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Ending Guide by Kano2005

Updated: 12/04/2008

             MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC Universe ENDINGS FAQ





This FAQ was written by me, Jygga and me alone. It cannot be used
on any other website besides Gamefaqs without my permission and




You can contact me if you need permission to use this FAQ for another 
website besides Gamefaqs. My e-mail is: jygga9@hotmail.com (also MSN)




The endings in this one is like the ones in Mortal Kombat
Deadly Alliance and Deception. A picture and a narration.






As the worlds returned to normal, the Kombat Rage dissipated 
in its victims - except the Tarkatans. 

Through the Rage, the savage Outworld race has descended 
to an even greater level of bloodlust. Marking their foreheads 
with the blood of their enemies, they now storm throughout 
the realms, dominating all.


Badly injured in the melee with the otherworldly invaders,
Jax knew he must enhance his cybernetics to save his own life.

He underwent massiva anatomical restructuring, replacing most
of his body with mechanized, fully armored versions, Jax is now
more powerful than ever, but at the cost of his humanity.


Though the Kombat Rage completely disappeared once Dark Kahn
was defeated, it drove Kano irreversibly mad. Turning on
friend and foe alike, he became an outcast.

Kano´s appearance changed as well. He has painted his face to 
further express his seething anger. Alone, in the depths of 
insanity, Kano endlessly repeats, Death to Shang Tsung... 
Death to Shang Tsung... DEATH TO SHANG TSUNG!


With no base of operations after their devastating losses in 
Outworld, Kitana sought asylum in Earthrealm for her surviving
Edenian Resistance fighters.

Raiden granted them Shang Tsung´s abandonded island, where 
they would remain hidden from mortal eyes. Kitana and her 
warriors remade the former site of the Mortal Kombat tournament
into a bastion of beauty and Light. To honor the god of Edenia,
they renamed their new home Argus Island.


Through intense study, Raiden was able to unlock the secrets
of the Rock of Eternity and determine its function. He decided
to emulate it and create a Captain Marvel of Earthrealm.

Raiden infused Liu Kang with his own power, as well as the
abilities of his fellow gods Argus, Fujin and others. In order
to transform into a being of unstoppablöe power, Liu Kang 
need only shout, "Mortal Kombat!"


As the inter-dimensional conflict ended, Raiden returned to
Earthrealm, only to discover that exposure to his homeworld´s
sun weakened him greatly.

The sorcerer Quan Chi offered Raiden a jade-colored stone that
would replenish his power - in return for his sworn allegiance.
Where Quan Chi acquired this stone is a mystery. Raiden must 
now decide between servitude to an evil sorcerer... or mortality.


Though Dark Kahn was defeated, his consciousness lived on. 
The Dark Lord´s power and maliciousness found the perfect host
in the body of the wrathful Scorpion.

In the midst of his agony, Scorpion knew that he would soon be
the most powerful creature in the universe - If he survived 
the transformation.


Impressed with Captain Marvel´s fighting ability but angered
by his defeat at the hero´s hands, Shang Tsung sought to create
a race of super-warriors. They would have Captain Marvel´s 
abilities, but would be a perversion ofthe hero´s image. 

Through sorcery he combined blood from a torn piece of Captain
Marvel´s cape with the flesh of a Tarkatan corpse. Never before 
had his flesh pits echoed with the roar of such a monstrosity.
With an army of Super-Tarkatans, Shang Tsung will be invincible!


Defeated, Shao Kahn was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, used 
for holding dangerous Kryptonian villains because of its ability
to render them powerless. 

Possible due to the magical nature of his strength, however,
the Phantom Zone had the opposite effect on Shao Kahn: Instead of
neutralizing him, it revatilized the emperor, allowing him 
to break free.

With him are untold numbers of criminals, released from millenia
of  imprisonment. Grateful, they have sworn allegiance to 
Shao Kahn and now follow him on his quest to conquer the universes.


During the world-merge crisis, a member of the Green Lantern 
Corps was killed. At the moment of his death, his power ring
traveled to Sonya, taking her as its new master.

When the worlds were once again separated, the ring stayed with her.
Now she has the ultimate weapon, but only one charge. She must
use the ring sparingly until she can find a way to replenish its power.


Fighting alongside the Forces of Light during the world-merge crisis,
Sub-Zero came to a realization. He was no longer the assassin 
he had been; nor was he comfortable among the self-proclaimed
defenders of Earthrealm.

Inspired by one of the invaders, Sub-Zero decided he would work
for the good of the realm, but on his own terms. He would be a
mostly solitary figure, blending in with the dark and the cold.
Sub-Zero left the Lin Kuei and donned a new costume befitting
this new endeavor. 

But the Lin Kuei do not tolerate desertion, as he will soon discover...



Concerned that other worlds might once again invade Earth, 
Batman created an autonomous global security system to monitor 
any temporal breaches. His system, OMAC (Outerworld Monitor 
and Auto-Containment), is designed to detect and trap invaders 
from alternate universes.

OMAC has already discovered a breach in Metropolis...


In order to regain control of his powers, Captain Marvel 
was guided by the wizard Shazam through a focusing ritual. 
At its apex, Captain Marvel unexpectedly visited a strange,
ethereal world, finding himself face to face with godlike beings
calling themselves the "Elder Gods."

Now able to tap into these gods´ powers, Captain Marvel has new
abilites he is only just beginning to master.


Having been infused with the power of magic during her 
teleportation, to the alternate universe. Catwoman found that
she could transform at will into a black panther.

Her increased strength and agility made her a cat that would never again 
be caged.


Imprisoned in the Netherrealm, Darkseid was left vulnerable.
Shang Tsung attempted to steal Darkseid´s soul, a source of
immense power.

In the midst of the magical assault, however, Darkseid reversed the
soul drain, reducing Shang Tsung to a withered old man. 
Empowered by Shang Tsung´s magic, Darkseid broke free of his bonds.
Shang Tsung hastily pledged allegiance to Darkseid in an attempt to spare his
own life.


Deathstroke emerged from the inter-universal conflict both wiser and
more cautious. Assassins from another universe would be unwanted 
competition. To maintain superiority, Deathstroke created a band of
powerful assassins outfitted in his image. 

He now serves as Grand Master of the fearsome DeathStrike Clan.


As a result of Liu Kang´s aura attunement, the Flash discovered
he had  retrieved a psychic bond with the warrior. The two agreed
to warn each other if any cross-universal breaches.

It wasn´t long until Liu Kang appeared before the Flash,
warning him of an impending attack by the sorcerer Quan Chi.


On a distant planet, a huge pyramid unexpectedly rose from 
beneath the ground. Its origin was unknown, but it seemed 
to emanate energy similair to what Batman detected 
from the invading universe.

Green Lantern´s nemesis Sinestro has learned of the pyramid´s
existence and is eager to acquire whatever secret it might
contain. Hal Jordan knows only that its energy is dangerous -
and that the Green Lantern Corps must stop the Sinestro Corps
at any cost.


As the worlds separated, the Joker discovered he had retained his
new powers. With them he soon controlled all of Gotham, proclaiming
himself "Mayor Joker." Under his rule, the city devolved into chaos.

He now holds a tournament in which "contestants" are forced to
fight to the death for his amusement. The winner will face off
against the Joker himself.


Using data stolen from the Special Forces, Lex Luthor constructed 
his own portal and breached the barrier that separated two 

THere he encountered the sorcerer Quan Chi.Their combined power,
intelligence and near omniprescence will be unstoppable. Both
worlds will fall prey to this Deadly Alliance.


After his encounter with the invaders and their magical powers,
Superman knew he was vulnerable to similair assaults in the future.

With the aid of the wizard Shazam, he applied ancient Kryptonian
lore to the creation of a new costume, giving him resistance to
magic. Attacks by sorcerers and demons now have no effect on 
the Man of Steel.


Returning to Themyscira, Wonder Woman learned that strange relics
had been found scattered across the island: a sword, a shield and
a golden amulet, all pulsing with energy.

Compelled to equip herself with the items, she was infused with
powers beyond those bestowed upon her by the Greek gods. She and
her Amazons are now unstoppable as they fight for the preservation
of Earth. 




Thanks to Ed Boon and the rest of the MK krew who made this game.
Thanks to my girlfriend Kim. Love you sweety. <3
And to gamefaqs of course.
To my cat Pimme who always is there for me. :D




Please don´t ask me stupid stuff like; "how to do X´s Pro move" or 
"how do I do X´s Finishing move?"

Use the gamefaqs boards instead of bothering me.




This will be the only version of this unless some DLC become available.

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