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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Team_Hotness

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/28/09

   $$$"$g, $$$"$$$ $$$ý$$$ $$$"$g,  $$$"$$$ $$$"$$$ $$$"$$$ $$$"$$$ $$$"$$$
   $#$ $$$ $#$ ""  $#$ $$$ $#$ $$$  $#$ $$$ $#$ $$$ $#$ $$$ $#$ """ $#$ ""
   $$$ $$$ $$$"    $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$ ""  $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ gg$.$$$ss
   $$$ $$$ $$$ gg$.$$$s$$$ $$$ $$$  $$$sgg$.$$$ $$$.$$$s$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$   
   $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  ggg $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ pH!
   $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$ $$$ $#Y $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
   $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$ $$$""'  $$$ $$$.$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
   $$$ $#$.$$$ $#$ $$$ $#$.$$$ $#$  $$$ $#$ $$$     $$$ $#$ $$$ $#$ $$$ $#$
   $$$s$P' `Y$s$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$s$P'  `Y$s$$$ $$$     `Y$ $$$ `Y$s$$$ `Y$s$$$
-==-==-=-====-=--=-===-=-==-==---==-=-==-=-=----===-=-=-==-==--==-=- gTH! -==-

Title: Dead Space Spoiler-Free FAQ and Walkthrough
Authors: Team Hotness {VeiraVX and Phasmaphobic}
System: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
Started: 10/15/2008
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 7/27/2009

<... t a b l e  o f  c o n t e n t s                          [GTHDS-TOCS] ...>

In front of each section below are some codes you can use to quickly jump 
between sections.  Just copy the code, hit CTRL + F in your browser of choice, 
and pop it in the find window to jump to the desired section.

 Table of Contents   ...........................................   [GTHDS-TOCS]
 Intro  ........................................................   [GTHDS-NTRO]
  -  About Team Hotness   ......................................   [GTHDS-ABT1]
  -  About Dead Space   ........................................   [GTHDS-ABT2]
  -  About This Guide   ........................................   [GTHDS-ABT3]
  -  FAQs and Advice   .........................................   [GTHDS-FAQS]
 Walkthrough Begins   ..........................................   [GTHDS-WALK]
  -  Chapter 1: New Arrivals   .................................   [GTHDS-CH01]
  -  Chapter 2: Intensive Care   ...............................   [GTHDS-CH02]
  -  Chapter 3: Course Correction   ............................   [GTHDS-CH03]
  -  Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent   ........................   [GTHDS-CH04]
  -  Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion   ..............................   [GTHDS-CH05]
  -  Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard   .........................   [GTHDS-CH06]
  -  Chapter 7: Into the Void   ................................   [GTHDS-CH07]
  -  Chapter 8: Search and Rescue   ............................   [GTHDS-CH08]
  -  Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival  ...............................   [GTHDS-CH09]
  -  Chapter 10: End of Days   .................................   [GTHDS-CH10]
  -  Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions   .........................   [GTHDS-CH11]
  -  Chapter 12: Dead Space   ..................................   [GTHDS-CH12]
  -  New Game + Notes   ........................................   [GTHDS-NEW+]
 Other Stuff   .................................................   [GTHDS-OTHR]
  -  Necromorphs   .............................................   [GTHDS-NECR]
  -  Bosses   ..................................................   [GTHDS-BOSS]
  -  Weapons   .................................................   [GTHDS-WEAP]
  -  Melee   ...................................................   [GTHDS-MELE]
  -  Stasis   ..................................................   [GTHDS-STAS]
  -  Kinesis   .................................................   [GTHDS-KINE]
  -  The RIG   .................................................   [GTHDS-SUIT]
  -  Power Node Locations   ....................................   [GTHDS-NODE]
  -  Power Node Doors and Contents   ...........................   [GTHDS-DOOR]
  -  Schematic Locations   .....................................   [GTHDS-SCHM]
  -  Log Locations   ...........................................   [GTHDS-LOGS]
  -  Mini-Games                      ...........................   [GTHDS-MINI]
  -  Those Weird Glowing Glyphs   ..............................   [GTHDS-TWGG]
  -  Text Translations   .......................................   [GTHDS-TEXT]
  -  Insta-Gibs   ..............................................   [GTHDS-GIBS]
  -  Contact Us   ..............................................   [GTHDS-CONT]
  -  Acknowledgements   ........................................   [GTHDS-ACKN]
  -  Legal Stuff   .............................................   [GTHDS-LEGL]
  -  Version History   .........................................   [GTHDS-VERS]

 "$$: $"$$: ""$$: $"$$: $"$$: -- - - -  - - - -   -- -- -- - - - --   - -
  $$$ $ $$$   $$$ $ $$P $ $$$
  $$$ $ $$$   $$$ $sY   $ $$$
  $$$ $ $$$   $$$ $ $$, $ $$$
 :$$$ : $$$   :$$ : $$$ :s$$$
 - [GTHDS-INTR] -=---=-=-=---===-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--===-=-=-==-== gTH! -

 - P a r t  O n e :
 - I n t r o d u c t i o n

<... a b o u t  t e a m  h o t n e s s                        [GTHDS-ABT1] ...>

Team Hotness consists of VeiraVX and Phasmaphobic.  We like to tag-team a 
variety of video games, and since we take some pretty extensive notes, we 
figured it would be grand fun to make our own combined walkthrough for a game 
that we've both been eagerly anticipating for months.  This is our first 
official Team Hotness walkthrough, and we're hoping to make some more in the 
future.  We're both huge fans of survival horror games, so that's what we will 
mostly focus on.

Each of us is playing through the game on our own, and chronicling the other's 
play notes, comparing the different things we find and do.  During our initial 
plays, Veira is focusing on boosting the attributes of her Plasma Cutter and 
RIG, while Phas is focusing on his Stasis, the Plasma Cutter, and the Ripper.  
Since two people with different playstyles are writing this document 
collectively, you'll often be given multiple perspectives and strategies for 
different moments in the game.  We hope this encourages you to adopt your own 
comfortable approach to the game as well, as the myriad options available lend 
to a plethora of approaches to the same conflicts.

<... a b o u t  d e a d  s p a c e                            [GTHDS-ABT2] ...>

Dead Space is an awesome "action survival horror" game, but since you made the 
effort to find a FAQ for it, you probably already know that.  Lots of folks 
compare it to Resident Evil 4, and the similarities are pretty obvious.  To 
Phas, it's like a combination of all the best elements of RE4, The Suffering, 
and the movies Aliens and Event Horizon.  Team Hotness approves greatly of this 
game, and you should too.

PROS: Goddamned beautiful game, fabulous atmospheric sounds and music, 100% 
immersion in the setting, really intuitive and easy-to-remember controls, some 
truly startling and pee-inducing moments, excellent voice-acting, no ridiculous 
lol-inducing moments like in Resident Evil.  And seriously, it's a goddamned 
beautiful game - I'd even hazard to call it a visual masterpiece.

CONS: No real character development with the protagonist, slightly sub-par 
melee combat, stupid asteroid game required to advance the story, frequent 
placement of save stations and rechargers is just a bit too convenient, no 
ridiculous lol-inducing moments like in Resident Evil.

<... a b o u t  t h i s  g u i d e                            [GTHDS-ABT3] ...>

** We played through this game on the Playstation 3, and as such all controls 
and menu notes are geared towards that console.  However, Phas is now playing 
through it again on the Xbox360, so expect sopme notes here and there on the 

** This FAQ is written to be as spoiler-free as possible.  We will not mention 
any details of any of the log files, wall-writing, or "cut scenes."  We won't 
give you full text copies of every bit of text and dialog in the game.  Perhaps 
the only spoiler we'll give is the occasional "Save your game now!" bits, 
warning you that something big is probably coming up soon.  The primary purpose 
of this guide is to help you make sure you don't miss any useful loot or hidden 
clues, and to help make sure the monsters don't kill you (or at least don't 
kill you too often).  We've got check lists after the guide so you can make 
sure you got all the logs, schematics, power nodes and such, and some pointers 
for defeating the monsters and using the weapons effectively.  We've done our 
best to make sure the scary moments are still just as scary while using this 

** We're not going to include a controls layout in here, as it's just 
unnecessary.  The game has a pretty good in-play tutorial system which tells 
you how to use the controls already.

** We assume you know how to press the R3 button and activate the objective 
guide-line.  Whenever we say "move on" or "follow the line," that's exactly 
what you should do: click the R3 and follow the line to your next objective.  
Sometimes, if the objective seems like a potential spoiler, we will choose to 
say something neutral such as "finish the objective" instead of "murder your 
faithful companion" or something more spoileriffic.

** We also assume that you're not an idiot.  Kudos to you!  Seriously, this 
means we're not going to tell you every single step you need to take, turn you 
need to make, and so on.  For example, we won't tell you how to spend your 
power nodes, but we will tell you how WE chose to do it.  We'll likewise advise 
you when we think you _need_ to save, but that's about it.

** Also, this initial walkthrough was written with Normal difficulty as the 
standard for statement and comparison.  When we play through the different 
modes, we'll make notes if we notice any changes.

** Throughout the Walkthrough, we've put the locations of Save Stations, 
Stores, Benches, Stasis Rechargers, and Oxygen Rechargers in all caps and 
enclosed in asterisks, like so: *SAVE STATION*.  This is to help you easily 
scan forward and back to find out where the nearest one in your trek is, in 
case of emergencies.

** This guide is primarily a "One Gun" guide.  For both of us, the Plasma 
Cutter is our weapon of choice (although Phas thinks the Ripper is goddamned 
cool), for a list of reasons.  Veira's a big fan of "knife runs" in the 
Resident Evil games, and the Cutter is the closest thing in this game aside 
from outright melee (and there's even a trophy you can earn for using the 
Cutter exclusively).  The Cutter has a crap-ton of ammo everywhere, and that 
ammo is the most common drop from slain necromorphs.  With bench upgrades, the 
Cutter can be quite a formidable weapon, and even without them, only two or 
three well-placed shots can take out most of the enemies in the first half of 
the game.  Plus, since the entire first chapter makes you use it exclusively, 
by the time the game really begins you're already used to it.  Anyway, all of 
this is to tell you that this guide is primarily focused on using that weapon. 
 If we find that a particular weapon is really effective in certain moments, 
we'll mention it in the guide, but unless specifically noted, defeating 
challenges with just the Cutter (and the occasional stomp) is our main focus, 
and you should assume that all advice we give is regarding the use of that 

<... f a q s  a n d  a d v i c e                              [GTHDS-FAQS] ...>

** Isaac has two normal idle animations that we've seen so far.  In the first, 
he looks left, looks right, then goes back into his stance.  In the second, he 
does the same, but this time has his gun raised and pointed while doing so.  In 
Zero-G, he reaches back to adjust his suit.

** After you gun down an enemy, Team Hotness highly encourages you to quickly 
run to it and give it a good solid foot stomp or three.  It not only prevents 
the necromorph from coming back after you (surprise!), but it's just damn fun. 
 Despite all of the truly fantastic things to see and do in this game, it's 
amazing that the basic foot stomp continues to be one of the most satisfying.  
Also, we've noticed that enemies will frequently not drop any loot until after 
you've stomped them.

** When you use power nodes to upgrade the ammo capacity of a weapon, it 
automatically refills that weapon's ammo clip to the max.  So, if you're low on 
ammo (or you're a packrat like Veira) but know that you'll soon be upgrading 
your ammo at a bench, try not to reload before the upgrade.

** Likewise, when you upgrade your RIG's health, you get a full health 
recharge.  If you're low on health and heading to a bench for a health upgrade, 
and you think you can make it there alive, save your med packs.

** Your stasis gauge also receives a free refill when the "Energy" part is 

** Those little green things on the ground that look like glowing xboxes are 
treasure crates that can be opened by stomping (which you can't do until you 
first get the plasma cutter).  A more effective way of opening them is to 
TK-grab them and then quickly throw them against a wall (or a necromorph).  
There have been several folks who have mentioned not being aware of this until 
several chapters in.  Don't miss out on the awesome loot!  Throughout this doc 
we call these containers "xboxes," because we are PS3 fans, and like the 
concept of stomping on XBoxes.

** Speaking of loot, you will find lots of xboxes as well as containers on the 
floors and walls which look like lockers.  We're fairly certain that the loot 
from most of these sources is random.  Additionally, the ammo drops you find 
around the place are mostly based on what weapons you have, with some 
exceptions here and there.  For example, in our first play-through, we 
primarily used the Cutter and didn't start seeing the Line Racks dropping very 
frequently until chapter 4 or so.  However, in the second play-through, the 
moment we actually went ahead and purchased a Line Gun, we noticed the ammo for 
it dropping all over the place.

** The save stations seem to be scattered around the levels _quite_ liberally. 
 As such, the usual advice of "Save Often!" doesn't really apply here.  Unlike 
some survival horror games, Dead Space does not seem to penalize you for 
frequent saves, so the best advice here is "save as often as you feel 
comfortable."  Also note that unlike those other games, the rooms with the Save 
Stations are by no means "safe."  In many of them, monsters can and will attack 
you, so watch out.

** In a similar vein, the Oxygen and Stasis Recharge Stations seem to always be 
located right where you need one.  Sadly, this can slightly decrease the 
in-game tension when you come across one in a corridor, as it tells you that in 
the next room, you will likely be using that power a lot.

** Scattered throughout the chapters are some doors which can only be unlocked 
by sacrificing Power Nodes.  We'll tell you what's in them, so you can decide 
if you want to "waste" a Node opening them.

** If you ever want to use a different gun, you must first find the Schematic 
for it.  You start with the Plasma Cutter, and the Line Gun and Pulse Rifle can 
be purchased from the first store you find.  But from that point on, you need 
Schematics to unlock the other weapons.  Unlike other survival horror games, 
you don't find new weapons laying around the levels, and must purchase them 
after unlocking them with the schematics.  You can also find schematics for 
other items like ammo and med packs and such, and fortunately those can also be 
found as loot and drops during the levels.

** Also note that when we mention ammo drops in the Walkthrough, we frequently 
count the number of drops, not the number of actual shots.  For example, if a 
room is mentioned as having 3x Plasma, it means there are three separate Plasma 
ammo drops, each with a variable amount of ammo inside.  We do this because the 
amount of ammo per drop varies depending on which difficulty you are playing.

 g g $$$ $"$$: $     $ $$: ""$$: $ $$: $"$$: $"$$: $ $$: $""$: $ $$:   -- --
 $ $ $$$ $ $$$ $     $ $$P   $$$ $ $$$ $ $$P $ $$$ $ $$$ $  "" $ $$$
 $ $ $$$ $s$$$ $     $sY     $$$ $s$$$ $sY   $ $$$ $ $$$ $ "$$ $s$$$
 $ $ $$$ $ $$$ $ ggg $ $$,   $$$ $ $$$ $ $$, $ $$$ $ $$$ $  $$ $ $$$
 :s$s$$$ : $$$ :s$$$ : $$$   :$$ : $$$ : $$$ :s$$$ :s$$" :s$$$ : $$$
 - [GTHDS-WALK] -=---=-=-=---===-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--===-=-=-==-== gTH! -

 - P a r t  T w o :
 - W a l k t h r o u g h

<... c h a p t e r  1 :                                       [GTHDS-CH01] ...>
     N e w  A r r i v a l s

> Opening Cutscene:
Just watch and enjoy the scenery.  Note that you can use the R-Stick to move 
the camera.  This cut scene cannot be skipped.  Want to see your hero's face?  
Now is one of only two times in the game you can do so.  During the intro 
scene, after the bright flash of blinding light and the blackout, when the 
screen comes back use the R-Stick to get a full 360 view of Isaac.  Hurry up, 
it's only there for a few moments.

> "Hangar"
* Loot: Small med pack in the Shuttle
* Notes: Once you gain control, take the small med pack from the shuttle, then 
go out into the Ishimura.  Follow the others into the ship.

> "Flight Lounge"
* Necros: Shortly after activating the panel a series of them attack, but you 
can only run from them.
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: Small Med Pack, 1x Credits
* Notes: Ignore the xboxes, you can't smash them yet.  Listen to the dialog, 
follow the line, activate the panel, and prepare to RUN.  As soon as the door 
behind you turns blue, run through it and keep running through the hallway 
until you get in the lift.  Activate it and go down to the...

> "Workshop"
* Loot: Plasma Cutter, two xboxes, two floor containers
* Notes: Take the plasma cutter!  This is our weapon of choice during most of 
the game.  From now on, if you see "V-Cut" it means to use the Cutter's 
Vertical blast, and of course "H-Cut" means use the Horizontal blast.  Equipped 
with Cutter, you can now stomp open the xboxes in here to Loot.  Open the two 
floor containers to find more.  Smash the power conduit to unlock the door, 
move on.

> "Tram Control Hallway"
* Necros: one Slasher
* Loot: small med pack
* Logs: Audio Log (Vent Warning)
* Notes: Kill your first Slasher, open the next door, get the small med pack, 
get Audio Log (Vent Warning), open door, objective complete.  Move on.

> "Tram Control"
* Loot: 1 wall box, two unlocked lockers
* Notes: Open the wall supply case, and the two unlocked lockers in a bank of 
four, move on.

> "Tram Control Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Slasher playing dead
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 xbox, 1 ammo drop, medium med pack
* Logs: Audio Log (Shoot the Limbs)
* Notes: Collect the xbox and ammo drop on floor, kill the Slasher playing 
dead, get the medium med pack and Audio Log (Shoot the Limbs) on the floor, use 
the *SAVE STATION* Move on.

> "Tram Tunnel"
* Loot: 1x credits on the floor, 1 xbox, STASIS MODULE
* Notes: Grab the 1x credits on floor to the left, then run across to the janky 
door.  There's one xbox & a STASIS MODULE by the door, and a recharger for it 
nearby. Use stasis on the malfunctioning door in order to walk through it 

> "Access Hallway"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1x stasis pack, 1 xbox, 1x credits drop; 2x ammo drops and a med pack 
in the bathrooms.
* Notes: There's a stasis pack on floor after opening the door.  Around the 
corner from the save station is a xbox.  There are more credits on the floor in 
front of the door to the tram station. Inside the bathroom: 2x ammo drops on 
the ground on one side, small med pack on the ground on the other side.  Move 

> "Tram Repair Room"
* Necros: 1 Slasher on the far side as you cross, 1 slasher drops in after you 
open a wall box, and another Slasher drops in after you finish the objective.
* Loot: There's a POWER NODE in a box as you walk in, a small med pack and a 
wall box on the far side.
* Logs: Audio Log (Tram Station) on the far side.
* Notes: This room contains what I consider to be the first actual "puzzle" in 
the game.  Grab the power node in the box on the right-hand wall as you first 
walk in. Activate the first blue holographic control panel you come across to 
complete the first part of the objective. Go up and over the walkway to the 
other side, taking note of the central control panel (you can't do anything 
with it yet) and the stasis recharger.  On the other side a Slasher will 
attack.  Since you've got the Stasis Recharger here, I highly recommend trying 
out your new Stasis Module on the monsters you encounter in here, as it's good 
practice and lots of fun, and you don't have to really worry about running out. 
 See the separate section on using the Stasis Module past this walkthrough 
section.  Grab the Audio Log (Tram Station) and small med pack off the ground 
on the other side.  Credits in a box on the wall.  A Slasher will jump out at 
you after you open the wall box. Activate the 2nd control panel, then once the 
big arm-thingy connects, use stasis on it to hold it there.  Haul ass back up 
the ramp to the central control panel and activate it while both the arms are 
still connected.  A Slasher will appear on the way to the exit, kill it or just 
run past it.  Backtrack to the...

> "Tram Tunnel"
* Necros: 1x Slasher and 1x Crawler
* Notes: Go back through the janky door, and on your way across this area you 
are attacked by a Slasher and a Crawler.  Again, since you've got a Stasis 
Recharge right here, play with the Stasis Module some more and improve your 
combat effectiveness.  Kill them and move on.

> "Cargo Lift"
* Notes:  Use it, move on.

> "Tram Control Hallway"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: nothing new here, move on.

> "Maintenance Bay, 1st Floor"
* Necros: 2 Slashers after entering, 3 more to the right.
* Loot: 1 xbox, 1x ammo drop
* Notes: From the open lift, kill the Slasher straight ahead, then move out and 
turn right and kill the one coming from that direction (or wait for him to come 
to you).  Smash the xbox, move on.

Three more Slashers show up as you move along to the right.  Note there are 
several explodey tanks you can take advantage of if you so desire.  Take a 
minute to stop and admire the scenery.  It is awesome.  Be sure to kill the 
Slashers first, though, as they don't like disrespectful punks like you tryin' 
to admire their scenery.  Find 1x ammo on the ground.  Get on the elevator on 
the opposite end of the room, move on.

> "Maintenance Bay, 2nd floor"
* Necros: 1 Slasher playing dead in front of you as you enter, another attacks 
as you approach the key, and another attacks after you grab the key.
* Loot: 1 wall container, 1 xbox, 1x ammo drop, maintenance key
* Logs: Text Log (Repair Invoice)
* Notes: The necromorph on the ground in front of you is just playing dead; 
shoot him.  There's a wall container and an xbox.  A Slasher will pop out of 
the wall as you get close to the maintenance bay key.  Grab the key and another 
Slasher will pop out from behind you.  Grab the Text Log (Repair Invoice), 1x 
ammo drop. Move on.

> "Maintenance Bay, 1st floor"
* Necros: 1 slasher as soon as the lift doors open, 1 more after leaving the 
data board room, 1 more playing dead near the Cargo Lift.
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: Data Board, POWER NODE, 1 unlocked locker (in a group of four)
* Notes: A Slasher is waiting for you, so be prepared to fire as soon as the 
lift doors open. Head up the ramp and unlock the door to the Bay Office. 
Inside: Data Board, your first workbench, a power node in a wall box, and an 
unlocked locker (the others are locked). Grab everything and leave the room, 
taking out the Slasher that bum-rushes you. There is another one playing dead 
on the ground near the cargo lift.  Move on.

> "Tram Control Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Slasher rushes you when you enter
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: A Slasher is waiting for you at the door. Take care of him, save if 
you like, then move on to the...

> "Tram Control Room"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Put the databoard in its slot then activate the tram at the panel. 
Move On to the cargo lift towards the Flight Deck.

> "Hall to Lift Room"
* Necros: 2 Slashers
* Notes: Follow the Slasher down the hallway and kill it quickly, if you can. 
It will try and climb into a vent. A second Slasher attacks you while the first 
drops down out of the vent behind you. Go into the...

> "Flight Lounge"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 xboxes in the main area, one more in the next room
* Notes: You can break all the xboxes now! Yay! There are two xboxes here.  
Save and then head through the door toward the hangar. There is another xbox 

> "Hangar"
* Necros: 1 Crawler shortly after entering, 2 Slashers and 2 Crawlers after the 
cut scene.
* Notes: A Crawler attacks, kill him. Go into your spaceship, use the panel, 
quickly run out and observe the cutscene. Kill the four necromorphs that attack 
(two Crawlers, two Slashers). Head back to the...

> "Flight Lounge"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Save and move on.

> "Hallway to Tram"
* Loot: 1 floor container, 1 med pack
* Notes: There is a floor container here, and a med pack in the bathroom (we've 
seen both a large and a small here separately). Take the lift to the...

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Notes: Finally, a store!  Hell yeah!  And another Bench.  Sadly, there is no 
loot here.  In the store you can buy the Line Gun and the Pulse Rifle for the 
first time, if you're so inclined, as well as the Level 2 Suit.  If you're not 
using any of the downloadable suits, then I suggest setting the new level 2 
suit as your highest priority.  Hop on the tram and activate it to end the 

<... c h a p t e r  2:                                        [GTHDS-CH02] ...>
     I n t e n s i v e  C a r e

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: KINESIS MODULE, med pack in the waiting room, SCHEMATIC (Flame Thrower) 
in the hall
* Notes: Pick up the KINESIS MODULE from the crazy lady with no eyes. Booyah!  
From this point on, we will often use the terms "TK" and "Tk-pull" when we want 
you to move something with Kinesis, and "TK-Throw" when we want you to throw or 
attack something with kinesis.  Play around with TK on the body-bags nearby, 
which are also fun to stomp.  There is also a store. Take note of all the body 
bags lying around. There is a small med pack in the waiting room. In the 
hallway outside, there is a SCHEMATIC (Flame Thrower).

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1x credits, 1 xbox, 1 unlocked locker (among three), 1 ammo drop
* Notes: Make yourself acquainted with this room, you will be coming back here 
frequently.  Pick up the credits on the floor, 1x ammo drop, an xbox and a 
single unlocked locker among three, and note the store and save station.  
Inside the central security booth, take note of the location of the inactive 
life support console.  Go through the door towards the Research Wing.

> "Hallway to Main Lab"
* Loot: 1x ammo drop
* Notes:  There is 1x ammo on the ground hiding behind some dead bodies.  Use 
stasis on the spaz-door. Head into the...

> "Main Lab" (top floor)
* Necros: Quite a few.  Read below
* Loot: 1x ammo drop, 1 wall container
* Notes: Brace yourself, because shit is about to get nuts. After you finish 
round one of super-happy fun-fun, grab the 1x ammo drop on the ground and loot 
the wall container. You can try sniping the critters on the bottom floor before 
heading down the lift, but you won't get them all. Head down the lift for round 
two. Be prepared for them to follow you if you try to take the lift back up to 

(Phas's strategy: UPSTAIRS: stand yourself in the corner just to the left of 
the locked door you see right after you enter, and face out into the room.  A 
mix of Crawlers and Slashers attack.  Some will charge you, take them out from 
afar with the cutter.  Some will drop down from the ceiling right above you, 
but when they land, they pause and pose threateningly for a moment, giving you 
time to h-cut their punk-ass knee caps and then stomp them when they drop.  If 
you get swarmed, just use stasis once to slow a chunk of them down, and don't 
forget that you have a melee attack that knocks them back.  My first time 
through this part I used this strategy, and I don't think I got hit once.  
DOWNSTAIRS: Before going down, stomp the ones you killed, then take out the 
Crawler down below by aiming at it from the walkway above.  Go down, then 
eliminate the two or three others.  Be sure to stomp them.)

{Veira's strategy: The necros seem to like to pop out of the wall in any of the 
spots I thought were defensible, so I just keep moving along the balcony.  
Since the balcony is narrow, it provides a way to bottleneck the baddies so 
they can't surround you.  They also don't seem to swarm you (as much) if you 
keep moving; those across the room don't seem to have very good vision, so 
keeping your distance isn't a bad idea.  If you have the Line Gun, it is 
excellent for taking out their legs to slow them down so that you don't get 
mobbed by too many at once.  I personally enjoy murderizing them with the 
Ripper (not available yet throughfirst-time play) if I can get them alone, but 
it becomes trickier to use the Ripper without getting hit if you have more than 
one on top of you.  Of course, this room is completely doable with the Plasma 
Cutter; I'm just adding suggestions for other guns now that I'm using them on 
subsequent runs.  Stasis is most handy to use it if you get surrounded.}

> "Main Lab" (bottom floor)
* Necros: (see the room description above)
* Loot: 3x ammo drop, 7 unlocked lockers (total of 14), 1x gold semiconductor, 
1 xbox
* Logs: Audio Log (Mercer's Journal), Video Log (Kyne and the Captain), Text 
Log (Marker Overview)
* Notes: Once the lights come back on and things calm down, search the bathroom 
for 1x ammo drop and an Audio Log (Mercer's Journal). Crazy effin' doctor. Next 
to the bathroom is another room with 1x ammo on the ground. Head into the 
office for 1x ammo and a Video Log (Kyne and the Captain). Use kinesis on the 
bookshelf to open up a secret room containing a gold semiconductor, two lockers 
(four total), Text Log (Marker Overview). In the laboratory room, there is an 
xbox and two openable lockers (four total). Go through the door into Bio Lab to 
find three openable lockers (six total), a *SAVE STATION*, and some really 
creepy MRIs on wall.  Save and move on.

> "Bio Lab"
* Necros: 3 Abortions
* Loot: 4x ammo drop, 1 xbox
* Notes: Get the 1x ammo drop on the floor, go through the door, listen to the 
creepy music.  More 1x ammo on the floor near the body, kill the new enemy we 
call an Abortion.  FYI, there is a hidden trophy for "escaping from the grasp" 
of Abortions 10 times, but since that translates to getting tentacle-raped and 
taking damage 10 times, we don't recommend intentionally going for that trophy 
until you upgrade your RIG or have a bunch of extra health you don't know what 
to do with.  Stomp the Xbox, and get the 1x ammo behind the desk.  Go up the 
lift, two more Abortions, 1x ammo near the ledge behind the first tank, move 

> "Main Lab"
* Necros: 2 Slashers in the hall after you pass back through the janky door.
* Loot: Thermite (objective), 2x ammo drops, POWER NODE
* Notes: Grab the Power Node on the wall, 2x Ammo on the floor, get the 
Thermite to complete the objective.  Move on. In the hallway is the *STASIS 
RECHARGER* from earlier and two Slashers.

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Nothing new here, so save and move on.

> "Imaging Diagnostics (ID)" (first floor)
* Necros: 2 Crawlers, 1 Slasher
* Loot: 2x ammo drops, SCHEMATIC (Pulse Rounds), a POWER NODE
* Special: Behind the Power Node-Locked door is a Gold Semiconductor, 1x Ammo 
drop, Large Med Pack, Audio Log (Mercer and Kyne)
* Notes: In the hallway is an ammo drop on the floor and a *STASIS RECHARGER*. 
 In the next area is Power Node-locked door (Gold Semiconductor, 1x Ammo drop, 
Large Med Pack, Audio Log [Mercer and Kyne]).  Yes, there's an Audio Log behind 
that door, so if you're trying to collect them all for the trophy then you need 
to open it.  Note the workbench, use Kinesis to move the big tube with the body 
inside to the left, then two Crawlers attack.  Use Kinesis to put the big 
battery into the wall slot.  Before going up, go into the side room, get the 
ammo drop and the SCHEMATIC (pulse rounds).  When you grab the POWER NODE on 
the nearby wall, a Slasher drops in and attacks.  Now go up the lift.

> "Imaging Diagnostics" (second floor)
* Necros: 1 Slasher, 1 Crawler
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1x ammo drop
* Notes: If you continue facing forward as you ride up the lift (the direction 
which you face in order to activate the lift panel), you will see some ammo 
(line racks always?) sitting on a nearby ledge which you can TK over to 
yourself.  Move forward, use TK to move the platform and go across, on the 
other side a Slasher and Crawler will attack.  TK the platform again to cross 
the other side, there's a *SAVE STATION*, bust the door control and move on.

> "Zero-G Therapy Hallway"
* Loot: 3 unlocked lockers (six total)
* Notes: Keep note of your air supply.  There are three unlocked lockers here 
(six total, in two groups of three), then you're back in the ship proper.

> "Zero-G Therapy"
* Necros: 2 Crawlers attack after getting the Shock Pad
* Loot: 1 xbox, 1x credits, 1 locker (two total), 1 wall box (two total), Shock 
Pad (objective)
* Notes: 1 xbox floating here, TK-move a big power battery into the slot on the 
far door, and spend some time getting used to the zero-G jump mechanics.  Go 
through the other door, get the credits on the floor, open the locker (two 
total) and the wall box (two total), and get the Shock Pad.  Move back through 
the way you came in, kill two Crawlers, move on.

> "Zero-G Therapy Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Slasher
* Notes: Keep note of your air supply. There's a Slasher here now, and another 
drops down in the following airlock.

> "Imaging Diagnostics Room"
* Necros: 1 Slasher, 1 Crawler
* Notes: A slasher will attack right before going back down the lift.  There's 
a Crawler waiting for you at the bottom.

> "ID Hallway"
* Necros: A dozen or so Rolly-Pollies
* Notes: There's a new enemy here, a wave of things we call Rolly-Pollies.  
Don't let them get on you: they do a surprising amount of damage and can kill 
when they all glomp you at once.  Stasis them, then kill them.  The Flame 
Thrower works especially well on them, too, if you happen to have it.  There's 
a Stasis Recharger here, so use it if you need it.

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Blow up the obstruction, then save and move on.

> "Clinic"
* Necros: 2 Abortions
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 1 ammo drop, 1 credits drop, 2 unlocked lockers
* Logs: Video Log (Nicole's Report)
* Notes: Just beyond the door is a Video Log (Nicole's Report).  In the waiting 
room is a xbox.  In the main room you are attacked by two Abortions.  Kill 
them, then TK the battery into the socket near the door to turn the lights on. 
 Now loot the place (it will be easier to see the loot once the battery turns 
the lights on): an ammo drop, an xbox, an oxygen station (you won't need it 
yet), a side room with two unlocked lockers (out of four total), and some 
credits on the floor near the far wall.  No, the yellow biohazard wastebaskets 
do not contain loot.  Move on.

> "Emergency Room Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Abortion & 3 Slashers, then 3 more Slashers
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 1 ammo drop
* Logs: Audio Log (Eileen), Text Log (Newborns)
* Special: Power Node-locked door contains 5x ammo drops, an xbox, one unlocked 
locker out of three total, and SCHEMATIC (line racks).
* Notes: Oh yeah, this place shore is purdy.  Kill the Abortion and the three 
Slashers.  There's a Power Node-locked door here (see loot list above); if you 
miss this opportunity now, you will swing past this area again in a future 
chapter.  Get the Audio Log (Eileen).  If you continue going down the hall to 
the right, two (sometimes three) Slashers attack you, and you will find a Text 
Log (Newborns),  two xboxes, an ammo drop, and an oxygen station (again, you 
won't need this for a while).  Now that you have a list of the newborn babies, 
you can try to guess the names of the Abortions attacking you.  Fun!

> "Emergency Room"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Logs: Text Log (More Time)
* Notes: Grisly!  There's a Text Log (More Time) here.  Save and move on.

> "Hallway to Morgue"
* Necros: 1 Abortion
* Logs: Audio Log (Colonist Problems)
* Notes: Grab the Audio Log (Colonist Problems), kill the Abortion, and take 
the lift down.

> "Morgue"
* Necros: 1 Face-Lover, 1 Dark Slasher (possibly more if you take your time 
killing the Face-Lover)
* Loot: Captain's RIG (objective), med pack, 1 credits drop, 1 ammo drop, POWER 
* Logs: Text Log (Autopsy Report)
* Notes: First fight with a Face-Lover!  Stasis him immediately, or he'll make 
more necromorphs.  Kill the Slasher, and then the Face-Lover's pretty much 
toast.  Phas chose to pump them both full of line racks.  Veira used the Plasma 
Cutter on her first run, but has since decided the Ripper is pretty great for 
this too, especially if the Face-Lover evaded your stasis.  If he gets away and 
is in the midst of making another Dark Slasher out of a corpse, you can stasis 
the both of them and take them out simultaneously with one Ripper blade.  Grab 
the Captain's RIG to complete the objective.  In this room is a Text Log 
(Autopsy Report), a small med pack, credits, an ammo drop, and a POWER NODE.  
Move on to the lift and head back to the Tram Station.

NOTE: If you're on the lookout for the hidden glyphs, you'll find the first set 
here.  See the Section on the glyphs further below for details.

> "Emergency Room"
* Necros: 1 Dark Slasher
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Fight a Dark Slasher on your way back.

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Nothing new here, so save and move on.

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Notes:  Before you get on the tram, notice that all those wrapped bodies that 
were in the waiting area before are now gone. Hmmmmmmm... End of chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  3 :                                       [GTHDS-CH03] ...>
     C o u r s e  C o r r e c t i o n

> "Tram Station"
* Loot: 1 floor locker, 1 wall box
* Notes: There is a floor locker to the left of the Tram as you exit and a wall 
box in the waiting room.  Move on.

> "Control Room"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Loot: 1 wall container, three unlocked lockers (six total)
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple Report 1) near the corpse
* Notes: This is sort of the central hub for this Chapter.  Loot it fully, 
notice the Store and Save Station, then move on to the...

> "Machine Shop"
* Necros: 1 Slasher playing dead at the bottom of the stairs
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 2 unlocked lockers, SCHEMATIC (flame fuel), 1 ammo drop
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple Report 2), Text Log (Chaos)
* Notes: A Slasher is playing dead at the bottom of the stairs.  In the room 
off to the side, there are two openable lockers (six total), a SCHEMATIC (flame 
fuel), and an audio log (Temple Report 2).  Back in the main room, there is a 
workbench, nearby which there is a Text Log (Chaos) and some ammo you can TK 
over to yourself (if you are in front of the door to exit, turn to your left). 
 Move on.

NOTE: If you're on the lookout for the hidden glyphs, you'll find the second 
set here.  See the section on the glyphs further below for details.

> "Refueling Chamber"
* Necros: 5 Slashers, some Rolly-Pollies, 1 Dark Slasher, 3 Abortions
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 4 wall boxes, 2 xboxes, 3 credits drops, 2 med packs, POWER NODE, 
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple Report 3)
* Notes:  You can either head to the right or the left first; it's a loop, so 
both ways lead to the same location.  If you head to the right first, you'll 
come across a wall box, an xbox, and some credits on the ground.  Heading to 
the left first (or continuing along the right-hand loop), there is a small med 
pack on a shelf in a cubby area.  Moving on from there, a slasher will drop 
down in front of you as you approach the chairs.  Ignore the gondola for now 
and continue looting the room.  You'll next come across a wall box and a 
control handle which says "pull down."  Go ahead and do that to initiate the 
refueling sequence.  Keep on looting.  Continuing on your previous path, you'll 
next come across a Slasher, some Rolly-Pollies, and a med pack.  Now head back 
to the gondola.  You'll need to TK it over to yourself.  Three Slashers and a 
Dark Slasher are waiting for you on the other side.  There are several explodey 
canisters to the left on the other end you can use to your advantage.  Stepping 
off the gondola, there is an xbox to your right and a wall box to your left.  
You'll also come across an Audio Log (Temple Report 3), a POWER NODE wall box, 
and some credits on a shelf near the Power Node.  Moving along, you'll see a 
Slasher hop into a wall vent, after which you'll come across a wall box, a 
stasis pack around the corner from the wall box (near the corpses), a *SAVE 
STATION*, a SCHEMATIC (Ripper), and another control handle which you need to TK 
downward.  Three Abortions appear afterward.  There is a credits drop atop a 
ledge as you head down the ramp back toward the gondola; you will need to use 
kinesis to grab it.  Head back across the gondola.

> "Control Room"
* Necros: 1 Face-Lover, possibly more Slashers
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: When you return, a face-lover animates the corpse!  Defeat it, then go 
down the elevator.

> "Decontamination Room"
* Necros: 2 Slashers and 1 Crawler after using the decontamination chamber
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 7 total unlocked lockers, 1 ammo drop
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple Report 4)
* Notes: In the first hallway, there are eight lockers, three of which are 
openable (seem to always be a small air can, small med pack, Audio Log (Temple 
Report 4)).  In the next room there are five more lockers, three of which are 
unlocked (which do indeed seem to be random).  There is also a workbench and 1x 
line racks on the floor.  Activate the decontamination chamber.  Two Slashers 
and a Crawler drop in.  Exit and move On.  There is one open locker (out of 
four total) in the next hallway.

> "Centrifuge"
* Necros: 6 Crawlers before activating the centrifuge, 1 crawler and 1 slasher 
after activating, 1 tentacle, 1 dark slasher
* Loot: 1x credits drop, POWER NODE, gold semiconductor, 1x ammo drop, medium 
air can, 1 wall box, 1 xbox
* Notes: To the left, there are credits on the floor and a POWER NODE.  There 
looks to be an Emergency Supplies Room here that is blocked by a bunch of 
growth.  It shows up as a complete room on the map, so we were hoping there was 
some way to get in there, but it seems that's not the case.  Anyway, back the 
other way, notice the gigantic holes in the wall?  There's a gold semiconductor 
and 1x ammo drop near the second hole. Next comes a *SAVE STATION*, a medium 
air can on the floor, and zero-grav time.  Ewwwwww.  Fight three Crawlers, 
remembering you can TK some explosive capsules at them if you like. There's an 
xbox floating in zero-g.  On the upper walk is a *STASIS RECHARGER* and a wall 
box; on the lower level is an *OXYGEN RECHARGER*.  Time for another puzzle!  
Use stasis on the spinners to slow them, then TK them into the centrifuge.  
When you first try, more Crawlers attack.  After both sides are connected, look 
for another Crawler.  Recharge your stasis before moving on.  Activate the 
centrifuge, go down the lift, and run to the right around the bottom, avoiding 
the centrifuge which can insta-gib.  Refill air if you need, and watch out for 
necromorphs. Take the lift up and leave the area. SAVE THE GAME and move on.  
Now, remember those holes in the walls?  Oh yeah, it's tentacle time.  Unload 
your ammo into the yellow fleshy part until it goes away. Backtrack through the 
decontamination room, fight a dark slasher, and go up the elevator. Video scene 
time.  Move on.

> "Outside the Ship"
* Necros: 2 Crawlers
* Loot: small air can, 1x pulse rounds, xbox, medium med pack, medium air can
* Notes: There's an xbox, a small air can, and some pulse rounds floating 
around. Follow the objective, it's one jump to the platform directly in front 
of you, then another to the other door.  Down beneath the exit door, there's a 
medium med pack and one (maybe two?) crawlers.

> "Engineering Storage" (aka "Loud Hall")
* Necros: Some rolly-pollies in a side room, some more rolly-pollies in a xbox, 
yet some more after the stasis door, and a Crawler
* Loot: 5 unlocked lockers, 1 wall box, SCHEMATIC (medium med), 1 ammo drop, 1 
med pack, 1 xbox, 1 stasis pack; inside power node room - 1x credits drop, 4x 
ammo drops, SCHEMATIC (ripper blades), medium med pack.
* Logs: Text Log (Corruption), Audio Log (Temple Report 5)
* Special: Behind the Power Node-locked door are credits, 3 ammo drops, a med 
pack, and a SCHEMATIC (ripper blades)
* Notes: This hall is goddamned loud.  There's a SCHEMATIC (medium med pack) on 
the floor and a wall box.  Follow the hallway to the huge disgusting 
engineering room.  In one room on this level: Text Log (Corruption), POWER 
NODE, 3 open lockers (6 total). In another room on this level is one openable 
locker (out of eight), an Audio Log (Temple Report 5), and an ammo drop.  Go 
down the lift.  There is a small med pack in a side room.  In another side room 
is an xbox and one open locker (out of 3) - watch out for Rolly-Pollies. Go 
down the lift. Ain't this place purty? We call it the cocoon room. In the first 
room, there is a stasis pack on the ground, a *STASIS RECHARGER* on the wall, 
and some Rolly-Pollies hiding in the nearby xbox. There is another Power 
Node-locked door containing: 1x credits drop, 4x ammo drops, SCHEMATIC (ripper 
blades), and a  medium med pack. Use stasis on the door to enter the next hall. 
 Use TK to throw the boom pod at the Rolly-Pollies and Crawler.  Save and move 

> "Engine Room"
* Necros: A small wave of them attack you in here before and after completing 
the objective.
* Loot: 3 xbox, 2 wall box, medium med pack, POWER NODE
* Notes: There are Lots of enemies here.  Watch out, because sometimes the fat 
one explodes into lots of Rolly-Pollies (WARNING: do not use the contact 
beam!).  If you stand in the doorway so it doesn't close behind you, you can 
back up if they get too close for comfort; their AI isn't too great so if they 
think you've left, they'll turn around and go back to whatever it is they were 
doing. On the ground floor, there's 1 xbox to the left, a wall box to the 
right, a medium med pack in alcove on left, a POWER NODE on right, another wall 
box in the next alcove past the power node on the right.  Up the ramp there are 
2 xboxes with random loot. Start the engine sequence at the big glowing 
terminal, and a whole mess of Slashers and Crawlers attack. Go back to the 
panel after you kill them to fire engines. Follow the objective line, watch the 
video, and move on.

> "Refueling Chamber"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 1 wall box
* Notes: There's a xbox and a wall box in the first room, move through the 
hall, another xbox

> "Control Room"
* Necros: 1 Slasher
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: A Slasher attacks you here. Save and go to the tram.

> "Tram Station"
* Notes: Nothing new here, so use the Tram to end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  4 :                                       [GTHDS-CH04] ...>
     O b l i t e r a t i o n  I m m i n e n t

> "Tram Station"
* Loot: 1 small med pack, 2 unlocked wall boxes
* Notes:  Collect the loot.  Move on.

> "Atrium Hallway"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: 1x ammo drop
* Notes: Pick up the ammo on floor, note the store, Move On.

> "Main Atrium"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 3 ammo drops, 5 floor boxes, 1 credit drop
* Logs: Audio Log (Initial Attack), floor containers, 1 xbox
* Notes: Goddamn, this is just beautiful.  Seriously, stop for a moment and 
enjoy the 1080p resolution of this scene on your amazing, expensive television. 
 You will find five (of eight) openable floor boxes, 3x ammo drops, 1x credits, 
and Audio Log (Initial Attack). *SAVE STATION* Take the lift down to lower 

> "Main Atrium" (lower level)
* Loot: SCHEMATIC (level 3 suit), 1 xbox, 2 wall boxes
* Logs: Text Log (List of Dead)
* Notes: Grab SCHEMATIC (level 3 suit), 2 (out of 4) openable wall boxes, 1 
xbox, and Text Log (List of Dead).  Move on after getting the new objective.

> "Main Atrium"
* Necros: 1 Brute
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH* (in the side room)
* Notes: This is your first encounter with a Brute.  Stasis him, then shoot the 
legs, and when it falls, shoot the back.  Some folks have told us that the 
flamethrower works really well.  Note that if the fight lasts long enough, he 
will start spitting explosive pods at you.  If you catch them and throw them 
back at him enough times, it will garner you a trophy.  Once you're done, go to 
the loot room you can now open.

Loot Room:
1 xbox, 2 lockers with ammo, POWER NODE, *BENCH*.  Move On.

> "Elevator to Ship Systems"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 xbox, SCHEMATIC (contact beam), 1 floor box, 1 wall box
* Logs: Video Log (Captain's Demise)
* Notes: Grab the Video Log (Captain's Demise) on floor.  At the bottom are an 
xbox, a *SAVE STATION*, and a SCHEMATIC (contact beam).

> "Small Storage Room"
* Necros: 1 Slasher playing dead
* Loot: 1 xbox, 2 wall boxes
* Notes: Inside there is a Slasher playing dead, an xbox, a *STASIS RECHARGER*, 
and 2 (of 3) openable wall boxes.  Move on.

> "Ship Systems"
* Necros: 1 Brute, 2 Slasher, 4 Abortions; later 2 more Slashers
* Loot: 3 ammo drops, 1 POWER NODE (dropped by brute), 1 med pack
* Notes: Grab the 1x ammo on floor.  Avoid walking into the gravity wells.  If 
you can force enough necros into the gravity wells, you will earn a trophy.  
There is a *STASIS RECHARGER* down the hall.  TK the carts out of the way, 
fight a Brute, and grab the two nearby ammo drops.  He will likely drop a power 
node.  Use stasis on the murder-cables, run past, and complete the objective.  
Back in the hall, necromorphs attack (2 Slashers).  Backtrack to the Atrium.

> "Main Atrium"
* Necros: five Crawlers
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH* (in the side room)
* Notes: When you return via the elevator, a bunch of Crawlers attack.  Take 
the other elevator down to level one.

> "Mining Admin Hallway"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*
* Loot: two floor boxes
* Notes:  Pick up some ammo drops, use the *SAVE STATION*. Once again it is 
vacuum time.  At the rupture you can see an ammo drop out of reach (TK it to 
you), in the next room is wall box, a locker, and a *BENCH*.  Move on.

> "Mining Admin Room"
* Necros: two dark slashers, 1 abortion, 1 face-lover, possibly more
* Loot: POWER NODE, 1 xbox, 3 wallboxes, 1 floor box
* Logs: Text Log (Report of Infection)
* Special: Behind the Power Node-locked door is a gold semiconductor, wall box, 
xbox, credits, medium med pack, large med pack, 2 lockers
* Notes: Some dark Slashers attack.  In one side room there is a wall box.  In 
another is a Text Log (Report of Infection) and two wallboxes.  Another side 
room contains a POWER NODE, an xbox, and one floor box.  There's a Power 
Node-locked door here containing a gold semiconductor, a wall box, an xbox, 1x 
credits, a medium med pack, a large med pack, and two (out of five) openable 
lockers.  Over by the objective, an abortion attacks.  You'll find a small med 
on the floor, then use the control panel to complete the objective.  Prepare to 
fight a face-lover and some dark Slashers. Note: You don't have to fight them, 
just run like hell. However, if you run, the face-lover will return up ahead. 
Go back to the vacuum and then return to the...

> "Mining Admin Hallway"
* Necros: Possibly 1 Face-Lover (read notes)
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*
* Notes: If you did not kill the face-lover in the previous area, he will jump 
you here as you try to get on the elevator. Fortunately, there are no corpses 
here for him to love, and thus the fight will be much easier here. If you 
already killed him, pay no heed to this part. Take elevator to floor three.

> "ADS Lower Hall"
* Necros: 1 dark slasher, 1 bipp-boo
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: SCHEMATIC (force gun), 1 credits drop, medium med pack, 2 ammo drops
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple on the Bridge)
* Notes: In this room you'll find Audio Log (Temple on the Bridge), SCHEMATIC 
(force gun), some credits, one (of two) openable floor boxes, a med pack, two 
(of five) openable wall boxes, and a *SAVE STATION*.  You'll run into a dark 
slasher and a bipp-boo.  Activate the objective. Move on.

> "Storage Room"
* Loot: 1 xbox, 1 ammo drop, 1 locker
* Notes: Take the goodies, move on.

> "Exterior Access Lift"
* Notes: Take the lift to the ADS

> "ADS"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 medium air can
* Notes: Take the air can and prepare to enter a vacuum.

> "Outside the Ship"
* Stations: *O2 RECHARGER*
* Notes: Run across the surface.  Note that the very first wall you come across 
has an oxygen recharger.  The object is to remain behind cover while the 
showers happen.  If you're caught in the open when debris hits... well, let's 
just say that since you've already saved, you should try it out at least once 
to see what happens.  Anyway, this part is pretty simple, just run and hide 
behind the first outcropping.  Once the sparks stop, run forward, past the next 
one on the right, and hide again behind the next one on the left.  Wait for the 
sparks to come and go, then repeat this process once more, passing the next on 
the right and hiding again behind the next on the left.  Once more with the 
sparks, then make a mad dash to the other door.  If you're not feeling brave, 
you can wait once more behind the next outcropping to be safe.  If you've 
purchased a couple of air upgrades for your RIG, you can easily do this without 
using a single air can.

> "ADS Room"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 credits drop, ruby semiconductor
* Notes: On the other side, take the loot and use the *SAVE STATION*. Time for 
the asteroids game, which both of us hate with a fiery passion of hatred-hate. 
 We suggest saving a new game file before this part, so you can comeback here 
later and perfect your score, if you're that kind of completionist player.

> Asteroids Mini- Game:  The object here is to kill as many of the asteroids as 
you can as quickly as you can.  You have to keep this up for a couple of 
minutes, and the Asteroids just keep coming.  Don't forget that you have two 
barrels!  Seriously, we hate this game.  Just fire away, and if you're good, 
you'll destroy enough asteroids, and if not, you die.  If you can finish with 
50% or more hull integrity, you get a trophy.

Seriously, we hate the asteroids game.

When done, save again and move on.

> "Outside the Ship"
* Necros: 2 Crawlers
* Notes: There are no more debris showers, but now there are some Crawlers.  
You can easily run right past them and conserve both your air and ammo.  Go 
back to the other door and Move on.

> "ADS Lower Hall"
* Necros: 3 Octopi
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Fight some new necros here that roll around and leap with tentacles. 
We call them octopi. Kill them, save if you need to, and move on.

> "Main Atrium"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH* (in the side room)

> "Atrium Hallway"
* Necros: 2 Slashers
* Stations: *STORE
* Notes: 2 slashers attack after you pass the store.

> "Tram Station"
* Notes: Nothing new here, take the tram to end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  5 :                                       [GTHDS-CH05] ...>
     L e t h a l  D e v o t i o n

Uh oh... Back to the med lab!  This should please you immensely (sarcasm).

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Notes: Get off the Tram.  *STORE* Move on.

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 open locker
* Notes: Once again, welcome to the central hub of your adventures in this 
chapter.  Note the *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*.  Open the locker and move on.

> "Imaging Diagnostics Hall"
* Necros: 2 Abortions
* Notes: Fight two abortions, note the *STASIS RECHARGER*

> "Imaging Diagnostics Room"
* Necros: 1 Wall Guy, 1 Abortion
* Stations: *BENCH* downstairs, *STASIS RECHARGER* and *SAVE STATION* upstairs
* Behind the Power Node-locked door are 2x ammo drops and a large medpack.
* Notes:  There's a Power Node-locked door here and a *BENCH*.  There's a new 
kind of enemy here we call the Wall Guys.  This one can easily be taken out by 
TK-throwing the explosive capsule at him.  Take the lift, kill and abortion, 
stasis the platform right as it is about to start moving back to the right, run 
across, *STASIS RECHARGER*, use stasis again to run across the other side, find 

**If you unlocked the power node door earlier, there is now 1 additional open 

> "Chem Lab"
* Necros: Regenerator
* Loot: 1 credits drop, SCHEMATIC (Force Energy), 2 xboxes, POWER NODE, 1 floor 
* Logs: Audio Log (Mercer's Experiment 1)
* Notes: Don't this room look exciting? Be sure to loot the room before you 
complete the objective.  Take the lift, grab the Audio Log on floor, 1x ammo 
drop, some credits, SCHEMATIC (Force Energy), break the two xboxes, and take 
the POWER NODE between the two monsters in jars.  Complete the objective and 
one of them (the regenerator) attacks.  Run, trust me.  Stasis it if you have 
to. Go back to the security station.

> "Imaging Diagnostics Room"
* Necros: Rolly-Pollies
* Notes: You can just run past the Rolly-Pollies, but be careful!  If they get 
on you they will wreck your shit.

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Follow the line to the clinic.

> "Clinic"
* Necros: 1 Regenerator, we lost count with the others
* Notes: A whole mob of necros attack, including the regenerator.  This 
battle's a royal pain in the ass.  Stasis the regenerator while you take out 
the others. watch out for the ranged attacks of the abortions. the door will 
eventually unlock, get the hell outta there.

**there are two unlocked lockers in the side room

> "Emergency Room Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Wall Guy
* Loot: 1 credits drop, 2 ammo drops, gold semiconductor
* Notes: There's an ammo drop just inside the entrance (was credits drop first 
time?), then a wall guy (TK throw an explosive capsule at it).  Near the crying 
lady (wtf?!) are 1 ammo drop and 1 credits drop (2x ammo drops first time?) and 
an *OXYGEN RECHARGER*.  Move On.  There's a gold semiconductor near the wall 
guy (double check)

**2nd time through, only found 1 credit drop & 1 ammo drop by crying lady.  
There's a power node door which if you previously opened now has 2 additional 
openable lockers.

> "Emergency Room" / "Intensive Care Unit"
* Necros:
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 credits drop, 2 ammo drops, medium air can, gold semiconductor
* Logs: Audio Log (Mercer's Experiment 2)
* Notes:  Remember that lady who slit her throat earlier?  This is that room. 
Use the *SAVE STATION*. The office you can now enter has an Audio Log (Mercer's 
Experiment 2), lots of heads in jars, LOTS of writing on the walls, 1 credits 
drop, gold semiconductor, medium air can, two xboxes. Complete the objective, 
new video time. The air is now decompressed!  Immediately start running back 
towards the Security Station room, don't even wait for the new objective.

> "Emergency Room Hallway"
* Necros: A carpet of Rolly-Pollies
* Notes: Just fricking run.  Stasis the Rolly-Pollies to get past them, keep 
running to the...

> "Clinic"
* Necros: 1 Regenerator, we didn't bother counting the others
* Notes: Stasis the regenerator if you need to, run past the other necros with 
him, keep running until you get to...

> "Security Station"
* Stations: *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Run to the panel and reactivate it.

> "Imaging Diagnostics Hall"
* Notes: Recharge your stasis, head into the next room.

> "Imaging Diagnostics Room"
* Necros: 1 wave of Rolly-Pollies
* Stations: *BENCH* downstairs, *STASIS RECHARGER* and *SAVE STATION* upstairs
* Kill another wave of Rolly-Pollies, run back to...

* "Chem Lab"
* Notes: Back to the room where the Regenerator first appeared.  Complete the 
objective, then move on.

* "Cryo Hall"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 xboxes and 4 lockers
* Notes: As you leave the chem lab, if you turn to your right, there's a dead 
end with 2 xboxes.  There are 4 unlocked lockers (out of 8 total) next to the 

> "Cryogenics lab:
* Necros: 1 Regenerator, 4 abortions
* Loot: 3 xboxes, 1 ammo drop, 1 credits drop, POWER NODE
* Notes: When you first open the door, TK the three xboxes to you.  You can 
also see an ammo drop on the floor.  Shortly after entering, necros attack.  To 
beat this fight, stasis the regenerator and remove his legs, then use the time 
to kill the abortions. then, stasis the regenerator in the cryo chamber, cut 
off his new-grown limbs so he can't move, then run run run to the control room 
and hit the cryo button to get rid of him. When done, there's a POWER NODE 
behind the cryo controls, some credits (ammo?) on the floor.  Move On

> "Cryo Tram Hall:
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: 1 credits drop
* Notes: Take the tram to end the Chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  6 :                                       [GTHDS-CH06] ...>
     E n v i r o n m e n t a l  H a z a r d

> "Tram Station"
* Necros: 3 Rolly-Pollies in the right-side bathroom
* Loot: 1 (originally found 2) ammo drop, 1 medium med pack, three unlocked 
floor containers
* Logs: Audio Log (Cross Report 1)
* Notes: Find the Audio Log (Cross Report 1), 1x Ammo drop in waiting area.  In 
the bathroom (on the right side) three Rolly-Pollies crawl from a toilet.  
There's three unlocked floor containers, /* 1x ammo drop */, medium med pack.  
Take the lift, Move On.

> "Sapling Room"
* Loot: SCHEMATIC (Contact energy), 2 xboxes, 1x ammo
* Notes: Pick up the SCHEMATIC (Contact energy).  Find 1 xbox in the entrance 
hall, 1 xbox and 1 ammo in the hall beyond, new objective.

> "Atmosphere control"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Loot: 1 unlocked locker
* Notes:  There's one unlocked locker (out of four), a *SAVE STATION*, and a 
*STORE*, Move on.

> "Hallway to West Tower"
* Necros: 1 Slasher on the upper walkway.
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 2 unlocked wall boxes
* Notes: Watch out for the gas sprays, they hurt your health.  Two locked floor 
containers in the first room, *BENCH* in the second room, two unlocked wall 
supply cases on the far wall, take the lift up.  Kill the Slasher, Move on.

> "West Grow Chamber"
* Necros: Lots! Read the Notes
* Stations:
* Loot: 3 floor boxes, 1 wall box, 3 ammo drops, large med pack, 3 xboxes, ruby 
semiconductor, 1 credits drop.
* Notes:  Three floor containers to the right, one of which is unlocked, a wall 
container just past the floor ones, and two ammo drops on the floor back to the 
left of where you came in.  However, you might want to wait on getting these, 
because soon after entering, a big wave of Slashers and Abortions come at you 
from all over.  Stasis is your best friend in this encounter.  Run around, 
swerving and turning, getting them all to follow you in a group.  Herd them 
together in a tight area, stasis them, and mow them down.  There's a dead-end 
hallway (across from the entrance to the first room with a Bloater) that is 
good for this, just hole up in there, stasis-and-cut them as they charge after 
you.  There are also a few boom-pods you can find against a wall to throw at 
them.  Follow the objective line, watch out for your air supply, and kill the 
new Bloater monster.  Soon after a dark Slasher will attack you from behind, so 
be ready.  There's a xbox near the Bloater.  **Watch out for an Abortion after 
leaving the room.**  Follow the line to another room and kill the next Bloater, 
with an ammo drop nearby.  Head back out into the main room, kill the Bippboo, 
and go to the lift area.  Activate the feeding system, then quickly stasis the 
panel when it fully opens.  Quickly run around behind the lift and TK-grab the 
Large Med Pack through the open panel.  Take the lift, heading first to the 
third floor to find 3x xboxes and a ruby semiconductor (it sells for 10k 
credits!).  Take the lift back down to the second floor to find credits on the 
floor.  Go to the room NOT on the objective path...

> "Refrigeration West"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Find an unlocked floor container and a *SAVE STATION*.  You'll 
probably want to save after the chaos of the last room.  Follow the line back 
the way you came...

> "Hydroponics Control"
* Necros: 1 bloater, 2 face-lovers
* Loot: 1 unlocked locker
* Notes: Kill the bloater and the two face-lovers - Stasis helps a lot.  There 
are two boom pods here you can use as well.  A fun tactic is to stasis the bad 
guys, then TK-throw the boom pods at them.  Eight lockers, only one is 
unlocked, and a locked floor container.  Move on.

> "Refrigeration West"
* Necros: 4 Pod Guys
* Loot: 2 unlocked lockers
* Notes: Go past the *SAVE STATION* to a long hall, in which are four of a new 
enemy I call Pod Guys.  Shoot off their arms to detach their pods and then 
TK-throw them back to cause explodey funtime.   After is a *STASIS RECHARGER*, 
two unlocked lockers in a bank of three.

> "Refrigeration West, Zero-G area"
* Necros: 3 abortions
* Loot: 1 xbox
* Notes: Take a moment to look at and appreciate that floating blood.  It's 
damn pretty.  TK the xbox to you for loot.  As you hop around in here, watch 
out for the insta-gib spikes. TK-slide the glowing panel in the roof to open a 
new way and let two abortions in.  Kill them, then Zero G-jump through that 
hole.  Through the hole, find the other glowing panel, TK-slide it as well, go 
through, fight another abortion, Move On.

> "Air Filtration"
* Necros: 1 Dark Slasher, 1 Bloater
* Loot: 2 floor boxes, 3 ammo drops, 1 xbox, POWER NODE, 1 unlocked locker
* Logs: Audio Log (Cross Report 2),
* Notes: There's a floor container to your right, an Audio Log (Cross Report 2) 
on the floor, 1x ammo drop on the floor.  Take the lift down.  Ammo drop in the 
middle of the boom pods, a *STASIS RECHARGER*, and now it's time for the Flame 
Puzzle.  Smash the door lock and wait for the flames to die, then run in and 
stasis the big doohicky on the wall to the right.  Smash the lock, go into the 
next area and stasis the panel on the far left wall.  Repeat the process on the 
next hall, using stasis on the far right panel again, and you're done.  It's 
really pretty simple, just time it right.  Also, the flames aren't insta-gib, 
so if you get blasted you only lose health and catch on fire for a bit but 
remain alive.  In the last area, kill the Dark Slasher and the Bloater, take 
the lift.  Break the xbox, open the floor container.  In the office is a medium 
med pack (ammo drop 1st time), a POWER NODE (finally!), and a single unlocked 
locker among four.  Follow the line, take the next lift, it's a long, long 

**note: if you have a good angle, you can shoot out the door controls before 
going in the room.  The slasher will come after you and die in the fire.  Once 
you get into the room with the bloater, a slasher and a pod guy will attack.

> "West Grow Chamber"
* Necros: 1 BippBoo, 2 Abortions
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Notes: Kill the Bippboo and two abortions, move on back through the gas 
sprays, there's a bench in the second room if you need it.

> "Atmosphere Control"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Nothing new here, save and Move On.

> "Hallway to East Tower"
* Necros: 1 Wall Guy, 1 Slasher
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 1 floor box
* Logs: Text Log (Corruption)
* Special: Behind the Power Node-Locked door are 1x credits, 3x ammo, large med 
pack, one unlocked container
* Notes: There's a Text Log (Corruption), then a Wall Guy.  In the first room 
is a *BENCH*, in the second is a Slasher, ammo drop, two floor containers (one 
unlocked), the next is Power Node-locked.  Go up the lift, follow the line to 

> "East Grow Chamber"
* Necros: 1 Brute, a bunch of Rolly-Pollies, 3 Bloaters
* Loot: POWER NODE (dropped by the Brute), 7 xboxes, 3 wall boxes, 4 ammo 
drops, 2 med packs
* Logs: Audio Log (Cross Report 3)
* Notes: Shortly in here a Brute attacks, when we beat it it dropped a POWER 
NODE.  There are two xboxes, three wall containers, and a whole lotta gross.  
In a side room is a xbox full of Rolly-Pollies, two ammo drops and a medium med 
pack.  Follow the line, kill the Bloater, there's a *STASIS RECHARGER* and two 
more xboxes.  Go a little further for another xbox and an ammo drop.  Take the 
lift to the third floor to kill a Bloater, then to the second floor for two 
xboxes near some boom-pods.  There's an Audio Log (Cross Report 3) and a small 
med pack, and near them you can find an ammo drop you have to TK pull to get.  
Back on the first floor, use the Feeding System, stasis the little door when it 
opens, then run around to the other side and shoot inside to kill the last 
Bloater in here.  Go to floor 2 and follow the line.

> "Refrigeration East"
* Necros: Tentacle
* Loot: POWER NODE, gold semiconductor, 2 unlocked floor boxes
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple's Search)
* Notes: Here is a POWER NODE and a save station, then a Gold Semiconductor in 
the happy funtime-looking hallway beyond.  Save before moving on.  The tentacle 
is back, do what you did earlier to defeat it.  In the hall beyond is an Audio 
Log (Temple's Search), beyond that is a *STASIS RECHARGER*, three floor 
containers (two unlocked), and a Seeeecret Nooooote! (play mysterious music 
now).  Move on.

> "Refrigeration East, Zero-G"
* Necros: 2 weird wall things, 2 Abortions, 1 Bloater, 2 more Abortions
* Notes: There's a weird guy attached to the wall in here, and if you get close 
he'll lash at you, but I don't think he actually hurts you.  You can make him 
explode by shooting him and then using kinesis on him.  Jump through the first 
hole into the next area, and don't touch the electrified area or it is an 
insta-gib.  Look around and see the other exit that is blocked by the energy.  
Use stasis on the power source, then quickly jump the a panel near it and again 
quickly jump through that exit, which is temporarily accessible now that the 
energy isn't everywhere.  Watch out for the spikes there, mega-man.  On the 
other side are some abortions and another one of those seemingly-harmless wall 
fellas.  Go into the next area to kill the Bloater and then some more Abortions 
attack.  Before going back into the electrified area, locate the nearby switch 
and just turn it off for good.  No more insta-gib!  Move On.

> "Refrigeration East"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Leave the zero-g the way you came in, and save if you need to.  Move 

> "Hallway to East Tower"
* Necros: 3 Slashers
* Notes: On your way back through here, three Slashers attack.  Take the lift 
down, head back to...

> "Atmosphere Control"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Activate the panel to complete the objective.  Save your game before 
moving on.

> "Hallway to Food Storage"
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 1 med pack
* Logs: Audio Log (Cross Report 4)
* Notes: Grab the Audio Log (Cross Report 4), smash the two xboxes, get the 
medpack.  Use the Food Filter to complete the objective.  Get ready to do some 

> "Food Storage"
* Necros: 1 Big Fat Ugly
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 3 med packs (2nd time through: 8x ammo, 2 med med pack, 1 
lg med pack)
* Notes: You're back in Zero-G.  There's an ammo drop floating nearby and a few 
med packs (mediums and a large), TK-grab them.  See that thing in front of you? 
 That's a boss, and it's huge.  'Bout goddamn time!  I call this guy The Big 
Fat Ugly, and below is how you beat him.

> BOSS: The Big Fat Ugly (aka Leviathan)
He doesn't move, but his tentacles do.  He has two main attacks.  At first, he 
will attack you with those same big-ass tentacles you've seen twice before in 
the game.  You will only fight one tentacle at a time.  The tentacle pops out, 
waves at you a bit, and then tries to swat you.  While it's waving you can 
shoot the yellow mass, and when it moves to swat, quickly aim just past it and 
zero-g jump beyond it.  Once all three tentacles are exploded, the second 
attacks start.  Big Fat Ugly now starts launching these terrible-ugly pus balls 
at you from his mouth, in volleys of five.  TK-catch the first one, quickly 
throw it back to explode the second one.  Do this once more with the third one 
to destroy the fourth one.  TK-grab the fifth one, and hurl it back into his 
mouth to hurt him.  If you don't kill him quickly enough, the tentacles will 
return, so defeat them in the same manner as before (shoot the yellow globs, 
jump over when they strike).  There are also a few boom-pods floating around, 
which you can use as TK weapons.  For the record, the first time we fought him 
he annihilated us.  The second time in, we barely used any ammo at all and only 
got hit once.  Once you've beaten him, Move on back to...

> "Atmosphere Control"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Save and shop if you need to, then move on back to the Tram.

> "Tram Station"
* Notes: Once again, where'd the bodies go?  Hmmmm... Ah well, take the Tram 
and end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  7 :                                       [GTHDS-CH07] ...>
     I n t o  t h e  V o i d

> "Tram Station"
* Loot: One floor container, one wall container
* Notes: Loot the place and Move On.

> "Tram Hallway"
* Loot: One floor container, a POWER NODE on the wall, some credits high on top 
of one of the big overhead cylinders - TK-pull them to yourself.
* Notes: Loot the place and Move On.

> "RIG Room"
* Stations: *STORE*, *BENCH*, *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 2 unlocked lockers, 2 floor boxes, 1 med pack
* Notes: Grab the ammo drop in a cubby, six lockers (two unlocked), a small med 
pack on the floor, two floor containers.  Use the stations if you need to, then 
get on the lift, go to Deck D: Maintenance.

> The Lift
* Necros: 3 Slashers
* Notes: Be prepared for some dangerous company from above during the ride.

> "Repair Room"
* Necros: 1 face-lover, possibly others
* Loot: Stasis Pack, Floor Container, Gold Semiconductor, Medium Med Pack
* Logs: Audio Log (Kyne's Hostage)
* Notes: Move forward and kill the Face-Lover ASAP, you can tk-throw the 
glowing yellow pods at him.  Be sure not to get too close to them, though, as 
they can explode and hurt you.  Grab the Audio Log (Kyne's Hostage), Stasis 
Pack, Floor Container, Gold Semiconductor, Medium Med Pack.  Move On.

> "Maintenance Chamber"
* Necros: A handful of WGBs that pop out of the walls as you take the lift 
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 4 med packs, 4 ammo drops, 2 floor containers
* Notes: Look ahead and TK-Pull the small med pack and medium med pack.  
TK-pull the lift to you and get on.  Start the lift and go across, and as you 
do kill the Wall Guy Babies that are spat out of the walls on both sides.  Also 
TK-grab the two ammo drops on the left and right sides that you might not have 
been able to reach before unless you upgraded your Kinesis.  On the other side, 
prepare to get creepy.  On this side are a medium med pack, two ammo drops, and 
two unlocked floor containers.  Move on.

> "Repair Room"
* Necros: 7 dark Slashers, 1 Abortion
* Notes: While the door is being unlocked, kill the 7 dark Slashers and an 
Abortion.  You can try to use the nearby boom pod to help you.  Move on.

> "Maintenance Annex"
* Necros:
* Loot: POWER NODE, SCHEMATIC (Level 4 Suit), SOS Beacon (objective), 2 ammo 
drops, 1 med pack.
* Notes: Loot the place: 2x ammo drops, large med pack, POWER NODE, SCHEMATIC 
(Level four suit).  There's also a locked floor container   Grab the SOS Beacon 
to complete the objective.  Go back the way you came.

> "Maintenance Chamber"
* Necros: A handful of WGBs, 3 abortions, 2 slashers
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: On the lift back across, more WGBs appear, as well as three abortions 
on the sides.  On the other side are two Slashers and a save point.  Save and 
Move On.

> "Repair Room"
* Necros: 1 Slasher
* Notes: A Slasher is playing dead, kill it and then take the lift to B: 

> "Processing Antechamber"
* Necros: 4 slashers, 1 baby-maker
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 unlocked floor boxes, 1 unlocked locker
* Logs: Audio Log (Temple and Elizabeth)
* Notes: Explore this area fully before moving on, and be prepared to fight 
four Slashers and a Baby-Maker.  Find an Audio Log (Temple and Elizabeth), 
three floor containers (two unlocked), a *SAVE STATION*, and four lockers (one 
unlocked).  Move on.

> "Processing Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Slasher, 2 crawlers in zero-g, 2 Abortions in zero-g, a wave of 
slashers and pod guys after restoring gravity.
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: 1 med pack, 2 unlocked floor boxes, 1 ammo drop; In zero-g: 2 xboxes; 
In side room: 3 floor boxes, 1 ammo drop, Mining Access Key (objective), POWER 
* Logs: Text Log (Processing Room Problem)
* Special: Behind the Power Node-locked door are 2x ammo drops, a medium med 
pack, a floor container, and a Ruby Semiconductor (which is worth the cost of 
the Power Node alone)
* Notes: When you come in, fight a Slasher, find a Text Log (Processing Room 
Problem), a *STORE*, two unlocked floor containers, and a small med pack near a 
body and some debris.  Past this debris you can TK-pull an ammo drop to you.  
Go into the zero-G area, kill the two crawlers.  Immediately upon entering, 
turn right and jump across to find a Power Node-locked room.  Floating in the 
Zero-G area are two Xboxes.  TK-throw two asteroid chunks into the particle 
beam, then fight off two abortions.  TK-Throw two more asteroid chunks into the 
beam.  Restore gravity, and then a whole lot of necromorphs attack: a wave of 
Slashers, a Baby-Maker, and four Pod Guys.  Move on to a side room with three 
unlocked floor containers, an ammo drop, and the mining access key completes 
the objective.  Move On. In the next area is a POWER NODE, then follow the 

> "Processing Antechamber"
* Necros: 1 Crawler
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Kill the crawler, save, then follow the line back to the lift, which 
you should take to deck C.

> "Extraction Room"
* Necros: 2 crawlers, 2 abortions
* Loot: 2 floor boxes
* Notes: Kill two Crawlers and two abortions, find the two floor containers.  
Don't follow the line just yet, go into the Mining Hallway instead.

> "Mining Hallway"
* Necros: 2 Slashers
* Stations: *BENCH*, *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 medpack, 2 floor boxes, 2 xboxes
* Logs: Audio Log (Supervisor's Choice)
* Notes: Kill the Slasher, find a small medpack, two floor containers, an Audio 
Log (Supervisor's Choice), three xboxes (one has a monster inside), a *BENCH*, 
*STORE*, and *SAVE STATION*.  When you use the bench, a Slasher attacks you 
after you're done.  TK-Grab the Battery from the wall on the upper level, then 
carry it back to the...

> "Extraction Room"
* Necros: 2 Pod Guys
* Notes: There are two Pod Guys waiting for you here.  Eliminate them, then 
carry the battery to the other side and put in in to activate the lift down to 

> "Control Room"
* Loot: Gold semiconductor, 6 wall boxes
* Logs: Text Log (Mining Timeline)
* Notes: On the floor is a Gold Semiconductor, a Text Log (Mining Timeline), a 
*STASIS RECHARGER*, six unlocked wall containers.  Loot, recharge, and Move On.

> "Mining Bay, Inside"
* Necros: 3 dark crawlers
* Loot:: 2 xboxes in zero-g
* Notes: Holy Mother of god!  Okay.  Move in a bit and three dark Crawlers 
attack you.  They're stronger than the ones you've faced so far.  There're two 
xboxes floating around in here, TK-pull and break them.  Now for the puzzle.  
You have to place a beacon on the big rock and destroy four gravity beams 
holding the rock in place.  There are two in here and two on the outside of the 
hull.  To destroy a beam, move up to it, stasis it, and then as it slowly 
moves, shoot through a panel to blast one of the glowing things inside.  One 
hit will take it out.  There's one right in front of you when you get in here, 
so after you kill the Crawlers, take it out.  Leave the other one (above) 
alone, though, and go outside.  To get outside, look at the asteroid and wait 
for the bands to stop moving.  Find a location where they stop overlapped.  
Point at it, and as soon as they move away from that location, Zero-Jump to it 
and run outside.  The bands moving around the asteroid are insta-gib if they 
contact you, so don't let them touch you.

> "Mining Bay, Outside"
* Necros: 2 Abortions
* Loot: 1 xbox
* Notes: Once outside, watch your air supply.  There are two abortions and an 
xbox out here.  Kill the abortions, plant the beacon, grab the xbox, and 
destroy the other two gravity beams.  You might need to use an Air Can if you 
have any, or jump back inside for a bit to refill your air if you run low.  Go 
back inside, don't get hit by the bands, destroy the last gravity beam, and 
then head back to the control room.

> "Control Room"
* Notes: A Slasher will attack you in the hallway right outside the Mining Bay. 
 Kill it, recharge your Stasis, Move On.

> "Extraction Room"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Notes: Now there are flames everywhere!  You have to first grab the battery 
from the lift you came back in on.  TK-pull it from the wall, then take it 
across the flame area.  Time your movement to easily get past them.  We found 
that you can tk-throw the barrety ahead of you so as to not have to slowly walk 
past the flames.  Put it in the other side.  *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*, *BENCH*. 
 Take the lift to the...

> "Mining Hallway"
* Necros: 2 slashers, 2 dark slashers
* Notes: Unlock the Access key door, move into the control room beyond.  Two 
unlocked floor containers, a POWER NODE on the wall.  Activate the panel, fire 
the asteroid, and a few moments later two Slashers and two dark Slashers will 
attack you in here.  Move on.

> "Extraction Room"
* Necros: 1 Dark slasher on the elevator ride
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Notes: Save/Buy/Upgrade if you need to, then go back through the flames and 
take the elevator to Floor A.  On the ride, a dark Slasher attacks.

> "RIG Room"
* Necros: 3 octopi
* Stations: *BENCH*, *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*
* Notes: Three octopi attack.  Save and Move On.

> "Tram Station"
* Notes: Take the tram to end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  8 :                                       [GTHDS-CH08] ...>
     S e a r c h  a n d  R e s c u e

Back to the Bridge we go!

> "Tram Station"
* Loot: 1 wall box
* Notes: One more unlocked wall box this time.  Loot it, move on.

> "Atrium Hallway"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Notes: None, move on.

> "Main Atrium"
* Necros: 6 Pod Guys, 2 Dark Slashers, 1 Dark Crawler
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*
* Loot: 3 floor boxes, 1 xbox, POWER NODE
* Notes: Shortly after entering, a wave of baddies attacks you.  Take them out, 
and if you're goo, you can use the Pod Guy Kinesis trick to do it easily.  Loot 
the place (don't forget the security room), then take the lift to level 3...

> "ADS Hallway"
* Necros: 2 Wall Guys
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 new unlocked floor box, 1 xbox, 2 ammo (plasma), 3 new unlocked wall 
* Notes: There are 2 Wall Guys in the next corridor, the second one is around 
the corner and will spawn several tentacle pods before you get to him.  Save 
and move on.

> "Comms Hall"
* Necros: 1 tall guy (and spiders)
* Loot: 3 wall boxes
* Notes: There's a new monster here, and it can be a pain in the ass if you're 
not prepared.  We call them the Tall Guys.  When you kill it is spawns a 
handful of REALLY annoying spider-things that jump around when you aim at them. 
 Immediately after you kill him, use stasis to freeze them all for easy 
pickings.  When we killed him, he dropped a ruby semiconductor.

> "Comms Lift"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*
* Logs: Audio Log (Illegal Mining)
* Notes: Take the lift up.  Go through "to comm array" door.  Loot along the 
way.  Take the POWER NODE on the wall.  Take the fast-lift across to the...

> "Comms Control"
* Loot: SCHEMATIC (Medium Air Can), 1x xbox
* Notes: Take the loot, use the stations if you need to, Move On.

> "Comms Array Airlock"
* Loot: 1x xbox, POWER NODE on the wall, 3 unlocked lockers, three more locked, 
1x ammo drop in the airlock
* Notes: Take the floot loot and the Power Node, open the 3 unlocked lockers 
(three more are locked), grab the 1x ammo drop in the airlock.  Move on

> "Comms Array"
* Necros: 4 dark crawlers,
* Loot: 2 xboxes in zero-g
* Notes:  It's Zero-G Time! 4 dark crawlers attack soon after entering.  Kill 
themn, grab the two xboxes, and it's puzzle time. To solve this puzzle, use TK 
to pull out some dead reflectors and toss them, and replace their slots with 
live ones.  You can look on the big wall to see a representation of how the 
things currently look.  The glowing dots have working reflectors in them, the 
solid gray dots have dead reflectors in them, and the empty ones are, well, 
empty.  Use TK to pull put all the dead reflectors in the innermost circle.  
Then, use TK to pull the working reflectors from the outer circles and put them 
in the now-open slots in the inner circle.  Once the inner circle has a ring of 
six working reflectors, the system is back online.  This completes the 
objective, so move back to the...

> "Comms Control"
* Notes: Use the panel to complete objective. Save the game, and move on to...

> "Comms Lift"
* Necros: 1 abortion, 1 dark slasher
* Stations: *BENCH*, *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: On the ride back, an Abortion tries to attack, but chances are you're 
moving too quickly for it to get you.  On the other side of the door, a dark 
Slasher climbs up and attacks.  Take the lift down.  Use the stations if you 
need to, then Move on to the...

> "Comms Hall"
* Notes: Nothing new here, move on to the lift to go to...

> "ADS Cannon 48"
* Necros: 1 Slug Boss
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 floor containers, 2 xboxes under some other boxes, POWER NODE
* Notes: Go into the cannon chamber.  Get the POWER NODE on the wall and save 
the game.  I suggest starting a new save, in case you want to come back here 
and try for a better score later.  Anyway, save and use the Cannon.  Oh great, 
another cannon game.  Wheee.  This mini-game really sucks ass.  There are 5 
tentacles.  Shoot the yellow blobs on the tentacles as fast as you can.  The 
tentacles will throw debris and explosives at you, shoot them out of the air to 
prevent them from hurting the ship.  If you can finish with more than 50% hull 
integrity, you earn a special trophy.  When done, watch the cut scene and then 
Move On and take the lift back to the...

> "Comms Hall"
* Notes: Nothing new here, move on to the lift to go to...

> "ADS Hallway"
* Necros: 2 Spiders
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Two spiders are waiting here, kill them.  Move on to the Cargo Lift, 
take it to the...

> "Main Atrium"
* Necros: 1 Tall Guy
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: There's a tall guy here, take care of him and kill his babies.  Save 
and Move On.

> "Atrium Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Baby-Maker
* Stations: *STORE*
* Notes: A baby-maker charges at you as you head back to the tram.  Move on.

> "Tram Station"
* Notes: Take the tram to end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  9 :                                       [GTHDS-CH09] ...>
     D e a d  o n  A r r i v a l

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *BENCH*, *STORE*, *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 floor boxes, 2 xboxes, 1 wall box
* Notes: In the station is a floor box, a BENCH, and 1 xbox.  In the hallway is 
a floor box, a STORE, xbox.  In the next room is one wall box.  Go to Zero-G 
Ore Storage.

> "Ore Storage"
* Necros: 1 crawler, 2 dark crawlers, 3 abortions
* Stations: 2x *OXYGEN RECHARGER*
* Loot: 1 xbox
* Notes: Zero-G time.  1 xbox floating in mid-air.  Puzzle time!  See that huge 
gray grated dor in the other wall?  Zero-G Jump to it, then foot-stomp the six 
energy conduits next to it.  This starts a vacuum effect, and then immediately 
you are attacked by a crawler, two dark crawlers, and three abortions.  Kill 
them, then TK-Throw all the green radiation balls out into open space.  When 
done, jump to the gloring airlock on the side of the Valor and go in to 

> "Starboard Corridors"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 floor box
* Notes: There's 1 floor box in here.  Watch out for the Gravity wells.  SAVE 
STATION.  Note the battery in the wall near the entrace.

> "Cargo Bay"
* Necros: 4 Meth Fiends
* Loot: 1 floor box, 1 xbox, 1 ammo drop
* Notes: Once in here, use kinesis to move a lot of rollers around.  Hidden 
among them is an ammo drop and xbox..  At some point while moving around, you 
will be attacked by four new necros we call Meth Fiends.  Seriously, these 
assholes are FAST.  Stasis them if you have the juice for it, as it will help 

> "Torpedo Room"
* Loot: 2 floor boxes, 2 xboxes
* Notes: Loot the room and move on.

> "Port Corridors"
* Necros: 2 face-lovers, 1 meth fiend
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 floor box
* Notes: There's a floor box, a SAVE STATION, and three glowing batteries in 
the wall.  When you try to leave, 2 face-lovers and a meth fiend attack.  
Afterward, TK-grab one of the still-glowing batteries, put it where the one 
just blew out.  Now take the lift.

> "Armory Corridors" (before the Armory)
* Loot: 1 wall box, 1 floor box, 1 ammo drop
* Notes: From the door, take a right and a right.  There's a wall box, a floor 
box, and through the debris you can tk-pull an ammo drop.

> "Armory"
* Necros: 1 tall guy, 2 pod guys
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 1 floor box, POWER NODE, 1 xbox, 1 locker
* Logs: Audio Log (Emergency)
* Notes: There's a tall guy and a pod guy when you enter, and another pod guy 
once you explore a bit, 1 unlocked floor box (among 2), POWER NODE, BENCH, 1 
xbox, Audio Log (Emergency), one unlocked locker (among three).  Also in here 
is the SHOOTING GALLERY mini-game!  I suggest making a new save at this point 
(two rooms back) so you can go back and enjoy the mini-game later at your 
leisure.  Move On.

> "Armory Corridors" (after the Armory)
* Notes: Use the stasis recharger if you need to, and Move On.

> "Infirmary"
* Necros:
* Stations:
* Loot: Schematic (Large Med Pack), 4 floor boxes
* Logs
* Notes: When you open the door, some monster rushes you, but he gets 
murderized by the laser.  Soon after entering, another monster does the same 
thing.  With them gone, it's time to use Stasis.  The energy thing has three 
positions, one with all the sparks to the right, one with all the sparks in the 
middle, and another with all of them on the left.  Use Stasis when they're all 
in the middle, and then run past when they move to the left.  In here are a 
Schematic (Large Med Pack), 4 unlocked floor boxes, but some of the boxes are 
in the area affected by the laser.

3 pod guys, some other attack with them?

> "Barracks Corridors"
* Necros:
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 floor boxes, 3 ammo drops, POWER NODE, 1 med pack, 1 xbox
* Notes: 5 pod guys and a few others we lost count of rush you, and watch out 
because some of them come from behind.  In here you find a save station, 2 
floor boxes, med pack, 3 ammo drops, power node, and an xbox is in the wreckage 
to the right, can be acquired via some clever use of kinesis.  I sugegst having 
a full Stasis gauge before you go into the next room.

* Necros: Lots!  See below...
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: 6 unlocked wall boxes.
* Logs: Text Log (Orders)
* Notes: This area had no name when we brought up the map.  Anyway, prepare for 
the raping!  When you come in here, you are attacked by: 1 baby-maker, 2 
crawlers, 3 meth fiends, 3 abortions, and 2 pod guys.  This fight sucks, 
because they pretty much all rush you and you have to kill them ASAP.  If 
you're good with Stasis and you effectively use Pod Guy bombs TK-throw trick, 
you might be able to beat this room with but a scratch or two.  When done, open 
the 6 unlocked wall boxes (one is locked), and use the Store.  If your stasis 
gauge is low, we HIGHLY suggest making sure you have a stasis pack or two, as 
you might need them soon.

> "Engine Corridors"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 1 floor box
* Notes: In here is 1 ammo drop, some moaning fellow on the ceiling (why the 
hell is he not dead?), a SAVE STATION, and 1 unlocked floor box (1 locked).  
Save the game, then move on.

> "Engine Hall"
* Loot: 5 floor boxes, 1 xbox
* Notes: 5 unlocked floor boxes (2 locked), 1 xbox, take the lif up,

> "Engine Room"
* Necros:
* Stations:
* Loot: 2 wall boxes
* Notes: Loot, then puzzle time.  You need to destroy 6 power conduits in this 
room, but you have to avoid the flame-tastic blast furnace which fires every 
two or three seconds.  There are three power things on each side.  Start with 
the left side, stand behind the engine and tk move it forward, taking them one 
out by one.  You'll have to move it to the left a bit or it'll get stuck on 
some pipes shortly in.  When you break those three, move back to the start, 
using the engine as cover with kinesis.  Now for the left side, repeat the 
process and move a tiny bit to the right to not get stuck on the pipes.  When 
all six are smashed, the fire blasts stop.

The objective is that thing in the middle, but don't get it just yet.  The back 
corridor has 6 unlocked floor boxes.  The door goes to lower engine room with 
one unlocked wall box and one locked one.  Now get the objective, called the 
Singularity Core.  Grab it, and trust me, MAKE SURE you have a full stasis 
gauge before moving on.  Now go to the back hall to the lower engine room.  
There's a pretty crazy cut scene, and a mini-boss fight with a new dark Brute. 
 This guy takes a lot of punishment to defeat.  He drops a diamond 
semiconductor (sells for 25k!).  If you die in this fight, you coninue 
immediately at the beginning of the fight with him charging right at you.  Oh 
and as for the scene before the mini-boss, seriously, wtf.  My jaw just 

Anyway, Move On.

> "Corridors"
* Loot: 1 floor box, 1 wall box
* Notes: Open the boxes, use the battery with TK on the wall slot, take the 

> "Starboard Corridors"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes:  LEAVE THE VALOR!  Take a moment to look at the beautiful explosions.

> "Tram Station"
* Necros: 1 Meth Fiend
* Stations: *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Notes:  When you enter, a meth-fiend rushes you. Kill it quickly.  Use the 
stations if you need to.  Take the tram to end the chapter.

<... c h a p t e r  1 0 :                                     [GTHDS-CH10] ...>
     E n d  o f  D a y s

On to the Crew Deck!

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 2 wall boxes, 1 ammo drop
* Notes: Loot the area, use the STORE, take the lift.  There are lots and lots 
of writings here, and we need to come back and translate.

> "Commons"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*
* Loot: 1 wall box
* Logs: Text Log (Unitology Article)
* Notes: Loot, save, use the bench if needs be, and move on.

> "Residential Hallway"
* Notes: Observe the dialog, move on

> "Mess Hall"
* Necros: 2 Tall Guys
* Loot: 5 xboxes, 1 wall box, POWER NODE, 1 floor box, 1 crew key (objective)
* Notes: In here there's 1 xbox, then another xbox after moving further in, 1 
wall box, and why the hell can't we smash those soda machines anymore?  Go down 
the lift, and two tall guys rush you, so don't forget about stasis.  3 xboxes, 
POWER NODE on the wall, 1 floor box near a harmless wall fella.  Grab the Crew 
Key, Move on.

> "Residential Lobby"
* Necros: 1 wall guy, 1 meth fiend
* Loot: 2 wall boxes
* Notes: In here you encounter 1 wall guy and a meth fiend, kill the wall guy 
asap or those damn annoying pods will start shooting you.  1 wall box 
afterwards.  Bathroom has a wall box and some pretty awesome writing.  Go to 
Sleep Block A.  Take the lift down, move on.

> "Sleep Block A"
* Necros: 1 meth fiend, 1 tentacle
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 wall boxes, 2 xboxes, 3 ammo drops, 1 med packs, 1 credits drop, 2 
floor boxes
* Notes: In the hall is a wall box, in the main area is a med pack, ammo, an 
xbox.  Check out the bathroom for another wall box and more ammo.  There's a 
save spot in the main area.  Use it, follow the line to a locked door, now 
explore the rest of the area.  Go to the door labeled "Sleep Block A Bunks" for 
another tentacle - again, shoot the yellow part.  Afterwards, get the credits 
drop, floor boxes and xbox.  Go to the Storage Room for more ammo, then TK-pull 
down the thingy to open that other locked door.  Move on, and as you go back 
into the main area a Meth Fiend drops from behind you.  Move on to Sleep Block 

> "Block Hallway A-B"
* Notes: nothing here, move on.

> "Sleep Block B"
* Necros: 2 baby-makers, 1 slasher, 1 dark slasher, 3 dark abortions, 2 meth 
* Loot: 2 wall boxes, 3 floor boxes, navigation card (objective), 1 POWER NODE, 
2 ammo drops, 1 xbox, 1 med pack
* Notes: Vacuum time!  Watch your air here, you have to do a lot of exploring 
and fighting, and I advise learning to make strategic use of that nearby Oxygen 
Recharger.  I warn you, this area is FULL of some necromorphs, so be on your 
guard.  When you go in, 1 baby-maker and a slasher immediately charge from the 
left.  There's also a dark slasher playing dead to the right.  After killing 
them, get the wall box and take note of the Oxygen Recharger.  Follow the line, 
and in the next area fight 3 dark abortions and another baby-maker, followed 
quickly after by a meth fiend.  Follow the line to the Navigation Card, and 
another meth fiend will charge you shortly after you get it.  That's it for the 
necros, now keep looting.  There's 2 more floor boxes in the bunkrooms, in a 
side storage you'll find an ammo drop, xbox, and a POWER NODE.  In the bathroom 
is another wall box, an ammo drop, and a med pack, and in the hall ("To 
Residential Hall") is another floor box.  Move on!

> "Sleep Block A"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Notes: Save, move on to the lift again, take it to...

> "Residential Lobby"
* Necros: 1 something? I think it was a slasher...
* Notes: When the lift opens, a necro jumps into the ceiling, but I don't think 
you can get it, but perhaps some clever use of Stasis could change that.  Move 

> "Residential Hallway"
* Necros: 2 pod guys, 2 octopi
* Notes: Fight the pod guys and octopi, then Move On

> "Commons"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*, *STORE*
* Notes: Save, use the bench if you need to.  Take the lift down and hit up the 
store, and I highly advise you get a lot of Stasis packs.  You will very likely 
need them soon.  Move on to sleep block c.

> "Rec Hallway"
* Necros: 1 Dark slasher
* Loot: 4 wall boxes, SCHEMATIC (level 5 suit)
* Logs: Text Log (z-ball rules)
* Notes: A dark slasher attacks when you open the door. Open the 2 wall boxes, 
and one more in the next room.  In the Bathroom is a schematic, a text log, and 
a wall box.  Move On.

> "Rec Room"
* Necros: 3 dark abortions
* Loot: Navigation Card (objective)
* Notes: Zero-G time.  3 dark abortions attack you in here.  Grab the nav card 
(objective).  Note that this is where the Zero-G basketball mini-game is, so 
you might want to start a new save soon to come back and play it in the future. 
 Move on.

> "Rec hallway"
* Necros: 1 dark slasher
* Notes: A dark slasher attacks as soon as you come back into the locker room. 
 Use the crew key on sleep block c to go to the lift.  Take it down, move on 

> "Block C Commons"
* Necros: 4 Wall Guy babies
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 wall boxes, 3 ammo drops, 1 floor box. ruby semiconductor,  2 xboxes, 
med pack, Navigation Card (objective)
* Notes: A Save station is in the hall, USE IT, then go inside.  ARGH, i wish 
this guy would shut up!  Anyway, 4 WGBs fall from the ceiling, so kill them.  
There are 2 wall boxes here, and a box and ammo drop in the bathroom.  Follow 
the line to the Bunks.  There's a floor box and a whole lot of bunks you can 
move around.  Use TK to slide them and get to the next area, and grab the loot. 
 Then use TK a bit more and some clever maneuvering to open the way to the next 
area.  HINT: You have to close yourself in the first secret area before you can 
open the way to the second.  In here are 2 xboxes and 2 ammo drops, a medium 
med pack, and LOTS of writing.  Now, BEFORE you grab the nav card (objective), 
make SURE you have a bunch of stasis packs.  Grab the Nav card to start the...

> Regenerator Fight, part Deux

He'll drop in right after you grab the card.  Stasis him and run the hell back! 
 You gotta get past the bunks again, too, so be ready to quickly TK-slide them 
back and forth.  Once past the secret rooms, a WHOLE bunch of guys attack you 
too.  We lost count in the panic.  Run back to the main area and keep moving, 
fighting them off as you can.  We suggest using Stasis on them when you can, 
and during the brief pauses that result, quickly using a stasis pack before 
cutting the bad guys apart.  You have to fight them AND the regenerator off 
while the door to the next area is unlocked.  When the door is unlocked, run to 
the lift and take it to...

> "Commons"
* Necros: 1 Face-Lover, 1 dark slasher, potentially other guys
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*, *STORE*
* Notes: Back here again.  Stasis the face-lover and take him out before he 
makes more.  There's also a drak slasher.  Take lift to second level, move on.

> "Security Station
* Loot: 1 xbox
* Notes: Time for a "cut scene" of sorts.  There's a xbox, lots of writing too. 
 Take the lift.

> "Executive Sleep Block"
* Necros: 4 Baby-makers
* Loot: 1 Wall box; In a bedroom: 1 ruby semiconductor, 1 wall box; next 
bedroom: 1 floor box; next bedroom: 1 xbox (contains a monster), 1 floor box; 
next bedroom: 1 xbox
* Logs: Audio Log (Captain's Report), Text Log (White's List)
* Notes: 4 baby-makers attack as you get off the lift, but they are stupid and 
will forget about you while you're inside the lift.  Take your time looting all 
the rooms here, and get the two logs.  Move On.

> "Executive Shuttle Hall"
* Stations: 1 Save Station
* Loot: 1 Wall Box
* Notes: Save and move on.

> "Executive Shuttle Bay"
* Necros: 1 Regenerator, 4 meth fiends
* Loot: POWER NODE (dropped by Regenerator); 1 ammo drop, 1 wall box, 2 xboxes, 
large med pack; 3 ammo drops in a side room
* Notes: Take some time to loot before completing the objective.  You'll find 
some ammo, a wall box, 2 xboxes, and a large med pack.  When done, put the nav 
cards in the shuttle.  Now go activate the test fire panel in the office.  This 
starts a boss fight with the regenerator.  Lure him behind the shuttle so he's 
right in front of the engines, cut off his legs, stasis him, then run back and 
test fire the shuttle to kill him for good.  Be sure to avoid his meth-addict 
friends because they are up to no good and will steal your shit to sell for 
drugs the first chance they get.  When we defeated the Regenerator, he dropped 
a power node.  When all is done, follow the line to the lift...

> "Commons"
* Necros: 1 Face-Lover, potentially other guys
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *BENCH*, *STORE*
* Notes: Another face-lover!  This is getting old.  Kill him, use the stations 
if need be. Take the tram and end the chapter

<... c h a p t e r  1 1 :                                     [GTHDS-CH11] ...>
     A l t e r n a t e  S o l u t i o n s

Back to the flight deck we go!

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *BENCH*, *STORE*
* Loot: 1 xbox in the waiting area
* Notes: Not much here but a store, bench, and a xbox.  Move on.

> "Access Hallway"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 2 xboxes
* Notes: Smash the xbox in the hall and the other one in the bathroom, Move on.

> "Cargo Bay"
* Necros: 2 pod guys, 4 baby-makers, 6 slashers, 4 dark slashers, 5 abortions
* Stations: *BENCH*
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 8 unlocked lockers, 2 xboxes, POWER NODE,
* Notes: Okay, this room's big, had lots of open areas, and few defendable 
positions.  Since you've played this far, you know very well that this means 
that some raping is a-coming.  First take out the Pod Guy and the Baby-Maker 
that prowl below.  Once done with that, run around and loot - it's safe, for 
now.  Run the perimeter of the room, opening the lockers, smashing the xboxes, 
and gradding the power node.  Loop back around, then follow the line to the 
panel and use it.  This lowers the Big Object, which triggers the next wave of 
necros, consisting of 3 slashers, 1 pod guy, 2 abortions, and another 
baby-maker.  Additionally, as you start to move around the room, tentacles will 
pop up from below and swipe at you.  There's four of them, two that attack the 
middle walk and one on each of the far sides.

Once done, your mission is to use kinesis to move the Big Red Object around the 
room to the other lift.  Just tk-grab it and pull it along its rails.  Note 
that you DO NOT have to move it down the middle!  You can get on the far side 
nearest it and TK it while walking alound the outside.  This will save you a 
lot of ammo on the other tentacles, and potential frustration.  As you do so, a 
third wave of necros attack: 2 dark slashers, 2 slashers, 2 abortions, 1 
baby-maker.  When you get it to the other side, yet another wave attacks: 1 
slasher, 2 dark slashers, 1 baby-maker, 1 abortion.  Follow the line, take the 
lift, Move On.

> "Tram Station"
* Stations: *STORE*
* Notes: Go to the other door now, to the flight lounge.

> "Hallway to Tram"
* Loot: bathroom has 1 xbox
* Notes: Move on.

> "Flight Lounge"
* Necros: 6 slashers, 1 dark slasher
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 Med pack, 1 Ammo Drop, 1 Xbox
* Notes: Shortly after entering, lockdown hits, and you are attacked by: 6 
slashers and 1 dark slasher.  They come two at a time, so they are not so bad 
to take out, just don't let them flank you.  Loot, save, and move on.

> "Hangar Bay"
* Necros: 7 abortions, 2 dark crawlers
* Loot: 5 xboxes, 9 wall boxes, 2 lockers, Peng Treasure, 1 med pack
* Notes:  When you get in here, run straight forward.  You can TK-pull a hidden 
item called the Peng Treasure to you by running ahead and looking right, on the 
ground below the walkway you FIRST came into the ship on.  Then follow the 
line.  There's 1 xbox in the next little area, keep going.  Before using the 
panel, open the two lockers just around the corner.  Activate the panel, enter 
zero g.  Now, FULLY explore this area, it is huge!   While exploring, you'll be 
attacked by 5 abortions.  In this huge area you'll find the Peng Treasure (if 
you didn't grab it a few lines above), 1 xbox, 3 wall boxes, 1 floating med 
pack (large for us), and we THINK we see an inaccessible wall box hidden behind 
the wreckage of  your old ship.  3 more wall boxes in a corner near the 
shuttle, 3 more xboxes, 3 more wall boxes near the Big Red Object, and a whole 
mess of Boom pods laying around.

Now TK-pull the Big Red Object along the path.  There are two panels you need 
to use to rotate sections of the track.  The first one you hit once, then move 
the object over it and into the dead-end.  Rotate it again, then move the 
object back onto it and then further down the line.  At some point early in 
your moving of the object, 2 dark crawlers attack.  Turn the next panel before 
moving the object, then use tk to move it onto that panel.  2 more abortions 
attack, finish them and then tk pull the object to underneath the shuttle.  
Return to the gravity control panel, restore gravity, follow the line, watch 
the fun!  When done, follow the line.

> "Control Room A"
* Necros: 1 Wall Guy
* Loot: 1 ammo drop, 2 lockers
* Notes:  There's an ammo drop on the way and a 1all guy to deal with.  Loot 
the lockers, move on.

> "Control Room B"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*
* Loot: 1 POWER NODE, 1 diamond semiconductor, 2 wall boxes
* Notes: Loot the place, activate the panel, watch the events that follow, and 
then Save the game.  Move on.

> "Hangar Bay"
* Necros: 3 Dark Slashers
* Notes:  On the way you will fight, after the fifth door you open, 3 dark 
slashers.  Activate the shuttle, end the chapter  Short chapter, eh?  Don't 
worry, the best is yet to come in...

<... c h a p t e r  1 2 :                                     [GTHDS-CH12] ...>
     D e a d  S p a c e

And now we begin the final chapter...

> "Landing Pad"
* Loot: 3 Xboxes, 2 Wall Boxes, 1 POWER NODE
* Notes: Leave the shuttle, loot, then follow the line to the...

> "Living Space"
* Necros: 2 Face-Lovers
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Loot: 2 ammo drops, 1 locker, 2 floor boxes, 1 Gold Semiconductor, 3 xboxes
* Logs: Audio Log (Colony Chaos) in the side room
* Notes: There are three rooms here.  The central one has some bodies and the 
three stations.  A long side room has a lot of loot and an audio log that will 
bring back memories if you watched the animated comics.  Last, open the room 
that has the two face-lovers (aren't they sexy in that window?), stasis and 
murderize them, and loot it.  Save, then TK-lift that battery back out to the 
Landing Pad area.

> "Landing Pad"
* Necros: 1 Tall Guy
* Notes: A Tall Guy will attack you, kill it before moving the battery into the 
slot.  Use kinesis to move the rolling dolly over to the shuttle, then use the 
panel to put the Big Red Object onto it.  Again use kinesis to move the dolly 
all the way to the other side and into the building.  Move On...

> "Supply Depot"
* Necros: 6 dark slasher, 7 abortion, 5 pod guy
* Stations: 4x *STASIS RECHARGER*
* Loot: 2 ammo drops, 3 xboxes, ruby semiconductor, 2 wall boxes, 1 hidden ammo 
drop, 1 hidden med pack.
* Special: There's a Power Node-Locked door here.  We used a node to try and 
open it, but then the "OPEN?" thing went away and we had no way to open the 
door.  Maybe a glitch?
* Notes: Hey lookee here, another gigantic large room with nowhere to hide.  I 
wonder what that means...  Oh yeah, rape time.  Three separate waves of undead 
monstrosities will try to open new orifices in your body in this area, so be 
prepared.  Fortunately, there are stasis rechargers planted on just about every 
damn wall, so you have an unlimited source of Stasis to help you out.  The 
first wave strikes after you enter and start to explore.  6 dark slasher, 5 
abortion, 3 pod guy attack, take them out as best you can and then begin the 
looting.  Take a note that there are two "hidden" loots, being an ammo drop on 
the lower floor and a med pack up above, both which must be acquired with 
kinesis.  There's also a Power Node-Locked door, but we have no idea what is 
inside or if it can even actually be opened (we tried).

(UPDATE:  Apparently, we weren't the only ones having a problem with this door, 
but we're told it can be opened.  "Joe Sixpack" wrote us:  "I was just playing 
chapter 12 yesterday, and I had the same problem as you did regarding the power 
node door that you find while you're moving the marker along its tracks. I 
placed the node in the lock, but the door wouldn't open. Later I realized that 
it was because the area was still under quarantine. If you just continue moving 
the marker along the tracks, you'll be attacked every so often. Once you've 
almost moved the marker out of that room, and killed all the baddies along the 
way, you should hear a voice saying "quarantine lifted," and then you'll be 
able to go over and open the power node door. There's quite a bit of ammo in 
there."  Thanks for the info, Joe.)

Once you've gotten all the loot listed above, start to use your kinesis to move 
the Big Red Object around.  When you get to a bridge, activate the panel to 
raise the bridge then quickly use kinesis to move the object past.  If you're 
not quick enough, you can also use Stasis to freeze the bridge.  If the object 
is under a bridge when it comes down, don't worry, it will just stay up.  We 
assume the stasis chargers are for using this trick, but we've ound that Stasis 
is really unnecessary to get the job done.  When you pass the second bridge, 
wave #2 attacks you (2 abortions), and wave # 3 comes shortly after the third 
bridge (4 pod guys).  Move on.

> "Airlock B"
* Notes: Move the object, activate the panel, open the door, move on

> "Gravity Control"
* Necros: 2 Wall Guys
* Loot: 4 Lockers, 1 ammo drop, 1 med pack
* Notes: Forget about the object for a moment, and instead focus on taking out 
the 2 wall guys asap.  Otherwise, they can quickly populate this room with 
their little baby things, and those are just no fun.  Loot, Save, use the 
Stations if you need to, and Move On.

> "Gravity Tube"
* Necros: 1 Dark Crawler, 1 Dark Abortion
* Loot: 4 xboxes, 1 wall box, 2 floor boxes
* Notes: Zero-g time.  Run down the tube, zero-g jumping when needed to pass 
the obstacles.  On your way down you'll fight a dark cralwer and a dark 
abortion.  There are 4 xboxes floating along the path, and a wall box at the 
entrance.  At the bottom, open the floor boxes and refill your stasis.  Use TK 
to activate the power slider and retrace your steps.  You'll encounter 2 dark 
abortions and another dark crawler on the way back, but you don't really have 
to fight them if you keep moving.  Use stasis on the spinners to pass them 
safely, watch out because they can insta-gib.

> "Gravity Control"
* Necros: 1 Dark brute
* Loot: POWER NODE (dropped by the brute)
* Notes: Back in here, a Dark brute will attack you!  Kill it, and he drops a 
Power Node!  Save the game, use the stations if need be.  Move the red object 
further along with your kinesis, and proceed through the door marked "Gravity 
Tether Operations B (the actual area is called "Airlock C").

> "Tunnel"
* Loot: 2 xboxes, 1 wall box, 1 ammo drop, 2 floor boxes, 1 POWER NODE
* Notes: Loot first!  When done, move the object along using the same technique 
into Airlock D...

> "Excavation Site"
* Necros: 2 dark abortion, 3 meth fiends, 2 dark slasher
* Loot: 4 floor boxes, 4 ammo drops, 1 med pack
* Notes: Before looting, prepare for the waves of enemies that will come.  In 
the first wave: 1 dark abortion, 1 meth head, 1 dark slasher.  Now loot!  Then 
kill the tentacles that are up ahead using the same "shoot the yellow stuff" 
techniques as before.  At some point, a second wave of necros attacks: 1 dark 
abortion, 2 meth fiend, 1 dark slasher.  Now tk-move the object across the 
bridge.  After moving it to the end, follow the line to the emergency tunnel

> "Emergency Tunnel"
* Loot: 2 wall boxes, 3 xboxes, 1 POWER NODE
* Notes: Watch the cut scene, then move on, following the corridor.  Loot along 
the way.

> "Living Space"
* Stations: *SAVE STATION*, *STORE*, *BENCH*
* Loot: 1 wall box, 3 lockers, 3 ammo drops, 1 floor box, 1 med pack
* Notes: There's a lot of loot in this first room, and then you're back to the 
room with the Stations.  Loot, and then SAVE YOUR GAME.

> "Landing pad"
* Necros: 1 Hive Mind (Boss)
* Loot: 8 xboxes
* Notes:  When you come out, there are 2 xboxes easily available.  Don't go out 
into the pad though just yet, and instead use Kinesis to grab the 6 more xboxes 
that are out there.  Go out into the open area when you're ready to fight the 
last boss of the game.  See the Bosses section further below for tips on how to 
beat him.  And that's it!  Watch the cut scene, and enjoy the end of the game.

<... n e w  g a m e  p l u s  n o t e s                       [GTHDS-NEW+] ...>

When you beat the game on any difficulty, you unlock New Game + mode.  This 
allows you to start a new game with the same save file, and begin from the 
beginning.  This time around, you will have all your inventory saved from the 
previous game, as well as a handful of extra goodies: 50k credits, 10 power 
nodes, military suit schematics, background logs.  You can find the extra logs 
by opening your log list in New Game + and looking at Chapter 12.  You'll also 
unlock a new play mode, "Impossible" difficulty.

However, this new game mode will be at the same difficulty as your last one.  
So if you beat the game on Easy, your New Game + will also be on Easy.  in 
order to play New Game + on the new Impossible mode, then, you must first beat 
the game once on Impossible mode.

Also, note that if you use any of the special "one time only" cheat codes in 
the first game, you won't be able to repeat them when you start a New Game +.  
That being said, if you're planning on using them at all, we suggest using them 
in the first game, so they'll be more useful.

 $"$"$$: "$$: $"$$: $"$$: - --      - --  -- -   - - -  - - -  - --- - - -  ---
 $ $ $$$  $$$ $ $$$ $ $$$
 $ $ $$$  $$$ $  "" $ """
 $ $ $$$  $$$ `""$$ $ ggg
 : $ $$$ :$$$ :ss$P :s$$"
 - [GTHDS-MISC] -=---=-=-=---===-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--===-=-=-==-== gTH! -

 - P a r t  T h r e e :
 - M i s c e l l a n y

<... n e c r o m o r p h s                                    [GTHDS-NECR] ...>

Here's a list of all the enemies you'll encounter, and how we've found is best 
to kill them.  Most of them are given names of our own, as aside from the 
Slasher pointed out in the Art Book, we're not sure of any of their other 
specific names.  I understand there's one called the Infector, and one called 
the Exploder, and I THINK I know which ones those are, but I don't want to 
accidentally be wrong in the end and confuse people.  So, they're all named 
with what we felt was most appropriate for them when we first encountered.  
There are several that we wanted to call the "OH SHIT KILL IT NOW" monsters, 
but that started becoming par for the course, heh.

* Slasher
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 1. Shortly after you enter the flight lounge, these 
guys drop in.  But you can't fight them until you get the Plasma Cutter shortly 
after that.
ATTACKS: They charge at you and try to stick you with their arm-blades.
HOW TO KILL:  Two plasma H-cuts to the legs to drop them, one to the arm to 
finish the job. the darker ones take a few more hits, but the strategy remains 
the same.
NOTES:  These guys remind me a lot of the stock bad guys from another video 
game series called The Suffering (which I loved).  If you cut their legs off, 
they can still crawl at you and hurt you, so be sure to either finish them with 
a v-cut to an arm, or give them a crunchy stomp.

* Crawlers
ATTACKS: Their primary attack is to jab you with their massive tail-spike.
HOW TO KILL: Aim for the arms, you can take most of them down in 2-3 v-cuts.  
Starting in Chapter 7 we've encountered darker-colored ones who, like their 
dark Slasher brethren, require a few more well-aimed shots to take down.
NOTES: Watch out, as they can leap at you across great distances.  They don't 
seem to be able to turn mid-leap, though, so when you see one leap, move a bit, 
aim for where it lands, and give it some good murderin'.

* Abortions
ATTACKS: They can attack you close-range with tentacles, or use those tentacles 
to fire projectiles at you from far away.  One of their more annoying attacks 
involves them jumping on you and stabbing you with all three tentacles, and you 
have to hit X really fast to throw them off.
HOW TO KILL: Aim for the tentacles after they pop out.  Two or three good 
h-cuts across the tentacles should do them in.
NOTES: They're fast and can crawl on the walls.  Don't let them get close, or 
they'll pounce-grapple you.

* Rolly-Pollies
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 2, in the Imaging Diagnostics Hallway
ATTACKS: They roll at you
HOW TO KILL: Stasis + Ripper Primary usually works when they're all in a clump, 
while many folks have written us to say that the Flamethrower is great on them.
NOTES: I can't think of what else to call these annoying little buggers.  They 
have three legs and kinda roll at you in a big carpet of their buddies.  
Killing them with the Cutter can use a lot of ammo and take some time.  Try 
stasis on them, and then use the ripper in primary fire mode.

* Face-Lovers
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 2, in the Emergency Room.
ATTACKS: They lunge at you, grappling with you.  If they latch on, hit X 
repeatedly to throw them to the ground.
HOW TO KILL: I suggest using Stasis on them, then shooting at the wings with 
the cutter, with the cut parallel to the body.  If one latches on and you throw 
it off, sometimes it is stunned long enough that you can stomp it.
NOTES: These flying bat-things will pounce upon human corpses and turn them 
into necromorphs.  They'll also pounce your face and do terrible things to you, 
which I call the Bad Touch.  Stasis them and do horrible things to them 
instead, using the Cutter as your tool for Bad Touching.   When you encounter 
them along with other necros, we highly encourage you to Stasis them ASAP, to 
prevent them from making other enemies.

* Baby-Makers
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 3, in the Engine Room
HOW TO KILL: They're like Slashers, but they move a bit slower due to their 
bloated mass.  They can be killed in the same methods as the Slashers.  We've 
found that two shots from the line gun will take them out, one to the legs and 
then one to the arms as they crawl at you.
NOTES: These are basically Slasher that are really fat and explode with 
Rolly-Pollies after you hit them.  We've noticed that sometimes they don't 
explode when they die, and no Rolly-Pollies come out.  After a bit of 
experimentation, we've found that as long as you ONLY shoot their limbs, they 
don't make babies.  However, if you hit their bodies instead, they explode with 

* Brutes
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: In Chapter 4, on the Bridge, after your reconnection with 
your teammate.
ATTACKS: They primarily just charge and try to beat the shit outta you.  I'm 
told they have a ranged attack, but I haven't seen it as I'm too busy killing 
HOW TO KILL: The strategy we've been using mainly involves using Stasis to slow 
them down, then firing some h-cuts at the legs.  Hit them enough and they'll 
drop prone, then run around and unload your gun into the soft flesh on their 
backs while they're all hunched over.  Stasis and repeat if necessary.  Some 
folks have told us that the Flamethrower is good against them, and if you have 
the Ripper, then its primary attack is great for when hitting them in the back 
(and anywhere else, really)
NOTES: They frequently drop POWER NODES!

* Octopi
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: At the very end of Chapter 4, shortly after the asteroids 

* Wall Guys
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 5, in the Imaging Diagnostics Room
ATTACKS: These hurt you by spitting blob-like projectiles at you, which turn 
into Wall Guy babies (see below).  If you get hit by one of the blobs mid-air, 
it's instant death for you.
HOW TO KILL: These guys can be taken out super-easy if there's a Boom Pod 
nearby. Just TK-throw it at them and they go bye-bye.  Otherwise, shoot the 
tentacles holding them to the wall with your plasma cutter, or pump them full 
of Pulse Rifle rounds.
NOTES: They can quickly fill a room with Wall Guy Babies, so take them out 

* Wall Guy babies
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 5, in the Imaging Diagnostics Room
ATTACKS: These hurt you in two ways.  First, they shoot projectiles at you from 
their single tentacles.  Second, they explode when you kill them, and if you're 
too close they hurt you.
HOW TO KILL: Shoot the tentacles to kill them, but don't stand close as they 
explode right after and the blast can hurt you.
NOTES: These are like the abortions, only they have a single tentacle and don't 

* Bloaters
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: In chapter 6, in the West Grow Chamber, you kill the first 
one after fighting a wave of necros.
ATTACKS: We're not sure if they attack at all, actually, as we kill them so 
quickly that we haven't found out.  The closest thing they have to an attack is 
the gas they spew around them, which makes their surrounding area poisonous, 
forcing you to rely on your RIG's air supply until they're killed.
HOW TO KILL: Shoot them, they die very quickly.
NOTES: They just lay there moaning and poisoning the air, and don't really do 
much else.  When running back through already-completed levels to hunt for 
secret stuff, I've noticed that they are the only "common" enemies we've 
encountered whose bodies remain long after you've killed them and left the 

* Pod Guys
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: In Chapter 6, in the Refrigeration West corridor, shortly 
after the gigantic brawl in the West Grow Chamber.
ATTACKS: They lumber up to you and smack you with their explodey fist.  This 
hurts a LOT, but it also kills them in the process.
HOW TO KILL: Shoot at the upper arm which holds the exploding pod to sever it 
from their body, then TK-throw said pod back at them.  I suppose you can just 
shoot them a lot, too, but the TK method is just so darned fun that we haven't 
done it any other way.  Plus, it takes very little ammo to do this.  You can 
alternately just shoot the pod with your gun to kill them instantly, but you 
won't have as much fun, or be able to use the pod to take out other nearby 
NOTES: Sometimes they'll come in swarms with other creatures.  Their exploding 
pus pods cause a small area of damage when you TK-throw them, so try to use 
that trick to thin out the herds.

* Tall Guys
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: In Chapter 8, in the Comms Hall
HOW TO KILL: Line guns make short work of these guys.  One or two blasts should 
do the trick, but be ready to stasis them immediately after you kill them.
NOTES: You need to Stasis them as SOON as you kill them, to keep the resulting 
Spiders from going all over the place.  With them all in one place, blast them 
quickly, as once unfrozen they can be a pain in the ass to hit.

they have a strangling tongue attack too

* Spiders
* Are these the same as the Octopi?

* Meth-Fiends
FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Chapter 9, on the Valor
HOW TO KILL: Take out their legs as quickly as you can.  Stasis really helps 
with these fellas, as it slows them down to make them far more easily 
NOTES: Jesus Christ, these bastards move fast.  They're like dark Slashers on 
meth, and behave just as erratically.

<... b o s s e s                                              [GTHDS-BOSS] ...>

The first half of the game is mostly boss-free.  It isn't until Chapter 5 that 
you fight one, and I'm not entirely sure if you would consider it one because 
the fight was so simple and seemingly routine.  I'll include it here, though, 
just in case.

* Boss #1: The Regenerator (Chapter 5)

This guy's not that bad, really.  You'll encounter him all throughout this 
stage, and each time just stasis him and deal with whatever enemies he's with, 
then run from him first chance you get.  He won't follow.  In your final 
encounter with him in the Cryogenics Room, again stasis him and take out his 
companions.  There's a Stasis Recharger in here too, so don't worry about 
running out.  Once everyone else is eliminated, lure him into the Cryo chamber 
in the middle Stasis him, shoot off all his limbs so he can't move, and then 
run run run to the side control room and activate it, sending him away for 
good... or so we believe.

* Boss #2: The Big Fat Ugly (also called the Leviathan, end of Chapter 6)

He doesn't move, but his tentacles sure as hell do.  He has two main attacks.  
At first, he will attack you with those same big-ass tentacles you've seen 
twice before in the game.  You will only fight one tentacle at a time.  The 
tentacle pops out, waves at you a bit, and then tries to swat you.  While it's 
waving you can shoot the yellow mass, and when it moves to swat, quickly aim 
just past it and zero-g jump beyond it.  If you move quickly enough, you can 
get in a few more shots after the jump.

Once all three tentacles are exploded, the second attacks start.  Big Fat Ugly 
now starts launching these terrible-ugly pus balls at you from his mouth, in 
volleys of five successive shots.  TK-catch the first one, quickly throw it 
back to explode the second one.  Do this once more with the third one to 
destroy the fourth one.  TK-grab the fifth one, and hurl it back into his mouth 
to hurt him.  If you don't kill him quickly enough, the tentacles will return, 
so defeat them in the same manner as before (shoot the yellow globs, jump away 
when they strike).  We're not sure if there's a third round of tentacles, as he 
was killed pretty quickly after the second round.  There are also a few 
boom-pods floating around, which you can use as TK weapons.

For the record, the first time we fought him he annihilated us.  The second 
time in, we barely used any ammo at all and only got hit once (by a tentacle).

* Boss #3: The Slug (end of Chapter 8)

I know we've mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating: we royally 
effing HATE the Asteroid Game, and this fight is very similar.  Once again 
you're at the controls of a laser cannon, this time using it to blast the 
ever-loving shit out of a big ugly tentacled boss.  You have a Hull Integrity 
score which can decrease, and if it reaches zero, game over.

When the windows open, fire at the guy to wake him up.  His five tentacles pop 
up, and then begin grabbing thigns and throwing them at you.  Blast the yellow 
pus bags as quickly as you possibly can to destroy the tentacles.  If you see a 
tentacle rooting around on the ground for something, it should be your top 
priority, as hurting those tentacles temporarily prevents them from grabbing 
anything to throw at you.  If the tentacles throw anything at you, you can 
blast the debris out of the sky with good and quick aim.  Watch out for the big 
red tanks, they can cause massive damage when they hit.

Just keep this up until he's dead.  If you finish with more than 50% Integrity, 
you get a special trophy for your hard work and good shooting.

* Boss #4: Dark Brute (end of chapter 9)

This guy is a pain in the ass, mainly because he's right in your face and 
moving around.  Like the previous darker necromorphs you've encountered thus 
far, he's just like a regular Brute, only considerably tougher.  The same 
strategy you use for taking out the other Brutes applies here, only you have to 
cause him a whole lot more damage before he falls.  Better hope your Stasis is 
fully charged before this fight, especially if you're trying a One Gun run.

Oh, and try not to get killed by him, because if you do, you respawn right at 
the moment he is charging you with little time to prepare.

* Boss #5: The Regenerator, part 2 (end of Chapter 10)

This is hardly a boss fight, but we might as well mention it here.  This guy is 
really a pushover, and the main threat with him are the guys that accompany 
him.  I've included a strategy for beating him in the walkthrough proper.  It's 
easy and really doesn't need retyping here.

* Boss #6: The Hive Mind (end of Chapter 12)

Stage 1: Once you gain control, shoot at the five yellow "eye stalks" on the 
"head" of this thing.  We suggest using the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse Rifle, 
and try and hurt each one a couple of times before actually destroying them.  
Once three are gone, it will grab you and slowly move you to the mouth.  While 
hanging upside down, take out the last two as quickly as possibly.  It's a bit 
more difficult as your aiming axis is reversed.  If you whittled them down 
before being grabbed, this could be pretty easy.  We though the ripper's 
primary fire might work for this, but even fully upgraded the primary fire 
didn't reach far enough.

Stage 2: When you're back in control, shoot the yellow balls in the rib cage.  
Again, the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle work best.  Each time you take one 
out, it will rear up and get all pissy.  When the cage closes, start running 
left and right, as it will try and tentacle pound you four times.  As long as 
you stay moving it won't hurt you.  Also, if one hits you, you'll be stunned 
for a moment, but apparently you're invincible at this time as the following 
tentacle doesn't hurt you.  After four attempted whacks, the cage will re-open 
and you can fire away again at the yellow innards.  Sometimes he might 
spit-spawn some baby-makers, which you should take out asap (a line gun blast 
to the legs usually does the trick).  Take out all the yellow chest blobs, and 
you're done.

That's it!  If you do well enough, you can finish him without getting hit by 
him once.  There are some boom pods lying around that you can use in a pinch 
too, if you are low on ammo and good with a kinesis throw.

<... w e a p o n s                                            [GTHDS-WEAP] ...>

First, a note on weapon upgrades.  When upgrading weapons, we suggest that you 
try and focus on damage upgrades before anything else, whenever possible.  The 
cost involved in increasing your damage is a pretty noticeable investment, as 
the effects beneficially trickle down from there.  When you upgrade your 
damage, you end up using less ammo to kill the enemies, and sing less ammo 
means you will be less likely to need to purchase more ammo, which means you 
can save the money for other things (like those oh so valuable Power Nodes).

* Boom-Pods: Not a "weapon" really, but a finite resource scattered in some 
stages.  These are glowing red cylinders located here and there which explode 
if you shoot or attack them.  You can use them strategically to hurt or take 
out groups of enemies, and TK-throw them at enemies to cause lots of damage.  
Do not stomp on them, thinking they are loot boxes, because they are not at all 
loot boxes, unless you consider "instant death" to be a form of sweet, 
delicious loot.

* Plasma Cutter
FIRST AVAILABLE: Found in the room after running from the very first Slashers.
GOOD AGAINST: Everything.
NOTES: I know there's a gold trophy you can get for using this weapon 
exclusively, but so far, it doesn't seem that hard at all.  Ammo drops are 
super-plentiful, and we've yet to encounter an enemy we couldn't drop with a 
few well-aimed blasts.  Throughout this guide, we use the term "h-cut" to mean 
a horizontal shot, and "v-cut" for a vertical shot.  You can alternate by 
hitting the alt-fire.

* Line Gun
FIRST AVAILABLE: In the store at the end of Chapter 1, costs 9k credits
GOOD AGAINST: Goddamned everything!  Well, actually, it's not all that good 
against Wall Guys, and if you use it against Baby-Makers, be sure to only aim 
at the legs.  We've heard it isn't that good against face-lovers, but Phas has 
used it against them with no sweat.  Works best against creatures with 
targetable legs, and against the necros who do that "spider arm" thing after 
you take their legs out.
NOTES: This has got to be the most useful weapon in the game.  Without 
upgrading it, it takes out most of the necros in the first half of the game 
with two or three blasts.  Plus, it keeps going forward when you fire it, so 
that if you line a bunch of guys up you can fire through all of them at once.  
With a fully-upgraded Line Gun, most necromorphs die with one well-aimed leg or 
arm shot, even the dark guys.

We noticed that when you walk with the Line Gun in aiming mode, you walk slower 
than if you were aiming the Plasma Cutter.

* Pulse Rifle
FIRST AVAILABLE: In the store at the end of Chapter 1, costs 7k credits
GOOD AGAINST: Everything, except the Baby-Makers (as it makes them explode)
NOTES: This weapon is actually pretty damn awesome.  Veira uses it extensively 
now, and she usually hates automatic weapons in games like this.  The Alt-fire 
hasn't come in handy, but the rapid fire blast is great against just about 
everything.  The best part is that enemies are stunned as the shots hit them, 
and watching the Abortions spasm as you blast them with this gun is hilarious.

* Flamethrower
FIRST AVAILABLE: Schematic is first found in the short hall outside the Tram at 
the beginning of Chapter 2.  There's also a Store right there, so you can 
purchase it immediately upon acquiring it.  Costs 11k credits.
NOTES: We haven't really tested this one out.  Reports say it does lasting 
flame damage, which can even sever limbs.  We aim to try this one out in New 
Game+ mode.

* Ripper
FIRST AVAILABLE: Schematic found in Chapter 3, on the floor in the Refueling 
Chamber.  Costs 8k credits.
GOOD AGAINST: Most creatures will die quickly under the ripper's wrath.  But 
for the love of god, do NOT use it against the Baby-Makers.  It's especially 
good against the Crawlers, and if you use it's primary fire in combination with 
Stasis you can easily take out carpets of rolly-pollies.
NOTES: This is Phas's favorite weapon.  How can you not love a SPACE CHAINSAW!? 
 It's like the necromorphs and the Ripper were destined to meet in unholy 
carnage joy.

* Contact Beam
FIRST AVAILABLE: Schematic found in Chapter 4, at bottom of the elevator after 
fighting the first brute.
GOOD AGAINST: According to SpeedDEMONzap, this is "good against All except 
Octopi, Brutes, Facelovers, and Rolly-Pollies."
NOTES: Zipp Dementia also says this is awesome, but we haven't experimented 
with it much.  The gun takes too long to charge up to be of much use to our 
usual play styles.

* Force Gun
FIRST AVAILABLE: Schematic found in Chapter 4, on the floor in the ADS Lower 
NOTES: Good for throwing enemies into the gravity fields, but we're not sure if 
it actually otherwise damages the bad guys at once.  We had a Slasher take four 
blasts and not even get phased before we abandoned this weapon.

<... m e l e e                                                [GTHDS-MELE] ...>

Besides your array of inventive and dastardly weapon tools, you also have two 
extremely useful melee attacks that become available as soon as you get the 
Plasme Cutter in Chapter 1.  The standard attack is a haymaker-style wild 
swing, activated by hitting R1 while not in aiming mode.  If you keep hitting 
it, it swings back and forth endlessly.  If you find yourself surrounded by 
autograph-seeking fans (or maybe even some necromorphs), one or two sweeps of 
the arm can be useful for knocking them back, giving you time to aim and/or 
switch to a more effective weapon (or charge up that Contact Beam).

The second attack is something you will find yourself using far more 
frequently: a satisfying boot stomp activated by hitting R2.  Seriously, you 
will use this a LOT throughout the course of the game, if only because the 
crunch of the necromorph corpse underneath your gravity-powered boot is just so 
goddamned satisfying.  When you've just finished murderizing a seemingly 
endless wave of necromorphs and you're sitting there clutching your controller 
and panting, giving each corpse one or two (or twenty) finishing stomps just 
makes it all so much better.  You feel not only accomplished, but vindicated.  
I wonder if EA was truly aware of the wonderfully therapeutic side effects that 
this attack provides?

Since there's a trophy you can get for beating a lot of enemies with only 
melee, we decided to piece together a guide on how to melee your way to success 
through as many of the different enemies as possible.  It can definitely save 
you ammo, and won't cost you much health at all once you get the hang of it.

> Slashers (and dark slashers)
Against the standard Slasher enemy, melee is pretty effective.  Just run in 
swinging, really.  At one point they might raise their blades and parry-stop 
your swing.  STOP swinging at that point, wait a beat, and then they'll move as 
if to attack you.  Immediately swing at them again as they are raising their 
blades to attack, and continue until dead or they block again.

> Crawlers (and dark crawlers)
Stasis + Stomp will royally hurt these fellas.

<... s t a s i s                                              [GTHDS-STAS] ...>

According to Phas, Stasis is the most awesome ability you have at your disposal 
in this game, with Kinesis being close behind. Plus, if you use the secret 
codes in the Secrets section further below, you have a pretty much infinite 
amount of it at any time.  Well-executed Stasis blasts make 
seemingly-overwhelming mobs of swarming enemies a whole lot less dangerous.  
You can slow those nasty Brutes down to a crawl, freeze whole mobs of 
Rolly-Pollies, and get your way out of a really tight spot when cornered.  If 
you're trying a One Gun run, it is practically invaluable in some of the game's 
more chaotic moments, such as the West Grow Chamber battle in Chapter 6, and if 
you're going for the gold with Melee-only, then you will find this ability to 
be your best friend.

The secret to using Stasis effectively is, of course, timing.  Against 
non-monster things like janky doors and big moving objects, you have to make 
sure and have something actually there to target.  Meaning, if you're at one of 
those doors that just keeps slamming open and closed, you have to actually have 
the door in your field of vision in order to slow it; you can't just use stasis 
on the open door frame, as that won't work and will waste your energy.  You'll 
typically know when you're going to need Stasis, as the game usually provides 
you a conveniently-located Stasis Recharger station in those moments, either in 
the necessary location or in a hallway right before it.  If you find some 
seemingly placed at random, chances are it means you'll either need it in a 
later chapter, or it's there to help you fight a certain monster.

Against mobs of enemies, crowd herding is crucial.  Try to run around and 
swerve a bit, getting the bad guys to follow you and group up.  When they're 
all together, stasis them and then cut them up with your weapons at a more 
comfortable pace, or wade in swinging to fist-pound and stomp them into dust.  
And hell, if there's a Stasis Recharger nearby, usethe ability quite liberally, 
and save as much ammo as you can.

Many players may be turned off by the fact that the Stasis module's upgrade 
tree requires the "wasted" expenditure of two whole Power Nodes before any 
actual useful upgrading begins.  In the early game it can seem like a waste, 
but I believe that once you see how useful Stasis is in the long run for 
helping you conserve ammo and health packs, I think you'll agree that the cost 
is worth it.  Besides, in the early game, the minor boosts to the other weapons 
don't really pay off all that noticeably, and the RIG can be filled out 
surprisingly quickly.

<... k i n e s i s                                            [GTHDS-KINE] ...>

Kinesis is fun, primarily because the power is infinite.  It is frequently 
called upon duing many game puzzles, and most of the objects you will need to 
target with it have a glowing pentagonal symbol on them.  There are also a few 
hidden areas you can find by TK-moving bookcases and wall segments.  You can 
even use it to grab some items and xboxes that are out of reach, either on far 
away shelves or floating in zero-g.

As a weapon, TK can be versatile if you perfect your aim and timing.  The 
glowing red boom pods you'll find can be TK-thrown to make effective 
explosives, but later in the game you'll find that they don't cause all that 
much dmage compared to your upgraded weapons.  Now, if you use that same trick 
with the severed yellow pod of a Pod Guy, the damage is far more impressive, 
and a single pod can take out a whole clump of necros.

When using other objects as weapons, results will be varied.  You'll find that 
most of the severed body parts of slain necros don't work well, as for some 
reason they don't fly nearly as far or pack a punch at all.  The heads, on the 
other hand, do.  Grab a necromorph head, and you can actually rip it off with 
kinesis and then throw it at bad guys, doing amoderate amount of damage. Other 
objects in the environment work well too, like crates and other debris.  Hell, 
if you're in zero-g surrounded by xboxes and necros, just use an actual xbox as 
a weapon.  The results may both surprise and entertain you.

You can't TK-grab any active enemies, it seems.  There is a trophy you can get 
for catching either a brute or a Leviathan pod with TK, but I'm not sure what 
it means by Brute.  I'm assuming this means the Brutes have a ranged attack, 
but we are usually "OMG KILL IT NOW" when we see them so we have yet to see 
this ranged attack.

You WILL find it EXTREMELY useful in the Leviathan boss fight.

<... t h e  r i g                                             [GTHDS-SUIT] ...>

Your RIG is the suit you're wearing, and it determines your inventory capacity, 
your health, and your air supply while in a vacuum.  You start the game with a 
Level 1 suit, and as the game progresses you can acquire up to a Level 5 suit. 
 Each level gives you small but noticeable upgrades to inventory, and sometimes 
a little extra armor.  Also, each time you upgrade to a higher level, you will 
notice a definite change in the visual appearance, such as altered light 
displays and additional armor ribs.

Depending on how well you do and what difficulty setting you're using, you'll 
probably start to notice the low initial inventory supply around the end of 
Chapter 1.  At the store, use credits to purchase the Level 2 suit as soon as 
you can afford it, as the extra slots are totally worth it.

As for upgrading, Team Hotness highly encourages you to fully upgrade the RIG 
ASAP.  The health increase is practically invaluable, and makes the middle 
levels a lot less death-tastic for you.

With your air supply upgraded, you can pretty much safely sell the air cans 
when you get them as random loot.  You will likely never need them when your 
air supply is maxed out, so sell them and invest in more Power Nodes for other 
equipment (Phas suggests Stasis, while Veira is all about the Plasma Cutter).  
The air boosts from the upgrades alone make most of the vacuum scenes in the 
game pretty stress-free, and for the bigger ones there are one or more oxygen 
recharge stations conveniently located along your trek.

If you pre-ordered the game on the Xbox or PS3, you will have been able to 
acquire a special premium suit from the respective console's online store.  We 
have a PS3, and immediately after installing the game we downloaded the special 
Obsidian suit for the console.  It's a level 5 Suit that you can get as soon as 
the end of chapter 1, and with no credit cost!  It has full inventory and a 
little extra armor.  Plus, it's black and slick and goddamn ninja-cool.  We 
have no experience with the Xbox suit, however.

You can also purchase the special Scorpion suit from your console's online 
store, which is another level 5 suit you can get at the end of Chapter 1, again 
with no credit cost.  This one has more armor than the Obsidian suit, too, 
although it is a very garish and ugly red and rust color.

> Level 1 Suit:
* Inventory: 10 Slots

> Level 2 Suit:
* Inventory: 13 Slots
* Armor: 15

> Level 3 Suit:
* NOTE: Schematic is found in Chapter 4.
* Inventory:
* Armor:

> Level 4 Suit:
* NOTE: Schematic is found in Chapter 7.
* Inventory:
* Armor:

> Level 5 Suit:
* NOTE: Schematic is found in Chapter 10.
* Inventory: 25
* Armor:

> Military Suit:
* NOTE: This is considered a "Level 6" suit, and only available after beating 
the game at least once.
* Inventory: 25
* Armor:

> Obsidian Suit:
* NOTE: Only available to early-buy purchasers of the PS3 version of the game. 
 it's a super-sweet black and silver color, and quite ninja-tastic.  Once 
downloaded, it can be acquired as soon as the end of Chapter 1, with no credit 
cost.  I checked on 11/20/2008 and saw that this suit was inned no longer 
available for download.
* Inventory: 25
* Armor: 10

> Scorpion Suit:
* NOTE: Available for a small fee as downloadable content from the PSN.  Once 
downloaded, it can be acquired as soon as the end of Chapter 1, with no credit 
* Inventory: 25
* Armor: 25

> Elite Suit:
* NOTE: Only available to early-buy purchasers of the Xbox 360 version of the 
game.  It's kinda grey and green, or so we're told.  Once downloaded, it can be 
acquired as soon as the end of Chapter 1, with no credit cost. (thanks for the 
info on this one, Squeak).  I checked on 11/20/2008 and saw that this suit was 
indeed no longer available for download.
* Inventory: 25
* Armor: 10

> Tank Suit
* NOTE: Available as paid DLC on Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, was released to 
both consoles mid-November.  It looks sweet, too!  It's covered in Unitology 
script, and we are currently working on translating it.  While wearing this 
thing, you take a LOT less damage - noticeably so, trust us.
* Inventory: 25
* Armor: 60! (Sweet jesus!)

<... p o w e r  n o d e  l o c a t i o n s                    [GTHDS-NODE] ...>

In addition to being available for 10k credits at the stores, you can find 
several Power Nodes laying around in the various stages.  Below are the 
locations for each one found during game-play.

* Tram Repair Room
* Maintenance Bay, 1st Floor

* Main Lab
* Imaging Diagnostics, 1st Floor
* Morgue

* Refueling Chamber
* Centrifuge
* Engineering Room
* Engine Room

* Mining Admin Room

* Chem Lab (get it before the Regenerator attacks!)
* Cryogenics Lab

* Air Filtration, in the office
* East Grow Chamber, dropped by the Brute
* Refrigeration East

* Tram Hallway
* Maintenance Annex
* Processing Hallway, after getting the Mining Access Key
* Mining Hallway

* Main Atrium, in the Security Room
* Comms Lift
* Comms Array Airlock
* ADS Cannon 48

* Armory
* Barracks Corridor

* Mess Hall
* Sleep Block B
* Executive Shuttle Bay, dropped by the Regenerator

* Cargo Bay
* Control Room B

* Landing Pad
* Gravity Control, the second time through here, dropped by the Dark Brute
* Tunnel
* Emergency Tunnel

Assuming that this list is complete and accurate, there are 34 free Power Nodes 
that you can find throughout the game.  If you use the two cheat codes, you can 
get seven more, for a total of 41.  You also get ten more power nodes if you 
start a New Game + when you finish your first play-through on a save file.

<... p o w e r  n o d e  d o o r s                            [GTHDS-DOOR] ...>

Scattered throughout the ship are special doors that can only be opened by 
sacrificing Power Nodes.  Below is a list of each such door and what can be 
found within.

Chapter 2: Imaging Diagnostics, First Floor - Gold Semiconductor, 1 Ammo drop, 
Large Med Pack, Audio Log (Mercer and Kyne)
Chapter 2: Emergency Room Hallway - 7 ammo drops, SCHEMATIC (line racks)
Chapter 3: Engineering Storage - credits, 3 ammo drops, medium med pack, 
SCHEMATIC (ripper blades)
Chapter 4: Mining Admin Room - gold semiconductor, 1 wall box, 1 xbox, 1 
credits, medium med pack, large med pack, 2 lockers
Chapter 5: Imaging Diagnostics Room - 1 ammo drop, large medpack, 1x pulse 
rounds (not sure if this is still here if you opened it in Chapter 2)
Chapter 6: Hallway to East Tower - 1x credits, 3x ammo drops,
large med pack, two containers, one of which is unlocked
Chapter 7: Processing Hallway - 2x ammo, medium med pack, a floor container, 
and a Ruby Semiconductor
Chapter 12, Supply Depot - We're not sure what's in it, because we think a bug 
made us unable to actually open the door after feeding it a node. What a waste!

<... s c h e m a t i c  l o c a t i o n s                     [GTHDS-SCHM] ...>

The following is a list of all the schematics in the game and where you can 
find them.

* Contact Beam (gun): Chapter 4, at bottom of the elevator after fighting the 
first brute
* Contact Energy (ammo): Chapter 6, in the Sapling Room
* Flame Fuel (ammo): Chapter 3, Machine Shop locker area
* Flame Thrower (gun): Chapter 2, in the hallway outside the Tram Station
* Force Energy (ammo): Chapter 5, in the Chem Lab after taking the first lift
* Force Gun (gun): Chapter 4, on the floor in the ADS Lower Hall
* Large Med Pack: Chapter 9, in the Infirmary
* Level 3 Suit: Chapter 4, on the floor in the lower area of the Bridge
* Level 4 Suit: Chapter 7, in the Maintenance Annex
* Level 5 Suit: Chapter 10, in the Rec Hallway
* Level 6 Suit: New Game +, in your inventory upon starting again
* Line Racks (ammo): Chapters 2 & 5, in a power node-locked room off the 
Emergency Room hallway.
* Medium Air Can: Chapter 8, in Comms Control
* Medium med Pack: Chapter 3, in Engineering Storage
* Pulse Rounds (ammo): Chapter 2, in the Imaging Diagnostics room
* Ripper (gun): Chapter 3, on the floor in the Refueling Chamber
* Ripper Blades (ammo): Chapter 3, in a power node-locked room at the bottom of 
the Cocoon room

<... l o g  l o c a t i o n s                                 [GTHDS-LOGS] ...>

The following are the locations of all the logs not uncovered as automatic 
parts of the normal plot progression.  They are listed below in order of their 
finding during the course of the standard play-through.

(still in progress as of completing chapter 7)

* Audio Log (Vent Warning): Tram Control Hallway, after killing the first 
* Audio Log (Shoot the Limbs): Tram Control Hallway, after killing the Slasher 
playing dead
* Audio Log (Tram Station): Tram Repair Room, far side of the room
* Text Log (Repair Invoice): Maintenance Bay, second floor

* Audio Log (Mercer's Journal): Main Lab, lower floor
* Video Log (Kyne and the Captain): Main Lab, Lower floor, in the office
* Text Log (Marker Overview): Main Lab, Lower floor, in the secret room
* Audio Log (Mercer and Kyne): Imaging Disgnostics, behind the power 
node-locked door.
* Video Log (Nicole's Report): Clinic, just inside the door
* Audio Log (Eileen): Emergency Room, in the hallway, near the Power 
Node-locked door
* Text Log (Newborns): Emergency Room, in the hallway, near the Oxygen 
* Text Log (More Time): Emergency Room, near the Save Station
* Audio Log (Colonist Problems): Morgue Hallway, just before the lift.
* Text Log (Autopsy Report): Morgue, after the first face-lover fight

* Audio Log (Temple Report 1): Control room, next to the corpse
* Text Log (Chaos): Machine Shop, on the floor
* Audio Log (Temple Report 2): Machine Shop, in locker area
* Audio Log (Temple Report 3): Refueling Chamber, on the floor after riding the 
lift across.
* Audio Log (Temple Report 4): Decontamination Room, in a locker
* Text Log (Corruption): Engineering Room, in a loot room when you first come 
* Audio Log (Temple Report 5): Engineering Room, in a separate room on the same 

* Audio Log (Initial Attack): Main Atrium, on the floor
* Text Log (List of Dead): Main Atrium, lower deck, on the floor
* Video Log (Captain's Demise): Elevator to Ship Systems, on the floor
* Text Log (Report of Infection): Mining Admin Room, in a side room
* Audio Log (Temple on the Bridge): ADS Lower Hall, on the floor

* Audio Log (Mercer's Experiment 1): Chem Lab, on the floor after the lift
* Audio Log (Mercer's Experiment 2): Emergency Room, in the office with all the 

* Audio Log (Cross Report 1): Tram Station, on the floor
* Audio Log (Cross Report 2): Air Filtration, on the floor
* Text Log (Corruption): Hallway to East Tower, on the floor
* Audio Log (Cross Report 3): East Grow Chamber, on the second floor
* Audio Log (Temple's Search): Refrigeration East, after the tentacle returns
* Audio Log (Cross Report 4): Hallway to Food Storage

* Audio Log (Kyne's Hostage): Repair Room, on the floor
* Audio Log (Temple and Elizabeth): Processing Antechamber
* Text Log (Processing Room Problem): Processing Hallway
* Audio Log (Supervisor's Choice): Mining Hallway
* Text Log (Mining Timeline): Control Room

* Audio Log (Illegal Mining): Comms Lift

* Audio Log (Emergency): Armory
* Text Log (Orders): In the unnamed area after the Barracks Corridors

* Text Log (Unitology Article): Commons
* Text Log (Z-Ball Rules): Rec hallway
* Audio Log (Captain's Report): Executive Sleep Block
* Text Log (White's List): Executive Sleep Block

None in this chapter!

* Audio Log (Colony Chaos): Living Space.  If you've watched the animated 
version of the comics (available as free DLC on both PSN and the Xbox 
Marketplace), then you should recognize the voice in this log.

These logs will be found under the Chapter 12 header after you start a New 
* Text Log(Unitology Exposed)
* Text Log(The USG Ishimura)
* Text Log(Background Request)
* Text Log(Planetary Mining)
* Text Log(Recombination Study)
* Text Log(The Red Marker)

<... m i n i - g a m e s                                      [GTHDS-MINI] ...>

* The Asteroids Game

Found at the end of Chapter 4, this is a required part of the storyline, and 
must be played and won in order to advance the plot.  Don't forget that you 
have two barrels, fired by hitting L1 and R1, respectively.  On our first three 
tries, we didn't even realize this, and of course our subsequent attempts were 
much more productive.  That being said, Veira almost finished it with only one 
barrel...  Can you?  WILL YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?!?

** On 10/23, "kizo800" informed us:  "Yeah I accept your challenge to beat the 
asteroid game with one barrel, because I still didn't know there was 2 ways to 
shoot until I read you faq. I beat the asteroid game with one barrel and 
finishing with 38% hull integrity. I'm not bragging, I'm just bored and found 
it amusing that someone else didn't realize you could shoot both barrels."  
Congrats, kizo800, on your great feat!

** On 10/26, "iidalv" says: "I beat the asteroids game with only the R1 button 
on the first try on the Medium difficulty also. I didn't know you could use two 
barrels either. When I had finished, I looked at the Hull Integrity and it said 
1% believe it or not!!!" Again, we congratulate you on the excellent shooting!

** On 11/1, "SpeedDEMONzap" says: "I have recently replayed Chapter 4, and I 
beat the Asteriod minigame with 68% hull integity, with only one barrel." 
Awesome!  All you guys make me want to go back and take my own challenge.  

* The Shooting Gallery

This mini-game is located in Chapter 9, in the Armory room.  You have unlimited 
ammo with it (and no need to reload), and if you've upgraded your gun's 
shooting speed, it will help out here.  Don't shoot the blue ones!  You have to 
get a perfect score on each level in order to proceed to the next one.

* Zero-G Basketball

This mini-game is located in Chapter 10, in the Rec Room.  We have yet to play 
it, but it's on our big list of To Dos.

<... w e i r d  g l o w i n g  g l y p h s                    [GTHDS-TWGG] ...>

On a few instances, we've been wandering through already-completed levels, 
reading and translating the random wall scribbles. On the night of the game's 
release, while wandering through one of the early chapters, we found a weird 
set of glyphs and arrows and noticed that one of the arrows glowed when scanned 
under the scrutiny of your gun's flashlight. After a bit of deeper analyzation 
and decoding, we found that the glyphs were present in each and every chapter, 
and were part of some secret code sequence.

After translating it with the ciphers we've found in the various stages, we 
have found it to say:

"Do you believe?
Your light shows the way.
We have left you a gift."

There, it says:

"To receive your reward, note the 12 codes we have left for you, and enter them 
in sequence according to your console." Then there are two console controller 
guides which translate the glowing arrows into the console buttons. We're 
assuming that the arrows directly map to the PC arrows, but we haven't tried it 
on the PC yet.

Turns out, there's one of these in every chapter.  Imagine our excitement when 
we discovered this on day 1!  Of course, we immediately put some word out and 
set forth finding them all.

* Chapter 1: In the Tram station at the end of the chapter, the text is on the 
wall right above the Bench.  The first arrow (pointing up) is glowing.

* Chapter 2: After the fist fight in the game with a face-lover, it's in the 
room where he spawned.  Look at the glyphs on the wall, the fourth arrow 
(pointing right) is glowing green.

* Chapter 3: In the Machine Shop, in the side bathroom, look for the two 
lockers with the green "Stay in Sync" sign between them.  Stand in front of it, 
and turn around.  Shine your light above the toilet stalls to find it on the 
wall.  The first arrow (pointing up) is glowing. (thanks R'!)

* Chapter 4: In the SS Storage A room, after the very first Brute fight on the 
Main Atrium.  Take the elevator down (with the Video Log on the floor).  In the 
corridor with the Save Station, you'll see the first door SS Storage A room. 
Inside that room, see the words "I don't want to die" written on the wall in 
blood.  Just when you enter the room, look-shine right, and you'll see the 
glyph scribbled on the wall. The fourth arrow (pointing right) glows green. 
(Thanks, R'!)

* Chapter 5: In the Cryo Hall, just as you enter the door after mixing the 
poison up, to the left you'll find the Cryogenics Lab door, and to the right is 
a dead end with a couple of xboxes.  Take the right path towards where those 
two xboxes are located.  Move close to one of the xboxes, and then face the 
right wall to find the 5th glyph.  The third arrow (pointing left) glows green. 
(Yet another Big Thanks to R'!)

* Chapter 6: In Hydroponics Control, when you enter the door from the West Grow 
Chamber, immediately turn right and shine at the wall above the lockers.  The 
second arrow (pointing down) is glowing green.

* Chapter 7: At the bottom of the main elevator shaft, when you take it down to 
level 4, look at the bottom of the wall opposite the doorway.  The fourth arrow 
(pointing right) is glowing.

* Chapter 8: After the lift to ADS Cannon 48, is a room with some floor 
containers and 2 xboxes.  Move the other boxes, and this note is scrawled on 
the surface of the little dolly they were sitting on.  The third arrow 
(pointing left) is glowing.

* Chapter 9: to quote R': "After defeating [the dark brute], you'll leave the 
engine room, and head towards the door to the right that was previously locked 
to enter the Elevator to Lower Deck room (it's where you have to TK a battery 
to get the elevator to work). When you first enter that room, the path veers 
only to the left. When you make that left turn and proceed onward, you'll have 
a brief explosion sequence straight ahead, which is harmless (I think :p). If 
you stop look at the wall straight directly to where the explosion occured, 
you'll notice the glyph scribbled at the low corner of the wall (to be 
specific, the glyph is located at the left side of the open vent, the two item 
boxes, and the burning crate). The 2nd arrow glows green." (arrow pointing 

* Chapter 10: Sleep Block C Commons (the one with the video of the crazy guy on 
repeat), in the Men's Bathroom, it's on the wall in the last stall.  Arrow 
number 3 (pointing left) is glowing.

* Chapter 11: In the hallway leading from Control Room A to the Hangar Bay, at 
the bottom of the first landing of the ramp, it's on the wall directly in front 
of you.  The last arrow (pointing right) is glowing.

* Chapter 12: When you go through the first supply depot and move the Big Red 
Object along the track, you will come to your first doors.  Take the door on 
the LEFT side, which takes you to a small junction room called "Airlock B", 
just before the "Gravity Control" Room.  Right before you get to the door 
marked "Gravity Techer Core," look to the left wall and find it.  The fourth 
one (pointing right) is glowing green.

* The Final Code: Up, Right, Up, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left, Down, Left, 
Right, Right.  In PS3 translation, that becomes Triangle, Square, Triangle, 
Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Square 
(TSTSSTSSTSSS).  However, there are additionally four more arrows found in 
Chapter 6 in the same spot as the cipher key.  With those added in-between the 
codes for chapters 6 and 7, you get: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Square 
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Square, 

In the end, Phas theorized that the whole thing is one long series of repeating 
codes - or two codes, if you think of them as both a 12-button and a 16-button 
sequence, separately.

So far, we have discovered by entering the code in sequences of five buttons 
while on the pause menu, starting at different places in the code, you gain 
various items and refills. It took a bit of trial and error, but in the end we 
found a lot of hidden codes. Here is what we have so far (codes in parenthesis 
are for the Xbox 360 version):

SSTTT (XXYYY) = O2 refill (repeatable)
STTST (XYYXY) = stasis refill (repeatable)
SSSTS (XXXYX) = 1k credits (not repeatable)
SSSTT (XXXYY) = 2k credits** (not repeatable)
SSTST (XXYXY) = 5k credits (not repeatable)
TTSST (YYXXY) = 10k credits** (not repeatable)
TSSST (YXXXY) = 2 power nodes (not repeatable)
TSTSSTSSTSST (YXYXXYXXYXXY) = 5 power nodes (not repeatable)

We have a lot of work left to do on this.  The ones marked "not repeatable" 
might be only usable once per chapter or something similar.  The ones with ** 
next to them were discovered by experimenting with entering the code backwards. 

One big problem here, though, is that if you enter the sequence of 12 as they 
are discovered in the game, you actually get nothing.  This, combined with the 
fact that due to a very long explanation I really don't feel like going into at 
the moment, we temporarily thought the chapter 12 glyph resulted in a T, not an 
S, and successfully got cheat codes from entering it as a T, we have come to 
suspect there is actually more than 1 glyph per chapter and we missed some 
along the way.  We will be going back and trying to find them all in order to 
complete the codes, of course, but it may be a while.

Note that if you use these in the normal game, you cannot re-use the 
non-repeatable ones in the new game plus!

UPDATE (July 2009): We have recently gone frame-by-frame through the Blu-Ray of 
Dead Space: Downfall, looking for the secret codes promised on the back of the 
box. It seems that this movie confirms Phas's original hypothesis that some of 
the codes are the direct result of entering the sequence backwards. We're still 
playing around with that, but screenshots of our work can now be found at 

<... t e x t  t r a n s l a t i o n s                         [GTHDS-TEXT] ...>

> Chapter 1
* Access Hallway
There's a drawn character decoder in here, next to the entrance to the Cargo 
Room.  You find this almost immediately after getting the Stasis Module and 
passing the janky door.  There are three instances of it, one on the floor and 
two on the wall, among a bunch of other messages in the weird characters.

> Chapter 2
* Morgue
"Humans will learn that by death of their spirits they will be reborn in unity 
as a stronger community unending"

> Chapter 5
* Dr. Mercer's Office (written upside-down)
"The unity future of mankind is a place, a physical journey that must be taken, 
a pilgrimage reserved for only the privileged ones when tie [sic] time comes."
Yup, there appears to be a typo there.

* Hallway (need to make a note of the specific location)
"The Black Marker is really really close, the Black Marker is within reach"

> Chapter 6
* Refrigeration East
There's a second (and better) decoder in this chapter.  In Refrigeration East 
is a screen with the code for the glyphs.  There's also the same broken message 
scattered across the wall.  It ALL glows when you shine at it.  Also, there's a 
part you can only see with the shine, it says "Truth" and there's an odd 
drawing next to it, we think it's a mask or the back of a suit?

> Chapter 10
* Rec hallway
"Keep us whole, make us whole, marker - the sacred relic, the message from our 
"Death is only the beginning"

> Chapter 11
* Access Hallway
Just before the entrance to the cargo room is another cipher on the floor, 
written in black.

<... i n s t a - g i b s                                      [GTHDS-GIBS] ...>

Here we chronicle all the different ways we've found to be insta-killed.

> Locational:
* In any chapter, stomp on a glowing red boom-pod.
* In Chapter 3, once you activate the Centrifuge, the spinning blade can 
insta-kill you upon contact.
* In Chapter 4 and onwards you find Gravity Wells, which insta-kill you when 
you even partially contact them.
* In Chapter 4, when you run across the surface to get to the ADS, if you are 
not behind cover when the debris showers hit, you will be cut in half.
* In Chapter 6, in Refrigeration East is a wild power source spitting arcs of 
electricity which kills you if you contact them of the metal they touch.  You 
have to come through here twice, but the second time they give you an off 
* In Chapter 7, when you jump to the surface of the gigantic asteroid, the 
rotating blade-things can insta-kill you.
* In Chapter 7, when you're on the outside of the gigantic asteroid, do not try 
to jump out into space, as you insta-gib.
* In Chapter 12, in the Gravity Tube, after activating the power slider.  As 
you head back down the tube, the spinning blades kill you in one hit.

> Monsters:
* If the Wall Guys hit you with one of their projectiles, it's insta-death.

> Bosses
* If the Hive Mind gets you into its mouth, it's game over.

<... c o n t a c t  u s                                       [GTHDS-CONT] ...>

If you'd like to contact us regarding our Walkthrough, please email: 
go.team.hotness at gmail dot com.  We'd love to hear any suggestions you have 
regarding things we've missed, new strategies, etc.  If we get your email and 
test this info, we'll include it and credit you in the walk-through.  We ask 
that you not contact us regarding little things like typos, unless they're 
amusing or critical.  Also, if you think you have found something in here that 
is too spoileriffic, please let us know, and if we agree, we'll certainly 
change it a bit.

Neither of us frequent the forums at GameFAQs, so email would be the best way 
to reach us.

You can also contact us on both the PSN and Xbox Live. Our usernames and gamer 
tags on both are the same: "veiravx" for Veira and "phasmaphobic" for Phas.

Also check out Phas's tabletop "Survival Comedy" Zombie-Action RPG, Cannibal 
Contagion: http://alliteratedgames.com

Phas and Veira are both admins at a survival horror-focused forum and info 
website called Survival Whore, located at http://survivalwhore.com. Drop on in 
and say hello!

<... a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s                          [GTHDS-ACKN] ...>

Thanks to the following folks who have written us with information or otherwise 
helped in the creation of this guide:  Zipp Dementia, devilBoy__86, kizo800, 
derumi, R', Squeak, pxfbird, chaos_teng, SpeedDEMONzap, Joe Sixpack

<... l e g a l  s t u f f                                     [GTHDS-LEGL] ...>

The text of this document is copyright 2008 (c) Nathanael Cole and Bethany Joy. 
 Do not post, host, or reprint this anywhere without permission from us.  
Permission is given for hosting at GameFAQs.com and Survivalwhore.com 

Dead Space and its content is copyright 2008 (c) Electronic Arts.

<... v e r s i o n  h i s t o r y                             [GTHDS-VERS] ...>

- v0.01 - First draft, includes details of play through Chapter 5, and lots of 
misc info.
- v0.30 - A whole buttload of updates and formatting changes, seriously folks.
- v0.40 - Updated through Chapter 9
- v0.50 - Updated through Chapter 10, added new Glyph Locations
- v0.80 - Completed entire walkthough, completed the Weird Glyph Section
- v0.90 - Cleaned up walkthrough, finished some extra sections, started a new 
section with Melee info
- v0.95 - playing through Xbox 360 version, updated some references and notes
- v1.00 - updated missing information in Chapters 1-6, updated lots of extra 
information in the appendices

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