Review by ChateauNoir

Reviewed: 12/23/08

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Seems Midway took this slogan seriously.

I'll have to admit, although unpopular Blitz: The League 1 was, it was one of my all time favorite games on the PS2. Naturally, I waited patiently for the next one, expecting some better graphics, nastier injuries, and more content. Well, what this generation of gaming has showed us, don't expect too much or else you'll end up disappointed. As is the case of Blitz: The League II, it doesn't fail to disappoint.

Graphics (5/10)

Although the graphics aren't awful by any means, it doesn't look great either. It looks almost EXACTLY like the PS2 version, except in HD and probably a faster framerate. You would think that a next generation game would look noticeably different, but those cheapos showed us that this isn''t the case. The animations are still extremely fast and stiff, while the character models still look the same. It's not impressive by any means, considering it looks like this game could've ran on the PS2. There are only a few improvements though: the stadium crowd looks better, the injuries are more detailed (with blood and guts this time), and the jerseys get wet when it's raining. Not exactly a big leap I was expecting, and I wasn't expecting that much. All in all, if you've played Blitz the League I on the PS2, don't expect anything different.

Gameplay (7/10)

It's pretty fun, but just EXACTLY like the first one. The clash meters are all still there, and the exploits you can use against the CPU are still there as well. I'm not aware of any major changes,except now you can do lame celebrations at the end of touchdowns. And the sad part is, most of these celebrations look entirely lame. For example, there's one where you use CPR onto a football (No, I'm not joking), and another where you knight a fellow teammate. Whoop dee doo. The game can be quite cheap on top of the lameness. For example, if you're winning, the computer will try to find ways to fumble you and intercept you out of nowhere. Yup, still there from the first one. Everything is basically like the first one, no surprises here.

Story (1/10)

If I could name you many lame stories, Blitz II would be one of them. In Franchise mode, there's a bit of story where you follow the life of a star player, a black guy who is the epitome of all stereotypes and pretty much just gets into trouble and drama throughout his football career. Even if you don't wanna play this guy, you HAVE to. He has got to be one of the most unlikeable characters in a game, ever. But oh well, you can skip the cutscenes at least, hence I give it a 1 instead of a zero.

Sound (5/10)

Nothing too noticeable, it's just a bunch of rap and rock that doesn't contain any good tracks in my opinion. The music is just "there." The sound effects are exactly how you imagine them to be. Bone crunching tackles and trash talks: all recycled from the first one.

Rent or Buy?

If you have the first Blitz, play it again. If you don't and are interested, rent it. It's not worth buying, and you probably can beat the campaign in a week, especially since each game is only 8 minutes long.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Blitz: The League II (US, 10/13/08)

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