Pearlescent weapons/items?

  1. In Tartarus Station prior to the Dividing Fault entrance there is a building that you can enter that has a Basement with 18 Red Chest.
    I have been going in and out of this building opening all the Red Chest.
    So far this is my 50 time.
    I go down collect the items and sell what I don't need.
    I go to Clawmerax and buy what I need.
    Have not as of yet found an Pearlescent Weapon or Item yet.
    I am still in Playthrough 1.
    Is it feasible to get Pearlescent Weapons and Items using this Tartarus Station Basement?
    What color are Pearlescent Weapons/Items?

    User Info: dalelthomas

    dalelthomas - 1 year ago

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