• Progressing through Festival will unlock vehicle packs for each rank as shown.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    'Atlas Governor' Big RigRank 2
    'Atlas Jackhammer' MudpluggerRank 5
    'Atlas Pacifier' MudpluggerRank 4
    'Atlas Teamster' Racing TruckRank 4
    'Atlas Varjack' MudpluggerRank 1
    'Aztec Komodo' ATVRank 1
    'Aztec Sabretooth' ATVRank 5
    'Beelzebuggy Bombadier' Monster TruckRank 3
    'Beelzebuggy Carabid' BuggyRank 3
    'Castro Capitano' Racing TruckRank 1
    'Castro Conquistador' Racing TruckRank 5
    'Castro Robusto' Big RigRank 2
    'Castro Toro' Rally CarRank 8
    'Castro Varadero' Big RigRank 3
    'Falfer Domino' Rally CarRank 7
    'Humbler Diablo' BuggyRank 5
    'Ibex Bushfire' ATVRank 3
    'Ibex Scout' ATVRank 5
    'Italia Gagliano' Rally CarRank 6
    'Italia Strano' Rally CarRank 1
    'Italia Velocita' Rally CarRank 4
    'Italia Vulcan' Racing TruckRank 7
    'Jester BXL' MudpluggerRank 2
    'Jester BXR II Concept' BuggyRank 2
    'Jester BXR' BuggyRank 8
    'Jester BXS' BuggyRank 1
    'Lunar-Tec Asylum' MudpluggerRank 7
    'Lunar-Tec Buffalo' Big RigRank 5
    'Lunar-Tec Grendel' Monster truckRank 6
    'Lunar-Tec Invader' Big RigRank 6
    'Lunar-Tec Rollcage' BuggyRank 1
    'Lunar-Tec Sasquatch' Monster TruckRank 1
    'Lunar-Tec Treefrog' BuggyRank 4
    'Lunar-Tec Weevil' Rally CarRank 8
    'Lunar-Tec Wendigo' Monstrer TruckRank 1
    'Lunar-Tec Yeti' Monster TruckRank 4
    'McQueen Adventurer' MudpluggerRank 4
    'Mirage Belette' ATVRank 4
    'Mirage Caliano' ATVRank 6
    'Mohawk Indiana' BikeRank 3
    'Mohawk Roadhog' BikeRank 5
    'Mojave Slugger' MudpluggerRank 2
    'Molotov Baikal' Big RigRank 2
    'Molotov Caucasus' Big RigRank 1
    'Molotov Drago' Big RigRank 8
    'Molotov Stuuka' ATVRank 8
    'Monarch Bulldog' MudpluggerRank 6
    'Monarch Champ' BikeRank 8
    'Monarch Claymore' MudpluggerRank 1
    'Nord Jormungand' Big RigRank 3
    'Ozutsu Tanto' Racing TruckRank 3
    'Patriot 80' Big RigRank 4
    'Patriot Blackfoot' Rally CarRank 1
    'Patriot Bushwacker' MudpluggerRank 8
    'Patriot Minuteman' Big RigRank 1
    'Patriot Renegade' Rally CarRank 5
    'Patriot Riot' Racing TruckRank 6
    'Patriot Rodeo' Racing TruckRank 1
    'Patriot Surger' Rally CarRank 6
    'Patriot Thunderchief' Big RigRank 7
    'Patriot V-8' Rally CarRank 3
    'Super Jester BXR' BuggyRank 6
    'Voodoo Anaconda' MudpluggerRank 3
    'Voodoo Iguana' Racing TruckRank 8
    'Voodoo Mastadon' Monster TruckRank 5
    'Voodoo Rattler' BuggyRank 7
    'Wakazashi Razor' BikeRank 1
    'Wasabi Eagle' ATVRank 1
    'Wasabi Junior MX' BikeRank 4
    'Wasabi Osh!zushi' BikeRank 6
    'Wasabi Phoenix' ATVRank 7
    'Wasabi Rascal' ATVRank 2
    'Wasabi Twinblade' BikeRank 7
    'Wasabi Ventura' BikeRank 1
    'Wasabi Wildcat MX' BikeRank 7
    'Wombat Hurricane' BuggyRank 4
    'Wuff Enduro' BikeRank 8
    'Wuff Expidition' BikeRank 2
    'Wuff Jager' Racing TruckRank 2
    'Wuff Revo' Rally CarRank 7

    Contributed By: DeAtH_SpLiTtEr.

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  • Speed & Adrenaline DLC Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 10 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies and 1 Gold Trophy.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ATV Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All ATV Rival Races
    Big Rig Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Big Rig Rival Races
    Bike Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Bike Rival Races
    Buggy Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Buggy Rival Races
    Distinguished Character (Gold)Win online with each DLC character on any DLC track
    Eight Splitter (Bronze)Play a Split-Screen Race on all eight ADRENALINE tracks
    Further Qualifications (Silver)Beat Developer Ghosts on all eight ADRENALINE tracks
    Hardcore Heaven (Silver)Hardcore Freeplay – Win on all eight ADRENALINE tracks (full grid)
    Monster Truck Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Monster Truck Rival Races
    Mudplugger Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Mudplugger Rival Races
    Over Qualified (Silver)Beat Developer Ghosts on all six SPEED tracks
    Racing Truck Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Racing Truck Rival Races
    Rally Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Rally Car Rival Races
    Sand and Sulphur (Silver)Win an Online race on each of the six SPEED tracks
    Six Splitter (Bronze)Play a Split-Screen race on all six SPEED tracks
    Surf and Turf (Silver)Win an Online race on each of the eight ADRENALINE tracks

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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  • Obtain the specified trophy to unlock the respective vehicle.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    'Atlas Arizona' Big RigLast Man Standing
    'Atlas Earthquake' Monster TruckOver Achiever
    'Lunar-Tec SpaceFrame II' BuggyStunt Man
    'Mirage Bastille' MudpluggerChampion
    'Mojave Globetrotter' MudpluggerSpeed-Demon
    'Molotov Elbrus' ATVGhost Rider
    'Monarch Backpacker' Big RigChampion
    'Monarch Deerstalker' ATVLegend
    'Monarch Mk 1' Rally CarRanked Streak
    'Monarch Sparrowhawk' BikeFriendship
    'Ozutsu Daimyo' Racing TruckSpeeder
    'Ozutsu Ronin' Rally CarCompetitor
    'Springbok Namibia' Racing TruckWreckless
    'The Nord Viking' Big RigHero
    'Voodoo Thunder Lizard' Monster TruckRacefan
    'Wombat Beachmaster' BuggyCasual
    'Wombat Mudslide' ATVRunner Up
    'Wombat Typhoon' BuggyHire Me

    Contributed By: DeAtH_SpLiTtEr.

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