PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File02/20/10pmarinel2501K
2nd Cycle - Full DLC Characters
Save Game File09/26/08Monopoman1482K
Captured LoC Majins with 28 million in stats. Nearly everything is unlocked. Mao has rank 40 perfect equipment. All Dark World stages available.
Save Game File06/02/09onslaught0091489K
on cycle 3 chapter 2. has two high leveled ninjas. angel class unlocked. save file is from patch 2.0. has lots of duped makai wars and rank 39 weapons and armor.
Save Game File06/13/10basch072505K
Post Game 1st Cycle, Fight Super Overlord Baal. Characters around 2500 and 1 5000Lvl character. Good DLC characters only. Defeat Baal to unlock LoC, "good luck"
Save Game File09/16/08Pasky131482K
Post game, 3rd cycle. Mao, Laharl, Alma level 9999, maxed out rank 40 items. All characters unlocked.All Character tiers unlocked. Most maps unlocked (missing a few X-Dimension).
Save Game File09/08/08jacktheking1485K
Post Game, First Extra map unlocked, Lvl. 1000+ Brute Warrior w/ decent skills

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/21/09Overlord_Mao1481K
All Extra maps cleared has Etna laharl and Flonne and PPS and axel has Good Damage
Save Game File04/18/09cabletv232954K
All extra maps unlocked
Save Game File04/05/09cabletv232954K
Game completed, more characters available, puppy paw stick available
Save Game File01/02/11syraelx1484K
unlocked LoC mao lv 9999 all post game completed perfect lv baal sword and lots more!

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