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Reviewed: 04/07/08

Piyotama - PS3 Review

In the interests of completeness and more accurately because I am rapidly running out of games to review I have decided to write a number of what can only be described as mini reviews for some of the more lightweight PSN downloadable titles. The first victim of this new and more stream lined reviewing style is the puzzle game Piyotama. Why I downloaded this in the first place I will never know. For some reason every Thursday at about PSN store update time I get an itchy wallet and in a mental lapse which I am sure Sony is only too aware of get the desire to see if there are any new games ready for me to burn my money on. “After all,” I inevitably tell myself “they are cheap enough that it is worth a go.”

Piyotama, as I have mentioned, is a puzzle game so plot is hardly an important factor in how the game plays. Suffice it to say that a giant bird of some sort is in the process of laying a load of varicoloured eggs into a tube of some sort. Your job is to rearrange these eggs into matching rows of four either horizontally or diagonally which causes them to hatch. If you manage to complete this process quickly several times in a row them you are awarded additional points as a bonus. If the stack of eggs reaches the top of the screen then, predictably, it is game over.

In order to manipulate the eggs you are able to slide three eggs from either the left or right edge of any individual row. This is probably clearer explained in pictures rather than words but once these three eggs have been removed they can either be rotated to change their order or moved up and down and placed in other rows. This will then remove three eggs from that new row and so on and so forth. The problem is that after a while I gave up on thinking of a strategy as I found that by a bit of fast finger work I could be equally successful. It is possible to move and rotate the eggs very quickly and if you keep on doing this then you are bound to match a few up purely by accident.

In a totally random and rapidly very annoying addition to the gameplay you are also able to shake the Sixaxis controller to shake up the eggs. This will result in the more rapid hatching of any matched rows of eggs and will also jiggle the remaining eggs around opening up yet more inadvertent combinations. I believe it is quite possible to play this game non-stop from now until your Playstation 3 breathes its last breath without actually failing a game. Simply press the buttons as fast as you can and shake your controller like a maniac and the combinations will sort themselves out while your mind is free to wander. From a puzzle game this is hardly what I am looking for and perhaps the game needs to be remarketed. I can imagine after a few days of controller shaking I could have read a few books and have massive biceps to boot.

Graphically the game does what it is supposed to and the sound, though fairly annoying, is also on a par with most puzzle games on the market. If you are interested there is a two player mode and an online score board which reflects the games extreme easiness. As for longevity and gameplay; well you might like it I guess but I would recommend trying it before you buy it. I for one will be freeing up by my valuable hard drive space for more enjoyable games and will be hiding my wallet every Thursday just to be on the safe side.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Piyotama (EU, 12/13/07)

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