What's the best way to complete the Shellshock Challenge on Commando?

  1. Like Barrage wasn't hard enough? I'm a little more than halfway through the game on Commando (Federal Archives) and one of the few challenges I need to complete for the trophy is Shellshock. But is it just me or is Death From Above not really that darn deadly? I've found that the best way to kill three Grunts at once is make sure they're really, really darn close together. But finding five all scrunched together like that? It's gonna be rough! Anyone have any tips?

    User Info: HyperGamer128

    HyperGamer128 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Death From Above is virtually useless for actually killing soldiers by itself normally. But at your point, you have the adrenaline gauge, which increases the power on it immensely, to the point where you can kill all the enemies in an area maybe a bit larger than a grenade blast. Just start mashing triangle and circle as soon as you begin to fall and you're likely to have a small pile of dead grunts, as long as you don't land on an enemy grenade, the way I did one time.

    Unfortunately, you're already past the best place I found to do it so far, which was right after the Avenue of Heroes. The hallway in Ascension Park II with like, 20 guys in it right at the start. I got my barrage, shellshock, and crowd control trophies all in that single hallway.

    User Info: Cheapo5

    Cheapo5 - 9 years ago 0 0

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