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Just when you thought a genre was about done... 12/04/08 FurieRand
Best SRPG since Final Fantasy Tactics 01/29/09 AcriusGreenleaf
Fresh Graphics and Gameplay- Valkyria Chronicles innovates on two fronts 06/22/09 Actionrat
A true gem from SEGA and the best RPG from the land of the rising sun this gen. 03/25/09 Cowboys4u86
Venice gets a queen... 01/04/10 discoinferno84
With a new spin on the way RPGs are played, Valkyria Chronicles works for me. 03/02/10 gmo7897
I want to love this game, but it just won't let me. 03/14/12 kirbychamp
Surprise! Sega Revitalizes the Tactical RPG. 01/20/10 kobalobasileus
Even if you're not a fan of strategy games, this is still the best game on the PlayStation 3 03/29/10 KWang
Beautiful: varied missions and decent story make you forgive the occasionally clumsy dialogue 08/17/09 Lathany
A Monumentally Important Landmark in Videogame History 01/19/10 Lebowski1
A Living, Breathing, Animated Novel 12/04/08 madSomnambulist
A very well-done and innovative SPRG 01/14/09 Maxss1
World War 2: The RPG 01/31/11 Menji
Fresh, fun, challenging, and ultimately a rewarding experience 02/03/09 milkcan
Despite the poor battle rank system, Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best RPGs of this generation. 02/19/09 neonreaper
Definitely crosses the standards of a normal Strategy RPG 07/01/09 PaladinCrusader
Squad 7! Move out! 04/06/09 runningidiot
One of the best games since Skies of Arcadia. 12/05/08 TheLastAvatar05
Retrospective dissent 08/06/13 Vinz55

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