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Version Changes Guide by scarlet988

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/22/09

   ___  __ _____  __  _______  __    ___  
  / _ \/ _\___ /  \ \/ /___ / / /_  / _ \ 
 / /_)/\ \  |_ \   \  /  |_ \| '_ \| | | |
/ ___/ _\ \___) |  /  \ ___) | (_) | |_| |
\/     \__/____/  /_/\_\____/ \___/ \___/ 
    ___ _  __  __                                       ___  _      ____ 
   /   (_)/ _|/ _| ___ _ __ ___ _ __   ___ ___  ___    / __\/_\    /___ \
  / /\ / | |_| |_ / _ \ '__/ _ \ '_ \ / __/ _ \/ __|  / _\ //_\\  //  / /
 / /_//| |  _|  _|  __/ | |  __/ | | | (_|  __/\__ \ / /  /  _  \/ \_/ / 
/___,' |_|_| |_|  \___|_|  \___|_| |_|\___\___||___/ \/   \_/ \_/\___,_\ 

Eternal Sonata
PS3/X360 Differences FAQ
Version 1.1 (02/22/09)
By Jose Roble [scarlet988]
E-mail: ff_perfectionist01@hotmail.com

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Treasure Locations
3. Character Abilities
4. Version History
5. Copyright
6. Credits

7. Introduction

The purpose of this guide is to outline the differences between the Play
Station 3 and XBOX 360 versions of Eternal Sonata. The FAQ focuses on the
Treasure Locations changes and providing a basic walkthrough to the two new
dungeons added to the PS3 Version. Along with these changes, the PS3 version
contains a higher degree of difficulty making it a bigger challenge to beat the
game. There are also new scenes added and some changes in the storyline and the
ending that will not be covered in this guide at the moment. In further
versions of this guide this content may be added. The reader must be warned
that this guide contains possible spoilers.

If you find any mistakes in this guide or want to add content to it, please
contact me through my e-mail address or the Message Board. I will give full
credit if I decide to incorporate any suggestions.


8. Treasure Locations

Chapter 1 - Raindrops

Tenuto Village

Polka's House: POLKA 2nd ALTERNATE COSTUME can be found in her bedroon when
Frederic stays for dinner. (Encore only)

Agogo Forest

Middle North: New chest added containing PEACH COOKIE, located north from the
start of the area.

Chapter 2 - Revolution

Chorus Plains

South Lake: When you play Score Piece NPC Twilight Juju, the S Rank price is
an EZI FREE PASS instead of a Rapture Head. (Encore only)

Fort Fermata

East Side: Locations of MAPLE BATON for Frederic and RAPID FIRE for Viola
have been swapped.

Hannon Hills

South: Chest guarded by Earth Shaker had an Angel Trumpet, now it contains a

North: Chest that contained Lace Veil is replaced with a HELL MUSTARD.

Glissando Cliffs

Area 1: Chest that contained Bubble Straw is replaced with a CLUB CLOVER.

Area 3: New chest added containing FLORAL POWDER.

Area 4: In the X360 version if you returned to the place where you rescued
Phil, a Celestial Hoourglass could be found. In the PS3 version the item is no
longer here.

Forte Dungeon

Search the left side of the dungeon to find a new item containing CLUB CLOVER.

Andantino's Secret Passage

South Section: Chest that contained Poison Whitecap is replaced with a STAR

Chapter 3 - Fantaisie-Impromptu

Adagio Swamp

East Side: New Chest added containing STAR COOKIE.

East Side: Chest that contained Falchion is replaced with a BIG PAPER FANG.

Woodblock Groves

South Center: New chest added containing FALCHION for Jazz.

North Center: Chest that contained Big Paper Fang is replaced with a CLUB

North: Chest that contained Recovery Gloves is replaced with STAR COOKIE.

North: New chest added containing ANGEL TRUMPET.

Chapter 4 - Grande Valse Brilliante

Items: Star Cookie, Floral Extract, Elegant Clothes, Angel Trumpet, Dewdrop
Umbrella, Floral Extract, Hoplon Shield, Club Clover, Stone of the Spring,
Stone of the Spring, Floral Extract, Goddess Bouquet, Rochin, Ares Staff,
Saint’s Vestment, Polka’s 1st Alternate Costume, Club Clover, Snowpuff Cookie,

Enemies: Petite Fatty, L’Opera Worker, Queen Scissors, Spirit Svetovit (Boss).

NOTE: If you want to return to this dungeon, go to Prince Crescendo's room in
      Baroque Castle and examine the mirror.

Lament is a new dungeon added to the storyline on the PS3 version of Eternal
Sonata. It will be triggered after you speak with Prince Crescendo and
Princess Serenade in Chapter 4. Once you leave Prince Crescendo’s room, a
scene will trigger and you will end up inside the mirror Lament.

Mirror's Depths

You will be controlling Polka alone. The enemy here is fairly easy (actually
the entire dungeon is very easy and straight forward) so you shouldn’t have
any problems dealing with them.

At the entrance there is a save point. Start moving forward, cross the small
bridge to find a chest containing a STAR COOKIE to the right. Continue to
follow the path to find a chest containing a FLORAL EXTRACT on a patch of
grass to the right. A little ahead there is another chest containing ELEGANT
CLOTHES for Polka. Go through the giant mirror at the end to reach the next

First Eve - New Moon

Scene. Prince Crescendo joins the party.

Mirror’s Flipside

Save you game and move forward. Cross the gaps and get the chest with an ANGEL
TRUMPET to the south. Continue on and at the fork, take the right path to
reach a chest with a DEWDROP UMBRELLA for Polka. Continue on and you will
reach another fork, go south and get the chest with a FLORAL EXTRACT along the
way. Continue on and at the end of the very long path you will find a HOPLON
SHIELD for Crescendo. Go back to the fork and go north. Open the chest for a
CLUB CLOVER to the left and go right. Pass the giant mirror and keep going
right and open a chest with a STONE OF THE SPRING. Continue to the next area.

Second Eve - Crescent Moon

Another scene. Princess Serenade joins the party.

Mirror’s Maze

As the name implies this area is a maze and is kind of annoying. Every
triangular compartment has three mirror exits but only some of them are
passable. Also once you pass through a mirror you can’t return through the
same one, in other words, they are one-way mirrors. Ok, from the start go up
through the only mirror that is not broken. Then go left, up, right, right,
down, open the chest containing a STONE OF THE SPRING, and go left. You will
be back at the entrance. From here go left, up, left, up, right, right, right,
right, open the chest for a FLORAL EXTRACT, go down, left, down, left, left,
up, left, up, right, right, right, up, left, left, open the chest for a
GODDESS BOUQUET, go down, right, right, up, left, and up. Proceed to the next

Third Eve - Half Moon

Another scene. Beat joins the party.

Mirror’s Edge

You are UPSIDE DOWN!!! Luckily you only have to follow the path to reach the
next area.

Mirror’s Edge

Same area but with the screen back to normal. Save your game.

Fourth Eye - Gibbous Moon

ANOTHER scene. Salsa and Frederic join the party.

Mirror’s Surface

Follow the path and continue north to reach a chest with ROCHIN for Crescendo.
Keep going up and open the chest along the way containing an ARES STAFF for
Serenade. Continue on and when you reach a split in the path go south for a
chest with a SAINT'S VESTMENT for Serenade. Go north, up the ramp and to the
left and DOWN the ramp. Descend a series of ramps to find a chest with POLKS'S
1ST ALTERNATE COSTUME at the bottom. Return back up and go to the left and
around picking up a CLUB CLOVER along the way. Start going up the ramps and
open a chest with a SNOWPUFF COOKIE. Save your game and exit this area.

Fifth Eve - Full Moon

Scene and boss fight.

Spirit Svetovit

This battle is fairly easy and shouldn't pose much of a threat. First let’s
take a look at the boss's attacks. Boom and Bolt targets an area and deal
medium damage. Man Splitter is a powerful attack that can deal high damage.
Tread on is his weak physical attack. Man Fillet is a close range attack,
which hits three times.

For this fight I used Frederic, Crescendo and Beat. I had already learned
Spirit’s Pathway with Frederic and he was my healer. Crescendo was my close
range damage dealer, and I had beat use Fire Blast from afar. If you haven’t
learned Spirits Pathway you can try using Polka and Earth Heal instead.

You will obtain CHAKRAM for Salsa once you defeat him.

Sharp Mountains

Second Point: Chest that contained Elegant Clothes is replaced with LION'S

Sixth Point: Chest that contained Chakram is replaced with CELESTIAL HOURGLASS

Wah Lava Cave

North Side 2: Locations of SCORE PIECE 16 and MOUSE METRONOME have been
swapped. Now Score Piece 16 is located on Middle 3 section.

North Side 2: Locations of RESONATING WAND and GODDESS BOUQUET have been

South Entrance: Four chests containing SNOWWPUFF COOKIE, GODDESS BOUQUET,
CELESTIAL HOURGLASS, and DIAMOND CLOVER are found where originally only
Celestial Hourglass was.

Chapter 5 - Nocturne


Sewers: Once you gain control of Beat at Mandolin Church go outside and you
will find Sym at the entrance of the Hideout. Talk to him and he will take you
to the sewers where the chest that was previously unavailable can now be
accessed. Open it for BEAT'S ALTERNATE COSTUME.

Mandolin Church Catacombs

Grotto: Middle Section: Chest that contained Double Crescent is replaced with

Grotto: North Section: After defeating Root Lurker, the only reward is HEREBRA
for Jazz, Crimson Brooch is omitted.


Main Street: DOUBLE CRESCENT for Viola is added to the Item Shop's list.

Aria Temple

Imperial Guard is renamed Imperial Bow

Gallery of Air: Locations of IMPERIAL BOW for Viola and ORACLE CANE for
Frederic have been swapped. Imperial Bow can now be found in the Gallery of

Gallery of Light: Death Head is no longer received when defeating Rondo, only
HEART'S PENDANT is received.

Chapter 6 - Tristesse
Agogo Forest

Items: Warp Room Key, Death's Head

Another storyline event is added at the start of Chapter 6. After a few scenes
prince Crescendo will give you the WARP ROOM KEY. Go to the Warp Room located
to the left of the castle entrace and you will be warped to Agogo Forest. Once
there start going south through agogo forest. Eventually scene will take place
and you will fight Fugue for a third time. He has the same attacks as last time
and is rather easy. You will receive DEATH'S HEAD for Falsetto once the battle
is over.

Baroque Castle

Garden: When you play Score Piece NPC Conceited Choir, the S rank price is a
CRIMSON BROOCH instead of an Odd Chocolate.

Forte City

Castle Gate: When you play Score Piece NPC Petty Oud,  the Rank B price is a
RAPTURE HEAD for Viola instead of Bat Umbrella. (Encore Only)

To Coda Ruins

Jealousy Island: Once you reach Jealousy Island go all the way north and step
in the teleporter to a rooftop. Here, step on the teleporter to the left to be
taken to another Island with and enemy and a chest with Claimh Solais for
Allegretto. Step on the teleporter to the north to be taken to a rooftop on
Resentment Island containing a chest with ALLEGRETTO'S ALTERNATE COSTUME.

Mt. Rock

Near Summit: New chest added containing HEART CLOVER.

Chapter 7 - Heroic

Crescendo and Serenade join the party at the start of Chapter 7.

Elegy of the Moon

East: New items LANGYA BANG and RUNE SHIELD for Crescendo, and ARCANA WAND
added to the Item's Sop's list.

Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys

Top Floor: Tyr's Left Arm is replaced with TYRANT'S CROWN after defeation Ogre
King and Wicked Shrub.

Noise Dunes of Fantasy

Noise Dunes: New chest added containing SAGE STAFF for Serenade.

Oasis: Chest that contained Tyrant's Crown is replaced with TYR'S LEFT ARM.

Double Reed Tower of Sand

West Tower - Second Floor: Chest containing CERBERUS CANINE for Beat has been
from West Tower - Third Floor.

West Tower - Fourth Floor: New chest added containing WHITE STAR for

Mysterious Unison

NOTE: DoomZ Ninja's Walkthough has great maps of all the floors of this
      dungeon. Refer to them to easily find all the new items as well as the
      rest. Basically, the new items are found on the empty spaces in his maps.

Level 2 - Area 3 - Section 3: New chest added containing POWER STAFF for

Level 3 - Area 2 - Section 1: New chest added containing MORGENSTERN for

Athena’s Shield is renamed Athena’s Tear.

Level 10 - Area 7 - Section 3 - New chest added containing ROYAL STAFF for

Level 10 - Area 1 - Section 5 - New chest added containing MIRROR SHIELD for

Church of EZI (Encore Only)

Items: Glory, Mjolnir, Hell’s Cannon, Noble White*, Sacred Mail*, Scudetto,

Enemies: EZI Devotee, EZI Torchbearer, Dandelion*, The Great EZI (Boss)

The Church of EZI is the last bonus dungeon on the PS3 version of Eternal
Sonata. It can be accessed by obtaining the EZI Free Pass, the S Rank price for
playing Score Piece NPC Twilight Juju in Chorus Plains. After obtaining this
item, head to the Sharp Mountains - Base, and take the left path. You will find
an enemy lookinf at a weird statue. Kill it and examine the statue to find the
entrance to the dungeon. The dungeon is very hard, so I suggest you complete
Mysterious Unison before attempting to do this dungeon.

Path to Peace

Follow the path taking out the enemies for huge EXP. Eventually you will reach
the next area.

Passion Proving Passage

Move forward and a scene with the statue will take place. Save your game and
move forward. On this area you have to avoid touching the strips of light or
you will have to fight an enemy and you will have to start all over.

Courage Checking Chamber

This area is basically similar to the last one but with a higher level of
difficulty. First of all, let me explain in detail how this area work. The EZI
statues in this area do not have the strip of light coming out 5 squares in
front of them, but they will activate if you move into that range. Therefore,
avoid facing statues and go through their backs, if the security system is
activated you will fight and start all over. But, as you will soon see it is
easier said than done.

Go north and examine the painting on the wall for a funny scene. Just south
from the painting there is a chest containing GLORY for Serenade. Continue on
and as you move south close to the wall you will see a lever to your left.
Flip it and the statues will change position. The positions of the statues
will be reset if you are detected by the security system, so the levers must
be flipped everytime.

To the lower right corner there is another painting, approach it for another
scene. Move back towards the switch but change direction midway due north and
you should see a chest north of you that can't be reached yet. Start making
your way to the northwest and eventually you will spot another chest, which is
accessible at this moment and contains MJOLNIR for Crescendo. Directly north
in the upper left corner there is another level that must be flipped. Now the
previous chest can be accessed, so make your way back and open it to obtain

Make your way to the north where you can approach another lever to the upper
right corner that will allow you to continue up the stairs to the next area.

* SPECIAL NOTE on Dandelion

If you get caught by the statue directly below the exit of this area you will
fight a special enemy called Dandelion. It's an onion type enemy that is
extremely powerful but will give immense amounts of Exp as well as drop NOBLE
WHITE and SACRED MAIL, the two ultimate armors for Serenade and Crescendo.

Placid Parish

You can talk to the people to learn more about EZI. Make sure you buy SCUDETTO
for Crescendo in the Item Shop. There is also an inn and a save point.

Wonder Way

Proceed to the next area.

Awesome Altar

Move forward for a cut scene and you will fight.

The Great EZI
2X EZI Torchbearer

This fight can be hard and annoying. EZI has an arsenal of powerful attacks.
He can also heal himself for huge amounts of HP as well as revive the EZI
Torchbearers. EZI is also affectd by light and shadow, being bigger and more
powerful when affected by light. Over Level 70 is recommended for this fight,
but if you defeated Anhililator already this fight will be fairly easy.
SCRAPBOOK will be unlocked on the main meny after you defeat him.

Another scene and you will automatically exit the place. You can return to
this dungeon anytime.

3. Character Abilities


Orange Glow         Light     Default
Shade Comet         Dark      Default
Nether Wave         Dark      LVL 8
Earth Heal          Light     LVL 15
Shooting Star       Light     LVL 20
Roundel             Light     LVL 28
Pure Geyser         Light     LVL 32
Disruption Wave     Light     LVL 37
Blossom Shower      Light     LVL 40
Zodiac              Dark      LVL 44
Terra Externa       Dark      LVL 48


Sun Slash           Light     Default
Phantom Wave        Dark      Default
Sky Divider         Light     LVL 4
Void Edge           Dark      LVL 12
Fire Wave           Light     LVL 20
Starlight Blast     Light     LVL 30
Shadow Assault      Dark      LVL 40
Bloody Plume        Dark      LVL 50


Vivid Shot          Light     Default
Rapid Shooter       Dark      Default
Fire Blast          Light     LVL 4
Sledge Hammer       Dark      LVL 8
Night Shot          Dark      LVL 12
Power Smash         Light     LVL 24
Vital Drain         Dark      LVL 34
Sky Fire            Light     LVL 48


Sacred Signature    Light     Default
Piu Grave           Dark      Default
Coup de Grace       Light     LVL 6
Coup de Jarnac      Dark      LVL 12
Mirage Blow         Dark      LVL 19
Spirits Pathway     Light     LVL 24
Orzel Bialy         Light     LVL 28
Legion Fulminante   Light     LVL 36
Phantom Pain        Light     LVL 46
Tri-Clementia       Light     LVL 52
Crimson Blaze       Dark      LVL 60


Sacred Strike       Light     Default
Bone Crumble        Dark      Default
Heal Arrow          Light     LVL 15
Hawk Eye            Dark      LVL 20
White Dagger        Light     LVL 30
Evil Strike         Dark      LVL 35
Night Arrow         Dark      LVL 40
Full Barrage        Light     LVL 50


Solar Flare         Light     Default
Shadow Silhouette   Dark      Default
Grand Slam          Light     LVL 23
Deadly Orbit        Dark      LVL 31
Corona Stream       Light     LVL 35
Iron Cross          Dark      LVL 40
Deadly Circle       Light     LVL 50
Dark Nebula         Dark      LVL 60


Snow Claw           Light     Default
Willow Strike       Dark      Default
Night Fist          Dark      LVL 20
Howling Thunder     Dark      LVL 25
Shadow Beam         Light     LVL 30
Phoenix Rising      Light     LVL 40
Death Chasm         Dark      LVL 50
Dragon Blow         Light     LVL 60


Unicorn Horn        Light     Default
Feather Spin        Light     Default
Eagle Wing          Dark      Default
Obsidian Needle     Dark      LVL 22
Beast Meteor        Dark      LVL 35
Aiatar Horn         Dark      LVL 45
Bird Swarm          Light     LVL 60
Wolf Fang           Light     LVL 75


Heat Blade          Light     Default
Magma Pillar        Dark      Default
Plasma Chains       Light     LVL 23
Maelstrom           Dark      LVL 27
Whirlwind           Light     LVL 31
Dimentional Turn    Dark      LVL 43
Geo Blade           Dark      LVL 56
Raven Blast         Light     LVL 63


Full-Moon Bind      Light     Default
Super Nova          Light     Default
Aurora Courtain     Dark      Default
Eclipse Gaze        Dark      Default
Midnight Cloud      Dark      LVL 35
New-Moon Bind       Dark      LVL 40
Luna Stream         Light     LVL 56
Illimination        Light     LVL 65


Galactic Nebula     Light     Default
Crystal Judgement   Dark      Default
Diament             Light     LVL 36
Chaos Bolt          Dark      LVL 50


Verbum: Celebrus    Light     Default
L’energie du Vent   Dark      Default
Verbum: Expello     Dark      LVL 36
Throne of Thorns    Light     LVL 50

4. Version History

1.0 - 02/18/09 - Submitted the Guide

1.1 - 02/22/09 - Fixed some spelling mistakes and a few errors on the guide.

7. Copyright

This document is copyright (c) 2009 by scarlet988.
All rights reserved.

If you wish to post my guide in your site you must contact me fist and ask for
permission. Any attempt to post this guide is a violation of copyright and the
law. You have been warned. So please, ask for permission.

Sites allowed to post this guide
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.neoseeker.com

6. Credits

Bandai Namco and Tri-Crescendo - For making this wonderful Game

Eternal Sonata Message Board - They are of a great help pointing out my mistake
and giving suggestions.

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