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Flavour Text FAQ by Summonmaster

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 01/29/2010

||                 Disgaea 3 Flavour Text FAQ               ||
|| Copyright 2009-2010 by Kristian Inola, aka. Summonmaster ||
||                         v. 1.10                          ||
||           E-Mail: bust_this_groove@hotmail.com           ||
||                                                          ||
||      Do not reproduce without express permission.        ||

 \ o Version History
 \ o Introduction
 \ o Item Descriptions
 /    > Weapons
 \      > Fist
 /      > Sword
 \      > Spear
 /      > Bow
 \      > Gun
 /      > Axe
 \      > Staff
 /      > Monster
 \         - Red
 /         - Silver
 \      > Fun
 /    > DLC Items
 \    > Armor
 /    > Belt
 \    > Shoe
 /    > Orb
 \    > Glasses
 /    > Emblem
 \    > Muscle
 /    > Weight
 \    > Item
 /    > Souvenir
 / o Character Descriptions
 \    > Main Characters
 /    > Downloadable Content (DLC) Characters
 \    > Generic Characters
 /      > Humanoid-type
 \      > Monster-type
 \ o Special Descriptions
 /    > Generic Humanoid Specials
 \      > Fist
 /      > Sword
 \      > Spear
 /      > Bow
 \      > Gun
 /      > Axe
 \      > Spells
 /      > Tower
 \    > Generic Monster Specials
 /    > Unique Specials
 / o Classroom Descriptions
 \    > Character Creation
 /      > Humanoid-type
 \      > Monster-type
 \ o Item World
 /    > Mystery Gates
 \      > Ambushes
 /    > Innocent Town
 \      > Innocents
 /      > Diez Gentlemen
 \ o Acknowledgments                       

<-------------------------<<<<<<Version History>>>>>>------------------------->

v1.10 (01/28/10):
      - Item World section added
      - Some headers changed
      - Removed some redundant descriptions
      - Included submitted descriptions needed in v1.00 (Fist, Emblems, Baton)
      - Changed all double-quote punctuation marks within double-quotes to
        single-quotes. Added missing, removed excess double-quotes.
   Descriptions Needed:
      - Shyrone and Bo Tie, Innocent Town, alternate lines, proper line breaks
      - All "<FILL THIS IN PLEASE>" spots (Use Ctrl+F)
   Next version to include:
      - Teacher quotes
      - Detention/Classroom student quotes
      - School Club Positions
      - Class world Committee Member Quotes (Mostly compiled)

v1.00 (12/26/09):
   Descriptions Needed:
      - Fist, 32) Death's Grab
      - Emblem, 16) Feather Token
      - Emblem, 20) Sophia's Mirror
      - Emblem, 24) Pravda Pendant
      - Emblem, 32) Testament
      - Baton description
      - The various items lacking descriptions
      - All "Attack" mode weapon rewards


   At first, I decided to compile this FAQ since the Disgaea 3 Material
Collection doesn't have a complete listing of the item descriptions. As well,
to the best of my knowledge, at the time of this writing, Broccoli Books has
not translated the artbook into English like they did for Disgaea 1 and
Disgaea 2. On the same note, I've been told the Official Strategy Guide also
does not have anything of the sort.
   Soon, what started out as a search for all those funny item descriptions
and references easily turned into a project to hunt down and log all flavor
text of sorts. It became a scavenger hunt and an excellent way to ease the
frustration of pirate hunting towards the platinum as well! The only thing
stopping this guide from being an entire text dump is that it won't focus on
lines said in the story, not being flavor text and all. This brings up a
couple of:


I) This FAQ won't tell you how to obtain certain items or characters. There
   are other FAQs available for that, as well as the board itself. Read at
   your own risk, as descriptions may be spoiled for things you didn't even
   know existed!
II) Evilities won't be considered as flavour text since they describe their
    functions. The same argument could be made for spells, but there are very
    subtle differences that led to their inclusion.
III) Any part that says <FILL THIS IN PLEASE> is your cue to help out, since
     I'm either unlucky enough to not have said item on hand... or lazy. >.>
     Fortunately, there's only a few of these in here, and the same applies
     for blanks. Much appreciated!

That said, happy reading and please contribute whatever you can!

<------------------------<<<<<<Item Descriptions>>>>>>------------------------>



01) Oven Mitts: "Convenient for holding hot casseroles."
02) Hustle Gloves: "Tasty gloves soaked in sweat."
03) Finger Puppet: "So which one's the real one?"
04) Double Slap: "Your cheeks will look like red apples."
       - Since slaps leave red marks supposedly.
05) Zoom Punch: "Huh? I thought I saw your arm stretch!"
06) Knuckles: "If you're a gangsta, you gotta have 'em."
07) MooMoo Hand: "Mittens shaped like cows for some reason."
08) Beat Down: "Cover your opponent in bruises."
09) Playful Punch: "I won't stop punching until you buy it from me."
10) Grip Dynamometer: "Isn't it strange if you have common sense?"
11) Finger Snap: "Goes along with short skippy steps."
12) Father's Fist: "I didn't want it to come to this, son."
13) Debit Charge: "...That's not a weapon."
       - A debit charge in your financials can be kind of seen as an attack.
14) Slap Back: "I didn't raise you to be this way!"
15) Hoodlum Fist: "Silent, but the job gets done."
16) Ultimate Stroke: "But it's bare hand... Bare. Hands!"
17) Massager: "Send grandma to paradise."
       - Massages are associated with bliss. Although in this case, fists
         are weapons, and paradise is associated with the afterlife...
18) White Tiger: "Make the most out of a hand."
19) Ninja's Manifer: "Throw Ninja Stars even faster...not guaranteed."
20) Flick: "A flick, faster than the speed of sound."
21) Gank: "Now is the time for a full force attack!"
22) Stone Hand: "Look at my hands. What do you think?"
23) Sumo Punch: "...Very...intense."
24) Bagh Nakh: "Despite its name, it's a normal weapon."
       - The Bagh Nakh is a claw-like weapon featuring blades.
25) Killer R-P-S: "Punch, slap, eye poke combo."
       - R-P-S refers to Rock Paper Scissors. A rock can be a punch, paper can
         is the slap and scissors is the eye poke. Killer!
26) Cross Counter: "The first to move loses!"
       - A cross counter deals with countering an opponent's counter. Much like
         units with a high counter stat can do in this game.
27) Butcher Hand: "Come on, I'm gonna kill you."
28) Brave Pointer: "But I don't have the courage to touch it."
29) Poison Hand: "Don't touch me with your dirty hands."
       - Comically reused in the description for "Maiden Staff". 
30) Gravity Knuckle: "The 'e' at the end of 'knuckle' is silent."
31) Hell Strike: "Wanna try dying once?"
       - This is possibly a reference to the anime "Jigoku Shoujo", or "Hell
         Girl", since Enma Ai says this every single episode.
32) Death's Grab: "Squeeze your precious things."
33) Three Year Kill: "The fist of Sambo, from Russia."
34) Macho Fist: "Just be careful of where your machismo oozes."
35) Exploding Fists: "It won't really explode though."
36) Fainting Palm: "...........................!"
       - Note: I didn't actually count the number of periods here -_-;
37) Golden Fist: "Counting to 10 is a waste of your breath."
38) Heart Breaker: "Bust open a hole in someone's heart, Risk Taker."
39) Ultimus: "The legendary fist. No complaints accepted."
       - Had this been a previous Disgaea, the statement would be correct.
40) Cosmo Infinity: "The fist that counts all the way up."
       - Counting to infinity is unattainable since you would be counting
         upwards forever, since infinity isn't a number, but rather a concept.


01) Toy Blade: "Its weakness exceeds your expectations."
02) Scramasax: "You might find one lying around."
03) Delta Sword: "Loved by trash mobs. So bad."
04) Talwaar: "A sword with little presence."
05) Kukri: "It's like the best of swords and axes."
06) Falchion: "For people who like crooked things."
	- A falchion is a curved blade.
07) Almighty Hatchet: "Break with hatchet here. Goodbye."
08) Dragon Blade: "It's pretty heavy, actually, I guess."
09) Rapier: "Don't point this at your sister."
10) Rhino: "Not really a sword, but don't worry."
11) Kunoichi Blade: "Truly a lady's weapon."
       - A kunoichi is a female ninja, so the description states the obvious. 
12) Knight Sword: "I state this now. It is normal."
       - A sword is the most typical weapon a knight is seen to have. Again
         poking fun at how obvious it is.
13) Katana: "Now you can always commit suicide."
       - Suicide was a common tradition for dishonored samurai, carried out
         with a katana.
14) Titanium Edge: "For the closest shave a man can get."
       - A reference to the popular brand of men's razors, Gilette. This is
         their catchphrase.
15) Ninja Blade: "Nin, nin, nin, ninja!...Yay."
16) Champion Sword: "Obviously can't live up to its name."
       - Not with that attack power it won't.
17) Iron Cleaver: "At least it can cut up iron."
18) Night Crier: "You will have insomnia. Thems the rules."
19) Dress Sword: "Battle and dance at the same time."
20) Emperor's Sword: "Using it doesn't make you an emperor."
21) Blood Stinger: "Blood squirts out when poked, of course."
       - "Poked" is used here since the sprite looks like a sai weapon rather
         than a typical slicing sword.
22) Young Beauty: "Assassinate at super speed."
23) Insanity Sword: "Life is better this way."
24) Marvelous Sword: "Will not get you a date with Mary."
       - Reference to the movie "There's Something About Mary".
25) Misty Edge: "Made in secrecy at night. For no good reason."
26) Thrill Sucker: "Excitement, and anxiety. Remember this."
27) Grudge Sipher: "Designed to be addicting."
28) Crystal Sword: "A sword with earth's power."
29) Ashura Buster: "Water will run from your eyes."
30) Tragedy Hatchet: "Take an enemy's life with you, to go."
31) Lazer Z Blade: "Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)."
       - Many light up sword toys require batteries to run.
32) Demon Slasher: "'Can't beat it,' says the demon."
33) Summer Rain: "You won't even notice you're dead."
34) Demolition Sword: "A cheer of love to working dads."
35) Dark Calibur: "A sword for the evil messiah."
       - Could reference popular game series "Soul Calibur", in which the
         titular sword was a virtuous weapon.
36) Yasutsuna: "Har har har. Long long, ago, there was..."
37) Hrunting: "Did you say 'fronting' or 'grunting'?"
       - A poke at English's hard-to-pronounce morphemes. Just try saying
         "Hrunting" out loud and it'll sound like you could have said many
         other things as well.
38) Sunrise Sword: "Lasers and Beams are not the same!"
39) Yoshitsuna: "Heaven knows, Earth knows, Maniacs know."
       - Maniacs would know since this sword takes a ridiculous amount of work
         to obtain in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
40) Baal Sword: "Time spent on this game: Priceless."
       - This item takes a long time to get much like any other Rank 40.
         Therefore, if you have one, you've played this game for many hours
         already. Also, the structure of this description is similar to what
         popular credit card company, Mastercard, uses.


01) Training Spear: "Actually made of cardboard."
02) Sentinel Spear: "The typical item held by gatekeepers."
03) Crescent Glaive: "A crescent shaped spear. Not strong."
04) Pike: "A masterpiece by a serious smith."
05) Partisan: "Stand, fellow farmers."
06) Cross Spear: "Works on vampires, too."
       - One of a vampire's weaknesses is a cross.
07) Pain Spear: "Able to pierce through 2 people at once."
08) Naginata: "Polished and painted for a slick shine."
09) Beckdograban: "The lady at the weapon shop likes it."
10) Beast Lance: "Good for hunting beasts. Why? It's secret."
11) Benten: "No peasant will ever be able to handle it."
12) Forest Spear: "To eat or be eaten. The law of the jungle."
13) Green Spear: "100% natural, and eco-friendly."
       - "Green" things are assumed to be friendly to the environment.
14) Halberd: "The classic weapon! ...Of choice?"
15) Skeletal Spear: "Scary, dangerous, and possibly cursed."
16) Dual Beak: "Ideal for picking at fruits."
17) Moby Dick: "Even the whales are surprised! Wow..."
       - Moby Dick is a story about a giant whale.
18) Eagle Spear: "Capture prey like an eagle."
19) Orcish Glaive: "Barbaric, but useful by nature."
20) Stagg Beetle: "The beetle model. it dosen't look like it."
21) General's Spear: "Not sharp, but will stab. Ouch."
22) Meteor Spear: "Please make him go to hell..."
23) Scorpion: "One sting will hurt, two might feel good."
24) Elder Spear: "Favored by a legendary Demon Lord."
       - That Demon Lord is Etna. She seems to be with it in lots of promo art.
25) Crazy King: "Breakfast sandwiches not included."
       - Reference to the popular fast-food chain "Burger King".
26) Demon Spear: "A spear charmed by a demon."
27) Valkyrie Spear: "Just let it all go!"
28) Adamant Spear: "Why stab someone with something so hard?"
29) Trident: "Neptune's triple edged spear."
30) Lucifer's Spear: "Danger. Even an angel would fall for this."
       - A very clever pun, since Lucifer is a fallen angel. Here, "fall" is
         also used in the context of being lured by.
31) Sakro Indrah: "Hey bro! Don't say that."
32) Bruenack: "Allows you to go nick-nack and patty-whack."
33) Gungnir: "Spin it large, and keep spinning."
34) Polaris: "Found a million years ago in the arctic."
       - The arctic is the North Pole, so a bit of wordplay here.
35) Chronos Spear: "Made from the second-hand of God's clock."
36) Longinus: "A spear loved by some Overlord out there."
       - The overlord is most likely King Krichevsky, since Longinus was an
         NPC character/spear in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
37) Eternity Spear: "A mysterious spear that will never break."
38) Beam Javelin: "The plasma is stabilized in space."
39) Drill Emperor: "What's a drill?"
40) Flare Phoenix: "Your emotions will now fly high!"
    - "Flare" is used metaphorically here in the sense of intense anger and
      flying high fits well with the "Phoenix" part. Yet another clever item


01) Hand Made Bow: "A summer project."
       - Think of arts and crafts projects, where you make stuff by hand.
02) Wooden Bow: "Please burn it if you don't like it."
03) Custom Bow: "Neon running lights, optional."
       - Akin to customizing a car, with neon lights.
04) Long Bow: "You think it had long range? Think again!"
       - You can also think of this bow to be physically long, instead of just
         having a long attack range.
05) Composite Bow: "Finally complete with 21 ingredients."
06) Elven Bow: "The forest fairies gave it to me. Really."
       - It is popular lore that fairies and elves of the forest prefer a bow
         as the weapon of choice.
07) Toy Bow: "So it seems even toys can kill now."
08) Needle Bow: "Everyone will bleed. And that's the beauty."
09) Assassin Bow: "Only for use at night... Sorry, morning."
       - That depends on what time you think an assassination is best carried
         out at. The theory for morning is that people are more unaware, and at
         night people may be more on guard.
10) Mermaid Bow: "How about another encore?"
11) Silver Bow: "Bite for galvanic electricity to flow. Eek!"
12) Shadow Howler: "Dark rumors will never cease."
13) Ranger's Bow: "Their second favorite weapon? A roundhouse kick."
       - A painful reference to internet meme, Chuck Norris.
14) Jewelled Bow: "Worth two paychecks, or something."
       - Jewels can have high prices, so a normal person would have to work a
         bit harder to afford them.
15) Skeleton Bow: "Convenient for making soup broth."
       - Soup broth is typically made by immersing a bone of some kind in
         water, over a period of time.
16) Red Willow: "Carved from a thousand year old willow."
17) Golden Bow: "Often stolen. It can't be helped."
       - Thieves are assumed to go after precious items like gold.
18) World Tree Bow: "You can shoot, but you don't have to."
19) Metal Arch: "With the latest technology metal frame."
20) Mage Killer: "Unending complaints from all magic users."
       - A lot of the time, bows beat magic, beat melee, beat bows, in games
         that have this rock-paper-scissors triad.
21) Exorcist Bow: "Gets rid of ghosts, and keeps good fortune."
22) Siren: "Lure your prey with its beautiful tune."
       - Sirens are mythological creatures that would lead sailors to their
         doom with their siren songs.
23) Evil Hunter: "It'll chase the bad guys forever."
24) Moonlight Bow: "Faintly glows with moonlight."
25) Arcane Bow: "Full of secrets of the ancient civilization."
26) Sylphid: "Causes a tornado every time you shoot."
       - Sylphids, aka. sylphs, are air elementals.
27) Angel Bow: "The bow left behind by an angel that day."
28) Thorn Princess: "At least the name sounds elegant."
       - Because a thorn princess does not make for an elegant personality.
29) Demon Bow: "There has to be better ingredients!"
30) Luminous Bow: "A holy bow that rids your inner darkness."
31) Cloud Chaser: "Shaped like a cloud. It's not cotton candy."
32) Quartz Bow: "Randomly formed a bow shape over the years."
       - Quartz crystals form into random shapes and take many years to form.
33) Red Moon Bow: "A bow that can cleanse a sinner's soul."
       - If you've played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, then you'll recognize that
         the Red Moon chapter dealt with cleansing prinny souls.
34) Ancient Bow: "Loved for these twelve thousand years..."
35) Luciferal Bow: "A weird bow that glows weirdly in the dark."
36) Lunar Strain: "Seduces its wielder into a craze. ...Oh, no."
       - A full moon in particular is said to be able to make people crazy.
37) Cirrus Bow: "A bow as light as clouds, made by a wise man."
       - Cirrus is a type of cloud formation.
38) Drake Hunter: "Made from various kinds of dragons."
39) Lovely Cupid: "Beware of shooting at the same gender."
       - Figure it out yourself.
40) Radiance: "Wow, that's bright."


01) Gadget Shooter: "Found in the dumpster."
       - Gadgets of all kinds tend to be useless and thrown out.
02) Ragged Gun: "3rd place prize at the bingo game."
03) Old Boy: "A very old designer's gun. Sepia colored."
       - Triply reinforces how old the gun is. The gun's name has "old" in it,
         it's said to be made by an old person, and sepia is that faint brown
         colour associated with old times.
04) Silver Gun: "Normal's always the best."
05) Silent Killer: "You won't be able to cry or laugh now."
       - Obviously, since it kills you. Also reinforced by the adjective
         "silent". They really like using redundant descriptions for laughs.
06) Twin Blaster: "Harharhar... Launch 'em together."
07) Doppler Gun: "Sound does change. What the hell?"
       - Google "Doppler Effect" to understand this reference.
08) Trumpet: "Shoots with a loud sound other than a bang."
       - Trumpets are quite loud musical instruments, not guns.
09) .43 Magnum: "All the movie stars use 'em."
10) EX-10: "Who will the lightning of destiny hit?"
11) Steam Gun: "A rare gun that doesn't use gunpowder."
12) Dirty H44: "Go ahead, make my day."
       - This description is the famous quote from the movie Dirty Harry.
13) Psycho Gun: "Knives are so passe nowadays."
       - Knives are used by psychos to kill, especially in the movie "Psycho".
14) Laser Rifle: "Sadly, it's not the ring lasers."
       - Many laser weapons that aliens use stereotypically have ring lasers.
15) Discharger: "Everyone should just...turn to ash!"
16) No Tomorrow: "I don't look forward to tomorrow, either..."
17) Antique Gun: "It's been used quite a few times, master."
18) Godfather: "Passed down for generations in the mafia."
       - The Godfather is the vital head of the mafia and many stories have
         been crafted around him, including the film "The Godfather".
19) Hazard Gear: "Your *bang* is pretty *bang bang* huh?"
20) Photon Gun: "If you're looking for a weapon, here's one."
21) MK. II: "Every time you start, I sigh."
22) Nightwing: "Can I shoot? I won't wait for an answer."
23) Flamethrower: "You there! No burning ants!"
       - On a slightly unrelated note, kids may try to burn ants with focused
         heat through a magnifying glass, making a mini flamethrower or a kind.
24) Sacred: "Useable as a gravestone after the battle."
25) Brave Cannon: "A gun with a daring design.".
26) Old Glory: "A cool gun. Was that helpful?"
       - Notice how when "Boy" is changed to "Glory" it becomes helpful.
27) Red Emperor: "The gun is mightier than the sword indeed."
       - On an slightly less related note, the more popular saying is "the pen
         is mightier than the sword."
28) Night Taker: "Silencer included. Safe for use at night."
29) Dragoon's Gun: "It won't betray your dreams for sure."
30) Ray Gun: "Powered by trickle down economics!"
31) Anaconda: "Possession of the legendary space pirate."
32) Crimson Wing: "Might as well make use of it."
33) Lightning Barrel: "What!? You've heard of this gun?"
34) Red Shooter: "Made for soldiers who became free."
35) Gun Justice: "Don't be embarrassed to call it out."
36) Noble Rose: "Perfect for the noble ladies."
37) Deus ex Machina: "God's lightning, made by man."
       - "Deus ex Machina" means something to the effect of "God out of the
38) Pandemonium: "A dangerously powerful gun."
39) Megiddo Cannon: "Even hell is lukewarm to this gun."
       - Megiddo is a city, famous in Biblical lore.
40) Invincible: "Portside, aim, fire!"
       - If you look at the Invincible when it is being fired, it looks a lot
         like the Warship Yoshitsuna you see in the item world or while reverse
         pirating sometimes. Hence the reference to ship directions.


01) Trick Axe: "Cut a radish in three days."
       - Reference to how dull the blade of this axe would be, especially since
         radishes shouldn't take that long to cut!
02) Disposable Axe: "How dare you mock me, you axe!"
03) Nail Bat: "Way back, at the track... and it's gone."
       - Look at this weapon as if it were a baseball bat, which the in-game
         sprite looks similar to.
04) Hammer: "It has perfect grip and everything."
05) Barbario: "A uniquely shaped tribal axe."
06) Gang Axe: "Smells like bad guys. Ugh, pretty bad, too."
07) Iron Axe: "Drop it in the pond to receive a bonus."
	- The bonus is that your axe will get rusty.
08) Golden Ball: "Ooh, nice ball."
09) Primitive Axe: "An axe swung by a hero long ago."
10) Battle Axe: "No color, no love, with pity. For men."
11) Butcher Axe: "Excuse me, can I get 4 more orders of ribs?"
        - Refers to a meat butcher, who uses an axe to chop up animals.
12) Tomahawk: "Make sure there's no one around when using."
13) John Henry: "More powerful than a steam powered drill."
       - Figure in American folklore that raced against a steam powered hammer/
         drill, and won but died. Ironically, the John Henry axe in this game
         is well outclassed by the Drill Emperor spear.
14) Savior X: "I will become stronger with you!"
15) Men's Axe: "Welcome, to the world of men."
16) Heavy Axe: "So heavy, you cried!"
17) Megalo Gravito: "Isn't it beautiful...? It's a ball..."
18) Demon Smasher: "That form is straight to violence."
19) Hell Homerun: "Truly an outsider."
       - Homeruns are hits in baseball that hit out of the ballpark. Hell would
         be quite far from the ballpark.
20) Guillotine: "An axe enveloped in a sinner's hatred."
       - The guillotine was a device used to behead sinners in the past who
         were found guilty of certain crimes.
21) Axe of Anger: "It's not good having pent up stress, sir."
22) Orichalcum Axe: "Salvaged from an underwater city."
23) Morning Star: "Ever count the spikes around a star?"
       - A morning star is a weapon resembling a heavy spiked ball on a chain.
24) Northern Axe: "Trained in the harsh winters of the north."
25) Spine Breaker: "The triple blades leave a clean shave."
26) Metal Basher: "The weapon is a sharp blunt object, it seems."
       - Sounds like an oxymoronical statement given the nature of axes and
         the item name.
27) Winged Edge: "Light as a feather? That's urban legend!"
28) Dreamer Axe: "Don't underestimate a dreamer."
29) Comet Fall: "Captain, you must take this ball with you."
30) Axe of Despair: "It must be perfectly, properly in half."
       - Could possibly be a reference to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye,
         Mr. Despair), an anime with a side character in it that must perfectly
         divide items by an exact amount.
31) Lunar Axe: "The moon can make a person crazy, they say."
32) Death Scythe: "Actually, it's cutting with the wrong side."
       - Scythes have a sharp bladed side, as well as a blunt side.
33) Brilliant Axe: "A glimmering axe... Ah, was that a dream!?"
34) Madame Butterfly: "Do not be afraid to lose."
35) Heartless Flower: "Meaning unknown, but awesomely crazy."
36) Diabolic Axe: "I present you with true fear and despair."
37) Moon Child: "Love, courage, and power quietly rest here."
       - Possibly a reference to popular anime character, Sailor Moon.
38) Beam Axe: "So powerful it drags you forward."
       - Probably meant in the context of tractor beams, which attract objects.
39) Apocalypse: "The world is over! Yay! Yay!"
40) Grand Madness: "Did you know? It crushes the universe."


01) Twig Staff: "Honestly, it's just a piece of wood."
02) Bonus Staff: "A bonus item for 'Fun Magic,' a kid's book."
03) Glass Rod: "Recycled from glass Cola bottles."
	- Back in the day, coke bottles were actually glass instead of plastic.
04) Magician Wand: "There's no tricks here."
05) Jester Wand: "Sure to become the class clown now."
06) Oak Staff: "Strangely comfortable to the touch."
07) Shell Staff: "A souvenir from a beach house."
08) Jewel Scepter: "It looks pretty, but it's just glass."
09) Pixie Wand: "A gift from the flower fairies...?"
10) Tin Harp Staff: "Also a musical instrument. Join the band!"
11) Hex Wand: "Even an old lady can feel young again."
12) Rune Staff: "Illegible words are carved. How pointless."
        - Runes generally can't be read or deciphered by most people, being
13) Meditation Staff: "I'm not sleeping, I'm meditating."
        - Both deal with closed eyes.
14) Bashing Rod: "For the up close and melee magicians."
15) Priest Staff: "Whisper, pray, chant, wish! ...Nothing."
16) Jungle Wand: "Made from the first branch I cut down."
17) Prinny Staff: "Someone, please turn me back, dood."
       - A reference to the Magichance mechanic of Disgaea 3. Only, prinnies
         turn into guns and not staves.
18) Evil Wand: "An evil spell is cast on this wand."
19) Rhapsody: "I wish I could use magic."
       - Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is another game made by Nippon Ichi.
20) Sealing Staff: "It'll even seal your dark past."
21) Celestial Rod: "There's a stone that'll make you float."
22) Emerald Staff: "Green is a kind color to the eyes."
23) venus Wand: "Even the goddess loves this wand."
       - Venus is a Roman goddess. The same as Aphrodite in Greek mythology.
24) Sun Staff: "You can sun bathe any time, any where."
25) Alchemy Staff: "Made with a special metal. Very light."
26) Diamond Staff: "It hopes to become a girl's best friend."
       - There is an old song stating "Diamonds are a girl's best friend".
27) Phantasmal Wand: "I think, I'm seeing things lately..."
28) Ocean Memory: "Listen closely. You can hear the ocean."
29) Fancy Rod: "Made for your bigger friends."
30) Easing Cane: "If you're tired of living, here you go."
       - Euthanasia reference.
31) Orpheus Rod: "Even the demons of hell love this tune."
       - Orpheus was a mythological musician who journeyed to hell to retrieve
         his wife.
32) Nightmare Wand: "Plant a traumatizing memory in your enemy."
33) Oracle Staff: "I saw grandpa in my dream."
34) Dark Ritual: "Tonight, darkness shall fill this earth."
35) Maiden Staff: "Don't touch me with your dirty hands."
       - Same description as for "Poison hand" but with a much different
         context! Here, defilation is implied.
36) Moonlight Staff: "A gift from the moon princess."
       - Possibly another Sailor Moon reference.
37) Fortissimo: "The door to your dreams open now!"
38) Infernal Staff: "Truth was born from lies. So was evil."
39) Omniscient Rod: "Momma! Look, now I'm God!"
       - "Omniscient" means all-knowing.
40) Key of Scion: "You can see the other world from here."
       - Scion is possibly a biblical reference to "Zion".


- The Red type weapons are the ones with higher ATK stats, while the Silver
  type weapons are the ones with higher INT stats per rank. They're
  separated for obvious sorting purposes, being independent items and all.
- Notice how Red weapons are physical body parts, while Silver weapons are
  texts and logs.


01) Cat Punch: "'Meow' Translation: I'll kill you all!"
02) Pointy Bone: "Some sort of animal bone. Pretty hard."
03) Imp's Claw: "It's more powerful than you think."
04) Crab Claw: "After all, it's just a crab."
05) Chameleon Tongue: "It'll stretch about...oh, that far."
       - Chameleon tongues are known to be able to extend quite far.
06) Hornet Needle: "Dark colored clothes attract them, supposedly."
       - Bees and hornets sting with their stingers at perceived threats.
07) Spiky Shell: "Step on one and you'll lose your mind."
       - Perhaps a reference to Mario and his reaction when jumping on
         spiky enemies.
08) Blowfish: "Its cute looks can be deceiving at times."
09) Beast Fang: "Bite through the stalest, hardest crackers ever."
10) Odd Mandible: "It's kind of slimy and gross... Ewww."
11) Deadman's Cry: "A voice that is out of this world."
12) Bear Claw: "Twice the spin makes it even more powerful."
13) Porcupine: "If only it was related to a pineapple."
       - Both are spiky things.
14) Bullhorn: "Watch out! I told you not to wear red."
       - Red is thought to invoke rage in bulls. causing them to charge!
15) Tentacle: "Keep away from girls in skirts."
       - A reference to the hentai subculture.
16) Rose Whip: "Beautiful and thorny."
17) Phantom Hand: "Its touch can be very chilling."
       - Ghosts and phantoms tends to be associated with a chill in the air.
18) Mystic Horn: "You see illusions when you're stabbed by this."
19) Tiger Fang: "A yellow and black ecstasy. Wait, orange."
       - Refers to the colours of a tiger, yellow/orange and black stripes.
20) Pegasus Hoof:"One kick will send you flying off into space."
21) Lionheart: "It makes you feel so proud, I know."
       - Lions are associated with pride.
22) Golem Punch: "One heavy punch can blast through castle walls."
       - Golems are seen to be physically powerful mythological creatures.
23) Mystic Attack: "Its a mystery after all. Why bother."
24) Organic Power: "Think of all those insects you saved."
25) Death's Breath: "Sounds like your life just got shorter."
26) Mad Parasite: "You can't live off your parents forever."
       - Used in the context that people leech money off of their parents.
27) Dark Aura: "Secretly, it gives UV protection, too."
28) Chimera DNA: "Awaken to the mutant powers!"
       - Chimeras are an amalgation of animals, so by infusing with chimeric
         DNA, a hybrid mutation is hoped to occur.
29) Demon Cry: "Snore, sleep, talk, grind teeth, power up."
30) Titan Fist: "For those who like fists, it's perfect."
31) Mammoth Tusk: "You like elephants more than giraffes, I heard."
32) Phoenix Wing: "Catch everyone's attention down the red carpet."
33) Fox Tails: "Daddy, I feel an evil power."
       - Certain nine tailed foxes from mythology are seen to be associated
         with evil.
34) Furious Scale: "He's very sensitive. Please be gentle..."
35) Devil Matrix: "No one can be told what the Devil Matrix is."
       - A reference to the popular movie, "The Matrix", parodying the quote:
         "No one can be told what The Matrix is, you must experience it for
36) Insanity Eye: "I suggest you hide it with an eye patch."
       - Many anime deal with the idea of "eye-powers" that possess great
         strength. These are usually restricted or limited by concealing the
         eye with an eyepatch.
37) Dragon's Anger: "...Gawd, you piss me off so much."
38) Uroborus Ring: "Twirly twirly twirly...I feel so good."
       - The symbol of Uroborus is a snake eating its own tail, forming a
         circular shape.
39) Satan's Motor: "It's like, some devil's symbol or something."
40) Baal Body: "The body of the strongest organism."
       - Baal is one of the strongest optional bosses in every Disagea game.
         As well, Baal is a mythological deity.


01) Slime Magazine: "A vulgar gossip magazine for monsters."
       - Taken in the context that "slime" is synonymous with "vulgar" or
         "dirty"...like gossip.
02) Goblin Diary: "Find every secret to the life of a goblin."
03) Zombie Comic: "The main character dies on the first page."
       - The protagonist becomes an undead zombie!
04) Fairy Poems: "You'll fall asleep while you're reading."
05) Gremlin Studies: "Useful for trickster education."
06) Skeleton Digest: "Only 10 pages long? I demand a refund."
07) Ghost Glamour: "See, right here? Doesn't it look like a face?"
       - Ghosts are claimed to be vaguely seen in pictures as faded people.
08) Orc Tactics: "Charge forward. That's all."
       - Orcs are usually not seen as intelligent creatures, hence the simple
         attack strategy, or tactic.
09) Gnome Encryption: "Made in a crossword puzzle format."
10) Mummy Papyrus: "Be careful. It rips easily."
       - Papyrus is a fragile kind of paper. Maybe mummy bandages too...
11) Mermaid Log: "She was there... She was my... my...!"
12) Troll Book: "A picture book about a kind monster."
13) Salamander Strat: "Smells a little burnt after a fierce battle."
       - Salamanders are associated with fire.
14) Eryngi Diction: "Red circles mark the dirty words."
       - There are lots of dirty assumptions you can make about this weapon...
15) Golem Diagrams: "A golem bag can melt anything."
16) Undine Novel: "For those who want to cry."
       - The story behind water spirits, Undines, is a fairly tragedic one
         depending on your point of view. 
17) Gargoyle Libram: "Secrets to artificial life is noted here."
       - Gargoyles are statues of grotesque winged creatures.
18) Ogre Crimes: "Where da bad boys at?"
19) Succubus Secrets: "I found this under my son's bed."
       - Succubi are known to induce lust, and I think you can guess what kinds
         of magazines you might find under a guy's bed.
20) Basilisk Ninpo: "Turns you into stone the moment you read it. So?"
       - A basilisk is a mythical creature that has the power to turn things
         into stone. Look at the Chicken monsters in this game. Ninpo implies
         the usage of a ninja scroll.
21) Minotaur Lore: "...And that's how the story goes."
22) Medusa Palette: "So heavy, it'll work out your arm muscles."
       - Could reference Medusa's ability to turn people and things to stone.
         If a palette were made out of stone it would be pretty heavy to hold.
23) Griffon Tablet: "A piece was discovered in the desert region."
24) Siren Songs: "Platinum record, top charts, million seller."
       - Sirens are mythological creatures known for their songs.
25) Wyvern Reports: "A close-up report on unidentified flying beings."
       - A spoof on aliens being unidentified flying objects, wyverns are
         mythological flying dragons.
26) Hydra Journal: "Today, we let Hydie back into the wild..."
       - Used in the sense that a journal was kept, regarding a pet hydra.
27) Vampire History: "Another page of a vampire's history."
28) Giant Travelog: "3 steps to his destination. Are you kidding?"
       - Giants are large mythical creatures, who would understandably find
         travelling quite easy given their size.
29) Sphinx Exams: "Your IQ is 200 if you pass. Lame, but amazing."
       - Sphinxes are intelligent creatures in mythology, with the most famous
         story involving Oedipus confronting a Sphinx.
30) Angel Bible: "You won't find anything dirty here."
       - Since Angels are supposed to be pure, clean beings.
31) Yaksa Sutra: "So cruel, that it's rated Adult Only."
       - A reference to the popular adults only "Kama Sutra".
32) Cerberus Guide: "There isn't much to the gates of hell, but..."
       - Cerberus is known to be the gatekeeper of Hades.
33) Demon Scroll: "A bored demon decided to write something."
34) Fenrir Myths: "The pages are frozen together."
       - Fenrir is a demonic wolf from Norse mythology, associated with ice.
35) Kraken Epigraph: "So Atlantis really existed? Cool..."
       - The kraken is a mythological sea monster resembling a giant squid.
         Similarly, Atlantis a mythological underwater city.
36) Argos Warfare: "There's probably no end to it."
37) Dragon Thesaurus: "You can become a dragon's friend, too!"
38) Pazuzu Scripts: "An annoying book that will invite disaster."
       - Pazuzu is a mythological figure that is associated with drought, wind
         and disaster.
39) Astaroth Text: "Every evil plot is written in this book."
       - Astaroth is a mythological figure associated with evil.
40) Bahamut Notes: "You can attain ultimate power with this."
       - Bahamut is a mythological deity.


Flower Circle: "Fill your mind with flowers. Tehehe."
Tambourine: "Dance vigorously to the samba rhythm."
   - Samba music frequently makes use of catchy tambourine parts to sustain a
     driving rhythm.
Dumbbell: "Protein is good after exercising."
Baton: "March around the world, forever."
Vajra: "That's pretty deep. Think about it."
   - The Vajra has mythological roots.
Baked Potato: "Loaded with sour cream and bacon bits."
Lollipop Candy: "Soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"
   - Self-explanatory. Given the innocent effect (Heal 50% HP at end of turn),
     this lollipop is apparently very healthy despite being loaded with sugar.
Putty Stick: "A mystery item from another dimension."
   - That dimension being the Nippon Ichi game "Phantom Brave." In it, Putty
     was a dimensional transport of sorts (?)
Puppy Paw Stick: "So cute and soft, it'll make you happy."
   - Puppy's paws ARE cute when they're not clawing...
Shovel: "Dig yourself a hole to hide in."
Toilet Plunger: "Plunge it, flush it, look out below!"
Deck Brush: "An ancient treasure of the janitors."
Magic Hand: "Please read instructions carefully."
   - Magic tricks usually involve some kind of instructions to be read before
     you can execute them well.
Sign: "Caution, slippery when wet."
Tennis Racket: "Coach! I can still do it."
   - Typical line. Something you'd expect out of Prince of Tennis from a
     character who seems to have reached their limits.
Sunflower: "Save the seeds for my hamster."
Paper Fan: "Slap someone all you want."
   - A typical comedy bit in Japan involves a two man duo and one slapping the
     other with a paper fan.
Primal Meat: "We all dreamed of it when we were kids."

---|DLC Items|---

- These items are only obtainable via DLC usually as some kind of reward.

Baal Sword: "You held your own against Baal! SUPER #1 OKAAAAY!!!"
Vato Sword: "The Vato Bros. are working hard."
   - All weapons with "working hard" in the description allude to the flavour
     text you see when a monster magichange.
Gold Knuckle Spear: "Gold Knuckle's working hard for no reason!"
   - All weapons with "working hard" in the description allude to the flavour
     text you see when a monster magichange.
Usagi Wand: "The Bunny's working hard!?"
   - All weapons with "working hard" in the description allude to the flavour
     text you see when a monster magichange. The "!?" may exclaim surprise due
     to a contrast in nature, especially given Usagi's segments in Disgaea 2.

Help Wanted Sign: "Evil Academy teachers wanted. Torture optional."

Principal's Sword: "You have my permission to use this sword."
Honor Gun: "This gun is a great gun."
Honor Axe: "This axe is a good axe."


01) Paper Clothes: "Clothes made out of old newspaper."
02) Pot Lid: "Ah, so this is how you use these."
	- For the record this is not how you use these.
03) Rag Suit: "The cloth only covers the front."
	- Very similar to a hospital suit, but those have ties
	 now fortunately.
04) Straw Hat: "Gently guards your scalp from direct sunlight."
05) Gym Clothes:"Remember to write your name on them."
        - This is done so you can get them back if you lose or forget them
          after gym class.
06) Jijo Outfit: "Appreciate it. In every way possible."
07) Lab Coat: "It can withstand a certain degree of explosion."
        - Scientists wear lab coats and are thought to do lots of experiments
          which stereotypically result in explosions.
08) Expensive Apron: "Please wear it on top of your clothes."
        - Somewhat wasteful, since an apron is meant to get dirty and protect
          your clothes from stains.
09) Cowboy Hat: "You can't take it off, even in the bath."
10) Worker Uniform: "I give you, the blandest outfit available."
11) Round Shield: "A round shield. Why not?"
12) Body Paint: "Clothes are decorations. You just don't get it."
13) Magical Vest: "A seriously lightweight vest."
14) Mermaid Bra: "The chest piece that we all dream of."
15) Judo Uniform: "You, damn you... Why do I smell good."
16) Tight Suit: "Begin battle with a spankin' tight body."
17) Smelly Jacket: "Soaked in the passion of men."
18) Sexy Swimsuit: "That's too far! That angle is just killer!"
       - Refers to swimsuit shoots in which photographers takes many different
         pictures from many different angles.
19) Cat Suit: "As long as you don't crush any kid's dream."
       - Perhaps relates to cat burglars.
20) Bushido Suit: "Fool! You will never understand this greatness."
21) Breastplate: "Don't worry! It's just normal armor."
22) Duralumin Shield: "Charge forward! Show your pride as social workers."
23) Brigandine: "It just sounds strong already."
24) Elegant Coat: "It kinda smells like moth balls."
25) Knight Shield: "Parry an attack from right to left."
26) Dandy Gown: "Money, women, liquor, and a Dandy Gown."
27) Fullplate: "You can feel the difference in security."
28) Daimyo Armor: "Please wear this on your journey into the city."
       - A daimyo is a feudal lord.
29) Spartan Shield: "Because...This, is, not, Sparta."
       - Reference to a popular internet meme from the movie "300" where "This.
         Is. Sparta!" is yelled dramatically.
30) Burning Uniform: "Get all hyped up for no reason."
       - "Burning" is meant in the content of being emotionally excited and
         pumped up.
31) Dragon Mail: "Made from a dragon's personal letters."
       - A pun on how "mail" can either mean "armour" or "lettermail"
32) Kamikaze Armor: "A miracle will happen in the name of miracles."
33) Reflex: "Too hard. I used to think so too."
34) Hero Mantle: "Coming up next, an all new episode of Hero Time."
35) Shield of Aegis: "Please think about defense once in a while."
36) Goddess Dress: "For ladies. But that doesn't matter here."
       - Especially reinforced by how any unit can just transmigrate into a
         different gender o_O
37) Pinpoint Barrier: "A part of your body will become super hard."
38) Infernal Armor: "It's returned with an upgraded smell."
       - Infernal Armor was also present in Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 2. "Infernal"
         in this sense refers to the degree of odour...
39) Super Robo Suit: "Feel the pleasure in its metallic body."
40) Antimatter Field: "Protect my...!"


03) Power Belt: "Tighten it to get a slight power boost."
07) Exertion Belt: "If only effort made up for lack of talent."
11) Energy Belt:"With this, infinite push-ups because a reality!"
15) Beastly Belt: "More powerful than 100...no, 1,000 gorillas!"
19) Aura Belt: "You really crank my engine."
23) Spirit Belt: "Come on! Bring it on! Let's do this!!!"
       - Think high energy, or high "spirit".
27) Bravery Belt: "Everyone will love your shiny belt."
31) Black Belt: "Only a true master is allowed to wear this."
       - Especially since a Black Belt indicates the one has reached the
         highest rank in karate.
35) Ubermensch: "Feel as strong as a hero."
39) Orion's Belt: "Gird yourself for a galactic battle!"
       - This is a pun since "Orion's Belt" is a constellation of stars. To
         gird oneself basically means to equip with a belt, but can also mean
         to prepare for action.


03) Slippers: "Warm and fuzzy. Don't wear these outside."
       - Slippers are meant for indoor use.
07) Cross-Trainers: "Will help you get an A in gym class."
11) Ninja Tabi: "Sneak up and snap some necks."
       - Like a stealthy ninja assassin would do.
15) Falcon Shoes: "Since when do falcons wear shoes?"
       - Even though falcons are fast birds, this pokes fun at the obvious.
19) Aero Sneaker: "Feels as if you're wearing nothing at all."
23) Winged Boots: "I can go anywhere, any time!"
27) Angel's Sandals: "They smell divine. Don't ask how I know."
       - Since this would involve having actually sniffed the sandals somehow.
31) Accelerator: "Approach the speed of light. But, why teeth?"
       - Cyborg 009 reference in which the titular character was able to move
         at high speeds thanks a switch in his teeth.
35) Propel Vernier: "My life will only gain speed."
39) Barefoot X: "So light, it feels like you're wearing nothing!"


03) Common Orb: "For the frugal yet stylish magic user."
07) Psycho Orb: "Perfect for those with magic phobias."
11) Dark Orb: "Formed from extracted dark energy."
15) Bloody Orb: "Dragon blood is used in everything these days."
19) Astral Orb: "Fashioned from a heavenly body."
23) Lunar Orb: "Power fluctuates with the cycles of the moon."
27) Royal Orb: "Passed down through the Overlord ancestry."
31) Holy Orb: "Exists to protect the sanctity of its user."
35) Chaos Orb: "Desires only anarchy and galactic meltdown."
39) Universal Orb: "Works with your entire entertainment system."
       - Similar to a universal remote, which can be programmed to work with
         any television, dvd player, etc.


03) Glasses: "Cheap store-bought glasses. Still fuzzy."
07) Binoculars: "Let you watch anything from far away."
11) Nerd Glasses: "You look smart, but girls won't kiss you."
       - A common stereotype about nerds.
15) Plastic Nose: "Always a hit at parties."
19) Opera Glasses: "See the play without suffering the music."
       - Since at an opera, sitting far back or high up will result in being
         farther away from the music.
23) Nightvision: "Good for late-night walks in the woods."
27) Crosshair: "Perfect accessory for any bow or gun."
31) Foresight: "Helps you plan ahead."
35) Destiny Lens: "May reveal the meaning of life. Or not."
39) Providence: "Uses GPS-Godly Positioning System."
       - A pun on the original meaning of the acronym "GPS", which is "Global
         Positioning System." Here, the context of "Divine Providence" is used.


04) Imperial Seal: "Carry out atrocities with authority."
08) Dark Rosary: "Pray for your enemy's blood to boil."
       - An ironic reversal of the intentions of a rosary.
12) Devil Ring: "Forged in the hellish fires of fiery hell."
16) Feather Token: "Send this around to call a demonic meeting."
20) Sophia's Mirror: "Helpful in applying Sophia's make-up."
24) Pravda Pendant: "You're just paying for the name, really."
28) Royal Ring: "Kiss the ring and show your allegiance."
       - Historical reference involving proof of loyalty.
32) Testament: "Prepare this before you die."
36) Exodus: "Grant your foes an exodus from life."
39) Arcadia: "Provides authority beyond reproach."
40) Trapezohedron: "Know your geometry as well as mystic gems."


03) Brawny Muscle: "Turns you into a real beefcake."
07) Kung-Fu Muscle: "Add a little muscle to your hustle."
11) Spirit Muscle: "Come on, flex those pecs!"
15) Fight Muscle: "Makes you wanna get rowdy and pick fights."
19) Ace Muscle: "Transforms you into a beefy pro wrestler."
23) victory Muscle: "Claim victory with your glistening biceps."
27) Dream Muscle: "Build muscles even while you sleep!"
       - A clever association taking "dream" out of context here.
31) World Muscle: "Welcome to the wide world of weightlifting!"
35) Star Muscle: "Wield muscles worthy of any action flick."
       - "Star" refers to celebrities in action flicks.
39) Cosmos Muscle: "We are moved to tears by the size of it."
       - A reference to the popular video game: "Katamari Damacy", in which the
         objective was to roll things up to create planets and cosmos and
         whatnot. The King in-game says a line similar to this.


05) Power Weight:
05) Speed Weight:
05) Hit Weight:
15) Power Weight 2: "Lowers HP to 25% and increase SP by 25%."
15) Speed Weight 2: "Lowers HP to 25% and increase SP by 25%."
15) Hit Weight 2: "Lowers HP to 25% and increase SP by 25%."
25) Power Weight Z:
25) Speed Weight Z: "Lowers HP to 25% and increase SP by 25%."
25) Hit Weight Z: 
25) Magichange Weight: "Max stats switched with Magichange weapon skills."


ABC Gum: "Recovers HP. Only 1 previous owner!"
Mint Gum: "Recovers HP. Double the pleasure, double the fun."
   - A blatant reference to Doublemint Gum, with its slogan.
Hard Candy: "Recovers HP. Too much will rot your teeth."
Cotton Candy: Recovers HP. Found mostly at shady carnivals."
Taiyaki: "Recovers HP. Do you start at the head or the tail?"
   - Taiyaki is a kind of Japanese red bean cake shaped like a fish.
Chocolate: "Recovers HP. They say it's an aphrodisiac..."
Eclair: "Recovers HP. Likely to induce a sugar coma."
Sundae: "Recovers mucho HP. Hot fudge costs extra."
Sake: "Recovers SP. A little sip goes a long way."
Bloody Mary: "Recovers SP. I fight better after a few drinks!"
Mushroom Soup: "Recovers mucho SP. May cause hallucinations."
   - Drug reference
Elixir: "Recovers mucho HP/SP. Cures any battle wound."
Veggie Burger: "A veggieburger is NOT a hamburger!"
Fairy Dust: "Cures ailments. Highly addictive."
   - Drug reference most likely.

Cha-Ching: "Used to steal stuff. Hit by a smooth criminal.(Range:3)"
   - "Smooth Criminal" is a popular Michael Jackson song. One of the lyrics
      is referenced in this description.
Awesome Hand: "Used to steal stuff. A truly awesome hand.(Range:5)"

Mr. Gency Exit: "Escape from the random dungeons."
   - While the text itself is plain, the item name is a pun. Pronouncing it as
     "EM-EHR Gency Exit" instead of "Mister Gency Exit" results in "Emergency
     Exit" if you didn't already notice.

Finesse Remedy: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Tolerance Remedy: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Stamina Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Spirit Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Strength Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Endurance Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Mind Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Agility Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Finesse Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."
Tolerance Serum: "Used in battle to raise stats."

Mana Potion I: "Used in battle to gain mana."
Mana Potion II: "Used in battle to gain mana."
Mana Potion III: "Used in battle to gain mana."
Mana Potion IV: "Used in battle to gain mana."
Mana Potion V: "Used in battle to gain mana."

Angel Cake: "For Homeroom. For sweet-toothed Class Reps."
Bomb: "For Homeroom. No sleeping!"
Medicine: "For Homeroom. Sober up!"
Hard Liquor: "For Homeroom. Drink! Drink! Drink!"
Chloroform: "For Homeroom. Momma said knock you out!"

PA Microphone: "Summon a teacher with the school PA system."
PA Microphone: "Discuss matters with Zenisky Financial services."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Alraune Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Eryngi Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Cat Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Warslug Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Death Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Fiery Club over the school PA."
PA Microphone: "Talk with the Baciel Club over the school PA."

Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Strongest Hallway]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Strongest Garden]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Strongest Crossroad]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Childhood Memories]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Dragon's Rest]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Home Ec. Kitchen]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Grudgeful Memory]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Cooking Corridor]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Blazing Firestorm]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Student Chaos]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Thrill]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Threatful Abuse]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Assault! PTA]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Nightmare Days]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Forceful Education]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Freezing Soul]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Chaotic Chill]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Eternal Teardrop]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Futile Revenge]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [No Running Hallway]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Organized Corridor]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Chain Death Battle]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Victims' Ecstasy]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Captain's Location]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Audio-Visual Room]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Rotten Grudge]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Waking Nightmares]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Evil Mind Vortex]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Howl of Agony]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Legendary School]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Vile Voodoo Doll]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Cruel Destiny Plan]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Pool of BloodyTears]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Hearty Comeuppance]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Corpse Eaters]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Death's Path]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Unsated Thirst]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [Grieving DeathKnell]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [SuperHero's Requiem]."
Illegal Ticket: "Challenge the X-Dimension side of [SuperHero's Apostle]."


Chicken Hat: "The word 'meat' may appear on your forehead."
   - Kinnikuman reference
Naive Glasses: "He's awake. Inside of me."
Used Rag: "This rotten water smell... Could it be!?"
Stolen Shorts: "Give that to me! It will make me God."

<----------------------<<<<<<Character Descriptions>>>>>>--------------------->

- Some of the characters' titles change throughout the course of the story. The
  typical endgame ones are used here.
- Weapon Fortes omitted due to symbols, but certain silly Magichange
  descriptions retained, as per in-game text.

---|Main Characters|---

Mao, Overlord:
"Netherworld genius with a 1,800,000 EQ.
 Your All-Netherworldian mad scientist."
- "EQ" stands for "Evil Quotient" in this game, akin to "IQ" (Intelligence

Almaz, Newly Wed Hero:
"Hero Wannabe with a decent name.
 As you can see, he's a loser."
- "Almaz von Almandine Adamant" is his full name. Alliteration makes things
  decent, at worst.

Sapphire, Newly Wed Queen:
"A combative princess of Almaz's dream.
 Motto: First to strike, first to win."
- A perfect description for the axe-crazy Sapphire.

Raspberyl, No. 1 Delinquent:
"This game's heroine and main rival.
 No tardies, no absences. A rule breaker.
 Magichange Type: That, you know..."
- Keeping in mind the convoluted "good is bad" and "bad is good" ideology of
  this game, Raspberyl is "bad"....by being "good" o_O

Kyoko Needleworker, Alumni:
"Reliable ninja who adores Raspberyl.
 Very good at knitting."
- Pokes fun at how her last name being Needleworker, she'd probably be good at
  knitting or crocheting. Also seen in her attacks.

Asuka Cranekick, Alumni:
"Gentle samurai who adores Raspberyl.
 Her hobby is folding paper cranes."
- Her hobby is put to good use in her special attacks.

Mr. Champloo, Home Ec. Teacher:
"Master of Fire Chaos Style Kitchen Fist.
 Mystery chef who talks cooking language."
- Reinforced by his fiery special attacks, and nonsensical cooking metaphors
  spouted out throughout the story.

Master Bigster, Sophomore Leader:
"An elegant, brilliant, and shiny star.
 'Master' is just his first name."
- For post-game purposes his name is indeed "Master Bigster" due to a
  hilarious side quest. For storyline purposes, it was "Master Bigstar".

Salvatore, Diez Gentlemen:
"The legendary senior leader gentlelady.
 Issues orders to allies and enemies."
- Throughout the story, she makes impossible over-the-top orders to any unit
  within earshot.

Prism Red, Prism-ish:
"Leader of the Prism Rangers.
 Full of passion, purpose and justice.
 Magichange Type: Patent Pending"
- Since the Prism Rangers are an obvious Power Rangers parody, the Magichange
  Type is like this, just for fun.

Marona, Chroma:
"A psycho girl who talks to ghosts.
 She doesn't seem to be from around here."
- Marona is a cameo character from the Nippon Ichi game, Phantom Brave. This
  takes a jab at Marona's lonely outcast status in Phantom Brave.

Asagi, Main Character?
"A girl who's still waiting for her game.
 Is she typecast as a secret character?"
- The running joke with Asagi is that she was supposed to star in her own
  separate Nippon Ichi game, but that got cancelled and she has been relegated
  to cameo character status ever since. She yearns to one day be a main

Axel, Dark Hero:
"Self-proclaimed Universe's Darkest Hero.
 Popular with all demographics."
- Ironically, he wasn't all that popular in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories,

Laharl, Overlord:
"A foreign Overlord who wants air-time.
 Self-proclaimed strongest & evilest boy."
- Ever since Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Laharl has become even pettier in 
  subsequent Disgaea games, wanting more in-game screentime whenever he
  shows up.

Etna, Beauty Queen:
"A Demon Lord who rivals Overlords.
 Has a sharp tongue and a sweet tooth."
- Being Laharl's vassal in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Etna somehow gained much
  more power as time went on. Her latest escapade was in "Prinny: Can I Really
  Be The Hero?" where she craves cake and order her prinnies to get it for her.

Flonne, Fallen Angel:
"A fallen angel from another Netherworld.
 A love freak, and hero maniac."
- It's common knowledge that in the canon good ending from Disgaea: Hour of
  Darkness, Flonne becomes a fallen angel. She still remains her love of...
  well, love! The sam goes for ally of justice types, like Almaz and the
  Prism Rangers.

---|Downloadable Content (DLC) Characters|---

Adell, Ex-Demon Hunter:
   "Hero who saved the World of Veldime.
    Hot-blooded, righteous, and honest."
- Adell was the lead character of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. He apparently 
  "doesn't like girls" and was your stereotypical hero type.

Rozalin, Overlord Incarnate:
   "Sheltered heiress, she is actually
    the God of All Overlords re-born."
- A big storyline spoiler if you haven't yet played Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.
  For most of the story, Rozalin tags along as a bratty princess summoned
  against her own will.

Nekomata/Bowmaw/Tail Ring/Casperleague/Ovinig/Bastet:
   "A hyper catgirl martial artist.
    Has it all: Cat ears, paws and tail."

Pram, Oracle:
   "An Overlord, who can see the future.
    Is she stalking Overlord Zetta?"
- Pram comes from the Nippon Ichi game, Makai Kingdom.

Zetta, Badass Overlord:
   "An Overlord/Sacred Tome hybrid.
    Earn enough Mana to write your wish."
- Zetta also comes from Makai Kingdom and was apparently the most badass
  overlord until he got himself stuck in this book form.

Hanako, Adell's Sister:
   "An amazing and bossy cook.
    Her goal is to become a 'Sexy Demon'."
- Hanako also comes from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. She idolizes Etna, who is
  the inspiration for her goal.

Taro, Adell's Brother:
   "A cowardly and timid boy.
    He's a cow who drinks his own milk!"
- Taro also comes from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. He actually wears a
  cow-patterned apron.

Overlord Priere, Overlord:
   "A human who desires to gain power,
    Refer to 'La Pucelle' for more details."
- La Pucelle Tactics is another Nippon Ichi game, in which Priere was a member
  of the church. Circumstances changed that, and in the Disgaea series she
  cameos as an Overlord in the netherworld.

Tink, Dirty Frog:
   "A fool.
    He hates all men except himself."
- In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Tink was a chauvinist man who was turned into
  a frog, and is somehow Rozalin's friend. He has a weak spot for girls and is
  quite perverted.

Yukimaru, Kunoichi:
   "Female ninja rebuilding her clan.
    Obsessed with martial arts, zam."
- Yukimaru hails from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. (Forgive the pun.)  She had
  a tendency to want to commit suicide and ends her sentences with the
  excessively polite "gozaru!".

Soichiro Kogure, Police Sergeant:
   "Detective from the Metropolitan PD.
    He hates creepy, horror things."
- Kogure is apparently from a Japanese-only horror game, Hayarigami.

Marjoly, Legendary Witch:
   "A witch from Marl's Kingdom.
    She is sensitive about her age."
- Marjoly comes from the Nippon Ichi game, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. The
  whole plot revolved around her kidnapping a Prince for herself and Cornet
  trying to rescue the Prince. She is apparently the "most evil" witch.

Angel/Angel Cadet/Angel Soldier/Crusader/Avenger/Paladin:
   "A soldier from Celestia.
    Good at magic, healing, and archery."

Gordon, Defender of Earth:
   "The 37th Defender of Earth.
    His favorite food is teriyaki pizza."
- Gordon comes from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. He was a bumbling, incompetent
  Defender of Earth which still shows in his recruitment sequence in this game.

Jennifer, Asst. Defender:
   "Earned every Ph.D. by the age of 10.
    Her bikinis are so bright."
- Jennifer also comes from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Apparently, she is super
  smart and super sexy, as well as an expert martial artist.

Thursday, Invincible Robot:
   "Super Robot invented by Jennifer.
    Comes complete with a self-destruct."
- Thursday also comes from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and SPEAKS ALL IN CAPS.

Kurtis, Defender of Earth:
   "The all-time rival of Captain Gordon...
    But his true identity is...?"
- Kurtis also comes from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. He is a cyborg, and as
  confusing as it sounds, also a Defender of Earth.

Prinny Kurtis, Defender of Earth:
   "The all-time rival of Captain Gordon...
    Turned into a Prinny."
- Kurtis makes a surprise reappearance in the last chapter of Disgaea: Hour of
  Darkness in Prinny form.

Gig, Death Controller:
   "Controller of the World Eaters.
    He's actually very shy. LIkes Hot Pots.
    Magichange Type: Onyx Blade"
- Gig comes from the Nippon Ichi game, Soul Nomad & the World Eaters.

Revya, World Eater:
   "Heroine of 'Soul Nomad'.
    Quiet and androgynous."
- Self-explanatory. Supposedly, you could be a male or female lead.

Pleinair, Mascot:
   "Harada's mascot.
    She's made a lot of appearances lately."
- Pleinair was a unique sprite in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and has become
  a fan favourite ever since. She is Takehito Harada's creation.

Prinny, Hero Prinny:
   "Hero from this one action game.
    'I've mastered the Art of Dying, dood!'"
- Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, is "this one action game" for the PSP.
  The gimmick was that you had 1000 prinnies to get you through the entire
  game, and would die many, many times.

Dragon/Fafnir/Nidhogg/Ahzi Dahaka/Tiamat/Bahamut:
   "As you can see, he's a dragon.
    He tries hard, so please use him."

Mid-Boss, Dark Adonis:
   "He is never called by his real name.
    He is actually really influential..."
- Mid-Boss, aka. Count Vyers, aka. the Dark Adonis is a recurring mid-boss in
  Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Mid-Boss is strongly implied to actually be the
  reincarnation of King Krichevsky.

Aramis, Laharl's Servant:
   "An artist at making Zombies.
    He is working on his masterpiece."
- Aramis comes from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, where he was a bratty child
  that makes a request of Laharl. He is still as zombie-obsessed in his
  appearance this time around.

---|Generic Characters|---

- The second line in each description is actually a vague indicator of what
  the unit's fixed evility does. It's a handy way to remember which units you
  might like to use for whatever purpose if you don't have a good memory.


Fighter/Warrior/Destroyer/Gladiator/Warlord/Battle Master:
   "A study warrior of unyielding spirit.
    Professional at close combat fighting."

Lady Fighter/Lady Warrior/Valkyrie/Minerva Lass/Freya/Iron Maiden:
   "A lady of flexibility and strength.
    Likes blitzing through a single point."

Red Skull/Green Skull/Blue Skull/Star Skull/Prism Skull/Galaxy Skull:
   "An earnest magician boy. Consumes more
    SP for high powered skills and magic."

Red Mage/Green Mage/Blue Mage/Star Mage/Prism Mage/Galaxy Mage:
   "An innocent magician girl. Efficiently
    uses SP, and has many skills and magic."

   "A priest-in-training who faces darkness.
    Eases the brunt of elemental attacks."

   "A cleric who heals ally injuries.
    Protects allies from magic with prayers."

Fury Fatalist/Fight Artist/Champ of Fighters/Viper Fighter/Lethal Combatant/
Boulevard Fighter:
   "A fighter who has mastered martial arts.
    Fights with strong counters."

Wind Spinner/Thunder Fist/Storm Bringer/Sky Faller/Star Warrior/God Buster:
   "A lady who fights with brutal elegance.
    Can suppress counter attacks."

   "A lone sniper with cold eyes. Strong
    bow & arrow attacks from great heights."

Archer/Hunter/Shooter/Bow Master/Cupid/Freischutz:
   "A kind hunter of the Netherworld.
    Great at sniping from far distances."

   "A gunman who draws quickly.
    Good combo attacks with other gunners."

Gunslinger/Bounty Hunter/Trigger Happy/Ready Revolver/Shooting Star/Fortune
   "A bounty hunter who's looking for money.
    Obtains more money and items."

Genin/Chunin/Jounin/Oniwaban/Touryou/Shadow Master:
   "An assassin who lives in shadows.
    Takes pride in high evasiveness."

Hanakage/Yukikage/Hoshikage/Tsukikage/Sorakage/Master Kunoichi:
   "A beautiful ninja girl.
    Illusive movements toss enemies around."

Ronin/Samurai/Bujin/Kengou/Kensei/Sword Master:
   "A proud seeker of swords.
    Hates cowardly tactics."

Exorcist/Diabolist/Holy Swordswoman/Battle Maiden/Carnage Princess/Blade
   "A sword maiden who exorcises evil.
    True powers shine in one-on-one duels."

Heavy Knight/Iron Knight/Steel Knight/Mythril Knight/Adamant Knight/Aegis
   "A knight who boasts a solid defense.
    Has the highest defense of all jobs."

Thief/Rogue/Scout/Bandit/Trickster/Master Thief:
   "A thief who lives for treasure hunting.
    Level for level, no one steals better."

Druid/Mystic/Sage/Hermit/Prophet/Geo Master:
   "A wise man who has mastered the land.
    Fights best with Strong Geo Effects."

Beast Tamer/Beast Leader/Beast Lord/Beast Queen/Beast Master/Beast Savior:
   "A wild warrior who lives with monsters.
    Makes strong team attacks with monsters."

   "A crazed warrior who enjoys battles.
    The more it hurts, more power he gets."

Shaman/Witch Doctor/Necromancer/Dark Elder/Purgatory Oracle/Soul Invoker:
   "A sorcerer who spreads misfortune.
    Lowers the power of all enemies."

Masked Hero/Vizard Hero/Morphing Hero/Fixed-Up Hero/Galaxy Hero/Super
   "Self-proclaimed hero. Identity unknown.
    His ability to escape is unmatched."

Magic Knight/Dark Knight/Rune Knight/Mega Knight/Force Knight/Space Knight:
   "An ancient warrior with spiritual power.
    Uses magic and swords effectively."

Chaos Soldier/Death Avenger/Violator/Last Battalion/Death Army:
   "A warrior with powers beyond man.
    All stats are high, but..."

Brand New Idol/Summer Idol/Celestial Idol/Dream Idol/Brilliant Idol/Idol
   "An idol who cheers allies to victory.
    Able to strengthen all allies at once."


Green Slime/Red Blob/Blue Gelatin/Ochre Jelly/Grey Ooze/Black Pudding:
   "A primitive monster with a slimy body.
    Non-magical attacks are useless."

Petite Orc/Orc Captain/Head Orc/Orc Master/Orc King/Shadow Orc:
   "A quick-tempered, little roughneck.
    The more there are the better they get."

   "A diabolic insect that confuses people.
    Sees through attacks at close range."

   "A mushroom that likes damp places.
    Releases pheromones that weaken women."

   "A trickster ghost. Absorbs evil from
    space and converts it into magic power."

Catsaber/War Cat/Cait Sith/Grimalkin/Elbaccie/Lord Cat God:
   "A mysterious, cat-like creature.
    Soothes enemies with its cuteness."

Pvt. Prinny/Cpt. Prinny/Col. Prinny/Gen. Prinny/Prinny King/Prinny God:
   "The Netherworld servant.
    Destined to explode if thrown!"

Zombie/Ghoul/Corpse/Ghast/Wight/Zombie King:
   "A living corpse awakened from its grave.
    Gains energy by eating others alive."

Marionette/Killer Puppet/Assassin Doll/Death Coppelia/Mad Jester/Hells Crown:
   "A magical doll that can move by itself.
    Its body is immune to status effects."

   "An evil, Netherworld flower.
    Releases a healing scent."

Warslug/Vodianoi/Sea Monk/Aqua Fighter/Charybdis/Dagon:
   "A creepy amphibian.
    Known for being very dangerous."

   "A dirty bird that harbors ill fortune.
    Releases dark miasma for no good reason."

   "A messenger of the underworld.
    Invites weakened enemies to death."

Cu Sith/Hell Hound/Black Dog/Garm/Orthros/Fenrir:
   "A proud beast enveloped in the wind.
    Its attacks become stronger with speed."

White Dragon/Dragon King/Saint Dragon/Heaven Dragon/Terra Dragon/Divine Dragon:
   "A heavenly dragon that controls wind.
    Gains more power the higher it goes."

   "A lady demon that seduces men.
    Plays with their heart to weaken them."

Skeletal Dragon/Death Dragon/Curse Dragon/Mystic Dragon/Dark Dragon/Hell
   "A dragon that was revived by a curse.
    Its fossil body is hard to penetrate."

Wood Giant/Tree Folk/Forest Guardian/Green Giant/Gaia Titan/Dreadnaught:
   "A manifestation of the land's anger.
    Born with a self regenerative power."

   "A demon summoned from another dimension.
    Sometimes gets extra attacks."

   "A fire demon with a burning body.
    An intense battle calls for more power."

<-----------------------<<<<<<Special Descriptions>>>>>>---------------------->

- Monsters have the potential to learn any spell, but nothing else in the
  Generic Humanoid Specials section.

---|Generic Humanoid Specials|---


Triple Strike: "Attack those three vital points! (Do not imitate)"
Phantom Fists: "It'll scatter everywhere, but come back. Don't worry<3"
   - Interpret this how you will.
Blazing Palm: "Can you handle this hot, hot soul?(Wind)"
   - Misleading since this is apparently a Wind element attack.
Final Arts: "Scream this name louder for more power."
   - Makes fun of how people that use special techniques in anime seem to yell
     out the names of their moves to add more energy,
Splitting Shot: "If you can do this, you'lll be the class hero!"
Big Bang: "Mathematically impossible...it's just, the strongest."
Lion's Roar: "A not-so-special move seen alll over the place."
Rising Dragon: "Can you breathe? Don't ask such questions."
   - Stated since the attack sends the unit into outer space.


Blade Rush: "Because they never told you not to run with swords."
   - The common saying is "Don't run with scissors!"
Hurricane Slash: "Rocks you like the spinning winds. Can cause dizziness."
X-Level Flurry: "It'll just slice up everything tremendously fast."
Slayer's Descent: "A special attack has descended from the heavens."
Infinite Graves: "When the cursed swords gather, someone will die!"
Mach+ Slice: "You can even slice through dimensions.(Star)"
Moon Slash: "Visual based, with the moon in the background."
Dark X Slash: "A super move invented by a great swordsman."


Impaler Drop: "Jump up high! And...smash heads!"
Pole Charge: "A version of a skill that some monkey taught me."
   - From the frequently-alluded-to story of the Monkey King and all variants.
Piercing Spears: "Use of this move may cause chronic back pain."
Divine Storm: "Summon divine divine winds so they can do their thing.(Wind)"
Golden Slicer: "There is no such thing as fate! Open your own future!"
Cannon Shower: "Destroy the world with a giant meteor.(Star)"
Lightning Spear: "Comes with a rather refreshing aftertaste."
   - Can allude to a "spear" of food, like asparagus.
Spear Storm: "The greatest disaster of the Netherworld.(Fire)"


Twirly Attack: "You yourself shall become the arrow.(Ice)"
Attack Punisher: "Punish the bad guys with this super move."
Skewer Piercer: "These skewers are freshly made, just for you."
Psycho Mirage: "See, how pretty.(Ice)"
Illusion Master: "A pretty mean skill. Amazing if you could dodge it."
Omega Comet: "I hope you get a feel for this super attack some day."
Delta Split: "Pyramid magic protects contents from mold.(Sleep)"
Doppel Ganger: "Produce multiples to gang up on them.(Forget)"


Gunman Spirit: "He's the target! Just shoot him!"
Cocktail Shaker: "I guess the gun doesn't really matter much..."
Armor Piercing: "Here I go! Are you ready!? Huy yah...!"
Magical Rain: "You must infuse the bullet with spiritual energy first."
Megagun Launcher: "A 'Launcher' can't be a gun skill, can it?(Star)"
Hellfire Catharsis: "Burn them to ashes with the ultimate fires of hell."
Shooting Stars: "Don't go out your way to shoot like that."
Toten Kreuz: "It's hooooottttt!(Fire)"


Big Swing Slicer: "Fly in the face of axe fungamentals..."
Seesaw Axe: "Never lose sight of your inner-child."
   - Since a seesaw is seen as a children's playground equipment.
Boomerang Axe: "That's just...dangerous!"
World Rounder: "You can hear about the 80 day trip on another day..."
   - Reference to the popular novel "Around the World in 80 Days"
Graviton Flare: "Always replace your divots.(Fire)"
Illusive Quake: "A super secret move that can cut open the Netherworld."
Violent Storm: "A fierce, yet elegant, serial attack."
Calamity Drive: "A move that'll scatter you beautifully.(Star)"


Fire: "Attack the enemy with fire magic.(Level 1/Fire)"
Mega Fire: "Attack the enemy with fire magic.(Level 2/Fire)"
Giga Fire: "Attack the enemy with fire magic.(Level 3/Fire)"
Omega Fire: "Attack the enemy with fire magic.(Level 4/Fire)"

Wind: "Attack the enemy with wind magic.(Level 1/Wind)"
Mega Wind: "Attack the enemy with wind magic.(Level 2/Wind)"
Giga Wind: "Attack the enemy with wind magic.(Level 3/Wind)"
Omega Wind: "Attack the enemy with wind magic.(Level 4/Wind)"

Ice: "Attack the enemy with ice magic.(Level 1/Ice)"
Mega Ice: "Attack the enemy with ice magic.(Level 2/Ice)"
Giga Ice: "Attack the enemy with ice magic.(Level 3/Ice)"
Omega Ice: "Attack the enemy with ice magic.(Level 4/Ice)"

Star: "Attack the enemy with star magic.(Level 1/Star)"
Mega Star: "Attack the enemy with star magic.(Level 2/Star)"
Giga Star: "Attack the enemy with star magic.(Level 3/Star)"
Omega Star: "Attack the enemy with star magic.(Level 4/Star)"

Heal: "Restores target's HP.(Level 1)"
Mega Heal: "Restores target's HP.(Level 2)"
Giga Heal: "Restores target's HP.(Level 3)"
Omega Heal: "Restores target's HP.(Ultimate)"
Espoir: "Cures ailments.(Poison/Sleep/Paralyze/Forget/Deprave)"

Brave Heart: "Increases target's ATK.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Shield: "Increases target's DEF.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Magic Boost: "Increases target's INT.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Magic Wall: "Increases target's RES.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Speed Boost: "Increases target's SPD.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Target Lock: "Increases target's HIT.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Enfeeble: "Decreases target's ATK.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Armor Break: "Decreases target's DEF.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Mind Break: "Decreases target's INT.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Resist Break: "Decreases target's RES.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Slow: "Decreases target's SPD.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Blind: "Decreases target's HIT.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Poison: "Puts target under Poison effect.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Slumber: "Puts target under Sleep effect.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Stun: "Puts target under Paralyze effect.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Blank Out: "Puts target under Forget effect.(Lasts 3 turns)"
Charm: "Puts target under Deprave effect.(Lasts 3 turns)"


Tower Swing: "Under fierce training for the netherlympics."
Tower Roller: "If you can do this, everyone will be your best friend."
Tower Bridge: "This is an art form!(Requires a Tower of more than 6)"

---|Generic Monster Specials|---

- The first tier monster name is used for each species, since all specials are
  the same, regardless of monster tier.

|Green Slime|

Slimy Headbutt: "A slimy martial arts move. The headbutt.(Poison)"
Slime Cheer: "Do it! Lift the coach up high!"
King Mixer: "How would you like some nutritious juice?(Deprave)"
Jelly Fight: "Rock, paper, scissors! I'm always the winner[music note]"
Bendy Sword: "A soft sword! ...Does it work?"
SlimeAura Sword: "Slimes can work hard to release an aura!(Poison)"

|Petite Orc|

Flying V-Strike: "The Orcs' gentlemanly way of punching.(Forget)"
Mistake Eraser: "The Orcs' elegantly calculated attack."
Orc Throw: "The Orcs' ritual of adulthood.(Forget)"
Orc God's Descent: "The Orcs' God will give a petite appearance."
Porkchop Special: "Today's recommended menu, presented by Orcmeril."
   - "Orcmeril" is a reference to the famous chef "Emeril".
GoldAxe SilverAxe: "A good lesson taught by the Orcs."


Hell's Cocoon: "Watch this bug create an unorganized cocoon.(Sleep)"
Nightmare Hug: "That's right! Hug me tighter!(Paralyze)"
Pulsating Sonics: "Ultrasonic waves will massage your muscles.(Forget)"
Spinning Butterfly: "Spinning dive of death. I'm sure it hurts, too."
Mothman Pachinko: "One man, double role, full on attack."
Mothman Go: "Ah, this is the man's dream."


Spore Dance: "A gift of aromatic spores, from me to you.(Sleep)"
Erynger Punch: "A playful Eryngi suggested this idea. Drink up."
Classic Mushroom: "A classic dish in netherworld home cooking.(Forget)"
Mushroom Harvest: "An important event for a mushroom.(Poison, Paralyze)"
Piston Lancer: "Let us beat down on every man's tear!(Deprave)"
Mushroom Mountain: "An enjoyable platter for mushroom lovers!"


Bite Catcher: "Yes, you'll be eaten in one bite."
Spirit Ignition: "Occult powers cause spontaneous combustion.(Fire)"
Pixie Prank: "Possessed by a trickster ghost.(Poison, Deprave)"
Polter Geist: "Rumour goes, the staff disappears one by one..."
Ball Cast: "Spinning more than usual!(Forget)"
Pressure Bomb: "There's kindness, which alleviates some pressure."


Cat Kick Teaser: "I want you to see how cute I am. Meow."
Fish Swing: "I'll attack with tonight's dinner. Meow."
Chasing Fishy: "I have to chase after tomorrow's dinner now. Meow."
Bell Volcano: "See? See? Aren't I amazing? Meow."
Screw Claw: "A super move taught by an admired super man."
Full on Kitty: "Is this even a skill...?"

|Pvt. Prinny|

Prillin Bomb: "Obviously not the right way to use it..."
Priver Dance: "Tubs are always funny.(Poison, Paralyze, Forget)"
Prinny Forever: "I will never forget you existed...!(Fire)"
Pringer Beam: "Finishing move of the legendary Pringer X.(Star)"
Panic Laser: "He's a little shy. May or may not appear.(Forget)"
Prinnical Shock: "This is the cry of a Prinny's soul!(Star)"


Removable Skull: "Arh grh mrgh...My dentures(?)...(Poison)"
Zombie Tornado: "This tornado kinda smells like zombie.(Wind)"
Zombie Party!: "Woo! Cheers!(Poison)"
Zombie Rocket: "It is important to know your position."
Sacrifice Beam: "Mom...!"
Dead or Dead: "Death, or death... There's no choice!(Poison)"


Dancing Knife: "This is indeed a circus-trained masterpiece."
Spark Sphere: "Caution. vigorous fireworks will burn you, too."
Demon Magic: "Danger. Do not try this at home. 'Kay?<3"
Miracle Gimmick: "Even the misters and princesses will be surprised!"
Optical Sight: "Hoping that one day, everyone can shoot eye beams."
Puppet Bow: "Everyone's putting their bodies forward!"


Feast Slasher: "Food over scenery, eh?"
Spiral Needle: "Spin and strike! That's all!(Poison)"
Petal Storm: "A refreshing aroma of sweat. For crazy people,(Wind)"
Flower Hazard: "That's a crazy attack range!"
Deadly Prickle: "Bloom, bloom, oh flower of death.(Poison)"
Blooming Spears: "It's a super move for the audience.(Sleep)"


Licky Bounce: "Stop playing with your food!(Paralyze)"
Electric Killer: "This tingle will soon become pleasure...(Paralyze)"
Shock Arrow: "Netherworld eco-friendly power generation.(Paralyze)"
Rolling Bowling: "Come on. Please let this be a strike...!(Paralyze)"
Dual Moon Wheel: "Please accept this numbing tingle.(Paralyze)"
Thunder Dance: "Is this a dance? Or standup comedy.(Paralyze)"


Chicken Breath: "Smells like chicken soup.(Paralyze)"
Super Egg: "There's a marshmallow chich inside.(Fire)"
City Dragger: "Punishment declared by the magistrate.(Forget)"
Cock-a-Drill: "They used to call me the greatest digger.(Deprave)"
Special Egg Crack: "But even I can crack an egg!(Paralyze)"
Season's Hesitance: "Hesitate...The, the journey begins.(Deprave)"


Hug Me Headless: "Put some love into beheading!"
Remote Trail: "One of the techniques to elegant soul-hunting."
Dark Pit: "Drag someone into a bottomless pit.(Deprave)"
Unknown World: "There are still, many strange worlds in this universe."
Death Spinner: "You can replace your Magic Bullet with this!"
   - A Magic Bullet is a type of blender.
Nightmare Gate: "Sweet dreams for you tonight...(Star)"

|Cu Sith|

Charging Horns: "This is absolutely, honestly, painful!"
Splicer Storm: "With a nice breeze, comes a sharp stab. (Wind)"
Death Fang: "Try playing with animals sometimes!"
Thousand Wolves: "Lone wolf? What a blatant lie..."
Wheelie Blades: "Apparently, you won't get as dizzy.(Wind)"
Woofie Zoo: "Everyone, gather here!"

|White Dragon|

Cold Feather: "The best down comforter ever.(Ice, Sleep)
   - "Down" as in "feathers", not mood.
Feather Rain: "Even though they're only feathers, they still hurt."
Holy Flare: "It seems you shouldn't anger this person.(Ice)"
Prism Break: "Do you actually know these tricks from birth?(Ice)"
Sacred Shoot: "Freeze and destroy! The basics to combat!(Ice)"
Centaur Arrow: "Finally! Doesn't it feel like that?"


Body Change: "In the Humanh World, it's bad too bully the weak."
Bound Heart: "Being too sexy is not good for your health.(Deprave)"
Tempting Break: "There, there. That's uh, too much service.(Deprave)"
Twin Attribute: "Just because you're kinda cute doesn't mean..."
Love & Destroy: "Alright! Come and bring it!(Deprave)"
Summon Vampire: "Want me to suck you dry?"

|Skeletal Dragon|

Smelly Breath: "How rude? Smelly breath... Whoa! That stinks!"
Sucker Bite: "Chew carefully when eating."
Homing Grudge: "A lingering grudge. Very friendly to people."
Darkness Breath: "That's it. I knew you could do it.(Deprave)"
Crusher Bones: "Stew the bones to make a good soup base."
Grudge Basher: "A thousand swings with a bat. How tiring."

|Wood Giant|

Far Stretch: "See how flexible your opponent is."
Angered Tree: "A refreshing skill of strength."
Rush Hour: "Yes, traffic sucks. But we all knew that."
Hugs Tonight: "It's his way of showing affection."
Morphing Blow: "This is a rare swing! Right uppercut!"
Summon Giant: "That's gigantic!"


Close Buster: "A relentless shot to the face from close range.(Star)"
Extinctor Cannon: "Whether you disappear, is up to you.(Star)"
Genocide Saber: "Swing around a huge beam sabre.(Star)"
Destructo Launcher: "Uh, please don't destroy the Netherworld...(Star)"
Launcher Punch: "This is not a rocket."
Manual Barrel: "The result of two people's love and effort.(Star)"


Demonic Flame: "Evade this passionate hug.(Fire)"
Fire Blast: "It's different from those other world's spells.(Fire)"
Chaotic Flare: "A dance of angered flames? Sounds about right. (Fire)"
Fires of Meggido: "A secret weapon for the final battle with God.(Fire)"
Burning Fever: "Where is my doctor-prescribed cowbell?.(Fire)"
Flare Circle: "Two hearts on fire is the same as one.(Fire)"


Cat Kick: "Cat martial art skill 1."
Cat Strike: "Cat martial art skill 2."
Cat Blast: "Cat martial art skill 3."
Cat Fight: "Cat martial art skill Final."
Cat Scratch: "Scratch the sword... Sccrrch! (Paralyze)"
Cat Paw: "Two paws turn bright red!"


Exploding Rock: Hrrgh... Can't eat anymore..."
Inside Tour: "This is the inside of a dragon... Is this okay?"
Blazing Breath: "I like my enemies medium-well, please."
Dragon Nova: "Ultimate dragon skill that destroys all."
Dragon Flash: "Self-sacrifice. Good setting though."
Beat Wash: "Fight against an enemy to prove your skill."

---|Unique Specials|---

- These specials are unique to their respective characters, be they
  humanoid-type, monster-type, or DLC.


Blast Finger: "Concentrate your hatred-power, and bash on!(Star)"
Shine Beam: "Horrify the enemy with harmful rays of light.(Star)"
Vasa Aergun: "This is my worst, ultimate, greatest skill!(Star)"


Spinning Swordance: "It's best if you twirl it a little and then stab."
   - This attack parodies Zoro from One Piece, who uses three swords as well.
Running Crosses: "Sorry. I sliced you before you were able to blink."
Help Me Goddess: "Looks like someone angered the goddess..."


Virgin Innocence: "Punish those who harm a girl's innocent heart.(Ice)"
Shunpu Moondance: "Where did you catch that dog?"
Legend White: "The ultimate form of healing!(HP/ailment recovery)"


D-Rule 1: Morality: "Allow me to slap some bad common sense into you!"
D-Rule 2: Volunteer: "I'll volunteer to throw away recyclable goods!"
D-Rule 3: EcoFriend: "I'm picky about environmental issues!(Paralyze)"
Imperial Cross: "A sword skill that's tickle you good conscience."
Delta Extreme: "Fire that can simply burn away industrial waste."

|Kyoko Needleworker|

Lily Elegy: "Who crochets these days anyway...?"
Detective Double: "Do you have any idea who Lillian is?"

|Asuka Cranekick|

Crane Elegy: "With a faint curse on a paper crane..."
Fuma Crane: "Wow, a helicopter crane! That's...cool?"

|Mr. Champloo|

Shredder Kick: "No need for knives, all you need is my kick! Boom!"
Chef's Special: "Hahahaha! Bring out the super spicy flavor! Boom!"
Flaming Stir-Fry: "I am quite the spirited teacher! Boom!(Fire)"

|Master Bigster|

Rosen Stars: "Hahaha[music note] Come on, try and catch me[music note]"
Rose Stinger: "Watch out! Even the loveliest rose has thorns."


The Great Gun King: "An amazing skill. Don't worry about the crisscrosses."
Duel!: "Take 10 paces, turn, and regain your honor!"

|Prism Red|

Swift Justice: "At least act like it hurt. That's etiquette."
Prism Justice: "The rule is to scream, 'Ahh! I'm beat!'"


Putty Danger: "You're so different now, Marona..."
Confine: "Where, oh where is that pure and innocent girl...?"


Cameo Star: "Has she accepted her role as Side Character Queen?"
Magic Shot: "Dreaming one day of becoming a Main Character.(Star)"


Shocking Soul: "Electrifying excitement! The dark hero is on stage!"
My Heart Shakes: "The King of Rock electrifies all!"
Love Dynamite: "A historic event of a life time!"


Blazing Knuckle: "Charges into enemies.(Fire)"
Overlord's Wrath: "Unsurmountable power of the Overlord."
Meteor Impact: "Earth-shaking impact of a meteor."


Prinny Raid: "Prinny carpet-bombing."
Sexy Beam: "It's powerful, but...is it sexy?"
Chaos Impact: "Would you like your enemies charcoaled?"


Holy Arrows: "It's the power of love, but it'll hurt the enemy."
Power of Love: "Repulsive for demons. Love recovers HP and ailments."
Flonne zilla: "Space monster Flonne attacks!"


Crimson Flame: "Crimson fire destroys all.(Fire)"
Soaring Fire: "Fearsome fire sears all who get in the way.(Fire)"
Blazing Vulcan: "Enemies perish in the flames of justice.(Fire)"


Rose Thorns: "Fearsome yet elegant, the flower of death blooms red."
Kneel Before Me: "You heard me."
Rose Liberation: "Unleash the power of death."


Ice Wall: "Shaved ice sounds good right now. (Ice)"
Frost Dragon: "It's not really a frozen dragon.(Ice)"
Absolute Zero: "So cold you can use a Prinny as a hammer.(Ice)"


Sacred Tome: "It's good for scribbling."
Zetta Beeeam: "A longer name gives it a longer range.(Star)"
Badass Overdrive: "Witness the most badass freakin' power!"
Pump Arrow: "Of course he knows how to do this."
Invite: "We invited the castle of the Badass Overlord."


Pretty Bazooka: "My dream is to become a sexy demon! (says Hanako)"
Vase Strike: "What is in that mysterious vase!?"
Hanako Shot: "Hanako shoots!"
It's A Vase: "Vase skill?? No, it's a gun."
Debris Sworm: "Fall down like rain...wait, ow, ouch!"


Long Long Horn: "Drinking milk will not help your horn grow."
Cry Baby Attack: "I can fight too! (says Taro)"
Taro Buster: "It's a very famous skill."
   - Reference from Kinnikuman
Milk Splash: "Chug, chug, chug...gag!!"
Lunch Nightmare: "It wasn't my fault! (says the victim)"

|Overlord Priere|

Holy Baton: "Attack the enemy with a spinning holy baton."
Dragon's Rage: "Legendary Overlord Priere's formidable strike."
Requiem Aeternam: "Check 'La Pucelle' for more."
   - The game Priere comes from sheds a little light on the somewhat odd
     choice of panels for this move.
Holy Cannon: "Defeat the enemy with a holy cross cannon."
Priere Change: "A magical miracle, deadly transformation skill."


Sonic Roll: "Blast through your enemies."
Nail Bat: "So vicious! (forgot)"
Goodbye Tink: "Sacrifices own life, but no one cares."
Gutsy Tink: "Mr. Tink will bite you and not let go."
Grand Slam: "Will return safely from a homerun."


Ninja Art Nadarejin: "Use it too much and you'll catch a cold.(Ice)"
Ninja Art Setsugekka: "Ninjutsu learned from years of training.(Ice)"
Midare Fubuki: "The ultimate ninjutsu of the Snow Clan.(Ice)"

|Soichire Kogure|

Courage Point: "Courage points consumed when courage is tested."
Self-Question: "Make an investigation plan with the information."
Inference Logic: "Organize characters' information."


Frozen Breeze: "This is how a professional does her thing."
Dark Force: "Ultimate skill of the most evil witch."
Omega Drain: "Forbidden magic that uses star energy."
Ultimate Spell: "She was trying to use some kind of magic."
   - In Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Marjoly's spells seem to backfire
     throughout the story.
Oh! Marjoly: "Marjoly, you're the evil beauty[music note]"
   - A line from Marjoly's song in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure: "Evil Queen".


Spinning Fall: "A hot shot from a man who fights for love."
Light Charge: "Special attack created to save Earth."
Trio Plasma: "Deadly skill by the defender of Earth."
Magnetic Radiation: "Beep beep beep... Can you get away with this?"
Dimension Slash: "Something like that, yeah."


Kick Combo: "No description needed."
Bouncy Explosion: "Boing, boing... How perverted."
God Hand: "God's mechanical hand will punish the evil!"
Bloody Flick: "My forehead is on fire!(Fire)"
Bomber Knuckle: "Take this deadly attack!!"


Robo Bees: "It's called the Buzz Boy, or not..."
Surprise Robo: "The attack of a surprising robot!!"
Robo Vulcan: "It will mow you down. (Fire)"
Change Bowgun: "Failing rate 100%."
Robo Bazooka: "You should've done this earlier."


Delta Strike: "Sometimes there are three, sometimes there aren't."
Final Punch: "Rocket packed with state-of-the-art technology."
Nuclear Fusion: "Creates a contained nuclear fusion. (Fire)"
Catch & Poke: "Get a good grab and destroy them!!"
Solidus Punch: "My arm will bust through your body!"

|Prinny Kurtis|

Nuclear Fusion: "Creates a contained nuclear fusion. (Fire)"
Final Punch: "Rocket packed with state-of-the-art technology."
Power of Red Moon: "Can't believe he created that! (Star)"
Double Rocket: "What!? Two rockets!?"
Accelerate: "The world with the speed of sound."


Hahaha...: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Look at my power!: "This skill could destroy everything."
Just Do It!: "Three World Eaters at once!? This is chaos!"
Gig Power Injection: "It's only temporary!"
Demon Blast: "Countless blows from the power of darkness."


Soul Linkage: "Fight with me."
Holy Justice: "Team up with Dannette."
Demon Force: "Ruthless blow that ends lives."


Decide Shooter: "So who the hell is she? (Star)"
Usa Rush: "She's in a bad mood today."
Usagi Explosion: "Works like a Prinny...RIP (Star)"


Note: This refers to the Hero Prinny DLC character, not a generic Prinny

Hip Pound Dood!: "Watch what my butt can do, dood!"
Air Slash Dood!: "The controls aren't the same in this game, dood!"
Tank Shot Dood!: "This tank is pretty cool, dood!"
Panic Laser: "Takes a while to work, dood. (Forget)"
Prinnical Shock: "The sound of one Prinny's spirit! (Star)"


Flame Dance: "Adonic flame will turn the enemies into ashes!! (Fire)"
Adonic Buster: "Intense and beautiful energy ball."
Adonic Fury: "Many Mid-Bosses will rain down on you."
Whirling Attack: "Spinning, spinning, spinning...!"
Inscribed Soul: "Will keep inscribing his name all over."


Zom Gabacho: "No, stop! My arm will fall out! (Falll)"
Whirlwind Corpse: "Tornado of zombies."
Zombie Armor: "Looks pretty cool! Zombie Armor now for sale!"

<----------------------<<<<<<Classroom Descriptions>>>>>>--------------------->

---|Character Creation|---

- These descriptions are what a unit will say upon entering the classroom after
  the "Create A New Character" process has taken place.
- The name of the first tier of each type of character unit is used since each
  tier has already been listed in the Character Descriptions section. As well,
  it doesn't matter which tier you create a new character as, the entry line
  will be the same.
- In all cases except for creating a Dragon or Nekomata (the DLC monster
  units, the line that precedes the entry line is "A transfer student has
  arrived!". For the two DLC monster units, the preceding line is: "The
  transfer student is here!"


   "I'm a warrior who transferred in today.
    I want to deepen bonds through combat.
    It's nice getting to know you all!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Lady Fighter:
   "You don't have to hold back cause I'm
    a girl! It's my style to be fighting up
    at the very front lines! Yeah!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Red Skull:
   "You can rely on me for anything magical.
    But I'm not too good with physical
    fighting, so don't charge me in."
   "Let's try making him charge in!"

Red Mage:
   "Pop! I'm here for magical battles.
    I'll rid the enemies from long range!
    But, watch out when I'm out of SP<3"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "I live to heal, though I am demon.
    It is my wish to save you with my
    powers. Let me heal you."
   "I doubt those are his true thoughts,
    but let's all be good friends!"

   "To heal the injured is my raison d'etre.
    Feel free to call me if you get hurt.
    I'll always be right there..."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Fury Fatalist:
   "Wah tah!
    A true man fights with his fists!
    Come with me! Atah!|
   "Atah! Let's be good friends!"

Wind Spinner:
   "Ni hao!
    Can anyone here put up a good fight?
    I hope to meet some strong guys, hiyah!"
   "Be good friends, hiyah!"

   "Hi, nice to meet you.
    If there's anyone you want to
    get rid of, ask me anytime."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Hey, I'm an archer, good with bows.
    My hobby is shooting at vital points.
    My forte is these awesome curls."
   "Let's all get curly!"

   "...I came, no, drifted to this academy.
    Hope you get along with me, pardners.
    I'll beat anyone on the quick-draw."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Hey there, howdy ho! Gunner girl here!
    I'll be a jumpin' around here n' there,
    but ya'll be good to me, ya hear!?"
    "Let's all be good friends!"

   "As you can see, I'm a ninja.
    And as you know, a ninja is a weapon.
    Don't let me become your enemy."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Nin nin<3 Assassination and sexiness
    are my forte. As a Kunoichi, I will
    serve you with my life, my master."
   "Let's be good friends! Nin nin!"

   "It is my sincere desire to devote my
    life to the sword. I wish to meet a
    friend whom I can trust my back to..."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "I walk the path of mastering the sword.
    I am happy to fight and study alongside
    you all."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Heavy Knight:
   "Armor knight here, durable as a rock.
    I walk kinda slow, so throw me around
    to move me. Let me be your shield!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Hello! It's me, your friendly burglar[music note]
    If you notice you're missing something,
    it's probably me<3"
   "She's a criminal. Let's be friends!"

   "Hoh hoh hoh.
    For many years I've transferred to and
    from schools. Now, look how old I am."
   "Let's be kind to the elderly!"

Beast Tamer:
    Got any bad-mannered monsters here?
    I'll train them right up!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Heh heh...just as I thought, this place
    sucks. Hey, you thought I was crazy
    just now huh! Imma kill you! Heh heh!"
   "Let's at least act like we're friends!"

   "Meat, so good! Meat, so so good!
    What meat? It be my li'l secret!"
   "...Should I curse you!?"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Masked Hero:
   "Hey everyone! If ever you think you
    need some help, feel free to scream
    my name anytime!"
   "Even if you're demons,
    I shall protect you as my friends!
    I will risk my life!!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Magic Knight:
   "I feel an evil power in this class...
    We may cross blades in the future,
    but for now, I will fight for you."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Chaos Soldier:
   "No need for greetings.
    Just bow to me.
   "Let's all bow to him!"

Brand New Idol:
   "Hello everyone [music note]"
   "If you ever feel tired from battle,
    I'll be there to cheer you up with my
    song and dance routine[music note]"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "I'm here by orders of the Seraph."
   "Pleased to meet you."
   "Let's all be friends!"


Green Slime:
   "You know, I'm not even sure how
    my body structure actually works."
   "Well, either way, no matter,
    I'll be around, I guess..."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Petite Orc:
   "Yo! I'm the rumoured transfer student!
    Don't make fun of me just because
    I'm small!"
   "I'm actually conending for the
    Netherworld Record for prank calling!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Hey, here I am, the transfer student.
    This scale dust is a gift from me.
    Go ahead, take it. It's not dirty."
   "Go ahead, you can hit him."

    I was born from a piece of bread
    that was left inside someone's desk."
   "I transferred here to take over as
    the mascot in place of the Prinnies."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Yes, I'm a ghost.
    But, I take damage from a normal punch,
    and I can also be knocked unconscious."
   "Let's try it out then!"

   "Yay, there's so many new friends.
    Please be kind to me everyone, meow."
   "(I'll use my cuteness to make these
     fools do what I want...Meahahaha)"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Pvt. Prinny:
   "Hey doods! I'm gonna Prinny up in here!
    Just...please don't throw me around!"
   "Let's try throwing him first!"

   "I could be a mummy...But I'd rather
    be popular across all genres of games,
    movies, etc. as a zombie!"
   "He's rotten, but let's be good friends!"

   "Look, look, see my bangs?
    Don't they piss you off a bit?"
   "His head falls off, but be good friends!"

   "Go on and elaborate on your wild
    fantasies with me as a guy or girl,
    whichever you'd like...Hehehe."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

    Look at me and my beautifully
    smooth and moist skin."
   "...Oooh, oh my!
    Your skin is rough."
   "He pisses me off, but be good friends!"

    Hey! You there, eating during class!
    That better not be chicken!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "...I will retrieve your souls when
    it is time. Feel assured as you
    lose your lives on the battlefield..."
    It's exciting to see which one of you
    gets to die first..."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Cu Sith:
   "Phew. A kid almost stood in the way
    of my debut as a lone wolf."
   "But yeah, I'm the lone wolf that's
    gonna rule this school starting today.
    Don't get too close to me."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

White Dragon:
   "I look like a dog, but I am a dragon!
    Don't get it confused. Woof!"
   "Let's all be good friends!"

   "Hehe, did I scare you?
    I'm sorry. Accept my apology,
    and here's a li'l service...<3"
   "I regret nothing in my life!"

Skeletal Dragon:
   "I made a silly appearance.
   "Let's all be good friends!"

Wood Giant:
   "Hello, gigigigigi.
    I've got strong power,
    but I'm kind at heat, gigigigigi."
   "It's a lie, but be good friends!"

   "That thing in my belly isn't a plum.
    It's called a core.
    Don't mistake it for food, okay?"
   "Let's try eating it!"

   "Oh, oops. Is it too hot for the
    people up in front? I'm sorry."
   "I know I'm a little clumsy
    but I hope you can hang with me."
   "Let's all be good friends!"

    Meow, meow, meow, meow!"
   "I'll use the Cat Fight, a martial art
    skill passed down through my family!"

    Dragons are essential to fantasy
    environments, don't you think!?"
   "I'll blow hot fire!"
   "Let's all be friends!"

<----------------------------<<<<<<Item World>>>>>>--------------------------->

---|Mystery Gates|---

- Any time you enter a Mystery Gate, the resulting room will be different.
  Use the title of each person listed below to determine which text belongs
  to which kind of mystery room. Or better yet, just read the text!
- Any text preceded by "->" arrows are options you have a choice to pick.
- Any text preceded by "-->" and longer arrows is text that you will only see
  if you talk to the person(s) in the Mystery Gate enough times. Talking to
  them too much provokes a battle when the last line of text appears.
- Text with "<<" and ">>" marks denotes that the big exclamatory speech box is
  being used. Most of these are missing and need to be re-checked.

Lacos, Trophy Shop:
   "You found me!
    I'm the Trophy Shop."
   "I'll give you the "Silver Trophy",
    so leave me alone."
   --> "I gave you the "Silver Trophy",
        so don't tell anyone I'm here!"
   ---> <<"I can only give you one!">>

Zour, Augur:
   --> "I've closed shop for today,
        Come back another day."
   ---> "I told you to go away!
         Divine punishment shall fall upon you!"

*, Alraune:
   "Welcome to the Item World Hospital."
   --> "I saiiiiid, it's the Item World
        Hospital you...you...dwaaaaarlb!"
*, Alraune:
Bouquette, Medic:
   "Welcome to the Item World Hospital."

*, Cait Sith:
   "I'll show you a wonderful dream.
    It won't be scary, so relax...<3"
*, Alraune:
    Welcome to your dreamy wonderland."
*, Succubus:
   "I'll have tons of fun with you today.
    You're not going home tonight<3"
Poinsettia, Ripoff Bar Hostess:
   "Hello, Welcome to the paraadise retreat,
    [Empusa's Room II]<3"
   "We'll make sure you have
    a ton of fun dreams<3<3"
   "So, which course would you like?"
   -> The 1000 HL course
      -> "I'll add a special service.
          Hope you enjoy it. Hehehe<3"
         [Bonus gauge for next stage
          is full from the beginning!]
   -> The 100000 HL course
      -> "Oh, you really do like this, huh?
          Please, take your time and enjoy it<3"
         [Bonus gauge for next stage
          is full from the beginning!]
   -> Run
      -> "Come again. Hehehe <3"
      --> "We hate persistent men!
            We'll punish you with the
            special physical course!"

Mint, Seller: 
   "Welcome to the Item World Carnivale!
    There's a lot of shops out,
    so go and take a look around!"
   --> "Fun times are over now...
       You're going home with us."

DJ Yuichi, Broadcast Teacher:
   "Your very own Evil Academy celebrity!
    It's me, DJ Yuichi, your lunch time
    broadcasting personality, dood!"
   "Ah but it's not just lunch time news!
    I dabble a little in intel spinning as well! ...Dood."
   --> "My mic is specially made just for
        honor students! Go and use it
        all you want! ...Dood."
   ---> "Hey dood!
         Your interfering with the PA!
         Go home when you're done, dood!"
   ----> "......."
   -----> "Hey, hey, hey, dood!
           Don't matter who or what you are, no one
           interferes with my broadcasts! ...Dood."

Shortie, Magical Shopkeeper:
    Welcome to the Mana Potion Shop."
   "You may only buy and sell from us once.
    Please make sure to do enough shopping
    so that you won't regret it later."
   --> "Thank you very much.
        We'll be waiting for you next time."

Chekitoutyo, Tradesman:
    Welcome to RosenQueen Co."
   "You may only buy and sell from us once.
    Please make sure to do enough shopping
    so that you won't regret it later."
    --> "Thank you very much.
         We'll be waiting for you next time."
    ---> "Please come again."
    ----> "I said, please come again!"

Domgo, Black Marketer:
    Welcome to the Bribes Shop."
   "You may only buy and sell from us once.
    Please make sure to do enough shopping
    so that you won't regret it later."
    --> "Thank you very much.
         We'll be waiting for you next time."
    ---> "Impatience ruins everything<3"

Misha, Item Worlder:
   "Oh hum?
    What a coincidence to find you here."
   "How's the Item World?
    I think it's pretty fun."
   "It must be fate that we met here.
    I'll give you a [Mr. Gency Exit]
    Well, take care...if you can."
    --> "What now?
         You want something else?"
    ---> "What? you want to fight?
          Fine then.
          I guess it's bound to happen."

Painta, Character Painter:
   "Would you like to change colors
    for a change of pace?"
   --> "Wasn't that refreshing?"
   ---> "Wha, wha, what is it!?
         Are you going to attack me!?"

Prin Roshi, Room's Wiseman:
   "Ah, welcome.
    This is RosenQueen Co.
    We handle the rare stuff."
   "But you can only shop here once.
    So make sure you won't regret
    anything later."
    --> "Hoh hoh hoh.
         Hope you come again."

Gold Knuckle, Beheading Master:
   "Long ago...
    In a faraway place, Aur-
    ...Hey, I got customers?"
   --> "That's it for today.
        Hope you come again!"
   ---> "Whoa whoa whoa whoa!
         I don't forgive anyone who
         interferes with my job!"

Corsica, Tower's Cat God:
   "As a reward, I will sell you precious
    items you won't come by easily."
   --> "How was it?
        Good shopping, huh?
        You should come again."

Sphere King, Sphere Collector:
   --> "Huh? Look for it myself?
        Don't say such rude things!
        You don't have to be so mean..."
   ---> "Today was a fun day.
         Collect more Levelspheres
         and come again."
   ----> "You still need something?
          Let's see..."

Swami Kanda, Monster Musume:
   "You finally befriend a monster...
    But your Magichange and status aren't
    compatible. It happens, right?"
   "This item will whip those troublesome
    monsters into shape, by force!
    As a special service, I give it to you!"
    [Magichange Weight obtained!]
   --> "Equip the [Magichange Weight]
        on that lovely little thing...
        And woohooo! I can't stand it!"
   ---> "Do you want to be disciplined by me?"

Pickles, Save Icon Shop:
   "Please buy the save icon..."
   "Oh, but...just this once.
    I don't know when I'll see you next
   --> "Well...was that good enough?"
   ---> "What...!?
         Um, well, what is it?"

Piyokko, Inn Master:
   "This is a Prinny's Inn, dood!
    My head looks like this, but
    I'm not a suspicious Prinny, dood!"
   "To prove it, I'll give you a goodie.
    Pick one, any one you like,
    from these three bamboo trunks!"
   --> "Ah, that's...not very fun, dood.
        I'm sure you'll get something better
        next time! Hope you come again!"
   ---> "...Dood! Treasure chest!?
         What are you saying, dood!
         They're "bamboo trunks"!!!"
   ----> "...It's a bamboo trunk, dood!"
   -----> "Fine, treasure chest, whatever, dood!
           I don't want to do this anymore!"

Axel, Dark Hero(???):
   "Huh! Who are you guys!?"
   "Could you be crazed fans who
    desperately need my autograph!?
    Or could it be..."
   <<"Spies sent from the evil
      syndicate, [Weaselkreutz]!?>>
Axel, Dark Hero:
    What am I doing!?"
   <<"The Dark Detective must always be
      investigating the scenes at all times!">>
   "Oh, I know! I bet you guys got lost!
    How 'bout it? If you're willing to be
    my assistants, I can help you out."
   "Heh, no need there.
    I have no time to be playing along
    with your silly charade."
Axel, Dark Hero:
   --> "I'll make this clear, I'm not here
        because I can't go home. This is a part
        of my investigation, alright!?"
   ---> "So you were spies of Weaselkreutz!?
         If that's the case, then I, the
         Dark Hero will solve this in a flash!"

Yotaro-Emon, Treasure Warden:
    I am the King of the Treasure Chest of the
    Guardian in my Heart!"
   "Reckless young one! You must defeat me
    to obtain the treasure chest of worth!"
   "...You will take this challenge, right?"
    -> Of course I'll fight
       -> "That's what I call a man!
           Now let us, face off!"
    -> I pass this time
       -> "You coward! Slap yourself!"


- An ambush is a subcategory of Mystery Gate encounters in which seven units
  of a randomly selected monster-type force you to fight them.
- The first line is what any of the units will say when you are forced to
  speak to one.   
- The line after the "-->" mark is what the monsters will say to you if you
  allow two enemy phases to elapse without having killed all of the units and
  you have at least one unit left alive, or available to dispatch.
- Again, only the first tier monster name is used.
- Diez Gents is a rare ambush in which the 10 Diez Gentlemen challenge you
  instead of the usual seven monster units. In this one instance, Mao says the
  lines, and not the Diez Gentleperson you talk to.

Green Slime:
   --> "Bloop..."

Petite Orc:

   "Hey it must have been quite some
    work coming all the way here."
   "But while you're here,
    let's go for a round."
   --> "How was it? Feeling refreshed?"
       "If you feel like it, you're
        welcome to come again."

Eryngi: "Gii, gii!"
        --> "Gii..."

Ghost: "Whoa whoa whoa!
        You've got some nerve steppin'
        into our territory!"
       "You underestimate us 'cause you think
        we're trash. How 'bout you see for
        yourself if we're worthy, huh!?"
       --> "Huh, huh, huh!
            How's that? I'm sure you
            understand our real power now."
           "I'll let you off here for today.
            Don't you dare show that face
            around here no more!"

Catsaber: "Meow meow!"
          --> "Meow..."

Pvt. Prinny: 
   "Y, you surprised me, dood!
    You didn't just see our insides,
    didja, dood...?"
   "You know out secret, dood.
    We can't let you survive!
    We hafta kill you, dood!"
   --> "*huff* *puff*
        Uh, why were we fighting again, dood?"
       "...I forgot already,
        Must not be that important, dood..."

   "Ahh urr. Want to eat meat..."
   "Let me eat you..."

   "It's dangerous wandering around the
    Item World carelessly..."
   "Because this might happen to you!"
   --> "You're quite strong."
       "But remember, there's always
        someone better than you. Hehehe..."

   "Ahh! How dare you look!
    Now that you've peeked into my private life..."
   "I can't let you leave!"

War Slug:
   "This sliminess is what's great.
    Sticky, gooey, droopy goodness..."
   "You're here to take away my
    sliminess, aren't you?
    Well I'm not gonna let you..."
   --> "Hmm...
        You're good with your sliminess, too.
        You're no ordinary guy..."
       "I'm aiming for further training in
        sliminess so that I won't lose to
        you next time..."

   "Cluuuck, cluck cluck!"
   "Don't scare me like that.
    You made me wet my pants."
   --> "Next time attack me without even giving
        me a chance to react. That's the least
        you can do for a fellow demon..."


Cu Sith:
   "Well well, little red. Are you lost?
    Then let old granny wolf..."
   "Gobble you right up!!"
   --> "I was gonna let you meet your
        granny, too. What a shame."
       "I don't even want to see your
        face anymore! Go home!"

White Dragon:
   "You've come a far way..."
   "I will see for myself whether your
    courage is real or not...!"

    How rude, entering a lady's room
    without even knocking..."
   "I'm gonna punish you for that<3"
   --> "Did you like my punishment?"
       "If you want more, next time,
        I'll give you a personal lesson!"

Skeletal Dragon:
   "Suck me to the bone<3"
   "Come on, don't hold back<3"
   --> "How was it<3
        Could you taste the backbone<3"
       "If you liked it, come get more<3"

Wood Giant:
   "The land remains even after dreams
    shatter... I challenged the Land of
    Carnage but my power was far too weak..."
   "If you're looking to aim higher,
    show me you can defeat me easily..."
   --> "Hm, perfect..."
       "With your power, you may just be able
        to stir the Land of Carnage..."

   "In the never ending battles, I think to
    myself sometimes, "Why was I born?"
    But I never get an answer."
   "...After all, fighting is all I have.
    I'll fight and fight and fight till
    the end! Woooooooohh!"
   --> "Fighting is so fun, isn't it!?
        This is why I can't stop being
        a demon!"
       "Demons ruuuuule, yo!!!"

   "The day comes when I finally get to
    burn you... What a joyous day!"

Diez Gents:
   "...The grudge of the Diez Gentlemen?
    How much trouble did you go through
    to chase me all the way here?"
   --> "I couldn't even defeat the curse
        of the Diez Gentlemen. It must mean
        I'm just not good enough yet..."

---|Innocent Town|---

Bouquette, Medic: "Welcome to the Item World Hospital."

Nene, Dimension Guide: "Escape from the Item World, meow?"
                          -> Get out of the Item World
                          -> Return to the Item World
                          -> Stay here


- The innocents you have subdued within an item before reaching an Innocent
  Town may appear in the Innocent Town. These lines are the possibilities of
  what they may say when you talk to them.


"Ah, I wanna get married soon!"

 Are you Magichanging!?"

"Do you know about the diagonal throw?"
"At the moment you throw, press the directional buttons and..."

"Why won't Miss Pleinair join anyone!?"

"It's pretty good living inside an item.
 You don't need to pay rent."

"Don't forget to [Save][music note]"

"Did you know?
 If you collect a lot of tickets,
 you can go to a special place."

"[100000HL] has been stolen from Mao!"
(NOTE: This actually steals 10000HL from you!)

"I was asked to donate once."
"Yes, of course my legs were shaking.
 I've never experienced such fear."

"I will warn you now, that if asked
 whether I am recyclable or not..."
"I am for sure, non-recyclable."

"I hear it's not a dream to deal more
 than 100 million damage at once, but..."
"Violence is a bad thing, right?"

"The other day, my boyfriend
 proposed to me."
"His words were..."
""I'm gonna curse you!"
 He's so bold, tehee<3"

"I'll tell you this now,
 I'm non-recyclable."

"Welcome to Innocent Town."
"Might you be a famous adventurer,
 traveling out this far?"

"Have you seen an afro Prinny?
 If you do, you should talk to it."

"We hope you visit the RosenQueen Co.
 Akihabara Branch also!"

"You're not the type to make everyone
 of your classmates girls, are you?"

"Opened Sodas are full of
 other people's emotions."

"ABC Gum has an alphabetic ring to it...
 Don't you think so, too?"

"Huh? Fix up?
 Do me, do me<3"

"Use your monster characters too, okay?"

"It doesn't rain inside the Item World,
 so I can hang my laundry."

"I had a dream I volunteered.
 I was soaked in sweat that morning."

"Ooh! Found a kid with glasses!
 *huff* *huff*"

"Someone combine with me!"

"I wanna drink zombie juice."

"When diving into an Item World,
 always take a [Mr. Gency Exit]."

|Diez Gentlemen|

- The Diez Gentlemen you may randomly encounter within the Innocent Towns of
  any item world appear to say one of two nonsensical quotes when you engage in
  conversation with them.
- Here, all Diez Gentlemen have the title "Wandering Traveler"

Prinny Mask:
   "Now that I've reformed most of the
    academy campus, the day has come for
    me to reach into the Item World..."

   "Don't come any closer! Though I dress
    like this, I am anti-social!"

   "Where has my lunch money gone...?"

Bo Tie:
   "You wish to join the muscle dojo!?
    Alright, then let's exercise!"

   "Nin! As long as you have discipline, you can live without sleeping!
    That's true mastery of Discipline-Jutsu...Zzz"

   "Nin! As long as you have discipline,
    you don't need to breathe! And no one
    will dare call you Dr. Boyfriend..."

   "With my duelist skills, even the Overlord is a one-turn-kill!"

   "It'll always be my turn!"

Beyond X:

   "Say, what do you think
    about girls who cosplay?"

   "Do you think the title, 'Super Move
    Hellman' would be incomprehensible?"


   "Criminy. I came to the Item World
    in search of more friends."

    Monsters are so great and cute."

   "What should I spend grandfather's
    inheritance on?"

   "I'm searching for my 'I'm glad.'
    Do you know where it is?"

Breezy Satina:
   "Good morning!
    Now everyone together!
    Good morning!"

   "Good morning!
    Let's all play the 'Assassiman' Game!"



killroycantkill - for providing the bulk of the low rank item descriptions,
                  saving much time on "Cheaper Items" bills and manual 
                  item searching
Prometheusx303 - whose Item Rank Chart provided for a convenient sorting
                 algorithm for all the items, and by being an almost
                 comprehensive guide to the ones that exist.
The Disgaea 3 message board! - Obviously. In particular: KlayBuddy, Serseno,
                               taiga, Mistere Man, zurcn, Corkadile, SP, jaeyu,
                               Void Maker
Uiru - whose Character Guide provided a very handy quick reference for existing
       descriptions minus the in-game line breaks, and all the classes and info
       pertaining to the classes
You - for reading ;)


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