
will be dealing with (of quite a few in the game)
that is powered by T-ENG. No, I'm not crazy for
putting N/A for the gun's ammo stats. Energy or
Plasma-based weapons are powered by your
T-ENG. As such, if you have T-ENG, you have
The Energy Gun's most fascinating perk
is the ability to eject enemy VS pilots with a
charged shot. Don't ask me how it does that, but
it just does. If you nail a hit on a VS, it will do some
sweet damage to the VS, AND eject the pilot,
leaving him wide open to a follow up attack. This
makes the Energy Gun an indispensable tool for
combatting VS's with.
The Energy Gun's charge shot also has a homing
feature, allowing you to shoot even moving targets
easily. It's quite handy for dealing with pesky
people who dodge roll a lot.
The gun also doesn't require a lot of accuracy to
hit an enemy. As long as you're pointing in the
general direction, the homing can finish the rest.

Cons: As you'll learn with T-ENG powered
weapons, running low or out of T-ENG can be
very inconvenient and force you to switch to an
alternative strategy. In harder difficulties, this can
prove to be a fatal situation to be in, so knowing
when your T-ENG allows you to use this weapon
is highly important.
As such, doing anything with this gun will put a
drain on your T-ENG. Firing little shots won't do
too much draining, but firing them off repeatedly
like a Machine Gun will drain your T-ENG quickly.
Likewise, running around holding a charged shot
eats at your T-ENG relentlessly.
The Energy Gun is not recommended for common
combat because... well, anything besides a fully
charged shot does very little damage, possibly
weaker than the Machine Gun. And it's doubtful
you'll want to throw around charged shots at
EVERY enemy to cross your path, or else you'll
be dry for T-ENG before you know it.
In online battle, the Energy Gun doesn't make a
wise choice for most battles because a player can
easily spot someone with an Energy Gun by the
huge, pulsing light it emits with a charged shot. If
you use the Energy Gun in online battle, be ready
to have swarms of enemies home in on your
position- and to deal with the attacks that will

Recommended Strategies: When using the
Energy Gun, the most important step is to pick
your battles. The Energy Gun has its useful parts,
so pay attention to which ones those are.

When fighting Akrid, you shouldn't bother hitting
small fries with charged shots. You'd be better off
switching to another weapon altogether to save
your T-ENG. When fighting larger Akrid, I still
recommend switching to another weapon. The
Akrids' relentless assaults may wear you down if
you try to fight them while charging your Energy
Gun. If you must face them with the Energy Gun,
try and maintain a safe distance and blast their
weak points with charged shots, then retreat to
cover while you ready another shot, or get more

When fighting humans, it's essential you have
some form of cover you can fall back on when you
need to charge a shot. Hitting a human enemy with
a charged shot will knock them to the ground,
giving you a little time get to cover.
Don't even bother with uncharged shots. They're

When fighting VS, nailing your charged shot is the
key to victory. One charged hit is all it takes to eject
the pilot, plus it will do massive damage to the VS.
In online battle, most players will be aware of this
plan and will eject just before the blast hits
(when a pilot ejects or enters a VS, they are
invulnerable during the climbing animations.)
Should they anticipate this, try and time your shots
to goad them into taking a hit.
Either way though, a VS is always at your mercy
with an Energy Gun in your hands.
Although, a little tip: Be aware that the charged
shot will NOT eject a boss. Otherwise, how fair
would that be?
Also, be aware: I've been constantly mentioning
charged shots in this part. That's because even
though a VS can crumple apart before a charged
shot, it can shrug off uncharged shots like... well...
anything else in this game. Watch yourself, and
always make sure you have a charged shot for
a VS fight.

Comments: I personally don't like the Energy Gun,
and avoid using it completely in story mode. In
online mode, it can be a truly devastating weapon
that will slaughter any enemies in an open area.
The Energy Gun's T-ENG drain isn't overwhelming
in Easy or Normal difficulty, but in Hard mode, it's
less than ideal, and more or less impossible to
use altogether in Extreme mode. As such, I don't
recommend using the Energy Gun in harder
But hey, don't take my word for it. It's an easy gun
to just pick up and use, and makes a great primary

Plasma Gun............................[PT2F]

Image of the Plasma Gun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(Figure on left)


Damage: 4/5
Range: 5/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The Plasma Gun is one of the T-ENG
powered weapons in the game, meaning your
ammo supply is also your T-ENG supply. As long
as you keep it up, you'll be able to have all the
shots you want.
The Plasma Gun boasts range as impressive as
the Rifle's. If you can use the Rifle, you should be
able to use the Plasma Gun with equal ease.
However, the Plasma Gun is considered to be
much easier to wield in close range combat than
the Rifle. The Plasma Gun's shots are much larger
than the very-direct bullets of the Rifle, giving you
a little more room to hit at your foes.
The Plasma Gun also does extraordinary damage
to VS's (even bosses) and can take them down in
just a few well-placed blasts, making it an
outstanding choice for combat.

Cons: The usual drawbacks to a T-ENG powered
weapon; This includes running low or out of
T-ENG could force you to suddenly change your
weapon in the middle of combat, resulting in
The Plasma Gun also, for whatever reason, has
a slower rate of fire than the regular Rifle. This
will force you to use a little strategy to your sniping
and to urge you to shoot a little more accurately.

Recommended Strategies: Like the Rifle, fight your
enemies at the farthest range you can manage.
However, the Plasma Gun's shining bursts are
much easier to notice than the Rifle's wispy smoke
trails; thus, it will be that much easier for a foe to
catch sight of you. Be wary, and snipe
with caution.

When fighting Akrid, target their weak points and
blast away. Don't be afraid to let loose, but keep
your T-ENG in mind.

When fighting humans, practice aiming for where
they will run to instead of where they're standing.
In story mode, you may encounter a lot of NEVEC
troops wielding Plasma Guns. As such, try to find
cover and return fire between their shots. With the
snipers out of the way, focus on others. In online
mode, track your enemy's movements carefully,
and snipe them as carefully as possible. Be ready
to move after you take your kill, as no doubt an
enemy has spotted your blazing purple lasers and
is targeting you already.

When fighting VS, the fight may as well be yours.
Take aim and bash away at the VS. If you prefer
to capture the VS rather than total it, aim for the
pilot and try to eject them. The Plasma Gun will
tear apart VS's and even most of the bosses in
the game. So don't be afraid to cut loose.

Comments: The Plasma Gun is an outstanding
primary weapon, and a choice many players will
stand behind. In capable hands, it becomes a
mighty tool capable of taking down any opponent.
Like the Energy Gun, it's a great weapon for the
lesser difficulties, but the T-ENG drain may prove
to be too strong in the harder difficulties. The
decision ultimately is determined by a simple
question: Can you kill a bunch of enemies before
you run out of T-ENG?


Grenades are the spice of Lost Planet. While not
essential to fighting, they can certainly add a fun
The Grenades all work in different ways in Lost
Planet, and finding the right one for you can be a
daunting task. It's important to get a feel for each
Grenade, because you'll be changing them... a
Now, because finding images of the Grenades in
action is crazy hard, I'm going to post regular
screen shots and request you look in the lower
left hand corner to observe the Grenade in the
player's currently equipped Grenade box.
Here are the traits all Grenades share:
- You can only hold a maximum of 20 Grenades.
- Grenades can be detonated by shooting at them.
Also, with my Grenade section, I'd like you to
notice that I'm dropping 3 different stat
categories from the rankings. I am doing this
because speed is pretty much the same for
every Grenade. Reload speed and ammo 
clips do not apply to Grenades, and the max
ammo capacity for all Grenades is 20.

Let's learn about Grenades!

Hand Grenade.........................[PT3A]

Image of the Hand Grenade:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/


Damage: 3/5
Range: 3/5

Pros: The Hand Grenade is the basic grenade in
the game, and as such, is the easiest to learn.
It has decent power, range, and splash damage.

Cons: ... And, well, not much else. Its power and
range is decent, but nothing more. It will take a
bit of learning and proper aim to take out an
enemy with only one. Nevertheless, it's never a
poor option when you're against the ropes.

Recommended Strategies: A common practice
when fighting with grenades is to shoot at the
grenade after you throw it. This will detonate it
earlier, and if you throw and time it right, can hit
your foe right in their weak point at just the right
The Hand Grenade is also one of the grenades
in the game that can bounce off surfaces. Using
this trait effectively can give you the advantage
when fighting in tight spaces.

When fighting Akrid, target the weak points and
let fly the grenades. Shooting them afterwards
isn't entirely necessary, as some Akrid won't even
dodge. It's great for taking out any kind of Akrid.
It will blast clusters of small ones to smithereens,
do great damage (or at least stun) medium ones,
and can hold off larger ones nicely.

When fighting humans, always make sure you
throw to where they might dodge to. Sometimes a
human enemy will see a grenade and dodge roll
to safety. This will also leave them open to fire
while they recover, so be sure to exploit this.
In online battle, Hand Grenades can make decent
weapon choices, but without the knowledge of
using them properly, your enemy will see them
coming a mile away and dodge appropriately.

When fighting VS, you might want to avoid use of
the Hand Grenade altogether. VS's can shrug off
these grenades better than the rest, and while
fighting a VS with Hand Grenades at medium to
long range isn't impossible, it's still annoying to do.
Fighting them with Hand Grenades at short range
is extremely risky, and your chances of hitting
yourself are MUCH greater than hitting your foe.

Comments: The Hand Grenade is your basic
grenade. It's certainly not a BAD weapon, but you
will be wanting to find something better. I have no
qualms with it, and I'd personally prefer to have it
rather than no grenades at all.

Gum Grenade..........................[PT3B]

Image of the Gum Grenade:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/


Damage: 3/5
Range: 2/5

Pros: The Gum Grenade's most useful feature is
the ability to stick to whatever you throw it at.
When you throw a Gum Grenade, it will slap on to
your enemy and stay there. Afterwards, it will
either detonate a few seconds later, or you can
shoot it and detonate it early. Should you manage
to stick one of these on to an enemy's weak point,
the damage is immense.

Cons: Sadly, that appears to be the Gum Grenade's
sole redeeming point. First, I will address the
grenade's horrendously poor range. Unless your
enemy is almost right on top of you, the grenade
will just plop right on to their feet. You're required
to get in very close to stick the grenade anywhere
useful, making this a very poor weapon most of the
time. Should an enemy attack you at that range
(which is VERY likely) the grenade will detonate
right in your face, and you'll take more damage
than your enemy.

Recommended Strategies: Well, just about the
only good strategy for this weapon is to get close
to your enemy, and stick 'em. Be sure to dodge
roll to safety afterwards, then either take careful
aim and detonate, or hide and wait for the boom.

When fighting Akrid... do not bother at all with the
small fries. This weapons is utterly pointless
against them, and you will only end up wasting
your grenades. Save it for the large ones, which
can be dangerous considering the damage they
can do at close range.

When fighting humans, try and knock them over
first with a handheld weapon (the shotgun works
very nicely here) then run up and stick them while
they're down. Now wait until they get up (if you do
this while they're down, it won't do any damage)
then shoot them when they're recovered. The
grenade explodes and kills them instantly. This
is a VERY common practice in online battle, and
an essential one for close range combat. It's
effectively an instant kill, so make good use of it.
I can honestly say it won't apply anywhere else in
battle against people. Even the most dense player
can see it coming a mile away, and will dodge

When fighting VS, you may be at something of an
advantage. VS's are huge targets, which makes
sticking them not all that complicated. In close
range combat, you can't possibly miss, and you'll
take the VS down with little difficulty. Long range
is clearly more of a problem; try and seek cover
and wait for the right moment to strike.

Comments: I truly do not recommend the Gum
Grenade at any point in story mode, and only for
a handful of situations in online battle. If risky
close range combat is your thing, you may like
this grenade over the others. Otherwise... look for
something else.

Disc Grenade..........................[PT3C]

Image of the Disc Grenade:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/


Damage: 3/5
Range: 5/5

Pros: The Disc Grenade boasts the best range of
all the grenades in the game. Since it's thrown like
a frisbee, it stays on a set path and won't arc up or
down unless it hits something. It can go over great
distances and can kill enemies all the way across
the map. And to top it all off, it even sticks to an
enemy, similar to the Gum Grenade, making this
a formidable grenade in the hands of an
experienced player.

Cons: Possibly the Disc Grenade's only weakness
is that it boasts a learning curve even more
daunting than most of the weapons in the game.
Like the Rifle, it's a weapon that requires utmost
accuracy, and being even a millimeter off could
send it soaring right next to your enemy's head.
If the Disc Grenade also hits an object, it could
send it bouncing off into a completely wrong
direction, wasting your precious shot. In close
range combat, the bounce is very hard to account
for, and it could easily bounce right back in your
face, ending your battle quickly.
Also, the animation for throwing the disc grenade
is a bit longer than the others, making it easy to
exploit and shoot you while you're off guard. Take
care when your enemies see you.

Recommended Strategies: Humorously enough,
sometimes just tossing Disc Grenades blindly in
the general direction where you enemy is can be
a good way to net some quick kills. If your foe
can't see a body, then it's unlikely they'll be on the
lookout for a Disc Grenade whizzing right into
their faces.

When fighting Akrid, save the Disc Grenades for
the larger Akrid. Smaller ones aren't worth it. Aim
for the weak point and try to stick it. Fighting from
long range will involve a lot  of planning and
trying to predict where to throw it, which can be a
lot of hassle.

When fighting humans, it's often recommended to
not aim for the bodies, but either in the air near
them or around the ground, then shoot at the
grenade to detonate it. Of course, if you're THAT
accurate, then by all means, and try and hit them
in their bodies. But in online battle, it's unlikely
you'll hit your enemies if they see you coming.
Knocking your opponent down, then sticking the
Disc Grenade to them also works, but be careful.
A lot of the times, if you're off by a little bit, the
grenade could bounce right off the floor next to
them and miss entirely.

When fighting VS, maintain a distance and try to
stick them wherever. The explosions will take care
of the rest. This is another situation where a VS is
at a disadvantage.

Comments: The Disc Grenade is a very solid
choice and works in many situations. It works for
many types of players, and is just fun to use. I will
definitely recommend this for players to try a lot.

Plasma Grenade....................[PT3D]

Image of the Plasma Grenade:
1) http://farm1.static.flickr.com/145/352231927_
(this is very small, I know and apologize, but it's
a very good picture showing what the blast
looks like.)


Damage: 2/5
Range: 3/5

Pros: The Plasma Grenade's most valuable trait
is the ability to release a huge electromagnetic
burst after detonation. The burst will electrocute
your foe, both doing damage and paralyzing them
temporarily. It's a magnificent weapon to set up
many attacks. You can either throw Plasma
Grenades repeatedly, assuring your enemy can't
even move; or you can simply shoot them while
they're frozen in place. It's a great weapon that
can stop enemies dead in their tracks.

Cons: While the Plasma Grenade does damage
the same time it paralyzes your enemy, the total
damage done by one is fairly weak. Even being
at point blank of the blast will result in little
The most crippling flaw to the Plasma Grenade is
that it's very easy to hit yourself or get caught up
in the electric blast and paralyze yourself. If you
get near the blast, it will paralyze and do damage
to yourself, potentially leaving you wide open to
enemy fire. Even the strategy of constantly
bombarding your enemy with Plasma Grenades
can subject you to harm, as once the grenade hits
the blast area, it will detonate, possibly engulfing
you in the blast.
It's a weapon that requires great care.

Recommended Strategies: The Plasma Grenade
can come in handy in any situation in the game,
with the exception of bosses, who are immune to
the paralyzing and can shrug off the damage.

When fighting Akrid, just toss one in as close as
you can get to a group of them, then unleash your
fury on them while they're frozen. The trick is to
try and get as many as you can in one blast. It's
really not worth using more than one on most
Akrid. It's not the ideal grenade for fighting them

When fighting humans, get the grenade as close
as you can to them. If you're not close enough,
one swift dodge roll is all it takes to escape the
burst, and return fire on you. Once you have the
human paralyzed, shoot at them and rack up
more damage, or toss another Plasma Grenade
at them (after the blast dies down a bit) and let
them suffer a slow death. In online battle, the
Plasma Grenade is an ideal weapon to have for
supporting your teammates (unless you're playing
with friendly fire, in which case, I strongly
recommend avoiding the Plasma Grenade all
together.) After paralyzing your opponents, double
team them and pick them apart for easy kills.

When fighting VS, this is where the Plasma
Grenade truly shines. The Plasma Grenade will
paralyze a VS and all its functions. And when I say
all, I do mean them ALL. If you destroy a VS while
it's paralyzed, the pilot will be unable to eject, and
will definitely die in the explosion. However, if you
would prefer to capture the VS instead of total it,
then while they're paralyzed, shoot out the pilot
and force him to eject. It should be easy with the
time the Plasma Grenade will give you.
Spamming Plasma Grenades against a VS is
common practice in online battle, and will easily
bring down pesky VS pilots.

Comments: The Plasma Grenade is an excellent
weapon that I personally advise for use in online
battle more than Story mode. I can't justify its use
all that much in story mode, really. But it's an
easy to use weapon that can secure you many
kills in online battle when used properly.

Dummy Grenade....................[PT3E]

Image of the Dummy Grenade:
1) http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc129/
(See that man with the gun? That's not a man.)


Damage: 4/5
Range: 4/5

Pros: The Dummy Grenade is both a very strong
and very easy to use grenade. When thrown, an
inflatable dummy will appear and move forward
a distance (which attributes to the range rating I
gave it) before exploding violently. The Dummy
Grenade may occasionally succeed at its
intended purpose, which is to draw an enemy's
fire and fool them into thinking it's a target, but
most of the time, it's just good as a weapon to
toss into enemy territory and try to catch them off
guard with. Should your enemy run into one or
shoot one at a close range, they're pretty much
good as dead. In close quarters, the Dummy
Grenade can be lethal for use in traps.

Cons: However, the Dummy Grenade's intended
purpose will most assuredly NOT work on any
player who's been playing this game longer than
5 minutes, and will spot a Dummy instantly.
The Dummy Grenade then, in that case, will either
greatly succeed or fail in long range combat. Your
opponents may either see it and ignore it, or see
them and instantly turn their attention to detonating
the dummies, and giving away their position,
though in my experience it's usually the former than
the latter.
Also a thing to be aware of is the Dummy Grenade
can be just as easily used against you as well as
your enemies. If an enemy sees you throw one,
they can easily shoot it right after it inflates and
blast you back. The range they're first thrown at
isn't great, so it's perfectly possible for a shot to
blow up the grenade and kill you the second it
leaves your hand.

Recommended Strategies: Now, something you
may be thinking if you're relatively new to Lost
Planet is "Hey, I didn't see this anywhere in Story
mode!" Well, that's because the Dummy Grenade
is an online battle-exclusive weapon. Thus, you
won't be fighting any Akrid with it, and the only
humans and VS you'll be fighting are the kinds
with actual people controlling them.

When fighting humans, you can attempt to use
Dummies to draw their fire, or just march into their
territory and toss them in blindly. In open areas, I
can't vouch for how successful you'll be. But if you
can lure your enemy into an enclosed area, the
Dummy Grenade can be invaluable for taking out
a pesky enemy. Just make sure you're a safe
distance or you'll get blasted apart too.

When fighting VS, it's essential you have cover. A
VS constantly firing on you will no doubt blow up
your Dummy - and YOU- with relative ease if you
fight them out of in the open. Try and get to some
sort of vantage point. Higher ground, a small area
the VS can't follow you in, somewhere. Try to fight
them from that area. Dummy Grenades do great
damage to VS's, but hitting them is the hard part.

Comments: The Dummy Grenade is a great
weapon, both powerful and functional. I can easily
recommend it, but also advise practice with it.

VS Weapons............................[PT04]

VS Weapons are some of the most fascinating
weapons in all Lost Planet.
The VS weapons in Lost Planet share many
traits with the handheld weapons, but at the same
time, can be in a whole different field of play.
It's without a doubt though, that the VS weapons
have a long list of rules and precautions to know
before you use them, and understanding these
first is what will let you be more successful in
their usage.
Some VS weapon traits are:
- Once you pick up a VS weapon, Wayne's
movement speed, jumping height, and jumping
distance are all reduced significantly.
- You can only hold 1 VS weapon at a time.
- When you go to switch weapons, Wayne will
drop the VS weapon on the ground. You cannot
carry a VS weapon around with you as a
secondary weapon; they are simply too huge to
put on one's back, apparently.
- VS weapons can be equipped on to, or removed
from a VS. If you want to remove a weapon from a
VS, stand next to the VS side with the weapon,
and a prompt should come up telling you to press
circle to remove the weapon.
Note that you CANNOT remove a VS weapon if
the VS is in use, if it's about to explode, or if it's
buried or lying on its side.
To attach a VS weapon to a VS, stand next to the
VS side and a prompt should come up telling you
to press circle to attach the weapon.
Note that if there is already a weapon on the side,
tapping circle will cause Wayne to swap the
weapon on the VS for the VS weapon he is
- VS weapons, when you find them, are enclosed
in a blue box.
- When you fire a VS weapon, Wayne will stand
still on the spot. You cannot fire VS weapons
while moving or jumping.
- When you reload a VS weapon, Wayne will stand
still on the spot. You cannot reload VS weapons
while moving or jumping.

Let's get crackin' then, shall we?

Gatling Gun..............................[PT4A]

Image of the Gatling Gun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007


Damage: 2/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload Speed: 3/5
Ammo per Clip: 40
Max Ammo: 999

Pros: As you would probably expect with the
Gatling Gun, the bread and butter of this weapon
is immense speed. Bullets will tear through your
enemies at great speed, hammering away at
even your most durable foes and outright killing
any small fries.
Ammo for the Gatling Gun is also the most
common of VS weapons.
The Gatling Gun also works at quite an impressive
range, making it adaptable to many combat

Cons: Sadly, the Gatling Gun is also the weakest
of the VS weapons. In harder difficulties, even
the smallest enemies are capable of withstanding
a barrage of shots from the gun.
Due to the fact you cannot move while firing it on
foot, the Gatling Gun can prove to be one of the
most awkward VS weapons to lug around on the
field, and is not recommended for on-foot combat.

Recommended Strategies: The Gatling Gun can
work with any strategy. You can either keep your
distance, or get in their face and shower them with
hot lead. It works against most enemies pretty
well either way.

When fighting Akrid, the Gatling Gun is ideal for
fighting any type of Akrid you come across. It rips
apart small ones easily, can take out middle ones
with a little effort, and is great for peppering large
ones with while reloading your main weapon.
The only thing that could hold you back is what
kind of VS you use. If you're piloting an agile VS,
then don't be afraid to attack at close range. If not,
then stick to long range combat.

When fighting humans, target them and let loose.
It's easy to keep humans pinned down with Gatling
Gun fire, and they usually won't even run in story
mode. In online battle, however, most people will
cleverly use cover, and try to wait for allies to back
them up. Be wary, and don't be afraid to back down
if there are too many people.
Also, if your only option is to use a Gatling Gun
on foot, don't. In online battle, you won't kill anyone
quickly enough, and being rooted to the ground
while firing just makes you a sitting duck.

When fighting VS, strafe them while emptying
bullets into your enemy. Dodge them, but don't
stop firing. Aiming for the pilot will eject them, but
it can be tough to do at times, so I don't recommend
aiming solely for there.

Comments: I like the Gatling Gun. I like to make sure
to have one on my VS at all times, and it can be a
surefire way to guarantee some hits on a quick
In harder difficulties, the Gatling Gun won't do
enough damage by itself to win boss battles, so
you'll want to make sure you have another weapon
with more kick to use for a primary gun.
Also: Don't bother using a Gatling Gun as a handheld
gun. It's next-to-useless on story mode, and just
worthless in online battle.

Rocket Launcher.....................[PT4B]

Image of the Rocket Launcher:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/091/931114_20070402_screen002.jpg
(Figure on right)


Damage: 5/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 1/5
Reload Speed: 1/5
Ammo per Clip: 1
Max Ammo: 20

Pros: The Rocket Launcher, like its handheld pal,
is a powerhouse. It specializes in blowing your
bad guys to smithereens in single, powerful shots.
It's a must have for pesky VS's or annoying bosses,
and can make short work of even the toughest
enemy, even in the more difficult modes.

Cons: Also like its handheld partner, the Rocket
Launcher is an outrageously slow weapon. The
rockets shoot slowly, and the reload time can be
pure agony. Fighting with just a rocket launcher
could be fatal, simply for all the time you waste
on its poor firing and reload speed.
Ammo for the Rocket Launcher can also be very

Recommended Strategies: This is another weapon
that does not work too well when you wield it by
hand, yet can be a lifesaver in a VS. It's a must-
have for boss battles, and essential for most of
your victories in the harder modes of difficulty.

When fighting Akrid, be certain to plan where your
enemy will be rather than where they are. You'll
have to make up for the rockets' speed, so time
your hits wisely. Don't waste your precious ammo
on small fries, and fire sparingly on bigger Akrid.
You must make your shots count.

When fighting humans, aim carefully. 1 shot, 1 kill
is the rule that applies here. No human enemy, in
story mode or online battle, will be able to take
more than 1 shot from a rocket launcher. However,
they are not above dodging the rockets. Time your
attacks carefully. Rockets may be powerful, but
see it coming, and you can dodge them with no
effort whatsoever.
If you happen to be fighting with the Rocket Launcher
on foot, it's important to maintain as much distance
as possible. Couple the Rocket Launcher's awful
firing and reload speed with the fact that you have
to stand still during both of those horrible instances,
and the Rocket Launcher is a death trap.

When fighting VS, the Rocket Launcher will pick
apart a VS with no trouble. That is, of course, if
you can land those hits. Time your hits, and be
sure to strafe your enemy with a secondary weapon
if you have one equipped while you reload the
Rocket Launcher. A well-placed Rocket Launcher
will no doubt stun your enemy VS, leaving him open
to a follow-up attack. Take advantage!

Comments: The Rocket Launcher is an essential
weapon to have for a VS, and can be crucial for
winning boss battles. However, it serves little
worth to use without a VS, so if you see one and
you have no VS, just let it go.


Image of the Shotgun:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007
2) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/091/931114_20070402_screen007.jpg


Damage: 4/5
Range: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: 3/5
Ammo per Clip: 8
Max Ammo: 99

Pros: The Shotgun, like its handheld counterpart,
is a close-range powerhouse. Enemies will just
crumble before you in close quarters shoot outs,
and it's capable of taking down even bosses with
minimal trouble. It's also significantly faster than
a handheld shotgun, making it a pleasant choice
for handheld combat as well as VS combat.

Cons: Range is the Shotgun's weakness. While
it does seem to boast a slightly improved range
over the handheld Shotgun, the change is hardly
Ammo can also be difficult to find at times.

Recommended Strategies: The VS Shotgun, in
handheld combat, can be the ultimate in ambush
weapons. It's capable of one-hit killing your foes
easily, and is surprisingly easy to use in handheld

When fighting Akrid, get close and pepper their
weakpoints with buckshot. Shotgun blasts can
fight off any type of Akrid with relative ease, but
watch that you don't take any hits at such short

When fighting humans, get in close and try to
take them out in one hit. Odds are if you don't kill
them in 1 shot, then you severely weakened them.
On foot, you should always try to sneak up on
your opponent. Catch them off guard, get close,
and your victory is guaranteed. Most players will
also cringe at the thought of facing off against
a foe with a VS Shotgun in close quarters. Its
wide blast area makes it a favorite for racking up
kills in indoor areas, chokepoints, or stages with
lots of walls to take cover behind.

When fighting VS, don't be afraid to get close and
rain destruction. In close quarters, a VS Shotgun
is incredibly destructive, and you won't even hurt
yourself using it, unlike a Rocket or Missile
Launcher. Don't let off your foe for a second, or they
might turn the tables on you.

Comments: The VS Shotgun is one of my faves. I
can't get enough of this weapon in online combat,
and I like to have one on my VS whenever possible.
It makes boss fights- even on harder difficulties- a
total breeze. 

Laser Rifle................................[PT4D]

Image of the Laser Rifle:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/
(Left figure)


Damage: 2/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The Laser Rifle is the first of several VS
weapons we will be analyzing that run on T-ENG.
Like the handheld counterparts, the Laser Rifle
shares all the pros. As long as you have T-ENG,
you will not run out of ammo for the Laser Rifle.
The Laser Rifle is also one of the weapons where
when you hold down the fire button, you will
charge your shot, and make it stronger. The
Laser Rifle also at works at an impressive range,
making it almost similar to a Plasma Gun.

Cons: And, with those traits of T-ENG powered
weapons will come the usual faults. If you are out
of T-ENG, the Laser Rifle will become useless to
you. Also, while the Laser Rifle is charging its
blast, you will drain T-ENG faster than usual.
While the loss is not critical in the easier modes
of difficulty, it's a serious drain on the harder ones.
The Laser Rifle's power also seems to be iffy.
The damage is decent in easier difficulties, but
more negligible on the harder difficulties.
The actual laser's rate of fire is also fairly slow,
which can make the Laser Rifle clumsy to use
on foot.

Recommended Strategies: How you fight with the
Laser Rifle should be dependent on how much
T-ENG you have. If you have plenty to throw
around, then go wild with charged shots. If not,
then either stick to firing single shots sparingly,
or just stick with the Laser Rifle until you can find
another weapon to use.

When fighting Akrid, it isn't worth picking off small
fries with the Laser Rifle. Just save it for medium
and larger ones. Strafe them and fire with another
weapon until you get a clear shot on the weak
point. Let loose the charged shot then.

When fighting humans, target and fire with normal
shots. Most of the time, you may not need a
charged shot to put down a human. Probably
1 will do, but in online battle, where people will
dodge roll and return fire a lot, it pays more to use
single blasts then find cover.

When fighting VS, strafe them and try to line up a
charge shot. Keeping your distance is the best
plan, as a Laser Rifle isn't the best VS weapon to
wield in close quarters.

Comments: The Laser Rifle isn't a BAD weapon
to have, but certainly not ideal. As far as the
energy powered VS weapons go, the Laser Rifle
is not the best to use, but is enough to get the job
done. I really won't recommend using it on foot. It's
a very unwieldy weapon, useful really only at long
range. But even then, the shining bright blasts will
only serve to tip off an enemy sniper to your
position. Look for a better VS weapon to use for
handheld combat.

Missile Launcher....................[PT4E]

Image of the Missile Launcher:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/151/931114_20070601_screen003.jpg
(VS on the left)


Damage: 5/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
Reload Speed: 3/5
Ammo per Clip: 4
Max Ammo: 24

Pros: The Missile Launcher is like the Rocket
Launcher on crack. It's all the power you love,
but it fires 4 shots to a clip, and reloads at a
decent pace. It's a wonderful weapon to charge
into combat with and rain destruction on your
foes with.

Cons: The Missile Launcher is a fixed weapon,
meaning that you cannot remove it from whatever
VS it is equipped on. Additionally, you will not find
ammo with which to reload it with, so make sure
not to waste your shots recklessly.
It's also very easy to hit yourself with a Missile
Launcher if you're fighting in close quarters, so
take care when using it.

Recommended Strategies: The Missile Launcher
is very similar to the Rocket Launcher in strategy,
except you can afford to be a little more loose with
the shots.

When fighting Akrid, keep your distance and rain
blows on their weakpoints. While you can take
out clusters of small Akrid easily, it's up to you
wether or not you feel like wasting the ammo.
Medium Akrid will crumble before you, and the
Missile Launcher can make boss fights a breeze.

When fighting humans, keep the 1 shot, 1 kill ideal
in mind. One hit is all it takes to waste a human
enemy. Hit them where they'll run to instead of
where they're standing. Sometimes firing at the
ground near a person works just as well, as the
Missile Launcher's blast area is decent enough
to net you a kill.

When fighting VS, Strafe your enemy while
blasting them with all you got. One shot can stun
a VS, setting it wide open for a quick follow up
shot. But don't get greedy! Instead, reload and get
ready for your opponent's counterattack. Odds are
they won't likely let you get a third strike in, and
will take advantage of you while you're reloading.
Overall, you should have the upper hand here.

Comments: The Missile Launcher is an excellent
weapon and tough to beat in combat. You really
can't go wrong with one (unless it's attached to a
crappy VS) Always be sure to use one to the

EM Laser..................................[PT4F]

Image of the EM Laser:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(Figure in front-right)


Damage: 3/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The EM Laser is a T-ENG powered weapon.
As long as you have T-ENG, the EM Laser will
not run out of ammo.
The EM Laser, for all intents and purposes, is
basically a super powered Laser Rifle. It's much
stronger, and when you hold it down to charge it,
even stronger.
The EM Laser also has an interesting perk. When
you hit a VS with it, you'll paralyze them for a
short while with an electromagnetic pulse,
similar to a Plasma Grenade. This can be a very
worthy weapon for VS combat.

Cons: The usual faults for T-ENG powered guns
will apply as well. If you have no T-ENG, then
the EM Laser will not work for you. Also, when
you are charging your blasts, your T-ENG will
drain faster. The drain isn't crippling in the easier
modes of difficulty, but very noticeable in the
harder ones. Like the Laser Rifle, the EM Laser's
beams also have fairly slow rates of fire, making
you have to time your hits.

Recommended Strategies: The strategies used
for fighting with the EM Laser are very similar for
the Laser Rifle's. Using single blasts and saving
charged shots for when you need them is also
the main part of fighting. The same rules may
go for handheld combat as well. Use single
shots more. A charged shot is always harder to
pull off on foot.

When fighting Akrid, don't waste your shots on
smaller sized Akrid. While charged shots can
dispatch others with minimal difficulty, it's urged
that you hold off until you can get a perfectly clear
shot. Remember, like the Laser Rifle, the rate of
fire for the beams is fairly slow, so be sure to time
your hits wisely.

When fighting humans, same deal. It's best to
dispatch them using single shots. You can try to
take them out with charged shots, but in online
battle, your enemy will see you coming a mile

When fighting VS, try to land a charged shot to
stun them for awhile. From there, you can either
blast them to pieces with your second weapon,
or heat up another charged shot to tag them when
they are able to move again. Either way, try and
keep them stunned so you can dispatch them
however you please.

Comments: The EM Laser is on the exact same
level as the Laser Rifle. Its VS stunning perk
is fairly useful, but wether it's worth that drain on
your T-ENG or not is up to you. I only find it
moderately useful in story mode, and it's just okay
in online battles. Its power also makes it slightly
more favorable for handheld combat, but just

Homing Laser..........................[PT4G]

Image of the Homing Laser:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(VS on the far left, and the beams that are 
attacking the VS on the right)


Damage: 4/5
Range: 5/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The Homing Laser is another T-ENG
powered VS Weapon. Usual perks apply, which
as long as you have T-ENG, you have ammo.
The Homing Laser's bread and butter is... well,
its homing capabilities. It's capable of locking on
up to 4- count 'em, 4 targets. You can also target 1
thing more than once, meaning should you desire,
you can lock on to 1 enemy 4 times, for maximum
The Homing Laser also works at an incredible
range, boasting the best range of all the VS
weapons in the game. And because the lasers
arc at their opponents, you have a chance of
hitting them even if they're hiding behind a
barrier! This makes the Homing Laser a superb
weapon for racking kills in online battle.

Cons: The usual faults of T-ENG powered guns
apply as well. If you have no T-ENG, the Homing
Laser will not work. Also, when you hold down
the fire button to charge and target lock your
Homing Laser, your T-ENG will drain faster than
usual. You be the judge if this is a good thing in
your current situation.
Also, the Homing Laser fires in wide arcs, and if
they hit any object during the blast, then the lasers
will disappear. This makes the Homing Laser
quite possibly the worst weapon in the entire
game for battling indoors or in tight spaces.
Simply put, you'd NEVER hit your enemy, ever.
While not a crippling fault in story mode, but a
very nagging one in online battle, is the Homing
Laser's targeting snags. By this, I mean that during
online battle, if you use a Homing Laser, you
could accidentally target lock one of your allies.
While this really won't matter if you play with
friendly fire off, it can be the biggest pain if you
happen to be playing with it on. Also, it just sucks
to waste a shot on a teammate.

Recommended Strategies: Keeping as far away
from your enemy as possible is the key to using
the Homing Laser. When using it in a VS, keep on
the move and fire constantly.

When fighting Akrid, you might want to switch
weapons. Since Akrid weakpoints are often small,
the odds of the lasers hitting them are unlikely.
It's also just a waste on small sized Akrid.

When fighting humans, 1 or 2 shots is all it takes.
Lock on to as many as you can, and let loose.
Once a human is targeted, unless they find cover
within moments, then it's unlikely they'll escape
the wrath of a Homing Laser.
One thing to keep in mind with them is, don't
bother wasting all 4 locks on 1 human enemy.
That's overkill, and a waste of T-ENG.

When fighting VS, it should be cake to lock on to
them. They're very big targets, and hard to find
cover for, which makes them easily disposed with
a Homing Laser. Keep an eye on your T-ENG,
strafe them well, and you'll have no problem
fighting off any enemy VS that comes your way.

Comments: The Homing Laser is a weapon that
I personally get more use of in online battle rather
than story mode. Since so much of story mode is
spent battling Akrid or in fairly tight places, it's
not all that handy regularly. But the majority of
online stages are wide open areas, and enemies
can become easy pickings for a player with a
Homing Laser.

Grenade Launcher.................[PT4H]

Image of the Grenade Launcher:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(VS on right)


Damage: 5/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload Speed: 3/5
Ammo per Clip: 5
Max Ammo: 20

Pros: Superb firepower combines with a very
wide blast area to create a VS weapon of near-
unmatched destruction. The Grenade Launcher's
specialty is that after a shot is fired, it will either
travel for a bit, then explode into 5 smaller bombs
that result in a huge and powerful explosion. The
same thing also happens if the single blast hits
a target.
The sheer power behind these blasts is something
else. Just one can kill most enemies outright.
Being caught in all 5 is fatal, and will make short
work of any enemy, boss or otherwise. It is not a
weapon to take lightly.

Cons: The Grenade Launcher's most noticeable
weakness is its lack of range. The shots won't
travel far, which confines this weapon to short
to medium range combat at best, but this coupled
with the danger of blowing yourself up in close
range makes this a dangerous weapon.

Recommended Strategies: The most crucial thing
to remember whenever you fight with the Grenade
Launcher is to keep a safe distance from the blast.
Using a Grenade Launcher recklessly will kill you
quickly and messily.

When fighting Akrid, you need to keep a distance
and not necessarily aim for the weak point, but
aim around it and let the blasts do the rest. Akrids
will constantly pursue you, which can make
keeping a safe distance a challenge. Keep them
at bay with your secondary weapon, and let the
blasts do the rest.

When fighting humans, there isn't much accuracy
required. Aim in the general direction and let the
blasts vaporize your enemy. The worst that can
happen is you miss, and cause them to stumble,
leaving them open to another attack. It's very
easy to take people on, and depending how far
away you shoot from, you can easily trap a person
and destroy them outright.

When fighting VS, aim around them and let the
blasts take out your enemy. Hitting them dead on
will hurt them hard, and stun them, setting them
up for a follow up attack with your second weapon.
Take advantage of every opening.

Comments: The Grenade Launcher is a superb
VS Weapon and one of my favorites. Using it
properly is essential to success, though. Using it
on foot can also be a very dangerous gamble,
although depending where you use it, you can
easily even the playing field with your foe. Give it
a shot, and see how you feel. You won't be

Laser Vulcan............................[PT4I]

Image of the Laser Vulcan:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2006


Damage: 2/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload Speed: N/A
Ammo per Clip: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A

Pros: The Laser Vulcan is another T-ENG gun.
I shouldn't have to say it again, but I think I will
anyway. As long as you have T-ENG, then you
won't run out of ammo for this bad boy.
The Laser Vulcan is, for all intents and purposes,
a laser Gatling Gun. It fires energy shots at high
speed to rip into enemies, and does so very well.

Cons: The usual cons for T-ENG weapons once
again (bet you're getting tired of this?) If you run
out of T-ENG, you will be unable to use this gun.
Also, when you shoot the gun rapidly, your T-ENG
will drain much more quickly. The drain isn't too
upsetting in the easier modes of difficulty, but in
harder ones, it's much more noticeable.
The Laser Vulcan is just like the Gatling Gun in
that, while it's a fast gun, its power is lacking.
Almost any enemy in the game will shrug off the
blasts with ease, forcing you to resort to another
weapon should you get in a pinch.
The Laser Vulcan is also a fixed weapon. You'll
only ever find it permanently affixed to a VS
(odds are you'll most commonly find it on a GAB,
or the spider-tank VS.)

Recommended Strategies: The Laser Vulcan is
a weapon that's tough to use for fighting off foes
by itself. It's really best used as a strafing or a
secondary weapon.

When fighting Akrid, strafe them and target the
weakpoints. Don't let up on them at all. The
Laser Vulcan can clear small Akrid with the littlest
of difficulty, and is best suited to that task.

When fighting humans, rip into them with the
rapid fire and never let up. In online battle, the
damage done is negligible, so your opponent
may seek cover, and often succeed. From there,
fall back, and conserve T-ENG. Keep an eye out,
your opponents will surely be planning a counter-

When fighting VS, use the Laser Vulcan to strafe
your foe. It's best to resort to this when your
primary weapon is reloading, or if you have no
primary weapon equipped, then just persist on
strafing your enemy. There isn't much else you
can do in the second situation... Just cope and try
to deal as much damage as possible.

Comments: I personally don't think much of the
Laser Vulcan. It's a weapon I only resort to if I
have no other options. It's only really useful on the
GAB VS as a secondary weapon.


Image of the Cannon:
1) http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/
(VS on the left)


Damage: 4/5
Range: 4/5
Speed: 3/5
Reload Speed: 3/5
Ammo per Clip: 1
Max Ammo: 30

Pros: The Cannon is a powerful weapon, on par
with the rocket launcher and with the speed of
a Shotgun. It hits hard, it hits quickly, and
reloads at a fair pace. The Cannon is never a bad
choice for combat.

Cons: The Cannon, you'll find, is a fixed weapon.
You cannot remove it from whatever VS it is
equipped on, nor will you ever find ammo for it to
reload with. So it's important to make your shots

Recommended Strategies: The Cannon can be a
very useful weapon in many strategies, although
you may find its usefulness specifically related to
what VS it's currently equipped to. They will
always be found on GAB's (the Spider-tanks) and
you will occasionally find them on various VS's in
online battle.

When fighting Akrid, a single Cannon shot is
capable of blasting apart clusters of small Akrid,
so don't hesitate to do so. If a medium or large
Akrid gives you a hard time, strafe them in your
VS and hammer at their weakpoints relentlessly.

When fighting humans, use strategies similar to
the Rocket and Missile Launchers. Aim where
your opponent should be moving to as opposed to
where they are currently. Remember the 1 shot,
1 kill deal.

When fighting VS, strafe and dodge their attacks
and return fire with the cannon. It won't take many
shots to put down an enemy VS.

Comments: The Cannon is a handy weapon, and
while it can be a valuable asset in story mode, I
fear it's worth is diminished in online battle.
Nevertheless, it's one of the better weapons you
could find on a VS in the game, so you'll learn to
accept it well enough.


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