How do I beat "Mohole"?

  1. How do I beat Boss enemy "Mohale"? When I drain his HP about midway hes starting the fall on the ground and sametime when mohole is ground, hes recover his HP, how I prefend that hes not recover HP and defeat him?

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    EWD - 9 years ago
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    Mmmm... jeah, i beat it sometime ago, thanks for the tip. The "wawes" that boss send in the last phase, avoiding them, go to the trees in the area, and hang on the trees avoid the "wawes" and then attack as usual on the boss head. and finish the boss that "dead from above" attack when he falls on the last time.

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    EWD - 9 years ago
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    Hehe, I do not reload the page for awhile =( good u make it, i pass it just hanging from the trees.

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    EWD - 9 years ago

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  1. When the battle starts get to know your surroundings. You can avoid most of his attacks if you stand on the platform near the exit. Only problem is that when you knock him down it takes too long to reach him to cause the most damage with death from above move. I beat him on my first try so this is what i did. The second a weapon comes down or if you have the machine gun prior use that. When he pops his head out just aim at his eye until he moves on. If he does fall down you can continue to shoot his eye but make sure you have his eye locked on for the next part. As he starts to rise up lock onto his eye and he will fling you in the air start charging up the death from above attack and you will take out a big chunk of his life. When he starts to charge at you through the ground just jump out of the way and you should dodge his attacks. To avoid the laser beam just keep shooting his eye and it will stop him. When his life gets halfway he will start doing charge attacks which covers the whole ground all i did was keep jumping and he never hit me. Other than that just keep shooting him in the eye and do death from above when he flings you in the air.

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  1. A i am on thet boss to end whene you hurt him to the point he falling down run forward use grapel on him end he rise to the air press Triange + cirkel to do a " defht frome above" end thene i havent complete him after thet he do a relly pain int the ass attck move so any have god trick on kill him end avoid attck plz tale me.

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  2. Yes i got him now whene the boss fall down to the floor run fast ass you can to him in the front end use grapel wire on him. a tip to awoid get hit run to the red door its on a higher ground the boss cant hit you whene you stand there.
    ye of he cast a car on you he can hit you but is the best spot. god luck he is easy whene you do it right.

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  3. Once begin to fight u can use those car wreckages, grab them ( well use Kite) and throw them to Mohale... ( to figure out where it is use Look - square button) then it will go to ground and try to move ( remember to dodge) cause it hurts u if he move at the surface ( again can use Look) once u do this like in the 3rd time it will drop down, and u can use your arm to it's eye ( well the place where it shoot laser) Kite and it will throw u in mid air, then u click triangle (death from above) once u finish this move it will show one more trick is to use and large area of effect ground shockwave to hurt u ( dunno shockwaves time will differ on difficulties) it will add more times when it is near death... ( like it has 15% hp left will do 5 times) it is no joking, try to jump it to avoid damages, cause it can kill u in full hp with 2 hits, then throw car to it, or aim and shot its laser eye till it drops to ground and do the same before ( kite - > death from above) and once it has like merely 1~2% hp left... it dies...

    Hope it helps :)

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  4. A couple of things to keep in mind with this fight.....

    On commando mode:

    It's easy.

    It's really hard.

    How is it both?

    It is. Once you get it down, it's easy. You don't get hit once at all.

    Here are some tips for making it easier.

    The first crater the mohole makes before you even get to it is your base of operations. Once you throw the first car at it, head straight for the center of the crater.

    You'll find out why soon enough.

    Shortly after you get there, the first batch of ammo will be launched. Hopefully, it will be the SMJG ammo. I love the bulldog, but found it ineffective in this fight. Gunning it down when it launches the hip cutter shot shouldn't be any trouble for you at all, and the first time it pops up when you get there is probably the most dangerous time, barring the final wave of electrorings you have to jump over of course. But it shouldn't be a problem at all. If it is, don't go into the crater (even though it is not really a crater since it is elevated) until after throwing 2 cars at it.

    The nice thing about the crater is that it never gets broken up from the mohole doing the ground torpedo attack. So you don't get caught on a crack or something when you are trying to dodge. It is important you use the square button to press look when the mohole could potentially be launching the ground torpedo, that way you can dodge appropriately. It is actually significantly easier to dodge this attack from here, due to the height of the "crater" and the fact that it is pretty much in the center of the battlefield, so there will not be a chance of two torpedo attacks in a row screwing you over.

    You will also be within reach of the additional ammo should you need it. If you get the SMJG the first time, you should never need to fill up on ammo, but it won't hurt of course, in case you mess up. With the SMJG ammo won't be a problem at all, trust me. You won't even use half of it if you are good.

    When the worm gets hit a few times, it will of course flop over like a *ahem* flaccid mo-hole and you of course should grapple onto it with the bionic arm. Don't worry about taking damage in this sequence, just be sure to keep the grapple button held, when it launches you into the air, just hit the triangle+circle button to initiate the super dive attack.

    After you hit it with this, be prepared to jump over an electro bolt. Or don't, since one of them will not kill you. It will make you critically wounded though, at least it does on commando, can't speak for the other difficulty levels.

    Rinse, and repeat. The next time he does the ground shockwave bolt thing, it will be 3 bolts, instead of just one. It is only moderately hard to time, and the location of the crater has yet another advantage for this fight. The advantage is that you can CONSISTENTLY do the jumps, since you always know what distance you are to the worm. In general, I recommend backing up to he back of the crater, but still inside it, and as soon as the bolt hits the GROUND, doing a TAP jump and oh so slightly moving forward. Tap jump again as soon as you land, still oh so slightly moving forward. Jump again if you like, but it won't matter for reasons which I mentioned.

    Rinse and repeat.

    The next time he shock bolts, it will be 5 times. This is kinda hard. Use the same technique though as I mentioned a second ago, just do not forget to keep jumping, You have to endure two waves of the 5 shock bolt sequences I think.

    Every time he goes *ahem* flaccid, you need to grapple onto him and do the dive attack of course.

    The final time you do this, he will only have a smidgeon of health left.

    Yeah, uh, he's not so happy to see you at this point.

    Finish him off with an easy couple rounds of the SMJG.

    Follow the waypoints, and relax because after this battle you get a checkpoint to save after you go through the exit.

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  5. Camp near the next matrix door and shoot it and throw cars at it's eye then you should know what to do from there on.

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