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by mr_404_Error

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FAQ/Walkthrough by mr_404_Error

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/13/10

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Version History
    1. vh
  3. Introduction
    1. intro
  4. Game Play Tips
    1. gpt
  5. Weapons
    1. weap
    2. Type
    3. Manufacturers
  6. Mods and Upgrades
    1. mau
  7. Ammo Capacity Upgrades
    1. acu
  8. Weapon Slot Upgrades
    1. wsu
  9. Storage Deck Upgrades
    1. sdu
  10. Class Mods
    1. cm
  11. Hunter
    1. hunt
  12. Soldier
    1. sol
  13. Siren
    1. sir
  14. Beserker
    1. bes
  15. Classes
    1. class
    2. Hunter
    3. Soldier
    4. Siren
    5. Beserker
  16. Builds
    1. build
  17. Playthrus
    1. play
    2. Playthru 1
    3. Playthru 2
    4. Playthru 3
  18. Enemies
    1. ene
    2. Creatures
  19. Walkthru
    1. wt
  20. Main Quests
    1. mq
  21. Arid Badlands
    1. mab
    2. Fresh off the bus
    3. The Doctor is in
    4. Skags at the gate
    5. Claptrap Rescue
  22. Dahl Headlands
    1. mdh
  23. New Haven
    1. mnh
  24. Salt Flats
    1. msf
  25. Side Quests
    1. sq
  26. Arid Badlands
    1. sab
  27. Dahl Headlands
    1. sdh
  28. New Haven
    1. snh
    2. Two Wrongs Make a Right
  29. Rust Commons West
    1. srcw
  30. Rust Commons East
    1. srce
  31. Crazy Earls Scrapyard
    1. sces
  32. Old Haven
    1. sph
  33. Tips & Tricks <tat>
  34. Claptrap Locations
    1. clap
  35. Achievements
    1. achieve
  36. Mission List
    1. ml
  37. Main Mission
    1. mlm
    2. Fresh off the bus
    3. The Doctor is in
    4. Skags at the gate
    5. Claptrap Rescue
    6. Fix'er Upper
    7. Blinding Nine-Toes
    8. Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha
    9. Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food
    10. Got Grenades?
    11. Nine-Toes: Take Him Down
    12. Nine-Toes: Time to collect
    13. Job Hunting
    14. Catch-a-Ride
    15. Bone Head's Theft
    16. The Pisswash Hurdle
    17. Return To Zed
    18. Sledge: Meet Shep
    19. Sledge: The Mine Key
    20. Sledge: To the Safe House
    21. Sledge: Battle for Badlands
    22. Leaving Fyresone
    23. Getting Lucky
    24. Powering the Fast Travel Network
    25. Road Warriors: Hot Shots
    26. Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
    27. Power to the People
    28. Seek Out Tannis
    29. Meet "Crazy" Earl
    30. Get Off My Lawn
    31. Hair of the Dog
    32. The Next Piece
    33. Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous
    34. Jaynistown: A Brother's Love
    35. Jaynistown: Spread the Word
    36. Jaynistown: Getting Whats Coming to You
    37. Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences
    38. Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Own Mess
    39. Another Piece of the Puzzle
    40. Not Without My Claptrap
    41. The Final Piece
    42. Get Some Answers
    43. Find the ECHO Command Console
    44. Reactivate the ECHO Comm System
    45. Find Steele
    46. Destroy the Destroier
    47. Bring the Vault Key to Tannis
  38. Side Missions
    1. mls
    2. T.K. has More Work
    3. T.K.'s Life and Limb
    4. By the Seed of your Pants
    5. Get the FLock Outa Here
    6. Braking Wind
    7. What hit the Fan
    8. Circle of Death: Meet and Greet
    9. Circle of Death: Round 1
    10. Circle of Death: Round 2
    11. Circle of Death:Final Round
    12. Why are they here?
    13. Get a little blood on the tires
    14. Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands
    15. Shock Crystal Harvest
    16. Scavenger: Sniper Rifle
    17. The Legend of Moe and Marley
    18. Scavenger: Combat Rifle
    19. Insult to Injury
    20. Schemin' That Sabotage
    21. Product Recall
    22. Find Bruce McClane
    23. Big Game Hunter
    24. Death Race Pandora
    25. Fuel Fued
    26. Scavenger: Revolver
    27. Well There's Your Problem Right Now
    28. Ghosts of the Vault
    29. Jack's Other Eye
    30. Middle of Nowhere No More
    31. Relight the Becons
    32. Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
    33. Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
    34. Fire Power: All Sales Are Final
    35. Fire Power: Market Correction
    36. Fire Power: Plight of the Middle Man
    37. Up to Our Ears
    38. Scooter's Used Car Parts
    39. Is T.K. Okay?
    40. I've got a Sinking Feeling
    41. Like a Moth to a Flame
    42. Scavenger: Submachine Gun
    43. King Tossing
    44. Corrosive Crystal Harvest
    45. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West
    46. Missing Persons
    47. Wanted: Fresh Fish
    48. Circel of Slaughter: Round 1
    49. Circle of Slaughter: Round 2
    50. Circle of Slaughter: Final Round
    51. Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
    52. Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
    53. Middle of Nowhere No More: Scoot on Back
    54. Alter Ego: Burning Heresy
    55. Alter Ego: The New Religion
    56. Alter Ego: Godless Monsters
    57. Bait and Switch
    58. A Bug Problem
    59. Circle of Slaughter: Meet and Greet
    60. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East
    61. Scavenger: Shotgun
    62. Green Thumb
    63. Scavenger: Machine Gun
    64. House Hunting
    65. Today's Lesson: High Explosives
    66. Earl Needs Food...Badly
    67. Earls Best Friends
    68. Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Kings
    69. Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot
  39. Credits
    1. cred

Broderlands Walkthru

By: Mr. 404 Error

Copyright 2009 Casey Gutierrez

Email:ragecase@gmail.com (Feel Free to send me Questions, Comments, Sugestions and anything else obtaining to this guide :D)

Version 1.2 1/12/2010

Table of Contents

The Blue Writing is a link to the page just click it and it will take you there


Version 1.0 Copyright 2009@ 11/11/2009 Version 1.1 re formated Copyright 2009@ 12/21/2009 Version 1.2 added Mission List, Updated Manufacturers


Hi my friends Mr. 404 Error here doin a Walkthru for Borderlands. If there is anything missing let me know. My email is at the top. I will try and update the walkthru as often as i get emails and the updated one will always be on gamefaqs.com.Also this is my frst walkthru so let me know how you liked it!

-404 Error


Hey guys i got a few tips for playing the game and general survival.

1. Cardio: Keep Moving and stay low you dont wanna get a rocket to the face by a badmutha.

2. Double Tap: Go for the Critical Shots. It'll take the target down quicker and with less bullets.

3. Public Bathrooms: Remember, you can rest after you get to the Vault.

4. Seat Belts: Use the car to its full potential. If you can shoot it, you can RUN IT OVER!

16. Limber Up: Remember when sniping or just goin for that long shot lead the target. With a little practice at leading you'll be able to get a headshot from across the map.

23. Don't Be A Hero: Dont go unprepared. Look for weapon improvments and upgrades to take the enemy without a fight.

32. Ejoy the Little things: Questing is the fastest and best way to level dont be afraid to play thru a second or third time to level to fifty. And enjoy it, its a game!


Weapons are classed by Type, Manufactorer and rarity. Keep in mind that 1 gun is better than another becuase its orange and your using a green. When point your crosshair at a weapon it brings up the stats and it will tell you if the gun found is better than the one in your hand automatically. For example, if I find a shotgun and want to see if its better than the one I'm currently using, all you have to do is switch to it and it will indicate the what is better with either red bullets nect to the damage, rate of fire, ect or green which means it's better.

Also remember that this is just a generalization. Some weapons may be higher or lower than what i show but this is from what I've collected in game.

Damage: Low-Medium
Accuracy: 45-100
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo Per Clip: 12-70
Comments: Pistols are great for taking the enemy down with out a lot of

reload time. Look at the stats some pistols shoot faster than others.

Damage: High
Accuracy: 45-100
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo Per Clip: 2-6
Comments: I love revolvers just for the sake of having a pistol

thats accurate and dealy up close as my sniper is for long range.

Damage: High
Accuracy: 0-70
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo Per Clip: 2-12
Comments: Shottys are great up in your face weapons. They do awesome damage

from up close and depending on the accuracy from medium range. they work extremely well against Skags.

Submachine Guns
Damage: Low-Medium
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo Per Clip: 12-70
Comments: Subs are like the Combat Rifles but for much closer range. Combine

the 2 and you have an unstopable force meeting an immovable object in the palm of your hands.

Combat Rifles
Damage: Medium
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo Per Clip: 6-70
Comments: There are 2 versions of the combat rifle. The Burst/ 3 shot fire has

accuracy, while the heavy machinegun has a huge clip size.

Sniper Rifles
Damage: High
Accuracy: 80-100
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo Per Clip: 2-8
Comments: i love sniper rifles mainly becuse the are super accurate and have

that extra Critical chance. The thing i look for is accuracy in a sniper mainly beauce when they arent moving you you place your crosshair on thier head and miss. Its very frustrating.

Rocket Launchers
Damage: High
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo Per Clip: 1-3
Comments: Rockets are a great weapon against vehicles. But be careful you can

kill yourself.

Eridian Weapons
Damage: Medium-High
Accuracy: 70-90
Rate of Fire: 0.6-2
Ammo Per Clip: 2-5 shots
Comments: They have  the equvilance of al weapon types above but deal shock

damage also. They have unlimited ammo but has to recharge after the energy is depleted. The recharge rate depends on the proficiency of your Eridan Weapons.


There are a total of 11 manufacturers that make weapons across Pandora. Each has his own signature to how the weapon will preform.


Very good Accuracy, Rate of Fire, Low Recoil and great Power.


Less Recoil that the others without lossing Power


Alien weapon with high shock damage and unlimited ammo. Looks organic.


High Accuracy and usually has a Scope on it.


Extremely High Damage and thats often all it has.


Almost always have some type of element on them.

S&S Munitions

High Ammo Count.


Lightweight and fast Reload times.


Well round weapons with a balance of Accuracy, Capacity and Power.


Fast Rate of Fire and may a high Ammo Count.


Some Easter Egg weapons will have the Gearbox label. -=NOTE=- This can only be obtained by the Gearbox Mercenary Gun Pack that was shipped with certain Xbox 360 and PS3 copies and pre-orders. You need a code to redeem them.


There are many types of Mods and upgrades just waiting for you to find them. There are Class Mods, Nade Mods, and Ammo Upgrades for you to get.


On your way thru the first play thru the upgrades will go from white to purple. Its not till your second playthru that you'll get the oragne and Dark Orange upgrades.

White-First upgrade you get at the start of the game.

Green-When you get into Skag Gully you'll get this.

Blue-you get this when you get to New Haven

Purple-You get this going thru Kroms Canyon and other "instances" around Newhaven

Orange-When you first Start your Second playthru.

Dark Orange- After you get to Sledge.


There are 2 Weapon Slots you can get from completeing quests.

1.Talk to Zed- Let Zed know the to catch a ride is fixed.

2.Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse-Mad Mel Killed and Claptrap Talked to.


You can get storge deck upgrades from finding broken claptraps which is covered at the bottom of this guide.Remember that these dont apply automatically like the Ammo and Weapon Slots. When you get one it will be in your inventory under "UPGRADES".


A Class Mod is a mod that boosts you abilities to make you more dangerous and awesome then you already are. There are 7 types of class mods for each class. Class Mods do stack even if the specified Skills are maxed (5/5), but skill bonuses will not function unless you have at least 1 point in the specified skill. This is a scale of what the mods do. The game randomly generates these class mods so they wont all have these stats on them the is just a generalization.

28% - +60% Corrode Damage
0 - +4 Deadly Skill
0 - +4 Leathal Skill
0 - +4 Killer Skill
0% - +89% Corrosive Resistance
0% - +27% Corrosive Elemental Effect Chance
54% - +96% Pistol Fire Rate
0 - +4 Deadly Skill
0 - +4 Loaded Skill
0 - +4 Relentless Skill
0 - +23 Pistol Ammo Regeneration
0% - +78% Pistol Accuracy
28% - +56% Bloodwing Damage
0 - +4 Aerial Impact Skill
0 - +4 Swift Strike Skill
0 - +3 Out For Blood Skill
0% - +44% Action Skill Cooldown
0 - +2 Scavenge Extra Items
28% - +56% Team Accuracy
0 - +4 Predator Skill
0 - +4 Bird of Prey Skill
0 - +4 Focus Skill
0% - +78% Team Critical Hit Damage
0% - +66% Team Accuracy Recovery
2 - +3 Team Scavenge Extra Items
0 - +4 Swipe Skill
0 - +4 Ransack Skill
0 - +4 Out For Blood Skill
0 - +2 Team Find Rare Items
0 - +10 Team Health Regeneration
15% - +95% Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage
0 - +4 Focus Skill
0 - +4 Caliber Skill
0 - +4 Carrion Call Skill
0% - +85% Sniper Rifle Accuracy
0 - +19 Sniper Rifle Ammo Regeneration
2 - +15 Team Health Regeneration
0 - +4 Fast Hands Skill
0 - +4 Riotous Remedy Skill
0 - +4 Swipe Skill
0% - +63% Team Reload Speed
0% - +31% Team Damage
0% - +64% Shotgun Damage
0% - +75% Shotgun Fire Rate
0 - +4 Scattershot Skill
0 - +4 Defense Skill
0 - +4 Quick Charge Skill
0 - +19 Shotgun Ammo Regeneration
Heavy Gunner
0% - +75% Weapon Magazine Size
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +4 Overload Skill
0 - +4 Metal Storm Skill
0% - +39% Weapon Damage
0% - +60% Weapon Fire Rate
0% - +24% Team Extra Experience
0 - +4 Deploy Skill
0 - +4 Grit Skill
0 - +4 Defense Skill

-0% - -26% Team Recharge Delay

0% - +20% Team Recoil Reduction
0% - +42% Combat Rifle Damage
0 - +4 Assault Skill
0 - +4 Overload Skill
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +15 Combat Rifle Ammo Regeneration
0% - +180% Combat Rifle Recoil Reduction
Shock Trooper
36% - +56% Electrocute Damage
0 - +4 Fitness Skill
0 - +4 Grenadier Skill
0 - +4 Refire Skill
0% - +78% Shock Chance Resistance
0% - +33% Elemental Effect Chance
Support Gunner
1 - +20 Team Ammo Regeneration
0 - +4 Stockpile Skill
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +4 Barrage Skill
0% - +39% Team Magazine Size
0% - +52% Team Accuracy
1 - +20 Team Shield Regeneration
0 - +4 Defense Skill
0 - +4 Aid Station Skill
0 - +4 Quick Charge Skill
0 - +5 Team Health Regeneration
16% - 36% Team Cooldown Reduction
0 - +4 Phoenix Skill
0 - +4 Girl Power Skill
0 - +4 Intuition Skill
0 - +2 Team Find Rare Items
0 - +20 Team Shield Regeneration
18% - +42% Team Shield Capacity
0 - +4 Resilience Skill
0 - +4 Diva Skill
0 - +4 Inner Glow Skill
0% - +36% Team Ignite Resistance
0% - +33% Team Corrosive Resistance
28% - +56% Ignite Damage
0 - +4 Spark Skill
0 - +4 Phoenix Skill
0 - +4 Diva Skill
0% - +36% Elemental Effect chance
0% - +78% Ignite Resistance
24% - +56% SMG Damage
0 - +4 Quicksilver Skill
0 - +4 High Velocity Skill
0 - +4 Girl Power Skill
0% - +39% SMG Elemental Effect chance
0 - +23 SMG Ammo Regen
32% - +56% Corrode Damage
0 - +4 Venom Skill
0 - +4 Inner Glow Skill
0 - +4 Mind Games Skill
0% - +36% Corrosive Elemental Effect Chance
0% - +78% Corrosive Resistance
28% - +56% Electrocute Damage
0 - +4 Radiance Skill
0 - +4 Slayer Skill
0 - +4 Silent Resolve Skill
0% - +78% Shock Chance Resistance
0% - +39% Elemental Effect Chance
24% - +42% Team Elemental Effect Chance
0 - +4 Spark Skill
0 - +4 Radiance Skill
0 - +4 Striking Skill
0% - +39% Team Elemental Effect damage
0% - +13% Team Damage
48% - +84% Melee Damage
0 - +4 Endless Rage Skill
0 - +4 Heavy Handed Skill
0 - +4 Blood Sport Skill
0% - +44% Maximum Health

-0% - -36% Bullet Damage Resistance

0 - +10 Team Health Regeneration
Blast Master
28% - +60% Explosive Impact Damage
0 - +4 Liquidate Skill
0 - +4 Revenge Skill
0 - +4 Master Blaster Skill
0% - +39% Elemental Effect chance
24% - +42% Launcher Reload Speed
0 - +4 Endowed Skill
0 - +4 Rapid Reload Skill
0 - +4 Wide Load Skill
0 - +19 Launcher Ammo Regeneration (doesn't work)
0% - +52% Launcher Fire Rate
24% - +56% Team Maximum Health
0 - +4 Safeguard Skill
0 - +4 Hardened Skill
0 - +4 Die Hard Skill
0 - +? Team Health Regeneration (doesn't work)
0 - +39 Team Magazine Size
32% - +56% Team Melee Damage
0 - +4 Short Fuse Skill
0 - +4 Sting Like a Bee Skill
0 - +4 Bash Skill
0% - +39% Team Maximum Health

-0% - -52% Team Melee Damage Resistance

36% - +52% Maximum Health
0 - +3 Juggernaut Skill
0 - +3 Unbreakable Skill
0 - +4 Safeguard Skill
0 - +2 Health Regeneration
0% - +?% Shield Energy
18% - +30% Team Damage
0 - +4 Pay Back Skill
0 - +4 Hardened Skill
0 - +4 Revenge Skill
0% - +33% Team Grenade Damage
0% - +30% Team Melee Damage


This is just a break down of all the class and skills that are avalible to use. I'll also throw in builds that I personally used for the diffrent class. It might give you an advantage when going toe to toe with some of the baddies that 2kgames might send your way. Also there is a link that will go to the borderlands skill tree editor for each so if you dont like my suggestions then you can make your own! :D


The hunter was my favorite out of the four. His mixture of putin 1 right between the eyes with a Sniper Rifle and lettin the lead fly with a high powered Revolver.

Skills Tree

The hunter's skill trees are Sniper, Rogue, and Gunslinger. The only reason you should even consider putting any points into the Rogue tree or anything that cools down bloodwing is if you are trying to do the action skill acheivments.


Very good tree to go down for the Hunter. Mainly because its his main sorce of damage.

Focus: Increase accuracy with all weapon types.

1/5 5% Accuracy, -10% Sniper Rifle Sway
2/5 10% Accuracy, -20% Sniper Rifle Sway
3/5 15% Accuracy, -30% Sniper Rifle Sway
4/5 20% Accuracy, -40% Sniper Rifle Sway
5/5 25% Accuracy, -50% Sniper Rifle Sway

Calibur: Increase damage with sniper rifles.

1/5 4% Sniper Rifle damage 2/5 8% Sniper Rifle damage 3/5 12% Sniper Rifle damage 4/5 16% Sniper Rifle damage 5/5 20% Sniper Rifle damage

Smirk: All players on your team (including you) gain additional experience when you kill an enemy with a Critical Hit.

1/5 3% Experience Bonus 2/5 6% Experience Bonus 3/5 9% Experience Bonus 4/5 12% Experience Bonus 5/5 15% Experience Bonus

Killer: Killing an enemy increase your Damage and Reload Speed for a few seconds.

1/5 8% Damage, +6% Reload Speed 2/5 16% Damage, +12% Reload Speed 3/5 24% Damage, +18% Reload Speed 4/5 32% Damage, +24% Reload Speed 5/5 40% Damage, +30% Reload Speed

Loaded: Increases magazine size with Sniper Rifles.

1/5 14% Magazine Capacity 2/5 28% Magazine Capacity 3/5 42% Magazine Capacity 4/5 56% Magazine Capacity 5/5 70% Magazine Capacity

Carrion Call: Shooting an enemy with a Sniper Rifle reduces the cooldown of your Bloodwing.

1/5 0.8 Cooldown Reduction per hit 2/5 1.6 Cooldown Reduction per hit 3/5 2.4 Cooldown Reduction per hit 4/5 3.2 Cooldown Reduction per hit 5/5 4.0 Cooldown Reduction per hit

Trespass: Your bullets have a chance to ignore sheilds. Also, slightly increase Bullet Damage.

1/5 20% Chance to penetrate shields, 1% Bullet Damage 2/5 40% Chance to penetrate shields, 2% Bullet Damage 3/5 60% Chance to penetrate shields, 3% Bullet Damage 4/5 80% Chance to penetrate shields, 4% Bullet Damage 5/5 100% Chance to penetrate shields, 5% Bullet Damage

The most useless tree in my opinion and experiance. But other people may have had good fortune with this tree playing through the game. I recommend only going down this tree if you're trying to get the Action Command Achievments.

Swift Strike: Increases Bloodwing damage and movment speed.

1/5 20% Bloodwing Damage, 8% Bloodwing Speed
2/5 40% Bloodwing Damage, 16% Bloodwing Speed
3/5 60% Bloodwing Damage, 24% Bloodwing Speed
4/5 80% Bloodwing Damage, 32% Bloodwing Speed
5/5 100% Bloodwing Damage, 40% Bloodwing Speed

Swipe: The Bloodwing causes the enemies to drop additional money, ammo, and healing items when it attacks.

1/5 Maximum additional items droped: 1 2/5 Maximum additional items droped: 2 3/5 Maximum additional items droped: 3 4/5 Maximum additional items droped: 4 5/5 Maximum additional items droped: 5

Fast Hands: Increases Reload Speed with all weapon types.

1/5 8% Reload Speed 2/5 16% Reload Speed 3/5 24% Reload Speed 4/5 32% Reload Speed 5/5 40% Reload Speed

Out For Blood: When your Bloodwing strikes an enemy, you gain health based on the amount of damage done.

1/5 7% Damage convered to Health 2/5 14% Damage convered to Health 3/5 21% Damage convered to Health 4/5 28% Damage convered to Health 5/5 35% Damage convered to Health

Ariel Impact: Attacks from your Bloodwing can Daze enemies, reducing their Movment Speed and Accuracy.

1/5 20% Chance to Daze(vs and Equal level enemy) 2/5 40% Chance to Daze(vs and Equal level enemy) 3/5 60% Chance to Daze(vs and Equal level enemy) 4/5 80% Chance to Daze(vs and Equal level enemy) 5/5 100% Chance to Daze(vs and Equal level enemy)

Ransack: Killing an enemy increases the amount of Loot you get from other enemies killed for a few seconds.

1/5 20% chance to drop an additional item 2/5 40% chance to drop an additional item 3/5 60% chance to drop an additional item 4/5 80% chance to drop an additional item 5/5 100% chance to drop an additional item

Bird of Prey: Increase the number of targets Bloodwing can attack before returning.

1/5 Bloodwing attacks up to 2 targets 2/5 Bloodwing attacks up to 3 targets 3/5 Bloodwing attacks up to 4 targets 4/5 Bloodwing attacks up to 5 targets 5/5 Bloodwing attacks up to 6 targets

Other than the Sniper tree this also where the Hunter gets most of his damage from. Plus its a good tree to go down if you like shoot off your pistols. :D

Deadly: Increases Critical Hit damage.

1/5 6% Critical Hit Damage
2/5 12% Critical Hit Damage
3/5 18% Critical Hit Damage
4/5 24% Critical Hit Damage
5/5 30% Critical Hit Damage

Gun Crazy: When using Pistols, you have a chance to fire 2 shots with each pull of the trigger instead of just 1.

1/5 8% chance to fire 2 shots 2/5 16% chance to fire 2 shots 3/5 24% chance to fire 2 shots 4/5 32% chance to fire 2 shots 5/5 40% chance to fire 2 shots

Leathal Strike: Increases meele damage. Also, every meele attack has a 35% chance to be a Leathal Strike and deal extremely high damage.

1/5 10% Meele Damage, Leahtal Strike deals 100% damage 2/5 20% Meele Damage, Leahtal Strike deals 200% damage 3/5 30% Meele Damage, Leahtal Strike deals 300% damage 4/5 40% Meele Damage, Leahtal Strike deals 400% damage 5/5 50% Meele Damage, Leahtal Strike deals 500% damage

Riotous Remedy: Killing an enemy give you chaotic health regeneration for a few seconds.

1/5 Heals up to 3% health over 7 seconds 2/5 Heals up to 6% health over 7 seconds 3/5 Heals up to 9% health over 7 seconds 4/5 Heals up to 12% health over 7 seconds 5/5 Heals up to 15% health over 7 seconds

Predator: Decreases the cooldown of your pet Bloodwing.

1/5 Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 3 Seconds 2/5 Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 6 Seconds 3/5 Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 9 Seconds 4/5 Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 12 Seconds 5/5 Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 15 Seconds

Hair Trigger: Increases Fire Rate and Magazine Size with pistols.

1/5 4% Fire Rate, 6% Magazine Size 2/5 8% Fire Rate, 12% Magazine Size 3/5 12% Fire Rate, 18% Magazine Size 4/5 16% Fire Rate, 24% Magazine Size 5/5 20% Fire Rate, 30% Magazine Size

Relentless: Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate and gives every bullet fired a 25% chance to be a Killer Shot and deal additional damage. This effect lasts a Few seconds.

1/5 8% Fire Rate, 20% Killer Shot damage 2/5 16% Fire Rate, 40% Killer Shot damage 3/5 24% Fire Rate, 60% Killer Shot damage 4/5 32% Fire Rate, 80% Killer Shot damage 5/5 40% Fire Rate, 100% Killer Shot damage


The Soldier is a good class to play ass if you just wanna riddle everything you see with bullets. His weapon of choice is a Combat Rifle or Shotgun. Two guns that make everyones day fun.

Skill Tree

The soldiers skill trees are Infantry, Support, and Medic. The Soldier's Talent trees work like a combonation. There really is no wrong skill tree to go down its all a matter of prefrence, whether you want massive weapon damage or just run around making sure none of your team dies.


Its the tree you go down to increase your damage with your shotties and rifles.

Impact: Increases damage with all weapon types.

1/5 3% Bullet Damage
2/5 6% Bullet Damage
3/5 9% Bullet Damage
4/5 12% Bullet Damage
5/5 15% Bullet Damage

Sentry: Increases Scorpio Turret damage.

1/5 7% Scorpio Turret Damage 2/5 14% Scorpio Turret Damage 3/5 21% Scorpio Turret Damage 4/5 28% Scorpio Turret Damage 5/5 35% Scorpio Turret Damage

Scattershot: Increase shotgun damage and spread.

1/5 3% Shotgun Damage, 5% Shotgun Spread 2/5 6% Shotgun Damage, 10% Shotgun Spread 3/5 9% Shotgun Damage, 15% Shotgun Spread 4/5 12% Shotgun Damage, 20% Shotgun Spread 5/5 15% Shotgun Damage, 25% Shotgun Spread

Metal Storm: Killing an enemy increase Fire Rate and reduces Recoil for a few seconds.

1/5 6% Weapon Fire Rate, 15% Recoil Reduction 2/5 12% Weapon Fire Rate, 30% Recoil Reduction 3/5 18% Weapon Fire Rate, 45% Recoil Reduction 4/5 24% Weapon Fire Rate, 60% Recoil Reduction 5/5 30% Weapon Fire Rate, 75% Recoil Reduction

Refire: Shooting an enemy reduces the Cooldown of you Scorpio Turret. This effect can only occur every 2 seconds.

1/5 Coooldown Reduction per hit: 1(in seconds) 2/5 Coooldown Reduction per hit: 2(in seconds) 3/5 Coooldown Reduction per hit: 3(in seconds) 4/5 Coooldown Reduction per hit: 4(in seconds) 5/5 Coooldown Reduction per hit: 5(in seconds)

Assualt: Incease Magazine Size and reduces Recoil with Combat Rifles.

1/5 9% Magazine Size and Recoil Reduction 2/5 18% Magazine Size and Recoil Reduction 3/5 27% Magazine Size and Recoil Reduction 4/5 36% Magazine Size and Recoil Reduction 5/5 45% Magazine Size and Recoil Reduction

Guided Missle: Your Scorpio Turret Launches guided missles in addition to using its regualr gun.

1/5 Fire a missle every 8 seconds 2/5 Fire a missle every 7 seconds 3/5 Fire a missle every 6 seconds 4/5 Fire a missle every 5 seconds 5/5 Fire a missle every 4 seconds

This tree is all about regeneration. It lets you regen you and your teams sheilds ammo and nades wen near the turret. This comes in handy when your blasting away at some badasses or badmothas.

Defence: Increases how quickly your Sheilds recharge.

1/5 4% Sheild Recharge Rate
2/5 8% Sheild Recharge Rate
3/5 12% Sheild Recharge Rate
4/5 16% Sheild Recharge Rate
5/5 20% Sheild Recharge Rate

Stockpile: Players near the Scorpio Turret regengerate ammo for the weapon currently in thier hands.

1/5 1 Ammo Regeneration Rate 2/5 2 Ammo Regeneration Rate 3/5 3 Ammo Regeneration Rate 4/5 4 Ammo Regeneration Rate 5/5 5 Ammo Regeneration Rate

Quick Charge: Killing an enemy causes your shields to quickly Regenerate for a few seconds.

1/5 2% Sheilds Per Second 2/5 3% Sheilds Per Second 3/5 4% Sheilds Per Second 4/5 6% Sheilds Per Second 5/5 7% Sheilds Per Second

Barrage: Increases the number of Shots your Scorpio Turret fires in each burst.

1/5 1 Shots fired per Burst 2/5 2 Shots fired per Burst 3/5 3 Shots fired per Burst 4/5 4 Shots fired per Burst 5/5 5 Shots fired per Burst

Grenadier: Killing an enemy increase your Granade damage and causes you to regenerate grenades for a few seconds.

1/5 2 Grenade per minute, 3% Grenade Damage 2/5 3 Grenade per minute, 6% Grenade Damage 3/5 5 Grenade per minute, 9% Grenade Damage 4/5 6 Grenade per minute, 12% Grenade Damage 5/5 8 Grenade per minute, 15% Grenade Damage

Deploy: Reduces the Cooldown of your Scorpio Turret.

1/5 Cooldown Reduction 20% 2/5 Cooldown Reduction 40% 3/5 Cooldown Reduction 50% 4/5 Cooldown Reduction 80% 5/5 Cooldown Reduction 100%

Supply Drop: The Scorpio Turret periodically fires out supply pickups to resupply players.

1/5 Supply drop every 7 seconds 2/5 Supply drop every 6 seconds 3/5 Supply drop every 5 seconds 4/5 Supply drop every 4 seconds 5/5 Supply drop every 3 seconds

This tree increases your health along with the ability to heal your teamates. Even your Scorpio Turret can revive downed mates when they are near leaving you with extra time to kill some badies.

Fitness: Increase your Maximum Health.

1/5 5% Maximum Health
2/5 10% Maximum Health
3/5 15% Maximum Health
4/5 20% Maximum Health
5/5 25% Maximum Health

Aid Station: Allies near the Scorpio Turret regenerate Health.

1/5 Regenerates 1% health per second 2/5 Regenerates 2% health per second 3/5 Regenerates 3% health per second 4/5 Regenerates 4% health per second 5/5 Regenerates 5% health per second

Overloaded: Increases magazine capacity with all weapon types.

1/5 12% Magazine Size 2/5 24% Magazine Size 3/5 36% Magazine Size 4/5 48% Magazine Size 5/5 60% Magazine Size

Cauterize: Shooting a teamate heals them. This effect also works with Grenades and Rockets.

1/5 Converts 6% damage to health 2/5 Converts 12% damage to health 3/5 Converts 18% damage to health 4/5 Converts 24% damage to health 5/5 Converts 30% damage to health

Revive: The Scorpio Turret has a chance to instantly revive nearby crippled friends when deployed.

1/5 14% Revival Chance 2/5 28% Revival Chance 3/5 42% Revival Chance 4/5 56% Revival Chance 5/5 70% Revival Chance

Grit: Increases Resistance to Bullet Damage.

1/5 3% Bullet Resistance 2/5 6% Bullet Resistance 3/5 9% Bullet Resistance 4/5 12% Bullet Resistance 5/5 15% Bullet Resistance

Stat: Killing an enemy increase Health Regeneration for you and nearby friends for a few seconds.

1/5 Regenerates 1% health per second 2/5 Regenerates 2% health per second 3/5 Regenerates 3% health per second 4/5 Regenerates 4% health per second 5/5 Regenerates 5% health per second


This class wasn't one of my favorite classes. She specializes in Incendiary, Shock, and Corrosive weapons. Personally I like corrosive weapons just cuz they do DoTs and watching people melt is awesome. :D

Skill Tree

The Sirens skill trees are Controller, Elemental, and Assassin. You have to mix and match your trees to find what works best for you. She heavily relies on her Phase Walk and melee.


This Tree is all about regen and Dazing.

Diva: Increase the Capacity of your Sheild.

1/5 5% Sheild Capacity
2/5 10% Sheild Capacity
3/5 15% Sheild Capacity
4/5 20% Sheild Capacity
5/5 25% Sheild Capacity

Striking: Meele attacks can Daze, reducing movment speed and Accuracy.

1/5 20% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 2/5 40% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 3/5 60% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 4/5 80% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 5/5 100% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level)

Inner Glow: Regen health while Phasewalking.

1/5 1% health while Phasewalking. 2/5 3% health while Phasewalking. 3/5 4% health while Phasewalking. 4/5 6% health while Phasewalking. 5/5 7% health while Phasewalking.

Dramatic Entrance: Phase Blast can Daze, Reducing movement speed and Accuracy.

1/5 20% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 2/5 40% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 3/5 60% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 4/5 80% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 5/5 100% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level)

Hard To Get: Decreases Cooldown on Phasewalk.

1/5 Cooldown Reduced by 3 seconds 2/5 Cooldown Reduced by 6 seconds 3/5 Cooldown Reduced by 10 seconds 4/5 Cooldown Reduced by 13 seconds 5/5 Cooldown Reduced by 16 seconds

Girl Power: Killing an enemy quickly Regens your Shield.

1/5 2% regen per second 2/5 3% regen per second 3/5 4% regen per second 4/5 6% regen per second 5/5 7% regen per second

Mind Games: Each Bullet has a chance to Daze, reducing Movement Speed and Accuracy.

1/5 5% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 2/5 10% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 3/5 15% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 4/5 20% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level) 5/5 25% chance to Daze,(enemy of equal level)

This tree allows you to add elements to your Phasewalk. Comes in handy every once in a while.

Quicksiler: Increase Fire Rate with all weapons.

1/5 5% Fire Rate
2/5 10% Fire Rate
3/5 15% Fire Rate
4/5 20% Fire Rate
5/5 25% Fire Rate

Spark: Causing elemental effects with elemental weapons.

1/5 4% Elemental Chance 2/5 8% Elemental Chance 3/5 12% Elemental Chance 4/5 16% Elemental Chance 5/5 20% Elemental Chance

Resilience: Increases your resistance to Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Explosive Damage.

1/5 6% Elemental Resistance 2/5 12% Elemental Resistance 3/5 18% Elemental Resistance 4/5 24% Elemental Resistance 5/5 30% Elemental Resistance

Radiance: Cause shock damage to ememies while Phasewalking. Damage is based on your level and Skill level.

1/5 1 Shock Damage 2/5 2 Shock Damage

3/5 3 Shock Damage 4/5 4 Shock Damage 5/5 5 Shock Damage

Venom: Adds Corrosive Damage to your meele attacks and has chance to corrode enemies causing DoTs.

1/5 5% Meele Damage 2/5 10% Meele Damage 3/5 15% Meele Damage 4/5 20% Meele Damage 5/5 25% Meele Damage

Intuition: Killing an enemy increase Movement Speed and Experiance gained for you and your team for a few seconds.

1/5 10% Move Speed, 4% Experiance bonus 2/5 20% Move Speed, 8% Experiance bonus 3/5 30% Move Speed, 12% Experiance bonus 4/5 40% Move Speed, 16% Experiance bonus 5/5 50% Move Speed, 20% Experiance bonus

Phoenix: Killing an Enemy causes you to deal Fire Damage to nearby enemies and makes your Shots not always cost ammo. Fire damage increase with your level.

1/5 5% Chance at ammo save, 1 Fire Damage 2/5 10% Chance at ammo save, 2 Fire Damage 3/5 15% Chance at ammo save, 3 Fire Damage 4/5 20% Chance at ammo save, 4 Fire Damage 5/5 25% Chance at ammo save, 5 Fire Damage

By far the most useful tree in the Siren's arsenal. Actually giving you weapon damage instead of Phasewalk, Phasewalk, Daze, and more Phasewalk.

Slayer: Increases Crit Damage.

1/5 5% Critical increase
2/5 10% Critical increase
3/5 15% Critical increase
4/5 20% Critical increase
5/5 25% Critical increase

Silent Resolve: Increase resistance to damage after coming out of Phasewalk.

1/5 14% Resistance Increase 2/5 28% Resistance Increase 3/5 42% Resistance Increase 4/5 56% Resistance Increase 5/5 70% Resistance Increase

Enforcer: After killing an enemy your accuracy and Bullet damaged is increased.

1/5 7% Accuracy, 2% Bullet Damage 2/5 14% Accuracy, 4% Bullet Damage 3/5 21% Accuracy, 6% Bullet Damage 4/5 28% Accuracy, 8% Bullet Damage 5/5 35% Accuracy, 10% Bullet Damage

Hit & RUn: Increased Meele damage and Phasewalk Duration.

1/5 7% Meele Damage, 0.8 Phasewalk duration 2/5 14% Meele Damage, 1.6 Phasewalk duration 3/5 21% Meele Damage, 2.4 Phasewalk duration 4/5 28% Meele Damage, 3.2 Phasewalk duration 5/5 30% Meele Damage, 4.0 Phasewalk duration

High Velocity: Increase Bullet Damage and Velocity.

1/5 20% Velocity, 4% Damage 2/5 40% Velocity, 8% Damage 3/5 60% Velocity, 12% Damage 4/5 80% Velocity, 16% Damage 5/5 100% Velocity, 20% Damage

Blackout: Killing an enemy reduces cooldown of Phasewalk.

1/5 1.2 seconds per kill 2/5 2.4 seconds per kill 3/5 3.6 seconds per kill 4/5 4.8 seconds per kill 5/5 6.0 seconds per kill

Phase Strike: Meele attacking while in Phasewalk does addtional damage.

1/5 160% Meele Damage 2/5 320% Meele Damage 3/5 480% Meele Damage 4/5 640% Meele Damage 5/5 800% Meele Damage


I loved playing as Brick running around punching the crap out of everything that moved. Hes main focus is his fists and Explosive weapons. Thats not limited to Rockets and Grenades. This means any weapon with Explosive Elements on them. So feel free to sit back and blow stuff up to your hearts content.

Skill Tree

Bricks skill trees is a mix and match thing also. But by far way more fun to play then the Siren (just my opinion). His trees are Brawler, Tank, and Blaster. The names give away what the tress are all about.


Really this is self explanitory either you go beserk and hit stuff or just run around and hit stuff.

Iron Fist: Increases Meele Damage.

1/5 6% Meele Damage
2/5 12% Meele Damage
3/5 18% Meele Damage
4/5 24% Meele Damage
5/5 30% Meele Damage

Endless Rage: Increases Duration of Beserk

1/5 10% Duration Increase 2/5 20% Duration Increase 3/5 30% Duration Increase 4/5 40% Duration Increase 5/5 50% Duration Increase

Sting Like A Bee: Puching in Beserk causes you to dash forward sluging you enemies.

1/5 Dash Distants: 4 ft 2/5 Dash Distants: 8 ft 3/5 Dash Distants: 12 ft 4/5 Dash Distants: 16 ft 5/5 Dash Distants: 20 ft

Heavy Handed: Killing an enemy greatly increases Meele Damage for a few seconds

1/5 12% Meele Damage 2/5 24% Meele Damage 3/5 36% Meele Damage 4/5 48% Meele Damage 5/5 60% Meele Damage

Prize Fight: When in Beserk you meele attacks have a chance to spawn Cash Prizes.

1/5 6% Chance to spawn cash 2/5 12% Chance to spawn cash 3/5 18% Chance to spawn cash 4/5 24% Chance to spawn cash 5/5 30% Chance to spawn cash

Short Fuse: Decrease cooldown of Beserk.

1/5 6 Second Decrease 2/5 12 Second Decrease 3/5 18 Second Decrease 4/5 24 Second Decrease 5/5 30 Second Decrease

Blood Sport: Killing an enemy while in Beserk regens som health.

1/5 2% Health Regen 2/5 4% Health Regen 3/5 6% Health Regen 4/5 8% Health Regen 5/5 10% Health Regen

This Just allows you to live for a very long time so you can continue to punch the crap out of stuff.

Hardened: Increase Maximun Health.

1/5 12% Increase
2/5 24% Increase
3/5 36% Increase
4/5 48% Increase
5/5 60% Increase

Safeguard: Increase the stregth of your Shield.

1/5 8% Increase 2/5 16% Increase 3/5 24% Increase 4/5 32% Increase 5/5 40% Increase

Bash: Give Meele attacks a chance to Daze, reducing Movement Speed and Accuracy.

1/5 10% Chance to Daze,(enemies of equal level) 2/5 20% Chance to Daze,(enemies of equal level) 3/5 30% Chance to Daze,(enemies of equal level) 4/5 40% Chance to Daze,(enemies of equal level) 5/5 50% Chance to Daze,(enemies of equal level)

Juggernaut: Killing an enemy creates resistance to all damage for a few seconds.

1/5 10% Damage Resistance 2/5 20% Damage Resistance 3/5 30% Damage Resistance 4/5 40% Damage Resistance 5/5 50% Damage Resistance

Pay Back: After your shield is depleted, you gain a damage bonus for 10 seconds.

1/5 8% Damage Bonus 2/5 16% Damage Bonus 3/5 24% Damage Bonus 4/5 32% Damage Bonus 5/5 40% Damage Bonus

Diehard: Increase the Health gained when revived from a friend or Secondwind. Also it increase the length you lived when you are Crippled.

1/5 30% Revived Health, 20% Time till Revived 2/5 60% Revived Health, 40% Time till Revived 3/5 90% Revived Health, 60% Time till Revived 4/5 120% Revived Health, 80% Time till Revived 5/5 150% Revived Health, 100% Time till Revived

Unbreakable: When your shield is Depleted you gain 5 seconds of powerful Shiel Regen.

1/5 3% Shield Regen 2/5 6% Shield Regen 3/5 9% Shield Regen 4/5 12% Shield Regen 5/5 15% Shield Regen

This tree allows you to deal alot of Exposive damage. No meele in this tree. :D Go down this road and blow stuff up till your blue in the face. onace again Explosive is not limited to Rockets and Nades. It effects Explosive artifacts as well.

Endowed: Increases Explosive Damage.

1/5 3% Damage Increase
2/5 6% Damage Increase
3/5 9% Damage Increase
4/5 12% Damage Increase
5/5 15% Damage Increase

Rapid Reload: Increases Reload Speed and reduces Recoil with all weapons.

1/5 4% Reload Speed, 6% Recoil Reduction 2/5 8% Reload Speed, 12% Recoil Reduction 3/5 12% Reload Speed, 18% Recoil Reduction 4/5 16% Reload Speed, 24% Recoil Reduction 5/5 20% Reload Speed, 30% Recoil Reduction

Revenge: Killing an enemy increase damage with all weapons for a few seconds.

1/5 10% Damage Increase 2/5 20% Damage Increase 3/5 30% Damage Increase 4/5 40% Damage Increase 5/5 50% Damage Increase

Wide Load: Increase the number of Rockets your Rocket Launcher can hold in its magazine.

1/5 1 Launcher Mag Size 2/5 2 Launcher Mag Size 3/5 3 Launcher Mag Size 4/5 4 Launcher Mag Size 5/5 5 Launcher Mag Size

Liquidate: Dealing Explosive Damage to an enemy reduces the cooldown of Beserk.

1/5 Cooldown per hit (1 in seconds) 2/5 Cooldown per hit (2 in seconds) 3/5 Cooldown per hit (3 in seconds) 4/5 Cooldown per hit (4 in seconds) 5/5 Cooldown per hit (5 in seconds)

Cast Iron: Increases you Resistance to Explosive Damage.

1/5 8% Resistance 2/5 16% Resistance 3/5 24% Resistance 4/5 32% Resistance 5/5 40% Resistance

Master Blaster: Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate and causes you to Regen Rockets for a few seconds.

1/5 12% Fire Rate, 2 Rockets per Minute 2/5 24% Fire Rate, 4 Rockets per Minute 3/5 36% Fire Rate, 6 Rockets per Minute 4/5 48% Fire Rate, 8 Rockets per Minute 5/5 60% Fire Rate, 10 Rockets per Minute


This is the build Section. I'm Just putting down what builds I used at Level 50 and in my own experiance playing this game. So if you want to send me your builds I'll gladly put a FEW in here for more refrence. Also I'll have a link to each classes build site so you can make your own if you dont like what I used.

5/5-Riotios Remedy
5/5-Hair Trigger

Link: http://downloads.2kgames.com/borderlands/website/skilltree/ mordecai/#10000000000000000000000

1/1 Scorpio Turret



Link: http://downloads.2kgames.com/borderlands/website/skilltree/ roland/#00000000000000000000000

1/1 Phasewalk

5/5-Diva 5/5-Inner Glow 5/5-Girl Power 5/5-Mind Games




5/5-Slayer 5/5-Enforcer 5/5-High Velocity 5/5-Phase Strike

Link:http://downloads.2kgames.com/borderlands/website/skilltree/ lilith/#20000000000000000000000


5/5-Iron Fist 5/5-Endless Rage


5/5-Hardened 5/5-Safegaurd 5/5-Juggernaut 5/5-Pay Back 5/5-Unbreakable


5/5-Endowed 5/5-Wide Load

Link:http://downloads.2kgames.com/borderlands/website/skilltree/ brick/#30000000000000000000000

Playthru 1

The first playthru the game is very very easy. Its mainly gettin used to your character and getting down you first Skill Tree.

Playthru 2

The Second playthru is a little more difficult. everything starts out at 30+. this is used to bump your charcter to Level 50 and get better loot.

Playthru 3

This playthru is the most challenging because everything is your level. Let me repeate that EVERYTHING is your level. But the Loot you get is Twice as good as the first 2. After the Thrid you can keep doing it to get better and better loot for yourself or friends.


The worst the enemies get is "Badass" level when you first play through the game. But the second playthru goes to the "Badmuthas" which are difficult if you panic. The enemy make up is that of Creatures, Guardians, and Humans.


The creatures of Pandora consist of Skags, Rokks, Scythids and Spider Ants. With the right approach all these creatures can be taken down very very easily. Just read on and find out how.


Skags are the most annoying things on Pandora. They are a basic mob that appears through-out the game. The General Stratagy to handle them is to remember what Patches O'Hullahan said,"Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive,...and Dodge." The skags weaknesses are it Mouth when it opens shoot down its throat, its backside, and underbell(if it leaps at you).


Skag bosses are just your normal waste of space skags. So treat them like such with some nades and random fire!


This guy is a Skag that T.K. sends you after. You'll Reconize him becuase he has T.K.'s Leg in his mouth a sword in his eye and only 3 legs. Fight him at a distance becuase hes not all that armored but has alot of health. So stay back pick your shots and he'll be dead in no time.

Moe and Marley

These are 2 Elemental Skags. Moe is fire and Marley is shock. Use corrosive weapons and stay your distance. Moe will charge you and use a ground pound and spray fire. Marley will sit in the back and shot shock balls. I suggest killing Moe first since he like to get up close. Then when marley shoots her shock balls, shoot her in the mouth.

Pinky and Digit

These two appear when fighting Nine Toes. Dont panic, Just go to the top tier of the grand stands and kill them from there.


The Mother of all skags, Skagzilla will charge around the arena. When its health is full it will shoot a beam out of its mouth from right to left when it does pumle its mouth with bullets for some easy Criticals. Then when its health gets half to low it will start jumping around the arena. Be sure to hit him at a distance and all the normal skag weak spots to finish him off.


Rakks are the enemies of the skies. Very easily killed for some easy exp. Use a Shotty or Automatic Rifle to kill them. My favorite way is getting a car and using the rocket launcher.


Rakk bosses all have a bout the same 2 strategies; get in a car and shoot it or hide and shoot it.

Rakk Hive

The Rakk Hive is enormous. But dont worry, All it does is launch Rakks out of its back. The strategy is used was 4x fire weapon and I stood on the cliff you start out on and shot from there. You get easy Criticals and you can dodge the incoming Rakks fairly easy.


Mothrakk comes after lighting the 3 torches. When close enough she will throw fireballs at you so KEEP MOVING! The 2 stategies i used were either get in the car go to to the ramp to jump over Pisswash and shoot it from there, or hiding in the cave where the arena is and shoot hide, shoot hide.


Rakkinishu is one of the most annoying Rakks in the game if your not prepared. He attacks by swooping down and breathing fire on your head so distance your self. The strategy I found usefull is sniping him or using a car. When your far enough away from him he wouldnt even bother caoming after you so keep very far away and let the bullets fly. He drops some decent loot also.


Im not even going to bother listing these because they are all handled the same way. RUN THEM OVER AND WATCH THEM POP! Make sure you watch your car sheild though, having to much fun can be dangerous.


When you fight Slither he is very small. Move around avoid all the other scythids that try and kill you. An automatic weapon will work best for him.


Just move around pick your shots. He's a very easy kill.


Spiderants are heavily armored in the from but a shot to the vunerable abdomen will usually kill them in 1 shot. Some spiderants you can shot in the face stunning them, thats your chance to score some Criticals. The badasses it may take 2 or more considering that they are tougher than the others.


Only 3 Spiderant bosses to fight. Kinda challenging but nothing you cant handle. DO NOT!!!!!! try and run them over. you'll only end up with a totalled car and low health.


She was 4 attacks that will kill you if your not careful. She'll shoot white balls from a distance, Burrow, and has 2 stomp moves. 1 will send you flying backword and the other will get you with corrosive damage. The easy way is to shot her in the face and daze her then go to town on the abdomen.


Kill him like a normal Spiderant. Daze, Shot Abdomen, Repeat.

Queen Tarantella

This is the mother of all spiderants...literally. Her abdomen is huge so you'll have no problem hiting it. She is faster than you normal spiderant and will try to meele you if she gets the chance.

King Aracobb

Basically take him on like a normal spiderant. Daze him and shoot his abdomen, repeat till dead.


gardians are a pain in the ass aminly becuase of their super shields. But if your a hunter with 5/5 trespass these guys are super easy. Also their head is almost centered in their chest so aim at the chest and you may get some Criticals.


Humans make up alot of the enemies in the game between Bandits and the Crimson Lance. They all have the same weakness Bullets.


Bandits are the majority of the enemies you face through the game. The have roughly 9 variations of Bandit. All taken out the same way...headshots. The other way is to charge in with a high Fire Rate shotgun or Assult Rifle whittle down their pretty useless shields and take them out that way.

Crimsion Lance

These guys need patience and accuracy. Headshot Criticals is almost the only way to bring them down with their extremely high armor. Body shots still do damage but not enough to charge into a group and expect to live. Easiest way is to get behind some cover, throw a corrosive nade (my nade of choice) then as they come running pop'em in the face.


These are the more difficult bosses mainly because they have shields and can shoot back.

Nine Toes

The First boss you fight. Just jump to the 3 row bleachers and plug some headshots and down he goes.

Bone Head

He is pretty easy kill, but there will be other bandits around so use cautoin as well as cover. His sheild regens so keep pluging away at him and he'll go down.

Roid Raged Physco

He is a monster of a bandit. Not to worry keep your distance and aim for his ginormous head. He will attempt to charge and thro grenades at you but every critical counts. Leave the midgets that chase you alone you may need them for a Second Wind


Sledge is a bastard. He has a very high sheild along with a high powered shotgun that will ruin your day if your hit. Also, if you get to close he'll slam his hammer on the ground knocking you backwards. The best tactic is to shoot hide, shoot hide. leave some othe the bandits around for Second Winds. 2 strategies are "Run and Gun" him or you can sit back by the entrance doors and pop him from a distance and when he gets close run out into the walkway behind the doors. he will walk back to the other side of the room then do it again.


This guy is a pain he sits in his turret and just shoots to his hearts content, which means bullets and rockets will be flying everywhere. My stratagy is to get behind one of the huts and snipe the turret hes on till it explodes or pumle it with rockets. just avoid gettin shot off the cliff and the other enemies wondering around and you'll be fine.

Mad Mel

Mad Mel drives around in a truck with a rocket launcher. 2 strategies work against him. 1 is to drive around locked on witha rocket launcher and blast away. The second is to sit back by the var spawn and shoot him from there avoiding getting run over and riddled with bullets.

Taylor Kobb

This guy is protected by 2 turrets that will shoot rockets at you. Take cover and blow up the turrets once you do Kobb will attack you. he isnt to tough just gun him down like a normal bandit.

King Wee Wee

A short guy with a short fuse. He has a big sheild but you can fight him like any other midget.


Reaver has a sniper rifle so just charge him and he'll go down pretty fast.

Baron Flint

He will run around the top of the Digging rig just avoid hes shots and whittle his life down. no problem.

Master McCloud

Move and cover. he will shoot an alien blaster with deals 500+ damage. Headshots and explosives will take him out.