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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cmbf

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/10/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bionic Commando FAQ/Walkthrough – Ver. 1.1 – 10 September 2009 - by CMBF
            __________.__              .__        
            \______   \__| ____   ____ |__| ____  
             |    |  _/  |/  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\ 
             |    |   \  (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___ 
             |______  /__|\____/|___|  /__|\___  >
                    \/               \/        \/ 
    _________                                           .___      
    \_   ___ \  ____   _____   _____ _____    ____    __| _/____  
    /    \  \/ /  _ \ /     \ /     \\__  \  /    \  / __ |/  _ \ 
    \     \___(  <_> )  Y Y  \  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \/ /_/ (  <_> )
     \______  /\____/|__|_|  /__|_|  (____  /___|  /\____ |\____/ 
            \/             \/      \/     \/     \/      \/       
                            _        _        
                    /_     / `_  _  / `_  _ _ 
                   /_//_/ /_,/_|/_//_,/_// / /
                      _/       /              
    Genre:Adventure > Third-Person > Sci-Fi
    	Developer: Grin
    	ESRB Rating:M
    T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    Introduction (INTRO)
    - Act I Chapter I -
    Ascension City Downtown (ACT1C1)
    Search for your Bionic Arm (ACT1C1A)
    Bionic Arm Tutorial Zone (ACT1C1B)
    Ascension City Downtown Cont. (ACT1C1C)
    Ascension City Downtown 2 (ACT1C1D)
    Ascension City Downtown 3 (ACT1C1E)
    Ascension City Downtown 4 (ACT1C1F)
    - Act I Chapter II - (ACT1C2)
    Ascension City Downtown 5 (ACT1C2A)
    Ascension City Downtown 6 (ACT1C2B)
    Trent Industrial District (ACT1C2C)
    Trent Industrial District 2 (ACT1C2D)
    Trent Industrial District 3 (ACT1C2E)
    Trent Industrial District 4 (ACT1C2F)
    - Act I Chapter III - (ACT1C3)
    The Fissure(ACT1C3A)
    The Fissure Two (ACT1C3B)
    Ascension City Downtown 7 (ACT1C3C)
    Ascension City Downtown 8 (ACT1C3D)
    FSA Avenue (ACT1C3E)
    The Buraq Helicopter (ACT1C3F)
    - Act II Chapter I – (ACT2C1)
    The Fissure 3 (ACT2C1A)
    Saint's End Station (ACT2C1B)
    The Fissure 4 (ACT2C1C)
    Ascension City Park (ACT2C1D)
    Avenue of Heroes (ACT2C1E)
    Ascension City Park 2 (ACT2C1F)
    - Act II Chapter II – (ACT2C2)
    Ascension City Garden (ACT2C2A)
    Ascension City Park 3 (ACT2C2B)
    Ascension City Park 4 (ACT2C2C)
    Federal Archives (ACT2C2D)
    The MoHole (ACT2C2E)
    - Act II Chapter III – (ACT2C3)
    Port Anderson (ACT2C3A)
    Port Anderson 2 (ACT2C3B)
    Port Anderson 3 (ACT2C3C)
    - Act III – (ACT3C1)
    The Buraq Armada (ACT3C1A)
    Ash City (ACT3C1B)
    The Constructor (ACT3C1C)
    The Vault (ACT3C1D)
    Achievements (BLING)
    PS3 Trophies (BLANG)
    Revision & Update Log (REVU)
    Acknowledgements (ACKN)
    FAQ's (FAQS)
    About Me (ABOUT)
    Legal Stuff (Red Tape)
    This is a game that I loved and hated...  I originally played the 
    arcade version (the original) back in the 1980's and I liked it a 
    lot, but then again it WAS 1987 and the state of games then...  
    Well needless to say this is not that game.
    I loved the graphics and the feel of this game, and I hated the make-
    work and the grief code that was put in to drag it out.  Having said 
    that, I rate this game 7 out of 10, but with the caveat RENT do not 
    A lengthy CS fills you in on the back story and your history – it is 
    an old tune well played – savior, hero, a shining light in the 
    bleakest of night – and then of course after you vanquish the enemy 
    and save everyone they decide you are the new threat and have to be 
    dealt with...  So your handler helps them frame you for murder and 
    you are locked up, scheduled to be executed – and then, at the 
    eleventh hour, a new threat emerges so great that – wait for it.... 
    Wait for it.... They decide you ain't so bad after all!
    They need you – and you need them not to kill you – and they are 
    willing to not kill you as long as you are willing to do it – put 
    on those black tights, gear up, be a savior, a hero... A Bionic 
    Commando!  Woohoo!
    In the next CS you see a pair of fighter/bomber jets launch two 
    missile like objects that crash into a tall office building – that 
    would be you and your kit mate!  Once you land you pop up still 
    missing your bionic stuff but holding a silenced pistol and you 
    ask yourself: “Where is the rest of me?”
    Your first mission is to find the other pod that has your kit in 
    it – but be aware because the enemy has seen your landing and have 
    sent patrols to investigate.  Oh, by the way, your name is Spencer, 
    and you are a Bionic Commando – just thought you should know that :)
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    You will be moving along the corridors of the office building – 
    either through doors or holes blown in the walls.  There are suited 
    enemies on patrol which is why you have a silenced pistol in your 
    only hand.  You can switch to precision-aim by clicking the right 
    joystick – and switch back to regular view by clicking it again.
    The first enemy is just around the corner so take him out quickly 
    and grab that piece of collectible kit to your left down the hall 
    (yeah that's right mate, there are collectibles in this game and 
    you just got Collectible 1 (1 of 5 for this zone).  
    The next enemy is ahead at the end of the hall you are in now – turn 
    around and head towards the flashlight beam that is moving in the 
    distance and you will find him.  After you kill him be sure to grab 
    the pistol ammo refill – it is in the alcove with the copy machine 
    at the end of the hall and looks like a silver coffee can with a 
    glowing orange ring on it.
    Move around the corner and continue down the hall – this is pretty 
    much a rail you are on so there are no multiple choices as far as 
    your route goes – and you will next engage an enemy on a set of 
    stairs going up.  Quickly take him out, then take out the three 
    additional enemies who are behind a pile of office rubble to your 
    right.  Go ahead and go up the stairs – grabbing ammo as you go – 
    and get  Collectible 2 (2 of 5 for this zone) that is up there and 
    another ammo can – and then either go back down or drop through the 
    floor to continue your quest for your Bionic Arm.
    I went back down the stairs, jumped the rubble and continued on into 
    the foyer here where I grabbed another ammo can and went down the 
    stairs here to the level below. To the left at the bottom of the 
    stairs is another ammo can if you need it, and to the right past 
    some glass cubicles is Collectible 3 (3 of 5 for this zone) – so get 
    that now.  As you approach the Collectible there is a boom, the floor
    shakes, and the lights go out... Ruh Roh Raggy!
    At the far end of the room is some light and a door – so head for that
    and cool, this must have been the break area considering the torn up 
    vending machines and the Pepsi Machines (personally I am not a big 
    Pepsi Fan per se, I like Mt. Dew tho, and Dr. Pepper and when I am 
    in the mood for a cola I am a Coke Guy but I digress) – and another
    door leading to your next confrontation!
    Hit the right joystick to zoom in and then ease into the fray and 
    kill the guy with a few well-aimed shots to earn your first 
    Achievement - “Close Up” (5GP) – yay you!  This also earned you an 
    in-game reward – Precision – causing the bullet spread of the 
    Tungsten to decrease when you are zoomed in.  To see the rewards 
    you have, hit the back button.
    Continue down the hall and grab Collectible 4 (4 of 5 for this 
    zone) and then go around the corner to the left and grab the ammo 
    there.  Head down the stairs at the end of the hall and take out 
    the pair of enemy soldiers here – then go back upstairs and resupply
    your ammo from the can on the floor there.
    Head over the sky-bridge to the next building and grab Collectible 
    5 (5 of 5 for this zone) and then head down the stairs – and finish 
    this level by getting the CS in which you find your Bionic Arm!  
    Yay you!
    - 4 Collection Items in this Zone -
    You now get a short training CS to teach you how to use the arm – A 
    to jump, hold LT to grab with the arm and release LT to let go.  The
    game is going to run you through a mini-tutorial where you will jump
    in several different scenarios – the first you need to learn to swing
    back and forth – there are three red lights you have to make green by
    swinging – once they are green, release and land on the floor below.  
    The second lesson is bridging gaps – run jump hit it swing, and then 
    release to cross the gap.  The third tutorial is jumping several gaps
    by swinging – run and jump then hit the first bar, release before you
    lose momentum and snag the second bar, then again to land on the far 
    platform for an easy finish!  Now look up – see that bar?  Jump and 
    snag it, then pull yourself up and hit A to climb over the edge for 
    a job well done message and a warning to avoid radiation areas.
    Your next challenge is a three-bar jump that is offset to the right 
    in the middle, to reach the next platform.  Once you get there, jump 
    and snag the bar on the wall and haul yourself up to the level above.
    Easy Peasy!  Now drop down and jump and snag the next bar, and haul 
    up, then jump off the edge to the right and snag the bar below before
    you fall into the radiation, and haul yourself up and onto the next 
    platform.  Swing across to the next platform and you will see a relay
    platform ahead with three red bottles near it.
    You need to zip-kick each of the red bottles to activate them – just 
    snag each and then jump and hit A to zip-kick them, and each will 
    turn green as you do it.  The third one activates the relay platform,
    at which point you snag it (holding down LT) and hit B to enter a 
    tutorial mode that will teach you about what you can do with your arm!
    –-- Move Tutorial from the Relay Platform ---
    THROW: Snag the item then hit 'Y' to kite it and 'B' to release it.
    RIP: Snag the item with LT and hold it, then hit 'B' repeatedly to 
    tear it up!
    DEATH FROM ABOVE: While falling press 'Y' repeatedly.
    PUNCH UP: Press 'Y' to punch into the air, then 'A' to jump and 'B' 
    to hit in the direction you are facing.
    Note: There are Collectible items inside these tut's so do not skip 
    them just because I gave you the keys here!
    - During the Rip tut, snag the bar to the right above the pit, then 
    snag your way around, grabbing Collectible 6 (1 of 4 for this zone) 
    as you work your way back to where you started.
    - During the Death from Above tut, you will get Collectible 7 (2 of 
    4 for this zone) as you drop down.
    - During the Punch Up tut you get Collectible 8 (3 of 4 for this zone)
    by turning around and snagging the bar above and pulling yourself up 
    to get the Collectible.
    The final Collectible is not in the tutorials – it is in the room you
    are in now with the Relay Platform.  Facing the platform, turn around
    and hit the green bar in the opening above, then snag the one to the
    right and climb up there, snagging the bars as you go until you land
    on a catwalk where it dead ends.  Follow the catwalk to the hole and
    drop down the shaft, angling yourself to get the last Collectible 
    and zam!  Collectible 9 (4 of 4 for this zone) and you got them all
    for the Bionic Arm Tutorial Zone!
    When you feel that you have learned the moves and have them down, 
    jack into the platform (snag it) and hit 'B' and then select 'Exit 
    Tutorial' to leave and get your next CS.
    - 1 Collectible in this Zone -
    After you leave the tut you will be back in the office building that
    you started in. Before you do anything else, turn to face the outer
    wall and point up – you see the grab-point that highlights in blue? 
    Snag that and swing a bit – and you complete the challenge 'First 
    Swing' (no achievement for that) and, once you get that beep notice,
    haul yourself to the edge of the floor above and do an 'A' Leap for
    the challenge and Achievement 'Leap Up!' (5GP).
    Now you should be facing a big hole in the outer wall - here you need
    to make a 'Leap of Faith' which really means leap out and then snag 
    a sign on the way down.  You will be swinging from sign to sign – 
    just before you reach ground level you should earn your next 
    Achievement – 'Swinger' (5GP).
    - Collectible 10 (1 of 1 for this zone)
    The Collectible for this zone is on top of a sign (between two Nvidia
    Signs) in the street just below the office building that we exited 
    from – be sure to get it BEFORE you hit the Checkpoint!
    Helpful Hint: I am pretty sure that you are meant to get this one by 
    swinging between the signs and releasing at the proper time so that 
    your momentum carries you to the Collectible – but this is not easy 
    and can be rather frustrating – a faster way to do it is to snag the 
    red and white sign on the building next to the Collectible and jump 
    and snag until you are at the top of these two red and white signs, 
    and then just swing out and grab the Collectible without having to 
    work hard at all! 
    Now that you have the Collectible, ahead of you is a broken sewer pipe
    with the next checkpoint in it – you need to either swing from the 
    street lights and signs to reach it, while avoiding the radiation 
    zones or do it on foot – the choice is yours but you should hit the 
    CP easy peasy!
    --- BEGIN WARNING ---
    If you failed to get a Collectible on a level DO NOT hit the next 
    Try to immediately backtrack and get the Collectible BEFORE you enter
    the NEXT zone – there is no way to get back to a zone and get a 
    Collectible once you have completed the zone!!!  While there is a 
    Level Jump option off the start menu that will allow you to repeat 
    a zone, you CANNOT obtain and keep a Collectible FROM that replay!  
    If you miss a Collectible and you want to be able to get the Collect-
    ible Achievement you will have no choice but to start over from the
    very beginning because this is a game that uses auto-save exclusively
    and it does not give do-overs.  Do not say that I did not warn you!
    --- END WARNING ---
    - 4 Collection Items in this Zone -
    After the load you are standing at the other end of the sewer pipe – 
    and you cannot go back to the previous zone just so we are clear on 
    that!  Ahead of you is a section of downtown, and there are air units
    here as well as radiation zones.  The first Collectible is ahead 
    above the street signs – so go ahead and run up and swing and grab 
    Collectible 11 now (1 of 4 for this zone).
    Ahead of you up the street on the left (past the side street on the 
    left) is a large fire with a car in front of it.  Run to the car jump 
    on it and through the fire – Collectible 12 (2 of 4 for this zone)is 
    here but there is also radiation so quickly grab it and jump back 
    through the flames!
    Continue along the right side of the street avoiding the pits and 
    radiation areas and turn the corner to the right.  Ahead of you is 
    what is left of an elevated monorail track – and near the center 
    section is Collectible 13 (3 of 4 for this zone) so go ahead and get 
    that now.  After you get it, work your way along the street using the
    monorails – do NOT fall as the area below is a radiation pool, and 
    you will die. When you die you start from the beginning of the zone 
    you are in and you have to re-get any collectible items you previously
    got in that zone unless there was a checkpoint save!
    As you swing towards the end of the street you will see that the next
    collectible is on a ledge above in the building at the end – but 
    there are enemy soldiers below shooting at you and you are going to 
    have to deal with them first.  Drop down and take them out – which 
    should (if you have been killing them all along like me) bring your 
    total to 10 kills, which earns you the Achievement 'Blood Trial' (5 GP)
    so grats to you!
    Once the pair of enemy are dead, go back up the street to the building
    to the right of the end of the monorail and jump and grab the sign, 
    then swing and jump and grab the end of the rail – and finally get 
    some good swinging action in – release – and land on the building 
    ledge and get the next Collectible 14 (4 of 4 for this zone).
    Now that you have all the collectibles drop down to the street and 
    enter the tunnel, heading towards the next waypoint which ends this 
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    From where you enter the zone you will see two units in the air – 
    ignore them – and run forward, snag the sign girder and swing to 
    the next one, snag that and then swing to the highway below.  Run 
    forward to the waypoint marker and then turn left, running along 
    the buckled concrete.
    Ahead of you is a section of raised highway – on top of the first 
    level is two enemy, so snag the end and jump up then gun them down 
    quickly.  Now snag the next level up and jump, run to the end and 
    jump, snagging the girder beam there – swing and grab Collectib1e 15 
    (1 of 5 for this zone) and then swing back to the raised highway.  
    Note that the area where the collectib1e is happens to be radiated 
    so it would be an idea to not have to swing back – get it in one go 
    if you see what I mean?
    Now drop down to the street and kill the enemy pair near the Relay, 
    then tap into the Relay and read the three emails that the enemy 
    posted for their troops – interesting eh?  At least we now know 
    that there are mines ahead right?  We also get a brief radio contact 
    from our “control” that seems a tad bit insensitive if you ask me... 
    And on we go.
    As you can see, the waypoint is now back on the upper deck of the 
    raised highway where we just got the collectib1e – so head up there 
    and you get a radio hint that something is blocking your way – it 
    is the rusty monorail car protruding from the building near you.  
    Snag and rip it loose, than kill the enemy that were hidden behind it!
    Jump into the hole in the building and kill the enemy there if you 
    have not already done so – do not forget to collect their ammo – 
    then go down the collapsed floor and kill the enemy here – look for 
    a hole in the wall, run through it and another than up some stairs – 
    kill the enemy here then go through the hole in the wall across from 
    the stairs into one of many kitchens on this level – man they have 
    a lot of kitchens!  The hole in the back wall in here leads to a 
    small room with Collectib1e 16 (2 of 5 for this zone), so get that 
    Backtrack and continue to follow the waypoints, killing enemy as you 
    go and grabbing any ammo you find.
    When you exit the building you land on a section of elevated 
    highway – turn to your left and go off of the edge to the area below 
    it then turn around – see that blue globe there?  Right, that is 
    Collectib1e 17 (3 of 5 for this zone) so go ahead and grab it now.
    Running ahead and to the leftish you will find another raised highway
    and a bunch of enemy soldiers – four or five at least – so go ahead 
    and kill them all then get up to the elevated highway.  Now look 
    behind you – you see the big orange monorail girders?  On top of the
    pylon in the distance is Collectib1e 18 (4 of 5 for this zone).  To
    get it work your way along the horizontal girder to the pylon 
    (vertical girder) and then work your way up the pylon, until you are 
    just below the top.  Now jump up and land on the top, nailing this 
    collectib1e!  Good on ya mate!
    Drop down onto the elevated highway and follow that to where the 
    monorail train is suspended off of the girder – snag and rip it to 
    reveal Collectib1e 19 (5 of 5 for this zone).  Snag and jump your 
    way up to it and get that collectib1e!
    Hint: Getting this one can be a bit tricky – what I did was snag up 
    and then jump on top of the girder, then targeted the girder directly
    above where the collectible is, and jumped and snagged it with a 
    “short” leash so I could immediately swing and grab it.  I think that
    works better than trying to judge the right place to be at the end of
    the line and line up with it, but YMMV.
    Now run along the elevated highway sections to the end and snag jump 
    over the gap, then run into the upper tunnel level there to finish 
    the zone!
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Here there be mines!  Seriously!  Big, red, dangerous – we need to 
    find the Relay and hack it like soon, okay?  And BTW that collectib1e 
    IN the minefield?  Yeah we need to shut them down first so do not 
    even think about it!
    Following the waypoints you should end up on the ground outside the 
    monorail station, where you will kill an enemy soldier – and if you 
    have been killing them all along – earn Achievement 'Slayer' (10 GP) 
    for killing 25 enemy soldiers.  Good on ya!
    Go on in and up the broken escalators and kill the two enemy at the 
    landing, then continue on up.  At the top you should see an air unit 
    fly away – so run around the corner and grab Collectib1e 20 (1 of 5 
    in this zone).  
    Drop down to the area by the Relay and kill the five enemy here (you 
    should be trying for head shots when you can because there is an 
    achievement for 50 head shots just so you know) and then hack the 
    Relay.  The mines will now be disabled and you can read the email 
    on this Relay terminal.
    Remember that collectible that was in the minefield?  Yeah, let's 
    go back there and get that now while we are thinking about it, 
    Now the best way to do this is to look for the monorail car that 
    was at the station we jumped down from – it will be right on the 
    side of the building nearby!  Work your way up to the top of the 
    car then drop down onto the station platform and go back down the 
    broken escalators – there should be ammo here if you need it, but 
    you should not need it if you have been picking ammo up like you 
    are supposed to.
    Outside on the ground go left, snag a mine and get a good swing in 
    and then snag another mine higher up and you should be perfectly 
    positioned to swing in and grab Collectible 21 (2 of 5 for this 
    zone)!  Now that you have that, retrace your steps back through 
    the station and drop down to the ground, then head right and 
    around the corner.
    Use the mines here to cross the gap, and then climb the rubble pile 
    on the left into the building where you can see Collectible 22 (3 of 
    5 for this zone).  Grab that, and then continue on into and through 
    the building, killing the enemy here – remember those head shots!
    After I exited the building I used the signs to drop down and killed 
    the three enemy here, and then used the signs to cross the gap, 
    landing on the red car in the road and smashing its roof – the car 
    alarm went off :)  Got to love those little touches, eh?
    Keep heading towards the waypoint/Relay and you will see a large 
    crumbling building between you and the waypoint/Relay – you can jump-
    climb the side of this building so do that until you get to the roof,
    where you will find Collectible 23 (4 of 5 for this zone).  Excellent!
    Drop down to the elevated highway to the left of the Relay and kill 
    the three enemy here, then drop down to the Relay level and kill the 
    fourth enemy there, then the final two enemy at the Relay itself, and 
    then hack the Relay!  The mines are now disabled and you can read two
    more email on this Relay – do that now.
    The last Collectible for this zone is really hard to get and a source
    of major frustration for most people – it is located down in the 
    radiation-rich valley to the left – and the only way to get to it is 
    to swing from mine to mine – through the radiation – so you need to 
    be really quick and not make any mistakes – a swing back can kill you.
    To begin jump up to the elevated highway above the Relay, then up 
    again, and snag a mine.  Now swing from mine to mine, heading in the 
    direction of the collectible (which you should be able to see by now).
    Your best bet here is to just get really good at jump snag and 
    swing – you need to be able to do it fluidly – and yes I am aware 
    that it will take you dozens of tries to get this one and that it 
    is frustrating but grief code like this is what mediocre programmers 
    use when they cannot summon up the talent to make a real challenge.
    It is the price that we pay to play the game I guess – though I do 
    have thoughts of meeting that particular programmer in a dark alley...
    Anyway once you get it then you have Collectible 24 (5 of 5 for this 
    zone) and you can be happy you never have to do that again! 
    Your next waypoint (and the end of this zone) is in the car tunnel at 
    the end of the mines, so just swing in that direction once you have 
    Collectible 24 and zone out!
    (ACT1C2) --- ACT I CHAPTER II ---
    This is a logical division of the game, though it really does not
    feel like a new chapter... I'm just saying...
    - 6 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As you enter the zone you are told by radio that your first re-supply
    pod is inbound – it lands on the tall building to the left, so go on 
    up and get it – it is a “Hiker” which I think is a shotgun type 
    weapon.  It only holds 8 rounds – so get used to switching out – and
    you know RB will arm your grenade right?
    Now head for the waypoint, dropping down to the nearest elevated 
    highway and killing the enemy there.  Grab the ammo they drop and 
    continue towards the waypoint, doing the same thing.
    At the waypoint you will enter a building – kill the enemy here and 
    keep going up the stairs – just follow the stairwell – and you will 
    get Collectible 25 (1 of 6 in this zone) and some ammo at the top.
    Now go back down one level and turn right, and exit the building, 
    where you will now “remember” the Death from Above skill.
    Jump towards the building on your right – the one with the white sign 
    that says Tricell on it – and jump-climb to the top.  On top of the 
    AC unit here is Collectible 26 (2 of 6 in this zone).  Grab that now,
    and then head to the edge of the roof.
    Remember that big sewer pipe we saw in the CS?  Jump off the roof and
    do the Death from Above move ('Y' repeated) to smash it open, and 
    then follow it inside to the waypoint.  Now jump-snag up and out of 
    the pit, then up the nearby wall, and kill the 4 enemy here before 
    tapping the Relay to hack it!
    After you hack the Relay you see paratroopers jump out of a transport
    but there is nothing you can do about them just now.  On the other 
    side of the platform you are on you will see Collectible 27 (3 of 6 
    in this zone) so go ahead and drop down and grab it now.
    Head back around the side of the cliff thing and grab the Hiker from 
    the Supply Pod nearby, then drop back into the pit and go through the
    pipe – halfway through you will encounter some enemy – kill them.  
    At the other end climb out and kill the enemy up here quickly.
    When you have killed them, jump up on the edge above in the direction
    of the next waypoint and then use the mines to go to the right, and 
    grab Collectible 28 (4 of 6 in this zone) and then jump to the nearby
    HINT: How you do this one is not simple and it was probably programmed
    by the same bloke who did the previous griefed one...  Any way, swing
    out to the third mine on the right, then making sure you have paid 
    out all of your line using 'B' swing towards the Collectible – you 
    sort of have to aim for it after you release by free-falling to it 
    and, once you have it aim your snag line to the ledges to the RIGHT
    (NOT the left or ahead) to avoid the radiation that will kill you!
    As soon as you snag a ledge to the right, pull yourself up to where
    we just started from!
    Now head for the waypoint on the other side using the mines...  In 
    the tunnel you will encounter a squad of 5 enemy – kill them quickly
    and then exit the tunnel for a short CS in which you are introduced 
    to Biomech's – armored infantry suits that were developed while you
    were locked up.  Turn around and look up – see that ledge above?  
    Jump-snag it and climb up then jump-snag to the roof above that and
    get Collectible 29 (5 of 6 in this zone).
    So here you have to kill the two Mech units – the problem with that
    is your guns are not going to work – and you do not have enough 
    grenades to do the job, even with the three you can get to reload 
    with (1 grenade up at the tunnel exit where you get the word, 1 
    grenade on the ground by the second Mech, and the 3rd grenade behind
    the fallen columns to the right).
    As I say, grenades are an iffy proposition, so what I ended up doing
    was Death from Above by swinging off the highway sign on the exit 
    ledge – and yes it took six or seven hits to kill it, but when the
    first one died I got the Achievements 'Fair Fight!' (10GP) and 
    'Incoming!' (10GP) so not bad at all really :)
    The second Mech was a little harder to take out because he is 
    basically at the very edge of the swing radius from the elevated 
    highway, so you have to snag the edge of it closest to him, get a 
    good swing going, then release, free-fall above him and Death from 
    Above!  It took twice as many tries with him than the first one, 
    but dead he will be if you are persistent!
    Above the second Mech suit, in the arch inset of the building with 
    the broken columns is the last collectible piece, Collectible 30 
    (6 of 6 for this zone).
    Now head for the waypoint to finish this zone!
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    You find yourself standing inside a car tunnel looking out at a 
    sunny irradiated street – just a walk in the park, right?  Head 
    towards the waypoint marked on your radar.  The route ahead includes
    flooded streets that seriously slows you down so if you can swing, 
    swing, otherwise do a lot of line pulling.  Eventually you will be 
    warned about snipers ahead – not that the warning was all that 
    timely considering that you are quickly targeted by their laser 
    sight shortly thereafter so I am betting you would have figured 
    out that there were snipers up there on your own (grin).
    Just after you are warned about the snipers you should encounter a 
    large pool of water (flooded street) at an intersection – to the 
    right is some ammo so go ahead and get that now – and to the left 
    along the cross street is your first collectible for this zone: 
    Collectible 31 (1 of 5 for this zone).
    Now that you have the collectible it is time to take out those pesky 
    snipers! There are probably several ways to approach them but what I
    did was go back to the main street and, using the cover there (truck,
    shipping container, overhanging roofs on the buildings) I made my way
    to the big flooded area in front of the building with the snipers and
    then quickly zip-pulled myself over the water to the street at the 
    base of the building.
    This building can be snag-jumped, and there is a hole in it high up 
    on the left side as well as the one in the front that the snipers are
    using – I chose to go in from the left side because everyone knows 
    that the cool kids are into flanking the enemy, right?
    The first sniper does not know you are there and you have plenty of 
    time to head-shot him, but the second one around the corner to the 
    left does become aware of you, so kill him however you like – I zip-
    kicked his buttocks out of the hole he was perched at.
    To the left of the second sniper's location you should be able to 
    see through holes in the wall your next collectible – but you cannot 
    get to it from inside the building!  Exit the building through the 
    window and then snag it and shift over to the window to the room 
    with the collectible and jump inside – this can be a little tricky 
    but you should be able to manage it :)
    Grab Collectible 32 (2 of 5 for this zone), and then go back into 
    the other side of the building to the opening where the first sniper
    was crouched.  If you look out and up you will see the strut for a 
    building light projecting out above you – target the end of it and 
    snag it, then swing out and make sure you extend your snag line as 
    far out as it will go (using 'B').
    You should now see the next collectible AND the sniper on the roof 
    near it – do not waste time here as he will be shooting at you!  
    Get a good swing and release and free fall into Collectible 33 
    (3 of 5 for this zone) and then snag the wall of the building with 
    the sniper to your left, snag jump to the roof and kill him.
    There is ammo on the roof here so if you need it grab it, and then 
    look in the direction of the waypoint – you see the building that 
    is in between you and the waypoint?  Well, if you go to the left 
    edge of the roof we are on now and look to the left side of that 
    building, you can see the next collectible!  Cross the gap and snake
    up the building, and heed the warning to avoid the water!  
    There is a sniper on the building ahead and to the left that will 
    target you, but go ahead and swing up and grab Collectible 34 (4 of 
    5 for this zone) and then head for the roof to get out of the line 
    of fire!  There are raised structures on the roof that you can hide 
    behind until your damage recovers – so do that – and then let's go 
    kill that sniper!
    You can try to get to the roof he is on if you want, but considering
    the penalty for dying in this game, I chose not...  What I did was 
    to run and jump off the roof towards the building across the way 
    and snag-jumped to its roof, to flank him, and then using the pistol
    I killed him from there.  It took 8 headshots to do it but you should
    have plenty of ammo anyway, and this is a lot safer than a frontal 
    Now head back to the other building and then towards the waypoint – 
    mind the water, we do not want to die – and jump to the next building
    in the direction of the waypoint.  From the roof here you should see
    off to the right a section of raised highway – go ahead and jump to
    that but be aware that once you do you are within the sights of 
    another sniper in a building to the far left.
    As you swing towards the highway you should see the next collectible
    underneath it – it is a little tricky to get considering you are 
    under fire the whole time, but go ahead and snag the concrete below 
    and swing to it.  You should only need to adjust your snag point 
    once or twice to line up with it, and then you have attained 
    Collectible 35 (5 of 5 for this zone) – good on ya mate!  Now QUICKLY
    snag-jump to the top of the highway and take cover behind the car up
    That last sniper is actually perched at the edge of the last section
    of elevated highway that leads to the tunnel location for the last
    waypoint – so you do get to kill him – but to do that you need to 
    get TO him!  The best way to do that is to work your way along the 
    sections of raised highway – use the sign girders to swing to the 
    gap to the next section then immediately take cover behind a car 
    there, rinse and repeat, and you should rapidly end up behind him 
    on the last section, so just turn around and blow his head off!  
    Finis!  Run to the waypoint to end this zone.
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Once again you start out inside a car tunnel, looking out at the 
    nasty radiation clouds.  Run forward and to the right as you exit 
    the tunnel, and you should see some large silos – snag-jump to the 
    first one and then drop down to the rubble at the side of the 
    building there and work your way forward – mind the snipers.  Go 
    around the corner to the right, and you should see ahead of you 
    debris floating in the water near a brown box – just to the left 
    of that box in the water you should see the top of the first 
    collectible – so quickly jump in the water there and grab 
    Collectible 36 (1 of 5 for this zone) and then snag-jump back out.  
    Do not drown, right then?
    The first sniper we need to deal with is to the far left so head 
    back towards the silo we used to get down and snag it, climb up 
    then snag the building across the street and head for its roof – 
    you should have no problem figuring out where the sniper is at this 
    point – so run across the roof avoiding the radiation and snag-jump 
    to the silo there, then run and jump and snag the side of the round 
    building with the orange and blue stripes on it (the building that 
    the first sniper is on top of).  Work your way up the left side so 
    you can reach the roof in a flanking position and head-shot the sniper
    there.  Be aware that there is another sniper in a building across the
    water gap so do not let him kill you!
    If you look ahead and to the right of the building with the next 
    sniper, you can see a collectible in the air – that is not the next 
    one we are going for so do not head for it now.  Right now we need 
    to thin out the snipers...
    What I did was worked my way to him by snag-jumping to the silo, 
    then to the roof of the red brick building, where I dropped to the 
    grass covered ground at its base, and then jumped the gap to the 
    next round building. Carefully working my way around this round 
    building to the left, on the far side between the building and a 
    silo on the ground is a VERY well camouflaged sniper! In fact I did 
    not see HIM, I saw my targeting cursor go red and only THEN was I 
    able to spot him – but that will not matter for you – just approach 
    him cautiously and head-shot him FTW.
    Now work your way back around the round building and then up to its 
    roof and kill the sniper up here.  Chances are good he will notice 
    you – I was not able to head-shot this one – but you may get lucky 
    if you climb up on the side that faces the red brick building.
    If you run around and take cover behind the small vent pipe on this 
    level, you should be able to see the location of the next sniper 
    and the collectible that is located on the middle catwalk of his 
    building.  There is a pipe running between that building and the 
    one you are on – the choice is yours whether you kill him first or 
    grab the collectible first...
    Using the pipe I swung across and dropped to the middle catwalk and 
    grabbed Collectible 37 (2 of 5 for this zone).  Now remember the 
    collectible from earlier that we could see from the first sniper's 
    building that I said you should ignore? The reason that you ignored 
    it was that we needed to kill the snipers that we have killed to 
    make it safe to get – so now head back to the first sniper's 
    location, and get to the roof, and turn so you can see that 
    See the pipe jutting out from that silo tower?  You want to target
    the end of it, get a good swing and then grab Collectible 38 
    (3 of 5 for this zone).  There should be no danger in doing this –
    there is water below in one area but plenty of snag points if you 
    hit it to get out, so just do this until you get the collectible,
    HINT: Targeting the center of the bottom of the pipe towards the 
    end gives you just the right snap to be able to end up just above 
    the collectible so that you can free-fall down onto it and grab it.
    Trying to swing directly into it just never worked for me, but doing
    it free-fall style only took me three tries.
    At this point you will be heading back towards the waypoint – and 
    you will see the blue icon for the supply drop.  In theory you 
    could go get the next collectible but as you know, getting dead 
    means starting from scratch, so it would be a better idea to take 
    out the snipers between you and the drop, then go to the drop and 
    grab the sniper rifle from it, and take out the rest of the snipers 
    with that.  Now that they are dead, head back to the round building 
    (in the direction of the first sniper's location) that you first 
    saw the supply drop icon from.
    Now from here work your way back to the right in the direction of 
    the waypoint – you are looking for a round building that is slightly
    leaning – this building has a broken pipe between it and the one 
    next to it.  There is ammo on the broken section of the leaning 
    building so grab that first, then turn around and you can see 
    Collectible 39 (4 of 5 for this zone) inside the other end of the 
    broken pipe. Grab that, and then head for the roof.
    Okay the last collectible is the hardest to get on this level, but 
    you should have killed all the snipers so that will make it a 
    little easier.  Mind the radiation clouds, and head over to the 
    building with the pipes going around it near the collectible – not 
    the building with the supply drop, the one across from it.  Go to 
    the right side corner and snag the very corner of the pipes going 
    around the building, get a good swing going and make sure ALL of 
    your line is paid out – then release and snag Collectible 40 (5 of 
    5 for this zone) – I got it on the first try which was wicked lucky 
    and I am not bragging – and if you swing right you should end up 
    snagging the edge of the supply drop building after you get the 
    I know this one is a pain, and you may end up having to work your 
    way back and try again, just remember to be careful to land close 
    enough to the buildings to snag, otherwise you drown and start 
    from the beginning!
    Now that you have the last collectible for this zone, you should 
    head towards the waypoint – I bet you were hoping that this was 
    an easy exit, right?  Well... Not so much, really.  You see when 
    you get to the last roof before you drop down to the broken 
    sections of elevated highway you will notice that there are mech 
    suits on the elevated highway between you and the exit.  Not only 
    that, there are more enemy troops as well!
    What you do NOT want to do is snipe the troops from the roof of the 
    nearby building! Save your sniper ammo because you are going to 
    need it...  Remember the email we read on one of the Relay 
    terminals?  There is a heat exchange vent thingy on the back 
    of the mech suit that is vulnerable to bullets – so when the 
    guy in the suit is walking and has the shields (glowing blue 
    aura) turned OFF, the vulnerable spot on his back (a glowing 
    orange square) is targetable.  First thing you need to do though 
    is take out the sniper on the adjacent rooftop.
    I just swung over, went up and kacked him with my pistol – there 
    are ammo refills up here – including 2 sniper rounds – so go 
    ahead and get these – then go down and take out all the regular 
    enemy on the highway avoiding conflict with the mech suit. Once 
    they are all dead, you can use the light poles to do Death from 
    Above attacks on the Mech suit to get it walking around instead 
    of crouched under its shield, and then back off and try to shoot 
    its vulnerable spot, right?
    So you know, you have to kill the mech to unlock the barrier that 
    blocks off the exit – and try not to die because you know what 
    THAT means!
    HINT: I tried to do the “get him walking shoot the orange square” 
    tactic but it did not work out so well – I ran out of ammo and he 
    was still alive.  I tried weakening him with grenades too but that 
    is tricky at best.  What I ended up doing was Death from Above, 
    using the light pole furthest away from him on the same highway 
    section that he was on, and that worked fine!
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    And we start out in another car tunnel – with new coordinates!  
    Yay us!
    Okay, looking forward and a little up and right you should see a 
    collectib1e inside the far building.  That is where we are going 
    What I did was ran to where the bus is, snagged the girder and 
    crossed the gap, then worked my way up into the building where the 
    collectible is and swung onto a ledge to its left.  Then I targeted 
    the roof directly above it, swung out and snagged Collectible 41 
    (1 of 3 in this zone).
    Now head towards the waypoint and you should “remember” a new move – 
    the toss hit one.  Hit the forklift with 'Y' then jump with 'A' and 
    hit it again with 'B' to knock a hole in the wall at the marker – 
    voila!  Instant access!  Jump on through the new exit and follow the 
    corridor.  Eventually you will run into two groups of enemy soldiers –
    I did the Heavy Punch throw move to kill them just for the novelty of 
    doing it but you can take them out any way you want :)
    After the second group, you round the corner towards the waypoint and 
    roh noh's! Another Biomech!  Unlike the previous Biomech suits this 
    one is wicked easy to kill – all you need to do is snag the beam 
    above him, swing and do Death from Above to get him stunned (and his 
    shield off) then quickly Heavy Blow – Throw crates and barrels into 
    him.  Do it fast enough and he is dead in three or four blows!
    Now look up – there is a catwalk/platform level above the dead 
    Biomech – get up there now.  Once you are up there, run around the 
    corner to the left, and follow that corridor – it leads to 
    Collectible 42 (2 of 3 for this zone).  Grab that and then head 
    towards the waypoint marker and another wall we need to smash open.
    Using the forklift, smash open the wall then walk onto the bent 
    wall part and wait for the little back story radio communication 
    to finish.  Alaska huh?  What does Palin know about that and WHEN 
    did she know it?!  Anyway, if you look ahead you can just see the 
    last collectible for this zone – now you know where to go, right?
    Yeah but here is the thing – the same guy who made the two 
    collectible items that were heavily griefed made this one too – 
    you will die a lot before you get it, which means killing the 
    mech unit over and over bah!  You can – as far as I can tell – 
    only get this last one ONE way – swing out to the end of the 
    crane, swing towards it, and get lucky.  You make even the smallest 
    mistake you die.  Great fun this game, right?
    So you finally got Collectible 43 (3 of 3 for this zone)?  Well 
    good on you mate! Head for the waypoint to close out this zone!
    - 8 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As you exit yet another car tunnel – wow this is getting old – look 
    to your left – see those three monorail cars? Collectible 44 (1 of 
    8 in this zone) is inside the left-hand monorail car, so why don't 
    we swing over there and rip it down?  If you have been following 
    the walkthrough ripping this monorail should earn you the Achievement
    'Train Wreck' (5GP) as well! Oh and mind the sniper won't you?
    Now work your way to the supply drop and grab the Hiker here (if you
    want) and then jump to the next building roof where you will grab 
    Collectible 45 (2 out of 8 for this zone).  Grats!
    Work your way to the building on the left and the waypoint, gap the 
    water and then go to the roof and grab Collectible 46 (3 out of 8 
    for this zone), and then drop down to the ground level, go in the 
    building and take out the enemy troops and the two snipers here – 
    the snipers have you in a crossfire so take out the one at the end 
    of THIS building first (and quickly) then the one on the platform 
    next to the building.  After the snipers are dead, mop up the enemy 
    troops on the platform.
    Now head for the next waypoint and you will end up facing the building
    it is in – and see the next collectible in the air between you and 
    the building.  Using the left side of the highway sign girder, line 
    up your swing so you are targeting the collectible with the waypoint
    building beyond it so you do not land in the water and die.  Now 
    swing, grab Collectible 47 (4 of 8 in this zone) and get to the 
    Once inside the building work your way up three sets of stairs, 
    killing enemy soldiers along the way.  There is plenty of ammo 
    re-supply in here so you should not have ammo problems :)  At the 
    third level on the right is Collectible 48 (5 of 8 in this zone) 
    so go ahead and grab it now and then head for the waypoint.
    Use the overhead pipes to get to the waypoint building for a CS in 
    which you get the black box from the downed plane, get insulted, 
    and learn something new!  Before you head to the coordinates marked 
    on your map, go to the far side of this roof and look at the 
    building on the left (the one to the left of the building with the 
    supply drop directly below you) – you see Collectible 49 (6 of 8 
    in this zone)? Go get it!  
    NOTE: That CS you had just now is NOT a checkpoint – if you die you 
    have to start from the beginning of this zone.  If you are wondering 
    what the term “Griefcode” means, this is it.  The people who made 
    this game decided to “grief” the player by forcing them to repeat 
    the same sections over and over again when they die.  This is a 
    griefing method that is used to extend play time – the reason for 
    that tactic is that the idiots in marketing at these game companies 
    think that you – the consumer and player – consider play time to be 
    the single most important decision when buying a game.  What that 
    means is this – by griefing you and withholding checkpoints, they 
    make the game take twice as long to complete, which according to 
    their logic makes you twice as happy!  Err...  Yeah...  So try not 
    to die okay?
    Now head back to the building where we got the black box – stand 
    where you were when we got it and look towards the other supply 
    drop and past it towards the next waypoint which is actually a Relay
    Terminal.  There are a few enemy between you and it and around it, 
    so go ahead and go to the other supply drop (the closer one now) 
    and get the Sniper Rifle from it, then take your time and pick off 
    the bad guys.
    Now work your way along the pipes and girders and you will see ahead
    of you four pipe-and-grating catwalks that connect the four buildings
    here – in the center of which is Collectible 50 (7 of 8 for this zone)
    – go ahead and get that now assuming you cleared out all of the bad 
    guys who are on the rooftops here – otherwise clear them out and then
    get it.  Got it?  Good!  
    You may have noticed that just after you got the collectible two 
    Polycraft appeared on the scene – but have no fear, a supply drop 
    will land on the left hand rooftop with a Tarantula Missile Launcher.
    Run over there and get it, then arm it and take down the Polycraft –
    just target them and hold the right trigger until you get a clean 
    beep and red lock then release it to fire.  One shot should be enough
    to take one Polycraft down!  Now head for the Relay!
    At the Relay you may have to clean up a few enemy there and on the 
    second tier of the building diagonally across from you before the 
    Relay beam goes from red to white – so do that if you have to, and 
    then hack it to shut down the mines.  There is an email on the 
    Relay about the crashed plane in which you learn that there were 
    in fact three survivors but the enemy killed two and captured one,
    who they intend to evac and interrogate.
    Now if you look up into the mine field you can see the last collect-
    ible for this zone, Collectible 51 (8 of 8 in this zone).  Go ahead 
    and grab that now since it is on the way to the exit waypoint 
    anyway!  When you get to the third mine just hang there and pay out 
    your line – this has to be the easiest mine-related collectible in 
    the game so far!
    Did you notice that when we hit the Relay it actually was a 
    CHECKPOINT?!  Twenty seconds from the end of the zone and they 
    give us a checkpoint save – man the programmers for this game 
    have a sick sense of humor! 
    - 6 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Run to the end of the highway deck and use the sign on the left 
    to swing over to the roof of the building then use the sign there 
    to swing over to the small roof that is protruding from the water 
    on a building that is almost completely submerged.  Continue on to 
    the next building in order to trigger a supply drop, then go back 
    to the small roof to get the Hiker.
    Now there are two really small sections of roof protruding from the 
    water to the left – jump-pull to the smaller one, then to the next 
    size one, and then jump-pull to the building ahead and grab 
    Collectible 52 (1 of 6 in this zone).  Now jump up to the highest 
    part of the roof on this building and look out over the water for 
    a couple of elevated highway sections – one of them has a bus on it.
    Get to the one with the bus on it – Collectible 53 (2 of 6 in this 
    zone) is on the highway behind the bus. Once you have it, head for 
    the waypoint – what I did was use the light pole above the bus to 
    get back to the building nearby and then retraced my steps to get 
    to the supply point.  I used the WESC sign to get to the building 
    and the CUPAIR sign to continue on from there.
    There are a bunch of bad guys in that building – you may want to pop 
    a grenade into the stairwell to take them out while they are grouped
    together – that is what I did. Work your way through the building, 
    killing whatever enemy you encounter as you like it, grabbing ammo 
    as you go.
    There is another supply drop with a Hiker at the exit to the 
    building – and when you look outside you should see an NVIDIA sign – 
    and beyond it in the air is Collectible 54 (3 of 6 in this zone) 
    which you collect as you swing towards the next waypoint, where you 
    are facing a Polycraft and a bunch of bad guys on the rooftop.  You 
    need to clear them out in order to access the Relay here, so do that
    If you retained the Tarantula use that to take out the Polycraft, 
    otherwise use your pistol and aim carefully at the joints to do 
    maximum damage so you do not waste ammo.  There is one pistol ammo 
    resupply on the rooftop next to a grenade one, and you may get ammo 
    drops off the guys you kill – I did.  Once they are dead, DO NOT 
    jack into the Relay!!!  This is a merciful checkpoint save, and you 
    do not want to use it until you do the following: 
    Climb to the highest part of the roof and look across the water – you
    should see Collectible 55 (4 of 6 in this zone)!  Use the green 
    girder to return to the building that we were in before, then climb 
    it and jump to the collectible.  Now retrace your steps back to the 
    Relay, and jack in to disable the mines and read an email called 
    “The Bionic Purge Part I” - interesting reading...
    Now that we have a checkpoint save, dying while we try to cross 
    through the minefield will not be so bad :)  So go ahead and swing 
    on the mines, and you should easily spot Collectible 56 (5 of 6 in 
    this zone) suspended below a mine.  Go to it and pay out and grab 
    it, then continue on towards the waypoint – a truck barely poking 
    out of the water on a submerged section of elevated highway.
    Get to the truck, then work your way to the next one so you can get 
    back to swinging from mines – nice twist this transition point – 
    have to give them an 'A' for originality!  
    The Programmer Giveth – the second truck (bus?) is actually a 
    checkpoint save – Praise the Programmer!  So, you see the mine 
    nearby, so go take a flying leap, snag it, and start swinging 
    through the minefield.  I took the left hand side of mines since 
    they were mostly higher – and when you get near the end, look to 
    the right and down at a pile of rocks... Is it?  Yes it is!  
    Collectible 57 (6 of 6 in this zone)!
    Go ahead and swing over there and grab it now, and then hit the 
    waypoint to end this zone – and boy was I glad to end this zone!
    (ACT1C3) --- ACT I CHAPTER III ---
    This new chapter opens with a very interesting CS – first we use 
    our binoculars – wait, we have binoculars?!  I could have used 
    those to scope out rooftops earlier darn it!  Anyway we discover 
    an old enemy/comrade is in charge of the terrorists – Groeder, a 
    Churman vis a verry thick accent!  How nice!
    Just as we are learning important data – like the final parts for 
    the drill (?!) are about to arrive, the pilot from the shot-down 
    plane is marched in and executed. The discussion resumes but roh 
    noh's!  Some gnarly chick has a gun to our head! Meet Mag, Bionic 
    Chick with mechanical legs and a serious attitude.  She tells you 
    how much you suck, you tell her how much she sucks, and then God 
    shoots the gun out of her hand and she runs away in fear of the 
    Sniper!  I don't know about you, but the way that sniper acted makes 
    me think he is on our side...  Or maybe he really does not like Mag?
    So the plot now thickens – we are facing a group of “Freedom Fighters”
    that includes in its ranks ex-Bionic Commandos who did not surrender 
    their mechanical bits when the government began arresting Bionicals –
    like you – and what is more, they are now looking for some payback! 
    How cool is that?
    - 6 Collection Items in this Zone -
    BE AWARE: The CS you just saw was NOT a checkpoint save – if you die,
    you are put back to the bus (truck?) in the middle of the minefields 
    and have to get to this warehouse again and watch the CS again and...
    The Programmer Giveth, the Programmer Taketh Away!
    You should be able to see your next waypoint – and the nearby 
    waterfall.  As you work your way down towards the waypoint you will 
    find Collectible 58 (1 of 6 in this zone) on a ledge.  Grab it and 
    then go the rest of the way down for a load screen and you are now 
    inside a huge cavern.  Work your way forward towards the next 
    waypoint and as you drop, grab Collectible 59 (2 of 6 in this zone). 
    As you work your way along the various surfaces look to the right 
    when you see the snow on the rocks – and there is Collectible 60 (3 
    of 6 in this zone)!  Grab that, and then continue on the way to the 
    next few waypoints until you encounter a waterfall just before a 
    waypoint – work your way to the other side but do not go to the 
    waypoint.  Turn around and look at the rock jutting out above the 
    falls for Collectible 61 (4 of 6 for this zone).  Go ahead and 
    grab that now, then hit the waypoint brah!
    Through this tunnel and ahead you spot Collectible 62 (5 of 6 in 
    this zone). Swing-jump up and use the jutting rock to swing out 
    and snag it now.  So, continue on to the end of this underground 
    canyon and you will “remember” how to throw objects – LT + 'Y' 
    then 'B' is how you do it, but hey, you remember!
    There is a breakable wall here – go ahead and break it, but do NOT 
    go through to the waypoint on the other side.  Backtrack to the first
    falls in the canyon and knock down the breakable wall there for 
    Collectible 63 (6 of 6 in this zone)!  Yay you!  Man you are doing 
    Now head to the final waypoint to close out this zone and begin 
    the next.
    - 4 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Go ahead down the canyon, staying to the right and toward the 
    ceiling and you will eventually spot Collectible 64 (1 of 4 in 
    this zone).  If you target the center of that little arch ahead 
    of it you are perfectly positioned to grab it – so do that, and 
    then continue on to the ledge ahead, where you see the next 
    collectible and a Polycraft spawns.  Got to take out the Polycraft 
    first though...
    I tried to shoot it down with my pistol but as I only had 41 rounds 
    of ammo, I got it almost dead and was SOL – until I recalled that 
    I remembered how to throw again LOL.  So I dropped down to the base 
    and threw a boulder at the Polycraft, killing it.  There was some 
    ammo down here as well, luckily, so grab that if you need it :)
    When I took out the Polycraft with the boulder I got the Achievement
    'Receiving End' (10GP) for throwing an object at an enemy – you 
    should too.
    Now head back up and grab Collectible 65 (2 of 4 in this zone) and 
    continue on towards the next waypoint.  You will kill a few 
    soldiers and then you should see some more parachute down – kill 
    them and then look for a broken pipe above you where you will find 
    Collectible 66 (3 of 4 in this zone).
    From the broken pipe opening looking forward towards the next 
    waypoint you should easily see Collectible 67 (4 of 4 in this zone) 
    which you grab on your way to the waypoint to end this zone.
    - No Collection Items in this Zone -
    There are two Polycraft in this area but as you move forward your 
    control will dispatch a supply pod with a Bulldog Grenade Launcher 
    that will land on top of the elevated highway.  Grab that and take 
    out the two Polycraft, then clear the enemy troops from the top of 
    the building with the Relay Terminal.
    When you kill the first Polycraft you should get the Achievement 
    'Stroke of Luck' (5GP) for killing an enemy with the Bulldog.
    Hack the Relay Terminal to deactivate the minefield and read the 
    email 'Behind Locked Doors' – but hey we already snagged a key code 
    did we not?  So head for the waypoint and – Access Granted!  You 
    close out the zone, and no, there were no collectibles in this zone!
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As this level begins there is a sneaky Programmer lurking about – 
    turn around and go to the right into an almost invisible alcove and 
    get Collectible 68 (1 of 3 in this zone).  Man I had trouble finding 
    that one!
    Now that is not the only sneaky thing in this area – there is a nasty
    mech suit and unlike the previous ones, this one does not just sit 
    there with its shield up letting you wack it with throw-ables.  Oh 
    no!  This one prances around like a freaking puppy and stays almost 
    on your heels!  
    The trick to dealing with it is to get a little distance and then 
    Mega-Punch a car into its head.  Seriously – do the 'Y' + 'A' + 'B' 
    move and kill this thing.  Once it is dead you will no doubt have 
    noticed Collectible 69 (2 of 3 in this zone) along the left side 
    of the tunnel up by the ceiling.  Go ahead and get that now, and 
    then continue along the tunnel carefully.
    Note: If you have been following the WT you should have gotten the
    Achievement 'Cracker' (15GP) for killing your 5th Mech Suit here. 
    Moving on:
    There will appear a large group of enemy soldiers – kill them as 
    you like, and when they are dead, look for a bus ahead on the left –
    behind the bus is Collectible 70 (3 of 3 in this zone) FTW!  Grats!
    HINT: There are a LOT of enemy soldiers here, and I found that a 
    combination of head-shots and zip-kicks did the trick – whenever I 
    was low on ammo I zip-kicked and usually got ammo from the soldier 
    I killed in the process.  YMMV but I found that to be the easiest 
    way to do this part.
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    This promises to be an action-packed zone!  As you move forward you 
    will be targeted by a sniper – note his location, in the elevated 
    car tunnel behind the yellow sign on the right side of the street. 
    As you run forward a supply pod will hit the road ahead of you and 
    you will see enemy paratroopers coming down ahead as well.  Hit the 
    supply drop for “Your Old Machine Gun” that carries a whopping 400 
    rounds of ammo.  Sweet!  Now remember that sniper?  Go kill him now!
    The reason that we are killing the sniper now is so that one, we do 
    not have to worry about him shooting us, and two, to grab Collectible
    71 (1 of 5 in this zone), and three, to use his perch as cover while 
    we deal with the other enemy!  So go do that now.
    After I killed the sniper and grabbed the collectible I got the 
    Achievement 'The Pinball Effect' (10GP) for no apparent reason and 
    nothing I did as far as I know – how cool is that?
    After you take out the large group of enemy below, drop onto the 
    street and cross to the left side, and go to the entrance to the 
    monorail station there – go up the stairs and grab the ammo and 
    Collectible 72 (2 of 5 in this zone).
    As you head for the next waypoint you will encounter another squad 
    of enemy soldiers – take them out – and then a pair of Biomech's – 
    not as big a problem as you are probably thinking though...  Ahead 
    of you is a supply pod with a Grenade Launcher in it – go swap your
    SAW for that, and then carefully put 4 rounds into each of the Mech
    Suits to kill them.  Easy Peasy!
    After you take them out in an efficient and very macho manner, look 
    up at the green street sign thingy – that is Collectible 73 (3 of 5 
    in this zone).  Go ahead and grab it now and then head to the right 
    to get Collectible 74 (4 of 5 in this zone) that is hidden behind 
    that truck.  Go back to the road sign where Collectible 73 was and 
    then go to the end of the road, where you will find Collectible 75 
    (5 of 5 in this zone).  Now head to the waypoint for a CS and an 
    - 2 Collection Items in this Zone -
    The zone starts with you on the roof as per the previous CS 
    conversation.  To your immediate right is a tower – climb up until 
    you see Collectible 76 (1 of 2 in this zone) and grab it now, and 
    then go to the other side of the tower and grab Collectible 77 
    (2 of 2 in this zone) – use the bent girders on either side of the 
    tower on the upper level to swing to and get it.
    Now drop down to the Relay Terminal and read the email 'The Bionic 
    Purge Part II' for some more background information.  When you have 
    absorbed that, and when you exit you get a CS in which the Buraq 
    Helicopter attacks.  Your control tells you that its machine guns 
    can tear you apart – duh – and that they are sending you supplies.
    The supplies will be Tarantula Anti-Air Missiles – which will appear 
    at the top of the spires in each corner randomly.  You might be 
    thinking that is perfect, but the Buraq has an unlimited number of 
    flare launchers, so you are going to be lucky to hit it 1 time period
    if all you are doing is firing one missile at a time...  It took me 
    a while to figure this out, but basically what you need to do is 
    hold down the aim and lock all THREE aim points to launch 3 missiles –
    his flares take out two, the third one hits!
    Now just when you think you have a handle on this – and it will be a 
    simple kill now that you know how to do it – they up the anti...  
    When you hit it the second time, a Polycraft spawns and you now have 
    to take it out – you take it out and then rearm and hit the Buraq 
    again – and now TWO Polycraft spawn – you take THEM out, rearm again,
    and when you try to target the Buraq for the killing blow – wait for
    it...  Wait for it... It now fires MISSILES at you that can go 
    through the cover you use and kill you.
    Now all you can do is keep moving while you try to get the three 
    lock-ons for the last hit – and die a lot if you are not quick - 
    and have to start over.  I know that this seems to be heavily 
    stacked against you but this is a boss fight – the end of Act I – 
    so it is supposed to be tough.
    When you take out the third Polycraft you should get the Achievement
    'Poly Cruncher' (25GP), and when you finally take out the Buraq, 
    you should get the Achievement 'Out of the Bush' (30GP) so hey, nice
    reward for a tough section final zone, eh?
    (ACT2C1) --- ACT II CHAPTER ONE --- 
    The previous Act ended with you jumping down into the Fissure while 
    the Buraq blows up the building you were on.  You get a radio 
    contact from control and the Secretary of Offense, with a change 
    in plans and some background information about a program you thought 
    had been canceled but as it turns out, was not.
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    A very large three-legged mechanical spider thing (I think it is 
    called a (Constrictor?) will appear shortly into the zone, and drop 
    a large number of attack drones – these are a one-shot-one-kill 
    enemy and their attack is relatively weak in small numbers, but 
    you do not want to be swarmed by them.  Take as many as you can 
    out and then head for the supply drop and grab the machine gun 
    with its blessed 400 rounds of ammo! 
    You can see Collectible 78 (1 of 3 in this zone) above where the 
    drones were – use the rock arch to grab that now or after you 
    deal with the paratroopers.  Next look away from the waypoint 
    past the supply pod and you will see some flames on the right – 
    to the left of these flames is Collectible 79 (2 of 3 in this zone) 
    which you should grab now.  Finally Collectible 80 (3 of 3 in this 
    zone is back near the tunnel you used to enter this area – look for 
    the collapsed tunnel to the side and grab it.
    Once you have all of the collectibles head for the waypoint – there 
    is ammo at the door there so grab it, then go through the door, the 
    hall, and out the other side. There is a Mech suit waiting for you 
    down the end of this cavern – and you have to kill it in order to 
    drop the barrier to get to the next area, so you know what to do 
    right?  Death from Above!
    After you finish off the Mech you get a brief CS and “remember” the 
    Spin Attack.  Good on ya!  Now head for the waypoint to finish this 
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As you enter the zone you hear two enemy soldiers talking on their 
    radios – turn left in the train station, skirt the train car, and 
    grab Collectible 81 (1 of 5 in this zone) at the end of the tracks 
    past that train car.  Grab the ammo here if you need it, and then 
    go deal with the enemy.
    After you deal with them, go to the edge of the platform to their 
    right and you will see, far below, Collectible 82 (2 of 5 in this 
    zone) then head for the waypoint.
    As you follow the path you will drop down and take out a couple 
    enemy and arrive at a large platform station with a minefield in 
    its center area above.  There are two platforms to the left, and 
    if you go to the lower one you will find Collectible 83 (3 of 5 
    in this zone).
    Go up to the upper platform and kill the three enemy here – then 
    follow the waypoint where you will find two enemy in a passage 
    that appear to be much better armored than the usual ones.  Take 
    care in killing them – I stayed a bit back and carefully targeted 
    their heads with my pistol rather than waste MG ammo – and the 
    strange thing is I KNOW that I was not close to getting the 50 
    head shot achievement so the head shots I did on them must have 
    multiplied because I received the Achievement 'Headshot Bonanza' 
    (25GP) after killing the first one!
    There are more enemy as you work your way along – take them out 
    as you like – and eventually you will arrive at a Relay Terminal – 
    hack this to disable the minefield and read the email telling the 
    Sarge to lie about you.
    Now turn around and go to the right down that tunnel and grab 
    Collectible 84 (4 of 5 in this zone) and then head over to the 
    edge and look down the minefield – you should see Collectible 85 
    (5 of 5 in this zone) – get that and then head for the waypoint!
    Be careful as you approach the broken pipe to exit the zone – you 
    cannot snag its bottom so try to go in from the top or use the 
    mine that is there because it sucks to die at the end of the zone 
    out – and I speak from experience :)
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Go to the end of the pipe you start in and shoot the two enemy on 
    the other side, then look up and snag the edge and flip up on top 
    of the pipe for Collectible 86 (1 of 5 in this zone).  Now follow 
    the waypoint until you reach a gap with some enemy defending it – 
    kill them and then use the path to cross the gap to the other side 
    and head up to the left – when you reach the second small crane look 
    behind the barrels to the right for Collectible 87 (2 of 5 in this 
    Ahead of you above and to the left of the Relay Terminal is 
    Collectible 88 (3 of 5 in this zone) so after you take out the 
    Machine Gunner on the far platform with a thrown object, go get 
    it, then mop up the rest of the enemy below and hack the Relay 
    Terminal to deactivate the mines and read the email.
    After you disconnect from the Terminal a supply pod will crash 
    near you with a Grenade Launcher and a Polycraft will attack – 
    grab the Launcher and take out the Polycraft now.
    Follow the waypoint to the minefield and take out the squad here.  
    You will find Collectible 89 (4 of 5 in this zone) – you will need 
    to swing out from the wall to get this and you need to do it 
    quickly because there is a lot of radiation here. As you move 
    through the minefield to reach the waypoint you will get Collectible 
    90 (5 of 5 in this zone) – then continue on to the waypoint below to 
    complete the zone.
    - 7 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Climb up the right side of the cave for Collectible 91 (1 of 7 in 
    this zone), and then run along this ledge/path towards the waypoint 
    jumping and snagging as needed. Eventually you exit the fissure 
    into the park, and drop down, at which point you will see another 
    one of those Constructor things (huge three legged metal crabs) and 
    hear Groeder giving orders in his thick accent.
    If you look carefully in the sky ahead and above you will see 
    Collectible 92 (2 of 7 in this zone).  It can be reached by swinging
    from the tree that is highest on the right side, so go ahead and 
    grab that now.  After you get it, backtrack to where we were when 
    we saw it and work your way around the left side of the park where 
    you will find some bodies and Collectible 93 (3 of 7 in this zone)
    which you should grab.  There is ammo here – and a radio playing a
    silly song that is good for some comic relief LOL.
    Now drop down to the next level below and look up to see 
    Collectible 94 (4 of 7 in this zone) – you can use the tree branch 
    to get it.  After this retrace your way around the lake and head 
    for the waypoint.  As you approach you will be attacked by a squad 
    of men – I used the Grenade Launcher to take them out and got the 
    Achievement 'Let the Dog Out' (15GP) for killing three enemy with 
    one shot.
    Once you have them mopped up grab the ammo here, and then continue 
    to head for the next two waypoints – just before the second 
    waypoint you will get a checkpoint save because you are about to 
    enter an area where you will eventually be attacked by a pair of 
    Biomech – and you need to kill them!  
    First though you need to take the squad out on the grassy plateau 
    ahead – at which point the Biomech's will come there and attack you.
    The easiest way to defeat them is use the tree there to repeatedly 
    do Death from Above – that was how I did it and I got it without 
    getting killed :)
    After they are dead face away from the road and look to the right – 
    there you will find Collectible 95 (5 of 7 in this zone) so get 
    that and then go to the right side of the road in the cave entrance 
    and get Collectible 96 (6 of 7 in this zone).  Finally drop below 
    the road and swing into the supports there and grab Collectible 97 
    (7 of 7 in this zone).
    Head for the waypoint to finish this zone!
    (4 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As you exit the tunnel look left – and see Collectible 98 (1 of 4 
    in this zone) – go get it.  Now head along the roadway through the 
    gate to the waypoint – you will see the statues of the heroes ahead 
    and then get a CS in which you have another confrontation with Mag.
    Interesting wasn't it?  Okay, see the statue that is all legs?  Go 
    look behind it and get Collectible 99 (2 of 4 in this zone).
    Now run down the path leading to the next waypoint – the one leading 
    to the damaged arch ahead.  When you get to the arch, climb to the 
    top and grab Collectible 100 (3 of 4 in this zone) and then listen 
    to the Secretary of Offense tell you off.  What a guy he is, a real 
    Right then, head on towards the waypoint – it is not far - and you 
    see a building that must have been pretty cool when it was new.  As 
    you enter the building there in the center of the open atrium above 
    you is Collectible 101 (4 of 4 in this zone). Once you have grabbed 
    that continue on through the building via the second floor to the 
    waypoint and close out this zone!
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    When this zone begins we are in the atrium again but it is a much 
    more complex structure – head forward and you will see another open 
    level you can drop down but do not do that yet...  Look up to the 
    right on top of that elevator housing thingy and you will see 
    Collectible 102 (1 of 5 in this zone).
    Now drop down the opening in the floor and kill the squad of 
    soldiers here – I did a lot of zip-kicks and grab-throws on them, 
    but I am sadistic – you can kill them any way you like:)
    As you head down the hallway look up – and find Collectible 103 
    (2 of 5 in this zone) – just snag the ceiling above it and zip up 
    and grab it then defend yourself against the two squads of soldiers
    who come a running up the hall!  I was expecting one squad, not two,
    and it got a little hairy, but forewarned is half the battle right?
    After you take them out, head towards the waypoint – when you reach 
    the end of the hall on this level a supply pod will crash down on 
    the level above you – so snag and climb through the open ceiling 
    and kill the enemy that is there, then work your way to the supply 
    pod and grab the Hiker.  The rest of the squad is ahead, so you may 
    as well deal with them now :)
    Hack into the Relay Terminal to disable the minefield and read the 
    email on tremors and leave you wondering – just what exactly IS a 
    Mohorovic anyway?  I guess we will find out soon enough, right?  
    Continue on towards the waypoints now, and you get to the park – 
    and a dilemma...  There is a squad ahead of you but you cannot go 
    to the right because of radiation, so you have to take the path to 
    the left towards the bridge – a path that is pretty much a killing 
    Work your way from cover to cover until you get to the bridge, then 
    grab the soldier there and throw him at the ones on the other side 
    of the bridge – that should take out a few of them in one blow.  
    There is ammo – pistol ammo and a grenade – on top of the heliport 
    next to you so get that if you need it - now grab the MG from the 
    supply pod here and bite the bullet, cross the bridge and deal 
    with the rest of the squad!
    There is ammo here for your pistol and grenades – one on the ground 
    and one on top of the small building here.  After you get those, 
    look to the left behind the small building and you will see one 
    of the fortification walls that the enemy uses – go behind that 
    along the edge of the cliff and grab Collectible 104 (3 of 5 in 
    this zone).  Now continue on towards the waypoint where you will 
    encounter three Biomech's – that you have to kill...
    Three Biomech's is a heavy load – no question about that – so you 
    will want to use a combination of moves on them – I started by 
    getting all three near me at the base of a tree and doing the Spin 
    Attack – which did considerable damage to them – then I went up 
    the tree and did a Death from Above, killing one of them.  With the 
    odds more in my favor now, I sprinted and jumped to the supply pod 
    and grabbed the grenade launcher, then went up the tree there, and 
    hanging from the tree killed the last two with the grenade launcher.
    Easy Peasy!
    Now you see the door with the waypoint that ends this level?  Do 
    not go through it. Go to the left of it, over the edge and grab 
    Collectible 105 (4 of 5 in this zone) – it is in that water pipe.
    Now look to the right – you see Collectible 106 (5 of 5 for this 
    zone) on the rocks there?  Grab it too, and now you can hit the 
    door to end this zone!
    (ACT2C2) --- ACT II CHAPTER II ---
    No CS for this chapter change, but you now find yourself in the 
    Gardens of Ascension City...  No people dust here like at the 
    heroes statues and it actually does not look as bad off as the 
    rest of the city...  Now if there were just some dancing penguins 
    and a chick with an umbrella...
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Before you do anything else, turn around and run to the back of the 
    room and grab Collectible 107 (1 of 5 in this zone), and then head 
    for the waypoint.  As you approach this room we get our new chapter
    CS – what IS that ugly thing with the blue ray gun?! And you will 
    notice a large number of snipers – I think they know we are here!
    But if they don't they will in a second...
    Take out the snipers obviously – what I did was work my way around 
    the room counter-clockwise, going to the sniper perches and throwing
    them to their deaths – you could shoot them, but Spencer says funny
    things like “Chew on THAT!” and “You'll thank me for this later!” 
    when you grab them and throw them to their very painful death...
    Now go back to where you entered this room and climb as high as you 
    can, then look around and you should spot Collectible 108 (2 of 5 
    in this zone).  If you do not see it look to the left in the 
    distance – there are some girders near the ceiling there – and you 
    should be able to spot it now – so go grab that collectible!
    Now head for the waypoint and that ominous noise – and you will 
    encounter a Lancer Biomech – that thing with the blue raygun it 
    seems...  You have to kill it, you know that, right?  I had three 
    grenade launcher rounds and three grenades left, and what I did 
    was hit it with two of the launcher rounds and then used the 
    three grenades to finish it off easy peasy!  Then I dealt with the 
    soldiers who were left – a five man squad.
    BEFORE you hack the node, drop down below the platform that it is 
    on and grab Collectible 109 (3 of 5 in this zone) and then hack 
    the Relay to deactivate the minefield and read the email “Know 
    thine enemy” for a laugh.  The guy writing it is a Captain of 
    the Third Platoon???  No, a Lieutenant would be in command of the 
    Third Platoon, a Captain would be the Company Commander...  Ah 
    Now look down to the lower level (not in the direction of the 
    waypoint) and you should see a bridge-like section of catwalk 
    that leads over the water.  Beneath that is Collectible 110 (4 
    of 5 for this zone), so go ahead and grab that now, then head 
    for the waypoint.
    You will encounter a small squad of soldiers in the next atrium – 
    kill them and grab the ammo here including a grenade – and continue 
    on.  When you reach the center of the next garden a supply pod will 
    drop – jump up and grab the shotgun and then head for the next 
    waypoint.  There will be a squad for you to kill in the next atrium,
    and when you reach the next garden there is a pair of Lancer 
    Biomech's for you to play with...  Oh yay!
    Since we do not have the grenade launcher we will have to take 
    these guys on with a combination of spin attack and DfA...  Try 
    not to die, and remember that your regular grenades will hurt these 
    guys as well!
    HINT: They do not come to you you have to go to them, which means 
    UP.  What I did was go up to the third level of the central tower 
    and let one get really close to me, then did the spin attack which 
    pretty much crippled him, and finished him off with two thrown 
    grenades.  That leaves one Lancer left, and that is obviously more 
    manageable than fighting two at once!  When I killed that first 
    Lancer I got the Achievement 'Biomech Sweeper' (25GP) for killing 
    15 Biomech units.
    As you are running around trying to coax the second Lancer into 
    fighting you will spot Collectible 111 (5 of 5 in this zone) on 
    the side of one of the walkways – go ahead and grab that now, 
    since he will not come up and play, then continue to hunt him.
    I ended up killing him by sticking my last grenade in his mouth to 
    take him to less than half health, then repeatedly doing DfA off 
    of the underside of the deck above until he was dead dead dead.  
    Now head for the waypoint and you will get an update and a hole 
    will open below – drop in and follow the next few waypoints to get 
    your first peak at Der Wurm!  Spooky!  That will close out this 
    zone, grats!
    - 6 Collection Items in this Zone -
    From the start here, stay near the left side and move forward to 
    grab Collectible 112 (1 of 6 in this zone).  Just as you get to 
    the collectible you will be targeted by a couple of snipers and 
    there will be a supply pod drop – head for the drop and grab the 
    sniper rifle for a little anti-sniper sniping, then take out the 
    Do not let them get you into a crossfire situation – remember 1 
    shot, 1 kill, 4 snipers, oohrah!
    Now return to the pod drop site and follow the stream there to 
    the right where you will find Collectible 113 (2 of 6 in this 
    zone).  You will need to grab and throw the rocks blocking it 
    to get it, so do that :)
    Now head for that building that the snipers were using as their 
    perch and climb to its roof to grab Collectible 114 (3 of 6 in 
    this zone).  
    Ahead of you past the collectible you just got you should see the 
    red beam of the Relay Terminal.  Take out the enemy here as you 
    like, then hack the relay to disable the minefield and part one 
    of the dossier they are compiling on you.
    Now that the mines are deactivated, swing out to Collectible 115 
    (4 of 6 in this zone) and grab it.
    Follow the waypoints, looking to the side for a pile of large 
    rocks – Collectible 116 (5 of 6 in this zone) is located there.  
    Just as you get near the next Relay Terminal you will be attacked 
    by a squad that includes a heavy-MG armored dood. Kill them all! 
    Now go down and hack the Relay Terminal to deactivate the minefield 
    and read the next part of your dossier and an email about the 
    Mechanic.  When you finish, turn around and start climbing the 
    ledges here, follow the path and grab Collectible 117 (6 of 6 
    in this zone).  
    After you get the last collectible drop down and follow the 
    waypoint to the minefield, and use the mines to get to the 
    waypoint at the other end and exit the zone.
    - 5 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Go forward and to the left of the starting point and grab 
    Collectible 118 (1 of 5 in this zone).  Now head towards the 
    waypoints until you reach the road with the burning tree on 
    the right.  Head left and grab Collectible 119 (2 of 5 in this 
    zone) – once you have it keep moving forward to the edge of 
    the cliff to the right and follow the edge – yes it is a radiation 
    zone but if you do this quickly that will not hurt you.  A small 
    jump is required to get over the rocks, and here is Collectible 
    120 (3 of 5 in this zone), so grab it and then get back to the 
    non-radiation area where the other collectible was QUICKLY!
    Follow the waypoints, avoiding the radiation, and you will have a 
    radio exchange with Joe about the National Archives – keep going 
    until you see a pillar – Collectible 121 (4 of 5 in this zone) 
    is on top of that pillar.
    See that tree there on the left?  Use it to swing over the wall 
    and up into the rocks, where you will find Collectible 122 (5 of 
    5 in this zone)!
    - 2 Collection Items in this Zone -
    Right, see that pillar in front of you?  See Collectible 123 (1 
    of 2 in this zone) on top of it?  Get collectible Spencer!  Now 
    that you are standing on top of the pillar, you should see 
    Collectible 124 (2 of 2 in this zone) ahead of you – well? What 
    are you waiting for?!
    After you get the collectible hit the computer at the end of the 
    room for – D'oh! ACCESS DENIED!  And what is this?  Groeder is 
    screaming at us?!  Groeder?!
    What happens now is probably the toughest fight you have faced so 
    far – it is brutal – I just want to prepare you...  So, you should 
    have at least one grenade on you right now – you get the “we have 
    company” warning – target the balcony above to the left and jump up 
    there, then run along it and around the left corner, arm you grenade
    and throw it into the cluster of troops repelling down from the 
    ceiling in the far left side of the building.  Do it right and you 
    take them all out – if you missed one or two, go kill them with 
    grab and throw.  Now run back along the balcony towards the center 
    area and grab the supply pod drop that should hit as you approach 
    the edge of the balcony.
    The pod has a grenade launcher in it, grab that but be really stingy
    in how you use it – if you cannot take out two or more targets with
    it, than DO NOT fire it. Anything closer than 50 feet is NOT a 
    target for the launcher – take them out by hand.  Eventually you 
    will work your way to the right side of the room, taking out the 
    squad that dropped there and some extras on the balcony.  You run 
    out of grenades about the time the next pod hits – and it has 
    another launcher so go grab that!
    Three more squads drop in and each has two heavy MG doods, so go 
    careful but KEEP MOVING!  These squads have grenades and will use 
    them if you sit still for even a second!  Again use the grenades 
    stingy – two or more targets or you do not fire. Do this right 
    and you should have two grenades left when the next pod drops.  
    Work your way to the pod and use the last two grenades on anything 
    you can – does not need to be two or more, one will do since you 
    are about to swap out the launcher for an MG.
    With the MG retreat to the left or right side of the building and 
    take out the drones with short aimed bursts into the flock.  It 
    should take around 100 rounds of MG ammo to do them in.  You 
    should have picked up two regular grenades and full ammo for your 
    pistol by now, so use the regular grenades to take out the new 
    squad that is on the right side, then work your way along taking 
    out the stragglers by hand or with your MG.
    At this point the music should stop – yay!  We Win!
    I picked up the Achievements 'Whoo-paah!' (10GP) and 'Nemesis' 
    (25GP) near the end of this battle as well.
    Now head back to the computer in the rear of the library and hey! 
    Cool!  ACCESS GRANTED!  Woohoo, we have the Carnivore!  Now we 
    can read other people's email and... wait... sorry... Wrong 
    reality.  You get a nice CS, and then the floor falls in, and 
    you are told to get to the evec point fast.  Well, what are you 
    waiting for?!
    Head for the waypoint and drop down to the level below and then 
    into the worm hole, and you should hit the waypoint that closes 
    out this zone – good on ya mate!
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    As you exit the tunnel climb out to the right and hug the right 
    side of the path avoiding radiation areas.  You should encounter 
    Collectible 125 (1 of 3 in this zone) on some rocks on that side.
    Continue ahead and you will come to a cliff below which is a 
    raised highway with two soldiers on it – kill them with short 
    bursts from your MG then drop down to the highway and swing under 
    it to get Collectible 126 (2 of 3 in this zone).
    Now swing back up on the top of the highway and run to the end where
    the yellow cab and green girder are.  Look up and to the left – you
    see it?  Collectible 127 (3 of 3 in this zone) – use the girder to
    grab that now!  After you land you get a checkpoint save, so head 
    for the waypoint now and – Ruh Roh Raggy!  The worm has turned!
    My strategy for this fight is pretty simple if a little cheesy...  
    Run towards the worm, and it hit it with a car.  When it goes back 
    underground run forward till it pops up again, and hit it with 
    another car, then run to the supply pod and grab the grenade 
    launcher.  Now look ahead and to the right – see the glowing neon 
    red ring? Run to it and jump on the platform in front of it – where 
    the worm cannot hurt you with either of its attacks it seems – at 
    least he could not hurt me :)
    Now take your time, aim, and hit him with the launcher – rinse and 
    repeat and when you are out of ammo run to the pod that just dropped 
    and re-arm – eventually the pod will just do MG's which is what you 
    Every second time you damage him at first he is going to heal – you 
    do not want that!  When his head hits the ground he is healing 
    himself, and you need to control WHEN he does that – you will get 
    the feel for how he works after a few cycles of hitting him, so 
    once you have it down, here is what you need to do:
    Damage him, then wait for him to come very close to the platform you 
    are on before you damage him again so that when he heals, his head 
    is close to the platform – as soon as he starts to drop down run 
    towards where his head will land and snag the blue light with your 
    arm hook and hang on – he will heal and then whip up into the air 
    with you on him for the ride.  When you get to the top of your arc 
    hit 'A' and then 'Y' repeatedly and fast!  You will come down right
    on top of the blue light and do serious damage, stomping up and 
    down.  As soon as you start to fall angle for the ground in the 
    direction of the red-ring platform – get back to it FAST.
    He will start doing sonic attacks after this and you do not want to 
    be anywhere except that platform when he does that.  If your MG is 
    low on ammo at this point, wait until he has done his two sonic 
    attacks then go refill from the pod.
    Now it does not really matter where he rises for the next attack, 
    just damage him – which should leave about an inch of red in his 
    health bar.  It is crucial that you now ONLY shoot him when he is 
    near the platform – and as soon as his head starts to fall run 
    forward and snag it, then smash him again and finito!  He is dead!
    Yay you, you just killed the Boss Mob for this chapter!
    You also earned the Achievement 'Can You Dig It?' (40GP) so double-
    Now head through the red door since you now have access, and close 
    out this zone and Chapter.
    (ACT2C3) --- ACT II CHAPTER III ---
    There is no CS at the beginning of this chapter – but you do start 
    in a car tunnel which should make you feel right at home :)  That 
    Worm fight was pretty tough wasn't it?  But all is well that ends 
    well, and now we get a new adventure without having to ask for it!
    Say, where is the Carnivore?  I was hoping to use that...
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    A nice squad of enemy soldiers greets us at the entrance to this 
    zone, so go ahead and kill them now, right?  Excellent! Head down 
    the tunnel gingerly as you will be doing battle with another squad 
    that has two heavy MG doods, and you will see a truck laying on 
    its side on a pile of rubble behind which is Collectible 128 (1 
    of 3 in this zone).  
    You may have noticed that there was a checkpoint save just before
    we reached the truck... That is never a good sign is it?  Well, 
    grab that collectib1e and then work your way forward to find a 
    Lancer Mech unit and a barrier blocking the exit!  Yay!
    Right then, the easiest way to deal with him is to throw the cars, 
    bodies and anything else you can find at him to wear away his 
    health without you getting fried by his raygun, and then using a 
    few well timed grenades to deliver the coup de grace, and a well 
    done to you mate!
    Now ahead of you is a fairly large group of soldiers, so go careful
    and take them out, and then move down the tunnel until you can turn
    right, where you will find Collectible 129 (2 of 3 in this zone).  
    Grab that and then work your way along until you can turn left, 
    where you will find above you behind a sign Collectible 130 (3 of 
    3 in this zone).
    Now just run towards the waypoint to complete this zone!
    - 6 Collection Items in this Zone -
    You start at the opening of the tunnel and it is a wet night!  Joe 
    gives you the word on the fact that the brass hats are getting 
    nervous about our not completing this assignment faster, and you 
    have some witty banter before Joe tells you to “Get to work!”  
    Right then, let us do that!
    You see the arch ahead of you?  Climb to the top of it to grab 
    Collectible 131 (1 of 6 in this zone), and then drop back to the 
    street level.  Go over the left side of the bridge and land on 
    the rooftop below, then go to the next lower level of this building
    roof and turn around to grab Collectible 132 (2 of 6 in this zone).
    Did you hear something?
    Follow the waypoints down into the warehouse and take out the squad 
    in there, then continue to the broken open wall and the crane 
    waypoint – but do NOT be tempted to jump to the crane and then the 
    roof of this warehouse because it is so hot radiation wise you 
    will die instantly.  What you are seeing on your radar is three 
    flying Lancer Mechs – and you have to kill them!
    STRATEGY:  What I did was jump out of the warehouse and run to the 
    top of the other warehouse where the supply pod is and grab the 
    grenade launcher, and then ran back to the first warehouse and went 
    in.  You are only fighting two of these things at a time – though 
    there are three – and what I did was wait for one of them to land on
    the dock across from the opening and then put 4 very carefully 
    aimed grenade rounds into him, killing him.  I waited a few minutes 
    for the next one to land and did that again, killing him.  
    For the third one I waited for him to land while aiming with my 
    pistol and put six rounds into the blue glowing square on his back,
    damaging him and pissing him off! That caused him to come into the
    warehouse after me, where I threw a regular grenade at him further
    damaging him and drawing him in to the long hall in back, at which
    point I did a few Death from Above attacks to kill him.
    Now head back to where the Biomech's originally attacked you and 
    look up in the sky where you will find Collectible 133 (3 of 6 in 
    this zone).  You can swing to it from that girder up there.  After 
    you get that, go to the roof next to the warehouse where the supply
    drop is – the one with the cannon and Relay Terminal on it – run 
    past the Terminal and cannon onto the next warehouse rooftop and 
    look for a small building on that roof – go behind that building 
    along the roof edge and grab Collectible 134 (4 of 6 in this zone). 
    Now run back to the cannon and target its control panel with your 
    fist and snag it then rip it loose.  With the cannon deactivated 
    you can now hack the Relay Terminal so do that and the minefield 
    will be deactivated and you can read the next part of the dossier 
    they are compiling on you!
    Your new waypoint is back in the first warehouse where we killed 
    the last Biomech, so head that way and fight the squad on the 
    dock near it – be careful here – I know that there was a checkpoint 
    save after we hacked the Terminal but that doesn't mean it is okay 
    to die!
    When you come to the exit on the other side of the warehouse you 
    will see paratroopers landing on the opposite rooftop – kill them 
    now.  I did it by using short well-aimed bursts from my MG...  Once 
    they are dead do not leave the warehouse yet; backtrack about 
    twenty feet and look up and to the left and you will see a dark area
    near the roof – that is actually a platform so go up there and grab
    Collectible 135 (5 of 6 in this zone) now.
    From here you retrace your steps back up to the bridge where we 
    started, and then over the other side and head for the waypoint 
    marked on your radar – the problem with this is that you can NOT 
    use the rooftops the entire way because they are heavily 
    irradiated.  That means you have to basically travel along the 
    lower sides of the buildings and use whatever girders, pipes and 
    abutments that you can.  It makes for a dicey trip, but try not 
    to die, because that will reset you to just after you hacked the 
    Relay Terminal!
    As you approach the waypoint you will discover you are facing a 
    squad of soldiers with a heavy MG dood AND a pair of those airborne 
    Lancer Biomech's...  I have to admit this was a punch in the gut – 
    having used all of my explosive weapons up on the last trio of these
    things you would not think that they would throw more at you would 
    you?  One regular grenade is not going to bring them both down, but
    that is not the problem right now – the squad of soldiers is!
    There is no way you can deal with the Mech's while the squad is 
    taking potshots at you, especially the heavy MG dood, do first 
    thing you need to do is take them out using the pipes on the upper 
    roof as cover from the Mech's.  Once you have the squad taken out,
    you have a little breathing room, though keep an eye on the very 
    active Mech because he sometimes gets in a position where he can 
    hit you with his ball of blue ouchie!  If you get hit, retreat 
    behind the big pipe on the lower roof level to heal up.
    At some point a supply pod hits the upper roof that contains a SAM 
    launcher – so sing Tiocfaidh ár lá and grab that baby!  Now it is 
    just a matter of hiding behind the pipe until the pair go into the 
    air next to each other and targeting both at the same time – BAM! 
    Again!  BAM!  One more time!  BAM!  Can you say “Dead Biomech's?”  
    I knew you could!
    Now there was a third Biomech I was not aware of before, hiding up 
    on the far roof – but now he is on the radar.  Dealing with him is 
    a snap, just use your last two SAM missiles on him, then when he 
    comes to your roof, pick up a crate and hit him with it for the 
    kill.  Easy peasy!
    Now it is time to make our way to the cannon and Relay Terminal 
    on the other roof – carefully!  Snag the cannon control panel and 
    rip it like before, then jack into the Terminal and hack it to 
    disable the minefield and read the Code Red Memo.
    You should be old-hat at crossing minefields by now, so go ahead 
    and cross this one to the building/oil rig(?) and land on the roof –
    where a hole will form at the waypoint.  Do NOT go into that hole 
    yet!  Run to the opposite side of the building and look down in the 
    water to the right – there is Collectible 136 (6 of 6 in this zone).
    Carefully grab it and THEN hit the hole in the roof!
    At the bottom of the hole is... Another hole!  At the bottom of THAT
    hole is a tunnel with a waypoint – hit that waypoint to close this 
    zone – Yay!
    - 7 Collection Items in this Zone -
    You begin this zone in the other end of the tunnel facing a hole up.
    Go up the right side of the hole and then climb on top of the 
    machinery there to grab Collectible 137 (1 of 7 in this zone).
    Make your way to the waypoint on the roof through the broken section,
    but as you move onto the roof be careful – there is a Polycraft here
    hunting you AND there are snipers on the far buildings!  Kill the 
    Polycraft with your MG, and avoid getting in a crossfire position 
    with the snipers.  As you move to your right up the pipes you will 
    see Collectible 138 (2 of 7 in this zone) but you cannot get it 
    yet – first take out the snipers, and THEN come back and get it.
    Done?  Good!
    Now run along the pipe that leads up to Collectible 138 and jump 
    off of the end, snagging the other broken pipe over the gap – and 
    climb up to the supply pod on top of this tank structure.  Now you 
    have a sniper rifle, which evens things out more than nicely thank 
    you very much!  Take out those snipers, then go get Collectible 138
    then come back here, okay?  You back?  Excellent!
    Note: One of the snipers is on the roof of the tank with the supply 
    pod so go ahead and kill him right away :)
    Use the sniper rifle to take out the squad below on the platform, 
    then head down there but be careful because another small squad with
    a heavy MG dood will appear as you get to the platform and you do 
    not want to die as that will set you back to the start again.
    Now that you have the squad-and-a-half defeated, look up at the 
    bridge that the last three came from – climb to the top of the 
    right side of this bridge you are on, and grab Collectible 139 
    (3 of 7 in this zone).  
    Below you will encounter a pair of Mechs – deal with them the best 
    way you can with what you have – I had three grenades and my MG 
    so I weakened them and then stood up on the bridge and killed them 
    with the MG by targeting their weak spot.  Direct attacks other 
    than the spin attack are not going to be practical here because 
    of the stuff that is in the way, but then YMMV.
    Once they are dead the barrier drops, so head to that waypoint and 
    then towards the next, where you will take out a squad of soldiers.
    Grab the ammo here and then head around the corner to the Relay 
    Terminal to disable the minefield and read another installment of
    the dossier they are compiling on you.
    As you cross the minefield you will be targeted by a sniper – which 
    you will have to ignore for now – look to the left at the round 
    buildings there – the second one has Collectible 140 (4 of 7 in 
    this zone) on it.  Go ahead and grab it now.
    Using the mines go the rest of the way towards the supply pod 
    location, then use the girder below to swing to the side of the tank 
    the pod is on – grab the grenade launcher and then step back – a 
    Biomech will appear above along with a heavy MG dood – carefully 
    put four rounds into the Biomech above you – that should take out 
    the heavy MG dood as well.  There is a second Biomech around here, 
    plus the snipers and other troops, so go easy and try not to die, 
    After you take them out, work your way up and over to the right and 
    grab Collectible 141 (5 of 7 in this zone) and then hit the waypoint
    below.  As you exit the building on the other side climb to the roof
    on the left outside and run to the back to grab Collectible 142 (6 of
    7 in this zone).  You will note that a supply pod drops nearby AND 
    you are targeted by a sniper.  Go for the pod since your main weapon
    has no ammo.
    Take out the two soldiers on your right with short bursts from your 
    MG then go to the sniper and take him out at his perch.  Now look 
    to your right and take out the rest of the squad on that walkway.  
    Now look a little more to the right and you should see the largest 
    of the tank buildings – go there and get Collectible 143 (7 of 7 
    in this zone) now.
    Now work your way back to the girder frame and pipe and run along 
    the frame until you hit the waypoint and end this zone, chapter, 
    and Act.
    (ACT3C1) --- ACT III ---
    The new Act begins with a lengthy CS in which you give Joe the 
    Carnivore – and then he gives you a mask and you realize he has 
    betrayed you yet again.   If his words and the mask were not evidence
    enough, Groeder steps out of the Buraq and tells the others to kill 
    you, then gets on with Joe and Mag, who gets bitch-slapped when she
    protests.  Joe taunted you about Emily earlier which makes me think
    he really does know something we do not...
    The Buraq takes off and one is ordered to stay behind to be sure you 
    do not surface since you were supposedly blown into the water by 
    their missile attack.  The pilot decides you is dead, but of course
    as he is flying off we see our hand gripping the top of the wing of
    his Buraq – we are not so dead after all!
    - No Collection Items in this Zone -
    This is probably one of the best thought-out and fun missions in the
    game if you ask me...  But then people say I am easy.
    You start out on the Buraq – your task is to get to the Buraq in the
    front of the convoy – the one that has Mag, Joe, and Groeder in it.
    You are hampered by these little airborne jetski things with a pilot
    and gunner but you can mostly ignore those really...
    Grab the Buraq and work your way to the yellow glowing plate – rip 
    it off and jack into the panel below it.  Now using the Left 
    Joystick fly to the next Buraq, let go and snag it, and transfer 
    to it.  Rinse and repeat to the front of the line and you will 
    end up in the lead Buraq.
    You get a CS that raises more questions than it answers, and 
    eventually you get knocked off the side and fall... And this 
    mission ends.
    - 2 Collection Items in this Zone -
    After the CS ends you are on the ground in a very torn up area...
    Here you will find Collectible 144 (1 of 2 in this zone) above you:
    swing from the lamp post positioned over the pit - but be aware that 
    there is a significant amount of radiation aboveso go careful in 
    that vacinity.  Once you have 144, drop down and head through the
    tunnel, then jump onto the platform and look behind the rocks back
    here for Collectible 145 (2 of 2 in this zone).
    - 2 Collection Items in this Zone -
    This zone begins with a lengthy CS in which you talk about life, 
    your goals, and your wife with mag, then you meet the mysterious 
    sniper from earlier and you know him!  TASC!  Anyway you all split 
    up at this point, because TASC has one set of goals, and Mag wants 
    to go to the Vault, while you?  You got some payback to dish out!
    Now turn around and get to the mostly destroyed building above you 
    (mind the radiation!) – and Collectible 146 (1 of 2 in this zone).
    Once you have that, look for a hole at the bottom of this building 
    and grab Collectible 147 (2 of 2 in this zone).  Now head for the 
    waypoints – in the tunnel the Secretary of Offense gives you a 
    ration of crap when you try to give him the 4-1-1 but hey, what do 
    you expect from him?  Take out the squad of soldiers ahead by 
    feeding them some of the cars in the tunnel and earn Achievement 
    'The Pitcher' (25GP)!  
    Now keep going – when you exit the tunnel there is another large 
    squad to the left that you can kill by grabbing a few and beating 
    the others to death with them, then continue on towards the next 
    There is another squad below at the elevator pad – kill them then 
    jump onto the pad for a CS and a transition to the deck of the 
    Constructor – you know, that three-legged metal crab thingy.
    Run to the back of the Constructor to the supply pods and grab 
    the grenade launcher and then run forward along the left side and 
    take out the Mech unit near the yellow waypoint marker.  Take out 
    the squad here, and then drop down to the marker and take out the 
    squad there – I did it with spin attack and got the Achievement 
    'Crowd Control' (20GP).
    When that squad is dead, snag the piston thing and rip it loose, 
    causing the leg on this side to blow up.  Now head back to the 
    pods and kill the troops that respawned there – then drop down 
    and kill the squad by the waypoint marker, grab the SAW MG from 
    the pod and then kill the Polycraft here with the SAW and rip the 
    objective here to destroy the second leg.
    Jump back up to the pods and grab your trusty Grenade Launcher 
    again and head along the right side of the Constructor to the 
    next waypoint marker.  Kill the Mech unit here with the Launcher, 
    then the squad below and rip the last marker object.
    The last white tank thing falls and you are now tasked with killing 
    Groeder!  Yeah I have been looking forward to this – so head for the 
    waypoint on the radar.
    As expected you get a CS in which he taunts you with the fact that 
    you were well used by them, and then you battle.  It took me a bit 
    to figure this out, but you can only damage him after he uses one 
    of his moves, and then the best way to do it is zip-kick.  You will 
    see what I mean...
    Once you get his health down to a certain point he will call in 
    drones to attack you – you need to quickly take them out with your 
    MG because if you do not, you are likely going to die from their 
    fire.  Put the finishing moves on Groeder and doesn't that feel 
    - 3 Collection Items in this Zone -
    After the CS you will be standing outside of the vault – from the 
    first set of supply pods go to the left and climb up to get 
    Collectible 148 (1 of 3 in this zone).  Take out the enemy here 
    using your preferred weapons and style, then head to the second set 
    of weapon pods and grab Collectible 149 (2 of 3 in this zone).  
    Now fight your way to the White Matrix doors and kite the boxes here
    until you find the one with Collectible 150 (3 of 3 in this zone) 
    under it.  Grab it and wow!  You got 'em all!
    You don't need me to tell you how to take out the Mechs or grunts at
    this point – it should be old hat to you now!  Just follow the 
    waypoints killing as you go until you get the CS and then you are 
    on the back of a Vulture – just follow the on-screen commands to 
    beat the five Vultures and earn your CS confrontation with Joe...  
    Yeah I was sort of disappointed too, I thought we would be fighting 
    him, but as it turns out we just get to watch.  Oh well.  Grats on 
    completing the game!  
    (BLING) Xbox 360 Achievements
    There are 49 Achievements worth a total of 1,000 GP for Bionic 
    Commando.  Many of these achievements you will earn while simply 
    playing the game but a few require you to do specific things to 
    obtain them.  For achievements with unique methods, that information
    is included below.
    These are listed in the order that I acquired them – you may 
    acquire them in a different order...
    - Close Up (5 GP) Kill 1 Enemy while in aim mode
    - Swinger (5 GP) 3 consecutive swings
    - Leap Up! (5 GP) Do 1 Leap Up
    - Blood Trial (5 GP) Kill 10 Enemy
    - Slayer (10 GP) Kill 25 Enemy
    - Kaboom (5 GP) Kill 1 Enemy with a Grenade
    - Kick In The Back (10 GP) Zip-kick 2 Enemy
    - Fair Fight! (10 GP) Kill 1 Biomech
    - Incoming! (10 GP) Kill 1 Enemy using Death from Above
    - Train Wreck (5 GP) Rip 3 Train Cars
    - Receiving End (10 GP) Throw an object at an Enemy
    - Stroke of Luck (5 GP) Kill 1 Enemy using Bulldog
    - Cracker (15 GP) Kill 5 Biomech's
    - The Pinball Effect (10 GP) Kill 2 Enemy with 1 thrown object
    - Poly Cruncher (25 GP) Kill 10 Polycraft
    - Out of the Bush (30 GP) Kill the Buraq Helicopter
    - Headshot Bonanza (25 GP) Headshot 50 Enemy
    - Let the Dog Out (15 GP) Kill 3 Enemy with 1 Bulldog Shot
    - Biomech Sweeper (25 GP) Kill 15 Biomech
    - Whoo-paah! (10 GP) Kill 1 Enemy with Whip-Spin
    - Nemesis (25 GP) Kill 350 Enemy
    - Can you dig it? (40 GP) Kill the Mohole
    - The Pitcher (25 GP) Kill 50 Enemy with thrown objects
    - Crowd Control (20 GP) Kill 6 Enemy with 1 Whip-Spin
    - Man Locked Up (5 GP) Kill 1 enemy with Tarantula Lock-on
    - Jabber Man (10 GP) Kill 10 Enemy Hand-to-Hand
    - Torn Into Pieces (10 GP) Destroy 1 Polycraft in the air
    - Down To Earth (10 GP) Kill an Enemy then throw him at another Enemy
    - Rocket Man (10 GP) Kill 10 Enemy using Tarantula
    - Two Hit Wonder (10 GP) Kill 2 Enemy with 1 Hiker Shot
    - Explosive Delivery (10 GP) Kill 2 Enemy with the Bulldog while 
    - Worthy Foe (10 GP) Kill 3 Biomech's Hand-to-Hand
    - Spence is in the Air (10 GP) Kill a Polycat with an Adrenalin 
      Finishing Move
    - The River (10 GP) Kill 5 Enemy with 1 Grenade
    - Barrage (15 GP) Kill 3 Enemy with 1 Death from Above
    - Air to Surface (20 GP) Kill 6 Enemy with Tarantula while Swinging
    - Drive-by (20 GP) Kill 3 Enemy with Hiker while swinging
    - Pull! (15 GP) Kill an airborne enemy with a thrown object
    - Come Out and Play (20 GP) Kill a Biomech with an Adrenalin Finishing
    - Shoot 'Em Up! (15 GP) Kill 15 Enemy by Kiting them and killing them 
      in the air
    - Feel the Beat, Y'all! (25 GP) Kill 30 Enemy hand-to-Hand
    - Shellshock (25 GP) Kill 5 Enemy with 1 Death from Above
    - Whip 'Em Good (25 GP) Kill 50 Enemy with Whip-Spin
    - The Collector (50 GP) Find all collectibles in the game. 
    - Bionically Challenged (50 GP) Complete all challenges in the game
    - End Game (50 GP) Complete the final mission
    - I got Hard (75 GP) Finish the game in Hard mode.
    - I went Commando (100 GP) Finish the game in Commando mode
    ---=== Secret Achievements ===---
    - Choke on that (50 GP) Kill Groeder 
    There are a total of 50 Trophies in the PS3 Version of Bionic 
    Commando – 42 Bronze, 4 Silver, 3 Gold, and 1 Platinum. 
    - Air to Surface - Complete "Air to Surface" challenge
    - Barrage - Complete "Barrage" challenge
    - Biomech Sweeper - Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge
    - Blood Trial - Complete "Blood Trial" challenge
    - Can you dig it? - Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge
    - Close Up - Complete "Close Up" challenge
    - Come Out and Play - Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge
    - Cracker - Complete "Cracker" challenge
    - Crowd Control - Complete "Crowd Control" challenge
    - Down To Earth - Complete "Down To Earth" challenge
    - Drive-by - Complete "Drive-by" challenge
    - Explosive Delivery - Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge
    - Fair Fight! - Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge
    - Feel the Beat, Y'all! - Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge
    - Headshot Bonanza - Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge
    - Incoming! - Complete "Incoming!" challenge
    - Jabber Man - Complete "Jabber Man" challenge
    - Kaboom - Complete "Kaboom" challenge 
    - Kick In The Back - Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge
    - Leap Up! - Complete "Leap Up!" challenge
    - Let the Dog Out - Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge
    - Man Locked Up - Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge
    - Nemesis - Complete "Nemesis" challenge
    - Out of the Bush - Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge
    - Poly Cruncher - Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge
    - Pull! - Complete "Pull!" challenge
    - Receiving End - Complete "Receiving End" challenge
    - Rocket Man - Complete "Rocket Man" challenge
    - Shellshock - Complete "Shellshock" challenge
    - Shoot 'Em Up! - Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge
    - Slayer - Complete "Slayer" challenge
    - Spence is in the Air - Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge
    - Stroke of Luck - Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge
    - Swinger - Complete "Swinger" challenge
    - The Pinball Effect - Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge
    - The River - Complete "The River" challenge
    - Torn Into Pieces - Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge
    - Train Wreck - Complete "Train Wreck" challenge
    - Two Hit Wonder - Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge
    - Whip 'Em Good - Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge
    - Whoo-paah! - Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge
    - Worthy Foe - Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge
    --- SILVER TROPHIES --- 
    - I got Hard ( Silver Trophy) Finish the game in Hard mode.
    - The Collector ( Silver Trophy) Find all collectibles in the game.
    - The Pitcher ( Silver Trophy) Complete "The Pitcher" challenge
    --- GOLD TROPHIES ---
    - Bionically Challenged ( Gold Trophy) Complete all challenges in 
      the game.
    - End Game ( Gold Trophy) Complete the final mission
    - I went Commando ( Gold Trophy) Finish the game in Commando mode.
    - Go-Go Bionic! ( Platinum Trophy) Complete all other Bionic Commando
    --- Secret Trophies --- 
    - Choke on that ( Silver Trophy) Kill Groeder – Kill him for good 
    0.1 - 17 July 2009 Created Skel & Begin Playthrough 1.
    1.0 - 26 July 2009 Completed Version.
    1.1 - 10 Sept 2009 Spelling Correction & 2 missing collection items.
                       Acknowledgments added.
    Thanks to Reynaldo J. Mata, Evan Atkin, and "e-y-e.co.uk" for letting
    me know I failed to include the small Ash City Zone!  I appreciate 
    your help on that guys!
    FAQ'S (FAQS)
    Q1. Are there any cheats in the game?
    A1. Not that I am aware of.
    Q2. How do I ask you a Question?
    A2. You send me an Email at the address below with Bionic Commando as 
    the start of the Subject.  If you did not put Bionic Commando as the 
    first words of the subject and you are not in my address book, your 
    question never got past my Spam Filter.
    Q3. Where do you play Bionic Commando?
    A3. On the Big Comfy Couch of course.  Where do YOU play Bionic 
    Q4: I run Website X, and I want to use your FAQ/Walkthrough. But 
        when I email you to ask for permission you tell me no!  I know 
        that you always send replies to me but I do not read them because 
        I immediately send you a follow-up asking for permission again 
        even though you took the time to explain to me in detail why I 
        cannot use your file!  What is the deal?
    A4: If the FAQ/WT I write was part of the Bounty Program, I restrict 
    its use to GameFaqs and My360.com.au – and I will explain to you why 
    In simple terms, GameFaqs paid me for that file.  I know that GameFaqs
    says I can use that file anywhere I like, but the bottom line is this:
    they paid me for it and that gives them exclusive use of it in North 
    America as far as I am concerned.
    Now that is a sticky point – North American rights I mean – because as
    you can see I give My360.com.au open license to use my files.  Why is
    that? Well for one thing they do not compete with GameFaqs, for 
    another they are not in North America, and finally, being an expat 
    Aussie, I rather like it that my files are on that site as some of 
    my mates are regulars there.
    When the REDTAPE section below says that the file is for use 
    exclusively on the GameFaqs and My360.com.au sites, that means just 
    that – it was a Bounty File and I will never release it to the net 
    for general use.  When the REDTAPE section says that you must seek 
    my permission first, than the file was NOT a Bounty file, and you 
    actually have a shot at getting it to use on your site.  
    Perhaps I would have a different attitude about this if I was not in 
    the writing profession, but being that I am, I have a pretty good 
    grasp of the economics of writing, and the fact that GameFaqs is 
    willing to pay a Bounty at all in this day and age is a gesture that
    deserves our loyalty.  
    That should cover all of the bases.
    Q5: I like your files and I still want to use them on my site / Do 
        you want to write for my site?
    A5: Here is the deal – writers do not get paid a lot of money – some 
    of them do but they are the handful that have syndicated columns in 
    the Big papers. My files on GameFaqs bought my kids an Xbox 360 (so 
    they will leave mine alone).  I also use the Bounty to buy some of 
    the games I write about here.  
    Having said that, if you really want me to do a FAQ/WT for a specific
    title, and you are willing to SEND me that title – I may be willing 
    to do it.  Email me with the specifics and your deadline needs. 
    I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
    starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
    Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In 
    real life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section 
    called Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every 
    now and then, games. 
    I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
    My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com
    If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to 
    begin the subject line with Bionic Commando as my spam filter can be 
    rather wonky.
    This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document 
    is licensed for use exclusively on www.GameFaqs.com and 
    My360.com.au. Unauthorized use or republication of this guide 
    will result in my releasing a hoard of angry ninja hamsters on 
    you, and my nana being very disappointed in you...  It is not 
    pretty, so do not do it.

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