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Walkthrough by sofgrant

Version: v2 | Updated: 04/14/11

                BEOWULF - The Game: A Walkthrough (PS3) v2


Version 2 Notes: First, I would like to thank the numerous e-mailers for their
professional (and often humerous) comments. I enjoyed responding to those and
having the conversation. In this version, typographical errors have been
corrected. Paragraph formatting has been simplified for ease of reading. A
couple of directions have been corrected (there were two rights that were
actually lefts and a clockwise that is actually a counter-clockwise). No new
tactics, cheats, or moves have been added.


                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

NOTE: To use the Table of Contents to jump to the section listed, press and
hold the control key ‘Ctrl’ and then press the ‘F’ key. When the ‘Find’ box
pops up, just type in the code at the far right and hit ‘Enter’ and you will 
be zoomed to the start of that section.

Game Background/Contact Info/Disclaimer[GB]
Starting Info...........................................................[SI]
Prologue/Game Start.....................................................[PR]
Episode 1: The Demon Tempest............................................[E1]
Episode 2: The King’s Road..............................................[E2]
Episode 3: Grendel and the Golden Horn..................................[E3]
Episode 4: Temptation of the Goddess....................................[E4]
Episode 5: Innocence Sacrificed.........................................[E5]
Episode 6: Beyond the Barrow............................................[E6]
Episode 7: Ritual Temptation............................................[E7]
Episode 8: Meet the Shadows.............................................[E8]
Episode 9: In a Wolf’s Skin.............................................[E9]
Episode 10: Treacherous Falls..........................................[E10]
Episode 11: Retaliation................................................[E11]
Episode 12: North Seas.................................................[E12]
Episode 13: Hel Ride...................................................[E13]
Episode 14: Two Kings in Hel...........................................[E14]
Episode 15: The Golden Dragon..........................................[E15]
Episode 16: The Final Battle...........................................[E16]
Appendix A: Special Items List.........................................[SIL]
Appendix B: Special Moves..............................................[SMV]
Appendix C: Trophies...................................................[TPH]


Game Background [GB]: This 2007 venture was released by Ubisoft on the heels
of the visually stunning Paramount movie of the same name. While the movie
was, in and of itself, another technological breakthrough in human-CGI
animation interface; the script was of mediocre appeal. Additionally, strong
variations from the original epic poem were so distinct as to make it a near
different story. The film was profitable (budgeted at approximately $150
million with total receipts coming in just under $197 million), but received
no major acclaim or nominations for major awards (though it was recognized by
12 secondary and minor awards commissions). Overall, the critics gave it a
slightly higher than average rating which was extremely disappointing
considering the pre-release buzz and advertising blitz. Nearly all the acclaim
the movie received went to the special effects. The video game received 
overall poor to average ratings. Hardcore gamers seemed to universally detest
it. There appeared to be a widespread feeling that the original epic poem
found in the Nowell Codex (written approximately in the year 1000, though
there is some historical debate that it may even have been earlier) was far
superior to both offerings. To make matters worse, with the exception of
Anthony Hopkins - neither one of the other two A-listers
(Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich) participated in the vocals for the game.
Ray Winstone (Beowulf), Brendan Gleeson (Wiglaf), and Sebastian Roche
(Wulfgar) did lend their voices. Hearing Anthony Hopkins during narration is
very cool. However, no Angie or John hurts and whoever narrates for
Malkovich’s character (Unferth) is so obviously NOT the original that you
wince just hearing him. The game has fallen into the great abyss of
run-of-the-mill disappointments to be forgotten by all except the most devoted
of fans or budget-seekers finding it in a bargain bin. Even a cult classic 
standing could not be attained (as many sub-par movies and games seem to find
a way of extending their longevity in this manner).

The story line for the game: Overall the game stays on a somewhat parallel
course with the movie in the beginning and ending, but adds a bunch of extra
plot lines and major deviations that take up the majority of actual game play.
If you are looking for a mirror image of the Hollywood creation; you are in
for a big disappointment though there are some similarities. The basic goal of
the game is to determine the final legacy of the flawed hero Beowulf. Will he
be known as the Monster-Slayer (connotation is bad) or as the Hero-King
(read: Golden Boy)? The manner in which you conduct yourself during battles
is the major factor in determining the outcome. This walkthrough is styled on
the basis that you want to be a Hero-King and are only going to use the Carnal
Fury option as a last resort or when required to do so. In appendix B you will
find a quick briefing on some special moves that can be used to make your life
easier, to include Carnal Fury options. There are no cheat codes available
for this game.

Contact Info: All questions regarding any portion of this walkthrough will be
gladly answered forthwith by the author. Please submit them to: 
sofgrant@hotmail.com. E-mails must have the subject line "Beowulf" and be free
of attachments, malicious code or hyperlinks. If not, they will be deleted 

Disclaimer: This walkthrough deals with subject matter that has numerous
trademarks and patents associated with it. No portion of this document should
be construed as allowable in any for-profit forum or scenario and is for the
enjoyment and entertainment of individual private game and movie owners.
No copy of any image or reference to any trademark for profit is included and
any that is associated with this document is strictly prohibited. This 
document is intended for the private use of my audience and no license, 
permission or authority to grant such permissions is transferred for 
trademarked or patented items to include artistic licensing or matters of 
individual or corporate creation and product of work to those who are in 
receipt of it. All errors, to include editing, are the sole responsibility of 
the author. Permission for distribution of this document is granted for 
non-profit individual entertainment purposes only. 


Major "Need-to-knows" before starting [SI]: First, unlike most games this one 
has one and only one save slot. There are no options available to save one 
game while working on another. If you stop the game and try to restart, it 
will automatically overwrite everything. Second, there are only three 
configurations available for the controller. This is a bummer since after you 
discover your own unique fighting maneuvers/style - you can’t reassign the 
controller for ease of use. All references to the controller in this 
walkthrough are based on the default or first controller configuration. 
Third, there are no traditional save points. Instead, the game auto saves at 
certain times in the story line and those are where you restart in the event 
you die, fail a mission or quit the game and then come back later to 
‘Continue.’ In addition, when you hit an auto save point you will not be able 
to go back and re-do a level, in the event you missed something. You will have 
to wait until all challenges are complete EXCEPT the final destiny one. You 
can replay levels BEFORE you take off to fight your son, the Golden Dragon. 
Fourth, the natural tendency to use the ‘Start’ button to pause the game has 
to be monitored. The game is full of both large and small cut scenes which you
may not wish to miss. Using the ‘Start’ button to pause them does not work 
- it simply skips the cut scene and starts the next episode of the adventure. 
You can, however, use the start button to pause while you have control of 
Beowulf (this includes when you are in the middle of a fight!) or are in the 
palace. Fifth, when quitting the game, it is advisable to use the PlayStation 
button on the controller and select ‘Quit Game’ from the PlayStation menu 
itself. The in-game menu option for Quit Game simply returns you to the start 
menu offering you only the ability to ‘Continue’ or ‘Start New Game.’ Ejecting
the disc at this point often leads to what appears to be some kind of very 
loud and nasty hardware/processing error. With that said, there is an 
additional problem and that is this game tends to be full of small glitches 
and a few large ones. They range from vocals and actions being off-set, to 
complete loss of vocals even though the special effects sounds are still there
to full on game freezes. They happen usually once or twice every time I’ve 
played and I have received numerous e-mails from others that they are beset 
with similar problems. The most notable and common one is the ending cut scene
with The Wolf boss where sound tracks and graphics get overlapped badly 
- this is the most common game freeze point. To make matters worse, if this 
happens, the game has not auto-saved your victory and after resetting your 
console you will have to replay this boss fight. To say it is annoying would 
be an understatement. 

Controller/Fighting Notes: Your ability to control Beowulf is drastically 
different than most controls and it will take a little time to get used to it.
First, there is no way to make him run or act faster than his normal speed 
(for one exception see appendix B). Second, he doesn’t jump unless he is 
climbing walls or pillars and then it is more of a hop climb and scramble than
an actual jump. Third, the attack button is defaulted to the square instead of
the normal X and it is used in conjunction with defensive maneuvers and combos
(L2, left analog stick, X, and triangle buttons). You have to find the style 
and favorite maneuvers/combos for yourself. One series that seems to work in 
all combat scenarios and will take care of big and small opponents (though it 
does take some time to get the rhythm) is staying in "defensive" mode by 
holding the L2, using the left analog stick to maneuver left and right, press 
the X button to start a dodge and then, if you have a weapon, press square and
triangle to initiate a slo-mo combo. If you don’t have a weapon, stay in the 
defensive stance, use the X button to start a dodge and then just hit the 
triangle button to initiate an unarmed heavy blow. In addition to dealing 
damage you also speed up the rate of gain to your Hero meter. However, using 
regular combos do the same thing and will work well against small opponents 
for experienced gamers. Using the full three and four button regular combos 
against big nasties (like trolls) is a death sentence - they are too fast and 
hand out too much major damage to allow you to get through the full sequence.
It is impossible to go through this game by simply mashing the square or 
triangle button - there are points where the number of opponents and your 
restricted speed simply will not allow success - unless you plan to live off 
your Carnal Fury option. Additionally, when you activate a standard 
combination, the action will immediately move into slow-motion. While visually
appealing, you have no actual control during this period and your enemies 
continue their movements. A simple strike that lands from them during this 
time will disrupt your combo (usually just the big finishing move). However, 
if you are able to use the defensive dodge at the right time (avoiding an 
enemy swing) you will temporarily be invulnerable. This is the perfect time to
activate a follow-on combo leaving you unharmed while you hand out a little 
"sumpfin’-sumpfin’". Defeating opponents using Carnal Fury is the primary 
method you must use if you wish to complete the game as a Monster-Slayer. The
grab maneuver in Carnal Fury scores heavily as a Monster-Slayer for the 
purpose of points. The more bad guys you kill with Carnal Fury and Grab, the 
higher your Monster-Slayer level. You must limit its use if you wish to attain
Hero-King status and find a way to use it only when required in order to 
attain the highest Hero-King level. For Hero-King, the heavy point scores go 
to the number of enemies killed during the Heroic Storm. This is similar to 
Carnal Fury in that Beowulf will be temporarily unstoppable, but in addition, 
the Thanes get a boost if they are in range of you as well. The major 
difference is that you can "charge" the Carnal Fury meter by pressing the R2 
button and giving up health. Heroic Storm can only be attained by completing 
combos and dodge maneuvers and jacking up you hero meter until blue fire rises
from the thicker left side of it.

Carnal Fury v. Heroic Storm Pros/Cons: There are three basic positives to 
using Carnal Fury. First, you can’t be killed while in it. That goes the same 
for Heroic Storm. Second, you hand out major damage, have access to additional
damage moves, and have a much easier button tapping time (you don’t have to 
smash any buttons more than a couple of times to complete a maneuver). In 
Heroic Storm you just get the benefit of extra damage. HOWEVER, all standard 
movement options remain in play (such as defense, rolling and dodging). Third,
it can be activated right on the verge of death to save you from having to 
restart, Heroic Storm cannot. It can only be charged using combos and dodges. 
There are eight basic drawbacks:

#1 - It only lasts for a specific period of time except when doing the 
resist-the-chicks challenges. This goes the same for the Heroic Storm only it 
cannot be used during the resist objectives.
#2 - You are temporarily stunned when you come out of it leaving you open to 
be killed. Furthermore, the bad guys like to hang out just outside your range 
as you clock starts to expire - seems they are waiting for you to come out of 
Carnal Fury to put the final smack down on you. This is perhaps the greatest 
advantage to Heroic Storm: no stun when you exit it, you will drop a bit in 
your health bar, but you have continued control over Beowulf. 

#3 - You cannot use the defensive position or the run/roll option while in it. 
Heroic Storm you can use them both. 

#4 - You can kill your friends or objectives. Heroic Storm you cannot. 

#5 - You can be knocked down (you won’t take damage for this) and your clock 
keeps running while you recover. In Heroic Storm, attacks simply go right 
through you. 

#6 - Your entire band of Thanes loses health when you do this. Same with Heroic
Storm after it ends, but it is minimal and never down to near-death levels. 

#7 - Weapons break very quickly while you are in it. In Heroic Storm, 
Legendary Weapons cannot be broken. 

#8 - While in Carnal Fury you are slow, very slow. Heroic Storm you move at the
normal rate (and the use of roll for speed remains available).

Fury v. Storm Tactics: The main narrative of this walkthrough is based on not 
using either special power unless required or absolutely necessary. However, I
have included tips on how to use both during major/difficult objectives. This 
will allow you to boost your legacy no matter which way you decide to conduct 

Death Conditions: There are four basic times that you will receive the "You 
Are Dead" screen and be forced to restart. #1 - If Beowulf dies. #2 - If you 
have Thanes in your party and they are all killed. #3 - Failure to achieve an 
objective (such as Save the Virgins or Protect the Relic). #4 - If Wiglaf is 
killed. There is an important side note: Wiglaf, while he is with your party, 
is not counted as one of your Thanes (he is not one of the blue buttons above 
your health bar and he doesn’t glow blue when your hero meter charges). Wiglaf
is normally invulnerable; he can get knocked around but no enemy can actually 
kill him. However, he can be killed by Beowulf in Carnal Fury mode so you have
to know where he is when you activate this.

Scoring System: Once you have unlocked the Legacy System, every objective and 
episode thereafter you will receive a score card to determine the 
characterization of your Beowulf: Monster-Slayer or Hero-King. The score card 
is broken into two sections: Carnal and Heroic. Scores are given for three 
types of kills: Carnal kills, Grab kills, and Carnal Grab kills. Each one is 
worth a different amount of points, and the tough part is that partial points 
that you can’t see are also counted based on collateral damage. Each Carnal 
kill is worth 4-6 pts, Grab kills are worth 6-8 pts a piece, and Carnal Grab 
kills are worth 10-12 pts per. In the Hero section your score is based on: 
Heroic kills (1 pt each), Thane kills (1 pt each), and Boosted Thane kills 
(3 pts each). As you can tell by the point weighting, Carnal kills score 
significantly more overall.

Carnal and Heroic Upgrades: Points for each of these are earned by score card
totals, objective finishing bonuses, rune pieces, and completed runes. 
Upgrades can be purchased either through Wiglaf (Heroic) or Unferth (Carnal) 
while in the palace. They can also be purchased at Banners of Herot found 
throughout the different adventure locations. There are four upgrades for 
each. Carnal attributes may be improved by: increasing duration of the Fury, 
increasing the speed at which the Carnal meter charges, increasing the amount 
of damage inflicted in Fury, and decreasing the amount of time you are stunned
when you come out of Fury. The four upgrades for the Heroic attributes are: 
increasing the range around you that Thanes must be in to be Hero boosted, 
increasing the duration of the Heroic Storm, improving your Thanes ability to
defend against killing blows, and increasing the duration that your Thanes 
remain in an Heroic state.

Thane v Legend Difficulty: As a general rule, the only difference between the
two is the number of enemies and their toughness. 


[PR] The game is divided into acts, episodes and objectives. Sort of like a 
hybrid between a script for a play and strategy gaming. Each is embedded in 
the other beginning with numerous objectives within each episode which are 
combined into broad story lines for the acts. Auto saves normally occur after
each episode and directly before a difficult objective. Carnal v. Heroic score
cards are normally provided after each objective and each episode. Since most 
episodes end with a major objective, it is common to get one score card (for 
the objective), confirm it, and automatically see a second one pop up (for the
episode). You only return to the palace twice in the middle of game play, 
which allows you to buy some upgrades to your carnal and heroic abilities. 
The opening act for this game is designed to give you the most rudimentary 
experience with the game controller. There is no scoring until Episode 5 
(after you gain access to the legacy system) so feel free to experiment with 
both the Heroic Storm and Carnal Fury. It won’t cost you any points (or score 
extra points in the wrong direction depending on your point of view).

The Prologue: Brecca’s Challenge 

This appears to be a simple race. However, you cannot beat him to the finish 
line so don’t waste the effort trying - it’s simpler to just follow him. You 
will chase him across the beach, climb a wall and end up on a ledge. Then you 
get to climb another wall using hand holds located to your right. At the top 
most hand hold, leap to the left and grab the ledge. DON’T CLIMB UP onto this 
ledge. Instead, just shimmy across its outer edge following Brecca onto a 
second ledge. Then swing/scramble to the left as far as you can go. Then drop 
down onto another ledge. From here you can "rock-slide" down to another 
section of the beach where Brecca has already started to beat on some crabs. 
He issues a challenge to join him. To slide down, just walk off the edge. 
This is one advantage you will experience throughout the game - Beowulf cannot
fall off anything. The game will allow one of three options at all edges: 
place an invisible wall so you can’t move in that direction, or you will 
automatically grab onto the edge, or you will slide down if there is a path 
there. So...slide down to the beach and start wailing on crabs. This is not 
really a challenge since it doesn’t matter if you kill more crabs than Brecca 
- once they are all gone a second tutorial adventure will begin: a swimming 
race. Unless you are a really really inexperienced gamer - dying here 
shouldn’t be a concern.

Sea Serpents: As you start racing Brecca through the water, your trial will 
be interrupted by Sea Serpents. After telling Brecca to get back to shore, 
Beowulf will take up position on a rock to do a bit of scrapping. This 
adventure is actually a two parter - the first part just let the giant snake 
hit you since you can’t beat him anyway. This will initiate a cut scene and 
you will be given the Carnal Fury ability. The second part returns you to the 
rock - now you are expected to initiate Carnal Fury (R2 button) and take out 
3 snakes. Rule number one, while in Carnal Fury you cannot be hurt. Rule 
number two, and this is more important for later adventuring - while in Carnal
Fury EVERYONE, friend and foe, can be knocked silly. This means you must be 
careful when you have a band of Thanes with you that you don’t go around 
killing them. Whenever you have Thanes with you - at least ONE of them MUST 
live or the adventure will stop and you will be informed you failed. For the 
sea snakes, you are on your own so that is a concern you won’t have. To pass 
this test, the snake head will come out of the water, lunge at you and roar. 
When the head is on the rock, wail on it in Carnal Fury. Once it takes enough 
damage the head will flip belly up. You can monitor your progress by noting 
the water reptile’s health bar at the top. All three snakes are grouped into 
one bar separated in segments by little boxes. As you drop each snake’s health
the bar will blacken until all that is left is the box which should be red and
flashing telling you it’s time for the finishing move. When the eel goes 
belly-up, run up next to it and you will be prompted to repeatedly press the 
O button. Then a random single press button will appear. This allows you to 
jump on the snake’s back. Then you will be prompted to again repeatedly slam 
the O button followed by a random button. That allows you to rip his horn out 
and stab the beast-y in its lone eyeball: one snake down. Repeat this process 
two more times and on the third one you will actually rip his guts open as a 
finishing move - the challenge is now complete. If you don’t do enough damage 
to the head, no worries, he will dive under water and try to slap you with his
tail. He will then reappear and this cycle will repeat itself. The only way 
you can die on this challenge is if you are not in Carnal Fury and you get 
tail slapped a couple of times which means you were probably in the bathroom 
or talking while trying to play the game and weren’t paying attention. This is
NOT designed to be a challenging step -just stay in Carnal Fury mode. This will
bring you to...


Episode 1: The Demon Tempest [E1]

It is the final piece of the introductory tutorial phase. You now find 
yourself on the Viking Ship making the passage through nasty waters and bad 
weather. This is designed to familiarize you with what I like to call the 
"Musical Challenge." The L1 controller button is used to open the group 
command menu. There are only 4 commands available in this menu throughout 
the game. The four commands available are: leadership (square), the group 
action (triangle), the Heroic Storm (circle), and the rally-around-me (X). 
During this challenge you are limited to just the one: leadership. It would 
be nice to be able to direct your Thanes to attack certain targets or stand 
in certain places, but that cannot be done. For this sailing challenge, you 
will be required to use the leadership group command (I sometimes refer to 
this as your cheerleading ability or the Rah-Rah mode). While holding the L1 
button, press the square to begin. A circle will show up on your screen with a
target area at the apex (the top). You must tap the square button for single 
notes and press-and-hold the triangle for the long notes when the glowing 
little circles go past that target area at the top. Each challenge, even 
throughout the rest of the game, normally requires you to do 3 patterns (you 
will know when you finish each individual pattern because the whole circle 
will flash blue). You will have to do this challenge three times: once for 
the "Pull Together" scenario and twice for the "Reef’s Ahead" scenarios. 
Further in the game, these can get a little frustrating as the single notes 
and long notes can come kind of quickly. This is also important to note: from 
now on nearly all of these musical challenges require you to complete the 
triangle-square patterns in groups of three. As long as you don’t make a 
mistake and successfully complete all three cycles, you get a small added 
boost to your Hero meter. This challenge is not tough, but if you are running 
into trouble and missing too many; I have found it’s normally caused by 
holding the square button down too long (just tap it when the glowing circle 
hits the top target) or pressing the triangle button too early and/or 
releasing it too soon. It actually works better if you listen to the musical 
rhythm so you don’t anticipate by sight. Arriving in Denmark and landing on 
the beach ends episode 1. You are now ready to kick off the real adventuring 


Episode 2: The King’s Road [E2]

After the cut scene you will find yourself on the beach with your band
of Thanes. You will be immediately assailed by some crabs. First thing to do 
is get the sword directly in front of you at the weapon’s pick-up. Just walk 
next to the glowing pile and repeatedly press O when prompted. Wipe them out 
using as many combos as possible - this will start growing your hit points 
and moving your band into hero mode. Make note, however, that the minute 
Beowulf gets struck, no matter how slight; you will lose your hero mode as 
well as the hit points. The idea is to get your entire band into Hero Mode 
(glowing blue) and then keep them there. This is easy with a bunch of little 
opponents like crabs but nearly impossible when the tougher guys show up. Your
Thanes are much tougher customers than normal while in Hero Mode. There is 
another consideration: there is no such thing as an unbreakable weapon 
- every sword, axe, hammer, spear and shield has only so much life in it and 
every strike, blow and parry takes away from it. If you don’t put it away or 
drop it for a moment; it will break. Even the so-called legendary weapons will
snap (they, however, will reappear in your inventory for the start of every 
adventure). So...it’s always a good strategy to get your Thanes into Hero Mode 
quickly and then stay out of the small fights to preserve your weapon life 
when you are nearing a boss battle. In addition, any kills your Thanes make 
will add to your Hero-King status. You will be warned that your weapon is 
about to break by a flashing red icon in the upper right hand portion of your 
screen. For episode 2, there are plenty of weapon pick-ups along the way so 
feel free to just lay waste to everything you see. For the beach landing, pull
a sword from either of the two weapons pick-up points and go to town on the 
crabs. Once you take care of the crabs in the landing area, follow the beach 
to the point where your progress is stopped by boulders and a big sculptured 
head. There will be some more crabs for you to wail on here. Smoke them, then 
break the head by attacking it (a few swings will do the trick). As you pass 
through this opening, you will be ambushed by more crabs. Once you have 
cleared them, continue down the beach. As an alternative method of battle, 
you can always pick up a piece of the head you just broke and throw it at the 
crabs. Your progress will be stopped by a cut scene.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever you have Thanes with you, there are a minimum of two 
ways to fail a mission (there may be more if a specific objective adds to it).
The first is for you to allow Beowulf to die. That’s bad. The second is for 
all your Thanes to die. That’s a pain. You have to keep one eye on them while 
trying to complete objectives and not get killed yourself. That becomes a 
growing risk in larger battles since those damn Thanes can get themselves into
trouble pretty quick and other than the group command (L1) to rally (X button)
you can’t control their movements. So...during combat watch those little blue 
dots above your health bar as well as a pulsing eye marked R1 that will show 
up in the slightly high and right of center screen. If one of those blue dots 
starts to flash red and that eye shows up, press the R1 which will zoom in on 
the Thane about to die and then rush over there and save him. Not only do you 
get to keep Joe Dumb Ass in your band and avoid heading toward a restart, but 
you will get a small boost to your Health and Hero mode meter for the effort. 
While this sounds like a simple thing, you will face some fights with so many 
enemies that even finding dying Thanes to save them becomes impossible or it 
risks your own life. Just keep this in mind.

Meet Wulfgar: You now find the King’s Herald is being harassed by a bunch of 
unruly barbarians. Take care of them the way any good Norse Warrior would. 
After they are dispatched, Wulfgar gives you a quick rundown of the terror 
that is Grendel and you make the lofty promise to kick some monster butt. 
Wulgar says to follow him...uh, right. Wulfgar will lead you to the beginning 
of the King’s Road, but he seems to follow more than lead the way after that.
You will walk along the beach until you see a flaming lamp post on the left.
This is the entrance to the King’s Road. Follow the road upwards a small way
and you will find a sword pick-up - feel free to swap out your weapon to 
refresh it if you want. Continue along the path. At the 2nd torch you will run 
into more crabs in a small clearing that has what looks like a large circular 
stone blocking your path. Deal with the crabs first. Now use the Group Command
menu (L1) and order your men to move the stone (triangle). Once they are in 
place (each Thane will tell you they are in position, but they seem to talk 
before they actually do it), the square button in the Group Command menu will 
activate: time for another musical challenge. Another note, on most of these 
musical challenges, you have the option NOT to activate the leadership 
command. It just takes them a whole lot longer to do the job without you 
jamming your fist in the air. The importance of this is that there will be 
several times later on where you are going to want three of your Thanes to 
actually start working an action while you are defending them from bad guys 
and you can’t do both - use leadership challenge and fight. In fact, the bad 
guys like to come after you first to get a few free whacks in to stop your 
cheerleading. Once you start the leadership command, you can’t stop it until 
you finish it, screwed it up, or you get hit. Additionally, you can also order
more Thanes to help on the same actions. 

As you proceed further up the path you will see a wooden fence. This diversion
is optional. Behind that fence is a small path that will lead to a spear. It’s
not a special spear, just a spear - so if you want it use the following 
directions. If not, skip to the next paragraph. First, break the fence by 
attacking it. The newly uncovered path will turn to the left and you will see 
what looks like ornate stars on the wall to your left. These are hand holds. 
Scramble up the wall, and use them to hop/climb to the right and over to the 
platform you see in the distance. Once on that platform, you will find a small
alcove on the left with the spear. To get back on the King’s Road, you can use
the same hand holds and swing back, or you can drop off the platform onto a 
ledge below, walk across the ledge and use a solitary hand hold to climb back 
up to the starting point. Now return to the King’s Road.

Continue up the path to find a second stone blocking your way. Repeat the same
process as before. On this group action, the game will sometimes send a few 
crabs along with a barbarian or two up the path you just came from to mess 
with you while your Thanes are rolling the rock. Not sure how barbarians and 
crabs go together, perhaps the heathens have a crab farm nearby or raise them 
as pets?? You shouldn’t have to worry about them as Wulfgar and those not 
working the stone can handle them. Once the stone circle is moved, continue on
the path.

Continue on the path and you will come to a bonfire and a sword pick-up. A few
steps beyond this clearing and a small cut scene will show you some poor 
villager being chased and then slaughtered by some barbarians. Deal with them 
as the fine warrior you are. After you tear them a new one, continue down the
path. You will be stopped by another small cut scene as half a body comes 
flying at you: this is some of Grendel’s handiwork. 

Continue along the path to what looks like a camp site. There will be a 
weapons pick-up to your right: it’s an axe if you want to switch things up. You
will also pass what looks like a large wooden thimble. If you want to pick it 
up - you can throw it at enemies. This is kind of neat, but no real big deal. I
prefer to do my own up-close dirty work when fighting, but feel free to 
experiment if the mood strikes you. You will also find that your men like to 
run around smashing stuff like wood fences and jars and things. Vikings can get
kind of restless I guess. 

As you continue through the clearing, a bunch of barbarians will start sliding
down the far left rocks in front of you and you get to scrap a little more. 
Generally, the game likes to kill one of your Thanes during this melee. You 
will then receive a small tutorial that after some battles, you will find a 
bright white pillar of light that you can step into and revive your dead guys. 
Note, however, that when you revive folks, if your band was in Hero Mode, 
their regeneration makes your hit point bar longer, but it is black and knocks 
your group out of Hero Mode - just something to consider. Once the battle is 
done, you have to break a wooden fence to continue along the path (or, you
can just stand next to the fence and your Thanes will break it for you, 
preserving weapon life). A few steps more and your trusty right hand man, 
Wiglaf, will have a few pearls of wisdom. For those of you that have seen the 
movie, you will hear a familiar tune in the background. A few steps more and 
you should see a campfire next to a wooden fence. You will be greeted by a 
couple of barbarians. Kill them and continue through the campground to another 
clearing where you have to deal with yet even more barbarians. It is clear that
this kingdom has a bit of a security problem. The battle in this clearing is a 
little bigger but still nothing too troubling. There is a wicked looking battle
axe pick-up just to the right of entering this area. Once you have finished 
this you will be notified that the destruction of the barbarian horde completes
the objective and the gates to the path into the palace are now open. All you 
have to do is break the wooden fence at the far end of the clearing to access 
the gate. Once you pass through the gate another cut scene will kick-off with 
the king himself. He introduces the Grendel story which gets you to...


Episode 3: Grendel and the Golden Horn [E3]

The first thing you must do to complete this episode is attract Grendel by 
leading your men in song. Yup, another musical challenge. That is a very minor 
precursor to actually beating Grendel himself which can be frustrating if you 
don’t know the sequence. Also, this is the one and only time where all your 
Thanes will be killed and you won’t be forced to restart the objective 
(Grendel is gonna bug-smoosh them before you can even react). Carnal Fury will 
be a requirement to knock him silly and rip his arm off (a la the movie). This 
is a three step procedure and it starts by recognizing his hit point bar at the
top of the screen is broken into three pieces. This is an auto save point so if
Grendel kills you; you get to restart from here without doing the song maneuver

Step #1: You have to wear his hit points down to that square on his health 
line. You do this by pounding on him. He will not take it lightly and will 
fight back with some pretty severe shots. He has four basic attacks: swinging a
haymaker punch, stomping, yelling and the head-squish. All three of the first 
attacks can be dodged or you can take the damage and get knocked down. If 
Grendel grabs your head like he’s plucking an apple from a barrel - repeatedly 
press the O button to make him stop. Either work on your dodging and hitting 
(he is surprisingly fast) or when he drops your health to nothing activate your
Carnal Fury. When Grendel’s health is lowered to the box (which will turn red),
he will jump into the fire and glow blue. You must then enter Carnal Fury and
rip a pillar off the side of the wall (in Carnal Fury just stand next to a 
pillar and you will be prompted to smash the O button like a weapons pick-up). 
You will notice that a blue revolving ring is spinning around Grendel. Stand 
just on the outside of it and swing the pillar (press the square button). What 
Grendel is doing is recharging his health. As long as you pop him with the 
pillar from outside the blue ring of fire, you will interrupt this process and 
stun him. You cannot enter the ring, even if you are in Carnal Fury, and if you
are not you will take damage just for trying. Once you have whacked him with 
the pillar, it will break and he will drop to a knee. The blue circle will 
vanish. This is your chance to bum rush him and then start smashing the O 
button to grab his leg. Once you get his leg, just keep smashing that O button 
and you will transfer to his back and start handing him serious damage. This 
will break the box on his health bar and let you get into the second segment of
his health. If you screw this up - no worries, you will just get thrown off and
have to try again...or die and then try again anyhow. After successfully 
beating the tar out of him, he will throw you off where you go onto...

Step #2: Repeat the process of Step #1 in taking away his health, making him 
jump into his little blue circle, use Carnal Fury to get a pillar and smack him
again. Once more he is stunned and you rush in, repeatedly press that O button 
again to grab his leg. Keep pressing the O button to jump on his back and do 
more damage. Then you will be given three random buttons to push (only one push
each not the repeated smashing like with the O button) as you try to keep from 
being thrown off. Then repeatedly smash the O button again to hand out more 
damage. Just like step #1, if you screw it up, he gets his health back and you 
have to retry. Once you successfully completed this you jump off and then you 
are ready for...

Step #3: Repeat the beating, blue fire, Carnal Fury pillar smash trick. Rush 
in again and repeatedly hit the O button to "shoot the leg" for you wrestling 
types (that’s grabbing the leg for the regular reading public). Keep tapping 
that O button to get on his back. Then press the three random buttons that show
up on the screen like in step #2. Then go back to tapping the O button for 
damage punches and then some more O tapping to rip his arm out of the socket 
and scream like a drunken frat boy.

Grendel is now "hurtin’ fer certain!" but the finishing cut scene makes it 
clear that there is yet another problem - Grendel’s mom. Apparently even 
monsters run home to their mommies and you are requested to double-down and 
kick her butt as well. You will get control of the palace menu at this time. 
Use the L2 and R2 buttons to switch screens. First, talk to Wiglaf just cuz 
he’s the coolest character in the movie. Now go back to the king to talk to his
drunken self. Now go see Unferth and talk to him. He will give you his family 
sword (this will be your base weapon to start the next adventure and will 
remain an option from now on). It’s really not all that special other than it 
takes a little longer to break than normal swords. Now go to the world symbol 
(this is actually Wulfgar) to check out the places you can go. I’m not sure why
this view is even included since you can only go to one area after each 
adventure...but, oh well. Darkwood is your only option so select it. Before you 
leave for the next stage, the game will bring up the weapons equipping screen. 
Make sure that Hrunting (Unferth’s sword) and the nothing-special-about-this-
but-it’s-better-than-a-wet-hankie tower shield is equipped (the game should 
auto-equip them...but just in case). Once those are set, drop to the next 
selection (Shadow Weapons) - you have none so just drop to the next selection 
(Legendary Weapons) - and you have none of those either. That only leaves 
dropping to the final selection "To Battle" and you are off to...

Episode 4: Temptation of the Goddess [E4]

This is an auto save point, so in case you get all your Thanes or yourself 
killed; you will restart here. You and your much smaller party will now be in 
a snowy clearing. No sooner do you take a few steps than you will suddenly go 
into an auto-Carnal Fury. This is used to start a small cut scene indicating 
you are supposed to follow Grendel’s blood trail. Continue down the path to a 
clearing where a cut scene introduces you to a gate-wheel. DON’T mess with the 
wheel yet since you are going to be ambushed by some barbarians. There is a 
sword pick-up in this area, but it’s nothing special and I prefer to keep 
Hrunting for now, but the choice is yours. Deal with the rabble first, and 
then use your group command menu to order your men to start turning the wheel. 
Use your cheerleading ability (that’s the group command menu, L1, then 
leadership, square button, musical challenge nonsense you learned earlier) to 
get them to move faster and open the gate quicker.

Proceed through the gate and a little ways down the path you will have a choice
to go left or right. To the right the path dead ends in a clearing with a sword
pick-up and nothing else...not even a fight. Going left will first lead to a 
clearing and a campfire in the center along with a sword pick-up. Barbarians 
are waiting for you here. When done sending them to their unholy graves, you 
can proceed one of four ways: back the way you came (why you would do this, I 
have no clue), going right which leads to a clearing with nothing in it, 
climbing the wall next to the campfire or going left and forward. Climbing the 
wall or taking the slightly forward and left path will end in the same place. 
The path walks you into a tree and another choice to go left or right. Going 
left double backs all the way to a rock slide which is how the barbarians 
attacked you in the very first clearing. If you like running in circles or 
chasing your tail - feel free to go that way. Otherwise, go right. You will 
notice a river is now running along your left side. Follow the river. If you 
look slightly to the right, you will see where the "climbing the wall option" 
comes right down onto this location. Follow the river until you can actually 
get into the water and then splash along until it looks like it comes to an 
end...it doesn’t really. This is a water slide - so slide on down to another 
level. This should activate a small cut scene that zooms in on a glowing statue
ahead. Once this is over, slide down again to land in a pond. You should now 
see a weapons pick-up (it’s a club) and a campfire in a clearing just to your 
left on dry land. This is an auto-save point. As you approach it, you will be 
attacked by a bunch of barbarians and you will now learn the dirty trick of the
statue. The pretty yellow glowing zoomie things hypnotize your men and they 
stop fighting to go stand like zombies in front of the statue leaving you to 
deal with the horde yourself. Deal with enough barbarians to clear a path so 
you can climb the wall of the clearing to get to the statue where your men are 
all doo-fussed. Don’t leave them there too long or some brighter-than-the-
average-bear of a barbarian will decide to kill them while they stand helpless.
Break the statue by swinging at it to release the spell. It is very probable 
that you have broken your sword and are using the club from the clearing. We 
all know, though, that clubs suck so if you put your back to where the statue 
was you will see a sword pick-up conveniently placed across a bridge. Feel free
to change out unless you like the Cromagnon feel of the club and don’t mind 
fighting with your bare hands (clubs break real quick). Now go back to the 
clearing with the campfire and club pick-up where you were way-laid by those 
backstabbing loin cloth wearing thugs.

You will see what looks like a ramp going up. This should take you over a small
piece of land and back into some more water. Cross this branch of the river and
follow the path which leads to a rock slide. You want to head toward what looks
like two glowing circles in the distance (they will be ahead of you and 
slightly to the right - they can get obscured by the trees, so walk around the 
ledge you are on until you see them). Once you got them in sight, drop down 
another rock slide and go over there. These are "Carnal Spores" and if you 
break them they spray you with orange goo that automatically charges your 
Carnal Fury meter. After breaking them, they will grow back - it just takes a
little time.

By now you should have figured out that that glowing fire to
the left of your health meter is your Carnal Fury meter and it tends to get 
bigger as you get closer to dying. If it is not full and you want to charge it,
you press and hold the R2 button, HOWEVER, as it charges your health drains. 
What a crappy trade, huh? Well...not really since even if you use the spores to 
charge the meter the minute you press R2 - all your health goes by-by and you 
become invulnerable anyhow. BUT,and this is a big but,when your Carnal Fury 
time is up you will return with some health. However, if you were in hero mode 
- you lose that. In other words, if you use the spores you’re gonna lose some 
health permanently in the process. If you are a good combat artist this is no 
big problem as you gain health back for every enemy you kill in normal mode. 
One drawback, when you come out of Carnal Fury, Beowulf stumbles around for a 
little while acting all drunk leaving you open to being smoked. There is a work
around to avoid this - voluntarily exit Carnal Fury mode before the time 
expires on it. If you do this - your drunk stumbling time is significantly 
reduced and later in the game (after buying some Carnal attributes) can be 
reduced to almost no time. Bottom line, these are here if you find a problem 
handling the next challenge which is located down and to the left of the 
spores. Just keep in mind the trade you make.

The edge to the left of those spores is a slide. BEFORE you go down that slide 
and activate the horde, you should note the one weapon pick-up (it’s a club) on
the ledge in front and slightly left on the other side of the battle area. In 
addition, there is one you can’t see from up here (you can see it once you 
slide down and move a little forward into the area) around the corner to your 
right and up a ledge - that’s a shield. Got it? Good. Slide down and you have 
reached another auto save point. Now it’s time to get ready to rumble, start 
walking into the area...barbarians will keep coming for a while. There are so 
many of them that you will learn pretty quick how long weapons last. No way you
don’t break one here and maybe even the shield (though that’s a little tougher 
to do). You can also chose to steal one of the barbarians’ weapons (use the 
Grab - smash O button - then chose steal weapon - smash the X button). Because 
of the sheer number of them, it’s kind of hard to whoop them and keep an eye on
your Thanes. Unless you move quickly and smack several bad guys at once a 
number of times - expect to lose a Thane or two. P.S. - who cares? It doesn’t 
count against you and you aren’t gonna get to keep them once this fight is over
anyway. Just don’t lose them all or you get to restart this stupid thing.

Once all the barbarians are dead, walk slightly further into the battle area 
toward the water and a cut scene will kick off. Looks like you are going solo 
from here on out. Beowulf does his imitation of a pearl diver and then pops up 
in a cave - waist deep in water. Proceed forward and you will get jumped by two
tenatacle-y things. If they grab you then just jam on the O button to make them
let go. Now, teach them a lesson about unwanted advances and respecting 
personal space. Proceed forward until you see what looks like a wall with 
stripes and blood smears on top. Climb that and once on top, turn to the right
and climb another rock. Now face the wall and jump up to grab a ledge and swing
to your right as far as you can go. Drop down to find yourself on a bridge. 
Follow the bridge down then back up and to the right. Climb the rock in front
of you which should lead you to a tunnel. Once in the tunnel, you should 
encounter another rock slide. At the bottom you should now hear Grendel 
whimpering. I would too if some steroid-infested nut-job just ripped my arm 
off. Am I the only fella that feels sympathy for this poor guy? Walk down the
stone ramp and into the water.

Once in the water, it looks like you can go left or right. Not so. Left is 
just pretty graphics. Go right and follow the water all the way until you are 
no longer waist deep but only ankle deep. You will run into two tentacle things
on the way. When the water ends, look to the left for a small ledge and climb 
up. Now look left again and climb that stone. Follow the path up here until it 
ends in a pile of skulls. Look to your left and you should see a gash in the 
wall above you. Climb up the wall until Beowulf grabs onto the gash. Now swing 
all the way to your left until the gash opens up into a platform. Climb up. 
Looking forward and slightly left..yup, you guessed it - another gash. Climb 
the wall and latch onto it and swing all the way to the left until you can’t 
swing anymore. Now climb up to grab yet another gash and swing along it all the
way to the left. At the end of your poor Tarzan impersonation, drop down to a 
platform below. To the left of your landing point you should see a tunnel with 
blood on the floor. Follow it to find poor Grendel on a platform in a pool of 
water. He’s a goner by the time you get there so walk around him and out the 
other side of this alcove. Head into the tunnel and follow the path as it bends
to the right and downward. You should go down 2 rock slides. Once again, you 
can’t fall off anything in this game so don’t get tense about it as you 
approach the ending ledge. Just walk to the edge and drop down. Stay hanging 
there for a moment and move your camera around so that you can see a glowing 
weapons pick-up below and left of you. You will also see a bunch of hand holds 
directly underneath you. Now you can drop and try to grab a hand hold as you 
slide down. If you miss - no worries, you will land on a ledge below and you 
can use the lower handhold to the far right to access the others. This can be 
frustrating if you don’t know the trick. Climb up to the lower hand hold. Now 
use two up swings (just hold the analog stick up and wait for Beowulf to start 
swinging himself - don’t try to swing him yourself). After two up swings press 
the O button and he will launch himself up the wall. Jam the analog stick to 
the left after he takes off and start smashing the O button so he will scramble.
That will get you to the next hand hold. Now use two left swings then press 
the O button once to get to the next hand hold. And then use three left swings
and press the O button to skip the last hand hold and land directly on the 
platform. The number of swings is important since it launches him with more 
and more force (3 is the max). Now take that weapon - congratulations, you have
the legendary sword [LS]! Now drop off that platform and let’s quit fartin’ 
around and get back to work.

Follow the path under the handholds until you have hit the bottom of a rock 
slide. There will be an open area at the bottom. Step into it and then turn 
hard right into the tunnel and follow this down another rock slide and out onto
the water bridge. You should see two gold arches in this large cavern. When you
step onto the bridge the auto save point will be activated. Now if you dork 
this challenge up you will restart from here. But no worries - this is a VERY 
simple challenge - just get ready to repeatedly tap that O button for at least 
a minute - at the least. You will max this challenge out after five minutes of 
O button mashing. Walk across the bridge and head toward the center of the two 
arches. Another cut scene will take over and you are now challenged to resist 
the temptations of the non-Angelina Jolie (bummer) creation and her minions. I 
could sit and talk tactics - running, dodging, fighting and gruel this out - 
but there’s no upside. Killing the golden Jezebels just makes more of them and 
you get no points or benefits from it. Instead, just start smashing the O 
button. Don’t run, don’t move, don’t do a darn thing but smash the O button. 
Sometimes you will be resisting their seductive temptations (half the time they
bite you anyway), sometimes you will be grabbing them in a combat move and if 
you are lucky enough you will get to pummel them (this all takes up time during
which they can’t mess with you). All of these actions are done the exact same 
way - smash the O button. You don’t even need to move Beowulf as he will move 
himself when he goes to grabbing people. You must resist their charms for at 
least 1 minute (or you get to do this all over again) - then you can submit. 
As a "p.s." before you even try it - you can’t grab onto mama demon herself 
- you just blow right through her like she is vapor. The clock stops at 5 
minutes as if you submitted anyhow and there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO benefit (unless
you call a cramped hand/thumb a benefit) to going further than one minute. Once
this challenge is complete another cut scene follows where you make the same 
blunder that Beowulf makes in the movie: you cut the deal, have CPT Kirk-style 
relations with a bizarre (admittedly sexy) demon-thing and cough up the horn. 
And...before you even think about it...no, there are no graphics for that. From 
here you are transported back to the palace only to find you are now king and 
there is trouble in your new realm. You are also informed that the legacy 
system is now active. All that means is that enemy kills are now counted as 
points either toward Monster-Slayer or Hero-King.

Use the L2 and R2 to navigate through the Palace menu. This time when you talk 
to Wiglaf you get to check out the Hero Attributes Menu. You haven’t earned 
enough points to buy any of these, but it gives you an idea of what you can 
super charge a little later. When you stop and talk to Unferth, you get a 
similar menu only this is for Carnal Fury. You can also hang for a moment with 
the queen who LOOKS NOTHING AT ALL like Ms. Robin Wright. Anyway, check in with
Wulfgar to see the poor troubled area of Ingelthorpe. Select it which brings up
your equipment menu. This time, drop down to the legendary weapons and equip 
that sword. This thing may break but it will take significantly longer before 
it does. In addition, it will always reappear in the equipment screen for 
follow-on adventuring and/or be available at Herot's Banners so you can get it
back in mid-adventure. Now it’s time to select 'To Battle' and begin...


Episode 5: Innocence Sacrificed [E5]

Now before we go any further here is a major note. At the end of most battles, 
a red eye will start blinking marked R1. When you push your R-1, you will 
automatically focus the camera on the white pillar of light to revive your 
Thanes. The further in the game you go the shorter period of time that pillar 
of light will be there and they like to put it farther and farther from you. 
Get there quick or your poor groupies are gone for the rest of the adventure.
This episode begins with you and your band standing in a rocky cave overlooking
a large swampy somewhat circular area (you can’t really tell it’s a circle 
- you’re gonna have to trust me on this). Most of it is swampy bog with some 
raised dry land paths and wooden walkways in the center. There are also some 
weapons pick-ups, but you shouldn’t need them with the legendary sword in hand.
A weapons pick-up can be seen in the distance to the right on a rock out 
cropping. You should also be hearing the cries of some poor Thane. Good ole 
Anthony Hopkins is now going to provide you with some free advice on the 
dangers of not keeping your zipper in the locked and upright position. Let’s 
begin by dropping off the right side of your perch (it’s a rock slide so you 
should zip down). At the bottom you will receive some info on rune stones. 
There will be a red one (Carnal) and a blue one (Heroic) right in front of you
[C1 and H1]. You only need to collect one or the other. In fact, collecting
the wrong ones can hurt your score. So...if you are going for the Hero-King
reward, pick up the blue one. If you want the title of Monster-Slayer, pick
the red one up. (Kind of like the Matrix, no? "Why oh why didn't I take the 
blue pill?"). Walk on top of them to pick ‘em up. Now let’s rescue the poor
Thane, if for no other reason than to shut him up. 

There will be small bands of roaming demons as you work through this area 
- they are minor and you should use them as an opportunity to fill your Hero 
meter. In the center of this circular area is a weeded thicket. Walk around it 
to find the entrance path which is blocked by two large stones. Lift them and 
throw them out of the way. Then break the wooden fence that is behind them. Now
walk up to the kneeling figure and you will gain an extra Thane to your band. 
Now return to your starting point and let’s work our way around the perimeter 
of the area clockwise. Just keep the walls to your left and start walking, 
beating any random demons that appear.

Heading left (clockwise), the first thing you will come to is a ramp leading 
upwards with two fire posts on it. Walk up the path and locate the ledge you 
can climb. Climb up two ledges and find a Hero rune [H2]. Now return back down 
the ramp and keep heading clockwise around this area. Pass the door with the 
yellow door knob. Stick to the wall and you will find a glowing blue Hero rune 
[H3] in the corner under some grass. You will continue around the rock wall 
with a walkway that leads up to a large rolling stone door. Leave it alone for 
now. Keep walking around the perimeter making sure the stone walls remain on 
your left side and you will find what looks like an old busted wooden boat. 
Break the boat with your sword and you will find a Carnal rune stone underneath
[C2]. Now return to the path that is blocked by the rolling stone. Order your 
Thanes to roll it. DON’T use your leadership command yet since you will be 
ambushed by some demons the moment your men start trying to roll the large 
stone. Defend them. If they get touched, they will stop pushing, and the stone 
will roll back in place. No issues - just beat the demons then go back to the 
stone and use your leadership command at that time. Once the stone is moved, 
enter the path beyond it.

The path will turn hard left then hard right. Upon nearing the entrance to this
new area, you will be given an objective: Kill the worshippers (I call these 
guys demons cuz that’s what I think they look like). Don’t worry about picking 
up items or trying to find hidden things until after you complete the 
objective. Just remember where the entrance is, since once we are done we will 
use it as a reference point to clean up the goodies later. This objective can 
be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what is happening or the sequence. 
Here are your immediate goals: break the statue that is generating the 
hypnotizing yellow tails, beat the demons, and then kill the troll. To begin, 
note the three large boulders that are set slightly to your front and left, 
just across some water from you. Behind those boulders is the statue. Go break
it right away so that your Thanes don’t stand around like idiots. Now you can 
fight off the waves of demons that are coming after you. Once you have 
completed that, a small cut scene will introduce you to your first troll fight.
While there are many ways to beat a troll (including a super quick Carnal Fury 
option), here’s my favorite Hero-King method. First, understand that his swings
are well telegraphed in advance. He has a great reach and his blows are quite 
devastating and he has a lot of health so it’s going to take more than one or 
two hits to finish him off. Here’s how I rough him up: get up close and 
personal - as close as possible in the front. Make sure you remain in defensive
posture (keeping the L2 button pressed and held). As he rears back to swing a 
massive arm, push the left analog to the same side as his swinging arm and as 
his arm comes forward press X. It takes timing to get it right, but he 
moves slow enough for you to get it down. This maneuver will cause you to dodge
(glow bright blue) and you are temporarily made of solid-cold-forged-straight-
from-Pittsburg-steel: impervious to everything. As Beowulf dodges and ducks 
underneath, press square and then triangle to initiate a counter combo. This 
series of moves will jack up your Hero meter quick and deal solid damage. Most
trolls will swing their right arm first, then their left arm, then attack in 
the center. The other good news is that his blows tend to destroy the little 
bad guys hanging around as well. This is dependent on other people hitting him 
and the terrain - since both will sometimes change his attack pattern. If you 
are lucky, he will also stop and sit still for a second. Feel free to use a two
or even three button combo if he does this. I have never been able to get away 
with a four button combo unless I am facing his butt - he gets stirred up by 
the first couple of hits and will interrupt your swings at some point to defend
himself. By the way, this maneuver also works great in a crowd of lesser 
enemies, BUT, unlike the troll who will let you get away with the full 
combination - sometimes there are so many in a horde that someone will hit you 
to break up the move. Once you beat the troll you will get a score card for 
winning the objective. Once you confirm the score card, you will be shown 
something rising from the ground in the distance. This is a gate wheel. It 
should also tell you something - from now on when you find a gate wheel the 
odds are you will have to complete an objective before the wheel will become 
active and let your men turn it.

Goody-collecting time! Right now it’s pretty thin pickins’. Return Beowulf to 
the entrance of this area and face the sword pick-up. Move to the right, 
following the wall, and you will find a Carnal rune stone on the ground [C3]. 
If you want to keep going, you will find a door with a yellow-swirl that blocks
it. You can’t do anything with this now, but remember it. Once you have the 
rune stone (or investigated the glowing door if you chose) - go back to where 
you started (the entrance to this area) and this time head to the left, 
following that wall. You will see a path in the wall blocked by a wood fence. 
There is nothing to be done now, but if you feel like breaking the fence to see
this area - go ahead. Just remember where it is. Now, keep moving forward 
around the main area and you will find an obelisk. It will be just behind a 
sword pick-up. Break that to collect a Carnal rune at its base [C4]. Turn and 
face the sword pick-up, then walk forward and left so that you are on a stone 
path. You should see a small stone pylon on your left. You can’t activate it 
yet so head to the right to the gate wheel. Before we leave - make note of the 
hidden path that was blocked by the wooden fence, the small stone pylon, and 
the glowing door: we will be back. Now, use your group command button (L1) and 
have the Thanes turn the wheel (triangle) and start cheering them on (square). 

Once the gate is raised, follow the path in front of you (you have no choice 
- there are no other branches to this path)...yes, that means doing some wading
so go get wet! Before getting into the water, look to your left to find another
Hero rune [H4]. The water wading path will lead to a wooden ramp entering a 
small village and you quickly discover that a troll is up to no good. Now you 
have a new objective: Save the virgins. I have never understood this - why are 
fighting mad, half-crazed hero-warrior men-of-the-world stories always obsessed
with saving virgins? Wouldn’t it make more sense to "save the girls you can 
have fun with once the fight is over and a party ensues?" Oh well, I guess 
some traditions must remain and you gotta go save the virgins.

Like previously, deal with the objective first before doing any treasure 
hunting. There are plenty of weapons pick-ups through the village, if you 
should need them. As long as you have the legendary sword, there should be no 
need for this. It takes a lot more than what you have been through to break 
those weapons unless you’ve been doing nothing but combos without sheathing it.
Alright - head straight for that troll. You gotta hit him once to get him to 
drop the girl and turn his attention to you. You have to get to him before he 
exits the area or you lose and get to restart. One note: the virgins are 
invulnerable so you don’t have to worry about hitting them or if they get 
stomped on UNLESS you are in Carnal Fury mode. You can kill them and then you 
have to restart. Now you’ve got the 411 - so go take care of the troll using 
whatever method works. You have to deal with a total of three trolls. The good 
news is that they come one at a time. The bad news is the last two come with a 
small band of demons and they tend to get in your way. As long as you have a 
solid pattern for beating the trolls this is simple - leave the demons to your 
Thanes and take out the trolls yourself. Once the last demon and the last troll
are finished off you will get your scorecard for completing the objective. 
Confirm it and you will immediately be given yet another objective: Hunt down 
and kill the priestesses.

This is not nearly as easy as it may initially seem. Here is what you need to 
know. To begin, the priestesses are wicked fast so you are gonna have to chase 
them around the village. Second, just like the hypnotizing statues they send 
out yellow tails that dork up your Thanes. However, unlike the statues the men 
just don’t stand there like dumb asses, instead the priestess sucks the life 
out of them - and very quick. While you start off with just one, by the end of 
the objective you may have two or even three running loose at the same time. If
you don’t keep an eye on them and deal with ‘em quick - you will lose your 
Thanes fast and that is the real challenge. Once your Thanes are all gone 
- you have to restart. In addition, the priestesses show up with bands of merry
demons. Worse yet, unlike the trolls where the demons mostly just hung out to 
fight your Thanes; these are here to protect the priestesses. They will 
constantly be interfering with your grabs and combos allowing the priestess to 
escape and taking health from you and your men. So...how do you deal with this?

Tactically, you must focus on the priestesses. The demon/worshippers are gonna
try and interfere - you have to avoid them, run around them, unleash a combo to
back them off and then take off running...whatever it takes, don't get involved
in a battle with them. You can deal with them after you deal with the chick(s).

Priestesses can be beaten by two sets of combos (and a single hit or two if 
needed at the end). The first step is to grab them (press the O button and once
you have hold start jamming the O button). The second one is sort of a dealer’s
choice. Once you have successfully grabbed a priestess, you will be given the 
option to pummel the tar out of her (keep pressing the O button), crush her 
(repeatedly press triangle) or throw her (square). I strongly suggest NOT using
the throw option since you don’t need to give her any kind of head start since 
you just have to chase her down again. As a reminder - you have to perform this
combo twice (grab + dealer’s choice then grab + dealer’s choice again). After 
the first time, she is going to get up off the ground and take off - you gotta 
chase her and do it again to kill her. Here is the catch: if you are in regular
fighting mode you really gotta tap those buttons fast. It is by far easier to 
be in Carnal Fury mode. Just remember the score card and use that Carnal Fury 
sparingly. Alright - go to town. When you are finished, you should get a score 

Confirm it and a cut scene will follow where some old crone babbles about
you not being strong as some "Wolf" and gives you a special necklace. SHUT THE 
FRONT DOOR! I’ve seen the movie - what wolf? Of course, the story has already 
diverged significantly from the movie - but this is really bizarre. During 
this, you also promise to "bring the girls back." Hmmmm, I thought we saved 
them? Guess one or two must have gotten snatched before we arrived, oh well ya 
gotta do whatcha gotta do. After the cut scene you will be given two additional
Thanes, cuz yer sucha stud, and another score card will appear - this one for 
finishing the episode. Once you confirm it you are ready to start:


Episode 6: Beyond the Barrow [E6]

First, if you have lost any Thanes revive them (remember? a red eye should 
appear on the screen marked R1). Once your Thanes are revived and you have 
control of Beowulf, return to the entry to the village so we can pick-up the 
goodies scattered about. First, head to the right around the first hut and 
look on the ground in the weeds. You will find another Hero rune piece [H5] and
that will make a complete Hero Rune giving you an award. Now continue walking 
on the edge of the land counter-clockwise around the rectangular village. On
the backside of the village you should find a dock. Walk out onto it to find 
another Hero rune [H6]. Then return to the land and continue walking 
counter-clockwise. There are two tents strung together in the back corner of the
village. If you look between them you will see a Carnal rune piece [C5]. Break 
the wooden piece that holds the animal skins to get to it. This should complete
a Carnal Rune and give you an award. Now turn around and wade into the bog. You
should see a small piece of dry land with another Carnal rune on it [C6]. 

Moving forward, you are back into the water. A little further forward and you 
now have a choice - wade right or left. Going left just returns you to the 
village so head right. Sometime about now, one of your band starts up an 
annoying repetitive chant, "Through the bogs, Lord Beowulf!" He continues this 
nonsense for quite a while - it about makes you want to kick his ass "Through 
the bogs!" Anyway, as you proceed a little further you will find one of those 
little stone pylons, only this time your chest glows, it blinks and "ta-da" the
gate in front of you opens. Guess that special thingie the old crone gave you 
did have some advantages. Now go through the gate (for you curiosity seekers 
- wading to the right of the gate just dead ends in an invisible wall).

Through the gate, you slide down a rock slide into some more muck and you will 
start to hear someone yelling "Save me Lord, Beowulf." Don’t sweat it - we’ll 
get to him. You should see a small piece of dry land in front of you. On it is 
a Carnal rune [C7]. At this point, it should look like you can either go left 
or right around a rocky outcropping. Let’s go right first to deal with a couple
of demons. Then climb the wall in this area to land you on a gate wheel - deal 
with the demons here. Don’t turn the wheel just yet, instead drop back down the
way you came and head back in the opposite direction around the rock. As you 
proceed, keep an eye on the right and you will see an obelisk cut into a small 
indention in the rock. Break the obelisk to find a Carnal rune [C8]. Go back in
the water and keep moving - you should see the glowing blue Hero rune up ahead 
[H7]. Now turn hard right and you will see a ramp that leads back up to that 
gate wheel. Go up there and have the boys start turning. Don’t start your 
cheerleading since as soon as they are in place you have to deal with another 
ambush. Beat the demons then finish the wheel turning. The gate will lift to 
reveal the whining Thane who now joins your group. More importantly, you will 
also find another legendary weapon: the shield [LSH]. Take that. There is also 
another Hero rune [H8] and a Carnal rune (make sure to look under the rubble 
for it [C9]). Now go back through the gate and down the ramp and forward/
slightly left to the door with the little stone pylon. It will pull the same 
trick as the previous doorway and auto-open for you.

Go through the door and deal with the handful of demons in the immediate 
entrance. Now pan your camera around. Look familiar? It should - you just came
through the back side of the door with the glowing knob that you saw well 
before you ever made it to the village. Proceed across this area, around the 
center thicket where you first freed the Thane and back through the doorway 
where you rolled the large stone out of the way. You should now be on the path
that makes you take a hard left and then a hard right with a weapon pick-up in
front of you. As you go to exit, the camera should auto-zoom to that glowing 
door. You should notice there are three yellow bird-like icons painted on that
door. Head over to it and try to walk through - no luck. Worse yet, Wiglaf may
show a bit of a yellow streak here and whimp out. So...how do we get that door

You have to touch/collect three bird icons located in stone pylons. The first
one should be easy to find - it’s right there in front of the glowing door. 
After each one you get you will be offered the chance to press R1 (the red eye
on your screen) and the camera will zoom in on that door and one of the yellow
bird things will disappear. When you do it the third time, the door will vanish
entirely. For the other two, think back to when you were last here and I told 
you to remember the stone pylon on the path and the hidden path behind the 
wooden fence. Go to the wooden fence first, break it and you should see a 
slightly glowing pylon across a bit of open area. There are hand holds on the 
right wall. Use them to climb over and touch that pylon. If you drop down, you
will land in icky water with a few demons. They can be handled rather easily, 
even though the cramped space makes it hard to fight. Then climb back up to the
start point and try again to use the hand holds until you get across. The real 
problem here is that while you are doing the Spiderman thing, one or two of 
your Thanes may try to follow by jumping below into the water and the demons 
tend to whip them pretty quick. If that happens, jump down there and save their
sorry asses. Anyhow, once you have touched that pylon, turn around go back into 
the large open area, get on the dry land path (should be slightly in front and
to your left as you exit this hidden area) and touch the final pylon. Vwaa-la.
The glowing door no longer glows and has instead been replaced by an entrance 
to a pathway. If Wiglaf didn’t cut bait on you earlier; he will now. 
Fuh-get-about-it and press on, McDuff! 

Go through that pathway, down a rock slide and into some water. Turn to the
right, beat some demons and wade all the way to the end (whooping demon 
derriere as you go) where you should see two torches on the wall. You will see
an opening to the left; it’s a slide. Hang Ten! At the bottom, you will turn 
right, take a step or two and zoom onto some poor impaled folks. There is no 
value to this information other than checking out some folks who’ve decided to
hang out (hee hee, sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Keep moving forward and 
down another rock slide. Well, well, well, what do you know, a troll did hike 
off with a date. He gets behind a sliding rock wall before you have a chance 
to put on your junior policeman badge and make a collar. DO NOT GO DOWN INTO 
THAT AREA YET. Look to the left and you will see a red banner. It’s a Banner of

When you step in front, press the X button to open the attribute purchasing 
menu. In addition to being able to buy attributes you can also switch out 
weapons (or if you broke a legendary one earlier - reequip it now). Once you
have completed your shopping...

Move forward, down a rock slide, and you should see a gate wheel. It’s not
up and active though. Hmmmm, wonder how we make it rise? Yup, another 
objective. If you look to the right (top of the stairs) and to the left 
(waaaaay back in the corner), you will see two large rolling stones. This time,
however, they don’t lead to passages - instead you gotta roll them in front of
doors and BLOCK passages. This will not be easy. One note, for those of you who
think it might be a good idea to try and split your men between the two stones
- it’s a fool’s errand. In fact, while you have to use the command menu and 
order your Thanes to roll the stones to get this objective started, they don’t
have a prayer of actually rolling both stones until the barbarians are dealt
with. If you use the roll/run method described in appendix B and start 
cheerleading quick you can normally get one door closed.

Then, take care of a majority of the first wave of bad guys and run/roll to the
second door and get 3 Thanes working. You probably won’t be able to initiate
the musical thing on that second stone, but it is possible to defend them.
That should close the second door. Now all the bad guys will come from that
upper level. And there are a lot.

If you don’t want to try that (or you dork up that musical challenge on the left
stone) get ready to fight. This is winnable by just fighting and not messing
with the stones until the very end. If I have to just fight this out, I prefer
battling on the left for two reasons: #1 there is a sword pick-up nearby. 
While I can get through this without breaking my legendary weapons; it just 
feels comfortable knowing that it’s there in case of emergency. #2, there’s 
more room to actually fight than at the top of that staircase. My fighting 
style requires room to duck, dodge and combo. In addition, my Thanes will stay
down there with me so I can dig them out of trouble if they start to die. On 
the flip side, going right and up the stairs kind of has you caught in a corner
without maneuver room. To make matters worse, as your Thanes fight, they will 
sometimes wander down the stairs and around the corner which makes them harder
to get to if they start dying. There is a shield pick-up on the second level 
and to the left of the gate the troll went through, should you need it, but you
gotta climb up a wall on the stairway side platform and that takes time. 
Something your dying Thanes probably don’t need you doing. (Neither of your 
legendary weapons should break so there’s no real need for it). 

This will probably be your first really difficult fight. Let’s go to the left.
Use your group command (L1) and order your men to roll the stone (triangle).
Here comes the bad guys. And they come in wave after wave after wave. If you 
act quick, you can sometimes get your cheerleading going and get that passage 
blocked before the horde interferes - but you gotta be quick. If you are too 
slow or mess up the challenge, don’t even consider trying the tactic of 
protecting your men moving the stone. There are way too many enemies for that.
They need to get hit, stop with the rolling stone nonsense, and get involved in
the fight. Bottom line: the musical challenge is a one shot thing - if you blow
it, get to fighting. Alright, you know what to do. Start hacking and

After a couple of immense waves, you are gonna be privileged to be 
faced with a real treat. A troll. Not just any troll-but an armored troll. You
gotta deal with him and at the same time contend with all those little bad guys
running around. This can be frustrating as you will get interrupted in the 
middle of combos and dodges by the small turds taking free smacks. You can make
this really easy by checking out appendix B for the Carnal fury option, 
but - Come on, where’s your spirit?! Get to cracking skulls! I stick with my
tried and true tactics. When it’s just little guys, I use one and two button 
combos to make some room and then three and four button combos to go to town. 
When the troll shows up - I get belly button to belly button with the big guy, 
go defensive (holding the L2) then dodge (analog stick and X button) right 
before he swings and then follow up on him with a square-then-triangle combo. 
I never need to use the Carnal Fury option. Just a note - this is an ARMORED 
troll so if you do decide to use the quick-kill option - you may have to do it 
twice on him (depending on the upgrades you purchased). However, feel free to 
explore your own fighting style and find whatever works for you. As long as all
the bad guys die - then whatever you did was the right thing.

Once you have slayed the multitudes, roll the stones in front of the passages 
and your objective will be complete. Actually you only need to roll one stone 
after you kill all the evil doers - but I like doing things all the way and not
half-assed, plus you should get a small Hero meter bump. You get a score card. 
Confirm this and the gate wheel will rise and become active. If you lost 
Thanes; you can revive them and you darn sure will need them for the next 
trial. Now turn the gate wheel and feel free to do your Rah-Rah thing to get 
some free Hero meter juice and make them move a bit quicker. The stone wall 
will rise just enough for you to walk under it - so...walk under it. As you do, 
you will get another score card for completing the episode. Kinda feels like 
double coupon day at the local market...no? Regardless, it is now time to 


Episode 7: Ritual Temptations [E7]

You will begin in what appears to be an underground cavern and, if you are 
paying attention, you have lost a lot of health. Don’t ask - I have no clue why
- it just happens. Come on, suck it up cupcake!!! You’re a warrior; you can get
it back. Proceed down the path, face left and enjoy a rock slide. At the 
bottom, face right and keep going. You will see a stone obelisk. If you really
feel like breaking it, you can but there is nothing but some junk enemy weapons
at the base. I hope you would prefer your legendary weapons to this garbage. 

Anyway, guide left and up some stairs. When you get to the top you can go left
or right - whichever you prefer, you will end up at a large clearing and there
is nothing special on either path. Your choice. Once in the large clearing, 
look along the wall for a ledge you can climb. If you went up the right path; 
it will be the right wall. If you went up the left path; it will be almost 
directly in front of you. Then take the staircase and a couple of ramps to 
another ledge. When you climb up, Sir Hopkins will inform you that ya gotta 
save the dames. Apparently more than one troll snatched a virgin before you 
showed up back in the village. Aren’t there any sex offender laws in this 
kingdom??? Well, you’re the only thing that looks like the police so you gotta
do whatcha gotta do.

Now is a chance to switch out for a shadow weapon if you want it - and it is
one tough customer on the bad guys and is hard as nails to break. If you want,
you can turn left and run down the ramp passed a club pick-up. Face that club
pick-up and do a right face. The platform you are standing on juts out passed
the path and squares off. Walk right to the edge so you can see a Stonehenge
type structure far in the distance directly to your front. Now do a right face
and drop/hang off the edge. Adjust your camera down and you will see a hand
hold. Drop down and grab it. If you miss it don’t worry, you’ll land on the
ledge below anyhow. From the hand hold, you can drop down again and land on a
ledge (or you are already on it if you missed the hand hold). Look to your left
and you will see the Shadow Spear [SSP]. Go back the way you came and run in
front of the base of the stone you entered this area on. Turn left and proceed
up the bridge. Just as a reminder (I know, I know I’ve said it before) but you
don’t have to worry about falling off any bridge or platform - it’s not

As you head across the first bridge to the first platform and start up the 
second bridge, you will be met by a horde of demons. These guys are the weak 
version and you should view it as an opportunity to jack up your Hero meter and
health. Once they are gone, keep going. You will get a second horde after the 
second platform. Waste them as well and continue to the very large platform at
the top. A cut scene will stop you before you get on this platform and you get
two important pieces of info:
#1 : you’re gonna be at least one short of saving all the virgins and...
#2 : a priestess and troll combo? This can’t be good.

Now that you know how to waste trolls and priestesses, this won’t be tough as 
long as you are forewarned of the sequence. That’s where I come in (yup, that’s
right, a little self-promotion!). To start with, this platform is like a big
donut - so there is no cutting across the center when you need to move from one
side to another. Instead, you gotta run the perimeter. The path is pretty wide
so you will have fighting room. The reason this gets so darn rough is that you
have to deal with trolls, take hits from hordes of little demons while you are
fighting the really bad people, and keep at least one of your Thanes alive 
while they run all over the place with a priestess on the loose. Once you are
engaged with a troll - there is no way to disengage and go save a Thane. If you
do - the troll is gonna snatch a virgin and then you get to restart. Most
likely you are gonna lose a couple of Thanes (especially with that damned
priestess running loose) - don’t worry you can get them back at the end, just
don’t lose them all or that will cause you to restart as well. Using the Carnal
Fury option listed in appendix B makes this entire fight a joke since you
dispatch the trolls in no time. Alright, for the sequence:

Step #1 : Run to the left. Don’t mess with the demons as they rush at you - run
by them. You gotta get to the first troll and make him drop the virgin. Ignore
the demons and waste that troll. Once he’s dead...

Step #2 : Keep running around the circle to the exact other side and hang out 
in front of that virgin for a moment. Feel free to smoke a demon or two if they
come near you. At this point, you will start to hear a really creepy deep voice
growl and hiss the word "Giiirrrlllzzzzzzzzzz". What kind of sick game designer
came up with that disgusting idea? Gross...really gross. Anyway, another troll 
will show up and try to take this virgin. Deal with him. On occasion, the 
priestess listed in Step #4 below may appear near you during this step. You 
will get a time break between the trolls. It’s not big, but it’s there. If she
is on your part of the platform; this is the perfect time to go deal with her
and I strongly suggest the run/roll to save precious ticks of the clock. If you
don’t, she’s out drugging up yer boyz, and you’ll have to deal with her in step
#4 below. Once troll #2 is a goner...

Step #3 : Run back the way you came to the virgin you passed. The last troll is
coming for her while Chester the Molester keeps up his spooky "Giirrllzzzzzzz"
mantra. I gotta tell ya - makes me feel like I need a shower after this
objective. Once in a while, the last troll will not come for this girl, but
will try for the one the previous troll missed. Apparently, she must be the
good looking one of the bunch. Anyway, deal with this third troll and now you
will have...

Step #4 : Find that priestess quick. Deal with her the same way as you dealt 
with her sisters in the village. Ignore the demons - you ain’t got time for 
that. Get to her, grab her and then pound her senseless. When she gets up off 
the floor - do it again. This should just leave whatever demons have survived.
Finish them off.

You will normally get an opportunity to revive your Thanes before you kill the
last demon. Sometimes it even shows up between troll fights, or before step #4
above. You will receive a score card for your trouble. Confirm it and you are 
informed that apparently you are behind schedule and you get chucked into the 

You awaken from your fall in a very familiar room. Time to loosen up your thumb
and resist the golden sluts. Walk forward and start smashing the O button. You
want to hold out for at least two minutes this time (minimum of one, but you 
won’t get the bonus). At the end, you will get your score card for the 
objective. Confirm it and you will get a second score card for completing the 
episode. You will confirm this one too and begin...


Episode 8: Meet the Shadows [E8]

For this trip, you are all alone. First thing that you have to know in this 
area is while there are lots of hidden weapons pick-ups; there is nothing 
special with any of them. Therefore, I am not going to bother leading you to
all these hidden locations - feel free to wander around on your own. Instead,
I’m gonna direct you straight to your objective.

Begin this area by turning to the left, passing the weapons pick-up and 
approaching two stalagmites. They will start to glow at your approach. You can
smash them or run around them. If you smash them, pick one of the broken pieces
up, proceed down the path and chuck it at the tentacle monster trying to hide 
in the blood pit. Now into the blood you go, cross it and climb up to the hand
hold that is pouring blood into this pool. Jump up and climb on the ledge then
up the wall again and slightly right for the next hand hold. Then swing to the
right and grab the ledge there - climb up on top of it. You should now start 
hear someone yelling "Help me, Lord Beowulf" and someone else singing "We’ll 
all die alone" along with some other nonsense. Go to the far edge of the ledge
and use the two hand holds to cross over to another ledge. Once there, climb up
to another ledge then turn left and into the tunnel. 

You will see a large opening at the end of the path - careful; you will be 
ambushed by a tentacle monster hiding just to the left of the opening to this
room. Once you’ve dealt with him, turn right, go up two ledges, use the two
hand holds to swing left and onto a bridge. Cross the bridge and use the hand
holds on the wall to swing to your right and onto a ledge. You will need to use
all three power-up swings (holding the left analog stick to the right) before
you release the last hand hold to make it to the ledge. Climb up and turn left
into the tunnel. You will go up a ramp and into another blood pool. Look to the
right across the room to find a water slide. Go down it and follow the path to
another slide. This is the auto save point.

You should see that at the bottom of this second slide is a tentacle monster
waiting for you. Slide down and kill it. Behind this now-dead critter is
another slide. Down you go again. A few steps more and yup, down you go again.
Before you take a single step - find the carnal spore on the wall to your left.
Use it. Then slide down the final slide and take on the big objective: Kill the
Shadow Thanes.

There are a couple of things you must know before you go at these guys. First,
you are only going to be able to beat them by being in Carnal Fury. Second, you
are going to have to face waves of them that will require more time in Carnal 
Fury mode than the one charge you start with. Third, there are three locations
of carnal spores in this room to allow you to constantly stay in Carnal Fury
mode. One is directly to your left where you dropped in. There are two on the
far wall slightly left from where you dropped in and the final set of two are
on the right wall. They will grow back after you use them - it just takes time.
Finally, you can get two Shadow items here by stealing them from the Shadow
Thanes (see appendix B for details on this maneuver). It is the only place I
have found the Shadow Sword [SSW]. But you can also steal a Shadow Spear from
them. I have yet to be able to steal a Shadow Shield, I never even get the
option. As a side note - in the following fight it works very well if you are
armed with the Shadow Spear. If you got it, use the big swing move (either
single triangle attack or a double swing combo). 

So...once you get control of Beowulf, put him in the nasty Rage mode and fight
near the spores. As your carnal meter drops, hit one of the spores and recharge
then immediately move to the next set of spores. Fight there some more and
repeat the process. Odds are your legendary sword is going to break during this
fight unless you are willing to put it away and do some grab and smash actions,
drop it for a stolen Shadow Sword, or you kept the Shadow Spear from earlier.
No worries - you are invulnerable the whole time and you are free to use
unarmed regular combos should you break the thing. 

At the end, you will receive your score card for beating da Boyz and you will
be shown the door out of this room. Use the hand holds at the far end of the
room to climb up there. There is a club pick-up at the top, but you have to
trade your current stuff if you want it. Me...I keep the legendary stuff at all
times and I’ll get you a weapon (if you broke the legendary one and didn't
replace it by stealing a Shadow one) before you run into any combat...promise. 

Now head down the tunnel and drop off the edge to the base of the stair bridge
below. Before you cross the bridge, look to your right and you will see a sword
pick-up. See, I always keep my promises! Now head up the stairs.

At the end of the first flight, turn right to continue and deal with those few
evil toadies coming at you. Continue following the stairs as far as they go, 
killing anything in your path, until you end in what looks like a wall. It’s 
not a wall, climb it and you will find more stairs. On and on, round and round
you go. Finally you’ll reach the top and head through a tunnel. Through the 
tunnel, as you approach its end, BAM suddenly your health bar will flash and
you’ve got your merry band of Thanes back. But...where are they?

Look down - they are in pitched battle. Drop down this long slide and when you
get to the ledge, you are given your objective: Protect your Thanes. This is an
auto save point.

There is a weapons pick-up on a ledge to your left, but you don’t have time for
that (and you shouldn’t need it anyway). Get down with the Thanes quick. Take 
out this first wave of bad guys then order your Thanes to roll the stone and 
block the passage on this bottom level. Start cheerleading quick or you will 
have more of these demons on your hands then you really want. Once that is 
done, a horde drops on you from above and, while his beer-belly self takes a 
while to climb down, an armored AND armed troll shows up from above (it’s one 
troll wearing armor and carrying a weapon not two separate trolls).

You gotta deal with the troll and he has got his eyes set on you. Be careful to
use a lot of maneuvering because he likes to trap you in corners and then wail.
You can’t take that for very long. The good news is since this is a fairly
small environment; he kills a lot of the little guys for you. You can expect to
have both your shield and sword break during this battle. If you got the Shadow
Spear...no issues. There is a couple of carnal spores on the wall if you just
can't get through this. They will allow you to Carnal Fury the heck out of 
everything - dispatch the troll first with the appendix B maneuver then go for
everyone else. When it is over, you get a score card for the objective.
Jump/climb the ledge where the bad guys came from and you will find an axe 
pick-up. You get a little dusty as you are told that "The Wolf has swallowed 
the sun"...huh? Oh well, this story line sure seems a bit confused and 
incomplete doesn’t it? But at least you will be shown the way out. A second 
score card should appear for finishing the episode. Have your men close the 
rolling stone passage up here as well, if for no other reason than the free 
health point bonus. I know you are wondering - the hand holds and ledge above 
you. There is nothing but a sword pick-up. Go look if you don’t believe me. Now
if want that club I had you pass by, you can use the hand holds from on this 
higher ledge to cross your engagement area and get it. Personally - as long as
I got a weapon I can do just fine. So, once you do whatever you decide to do, 
drop back down onto the level where you had your battle royale and head out 
that door you were shown in the cut scene. You are going to have to wade 
through the blood pit and deal with a tentacle monster before you get there.
Now into the tunnel. Follow it onto dry land and down a long slide to begin...


Episode 9: In a Wolf’s Skin [E9]

This is an auto-save point. Sir Anthony will yammer some more (almost like he 
is suggesting you need to start peeing in corners) and up the ramp you go. 
There is another Shadow weapon up here - the shield [SSH]. On the second flat 
area as you go up the ramp - the one with the skulls on pikes and the fire 
pillar, drop and hang off the left side. Adjust your camera to see the two 
hand holds below you. Drop down to the lowest hand hold. Then drop again - you
will grab onto a ledge that you might have trouble seeing. Then do the 
Spiderman thing to the left until you can climb up into an alcove.

Back on the landing, keep going up to the top until you reach a large area with
several fire pillars and a fire pit. As you try to cross this area and out the
doorway on the far side, it will magically seal and you will be beset by a
bunch of demons and given the nasty objective to: Defeat the wolf. I still
gotta wonder - who the hell is this wolf and where does he come from? I guess I
just don’t get how this all fits in. But...a boss fight is a boss fight.

This is a lot like the Grendel fight from earlier. When the wolf skeleton thing
shows up by jumping out of the fire pit, you will notice he has a health bar
with three segments...hmmmm...just like Grendel. Best bet is to stand in front
of him, dodge his paw swipes and smack him (he seems to be right handed as all
the paw swipes come from his right paw - that would be your left). Once you
have lowered his health to the first square, he will collapse in a heap. Start
smashing the O button to grab his head and jump on his back, then keep smashing
the O button to 'struggle' meaning lay a smack down on him. After a bit, he
will jump up and then dive into the fire pit. The doorway will be unsealed and
you will be given the opportunity to get any dead Thanes back. As you head
toward that doorway, look between the fire pillars to find a spear pick-up. I
kinda figure your weapon has broken by now! So...head through the doorway.

Turn left and run up the ramp to enter the second fight area. This time you 
will find 4 fire pits. This creates a bit of an issue as the critter is able 
to dive in one pit and resurface in another so you end up chasing him around. 
In addition, he has come up with a couple of new attacks: the bite and the 
charge. As if that isn’t just a load of good news, after you get into his final
health bar, a priestess will show up. You have to break off the attack on the 
wolf to deal with her or all your Thanes are goners and you have to restart. To
defend his new attacks: smash the O button to avoid taking heavy damage and 
break free when he bites down on you. The charge is unstoppable but you can 
dodge it and stay out of the way. If you’re not a good dodger, just run/roll 
out of his way. There is an upside to this attack and that is that he kills a 
lot of his own minions when he uses it.

A similar fighting style as before will get you where you want to be. Stand in
front of him and dodge his paw swipe and then add a combo to drop his health to
the first box. Once it goes red, smash the O button to get on his back, smash 
the O button to smack him then smash the O button to get on his head and smack
him some more. A priestess will now show up - go get her. Then go back to the 
wolf and do the dodge and combo maneuver until the final box on his health bar
is red.

For the finishing move, smash O to get on his back, smash O to hit him, smash O
to get on his head then press a random button to swing onto his mouth and then
smash O to finish him off (that last move is listed as grab? I guess you are 
pulling out his brain or something but there is no clear graphic on this.)
If you dork any of the finishing moves up, he will dive back into the pit and 
regenerate half his health bar so you gotta go back to square one to whoop him.

If you are having a problem with the O button smashing, you can always go 
Carnal Fury and you don’t have to smash it so much - it becomes real easy. For
some reason, I have not been able to gain the Carnal Finish bonus. It always 
seems to give you an Heroic bonus no matter what I do. Once he is dead and the
little demons gone; you get your episode complete score card as usual. Confirm 
it and you will get a nifty cut scene and return to the palace where you seem 
to be suffering from some real weird dreams. Also note that there is more than 
one cut scene that you can get for this interlude. If you have followed my 
directions and only used Carnal Fury when I told you - killing everyone else in
a traditional manner - folks are very happy with you, even the Queen! On the 
other hand, if you got all crazy with the Carnal Fury you are gonna find your
subjects rather bummed. You will also find that Unferth and Wiglaf talk to you
differently depending on your Carnal and Heroic level.

You learn that Brecca-yeah the same guy you were racing at the very beginning,
has landed some ships on your shore and seems intent on taking over. Talk to 
Unferth and Wiglaf to purchase Carnal and Heroic upgrades. If you did things 
the right way, you should be able to stock up heavy on the Heroic stuff (I like
to even out my purchases among all the attributes) and lightly on the Carnal 
stuff (I start by buying heavy in the attribute that shortens that amount of 
time Beowulf acts drunk after using his fury). Once you are set, go to Wulfgar
and let’s select Pernicious Falls. Equip your legendary stuff or Shadow stuff
(which ever you prefer) and take off - to battle. Now it’s time for...


Episode 10: Treacherous Falls [E10]

You will start with your band on the beach. Head forward and let your Thanes 
break the wooden barrier. Continue along the path and you will zoom in on the 
burnt wreckage of ships. To your front is a sword pick-up, and you will see
some hand holds on the wall to your right. You don’t need to go up there as it
will lead up and to the left to a ledge with a shield pick-up. If you insist,
you can walk along this high path and the camera will zoom in on your target -
a gate wheel and the bridge it lowers. But if you trusted me instead...

Cross the wooden bridge to your left down on the beach and deal with those
ruffians. Once these critters are dead, the gate wheel will rise. Have your men
turn it to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge until you come to a large boulder
on the right. If you start heading up a path - you’ve gone too far. Once at the
boulder, go to the back side of it and locate the hand hold on the wall. Use it
to launch yourself up onto a ledge and free the Thane that has been
caterwauling ever since you got here. He joins your army. 

Now drop down, go back around the boulder and start up that path. At the end
you will see another gate wheel and a small horde of those critters (called
formors). Drop down the slide and take care of them. Beware, however, some of
them will try and stay on a high ledge and throw spears down on you. If that
happens, climb up and clear the ledge and then return to the bottom to finish
the fight. Once they are gone you will hear a battle cry and be given the next
objective: Kill the Formor leader. Here comes another group of them. Get on top
of the ledge where the leader is located (there’s an axe pick-up here) and he
will run for higher ground. Don’t try to make that same climb he just performed
- you can’t. Instead, drop back down and start wasting the toadies he sent.
This will cause him to shift further passed the gate. Deal with whatever is
left and then have your men turn the gate wheel to open the next section.

Now, proceed down the path and hang a hard left. You will see a boulder held in
place by wooden supports. Look to the left on the wall to find a hand hold, use
it to climb up and go get that leader. As long as that leader is alive, you 
will keep getting wave after wave of those little critters. 

Once you have finished them, order your men to free the boulder (group command
-L1- and then triangle,just like with the gate wheels). Once the boulder is
free, it will roll down hill and break the rocks covering a gate wheel. Follow
the path down and order your men to start turning the wheel. Don’t bother to
try cheering them on as you will immediately be ambushed by some of Brecca’s
men. You must defend your wheel turners. This will lower the bridge. I want you
to note that little cave in the wall just in front of the bridge. If you go in
it, there is only a small fire and a shield pick-up along with a gate. This
gate is a short cut for later on. Remember it. Finish off the heathens and
cross the bridge. As you cross, look slightly to the right to see a wooden
fence just passed the end of the bridge. There is also a red banner, Herot’s
Banner, to the left of the path. You can use that to purchase upgrades or to
re-equip weapons if you broke them. Once you get over there you are also going
to have yet another objective: Crush the Horde. More of those little critters
are gonna drop down. Sometime during or after the fight you have to get behind
that fence and take the Hero rune on the ground [H9].

Now climb the ledge and head up to the next level. Continue along this path 
until you see another boulder being held by a wooden structure. You should now
hear some cries for help. The game seems to want you to release this boulder so
that you can crush a troll on the lower level. However, you will be ambushed by
so many enemies that getting 3 Thanes to break the boulder is near impossible.

Run by the ambushers to the end of this path and look to the left. An armored 
troll is on a level below you killing villagers. Drop down and take care of the
troll while your men handle the ambush. If you don't the troll will climb up
and make your life miserable. Once Big Ugly is done for, you can go back up and
help your Thanes deal with the waves of barbarians and critters. Once they are
all dead, you should get a score card for completing the objective. Confirm it.

Now I want you to face that boulder (or where that boulder used to be if you
had yer gang cut it loose). Look to the far right corner to see a ledge (this
is the same ledge that the barbarians were piling off of). Climb up there and
you will find one of those giant wooden thimbles and a weapons rack. Behind the
thimble is a Carnal rune [C10]. Now go back and stand at the edge you climbed
up. Look across and you should see a Thane caught on a ledge (he’s been crying
for some time now). Turn to your right and look at the wall. Climb up and
Beowulf will grab a ledge. Spiderman yourself to the left until you can’t go
any further and then drop down. You will automatically grab another ledge.
Shimmy to the left a little more and climb up onto the helpless Thane’s
platform - approach him so he will join your army and then pick up the Hero
rune behind him [H10]. Now drop down to where the boulder is/was. If you can’t
do that - just go back the way you came. Now continue on your original path
into an alcove with a large metal circular disc on the wall and two fire 
pillars. Behind the fire pillar on your right is a Carnal rune [C11].  The disc
itself can’t be moved right now, but don’t forget where it is. Look to the
right and you should see the open gateway. As you head through you will receive
a score card for completing the episode. Drop down the rockslide and the camera
will zoom in on some dead villagers. Seems your peasants’ lifespan is somewhat
short these days. At the bottom you will find you have now started...


Episode 11: Retaliation [E11]

Continue down the path and take another rock slide. Keep going and you will 
head outside and the path will turn to the right where there is another rock 
slide. At the bottom you will have a choice - go forward over the wooden bridge
or take a small path to the right. Take the small path until you see a hand 
hold on the wall to your right. There are actually two of them; one above the 
other. Use them to go up until you grab a ledge. Then shimmy to the left until
you see another hand hold above you. Climb up to that and use it to grab onto 
the edge of a small alcove. Climb into the alcove and find the legendary spear
[LSP]. When you take that, you will automatically drop the sword and shield. 

Not to fret, you won’t lose them permanently, but for the rest of this 
adventure you will be stuck with the spear (unless you somehow manage to break
it in the next series of fights - then you will have to run back here and pick
the shield and sword back up). I prefer to keep the spear. A quick note on 
fighting with the spear. First, you can still use defensive mode. Second, take
a couple practice swings to see the different combos available. The coolest one
is similar to my other favorite and covers a lot more ground. You stay in 
defensive mode. Move the analog stick left or right and press X to dodge. Then
hit square and then triangle. These last two buttons have to be timed right - 
you press them after the dodge is completed. This combo move unleashes a 
baseball style double swing that even Hank Aaron would be proud of. Anyhow...

Go back to your Thanes waiting patiently on the rocky path below. Now cross 
that wooden bridge and start heading down toward the beach. A cut scene will 
stop you for a moment letting you know Brecca has reached your kingdom. The 
camera will pan over his newly won treasure of your seaside village. Proceed 
down the beach and you will be given your next object: open the gate to the 
village (I’m not even gonna try and spell it). A horde of barbarians and little
critters will come piling down from the walls.

The trick to this is to first clear the spear chuckers above the gate. To do
this, follow the beach on the left until you find the handholds on the side of
a wooden tower. They will be right behind a weapons pick up. Climb them, over
the tower and drop in on those furry little devils. Once you have cleared them,
you can proceed straight across toward the cliff wall, down the ramp to your
right and help out your Thanes on the beach. 

Once you get back on the ground in front of the gate, assign 3 Thanes to turn
the wheel while you protect them. Once you have opened the gate, you will get a
score card for completing the objective. The interior gate will also open.
So...go through the outer gate, take a left then a quick right and then another
right and head up the small incline. Then take a left through the interior
gate. Follow the path and just as you see the center of the village you are
given the next objective: Hunt down and kill another Formor leader.

He is up on that high scaffolding. To get him down, locate the small alcove to
your right where fire pillars are burning. You should see handholds up the 
wall. Climb them and take out whatever is up on this ledge. The chicken shit
leader will now drop down to ground level. Now drop back down and go get him.
The longer he is alive, the more critters he will summon from the sea. Once he
is dead you will get your score card. Confirm it and the gate on the beach will
open for you. Follow the ramp down to the beach, take a right and head through
the gate.

Wade into the water to the right and follow this pathway. It will wind around
some rocks and put you on another section of beach that appears to have a wall
blocking the way. To the left is another Herot’s Banner. Use it to purchase 
extra attributes or re-equip any broken weapons. Now climb the wall. This next
part kind of sucks. As you move through the gate that is up here and into 
another section of the village you will be given a familiar objective: Hunt 
down and kill the Formor leader. This time, however, there is a condition - you
have to use your Carnal Fury. The odds are your entire band is going to be in
Hero Mode which means the only way to get into Carnal Mode is to give up all 
that pretty blue glowing stuff. First beat all the little critters on this 
level. Once everyone on your level has been killed, go stand under the wooden
scaffold to the right of the entrance where a fire is burning both top and 
bottom and set off your Carnal Fury - this will cause the leader to move. 
Trigger back to normal as soon as you can.

Now look at the water across from the entrance. You will see an overturned 
wagon blocking a wooden tower with hand holds. Break the wagon and climb the 
tower. If you are paying attention you will see that the leader has moved to 
the bridge near the waterfall to your right. When you get to the top of the 
tower, he foolishly comes to the edge of the ramp near a fire. Bad move midget
man. Once at the top of the tower, you will have to drop down the other side 
where three bad guys are waiting for you. Waste them and then set off your 
Carnal Fury right under the little fire next to our target. This will cause him
to fall down the ramp. 

Turn off your Carnal Fury and beat him in normal fighting mode. You gotta catch
him quick or he will escape down the wooden scaffolding to the beach and start
summoning more little critters. That will force you to beat the barbarians up
here before you can slide down to the beach to deal with him and his horde. 
That’s a problem since some of your Thanes will get in trouble while you are up
on the wood platform screwing around. Once he is dead, you will get your score
card. Confirm it and you will see another gate rise. Proceed down the wooden
walkway off the scaffolding and take a left. Look to the right for a break in
the wood. This is a ramp to the beach where you will be reunited with your
Thanes. Turn to the right and go through the newly opened gate.

The path through the gate will take a winding right and then sharp left turn 
ending in a rock slide that puts you back on the beach. You should be at 
Brecca’s landing area (you can tell by the boats). There is a large stone 
structure in front of you. Walk forward and slightly left to cross the opening
and you will be given a not-so-new objective: Hunt down and kill the Formor 
leader. It looks like he is perched on the second level of the stone tower.

The first wave of barbarians and little critters will come at you so deal with
them. As a strategic note - keep this fight on the beach as much as possible. 
Getting caught in the cramped tower can be difficult to deal with. Somewhere in
the middle of this fight a second wave comes in from the beach and this time 
they will have an armored troll with them. Focus on that troll. You can’t go 
after the leader yet since he is going to jump around and the troll will 
slaughter your Thanes. Once the troll is done, go into the stone tower all the
way to the back and look on the left wall. There should be some peg looking 
hand holds. Climb up to get the first one, then jump to the second one, then 
jump left to land on a wooden platform. There will be some little critters up
here to deal with and it will force the leader to abandon his perch. He 
normally flees to the beach. So...drop down and bee line for him. Once you kill
him you get the score card for completing the objective. Again, as long as he
is alive he will keep summoning more critters to mess with your merry band.
When you confirm the score - the gate wheel on the beach will raise. Just a
quick note, sometimes if you kill the leader but some barbarians still survive
- they seem to just stand rigid to let you finish them off...go figure.

This next objective (Protect the Holly Relic) is usually the one that drives 
folks batty. There is a strategic method to dealing with this, but before I get
into that - let’s describe the layout. After you turn the gate wheel and open 
the gate the path will break into three pieces: left, center and right. The 
right path will dead end into one of those rolling stones that must be closed
to block a passage. If you don’t close this, that path does an end around up to
the top allowing bad guys to bypass your Thanes and come right at you. 

The center and right pathways will actually loop around and meet at a clearing
that forms the base before the wooden structure that holds the cross. In
addition, there are two really large boulders held in place at the top of the
left and center paths. Once the wooden supports are broken they will roll
straight the paths handing out major damage and/or killing whatever is in their
way and then disappear onto the beach. 

There are really only two decent places to fight - on the beach or up by the
cross. The pathways are entirely too narrow and if someone gets by you or goes
a different direction - they are gonna destroy the relic and you will be
starting over. For those of you who say "Aha...I’ll just draw a line in the
sand at the gate to keep them from coming in," I got bad news. There is no way
you can hold them all here - someone will get by and force you to chase them.
So while you are busy blocking the gate - they are busy destroying the cross.
If that’s not bad enough, if you get pushed back up in the passage, you are
gonna have a rain-of-spears coming down from little critters up on a high ledge
who got blocked by that stone you rolled earlier. They tend to just hang up
there instead of turning around and joining the fray. On occasion, one or two
will drop off that ledge behind you which gives them a free run at the cross -
another reason not to try the 'line-in-the-sand' tactic. So...here’s the trick.

The very first thing you do is take the right path and hurry up and close that
passageway. This will cut off the one passage way they can take to bypass your
men. That means you can’t screw up the musical challenge too bad or you will
have a serious time problem on your hands. Then bee line up and stand your
ground for wave number one in the clearing at the top. I always have Beowulf 
fighting close to the cross on the wooden ramp heading up to it. He’s the last
line of defense. Priority should be placed on any barbarian with a hammer - 
those do wicked quick damage to the cross. Your greatest weapon will be that
spear and its ability to make huge circles of destruction. I would recommend a
little practice on the beach after beating the Formor leader so that you know
how to get him to attack with a big swing by only using a single button
(triangle) instead of an entire combo. Here is a word of warning: you can break
the relic yourself if you are in Carnal Fury mode so beware of activating it
when you are on the platform with the cross! The earlier big baseball swing
will work when you pull off the combo I described (defense mode by holding the
L2,analog stick left or right and then press X to dodge, then square and then 

This can be done even if there is no bad guy swinging at you. However, and this
is a biggie - there are two distinct drawbacks. First, a combo takes time and
space (especially when using the spear). Since there are a lot of enemies bum
rushing you, when you unleash the combo you will find you keep moving away from
the cross. This gives some little guys the opportunity to get around you and
start wrecking the relic.

Normally, you can get away with one or maybe two big combos in the clearing
then you will have to run to the cross to get rid of the sucker that got by.
Second, that spear combo takes up a whole lot of room and if you unleash it on
the wooden platform with the cross, the odds are you will hit the relic
yourself a time or two. Helping the bad guys’ cause is not good. So...stick
with the single button swing and use only one or two big combos in the clearing
if you are pressed and then head to the cross and use repeated single strikes
to deal with the folks that got by you. A two button regular combo (not in
defensive mode, just press square and triangle) is very effective up here. You
will hit and then impale a bad guy. You will then lift the bad guy on the end
of your spear, turn around, and slam him to the ground. If you are paying
attention, you can aim the slamming part into a group of onrushing bad guys
behind you and deal them some serious damage without taking large arching
swings. That is EXTREMELY effective.

Now you have a choice: you can wait until the next wave of the enemy hits the
beach and set your guys to breaking the wooden support of the left boulder. 
Hold off on the cheerleading maneuver unless it become obvious they won’t break
the struts in time to smoosh the bad guys. From here on the horde normally 
breaks into two pieces - the little critters will go about one path and the 
barbarians like to take the other. However, if you do this you are gonna have
to hold off the last wave without boulder assistance. The other choice is to 
not break the boulder and make your second stand and destroy the entire second
wave with just your men. Since it always seems more difficult to hold off the
wave - I go for that first choice and hold off the second wave of bad guys 
without using the boulder. My logic is: if I have to restart, I’d rather do it
early and not watch a lot of work lost. This is another reason to have Beowulf
up top. Once I have killed that wave, I move onto the next wave which is 

The boulder at the top of that center path is reserved for them. Trying to hold
one troll is doable...holding two back? Uh uh. Not even gonna try, especially 
when they come with a bunch of little trouble makers - it’s just easier to make
them go squish with the boulder. Once again, the trick is timing. Roll it too 
early and you gotta deal with them. Roll it too late - and you are already 
dealing with them. They also like to split up so time the boulder to squish 
them when they are at the gate coming up.
You should be left with one more wave which I deal with using the left boulder.
The wave will split just like the second wave did - little critters up the 
center and the barbarians do an end around up the left path. Make sure you 
squish the barbarians. Then just kill the little guys.
ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Now, if you decide to use the appendix B maneuver 
(Troll Quick Kill) - your tactic here changes completely. There is a YouTube
video that kind of shows this, but the player misuses the boulders and makes
life harder than it has to be. The correct method should be:

#1 : Roll the stone on the right path to block the roundabout passage. This 
will force the bad guys rushing up to have to go through the buzz saw of your
Thanes and will thin their numbers. Use your leadership/cheerleading ability to
speed this up.

#2 : Run to the wooden ramp where the cross is. The first wave of bad guys is
very light. Just wait there and the few that get by your men are easy to 

#3 : Wait for the red eye to show up allowing you to see the next wave coming 
in on the beach. Now have your men start breaking loose ONE and only ONE 
boulder (I start with the one over the center path since the timing is a 
little bit more difficult). Stand on the wooden platform with the cross and 
compare the pace of the on rushing horde with your men’s pace of breaking the 
boulder loose (by pressing L1 and checking the percentage number). Most times 
you will have to start cheerleading them almost immediately. The boulder will 
roll down and wipe out most of the little guys and do major damage to the 
barbarians. Those who survive the crush will get a beat down by your Thanes and
you should easily be able to handle the few that finally get to you. The 
priority should be on flattening the barbarians and not the little critters. 
REMEMBER the barbarians and little guys like to split up with one going up the
left path so that center path boulder needs to catch them as they enter the 

#4 : Run/roll down to the beach and quick kill the trolls. Start with the one
in the lead. You can always chase the other one down if he doesn’t stop to help
his partner. Be mindful of those little critters that have been hanging out on
that far back ledge (the spear chuckers) as they may try and jump down and
get behind you to beat up the cross.

#5 : Run/roll back to the top and order your men to start breaking loose the 
last boulder. You will probably have to cheerlead them as well - just make sure
you check your timing and you catch the barbarians coming up the left path. 
This is easier since that boulder will be rolling right down that path.

#6 : That’s it: the end.
Legend v. Thane Note: The timing changes for the boulder rolls. In Legend mode,
there will be no time to actually compare the rates of the on rushing horde and
the speed of your men working on the boulder. Start your Rah-Rah thing as soon
as you assign the men to the boulder or you will almost always be late. If you
mess up the musical challenge - get your men off the boulder and start fighting
(do this by using the rally command).
You should immediately get your score card. Confirm it and listen to Brecca 
babble on about how he’s still got more for you. Bah...blowhard. Anyway, that 
cut scene is followed by another score card for the episode. Confirm this and 
another cut scene follows where an old crone gives you a cross. Revive any 
fallen Thanes and we are off to...


Episode 12: The Norse Seas [E12]

I know that the gate wheel has risen and you are aching to turn it, but let’s 
pick up the rune stones first. Standing at the top of the center lane looking 
down hill, face to the left and follow the path around to the right like you 
were going to the back side of the rolling stone you pushed earlier. There's a 
clearly visible Hero rune [H11]. Now turn around like you are going back 
the same way you came only this time follow the right edge of the ledge. After
passing under the sad looking wooden arches and  by the spear pick-up, the path
will widen to the right and you will see one of those wooden thimble things.
Look behind it for a Carnal rune [C12]. Now go stand with your back to the
wooden platform the cross was on. Run to the far left corner beyond where the
boulder used to be. You will find this Hero rune lying in the corner [H12]. Now
you can turn the gate wheel with the crosses on it. Turning the wheel lowers a
wooden bridge over by where you found the Carnal rune. Cross the bridge and 
enter the tunnel. Seems Wiglaf has decided to pull his little girl imitation
and stay behind. What a wuss-wuss boy. Oddly enough, while he says he’s hanging
back - he actually goes with you. Guess he grew a pair in like 30 seconds. 
Anyway, into the tunnel you go, follow the path till it ends, turn right and 
down the slide you go.

All I can say is follow the path since there is nowhere else to go. Stop at the
waterfall and look back into the chasm. Across the way you will see a wooden 
thimble on a ledge with a blue glow next to it. You should also see the hand 
hold on the back side of the bridge ledge and a series of hand holds further up
the wall. Now go back to that landing, climb down and get the rune stone [H13].
Then use the series of hand holds above you to swing over to the right. This 
can be a little annoying if you don’t know the trick. Here is the key: when you
want Beowulf to release, have him swing and then just tap the O button once and
he will really fly. If you tap it repeatedly, he will scramble which slows him
down and he can’t make the jump between the hand holds and you fall. Just like
everything else, Beowulf cannot be killed here. If you screw up the jumps 
before the crevice, you will land on the ledge you were just on. This allows 
you to try again. If you screw up after the crevice, you will fall and grab a
fern covered ledge that will allow you to do the Tarzan to the right and get to
where we are going anyway. Now for the crevice: there are two hand holds with a
crevice between them. A single swing is the only way to cross it. If you try 
two or three swings, Beowulf will refuse to release his grip. At the last hand
hold launch yourself to the right toward a ledge you can barely see. You will 
miss and Beowulf will slide down just a bit and latch onto a ledge of what 
looks like hanging ferns. Now climb up. You will find two runes, one Carnal 
[C13] and one Hero [H14]. Now you have to get back. The easy way is to locate
the rock slide that runs off this ledge. Slide down it and run all the way to 
the end of the path. The waterfall should be on your right. While facing the 
wall and standing as close to the right hand edge as possible, start to climb
the wall then move your analog stick to the right and repeatedly tap the O 
button to make him scramble. Soon enough he will slowly slide down the wall 
onto the path next to the waterfall. Once your Thanes get to you, keep moving 
down the path. It will appear to dead end, just face left and drop down. You 
can only go one way so I’m not gonna waste time describing each step. You will
finally end at an edge that shows an outside clearing with a gate and gate 
wheel.  Down the slide you go. Your presence activates the gate wheel and then
you are ambushed from behind.

This is a never ending ambush of 4 little critters. Order your Thanes to turn
the wheel. Feel free to cheer them on since those who aren’t turning can easily
handle the runts who keep dropping in. This will raise the gate. This is the 
shortcut through that cave I told you about earlier in episode 10. Before you
enter, however, I want you to stand right in front of the gate and look to your
right. You will see the edge of the path and your boat on the water in the 
distance. Drop off that edge so that Beowulf is hanging. You might not be able
to see it, but there is a ledge running to your right as you are hanging. Do 
that Spiderman thing and he will scoot along that ledge until you can climb up
onto the end of a path. Run to the end of the path where it is blocked by a 
boulder. Turn to the right and face the wall. There is a well-camouflaged hand
hold right above you. Climb the wall and grab the hand hold. Then jump to the
next hand hold above it. Then jump up again and you will grab a ledge. 
Spiderman your way to the left and around the corner. Above you is another set
of hand holds that will lead you to the top of this rock. There is the 
legendary axe [LA] and a Carnal rune [C14]. If you look out over the scenery to
the right of the axe pick-up you will see, in order from right to left, a gate
wheel covered in stone and a cave. That is where the shortcut leads to. 
Remember that cave back in episode 10 I told you to remember? Well, that’s it
and that’s where we are going. Return the way you came all the way back to the
gate wheel you turned while the neverending spawning of 4 critters was at and
enter the gate. 

Follow the path and you will come out in that cave (we are heading back to that
first large metal disc we could not open back in Episode 10). Exit the cave and
turn right. Cross the wood bridge and follow the path to climb up to the next 
level. Continue forward until wooden fences block your way. Bust them and make
your way into that dark alcove with fire pillars. On the back wall is the disc.
Order your men to open it and you will get an additional man for your army as 
well as another Hero rune [H15].

Now, retrace your steps to the cave and back through your shortcut. As you 
exit. if you look straight across the clearing passed the gate wheel you will
see a path that leads down to the water with another large metal disc on the 
wall. Order your Thanes to open the disc. You can cheer them on since your 
other Thanes will hold off those pesky critters. Behind the big disc is both a
Carnal rune [C15] and another Hero rune [H16]. Head back out of this little 
room and turn right onto the path toward the water. You will see another Carnal
rune lying on the right side of the path [C16]. This is the final rune piece.
As you approach the pier, a cut scene will take over. It appears you are gonna
have to chase down Brecca.

This is a very rudimentary challenge. The first part is a pair of those musical
challenges. It’s only slightly more difficult than the one from the prologue 
because of the random sort of pattern. You shouldn’t have a problem. Once this
is over, you will find yourself on the beach facing a bunch of barbarians. Your
goal is to get rid of the barbarians and scale the wall to deal with Brecca 
himself. Alright big fella - go get ‘em. Once you deal with the horde on the 
beach, just walk on down to find a hand hold on the rocky sea wall to your left
and climb it to a ledge. There will probably be one or two critters there - 
whack them a good one and then climb up to the next ledge and deal with Brecca
himself. For a boss battle this is a bit of a joke. Stay in defensive mode and
you will parry everything he throws at you. He has three attacks: a quick 
double swing, a big overhand smash, and a grab-head butt. His quick double 
swings you can try and dodge and counter attack - but you have to time it just
right. It’s easier to stay defensive which will auto-block these attacks. Wait
for him to take his big overhand smash swing and then pound him with a dodge 
followed by a combo. He telegraphs that maneuver by winding up like he’s 
throwing a baseball. If he grabs you, smash the O button to break his grip 
which he follows up with a head butt. If you are really fast with your button
mashing you can reverse the tables on him and hurt him big time with a grab 
move of your own. This should be an easy kill and you will get a bonus for the
Heroic Finish. If you gotta go Carnal on him - so be it. Once this is over you
will be off to visit the Norse God of the Underworld (her name is Hel) in her
icy kingdom.  This leads us to...


Episode 13: Hel Ride [E13]

The first objective is actually a set of three challenges. The hardest piece 
being where you get dropped off on dry land to run along and break magical keys
(they look like polished jagged blue pieces of ice sticking straight up in a 
base) to open ice walls so your Thanes in the boat don’t go glug glug down to
Davey Jones’ locker.

The first one is really simple and really obvious. You are dropped off on the
left bank. Just run down the path, break the ice stalagmite blocking your path
and then run to the magic key and break it. Time is a small factor so don’t 
dilly-dally too much.

The second challenge is a pair of those really simple musical challenges where
you are attempting to avoid becoming the Titanic Part II. Even though your 
Thane in the bow seems to think these are reefs - they are clearly mini 
icebergs. Perhaps an eye exam is in order for the men? Health care appears to
have even been an issue in Ye Olde Tymes, no?

The third challenge is another run-along-dry-land-and-break-the-magic-key. This
one can be a bit tricky since sometimes the game shows you the wrong key to 
start giving you the idea that you are after the one in the distance. Follow 
the path and break the ice stalagmites. Then climb over the fallen ice pillar.
NOW STOP and look to your right - that’s the key to break. Once you do...start
running along the path and look to the left below the ice ledge for two hand 
holds. Climb them, then to the right to grab the ledge. Climb up. Look to the
left and you will see a discolored section of the wall. Break it and the Shadow
Hammer [SH] is there. Don’t worry about the small loss of time since that 
hammer hands out major damage and will crush the keys with a single blow. Run
across the ledge to the far side, go down an ice slide and the magic key is 
right next to the water. Once you have done that, your boat seems to stop. 
Weird time to find an achor...huh? 

Take a few steps further and they start back into that "Hurry, Lord. We can’t
slow down the ship." The camera will zoom into the magic key on the other side
of the river. Run along your side and keep looking left to find a series of
three hand holds, one above the other, on the left side. Climb up them then to
the right to grab the ledge. Climb on top of that and you will find yourself on
a bridge over the river. Cross the bridge and you will see another discolored
section of wall at the end. Break that open, enter the tunnel and then turn
left to drop down an ice slide. Exit the tunnel and you will find the key
directly to your right. Again,your boat seems to find an anchor.

Take a few more steps down the path and we kick off the final piece. You have
to know the trick (which you actually already do) to beat this. First run down
the path until you see the hand holds on the wall to your right. Climb up to
grab the first one and keep going. There are four of them. Once at the top,
take three swings to your left and then press the O button just once and 
Beowulf will go flying and grab that next hand hold. Do it again, three swings
and launch, and you will skip the next hand holds and land right on the ice
bridge. Cross over to the other side, down the ice slide and then grab the hand
holds on the far wall. Climb up two hand holds. Use one swing to launch right.
Then use the three swing method twice in a row to grab a hand hold and then the
second time to land on the bridge. Turn around and the key will be out a little
ways on the bridge. Break it then keep crossing the bridge and down the ice
slide. Run through the tunnel and into an open alcove where you get to hear
Hrothgar tell the truth. When he is done with his confession, keep moving
through the tunnel toward a glowing orb hanging in the middle of the passage.
Now you get to do the resist-the-golden-sluts trick one more time. Start
smashing that O button. Again, minimum of one but you want to go for two
minutes. This will get you a score card and leads us to...


Episode 14: Two Kings in Hel [E14]

To begin, run forward and your men will join you. Next to your ship is a 
Herot’s Banner. I strongly suggest using this to upgrade your attributes, as 
the next fight can be a little frustrating. Then follow the ice path straight
forward then up and to the left. Near the top, the path will bend to the right
and through a large gateway. This next challenge is a peach if ever there was
one. The objective is to Kill Hela (funny how they changed the spelling of her
name). The camera will auto zoom to give you a layout of the engagement area. 
There is a downward ramp to your left with a large boulder at the top, a 
rolling stone made out of ice halfway down and then an ice troll guarding three
magic keys at the bottom. Hel herself is on an ice throne on top of a giant 
pillar in the center at the far end. Then another ice troll guarding three 
magic keys at the bottom of a ramp blocked by a rolling stone made of ice with
another boulder at the top of the ramp on the right. Straight in front of you 
are two large steps with a gate wheel right in the middle.

Alright, this is how the bad guys work. The minute you kick off, the trolls are
heading up the center steps to come get you. Hel is gonna do her banshee 
screaming which causes big icicles to drop down on the lower level and when 
they hit they release these annoying ice demons normally armed with spears.

Your goal is to break those 6 magic keys, defeat the trolls and clear the waves
of demons. This will cause the ice gate wheel on that center stair to activate.
Then you have to have your men turn the wheel while you defend them from waves
of more icicle demons and a couple priestesses in order to break the ice 
supports around Hel’s throne pillar to expose a series of hand holds. Then, 
while your Thanes hold off the demons and priestesses, you climb up there and 
beat the snot out of Hel. Too easy, right? (Needless to say, I hope my readers
enjoy a bit of sarcasm). Seriously, let’s deal with this the same way you eat
an elephant...one bite at a time.

Stage 1 : Breaking the keys and killing the trolls (along with their little 
minions). There are two ways to go about this. Tactic One - just go straight 
down the stairs, slaughter the trolls (there will be three of them by the time
you are done) with the Carnal quick kill from appendix B (depending on the 
upgrades you purchased you may have to do this move twice per troll), and break
the keys. It’s doable, but makes you a little girl with pigtails and a lollipop
for avoiding the real hard and dirty work. In regular non-Carnal mode this is 
hard - damn hard, and you have to be an expert in combat. In addition, your 
Thanes die quick and you gotta get this done before Stage 2 or you will get 
restarted because your entire army is dead. This has happened to me so many 
times, I think I could vomit. In fact, I have yet to get restarted on this 
level because I die - it’s always because I lose all my Thanes. There are two
problems: the first is that Hel keeps activating another troll by the time you
kill one, the second is those icicle demons will be dropping right on your head
and interrupting you constantly and the trolls will not take kindly to your 
presence. This is a straight forward tactic and I have no advice to you except
what you already know regarding combat skills. I don’t suggest this, but you 
are free to try it. Tactic Two - use the boulders. The primary advantage to 
this is it buys time since the bad guys have to climb up the two large stairs
to get to you. The disadvantage is once you clear one ramp - you open the way
for a clear shot to you, the horde that Hel has amassed is at the top of the 
stairs by now which makes it a tough nut to crack while you try to clear the 
other ramp. This is how I handle the situation:

	#1 : I go to the left ramp and assign 3 Thanes to break loose the 
boulder and immediately after that assign 3 Thanes to roll the stone (yup, got
two crews working at the same time). Then I cheerlead for the stone rollers. 
When they are finished, turn around and defend the guys busting on the boulder.
The troll should have just gotten to the top step by now and all you are 
dealing with are those ice demons with spears. You can cheer lead as long as 
that troll hasn’t reached the top of the ramp and the rest of your Thanes have
the demons in hand - otherwise you gotta prioritize on the troll and let your 
boulder looseners do their work at their own pace. The boulder will be set 
free. It is designed to break all three magic keys, but sometimes it will miss
one - make sure you look for this during the cut scene showing it rolling down
hill. Once that is done - you should now have two trolls up the stairs - deal
with them one at a time. Make a note - as long as a single magic key remains 
up, Hel will keep generating another troll after the last one is killed - 
however, they start at the bottom and they move slow to get up the stairs.

	#2 : Once you have whacked both of the starting trolls, assign 3 Thanes
to roll the stone blocking the other ramp. You don’t want to assign another 3 
Thanes to break loose the boulder like you did on the other side. You need 
their help to protect your stone rollers from demons. Once they clear the 
passage, odds are another (yup, that would be the third) troll shows up at the
top of your ramp. You gotta get rid of him. Once he’s gone, assign 3 Thanes to
break the boulder loose and then protect them while they work from all the 
little demons running loose. Once this is done, verify that all the magic keys
are destroyed and then kill everything still standing. If all the keys are not
busted - you gotta go down there and do it manually and odds are Hel is going 
to summon another troll to try and protect them. Once all the keys are gone, 
clear the area of bad guys. In addition, keep a weather eye out for a red eye 
marked R1 on your screen at this time. The game likes to give you a pillar of 
white light to get some Thanes back. It will always do that after major waves 
if you have fewer than 3 Thanes left and a boulder still up or a stone still in
place. The down side is that the pillar isn’t often near you and there is a 
time limit to getting into it. I am going to assume you have died a few 
times/restarted and have now finally figured out this tactic and so have 
finally destroyed all the keys and bad guys so you can move on to the next 

	#3 : Climb onto that center stair in the middle and the gate wheel will
activate. Assign 3 Thanes to turn it and then protect them. The biggest 
challenge will be the appearance of an ice priestess. You gotta find her and 
deal with her before she wipes out all your men. Keep protecting those wheel 
turners after this (if they got knocked off the job, you will have to reassign
them). Once they have turned the wheel, you will see the ice pillars that 
support Hel’s throne fall off and uncover hand holds up the side of the last 
supporting ice tower. I always prefer to clear the area of the first wave of 
demons to let me work and that means getting rid of any ice priestesses who 
show their ugly faces. But Hel won’t stop screaming until you get up that tower
and do her in and that means there is no stop to the waves of demons until you
close that pie hole of hers, leading us to...

	#4 : You gotta climb. To make things easier, let’s begin by numbering 
each side of that pillar for our reference. The side facing the gate wheel and
the entrance will be side 1. If you move to the left that will be side 2. The 
back side of this monstrosity will be side 3. And the side to the right of the
front will be side 4. Obviously the idea is to climb this thing by going a 
certain distance up each side and then jumping to another so you can keep going
up. For your info - we are going to always be going left (clockwise) from one 
side to the next. Hel will drop ice crystals down which will give you a knock 
on the head and drop you one level from where you are. If you are on the lowest
hand hold, you get dropped to the ground. The ice crystals that do this are 
completely white and shaped like arrow heads. The other debris is just 
graphics. You will quickly find there is a pattern to when these white icicles
fall down and you can beat it by keeping the number 2 in your mind. That is - 
use two swings to go wherever you need to go either up or to the left. You 
start by going up three hand holds on side 2. Then using the power jump/climb
tactic with 2 swings (holding the analog stick to the left and just pressing 
the O button once) jump to side 3. If you can get away with 3 swings you will
jump over side #4 right onto side #1. If not, climb up to the highest hand hold
on side 3 and use the 2 swing power jump tactic to get to side 4. Then same 
thing to get to side 1 and on up to Hel herself. Smash the O button and you 
will beat her face in. If for some reason you dork this up - you will get sent
to the bottom of the tower and you get to try this all over again. In addition,
Hel will keep screaming which drops more icicle demons on the ground floor for 
your Thanes to get killed by to include a priestess every now and then. NEVER 
EVER try to climb that tower with a priestess on the ground...your Thanes will 
get toasted. You will know she is there when you see those yellow things 
floating around the air.

Once Hel is done you should get a Heroic Finish bonus (if you didn’t use Carnal
Fury to rip her head off) followed by a cut scene and an episode complete score
card. It appears to be a looooong ride back to your palace. DO NOT talk to the
queen just yet. You probably will want to buy all the Carnal upgrades and 
Heroic upgrades first. So...speak to Unferth and Wiglaf. I can’t overstate how
much this sucks. Now you have all the cool upgrades and you are heading off 
where they will do little if any good. What a rob job!! However, you have to 
buy them if you want the Carnal and/or Heroic Collector trophies. Going to 
Wulfgar just gives you the option to go back to previous places you adventured
in. If you decide to go back, the adventuring is really lame since all that 
remains are very small bands of roaming enemies and the really big engagement
areas are blocked off. However, if you are looking to collect trophies or have
missed a rune piece somewhere, this would be the best time to finish up. After
the next section, you won’t be able to go back.
Beowulf’s Banner: If you go back to do some extra adventuring, you will need to
find the blue Beowulf’s Banner to return to the palace. They look similar to 
Herot’s Banners only they are blue. In the bogs it is located in the village 
near the wooden ramp entrance. In the Pernicious Falls, it is located by the 
gate wheel near where your boat is docked. Just stand in front of them and 
press X to activate your return option.

Once you have bought your upgrades, and did any extra adventuring you want - 
then go to the King’s Bedchamber and talk to the Queen to tell her you are 
ready to face your destiny. Your equipment page will show up next. Drop down to
the legendary/shadow weaponry and pick what you want. Me...I take the Legendary
Spear because it doesn’t break as quick as any other weapon, and it has the 
greatest range and you are going to need that for the next fight. Now...to 
battle. First, there is a cut scene where everyone seems in bad need of Grecian
Formula or Just for Men hair coloring. It’s time for...


Act 3

Episode 15: The Golden Dragon [E15]

You will begin in the same clearing as you did when this whole mess started 
back in episode 4 only now it’s daylight. The only difference is there is no 
gate wheel this time and your starting path is blocked in a few places by 
wooden fences (just break them - they act more like sign posts letting you know
you are on the right track then real barriers). I will not waste your time by 
reprinting that info here. Just follow the path to the river, returning to the
initial battle clearing to the left and down the slide from the two carnal 
spores on the wall (they are not there now) where you faced those waves of 
barbarians (feel free to review episode 4, if you need a refresher on which way
to go). Wiglaf will show his yellow streak once again and you will be 
threatened by some Shadow Thanes. Walk into the water to activate...


Episode 16: The Final Battle [E16]

Nothing comes of the earlier nonsense with the Shadow Thanes, and your son
flies you off to deal with him mano-a-mano. You are going to the boss fight
alone. You will face your son, the golden dragon. Amazingly, for a final big
boss fight this is fairly simple. This fight is played differently depending
on your legacy. 

If your score cards have given you Hero-King status, follow this: You will not
have access to Carnal Fury for this fight. Position yourself in the center of 
the engagement area and then respond to his pattern. First, he will breathe 
fire and charge you. Too easy: dodge and combo. Then he will stand on that 
center piece right above you and stomp with one foot and then stomp with the 
other and then a third time. Again, too easy: just dodge and combo. Then he 
will jump in the air and try to stomp with both feet. This is your choice...
you can try to dodge and combo - takes very precise timing - or you can just 
roll off that center island which avoids the attack. Once he lands, he will fly
back to an outside piece of ground and then start this all over again. Keep at 
this pattern until you have removed all his hit points down to the red box. He 
will then throw you on his back and take off to finish in epic style similar to
the movie. Watch your screen and smash the O button or press the random button 
that shows up and that’s that. What did the Bard himself say, "Parting is such
sweet sorrow." Game over.

If your score cards have given you Monster-Slayer status, follow this: There 
are two Carnal Spores - locate them right away. They are on opposite ends of 
the engagement area. Major note: the dragon will take NO DAMAGE from your 
attacks unless you are in Carnal Fury mode. As soon as the fight begins, you 
will have to deal with 3 extra Shadow Thanes plus the dragon. The good news is
you can whittle that down to just one Shadow Thane but that one will be with 
you making a mess of things through the whole fight. If you kill him, he just
respawns. To be honest, you need to battle this in Carnal Fury mode the whole
way, so they shouldn’t affect you in the least, unless you fall out of it. The
trick is, charge your Fury right away. Now get to the Carnal Spore and wait for
the dragon to come to you. He will do so quickly. Duke it out with him until
you start running low on Carnal and then break the spore, recharge and
immediately head to the other one. The dragon will continue to come to you.
Beat on him some more until you run low on fury juice and then recharge and bee
line for the other spore - it will have grown back by now. This pattern should
sound familiar - it’s exactly what we used to beat the Shadow Thanes in their
little cave of death. Do this until the dragon is done for. If this is too 
difficult or you run into problems, just stand your ground and charge your Fury
right before you die. Then keep hacking and slashing. You will get knocked down
a lot. Keep at this until you have removed all his hit points down to the red
box. He will then throw you on his back and take off to finish in epic style
similar to the movie. Watch your screen and smash the O button or press the
random button that shows up and that’s that. What did the Bard himself say,
"Parting is such sweet sorrow." Game over.

There are different ending scenes for completing the game as a Hero-King or a
Monster-Slayer, but the differences are incredibly minor. For those who are 
curious, at the end of the final scene and credits; the game will return to the
prime menu and offer you the option to Continue. All that happens if you 
continue is the game will replay the Epilogue cut scene and run the credits 
again. The game is truly over.


Legendary Items

	Sword :  In the tunnel complex during episode 4[LS]
	Shield : Behind a gate released with a gate wheel during episode 6[LSH]
	Spear :  Up a cliff wall during episode 11[LSP]
	Axe :    On top of a large rock mountain during episode 12[LA]

Shadow Items

	Spear : Over the edge of the entrance platform before bridges in 
                episode 7[SSP]
	Sword : Stolen from the Shadow Thanes in episode 8[SSW]
	Shield :Over the edge of the center platform on the way to The Wolf in
                episode 9[SSH]
	Hammer :Inside a wall on an ice bridge during episode 13[SH]

Hero (Blue) Rune Pieces (Note: exact locations listed in the text and not here)

	Episode 5: 4 Pieces
		[H1], [H2], [H3], [H4]
	Episode 6: 4 Pieces
		[H5], [H6], [H7], [H8]
	Episode 10: 2 Pieces
		[H9], [H10]
	Episode 11: 2 Pieces
		[H11], [H12]
	Episode 12: 4 Pieces
		[H13], [H14], [H15], [H16]

Carnal (Red) Rune Pieces (Note: exact locations listed in text and not here)

	Episode 5: 4 Pieces
		[C1], [C2], [C3], [C4]
	Episode 6: 5 Pieces
		[C5], [C6], [C7], [C8], [C9]
	Episode 10: 2 Pieces
		[C10], [C11]
	Episode 11: 1 Piece
	Episode 12: 4 Pieces
		[C13], [C14], [C15], [C16]



NOTE: None of these moves are actual "cheats". They are more like a list of 
best moves for specific situations. In addition, they often come with some 
disadvantages (usually requiring the use of Carnal Fury for example).

Troll Quick Kill: While in Carnal Fury, approach the troll and initiate a Grab
(press the O button). Once grabbed, repeatedly press the O button and Beowulf 
will be launched onto the troll’s head. Then, when prompted, press the triangle
button (listed as Crush) repeatedly and Beowulf will stretch the troll’s mouth 
open and inflict a devastating blow down his throat. This blow will kill all 
UNARMORED trolls in a single shot, if you have not purchased any damage 
upgrades. It takes two of these maneuvers to kill armored trolls. If you do
have beefed up damage Carnal upgrades - they will die with one blow also.

Quick Carnal Fury Charge: Initiate a Grab on a troll, priestess or boss and 
your Fury meter will fill rapidly to the point that you can actually initiate
Carnal Fury before you even complete the Grab.

Invulnerability: Any time in Carnal Fury and lasts for the duration. Any time
while in Heroic Storm. It is also gained immediately after a dodge allowing for
a combo without interruption.

Extended Weapon Life/Stealing Weapons: When your weapon is about to break 
(flashing icon appears in upper right corner of screen), steal an enemy’s 
weapon. You do this by executing a Grab (repeatedly press O button) and then 
when the button menu changes on the screen repeatedly press the X button. Use 
this weapon for a while or until it breaks, and then pick your weapon back up 
(effectively trading back). Your first weapon’s life will be regenerated.

Running Faster: Repeatedly press the X button while running. This causes 
Beowulf to roll and that is slightly faster than just running. Over larger 
distances this extra speed can be a significant advantage.

Jumping Long Distances on Hand Holds: Begin by having Beowulf swing. This is 
done by just holding the analog stick in the direction you wish to go. DO NOT
try to swing him by moving the stick back and forth. Next, at the apex of his
swing just tap the O button once and he will go flying. DO NOT repeatedly tap
the O button. That will cause him to 'scramble' and he will be slowed down and
unable to make big leaps. Each swing will launch him further with 3 swings 
being the maximum.



NOTE: Trophies for this game DO NOT show up in the Playstation 3 trophy menu.
They can only be found within the game menu accessed through the ‘Extras’ on 
the main Beowulf menu (the same one with Continue and New Game). They are 
cumulative in nature and the game keeps them tracked for you. Unless you clear
your memory in the Playstation, each game can be used to add to your 
achievements. This is a good thing since it’s not possible to accomplish all 
the things necessary to get all the trophies in a single game. You just have to
spin up the games to see them.

Completed Act 1 in Thane
Completed Act 2 in Thane
Game Completed in Thane
Completed Act 1 in Legend
Completed Act 2 in Legend
Game Completed in Legend
Legendary Collector: All legendary weapons found
The Untouchable: Successfully block 58 attacks
Collateral Damage: Break 58 object
The Dodger: Dodge 88 times
Prison Break: All Thane prisoners saved
Carnal Collector: All Carnal Runes found
Heroic Collector: All Heroic Runes found
Morale Gasser: Activate Heroic Storm 38 times
Weapon Theft: Steal weapons from 28 different enemies
The Slayer: Multiple enemies were killed with a single attack 28 times
Weapons of Choice: Enemies killed with each available weapon type
Reign in Blood: All Carnal upgrades obtained
Rise of the King: All Heroic upgrades obtained
Brass Knuckles: 58 enemies were willed with bare hands
Towering Strength: Use pillars to kill 8 enemies
Memento of Carnage: 8 enemies were killed within 1 Carnal Fury
Memento of Glory: 8 enemies were killed within 1 Heroic Storm
Mythical Monster Slayer: Max the Carnal Index
Legendary King: Max the Heroic Index
The Perfect Song: Perfect Grendel song performed
Eye Gouger: Sea serpent defeated
Arm Ripper: Grendel defeated
Heart Crusher: Wolf defeated
Ice Breaker: Hela defeated
Dragonheart: Dragon defeated

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