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Guide and Walkthrough by Aerius

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/26/2008
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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice - Walkthough/Leveling Guide
Version 2.1
December 26, 2008
by Aerius


1. Introduction .................................................. [SEC0001]

2. Walkthrough ................................................... [SEC0002]

     2.1 - Chapter 1 - Netherworld Honor Student ................. [WLK2100]  Tutorial 1 ....................................... [WLK2111]  Tutorial 2 ....................................... [WLK2112]  Tutorial 3 ....................................... [WLK2113]
       2.1.2    Strongest Entrance ............................... [WLK2120]
       2.1.3    Strongest Hallway ................................ [WLK2130]
       2.1.4    Strongest Garden ................................. [WLK2140]
       2.1.5    Strongest Crossroad  ............................. [WLK2150]
       2.1.6    Strongest Overlord ............................... [WLK2160]

     2.2 - Chapter 2 - Mao's Heart ............................... [WLK2200]  Tutorial 4 ....................................... [WLK2201]  Tutorial 5 ....................................... [WLK2202]  Tutorial 6 ....................................... [WLK2203]
       2.2.1    Childhood Memories ............................... [WLK2210]
       2.2.2    Heart Vault ...................................... [WLK2220]
       2.2.3    Dragon's Rest .................................... [WLK2230]
       2.2.4    Cooking Corridor ................................. [WLK2240]
       2.2.5    Home Ec. Kitchen ................................. [WLK2250]
       2.2.6    Grudgeful Memory  ................................ [WLK2260]
       2.2.7    Heart Vault (2) .................................. [WLK2270]

     2.3 - Chapter 3 - The Freshmen Leader! ...................... [WLK2300]
       2.3.1    Blazing Firestorm ................................ [WLK2310]
       2.3.2    Student Chaos .................................... [WLK2320]
       2.3.3    Thrill ........................................... [WLK2330]  Item World ....................................... [WLK2331]
       2.3.4    Threatful Abuse .................................. [WLK2340]
       2.3.5    Nightmare Days ................................... [WLK2350]
       2.3.6    Forceful Education ............................... [WLK2360]  Board Conspiracy ................................. [WLK2361]
       2.3.7    Assault! PTA ..................................... [WLK2370]

     2.4 - Chapter 4 - Almaz the Hero ............................ [WLK2400]
       2.4.1    Freezing Soul ........................... ........ [WLK2410]
       2.4.2    Chaotic Chill .................................... [WLK2420]
       2.4.3    Eternal Teardrop ................................. [WLK2430]
       2.4.4    Murderous Intent ................................. [WLK2440]  Psycho Room ...................................... [WLK2441]
       2.4.5    Futile Revenge ................................... [WLK2450]
       2.4.6    Heart Vault (3) .................................. [WLK2460]

     2.5 - Chapter 5 - Grand War ................................. [WLK2500]
       2.5.1    No Running Hallway ............................... [WLK2510]
       2.5.2    Organized Corridor ............................... [WLK2520]
       2.5.3    Audio-Visual Room ................................ [WLK2530]
       2.5.4    Chain Death Battle ............................... [WLK2540]
       2.5.5    Rotten Grudge .................................... [WLK2550]
       2.5.6    Victims' Ecstasy ................................. [WLK2560]
       2.5.7    Waking Nightmares ................................ [WLK2570]
       2.5.8    Captain's Location ............................... [WLK2580]

     2.6 - Chapter 6 - The Reckoning ............................. [WLK2600]
       2.6.1    Evil Mind Vortex ................................. [WLK2610]
       2.6.2    Howl of Agony .................................... [WLK2620]  Heart Vault (4) .................................. [WLK2621]
       2.6.3    Legendary School ................................. [WLK2630]
       2.6.4    Vile Voodoo Doll ................................. [WLK2640]
       2.6.5    Pool of Bloody Tears ............................. [WLK2650]
       2.6.6    Cruel Destiny Plan ............................... [WLK2660]

     2.7 - Chapter 7 - An Eye for an Eye ......................... [WLK2700]
       2.7.1    Hearty Comeuppance ............................... [WLK2710]
       2.7.2    Unsated Thirst ................................... [WLK2720]
       2.7.3    Corpse Eaters .................................... [WLK2730]
       2.7.4    Grieving Death Knell ............................. [WLK2740]
       2.7.5    Wandering Hunter ................................. [WLK2750]
       2.7.6    Death's Path ..................................... [WLK2760]

     2.8 - Finale - Super Battle (Chapter 8) ..................... [WLK2800]
       2.8.1    Super Hero's Requiem ............................. [WLK2810]
       2.8.2    Super Hero's Apostle ............................. [WLK2820]
       2.8.3    Super Hero's Desire .............................. [WLK2830]
       2.8.4    Last Battle ...................................... [WLK2840]  Endings, Epilogue and New Game+ .................. [WLK2841]

3. Maximization Guide ............................................ [SEC0003]
       3.1  Early Leveling ....................................... [MAX3100]
       3.2  House of Ordeals ..................................... [MAX3200]
       3.3  Intermediate Powerleveling in HoO .................... [MAX3300]
       3.4  Class World and Preparing for Item World ............. [MAX3400]
       3.5  Item World, Pirates, and Land of Carnage ............. [MAX3500]
       3.6  Item Duplication and Reverse Pirating ................ [MAX3600]
       3.7  Lv9999 and Rank 39 Items ............................. [MAX3700]
       3.8  Perfect Item Creation ................................ [MAX3800]
       3.9  Character Maximization ............................... [MAX3900]

4. Appendix ...................................................... [SEC0004]
       4.1  Passing Topics ....................................... [APX4100]
       4.2  Diez Gentlemen Sidequest ............................. [APX4200]
       4.3  Unlockable Characters & Extra Stages.................. [APX4300]
       4.4  X-Dimension .......................................... [APX4400]
         4.4.1  Chapter 1 - Netherworld Honor Student ............ [APX4410]
         4.4.2  Chapter 2 - Mao's Heart .......................... [APX4420]
         4.4.3  Chapter 3 - The Freshmen Leader! ................. [APX4430]
         4.4.4  Chapter 4 - Almaz the Hero ....................... [APX4440]
         4.4.5  Chapter 5 - Grand War ............................ [APX4450]
         4.4.6  Chapter 6 - The Reckoning ........................ [APX4460]
         4.4.7  Chapter 7 - An Eye for an Eye .................... [APX4470]
         4.4.8  Finale - Super Battle (Chapter 8) ................ [APX4480]
       4.5  Hospital Rewards ..................................... [APX4500]

5. Reference ..................................................... [SEC0005]
       5.1  Stat Specialists ..................................... [REF5100]
       5.2  Dual-Stat Specialists ................................ [REF5200]
       5.3  Other Specialists .................................... [REF5300]
       5.4  Pirates and Pirate Ships ............................. [REF5400]
       5.5  Class World Upgrades ................................. [REF5500]
       5.6  Item List ............................................ [REF5600]
       5.7  Character Classes .................................... [REF5700]

6. Frequently Asked Questions .................................... [SEC0006]

7. Acknowledgements  ............................................. [SEC0007]

 - INTRODUCTION -                                                   [SEC0001]

The purpose of this document is to explain how to beat the game without power 
leveling and to provide a high level summary on the steps required to attain 
maximum stats. If you are looking for complex formulas or statistical 
minutia, this guide is not what you are looking for. There are other guides 
that focus on the more in-depth parts of the game. 

There are many steps in power leveling and the order is rather 
interchangeable for a lot of it. I have compiled the steps in what I feel is 
optimal, but you can do a lot of the steps out of order and still arrive at 
the same result.

As a disclaimer: this FAQ has spoilers. Not only does it have spoilers, it 
has lots of spoilers. I actually go out of my way to include them. Do not 
continue reading this document if this bothers you in any shape or form.

I would like to extend special thanks to the regulars at the Disgaea 3 
GameFaq forums. Your knowledge and insight has been extremely useful in 
piecing together my strategies. I would also like to thank the writers of the 
various official published guides. While I haven't looked at what the 
official guides contain, I'm sure much of the data floating around was 
originally sourced from there.

 - WALKTHROUGH -                                                    [SEC0002]

In the walkthough, I will discuss some general strategies to beat each stage. 
I assume that you know the basics to fight - basically:
1) Keep characters with high HP in front of characters with low HP;
2) Gang up on enemies whenever possible; use team attacks and special attack 
3) Try to kill finish off enemies, it is preferable to eliminate one enemy 
instead of damaging two;
4) Attempt to bait the enemy so you get first strike, this means using one 
lead character and walking slowly across the map.

I also assume that you buy new equipment as money allows and buy/upgrade new 
skills and Evilities as you accumulate mana. In each mission I provide a 
recommended level as guidance, this number signifies what I feel should be 
the average level of your top 5-6 characters.

While leveling all 10 (or more) characters is possible, if you want to 
minimize having to level up, I recommend leveling up 3-5 main characters. 
Generic (characters you can create) are generally quite a bit weaker than 
story characters at the Tier 1 level, so using Mao and other story characters 
are preferable.

I also use the system of only buying one really expensive weapon or armor 
when I have saved up money and "passing it down" to my 2nd strongest 
character when I buy something new. This ensures you will have one or two 
characters that are quite a bit stronger than the rest. If you follow my 
advice you should not have to "level up" at all outside of the story 
missions. However, the ultimate goal is to have fun, so do whatever you want. 

2.1 Chapter 1 - Netherworld Honor Student                           [WLK2100]

Every time you start a new chapter, there are three chests that spawn in the 
town area. The contents are randomized and in theory you could keep on 
resetting until you got an item you wanted. I think it is a waste of time 
though and would recommend just taking whatever happens to be inside them. 
The chests during chapter one are located: 1) right beside where you start; 
2) by the hospital (jump to the bottom by the bed to reach it); 3) by the 
staircase leading to the lower level by the green zombie. Tutorial 1   [WLK2111]
Recommended Level: Lv1
Lv1 Vato Bros.   x1 (Chewie)
Lv1 Pvt. Prinny  x3

Easy, throw one prinny to blow up the others then kill the Orc with combos. Tutorial 2   [WLK2112]
Recommended Level: Lv2
Lv3 Vato Bros.  x1 (Cholo)
Lv1 Eryngi      x4

Use combos to kill the guys on the lower part of the map.  To reach Cholo 
either build steps like they did in the tutorial or you can throw someone 
from the lower steps. You can also just cast spells with your mage and kill 
Cholo without getting damaged. Tutorial 3   [WLK2113]
Recommended Level: Lv2
Lv4 Vato Bros.   x1 (Churro)
Lv2 Green Slime  x4

As noted by the tutorial, simply throw the green geo on the blue area and 
destroy it. Be careful that none of your characters are standing on a colored 
tile when you trigger the geo chain.

Replacing the Court system in previous Disgaea series is the Homeroom. It 
basically serves the same purpose except you can also put characters into 
"Clubs". Sometimes they need to sit next to each other to gain the special 
effect and sometimes they don't; read the individual club descriptions for 
more details. I recommend that you go to the Homeroom in order to pass Robber 
Shop. Be sure to assign your characters to it afterwards.  You may also want 
to pass "More Expensive Stuff" if your Customer Rank is 1 or higher. Making a 
couple new characters is also advisable at this point.

2.1.2 Strongest Entrance   [WLK2120]
Recommended Level: Lv3
Lv4 No.1 Delinquent    x1 (Rasberyl)
Lv3 Rasberyl's Lackey  x2 (Asuka, Kyoko)
Lv1 Hero Wannabe       x1 (Almaz)

Not too challenging, but if you want to play it safe move one character one 
square towards the enemy and End Turn. After drawing them to move, move two 
squares behind the portal and End Turn - that will further isolate the 
lackeys. Beat them down then defeat Rasberyl afterwards.

You do not need to defeat Almaz to finish this mission.

2.1.3 Strongest Hallway  [WLK2130]
Recommended Level: Lv4
Lv4 Ghost     x1
Lv3 Catsaber  x6

Pick up the Blue geo and throw it on top of a red tile, then pick up the Null 
geo and throw it on the green tile. Destroy the Green geo (on the red tile) 
and watch the magic happen. Clean up the survivors. 

2.1.4 Strongest Garden  [WLK2140]
Recommended Level: Lv5
Lv5 Mothman   x2
Lv4 Catsaber  x5
(x2 Treasure Chests)

Try to kill the enemies on the blue tiles to get extra treasure chests if you 
want. You should also attempt to lure the enemies to you so you don't need to 
fight too many at once. Aim to "overkill" the Mothmen because they are hard 
to hit and some of your attacks will probably miss.

If you want the treasure chests throw someone across the chasm.

2.1.5 Strongest Crossroad   [WLK2150]
Recommended Level: Lv6
Lv6 Petite Orc   x3
Lv5 Pvt. Prinny  x5

For this battle I'll introduce how to do chain throws (for those unfamiliar 
with Disgaea). First move one character to left or right (ie, so he/she is 
between an uncolored tile and the base portal). Then take out a second 
character and place him next to the first one so he is standing on an 
uncolored tile. Take out a third character but leave him standing on the base 
portal. Use the first character to pick up the third, then the second to pick 
up the first. The end result is a tower of three characters. Throw them so 
that the character that was originally on the base panel is beside one of the 
geos and that he is standing on an uncolored tile. That way when you destroy 
the geo none of your characters will be damaged. After the chain is finished, 
the enemies will all be approximately half dead.

Mop up then proceed to the next level, area attacks like Blade Rush work well 

2.1.6 Strongest Overlord   [WLK2160]
Recommended Level: Lv7
Lv6 Overlord's Finger  x5

If you want to be cheap you can just use a character with a Gun and stay out 
of range while killing everything but the Bird. The Ring Finger can heal but 
will run out of SP if you keep at it. I recommend taking out the Thumb first 
since it is isolated and can't be healed. Be careful of the middle finger 
(Bird) since it has a powerful area attack.

By now you probably have Customer Rank 2, make sure you use the Homeroom to 
pass "More Expensive Stuff" if you haven't. You have probably earned some 
more mana, so feel free to pick up some Evilties and to recruit more 
characters if you want. Gun users and characters that can throw far are 

If you are passing Homeroom bills that are not that popular keep in mind that 
you can keep on refreshing the probability by pressing O then X over and over 
again until you get better odds.

2.2 Chapter 2 - Mao's Heart                                         [WLK2200]

Another chapter, another opportunity to open some chests. They are: 1) behind 
the big board (in front of the Shaman); 2) down the big staircase (opposite 
of where the chest was in Chapter 1); 3) behind the item shops down the 
stairs. Tutoring: Geo Blocks (Tutorial 4)   [WLK2201]
Recommended Level: Lv8
Lv6 Green Slime  x3
Lv6 Marionette   x2

Just as the tutorial demonstrated, toss the Red geo by the other red geos to 
destroy them all. Don't do anything else and End Turn. The marionettes will 
move forward so kill them before dispatching the slimes. Tutorial 5   [WLK2202]
Recommended Level: Lv8
Lv8 Zombie  x1
Lv7 Thief   x6

As shown in the tutorial, throw the geo next to the huge stack of similar 
geos to severely damage the group of thieves. The zombie has a lot of HP so 
line up a big combo for him. Tutorial 6   [WLK2203]
Recommended Level: Lv8
Lv7 Green Mage    x1
Lv7 Lady Fighter  x3

Throw the Geo to blow up the rest then kill the four enemies. Nothing to it.

After going to the Heart Bank, open the chest behind the item vendor and the 
chest by the big green crystal.

2.2.1 Childhood Memories   [WLK2210]
Recommended Level: Lv9
Lv9 No.1 Delinquent    x1 (Rasberyl)
Lv8 Rasberyl's Lackey  x2 (Asuka, Kyoko)
Lv6 Fighter            x3
Lv6 Lady Fighter       x2

This is probably the first battle that is somewhat difficult due to special 
attacks that you will get bombarded with. Start by moving your highest 
HP/defense character to the path on the right (where the enemy has to stand 
on a +EXP tile without +DEF) and kill the Fighter that attacks you.

After you kill him everyone else will rush you. Try to have your low HP 
characters in your base tile so they don't get killed. Afterwards just use 
combo attacks to take them out one at a time. While you should focus on the 
story characters, do not position yourself in a way that makes you vulnerable 
to Blade Rushes from the Fighters.

You can try to use the +EXP tiles, but I recommend staying in the area around 
the base tile so you don't need to fight enemies on the +DEF bonus.

2.2.2 Heart Vault   [WLK2220]
Recommended Level: Lv10
Lv9 Heavy Knight  x4
Lv9 Heretic       x2
(Chest x1)

Start by tossing the Red geo onto the blue tile then destroying it to cause a 
geo chain; use a ranged or magic attack if you can't reach the geo. If you 
want to get the chest you likely need to send someone around the back to the 
top. In my opinion it isn't worth it, but if you really want the chest you 
should throw someone up the steps so the trek is shorter.

2.2.3 Dragon's Rest   [WLK2230]
Recommended Level: Lv10
Lv10 Fury Fatalist  x4
Lv10 Ghost          x1
Lv10 Red Mage       x1
Lv10 Wind Spinner   x2
(Chest x1)

Beryl and her lackeys are quite powerful so the real challenge is to get some 
EXP before they kill everything! There is a chest behind the wall at the top 
if you want to blast it with some magic. 

2.2.4 Cooking Corridor   [WLK2240]
Recommended Level: Lv11
Lv11 Alraune  x2
Lv11 Matango  x2
Lv11 Warcat   x4

There are lots of ways to get rid of the geos, but I suggest throwing the 
Green geo by the single stack to combo it with the falling Blue geo. Throw 
the Red geo by the wall of geos that span three across so that the Blue geo 
combos there as well.

You can ignore the remaining Blue geo or use it to eliminate the blue column. 
After opening the paths just try to block up the narrow passageways and put 
your casters behind the front line. Beryl and her lackeys will attack through 
the walls pretty often to help you out too. Due to the scattered positioning 
of the enemies, this level should not be a problem.

2.2.5 Home Ec. Kitchen   [WLK2250]
Recommended Level: Lv12
Lv13 Home Ec. Teacher  x1 (Mr. Champloo)
Lv11 Catsaber          x1
Lv11 Cockatrice        x2
Lv11 Fury Fatalist     x3
Lv11 Matango           x2
Lv11 Wind Spinner      x3

There are a lot of enemies in this stage but don't worry, they are spread out 
and Mr. Champloo will never attack the egg. Just take your time and don't 
pull too many enemies at once. If you want to play it safe you can just heal 
Beryl and her lackeys and they will take out most of the enemies. When you 
reach the teacher I suggest putting your strongest character in the front and 
choosing "Defend" each turn while casters behind him/her do their thing. Try 
not to get into counter battles with the teacher because he can deal pretty 
big damage. Destroy the egg afterwards to finish the mission.

2.2.6 Grudgeful Memory   [WLK2260]
Recommended Level: Lv13
Lv13 Marionette  x7 

If you want to fight for EXP you can leave the geos intact but I recommend 
throwing the Aqua geo to start the chain. Not only do you get to bonus level 
9, but you can always repeat the level afterwards to make up for EXP you 

2.2.7 Heart Vault (2)   [WLK2270]
Recommended Level: Lv14
Lv13 Piece of Mind  x7 (Mao)

This battle isn't too hard as long as you have a couple characters who can 
take a strong axe attack (approximately 200 HP). On the first turn, run your 
thief (or another high SPD character) to the center colored tile (Evade, hope 
he is lucky!), and then throw your other four high HP characters to the other 
geos. You may be able to get a Blade Rush or two off, but you'll eat two Axe 
attacks afterwards. On the second turn you can move some characters off the 
tiles to get better positioning if you can fill the spot with a decent HP 

After the two Axe guys are dead the spear guys will come which means you 
should take your magic casters back one row as they have a range of 2.  When 
the spear guys are dead, the sword guy is likely going Blade Rush you; he has 
a lot of HP so gang up on him. At this point you may want to abandon your 
tiles if you can box him in to keep him from taking the colored tile spots 
over. The next turn the casters will join the fray, but hopefully they stick 
with physical attacks until you can destroy them.

If you don't have that many characters who can survive a hit you'll need to 
try to bait the enemy to fight closer to your portal. It is just dangerous to 
fight them on the tiles since it can lead to unpredictable deaths. If you are 
having trouble, consider playing the previous level a couple times to gain a 
level or two. 

2.3 Chapter 3 - The Freshmen Leader!                                [WLK2300]

Before we get started pick up the treasure chests: 1) on the upper staircase 
on the side with the Prinny; 2) by Geoffrey; 3) by the Armor vendor.

2.3.1 Blazing Firestorm   [WLK2310]
Recommended Level: Lv15
Lv16 Vato Bros.   x1 (Chewie)
Lv15 Beast Tamer  x4
Lv15 Ghoul        x7

We are going to use the +20% Damage geos to help out on this level. Use a 
character with high HP and throw the Red geo onto the Yellow tiles and End 
Turn. Two of the Ghouls will rush you, so heal up and take them out on the 
following turn. 

If you didn't move anyone too far ahead, no other enemies should not move, so 
End Turn a couple times to severely damage the other Ghouls. You may want to 
remove to Geo when they are at 20% (or kill them off quickly) if you want the 

Slowly move forward and take out the rest of the enemies for an easy win. If 
there is something you want in the Bonus gauge you can throw all three of the 
damage geos on the yellow tiles and start a combo.

2.3.2 Student Chaos   [WLK2320]
Recommended Level: Lv16
Lv17 Vato Bros.  x1 (Cholo)
Lv16 Gunslinger  x3
Lv16 Red Blob    x6
(Treasure Chest x1)

Start by using magic to kill as many blobs on the side as you can. Follow up 
by throwing someone to kill the remaining one or to pull him into the range 
of your casters. Using the guy you threw over, pick up the Red geo and throw 
it onto the blue tile. Destroy the geo to damage the enemies on the other 
side and to eliminate the bonus to the Gunslingers.

The Gunslinger on the right you can take out with Blade Rushes, the other two 
you can hit with magic or guns. Keep in mind that if you move to within 4 
squares they can use their special move on you which deals about 100 damage. 
Kill what you can then toss your strongest characters over to fight; try to 
do it on a fresh turn so they can all immediately attack once they are on the 
other side. If you stay on the two green squares on the side the enemies 
won't move, so use that to your advantage if you want.

2.3.3 Thrill   [WLK2330]
Recommended Level: Lv17
Lv18 Vato Bros.  x1 (Churro)
Lv17 Red Mage    x5
Lv17 Red Skull   x5
Lv17 Rogue       x2

The main strategy this level is to silence the mages so they don't cause 
problems. First form a tower of 3 characters and perform a chain throw onto 
the little platform opposite to where Churro is. One of your characters 
should land somewhere by the Blue geo which you should move onto the blue 
tile area.

Now that the skulls are silenced, move out ranged characters and start 
whittling them down, careful of moving melee characters inside the blue area 
because HP/SP swap is still in effect. Once you clear out the skulls move 
someone by the rogue closest to Churro and lure him to the edge so you can 
kill him with ranged attacks. 

Throw someone to the newly made empty island and move the Yellow geo on the 
purple tile to silence the mages. Kill the mages for victory. If you want 
stuff from the bonus gauge you can destroy the Yellow and Aqua geos to cause 
two chains. Item World   [WLK2331]
Recommended Level: Lv18

You'll now need to do 10 levels of the Item World. Before you dive in I 
suggest picking up a couple SP recovery items incase you get a bit too 
trigger happy with special attacks. Anyway, talk to the Item World guy and 
he'll tell you to pick an item, read the number at the bottom of the screen 
to judge the difficulty. I suggest going into an Imperial Seal, but any item 
where it starts at approx Lv5-8 will work. An imperial seal will top out at 
Floor 10 with enemies at Lv13 and the boss at Lv16.

There is really nothing to it, go in, try to put your guys on good squares 
(Reverse Damage, +DEF, +ATK, Invincibility) and fight/steal from these spots 
if possible. If there is nothing in the bonus list you want you can do chain 
throws directly to the portal to end levels quickly. On the 10th level try to 
kill everything to earn another Mr. Gency.

2.3.4 Threatful Abuse   [WLK2340]
Recommended Level: Lv19
Lv18 Druid x2
Lv17 Killer Puppet  x9
(Chest x2)

This is a pretty easy level in general. Overcome the urge to throw the Green 
geo and just crowd around where the solitary one is. The puppets will rush 
you in packs making easy work of them. When only the druid remains, throw the 
Green geo to make some stairs and kill him. Throw the Red geo afterwards to 
take the enemies down to 50% life before mopping up.

2.3.5 Nightmare Days   [WLK2350]
Recommended Level: Lv20
Lv18 Druid    X5
Lv17 Mothman  x3

This level is more annoying than hard. Basically all of the geos are bad for 
you and good for the enemy. Move slowly and attack from the safe spots. 
Simply take your strongest ranged character and have your healer follow 
him/her around. The druids will cast a Star spell that does about 150-200 
damage, so be careful.

Once you start fighting the moths will start coming down. I suggest placing 
someone where you killed the first druid. Defeat the moths and continue. I 
used Blade Rush, but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

2.3.6 Forceful Education   [WLK2360]
Recommended Level: Lv21
Lv20 Cockatrice  x3

Weird level where there are only three enemies! Ok, first move a strong 
character out and sit him on the highest point where you get +100% DEF and 
End Turn, the chickens will move around and attack you. Now that they have 
opened up the top a bit you can move out some characters and stake out 2 
spots next to each other. So what you want to do is destroy the blue squares 
on two spots (where your characters are standing) so they can attack at 100% 
while retaining their DEF bonus. You can manually target the geos by using 
standard attacks.

Once the spots have been cleared out, do a combo attack and focus on 
defeating one enemy at a time. If you are having trouble you may need to 
clear out a third spot so you have three characters to combo with. Board Conspiracy   [WLK2361]
Recommended Level: Lv21
LV19 Delinquent?  x7 (Raspberyl?)

Throw the Blue geo onto the solitary green tile on the side and destroy it to 
create a small combo. After getting damaged, the enemies will move towards 
you. Try to lure them closer so you don't fight them on the yellow tiles 
which are still dangerous. Keep in mind that one of them has twice the HP as 
the rest of them.

2.3.7 Assault! PTA   [WLK2370]
Recommended Level: Lv22
Lv22 Overboard Teacher   x1 (School Board President) 
Lv21 Assassin of the SB  x8
Lv20 Messenger           x1

You are likely to suffer a couple of deaths in this battle since the 
assassins can deal 250-350 damage with their special move and the teacher can 
deal 500+ damage. However, since you have some allies helping you out this 
battle is not that hard. I suggest rushing down the middle with mainly melee 
characters because casters will likely die in one hit. As a potential tactic 
to use, you can use throws to get characters in battle range then have them 
walk back out of the danger zone after they attack.

2.4 Chapter 4 - Almaz the Hero                                      [WLK2400]

What a softy! Maybe that's why the game has rewarded him with another three 
chests: 1) down the staircase beside the Sexy Teacher; 2) beside the nurse in 
the Hospital; 3) on a platform behind the Armor Vendor.

2.4.1 Freezing Soul   [WLK2410]
Recommended Level: Lv23
Lv23 Sexy Teacher       x1 (Ms. Machiko)
Lv23 Spirirted Teacher  x1 (Kotter Sensei)
Lv22 Vato Bros.         x3 (Chewie, Cholo, Churro)

The Vatos are pretty pathetic as usual but the teachers have the ability to 
dish out over 500 damage per attack. Start by run/tossing your guys over to 
the green side because you don't want to be fighting on blue. Just run a guy 
over to the bridge, then run another guy and toss the first over, rinse and 
repeat. The last guy there with nobody to toss should either be a sacrificial 
lamb or someone who can take a hit. Combo the enemies as they come across the 
bridge and voila, victory! If you like the bonus list stuff you can also 
destroy some geos to help the bar go up faster.

2.4.2 Chaotic Chill   [WLK2420]
Recommended Level: Lv24
Lv22 Cu Sith  x3
Lv20 Gunner   x11

This is a tricky level because the Green panels are brutal. The clone effect 
means that new enemies will spawn after every turn. 

To solve the problem first form a chain of 4 characters until the one 
furthest away is right beside the closest Gunner. Use these characters to 
form a tower and throw your strongest character near the Blue geo so he can 
destroy it causing a combo. Your first throw should land right beside another 
Gunner (3 squares), and your second throw should be in the middle of the 
icicle steps (4 squares). The third should be on the icicle closest to the 
wolf (3 squares) and your final throw should be beside the wolf. You should 
still be able to move your final character if you picked him up while he was 
on the base panel, so use him/her to destroy the blue Geo.

At this point the Gunners should have about 2/3 of their life remaining so 
they should not be overly difficult. If your team isn't balanced you might 
lose some of your throwers - too bad. The Gunners won't move off their tiles 
and can only attack on their perpendicular axis so you will be safe as long 
as you are not in their targeted zone. The gunners can hit targets up to 5 
squares away.

2.4.3 Eternal Teardrop   [WLK2430]
Recommended Level: Lv25
Lv20 Vodianoi  x1
Lv18 Warslug   x8

Same drill as last level, form a tower of 5 characters (4 outside plus one 
picked up from the base panel) and throw a strong character by the Red geo. 
Your first throw lands close to a Warslug (4 squares), the second and third 
throws get your remaining 2 characters to the icicles by the Red geo, and 
your final throw puts your last character beside the geo itself.

Your characters that were standing on a colored tile will take about 120 
damage from the geo chain, but no problem right? The Warslugs will be 
severely damaged, so just mop up and collect your bonus gauge loot. 

After some mingling, one-twoing (follow along in real life!), pick up the 
treasures inside the heart: 1) behind the Class Rep; 2) beside the Beast 
Tamer; 3) Beside the big green crystal. 

2.4.4 Murderous Intent   [WLK2440]
Recommended Level: Lv26
Lv24 Daddy's Boy?  x8

This mission isn't too bad as long as you don't destroy the Silence geo too 
early.  First toss a ranged unit(s) over to the side with the two Yellow geos 
so they can snipe nearby enemies. You should also place other ranged units by 
your base panel so you can attack from there as well.

After awhile all the enemies with ranged attacks will be dead and the ones 
with limited range will just sit there. Use your characters to destroy two 
squares of Silence geos on the right side where there is a one square ledge 
close to your base portal strip. When it is safe, toss over two guys and the 
remaining enemies will run over there to fight. Try to kill as many as you 
can with your ranged units and keep in mind you may need to destroy some more 
geos to make a "staircase" so enemies can reach you.

If there is something in the bonus list that interests you, cause a geo 
reaction before you kill the last enemy. Psycho Room   [WLK2441]
Recommended Level: Lv27
Lv26 Overlord's Finger  x5

This battle is the same as last time, if you stick with using max range from 
guns only The Bird will be able to hit you.  The Bird's area attack is very 
strong and will likely kill anyone that it hits, so make sure you have a 
massive chain attack lined up when you approach it.

2.4.5 Futile Revenge   [WLK2450]
Recommended Level: Lv28
Lv25 Champinion  x9

Use your strongest character and clear away some geos by your base panel; 
special attacks are useful to destroy several at once. On following turns 
expand the geo-free zone so it will accommodate your party but not your 
enemies. It is your advantage to have the mushrooms warp around. Simply sit 
tight and wait for the monsters to warp by you so you can kill a couple every 

2.4.6 Heart Vault (3)   [WLK2460]
Recommended Level: Lv29
Lv28 Piece of Mind   x1 (Mao)
Lv26 Archer          x4
Lv26 Brand New Idol  x2
Lv26 Cu Sith         x1

Take someone who is expendable and move him on the warp geo (situate him/her 
on top of the Yellow geo itself). Standing on the geo will cause the 
character to warp behind the enemies once you End Turn. Remove the Aqua geo 
from the purple area and replace it with the Purple Geo. You can try to warp 
back to your home portal afterwards but the Archers will probably kill that 
character. Try to fight on the purple tiles for the rest of the battle.

2.5 Chapter 5 - Grand War                                           [WLK2500]

Whoa what happened? The shop layout has changed! Well, let's get our three 
treasure chests: 1) beside the Item Vendor; 2) beside the Weapon vendor; 3) 
and beside the Armor vendor.   

2.5.1 No Running Hallway   [WLK2510]
Recommended Level: Lv30
Lv30 Vato Bros.    x3 (Chewie, Cholo, Churro)
Lv28 Pvt. Prinny  x16

Throw a barrel at each of the two prinnies closest to you, voila!

2.5.2 Organized Corridor   [WLK2520]
Recommended Level: Lv31
Lv30 Empusa     x4
Lv30 Nemophila  x2

First form a small tower to destroy the Blue geo. Doing so will get rid of 
the Fusion effect (makes the enemies combine and level up). Rush down the 
middle and start killing enemies. Every turn an additional enemy will spawn 
from their portals to it pays to try to maximize kills with area attacks if 

2.5.3 Audio-Visual Room   [WLK2530]
Recommended Level: Lv32
Lv34 Beheading Master  x1 (Gold Knuckle)
Lv30 Vato Bros.        x3 (Chewie, Cholo, Churro)
Lv20 Catsaber          x2
Lv20 Ghost             x2
Lv20 Eryngi            x2
Lv20 Green Slime       x2
Lv20 Mothman           x2
Lv20 Pvt. Prinny       x2

Toss barrels at the prinnies to set off some beautiful fireworks while 
conveniently killing most of the low level enemies. End your turn so the 
enemies will rush you giving you better positioning. Try to keep your low HP 
characters back since those normally worthless Vato Bros picked up a new 
special attack that deals about 300 damage. Easy huh?

Just kidding.. Round two begins immediately afterwards.

Lv34 Beheading Master  x1 (Gold Knuckle)
Lv32 Warcat            x1
Lv30 Archer            x4
Lv30 Lady Warrior      x2
Lv30 Rogue             x4
Lv30 Star Skull        x2
Lv30 Warrior           x2

The real fight begins now. Start by End Turning twice to lure the two axe 
guys up near the base portal. Try to kill them quickly so they don't have a 
chance to use the +50% ATK bonus. The enemies on the side will rush you next; 
there will be more of them so take care. If you want to ensure that you don't 
take big damage you can always lift up one of them at the end of the turn so 
they don't get a chance to attack - the character doing the lifting will take 
damage though.

After the ranged units are dead the spear guys and the casters will come at 
you, defeat them like the others. Gold Knuckle has a lot of HP and has strong 
DEF so try to lure him onto the tiled area to fight him. If he isn't standing 
on a -DEF tile throw him on there then combo him down. His movement is also 
quite pathetic if you just want to hit him with ranged attacks and run away.

2.5.4 Chain Death Battle   [WLK2540]
Recommended Level: Lv34
Lv32 Genin     x5
Lv32 Ronin     x5
Lv31 Exorcist  x3
Lv31 Hanakage  x8

Over 20 enemies.. a full house! I personally just formed a tower of 6 and 
landed a bunch of guys right in the middle of the first pack, but if you are 
careful you can walk around the edge towards the geos without getting hit by 
the archers. The archer's range is 4, so as long as you do not stand close to 
them you will be ok.

After you kill off the Ronins swap the two geos with each other then destroy 
the Blue and Purple geos in that order to cause two combos. Do the swap 
quickly as more guys will rush to attack you and you want them all to get 
damaged by the geos if possible. I suggest you proceed slowly because 5-6 
archers all raining chaos down at you at once will hurt a lot. If you have 
ranged characters remember you can hit them through the wall as well.

2.5.5 Rotten Grudge   [WLK2550]
Recommended Level: Lv35
Lv33 Corpse  x9

Put one or two strong melee guys in front, and then ranged guys behind to 
form a chain on the bridge. Let the zombies walk on it so you get bonus mana 
for defeating them. What a sleeper!

2.5.6 Victims' Ecstasy   [WLK2560]
Recommended Level: Lv36
Lv36 Diabloist    x1
Lv34 Blue Skull   x2
Lv34 Dark Knight  x3
Lv34 Exorcist     x3
Lv34 Ronin        x2
Lv32 Genin        x3
Lv32 Hanakage     x3

Start off by rushing the hanakages and try to take them out; some of it is 
luck since they are hard to hit. If you want to increase the attack accuracy 
of your top characters, consider tossing them behind the enemy. After you 
kill the genins, the forces on the other side of the bridge will start 
fighting each other. Gather up your forces and proceed cautiously as more 
enemies will spawn out of their portal.

That rose attack is so annoying.. anyway.. the Sophomores will soak up most 
of the damage so take advantage of it before they get wiped out.

2.5.7 Waking Nightmares   [WLK2570]
Recommended Level: Lv37
Lv39 Yukikage  x4
Lv37 Chunin    x4
Lv34 Exorcist  x4
Lv34 Ronin     x4
(Chests x12)

The only real trick is that you need to throw the geos to make steps for your 
characters with low jump. On the second set, throw the Jump geo where you 
need an especially large boost. The third set of steps requires that you use 
most of the geos, but it is unlikely that you will have the time to set up 
since the ninjas will come down to attack you.

2.5.8 Captain's Location   [WLK2580]
Recommended Level: Lv38
Lv40 Diez Gentlemen  x1 (Salvatore)
Lv36 Beast Leader    x3
Lv36 Genin           x2
Lv36 Gunner          x4
Lv36 Iron knight     x2
Lv36 Yukikage        x1
Lv35 Beast Leader    x3
Lv34 Basilicrow      x3
Lv34 Hell Hound      x3

This battle isn't that bad even though it looks difficult. Rush the chicken 
group right away and take them out within a turn or two. After the chickens 
are dead, take care of the ninjas on your doorstep while you keep an eye on 
the transforming wolves. Mop up, heal up and follow Big Star up the hill. The 
Iron Knights have high defense and high HP so you will need to gang up to 
take them out.

When you are finally up against Salvatore, you must do huge chain attacks 
else you will not be able to do much damage. Always start your combos with 
weak attacks going first and your strongest attacks last. As usual, try to 
flank the enemy to increase your accuracy rate.

2.6 Chapter 6 - The Reckoning                                       [WLK2600]

Geoffrey that sneaky little.. anyway... let's get the treasure chests for 
Chapter 6: 1) down the ledge by the hospital; 2) behind the weapon vendor; 3) 
on the lower platform behind Geoffrey.

Go into the Heart Bank and get the chests there: 1) by the big purple 
crystal; 2) by the big dark blue crystal up top; 3) below the Item World guy 
(hard to see, rotate the camera).

2.6.1 Evil Mind Vortex   [WLK2610]
Recommended Level: Lv39
Lv30 White Dragon  x10

The only trick in this level is that the dragons will level up for every turn 
that passes. You should use throws to quickly traverse the map destroying 
geos. If you have good positioning you can let the dragons level up a bit so 
that you get big EXP for killing them. Just make sure that you kill them the 
turn they land so they do not have a chance to attack. 

2.6.2 Howl of Agony   [WLK2620]
Recommended Level: Lv40
Lv42 Death  x6

For this level you have to run a gauntlet of casting enemies while trying to 
match up the geos to bring them down. Basically try to stick to the central 
areas where they may not be able to hit you. Stay healed and spread out a bit 
since their magic is an area attack. Keep in mind that the green column can 
only be blown up if you throw the corresponding geo to the side that is on 
the elevated ledge. Heart Vault (4)   [WLK2621]
Recommended Level: Lv42
Lv46 Super Hero         x1 (Aurum)
Lv44 Acolyte            x1
Lv44 Champ of Fighters  x1
Lv44 Destroyer          x1
Lv44 Prism Mage         x1

Each of these guys are pretty tough with the melee guys having a lot of HP. 
Walk 4-5 squares until you trigger the champ over and eliminate him. If your 
casters have buff spells use them now and prepare. 

After you are ready, either send in a sacrifice or your strongest characters 
to soak in the first couple hits. There isn't a lot of space so you may try 
to hide your weak characters inside the base panel if they get too damaged. 
Aurum has a ton of HP so I recommend taking out his lackeys first and killing 
him last. Aurum isn't too bad... except when he uses his super area attack, so 
spread out!

2.6.3 Legendary School   [WLK2630]
Recommended Level: Lv44
Lv45 Vato Bros.  x3 (Chewie, Cholo, Churro)
Lv44 Catsaber    x6
Lv44 Specter     x2
Lv44 Watcher     x4
(Chests x3)

Say hello to moving geos! In this level the geos will move around so you 
cannot count on the tiles you stand on being beneficial to you. Because of 
the moving +50% Enemy boost, you need to be very careful as it can quickly 
lead to the death of your top characters if you are not careful.

Proceed very carefully up the staircase and do not play hero by running into 
the middle of them. Once you clear the upper section I suggest moving your 
fragile characters back into the base panel and destroying the Enemy Boost 
geo. It is quite easy to trigger a full geo combo if you are not careful, but 
if you have about 1500 HP you will survive the four rounds of damage. After 
the moving geos are gone the rest of the battle should be relatively 

2.6.4 Vile Voodoo Doll   [WLK2640]
Recommended Level: Lv45
Lv46 Scout            x5
Lv46 Shaman           x2
Lv46 Skeletal Dragon  x3
(Chests x3)

Pretty easy level as long as you do not stand on any colored tiles (Bye bye 
Panel = you die!). Bait the first dragon and archer in the red zone first and 
quickly kill them. Go through the blue area and destroy the geo at the end 
taking out enemies along the way.

Now for the red side (which should have turned blue). Although it's possible 
to whittle the dragon down with ranged attacks, it is easier if you defeat 
him with throws. Move a character onto the blue area and pick up the dragon, 
then use another character to run past the lifted dragon before throwing the 
dragon down. After putting down the dragon pick up your original thrower with 
your second guy and lift him to safety.

Destroy the three barrels then take out the other dragon. Make a dash past 
the archer, take out the Shaman then eliminate the geo. If you character has 
a jump stat of 24 or higher you will be able to go over 2 crates at once, 
otherwise you'll need to move the entire "ladder" to reach the top. Double 
back to open the treasure chests if you want (throw an ally from the double-
stacked exploding barrels), or just kill the archer to finish the level.

2.6.5 Pool of Bloody Tears   [WLK2650]
Recommended Level: Lv46
Lv47 Blue Mage   x2
Lv47 Green Mage  x2
Lv47 Red Mage    x2
Lv47 Shooter     x4

Okay, you don't want to be fighting enemies on the Mighty Enemy tile so first 
take out the lowest Purple geo causing it to fall down and take out all of 
the red geos. Try to kill the shooters the best you can, but you will likely 
have to pick up some enemies and throw them somewhere more vulnerable.

Depending on the level of your party you may have enough firepower to kill 
another two or three enemies on the stairs before you need to End Turn. 
Utilize throws to get characters where you want them. When that side is 
clear, toss the Aqua geo down and use it to take destroy the other wall.  If 
you want the treasure make sure you get it before you kill all the enemies.

2.6.6 Cruel Destiny Plan   [WLK2660]
Recommended Level: Lv47
Lv50 Diez Gentlemen  x1 (Salvatore)
Lv49 Dark Knight     x2
Lv48 Acolyte         x1
Lv48 Bounty Hunter   x2
Lv48 Diabolist       x2
Lv48 Heavy Knight    x3
Lv48 Samurai         x2
Lv48 Sniper          x2
Lv48 Witch Doctor    x1
Lv48 Zealot          x1

Rocket Punch! Darn.. Still only 2 arms, guess we need to do this the hard 

Position your character one square from your base portal to pull one of the 
archers. If your guys are high level you can try rushing the rest of them, 
but I recommend using a sneaky but very safe method instead. Move your 
strongest character into the colored area and take out an enemy with a ranged 
special attack. Follow up by throwing a 'fresh' character behind the first 
one to toss him back to safety. Since your throwing guy hasn't moved, you can 
then have him/her run back to safety as well. Do this twice then you can rush 
the last one.

As you take out the two casters some ranged guys are going to come down after 
you, so pull back a little and crush them where the terrain is a bit 
friendlier. Set up in the green area and use the toss-back technique I 
introduced when you killed the first batch - alternatively you can just rush 
in and hope for the best.

Defeat the heavy knights and buff up on the yellow platform. Send one guy 
slowly up the stairway and when you reach the top you will eat one or two 
attacks (remember to Defend!). Turn tail and run back to your allies as the 
enemies chase you all the way back. When Salvatore is where you want her, 
stand your ground (with your healers behind you of course!) and beat her 

2.7 Chapter 7 - An Eye for an Eye                                   [WLK2700]

Take a break from destroying the world and grab the treasure chests: 1) down 
the stairs beside the Heart Vault portal girl; 2) on top of the bulletin 
board (jump off the bucket in the corner); 3) on the little platforms behind 
the Item World portal guy. 

2.7.1 Hearty Comeuppance   [WLK2710]
Recommended Level: Lv48
Lv49 Baciel  x11

This is a pretty easy level if you know what you are doing. Baciels can only 
attack in straight lines (ie, like characters who use Guns), so you need to 
be very careful to avoid being in the line of fire. First make a tower of six 
or seven guys and then perform a big chain throw to get someone by the geo at 
the end. With each throw try to have the character land where he/she is not 
perpendicular to any enemy.

When you reach the end, destroy the geo to cause a chain reaction; toss the 
Deathblow geo on the vacated square(s) afterwards to turn the tables on the 
enemy. What this means is that you can go around one-hitting all of the 
enemies insta-killing them! Just try to do this quickly as they will 
eventually start to move around which is bad for you.

2.7.2 Unsated Thirst   [WLK2720]
Recommended Level: Lv49
Lv50 Death         x7
Lv50 Death Dragon  x5

First move your guys cautiously over towards the side with the Yellow geos. 
Proceed slowly and kill the dragon when it attacks you. Run over and toss the 
Yellow geo to destroy the wall of geos and mop up the enemies in that area. 
Although it may not be obvious, you will likely need 2-3 characters to 
actually throw the geo because of the height difference.

Throw the Red geo across the chasm to break down the other wall then regroup 
at the base portal. Strike swiftly and take them down so they can't gang cast 
stuff on you.

2.7.3 Corpse Eaters   [WLK2730]
Recommended Level: Lv50
Lv52 Vodianoi  x7

This level could be easy or hard based on the way you have been leveling. If 
you have 2-3 strong characters that can one hit enemies this level will be 
quite easy. Simply buff them up and send them through the three warp tiles. 
When they reach the other side, defeat the closest hippo you can find. The 
hippos don't move around so they are sitting ducks.

If your party is more evenly leveled you will lose a couple more characters 
since you will have to gang up on them, but it should still be doable.

2.7.4 Grieving Death Knell   [WLK2740]
Recommended Level: Lv51
Lv50 Ifrit       x1
Lv52 Pharbitis   x2
Lv45 Wood Giant  x6

The main concern in this level is that the Red geos will level up the enemy. 
In preparation, I suggest that you bring along a pair of Falcon Shoes if you 
have picked up any. Game mechanics allow you can equip the shoes before you 
move to get the extra space (or two, or ten), then unequip it afterwards and 
put back on your normal gear. This strategy gives you great mobility if you 
need that extra little burst.

Using a tower of 7 guys, I chain threw my strongest character about 3/4 of 
the way to the end. My top character was pretty strong so I soloed the three 
enemies at the end.  Depending on your level distribution, this strategy may 
or may not work for you.

For a party that is more even, create two throwing towers so that you can 
severely damage if not kill the first set of trees. Try to stay on the Yellow 
geos to improve your mobility and keep on moving forward as a pack as much as 
possible. To quicken movement, you can move one guy, use him to throw 
another, then use the character who was thrown to move even more; this lets 
you cover about 10 tiles per turn depending on the character.

If you have strong gunners you can also hit some of them from the opposite 
side without taking damage. However, they would have to be pretty strong to 
offset the Wood Giant's innate healing ability.

Note that it is possible to throw someone across directly, but not everyone 
can overcome the height and distance requirements. Consider Heavy Knights and 
enemies that can "bounce" six squares if you want to use this approach.

2.7.5 Wandering Hunter   [WLK2750]
Recommended Level: Lv52
Lv53 Baciel  x4

While hypothetically you could do a lot of throws and blow up the various 
geos, I personally think that a brute force method is superior. Bring out all 
your guys and try to kill as many as you can right away, if you can't kill at 
least 1, you may want to try out a geo throwing solution. 

The enemy usually will usually aim for your weakest character so bring out 2 
or 3 weak dudes and place them in corners or other out of the way spots. The 
baciels have a strong straight line attack, so you want avoid lining up your 
characters. Use your weaklings to throw your strong characters around (or 
pick them up so they won't get hit) while they get sacrificed to the Baciels 
each turn. 

2.7.6 Death's Path   [WLK2760]
Recommended Level: Lv53
Lv61 Evil Mind     x1 (Mao)
Lv59 Ifrit         x1
Lv55 Death Dragon  x3
Lv55 Tezcatlipoca  x5

Well.. no Almaz this battle! Start by tossing a couple guys over to kill off 
the closest dragon. Make two groups, each with a strong character, a healer 
and supporting units. Take the stronger of the two groups towards the group 
of geos. When you reach the pair of geos take them out and put the Silence 
geo on the colored tiles to shut up the casters on the other side. 

Now you can use your other group and secure the enemy portal where more 
casters will spawn. Keep back low HP units because monsters can spawn and 
cast before you get a chance to kill them. Try to blockade off the ledge by 
where your party is so that reinforcements can't interfere with the fight on 
the other side. 

Buff up your main group and attack the boss, he has a lot of HP so it is 
imperative that your strongest character(s) survive to deal big chunks of 
damage. If you feel that an important character may die, it's worth 
sacrificing one of your weaker guys by lifting up the boss before the turn 
ends so he can't attack.

2.8 Finale - Super Battle (Chapter 8)                               [WLK2800]

Before we get down to crushing some Hero, pick up the three new chests: 1) 
behind the Evility trainer guy (you need to jump on the little platforms all 
the way up); 2) behind the Spirited Teacher up the stairs; 3) between the 
weapon/armor vendors.

2.8.1 Super Hero's Requiem   [WLK2810]
Recommended Level: Lv54
Lv58 Witch Doctor     x2
Lv57 Barbarian        x4
Lv57 Beast Leader     x4
Lv56 Hell Hound       x4
Lv56 Skeletal Dragon  x4
Lv56 Tezcatlipoca     x2

You can tell by the formation.. Mega Magichange *yawn*. Try to kill off a 
dragon or two right away but chances is that they will Magichange anyway, not 
that it is a big deal.

The Barbarians do about 1k damage so stay healed and they should be no 
problem. Heal and buff up while you wait for the second wave to rush you. It 
usually takes them a couple turns for them to move, but they usually manage 
to line themselves nicely for area attacks. These guys are bit more powerful 
and can deal up to about 2k damage, but have much crappier armor. Lay on the 
area attacks and they should fall quickly. The shamans are a joke so mop up 
and watch your old friends kick some ass.

2.8.2 Super Hero's Apostle   [WLK2820]
Recommended Level: Lv55
Lv62 Space Detective?  x1 (Prinny Mask)
Lv59 Col. Prinny       x4
Lv59 Dragon King       x4
Lv58 Dark Knight       x12
Lv58 Summer Idol       x4

Start off by positioning your characters around your platform while you buff 
up. The dark knights will rush you when you End Turn and you should get first 
strike afterwards. Their defense is pretty weak so you should be able to kill 
off most if not all of them. Remember you can throw them into formation so 
your area attacks can hit them all at once.

If you have 2 or 3 fairly strong characters you can hold the area by your 
portal and kill the enemies as they rush you; if your party is pretty even, 
you should rush down one side and take them out so you don't get sandwiched 
by two sets of enemies. Keep in mind that the dragons can cast spells from 5 
squares away and can hit your characters standing too close for up to about 
3k if you are unlucky with elemental affinities.

After the rush has been repelled, move up and eliminate the prinnies. To 
position your characters, move two characters by each of the No Entry geos 
and End Turn. On a fresh turn, destroy one of the geos which will unlock the 
other side allowing you to chain throw the other geo it into the middle red 
area. By doing this, you will prevent the boss and most of the dragons from 
moving out and attacking you.

Carefully move two characters to the end of the path and throw a guy across 
the chasm to move the Enemy Boost x3 geo. Return to the central area and 
destroy the enemies at leisure with ranged attacks. Attacks like Mao's Vasa 
Aergun will be able to basically hit anything in the middle area no problem. 
If you are lacking strong ranged attacks you can lift up the No Entry geo you 
threw in, move one of your characters in there and cancel the lift. Doing so 
will allow your guys into the area while preventing the enemy from moving.

As a side note, the boss has a Shovel which is a unique item and should be 
stolen if you are a collector or completionist. Afterwards, you get to see 
missiles shoot out from boobs and recruit some cool characters! Well, 
character, one of them is quite uncool.

2.8.3 Super Hero's Desire   [WLK2830]
Recommended Level: Lv63
Lv70 Super Hero          x1 (Aurum)
Lv64 Effort Ninja        x1 (Gorillian)
Lv64 Suredeath Hellsman  x1 (Beyond X)
Lv64 Transfer            x1 (Shyrone)

The recommended level increases substantially here because your new friends 
are high level pulling up the average. You should not have to grind levels to 
reach the recommended level. This battle is pretty difficult because it is 
partially based on luck; each of the enemies here are capable of dealing big 
damage and if they happen to kill off your strongest guys you will probably 

If you have been leveling Mao, Vasa Aergun is quite useful here because of 
the big attack pattern and long range. If you are higher than the recommended 
level you can try to kill off the girl first, but otherwise you should 
probably try to kill the ninja since he is closer allowing you have a longer 
chain. As usual, try to hit multiple enemies at once to soften them up for 
next round.

Before you End Turn, be sure to bring two weak characters out of the portal 
and position them so that they close enough for the enemies to reach, but 
placed in such a way that your damage dealers will not be clipped with area 
attacks. Hopefully the enemies behave and kill off the decoys instead of 
killing your main guys.

If they fell for the decoys you are short two characters but you will get 
another round full damage output. You should throw enemies into formation for 
area attacks as usual. Repeat the decoy trick until you run out of characters 
or the enemies are dead. You can also use your decoys to lift up the enemy 
denying them the opportunity to attack.

2.8.4 Last Battle   [WLK2840]
Recommended Level: Lv64
Lv90 Evil God       x1 (Aurum)
Lv80 Chaos Soldier  x4

Time to take down the monster, ok, ese?

This battle is actually pretty easy as long as you don't mind being a bit 
cheap. Start the battle by throwing one or two enemies so you can area attack 
them to death. Bring out one or two weak characters like the last stage and 
End Turn. Next turn finish off the majins and start on the boss if you have 
spare actions.

Before the turn is over have one of your characters lift up the boss (note 
that this person will die, so use someone weak) so that he cannot attack 
during his turn. When it is your turn again, unleash a massive combo on him 
and lift him up again before you End Turn. Repeat this until he is dead. 

As a slight caveat, Aurum will alternate between being invincible to physical 
and magic attacks. Since your attacks are likely to be mainly physical in 
nature, you can either rotate in mages every second round or buff/heal during 
the less favorable turn.
Congrats! You finished the main story and the real challenge begins - 
maximizing your characters! Endings, Epilogue and New Game+   [WLK2841]

Watch the well deserved ending and you will start the post game. If you talk 
to Prinny Mask in the corner you will start a new cycle. If you want to 
replay the final fight (or take into consideration for your next cycle), the 
possible endings are:

Normal Ending:
Don't meet any other ending's requirement. Leads to the postgame.

Super Hero Ending:
Beat the game with Mao being level 500 or higher. Leads to the postgame.

Almaz's Ending:
Defeat the final boss with Almaz (solo).

Human World Ending:
Kill more then 99 allies before you finish stage 7-6 (Death's Path). Mao will 
need to solo several lv65 enemies at once afterwards, so make sure you can 
handle it.

Laharl's Ending:
Go to the Homeroom and pass the "Watch a New Ending" topic before defeating 
the final boss. The topic becomes accessible on your second cycle or later 
during Chapter 8 (and sometimes in the postgame due to a glitch, but it does 
nothing at that point). You need to be able to defeat multiple level 500s to 
complete this ending.

Mao's Ambition Ending:
On cycle two or higher, clear stage 1-6 (Strongest Overlord) then clear it 

Raspberyl's Ending 1:
Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-2 (Strongest Entrance).

Raspberyl's Ending 2:
Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1 (Childhood Memories). This ending is very 
similar to Raspberyl Ending #1; are you sharp enough to see the difference?

It is important to note that only the Normal Ending and Super Hero Ending 
will lead to the post game (Epilogue). All other endings will simply force 
you to restart in Chapter 1. The only reason why you want to save after 
seeing one of the "bad" endings is that it unlocks songs that you can buy 
from the Music Shop. If you watch an ending then reset your game, the song 
will not be unlocked.

Before you start a new cycle pick up the following treasure chests: 1) beside 
the weapon vendor; 2) on the little platforms behind the armor vendor; 3) on 
top of the big prinny statue in the middle; 4) behind the item vendor; 5) 
behind the Evilities trainer on the little platforms. In order to reach the 
chest on the prinny statue you need to have unlocked the Birdmen Watchers 
Club and leveled Mao to around level 4000.

When you start a new cycle, you keep all your gear, tickets, money, levels, 
unlocked Clubs and unlocked tiers/classes. You lose maps unlocked by passing 
topics such as HoO and any of the extra post-game characters. Post game 
characters will rejoin your party at the level you last left them with their 
gear intact. 

Land of Carnage access is based off your X-Dimension completion in your 
previous cycle. Therefore, if you unlocked LoC and started a new cycle you 
would retain access. If you start a new cycle again (2nd time) without 
redoing the X-Dimension maps, you will lose LoC access. This means that you 
need to clear the X-Dimension prerequisites once every two cycles to retain 
access. This is a serious pain so I recommend getting all the endings out of 
the way once if you want to see them. Doing the full story takes about 2 
hours if you skip all the scenes and have strong characters to one-hit 

 - MAXIMIZATION GUIDE -                                             [SEC0003]

First of all, go into settings and set Ally Effect and Enemy Effect to 'Skip' 
if you haven't already done so. Doing so will help preserve your sanity.

I would love to say that there is a cut and dry process to follow, but 
unfortunately game mechanics require the procedure to be a more iterative 
process. Said differently, there is no easy way to get to level 9999 and just 
get gear, you need to level up a bit, get some better gear, level up some 
more, and so forth. Some of the steps are probably interchangeable, but I 
believe the way I have it presented is the optimal method.

3.1 Early Leveling                                                  [MAX3100]

With that out of the way, get acquainted with Chapter 7, third map (7-3) - 
called Corpse Eaters. This is the lowbie leveling map and you'll be doing it 
quite a few times!

Thankfully level 7-3 is pretty simple; personally I just throw Mao up by the 
mushrooms and use Vasa Aergun (again, turn off animations!) two or three 
times. As a hint, you take less damage if you stand at maximum range as the 
enemies are usually too lazy to move. While it doesn't really matter who you 
level up, you want to power level a character with a good area attack to make 
the process quicker. Mao is a convenient choice because he has pretty decent 
stats and because what you can capture is directly based on his level.

To get a feel of the level, repeat 7-3 until Mao is at level 100 (again, 
level who you want, but I will be referring to Mao just to make the 
explanation simpler), this should not take very long. Each fight will earn 
you about 140k HL, save up and try to buy the strongest weapon you can until 
you max out your customer rank (level 12). When you can deal over 2200 damage 
go to Homeroom and pass the motion for Stronger Enemies, if you cannot deal 
that much damage, then keep on killing them until you can afford a weapon 
that will let you do so. Refer to section 4.1 if you are having trouble 
passing topics in the Homeroom.

When you can deal over 2800 damage pass another stronger enemy topic (a 
second time). Pass it a third time when you can deal over 3400 damage with 
your main attack, and finally a fourth time when you deal over 4000 damage. 
When you go back into 7-3 you will notice that all the enemies will be level 
99. Because of the way that the experience formula works, level 99 enemies 
give the same experience as an enemy that is about level 300.

Thus you will notice that you will be leveling up much faster than normal; do 
not pass any more additional stronger enemy bills because you will actually 
be getting less EXP per kill once you exceed the magical level 99 enemy. With 
your new super experience gaining ability in hand, kill mushrooms until your 
character is at about level 400-500. If you put Mao in the 'Corner Res. 
Group' in the Homeroom, he will earn EXP 25% faster.

With that out of the way we will try to learn some good attacks. The general 
goal is to unlock the fourth tier Martial Artist. The way tiers work is that 
you need to achieve a certain level in the tier below the one you are trying 
to unlock. In this case, you need a Lv15 Fury Fatalist to unlock the Fight 
Artist (Tier 2). You then need a Lv40 Fight Artist to unlock the Champ of 
Fighters (Tier 3). To round out the list you need a Lv80 Champ of Fighters to 
unlock the Viper Fighter (Tier 4). All classes have six tiers, but we only 
need to achieve tier four in this case.

If you have a Cleric (female healer), make sure she has all of her healing 
spells (and Espoir). If you do not have a Cleric you should make one make 
one. Throughout this process, you should use the "Robber Shop" Club to 
transfer mana to low level characters. By assigning the characters to the 
same club and placing them next to each other in the Homeroom, you can easily 
transfer mana to whoever you want by grinding 7-3. After you have all the 
spells you want, reincarnate the cleric into a Fury Fatalist (or a higher 
tier if unlocked). 

Although it doesn't really matter that much, try not to reincarnate your 
martial artist below skilled. When I reincarnated I allocated my Bonus Points 
to SPD, but it's really up to you.  After reincarnation, the martial artist 
will be back at level 1.  To quickly level him up, take him to 7-3 and use 
him in tower attacks with Mao. Always make sure Mao is at the bottom of the 
stack so that he takes all the damage - at his level he should be able be ok 
(I did one Vasa Aergun to take out 5 before I started tower attacks to reduce 

After you have created a Viper Fighter continue grinding on 7-3 until you 
have enough mana to purchase the Big Bang skill for him. You should also use 
tower attacks to help him gain a few levels so he can Big Bang 7-3 by 
himself. Buy him some better equipment if you are still using low level 
stuff. I leveled my martial artist to Lv400, but you can do it until whenever 
you are bored.

If you have unlocked Masked Heroes (requires level 45 Gunner/Gunslinger & 45 
Thief) then make one of those in the Homeroom. If you can't make Masked 
Heroes make a Mothman. This character will be your Item World runner, so 
buy/equip shoes on him to increase his movement. Keep an eye out for 
Accelerators during your Item World adventuring since they add two to 

Your runner will make your Item World exploration go much more smoothly since 
they can fly above enemies. For most maps you can just throw the runner and 
have him run to the exit. For levels with a Gatekeeper, throw your martial 
artist over and use one of his fist skills to move the obstacle so you can 
have your runner complete the level.

The key things to watch out for are Mystery Rooms and the Bonus List. Once 
the enemies are about level 100, items will start appearing on the Bonus List 
that you cannot buy (rank 31 to rank 34). You are also hoping to run into 
rooms with treasure chests or vendors who you can buy stuff from. Depending 
on your choice of items that you use, you may need to pass one or two more 
Stronger Enemy topics in the Homeroom to get them to a higher level.

First things first, we want to collect some Managers to help out with gaining 
mana. The way the system works is that every 100 managers you collect will 
increase the rate that you collect mana by 100%. The best way to gain 
Managers is to buy Dual Beaks (Spear, 100k, 19 Managers) or Brave Canons 
(Gun, 800k, 28 Managers) from the weapon store and go inside of them via Item 
World. When you see the innocent inside the Item World simply kill it to 
subdue it. You can then transfer the innocent around to different equipment 
or merge it with other Managers you find. Collect at least 75 Managers but 
feel free to collect up to 300 if you want.

Next up are Professionals, which increase the odds of you dealing critical 
attacks. Each professional adds 1% to your crit rate meaning you need 100 of 
them to guarantee a critical attack. You can collect them from Dragoon's Gun 
(Gun, 2.8m, 6 Professionals) or Guillotines (Axe, 250k, 5 Professionals). For 
some reason Professionals can be combined to be above 100, but it serves no 
purpose as you are guarantee a critical hit anyway.

3.2 House of Ordeals                                                [MAX3200]

Go to the Homeroom and pass the 'Open gates to Ordeal Mansion' topic. In 
order for the topic to appear, the character calling the vote needs to have 
over 7000 mana. If you can't get approval for the topic, refer to section 4.1 
for some tips and tricks.

After you win the vote will be able to access the "Training: House of 
Ordeals" (HoO) stage from the mission prinny (where you go do all your other 
missions). Before going to HoO, make sure the enemies are at their weakest 
level if you did not pass the Weaker Enemy topics previously. Following is a 
quick and dirty walkthrough of the four levels.

Ordeal Room 1
Lv100 Belladonna      x2
Lv100 Blue Mage       x1
Lv100 Carmilla        x2
Lv100 Dark Elder      x1
Lv100 Death Coppelia  x2
Lv100 Ghast           x2
Lv100 Green Mage      x1
Lv100 Mrtyu           x2
Lv100 Observer        x2
Lv100 Red Mage        x1
Lv100 Star Mage       x1
Lv100 Wraith          x2

For the first three turns take out one junk character and let him or her die 
as all of the geos self destruct getting rid of the Mighty Enemy effect. 
Afterwards, use your strong characters to take crush the weaklings monsters! 
Out of all of the enemies, put a higher priority in killing the ghosts and 
jesters since their big attacks can hurt. 

Ordeal Room 2
Lv200 Viper Fighter  x8

Start off by throwing the Green geo on the green tile to give yourself a +50% 
boost. The rest of this battle is reasonably simple and I'm sure you can 
figure it out. :)

Ordeal Room 3
Lv300 Cockatrice  x1
Lv300 Prophet     x6

This is a long and difficult level. Basically the idea is to go up the tower 
killing the Prophets as you go. The map is challenging because the enemies 
sit on Enemy Boost tiles and have extended range. If you get hit with their 
Star spells you are going to take about 20k damage. If you leveled up to the 
guidelines I provided this shouldn't be too bad since it means you can take 
two hits and still be ok, giving you a slight margin of error.

When you start the level, hang around by your base portal and End Turn until 
all of the slimes come out of their portal; there are probably around a dozen 
of them. After all of the slimes are dead, move your strongest characters 
(you will need at least three or four) towards the first prophet. The chicken 
can't hurt you don't need to worry when walking around it.

There are two main strategies to kill each of the Prophets. The safe method 
has you throw in your attacker so that you can run out of range after you 
deal damage. The more risky but potentially faster method has you rushing 
each enemy, hoping that you don't miss too much and that you can kill him 
before he kills your characters.

Because of the steep inclines of the tower, you will need at least two 
throwers to cause geo chain reactions. As a practical guide: use one 
character to pick up the geo; while it is lifted use a second character to 
throw a third character next to where you are going to throw the geo. After 
you chain throw the geo run your third guy back to your group so that you can 
attack with everyone on your following turn.

The next trick occurs when you reach the enemy on the Aqua blocks - because 
the geos are lifted you cannot cause a geo chain reaction here. Use whatever 
strategy you have been using to lob the geo next to the other ones and attack 
the enemy directly while standing on the geo. Keep in mind that the prophet 
will have extended range because you didn't take out the geos under him. 
After you kill the enemy use normal attacks to knock out the two Aqua geos at 
the bottom. Hop on the green geo and throw the Aqua geos together to get rid 
of them.

The final few enemies should not be a challenge if you made it all the way up 
the tower. If you are concerned of prophets nuking you from above, keep in 
mind that their vertical attack is 64m.

Ordeal Room 4
Lv400 Genocider  x9

This is probably the best leveling map of the game. Not much to say - destroy 
the enemies and rake in the EXP!

3.3 Intermediate Powerleveling in HoO                               [MAX3300]

With HoO4 unlocked we can now do some more powerleveling. Start off by 
putting your martial artist in the "Corner Res. Group" Club (and actually put 
him in a corner of course). Make a couple Cheerleaders (Idols) if you want to 
take advantage of their 5% stat boost. Also buy some SP healing items from 
the Item Vendor for emergencies (ie, when you try to do another special 
attack only to figure out you have no SP). 

Increase the Skill Level (at the Evility Trainer) of Big Bang until it costs 
about 1000 SP. If you don't have enough mana you will have to go grind out 
some more. Be sure to transfer the Managers and Professionals that you 
obtained earlier onto a piece of equipment that you are using. You should 
also buy the most expensive Fist weapon that you can (Gravity Knuckle) if you 
did not find something better in the Item World.

Go to HoO4 and try out your new set up. If your damage isn't high enough use 
Sapphire (20% boost) or Idols (5% boost each). For the first couple kills you 
may need to use Mao (Vasa Aergun) or other characters to get you over the 
original hump. While in theory you could increase the skill level of Big Bang 
more, you need to be very careful since the SP cost goes up exponentially. It 
is a serious bother to keep on having to replenish your SP. Keep on doing 
HoO4 until your martial artist can do clears by himself (without boosts).

When you can deal 50k without help, pass a "Stronger Enemy" topic. Keep on 
passing more topics in the Homeroom as your damage output increases. I 
reiterate that you should take it easy with increasing skill levels by using 
mana. While it may seem brilliant in the short term you are going to run out 
of SP while going through Item World and it will be a serious pain to 
scrounge up enough SP to use it when you reincarnate in the future. You can 
only increase the level of skills, you cannot decrease them! Most of your 
incremental power will be gained through your actual level and the level of 
your skills though using them (ie, the bar you see when you select Big Bang 
during combat). Professionals will basically double the damage you do so be 
sure you are using them.

After awhile your leveling rate will decrease quite a bit and you will 
probably get bored. I stopped at level 2500 to continue, but you could 
hypothetically go well beyond that level by spending a couple hours.

3.4 Class World and Preparing for Item World                        [MAX3400]

To level effectively in this game you need two strong characters so you can 
leech experience and mana from each other. Before we get started in the Item 
World we'll quickly get another character up to speed. Skill transfer 
mechanics differ from previous Disgaea titles in that the Master/Student 
system is completely gone. To facilitate skill transfer they introduced the 
Class World.

Because the Class World is somewhat of a pain, the easiest way to transfer 
skills for generic (creatable) characters is to simply reincarnate them into 
another class with the skills you want. Once you learn a skill you know it 
forever. To discourage reincarnating into everything to learn everything, the 
cost of reincarnation goes up every time you do it. The implication is that 
if you want to use a generic character, you should make them as a high tier 
cleric first - Tier 3 and above learn Omega Heal (and the super useful Espoir 
of course). After you learn the spells you want, reincarnate into a high tier 
Martial Artist to pick up Big Bang, then you can reincarnate into your final 
class. Following this process will ensure that you have well rounded 
characters that can level rapidly.

However, I opted to use Mao instead to give me flexibility in capturing 
monsters. Since you cannot reincarnate Mao into another class we'll use the 
Class World to have him pick up some useful skills.

To access the Class World, pass the 'Student Council' topic (50 mana) in the 
Homeroom to unlock the related Club. You also have to assign at least one 
random character to the club in order to access the Class World.

Go fight some battles and you will eventually get a prompt that a Prinny 
(with an afro!!) has visited your HQ. He is the portal to the Class World. As 
a side note, he will move around all the time - if you can't find him just 
save your game and he will move somewhere else in your HQ. Whenever you fight 
a battle, there is a chance that the Prinny will leave your HQ (and 
eventually return); so don't be alarmed when this happens.

Before we explore the Class World, go to your Homeroom and pass the motion to 
unlock the "True Robber Store" Club. This is a superior version of "Robber 
Shop" in that it lets you transfer 100% of the mana gained. This club will be 
very important in helping you grind mana since skills learned through the 
Class World cost ten times the original cost. That means Big Bang costs 48000 
mana and Omega Heal costs 24000 mana. The costs can be reduced somewhat, but 
given how easy it is to gain mana it is quicker to use True Robber instead. 
Remember to use your Managers.

To prepare for the Class World, first reincarnate Mao reducing his level back 
to 1. Lowering his level is necessary because the enemies in the Class World 
are dependant on the level of character you are going into. Having the 
enemies at low level will make your life easier. It is strongly recommended 
that you reincarnate Mao at the Genius level. After reincarnation, visit the 
Homeroom and assign Mao, your Martial Artist and someone else (your cleric if 
you need to learn Omega Heal) into the True Robbers club and make them sit 
together with your Martial artist in the middle. Go to HoO4 and grind enemies 
until you have 77000 mana for Mao (includes 5k mana for misc uses).

Ensure that you have at least one character in the "Student Council" Club and 
repeat HoO4 until the Afro Prinny shows up. Check to make sure that the 
characters that you want to transfer skills between are in the same club. 
After you save, talk to the Afro Prinny. Select Mao and "Skill Inheritance" 
from the side menu to get the ball rolling. There is no need to complete any 
of the floors in the Class World though you get a slight reduction in the 
cost of skill inheritance for every floor you destroy all the geos (5% per 
floor). You will see copies of your Mao inside called a "Dropout" - be sure 
to kill them since they will increase the character's aptitude.

On the 9th floor you will come across a Mystery Gate - go inside and talk to 
the "Skill Inheritor" NPC and learn Big Bang. When you finally arrive on the 
10th floor you should clear out all of the geos to open up another Mystery 
Gate. If you are slow in clearing geos just lift up the last enemy on the map 
until you finish up, their HP should be so low that a decent leveled 
character can hold him/her up indefinitely. Inside the gate you will either 
encounter a Committee Coach or an Old Combat Master. The former will increase 
the size of the Club you are in by one while the latter will let you learn a 
legendary attack. The Old Combat Master is somewhat rare. You will need 
approximately 5000 mana to utilize these options.

Congrats, you completed your first Class World run! Hope you enjoyed it 
because you will have to do this a lot more times later on. It would be 
beneficial to do the run another once or twice to pick up Omega Heal and some 
other skill (such as Espoir or Descent Slayer). Just be sure you have enough 
mana to learn the skills.

After you are done messing with the Class World go back to the Homeroom and 
pass the "Honor Students" Club. Stick Mao (and whoever else you want) in the 
club and surround your Martial Artist to leech EXP. Note that the character 
who is actually doing the killing does not need to be in the Club and can 
remain in Corner Res. Group or whatever else you want. Proceed to HoO4 and 
keep on clearing it until your Mao is at level 300 or so. Equip Mao with your 
best fist weapon so he can Big Bang on his own and gain 100% of the 
experience. Feel free to use Sapphire or any other tricks you picked up from 
the first time you did this.

I suggest that you level up Mao to around level 3000 to 5000 so that you can 
survive in the higher levels of the Item World. If you leveled Mao, you also 
have the option to bolster your team by capturing some strong enemies at this 

If you leveled to the upper range of my previous recommendation you probably 
do not need to capture any monsters to breeze through Item World (though 
having a couple high level warslugs to bounce characters around is sure 
fun!). For those who are confused, if you throw a character on the same 
square that a friendly monster is on, your character will "bounce" in the 
direction that the monster is facing.

If you want to utilize passive enemy leveling through level-up geos, some 
options you have are stage 4-3 (Eternal Teardrop), stage 6-1 (Evil Mind 
Vortex), and stage 7-4 (Grieving Death Knell). Stage 4-3 has warslugs while 
6-1 has white dragons (they can heal if you need a healer) and 7-4 has wood 
golems and an ifrit. The other option is just to capture monsters you see in 
the Item World. 

In Disgaea 3, you can now capture humans but you still cannot capture enemies 
that you cannot create. That means that you cannot capture a Tier 3 enemy 
when you can only make the Tier 1 of that class. The maximum level of enemy 
you can capture is now based on Mao's level although Mao himself does not 
need to be in the Base Panel when you attempt to capture something.

I will not go into too much detail since I suspect most people will not 
bother capturing, but the strategy is similar for all the levels. Start off 
by putting someone by the geo that controls the level up process so you can 
"turn it off" at any point by destroy or moving the geo. Enemies that are the 
furthest away should be killed and enemies that you want to capture should be 
drained of all of their MP (just let them attack you) so they can't use 
special attacks after they leveled up. End Turn until the enemies are the 
proper level, "turn off" the leveling effect then throw the enemies back into 
your base panel. To overcome the problem with counter attacks, either use 
someone with no counter attacks or make a tower. While in a tower you will 
not counter attack and it is a great way to lure enemies closer to your 

After you are happy with your party composition, it's time to do some more 
serious exploring in the Item World.

3.5 Item World, Pirates, and Land of Carnage                        [MAX3500]

You can buy rank 1-30 items in the store, find rank 31-34 items in the Item 
World, find rank 35-39 in the Land of Carnage (LoC), and rank 40 on the Item 
God of a rank 39 item. What this means is that we are going to try to get 
into LoC as soon as possible.

The Land of Carnage is unlocked by getting at least 24 Illegal Tickets and 
beating the associated X-Dimension levels. In Disgaea 3, there are 42 total 
tickets, 20 of which can be bought from ticket vendors in Item World Mystery 
Portals. There are two vendors, one that shows up on floors 1-49 and one that 
shows up on floors 51-99; they each carry 10 unique tickets. The other 22 
tickets are earned by defeating pirates. Each of the 22 types of pirates that 
appear in the normal world carry an unique ticket as well.

If you have found a good legendary accessory or armor such as a Reflex, Hero 
Mantle, Testament or Accelerator, you can now start leveling it up in the 
Item World. If you do not have one, go into your item of choice and make sure 
to open all the green chests you see to try to grab one. Once you are past 
floor 20 make sure you spend one turn on the level to give pirates an 
opportunity to appear. Pirates do not appear below floor 20. You can stay 
more than one turn if you want, but I find that one turn is enough to find 
them fairly regularly. 

Eventually you will run into some pirates. What you should do is kill all of 
the enemies on the floor to not only get the Illegal Ticket but also capture 
the Pirate Ship they came on! Earning an Illegal Ticket will unlock the X-
Dimension NPC and some topics in Homeroom. First go to the X-Dimension girl 
and talk to her; she will give you a free X-Dimension map. Then go to 
Homeroom and pass the "PPP" and "Tora no Ana" Clubs. Fill both clubs up to 
boost the odds of running into pirates and the ticket vendor. You can fill 
them up with junk characters if you want - it doesn't matter.

It should not take more than one or two items, but keep on going through the 
Item World until you have 24 tickets and at least one accessory complete. 
That is, you should have completed floor 100 on the item. Do not reverse 
pirate any of your items at this point. 

You can beat the X-Dimension maps at this point if you want, but you are not 
strong enough to fight in the Land of Carnage anyway. If you are a 
perfectionist of sorts, I highly recommend that you save and reset to get a 
rarity zero Naive Glasses - a reward you earn for beating 20% of the X-
Dimension maps.

You should also take this opportunity to gather all sorts of useful 
innocents. First make sure you have at least one of the single stat innocents 
(ie, Gladiator, Coach, Sentry, etc). Do not combine the single stat 
specialists as their level does not matter.

Next, try to create some Dual-Specialists with your single innocents with 
Mediaters. Look through the legendary items you have found and you are bound 
to find a couple with Mediaters on them. Go inside of the items to subdue and 
subsequently combine the Mediaters. When you are going through an item for 
whatever reason, put your Mediater on the Item along with two single stat 
specialists that you want to combine. For example, move your Mediater onto an 
item with a Gladiator and Coach if you want to make a Sprinter. 

Refer to the dual-specialist section to see what is available and make the 
type that makes the most sense to you. As someone who uses melee characters I 
believe Sprinters are the most useful, but if you like magic you might want 
to make a Nerd or something else. If your Mediater is of a very low level you 
might have trouble creating a dual-specialist. Do not worry about it if you 
do not succeed at this point.

If you have not been following the guide from the beginning, make sure you 
have some Managers and Professionals as well.

3.6 Item Duplication and Reverse Pirating                           [MAX3600]

Complete the Diez Gentlemen sidequest to obtain the Puppy Paw Stick (PPS). I 
recommend that you save and reset in the final battle so that you get a rank 
zero Puppy Paw Stick. The PPS allows you to duplicate specialists that you 
have found. Also complete the quests for the other unique characters if want 
to use them. Refer to the respective FAQ sections if you require help.

This is the point where you are going to pick which character that you are 
going to make super strong. It doesn't really matter who you pick but go for 
someone that you actually like. I am a big Laharl fan so I chose to maximize 
him (and consequently a generic female ninja). I would advise against 
choosing Mao because he is awesome at duping, but again, there are ways 
around it if you want to level him.

Whoever you chose, reincarnate him or her so take them down to level 1. 
Furthermore, you should reincarnate them at Distinguished or Genius if 
possible to maximize the number of Class World runs you can do. The process 
here is identical to what I described above except that you are going to kill 
all Dropouts with the Puppy Paw Stick.

Whoever you are doing the Class World with, unequip all of his gear except 
for whatever you want to dupe. Fill up the item with whatever innocents you 
want since those will be duped as well. Once you are in the Class World, kill 
the Dropout with the Puppy Paw Stick equipped. Mao is great because you can 
do Vasa Aergun with the PPS making ranged kills much easier. The PPS is 
considered an Axe weapon if for whatever reason you can't or won't use Mao to 

Each time you kill a Dropout with the PPS you will have a chance to duping 
one item that he or she has equipped. Previous to the v2.0 patch, the 
probability was 20%. For those unfamiliar with statistics all this means is 
that if you killed millions of Dropouts, on average, you should expect 1 dupe 
for every 5 kills. However, in the short term, you are NOT guaranteed one 
dupe per 5 kills. You may not dupe for 10 kills, 20 kills, etc. There are no 
shortcuts here so please don't come up with asinine theories - no, doing a 
rain dance while listening to Britney Spears does not increase or decrease 
your odds of duping.

With that out of the way, try it out and dupe one of your complete 

To make your life much easier, I recommend transferring Asagi's Sky High 
Evility (Lv800 required) to your top damage dealer so that you can fly 
through enemies in the Class World. The enemies are often so packed that you 
will waste a lot of time slogging through useless turns otherwise. The 
alternative is to teach a Masked Hero Big Bang so he can do gatekeeper kills 
for you since they can fly innately. Using long range attacks such as magic 
is also an option.

With the elimination of weapon mastery, the key to really strong characters 
are Mastery Innocents. The way it works is that each mastery innocent will 
increase the stat contribution by 1% to a maximum of 500%. For example, if 
you have a fist of 100 ATK and a Fist Fighter Innocent of level 100, your 
stat contribution will be 200 ATK (assuming your aptitude is 100%). The 
problem is that mastery innocents show up in increments of 2, meaning it 
would take forever to collect 500. Fortunately, the process is simplified by 

To get the necessary mastery innocents we will now do some reverse pirating. 
Reverse pirating means that you will be the bad guy and raid the poor Item 
World. Depending on the ship you use, you will get to stay on a level for a 
certain number of turns before your ship leaves by itself. Refer to the 
pirate ship section if you want more information. Anyone not aboard when the 
ship leaves will automatically die, but anything that was thrown on board is 
considered captured. 

Chests that were captured will automatically be opened and looted, level 
spheres captured will increase your item level, and innocents captured will 
be subdued at double the level than if you had simply killed them. Thus, 
killing innocents will give you a subdued innocent of level 2 while tossing 
them on your ship will give you a subdued innocent of level 4. I suggest just 
killing them. Specifically, you are after: Statisticians (more EXP), Fist 
Fighters (Fist Mastery), Guardians (Accessory Mastery) and whatever else you 
want. Refer to the Innocent section for a complete list.

Be sure to keep separate your original complete accessory (floor 100, with 
zero reverse pirating done) and your dupes which we will actively be reverse 
pirated. If you run out of levels to reverse pirate you will need to dupe 
some more. Simply keep on doing it until you have all of the innocents you 

When you have your collection of innocents complete, put them on your 
original complete accessory and start duping. After each dupe combine them 
(if applicable) so that subsequent dupes will give you even more innocents! 
For example, building 32 stacks of 19998 Sprinters from 100 would take a 
minimum of 11 dupes (100 -> 200 -> 400 -> 800 -> 1600 -> 3200 -> 6400 -> 
12800 -> 19998 x1 -> 19998 x2 -> 19998 x4 -> 19998 x8). 

Because of the sheer number of dupes you will be doing, I strongly recommend 
that you concurrently do aptitude leveling. For every Dropout you kill in the 
Class World, the aptitude of the character you are in will increase by 1%. 
Additionally, if that character is at least level 80 you will gain the 
maximum number of bonus points possible. Consider using the True Robber Shop 
(with Statisticians) to get the character to at least level 80 before you do 
Class World runs. Don't hesitate to increase Movement, Counters or whatever 
else you want on other characters you like to use though.

This process will take awhile, but will greatly increase your power. When you 
are done, you should have a lot of fresh accessories that you can reverse 
pirate in the future and a ton of innocents. Below is a list of what I feel 
you should try to dupe at this point, the numbers is the minimum that I 
suggest while the number inside the brackets is what I strongly recommend. 

Level 100+ Professional x1 (x5)
Level 300 Manager x8 (x8)
Level 300 Statistician x24 (x32)
Level 500 Fist Fighter x1 (x3)
Level 500 Guardian x1 (x5)
Level 500 Fencer x1 (x1) (Fencer is if you use swords, replace as applicable)
Level anything Gladiator x8 (x8)
Level anything Coach x8 (x8)
Level 19998 Sprinter x24 (x32) (or other applicable Dual-specialist)
Level 100 Mediater x0 (x1)

When you are done, put your weapon mastery innocent and Guardian on your 
weapon along with your professional and anything else you want. Fill your 
accessories with Sprinters or whatever dual-specialist you want. There is a 
weird quirk in the game where the Guardian effect will only apply to items 
physically listed below the item it resides on. For instance, if your 
Guardian is on a piece of armor in the fourth slot, it will only apply to 
that one piece of armor. If you have it on a piece of armor in the second 
slot (your weapon if the first slot) it will apply to all three pieces of 
armor. Putting your Guardian on your weapon will always ensure that you are 
getting the full boost. You only need 1 Guardian to get the full bonus.

Your power level is literally going to be probably 20x what it was 
previously, so now you are ready for the Land of Carnage. If you haven't 
already done so, complete 25 X-Dimension maps to unlock the LoC. Again, I 
highly recommend that you save and reset to get a rarity zero Naive Glasses - 
a reward you earn for beating 20% of the X-Dimension maps.

3.7 Lv9999 and Rank 39 Items                                        [MAX3700]

The Land of Carnage (LoC) has been substantially beefed up since Disgaea 2 
and is far more difficult. The good news is that with the help of 
Statisticians getting to level 9999 is also much easier. When you are 
stronger you will be able to hit level 9999 in as few as 2 battles! However, 
for the time being you will need to do it slightly slower. Switch out your 
Sprinters for Statisticians and try out HoO4 in LoC. You may need to use 
Sapphire or some other buffs if your weapon is not leveled at all. 
Regardless, it should not be difficult to hit level 9999. Remember to use 
your mastery innocents and Professionals as they make a huge difference.

This is also a good point to unlock some classes or tiers. Between LoC HoO4, 
True Robber Club and Honor Students Club, it would take several hours to 
unlock every possible character/monster class. It is really up to you how 
much you want to do now, but at a minimum I recommend that you unlock the top 
Thief tier and the Masked Hero class (Lv45 Gunner/Gunslinger and Thief). 
Furthermore, raise your Tier 6 Thief to level 500+ so you can learn the Lucky 
Finger Evility.  Transfer Lucky Finger to your strongest character(s) with 
the Class World. 

If you haven't already done so, I reiterate that you should transfer Agasi's 
Sky High Evility to a strong character (lv800 required) or give a Masked Hero 
Big Bang. Tier 6 Masked Heroes also learn the Chicken Heart Evility at level 
800, which gives them +3 Movement. Quite handy for Item World runs!

When you have leveled to your heart's content it is time to try to score some 
rank 39 items. While a more complete list is in the reference section, the 
rank 39 items of each major class are as follows:

Fists - Ultimus
Swords - Yoshitsuna
Spears - Drill Emperor
Bows - Lovely Cupid
Guns - Megiddo Cannon
Axes - Apocalypse
Staffs - Omniscient Rod
Monster - Satan Motor (P) / Astaroth Texts (M)
Armor - Super Robo Suit
Emblem - Arcadia
Glasses - Providence
Muscle - Cosmos Muscle
Shoes - Barefoot X
Belt - Orion's Belt
Orb - Universal Orb

Specifically you are after a legendary Arcadia since you need one to obtain 
the Trapezohedron - the strongest accessory in the game. However, Barefoot X, 
Ultimus, Satan Motor or whatever weapon(s) you like using are useful too. 
Note that Barefoot X (and other accessories with Homeroom Clubs) will NOT 
spawn in the LoC unless you have at least one person in the respective club. 
Furthermore, the more people you have in the associated club, the more often 
it will appear.

The easiest way to get rank 39 items is to get them in chests while Reverse 
Pirating. However, enemies are incredibly strong now so you are unlikely to 
be able to destroy chests past floor 60 or so. Good thing you duped a whole 
bunch of items!

Simply reverse pirate your items in the LoC and focus on busting open Green 
treasure chests with your characters. It helps a lot to have Lucky Finger 
when breaking the chests. If you have not been following the guide, you can 
also get chests by throwing them on your pirate ship and waiting until it 
leaves to get the item. However, this method is way slower.

The tricky part is that Arcadias are quite rare so you may not get one in a 
chest. I recommend trying for a couple hours or until you have everything 
else you want (including rank zero Barefoot X). Just keep in mind that LoC is 
very difficult and you will likely not be coming back for quite awhile - what 
you get now is what you will be stuck with for a very long time.

An alternative method you can use is to make a couple of Druids and level 
them up a bit so they have a decent amount of mana. Head into LoC Item World 
until you find a map with an easy geo layout with a Gatekeeper and/or an 
isolated island. Destroy all of the enemies except for the Gatekeeper or 
throw the final enemy onto the island. Cause a huge geo chain to max out your 
Bonus List bar. Note that you can use your Druids to reset the geos once to 
cause a second chain if you could not fill it the first time. Finally, simply 
keep on changing the Bonus List with your Druids until a legendary Arcadia 
pops up. The reset method is very boring but guaranteed to work (eventually).

The rarity of your R39 weapons/armor/emblem does not matter since a R40 
version exists (which you will reset to rarity match). However, other 
accessories do not have a R40 version so what you get is what you are stuck 
with. Thus, I strongly recommend trying to get a rarity zero Barefoot X. The 
other accessories are not very good so I wouldn't worry about them.

3.8 Perfect Item Creation                                           [MAX3800]

At this point you should have a legendary Arcadia and other rank 39 items. In 
order to maximize power, Disgaea players typically try to make "perfect" 
items. Said different, they are leveled in such a way that they deliver the 
maximum amount of stats possible.

You shouldn't bother making perfect rank 39 items since you will be using the 
rank 40 versions anyway. However, while leveling your rank 39 items, make 
sure that you save and gency out at floor 99. Then go to the Land of Carnage 
and steal the rank 40 item from the Item God. You can steal by buying various 
Hands from the item shop. Stealing from behind gives you much better odds 
than the front. I strongly suggest resetting until a rank zero item appears 
before stealing it. Note that Barefoot X are the top shoes, so you should 
level it perfectly if possible.

The process is not as convoluted as in Disgaea 2 and is shockingly simple to 
do. Basically each item can be leveled to a maximum of level 200. However, 
level should not be confused with floors; every legendary item will only have 
100 floors. The remaining levels are gained through mystery rooms and level 
spheres. Your item level will be increased when one of the following events 
happen: Good luck from fortuneteller (+3), Great luck from fortuneteller 
(+5), defeat 7 enemies in mystery portal (+5), capture a green level sphere 
(+5), capture a yellow sphere (+10), capture a red sphere (+15). 

While in the Item World, you capture spheres by either clearing the level of 
all enemies or by having the sphere lifted up by one of your characters when 
you finish the level by using the portal. You cannot enter a mystery portal 
and get a sphere on the same level. While reverse pirating, you need to throw 
the sphere onto your pirate ship to capture it.

You should aim to have an item at a minimum of level 150 by the time you are 
done all 100 floors so that you can finish up the last 50 levels by reverse 

In addition to the raw level of the item, you also need to worry about 
innocents, level up topics, and boss kills. In order to create a perfect 
weapon, you should always have all possible innocent slots filled with single 
stat specialists (dual-specialists do nothing). For instance, if you are 
trying to maximize ATK then fill your item with Gladiators.

In regards to boss kills, you must double kill all bosses while in the Item 
World. What this means is that the first time you run into the boss (which 
appear every 10 levels), you should kill the boss and use a Mr. Gency to exit 
the item. Go back into the item and kill the boss a second time before 
finishing the level. While reverse pirating, there are also bosses that you 
have to kill; but you do not need to double kill RP bosses since it is 
impossible to do so.

In every legendary item you can also pass three topics that show up in the 
Homeroom. These topics have a huge impact on the ultimate strength of your 
item. You will want to pass three bills that are of the "More x Growth" 

Some very smart people have cracked the formula to figure out at which point 
you need to pass what bills and such, but I believe that it overly 
complicates the process. I personally believe that you should ALWAYS pass the 
same stat for all 3 bills even though it is possible that the raw average 
stat will be slightly lower than if you had split the bills between two 

The conventional thinking ignores aptitudes. For example, if your character 
is using a fist and has aptitudes of 100% to ATK and SPD, then yes, passing 2 
bills in SPD and 1 in ATK will give you a very slightly higher average stat 
total. However, if the character has 100% to ATK and 110% to SPD, 3 SPD bills 
are superior to a hybrid approach. In many cases it also does not matter 
which levels you pass your growth topics. But again, to keep it simple I 
suggest: pass your bills as early as possible and pass them all in the same 
stat. This eliminates a great deal of minor memorization and keeps the 
process simple.

Lastly, if you follow my advice to always pass the topics in one stat you can 
follow another rule as well. Due to the stat cap, if you pass all three 
topics for the one stat it will max out naturally and single stat innocents 
used in that stat will be wasted. Thus, if you are leveling a R40 fist and 
put all three topics in SPD, fill the item with Gladiators to boost ATK (or 
any other stat you want). Do not fill the item with Coaches to try to raise 
SPD because it is already capped and you will be wasting your specialist 
bonus. This rule only applies to R40 weapons and not accessories.

Presented in stepwise fashion, the instructions are:

1. Subdue all unwanted innocents in an item before level 10 and fill the six
   available slots with the single stat innocent of choice.
2. Kill the floor 10 boss and Gency out. Save.
3. Go back in the item to (double) kill the floor 10 boss
4. Pass the first topic, if you cannot go to the Homeroom reset and try again
5. Kill the floor 20 boss and Gency out. Save.
6. (Double) kill floor 20 boss.
7. Reset until you can pass your second "More x Growth" bill.
8. Kill floor 30 boss and Gency out. 
9. Fill the 7th innocent slot with another single stat specialist. Save.
10. (Double) kill the floor 30 boss.
11. Reset until you can pass your third "More x Growth" bill.
12. Fill the 8th innocent slot with another single stat specialist. Save.
13. Double kill the bosses on floors 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90.
14. Gency out at floor 99 and save.
15. Go to the Land of Carnage and steal the R40 item from the Item God.
16. Kill the Item God after stealing from him (while in LoC).
17. Double kill the Item God (you can do the double kill in normal world)
18. Kill the reverse-pirating bosses on floors 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100.
19. Make sure the level of the item is 200

As a side note, you should try to pace yourself so that your item is level 
150 or greater when you are done the 100 floors. While reverse pirating, the 
lowest level of sphere that will appear are the yellow ones so you are 
guaranteed +50 levels. If you are not level 150 you are going to have to have 
to reset a LOT to try to get red spheres while RPing, which is very 
frustrating. My personal rule of thumb is that I save after each double kill 
and I will reset my game if I do not gain at least 5 levels in the next 10 
floors (before I run into the next boss). I will only reset past level 30 
though, since level spheres are very rare before then. Note that if you use 
this rule of thumb you'll still need to be lucky and gain 15 levels somewhere 

That's it for my not so concise description of the process. If you want an 
even more detailed explanation, refer to the Item Maximization Guide.

With all that out of the way, level up your rank 39 items to floor 99 before 
gencying out. Go into the LoC and steal the R40 item from the Item God. 
Again, reset so that you get rarity zero R40 gear. You should then level up 
your R40 gear using the perfect process described above. 

At a minimum you should try to make a perfect: Trapezohedron (3 ATK bills), 
Barefoot X (3 movement bills), any other weapons you want. Do not bother 
leveling up a piece of armor because it is junk compared to your 
Trapezohedron. You may want to make multiple Trapezohedrons to specialize in 
difference stats. I personally have one leveled for ATK, one for SPD and one 
for Movement. Your call on when you want to do this though.

If you did the process perfectly, the stats (with no innocents should be):

Trapezohedron (3 Movement bills, 8 Gladiators)
HP: 696,800
SP: 348,500
ATK: 361,314
DEF: 348,500
INT: 348,500
RES: 348,500
HIT: 348,500
SPD: 348,500

Trapezohedron (3 ATK bills, 8 Gladiators)
HP: 696,800
SP: 348,500
ATK: 649,087
DEF: 348,500
INT: 348,500
RES: 348,500
HIT: 348,500
SPD: 348,500

Barefoot X (3 Movement bills, 8 Coaches)
HP: 0
SP: 0
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
INT: 0
RES: 0
HIT: 0
SPD: 202,644

Baal Sword (3 ATK bills)
HP: 0
SP: 155,000
ATK: 1,863,514
DEF: 155,000
INT: 619,400
RES: 0
HIT: 155,000
SPD: 155,000

As a final tip, if you find killing the LoC Item Gods difficult I suggest 
using your Naive Glasses to guarantee a hit. You can also throw the Item God 
somewhere convenient so that you can throw your heavy hitter back into your 
base panel every turn. You may need to level up two weapons at once so that 
you can use one of the weapons while you are trying to kill the Item God in 
the other one.

When you are done this section of the FAQ, you have basically completed your 
end game gear. At this point you want to dupe some more. The perfect setup 

Perfect Rank 40 Weapon
Innocents: Level 500 Mastery Innocent, Level 100+ Professional, Level 500 
Guardian, 5 other specialists (maybe Managers, or Sprinters, etc)

Three Perfect Trapezohedrons
Innocents: 8x Dual-Specialist on each of them

Second Evility: Violence (learned from Majin)

Since Trapezohedrons give you basically unlimited SP, also feel free to raise 
all of your attack skills to level 9 if you have not already done so. Make 
sure to make use of Managers so that the mana doesn't take you forever to 

With this kind of gear, you should be able to defeal Baal in the normal world 
and subsequently Baal in the LoC. This is the hardest story fight of the 
game; however, you can still get even stronger!

3.9 Character Maximization                                          [MAX3900]

Alright, this section is unfortunately quite unstructured because there is 
simply a huge mishmash of random stuff you can do to raise your stats even 


A tried and true Disgaea tradition is to max out on the reincarnation bonus. 
There are two components of this process: yellow bars and blue bars. Yellow 
bars are determined by your stats right before the most recent reincarnation 
while blue bars are determined by how you allocate your bonus points. 
Basically we are going to max out on bonus points before working yellow bars.

Simply keep on doing LoC HoO4 reincarnating every couple battles until you 
reach 186k stored levels. This should net you 200 bonus points. Afterwards, 
level up the character to level 9999 and reincarnate again. Distribute all of 
your bonus points to make all of the stat bars as even as possible. The value 
for each of them should be at least 68. Reincarnate and hit level 9999 again 
which will max out all of your yellow bars. This time around distribute your 
bonus points however you like. I strongly suggest dumping them all into a 
single attack stat.

Before you level up your max base stat character, be sure you have the 
character sitting in the front row of Homeroom. Have someone in the School 
Board Club so that you can change the teacher and put in Mr. Kaibeara so that 
your stats will be 11% higher. All the overall stat boost teachers actually 
do exactly the same thing, but Mr. Kaibera is hypothetically the best. The 
Dumbell does the same thing as the teacher (and is a huge pain to use), so I 
recommend just using a teacher.  

This process is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but since 
leveling is so easy in D3 I figured you might as well do it.

Maxing Aptitudes

Hopefully you have been listening to me and have been working on this 
throughout the process while duping. To reiterate, each time you kill a 
Dropout in the Class World, the character will gain 1% aptitude in a random 
stat. Furthermore, you get bonus aptitude gain by being a certain level and 
killing the boss (Class President and such).

The most efficient way of doing this is to raise your character to at least 
level 80 before going into the Class World so you maximize your bonus 
aptitude. Also be sure to kill the boss on the 10th level. 

Every character can raise each of the eight aptitudes up to 100% (that's 
+100%, not double). Furthermore, story characters will gain an additional 
+25% aptitude in each stat if you reincarnate them a minimum of 5 times (+5% 
each time). With the introduction of the v2.0 patch, raising aptitudes has 
become much easier due to Dropouts appearing on every level. Saying that, 
still expect to spend several hours working on aptitudes per character that 
you are maxing out.

If you are very lazy and really decide you do not want to do this, an 
alternative is to use captured uber LoC characters. However, in most cases a 
LoC character will be weaker from a pure stat standpoint (though it will have 
higher HP).

Legendary Skills

Although discussed above, this is a frequent question so I'll cover it again. 
On the tenth floor of any Class World run, a portal will appear if you can 
eliminate all of the geos. Inside, you have an approximately 1/8 chance of 
running into the Old Combat Master. This NPC will teach you one legendary 
skill if you have the available mana.

Legendary skills are transferable just like any other skill and are generally 
speaking, stronger than the other special attacks. Personally I got pretty 
much all of them concurrent with aptitude maxing. I would only clear the geos 
if it was only one or two colors or the combination was easy to solve. 
Consider lifting up the last character if you are slow at block clearing.

Refer to the Legendary Skills section for a complete listing.

Capturing Land of Carnage Enemies

If you made it this far I'm sure you have witnessed the power of LoC enemies. 
Frankly, they have base stats that are next to impossible for you to 
duplicate. While a in my opinion an aptitude maxed created character is 
superior to a LoC captured character, the difference is not that huge.

To go over the capturing requirements again: 1) You can only capture enemies 
up to Mao's level; and 2) You can only capture enemy types that you can 
create. If your target meets both of these criteria, then you have a chance 
of capturing the enemy by tossing it into your base panel during a fight.

There are two main methods to capturing the really high end Land of Carnage 
enemies. The more straightforward way is to start low and work your way up. 
Capture an enemy with say, 5 million HP, then capture one with 10 million HP, 
then capture one with 15, etc. Eventually you will be able to capture the 200 
million HP+ super enemies. Just be sure that the enemy has the weapon skills 
that you are looking for because you cannot easily teach them skills 

The quicker but cheaper method involves using the Chicken Hat. The Chicken 
Hat is a reward for beating 80% of the X-Dimension levels and it has a unique 
skill. The hat will make you invincible to physical attacks on odd turns, and 
invincible to magic attacks on even turns. Exploit this item by equipping it 
on someone and making sure they are in the base panel when they are 
invincible. If the enemy's ATK is higher than its INT, it will use physical 
attacks; if it is the other way around it will use magic attacks. Be careful 
of enemies like ninjas which have higher INT.

To spawn the strongest possible enemies possible, go enemy hunting on floor 
91+ in Land of Carnage within a rank 40 item. Also make sure you have all 20 
stronger enemy topics passed (you can do so in normal world).

If you intend to equip your captured characters/monsters with perfect rank 40 
gear then I suggest teaching them the Violence Evility. If they are going to 
be pretty much naked, teach them the Vortex Evility. Both of these evilities 
are learned from Majins.

The major drawback to capturing characters is that their stats will go away 
if you reincarnate them. The implication is that your aptitudes will always 
suck and you can only have them do a total of two Class World runs.

Acquiring Magichange Weapons

The very top end Magichange weapons (MCW) are considered the strongest 
weapons in the game. Although the R40 weapons you made previously are very 
strong and will be enough to beat anything you want in the game, for those 
who want to get 100 million in every stat, MCWs are the way to go.

The process is really not that difficult, you basically wait until uber LoC 
monsters magichange then bop the enemy with your Puppy Paw Stick and hope for 
the best. Enemies at this level have ridiculous stats (100 million SPD after 
MC) so you will likely have to use your Naive Glasses. Furthermore, your PPS 
is quite gimpy so make sure you have rank 9 Axe special attacks to maximize 
your damage. 

My maxed character (with PPS, 2 Trap + Naive Glasses, all matching rarity) 
can do a couple hundred million damage with Calamity Drive. Thus this isn't 
really as difficult as it sounds.

As some additional tips, if a monster performs a magichange with no active 
weapon equipped when it does so, the MCW will be rank zero! Thus if you are 
really serious about this, you should scan through all the monsters at the 
beginning of the battle and steal their weapon(s). Note that only monsters 
with the "Magichange" skill can actually magichange - most do not have this 
skill. You can check to make sure they have the ability in the menus. As a 
warning, even monsters with the skill are not guaranteed to use it so this 
process is often very frustrating.

If you are not super picky about getting the absolute best MCW (which could 
take a long time) what you can do is End Turn on see if anything does a 
Magichange. If something did, then go examine the rarity and try to PPS it if 
it is zero. A middle-tier MCW weapon is roughly equivalent to a perfect R40 
weapon so this method will still yield something better than you had before.

Before your PPS your target you should also steal all of their miscellaneous 
accessories to maximize the odds of getting the MCW. It helps a lot to have a 
bunch of expendable thieves to do the various steals necessary. 

This is very important. I repeat, this is very important. The MCWs will only 
exist as long as they are equipped. If you unequip them and beat a stage, or 
talk to the wrong NPC, or any of a variety of actions - the stats will go to 
zero permanently. So always have them equipped! This includes the battle that 
you stole the weapon. You must equip the item immediately after stealing it.

As for MCW traits, they look identical to the normal MCW weapons but will 
last forever in that form. However, it cannot be leveled via Item World and 
innocents cannot be placed on them. That means that you should put your 
Mastery Innocent, Professional and Guardian on one of your accessory slots. 
MCWs can be duped like anything else, but you must equip it before you finish 
the Class World.


Serums hypothetically could max out all of your stats but is highly 
impractical. Sometimes you will enter into a mystery room with a big tower in 
the middle that you can jump up. If you make it to the top, the NPC will sell 
you Serums. 

Serums will permanently increase your stats as long as you do not 
reincarnate. If you reincarnate you will lose all of your accumulated serum 
stats. Therefore, hypothetically, you could buy loads and loads of serums 
then pile up them up with maxed dual-specialists and gain super statdom. 

The problem with this plan is that you can only buy about a dozen serums at a 
time and they often already have low level innocents on them. So to maximize 
the serum, you basically need to go into every single one of them 
individually to clean out the innocents and replace them with maxed dual-
specialists. This is very time consuming.

Surprisingly getting mass innocents is a smaller issue because of an 
alternative duping method as discussed below. Furthermore, by utilizing the 
Gods of Cookery Club you make this go twice as fast.

Mass Duping

Other than the popular Class World duping strategy, another way to dupe is by 
using Clone panels. If you enter into Homeroom in the Item World, there will 
sometimes be a Clone panel. If you have characters in the Election Committee 
Club and one of them votes against you then you can clone them over and over 
and dupe.

The problem with this method is that the Clone panel is reasonably rare, and 
your characters don't vote against you too often. As a rough guess, a 
character may vote against you perhaps 5% of the time. Thus you will need to 
reset a lot of times to get both a bad vote and a Clone panel.

To maximize your odds, you can grow your Election Committee Club until it is 
at its maximum size and fill it completely with crappy characters each 
equipped with the item you want duped. However, the issue that you actually 
need that many items to give one to each character.

Because of all of these limitations, this method really only makes sense if 
you want to make a whole lot of dupes of one exact item with one very 
particular set of innocents. Basically, unless you are trying to outfit an 
army with Traps or need hundreds if not thousands of innocents for Serums, 
this method is not recommended.

If you get it working, you can dupe approximately 1 item per minute. With the 
introduction of guaranteed Dropouts in the Class World this method may be 
obsolete, but I have not have time to do a big test on it. It is my hunch 
that the difference is likely very small now and that you are better off with 
using Class World to retain the flexibility of learning legendary skills, 
raising aptitudes, and duping different items at different times.

End game Magichange - the Ultimate Build

Although Magichange is quite crappy throughout the game, ironically it is the 
path to the ultimate character. The requirement is that you have beat Baal in 
the LoC and unlocked the Shura Support Group (SSG). This group basically 
makes magichange (MC) not suck.

Your character should have the following characters:
Level 9999
Maxed Aptitudes
Max bonus points and reincarnated optimally
Used teacher bonus for final leveling up to level 9999
High end PPSed Magichange Weapon
Perfect Trapezohedron x3 (21x 19998 dual-specialists;
         Lv 500 weapon mastery, Guardian, Lv100+ Professional in first Trap)
All equipment matching rarity
Second Evility slot is Violence (learned from Majin)
In Shura Support Group at a desk adjacent to monster (listed below)

With this setup, my Laharl had approximately 110 million HP, 99 million ATK 
and other stats averaging about 70 million each. The Trapezohedrons were all 
+3 Movement so I sacrificed a bit of stats for convenience. If I used stat 
leveled Traps, I would have been able to allocate an additional 18 million in 

Your monster should have the following characteristics:
Needs to be a super strong LoC captured monster
Perfect rank 40 monster weapon (Lv500 weapon mastery, Guardian, Lv25  
                                Magichange Lover)
Perfect Trapezohedron x3 (24x 19998 dual-specialists)
All equipment matching rarity
Second Evility slot is Violence (learned from Majin)
In Shura Support Group at a desk adjacent to main character

It really depends on which monster you captured, but for an example, one of 
my monsters have 250 million HP, 95 million ATK and other stats that averaged 
about 32 million.

Now go into a battle and use the Magichange command to combine them. After 
this, my character has 400 million HP, and 99 million in all stats. Of course 
the downfall is that with SSG this setup only lasts for one turn. An 
alternative is to use put the Bond of Souls Evility on your main character. 
Bond of Souls can be transferred from Marona (lv1000 required). Using Bond of 
Souls will drop your stats a bit but the Magichange will last for the entire 

For your reference I have listed the various enemy types and what they MC 
into. I have put a star by the enemy that I think is the best choice. The 
decision was not always cut and dry though; I recommend that you experiment a 
bit on your own as well.

Swords: Ifrit*, Cu Sith, Slime
Fists: Cat Saber*, Wood Giant
Axes: Skeletal Dragon*, Cockatrice, Orc
Spears: Eryngi*, Empusa (Succubus), Alraune
Guns: Baciel*, Zombie
Bows: Marionette*, Mothman, White Dragon
Staffs: Chernobog* (reapers), Warslug, Ghost

Saying all that, if you are just doing end game LoC grinding, it is almost 
better just to field 10 captured LoC humanoids with maxed R40 gear. The issue 
with created characters is that their HP is horrible unless you MC them, and 
you waste a turn to heal yourself up even if you MC. That is not to mention 
that although 300+ million HP sounds like a lot, you will still go down if 
you are under concentrated fire.

So what is there to test your ultimate characters against? The answer is of 
course the ultimate pirates. If you can defeat the three unique LoC pirates 
without cheap tactics in a R40 item, then I consider you to have done 
everything in the game. The three LoC pirates only show up on floors 91+ in 
of course, the Land of Carnage. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

 - APPENDIX -                                                       [SEC0004]

This section just covers some miscellaneous facts of the game that I couldn't 
fit in cleanly anywhere else.

4.1 Passing Topics                                                  [APX4100]

With the awkward implementation of the Homeroom to replace the court system, 
I am at odds to what to actually call these things. Just to make it clear, 
topics, bills and motions all refer to the same thing. 

Through Force - The most straightforward method is just to beat up dissident 
voters.  After you lose the vote, choose to fight and voila, topic passed by 
force.  Just be warned that after you kill a voter they will like you 
slightly less, and will basically start a vicious cycle where you need to 
keep on killing them.  While in theory this sounds cool, this gets extremely 
tedious if you are passing a lot of topics.

Through Fusion - This is a tactic that was pioneered with Disgaea 1.  
Basically you still try to persuade through force after losing a vote, but 
you eliminate the dissidents by combining them with characters who voted for 
you.  When attempting this strategy ensure that the neutral monster is a 
higher level than the hostile monster, otherwise you'll end up with even a 
more powerful hostile monster. You can also fuse friendly monsters together 
so they are strong enough to absorb hostile ones. Generally speaking this is 
the best strategy to use early in the game when you cannot realistically 
defeat all of the dissenters.

Through Bribery - This method has been severely weakened (compared to D2) due 
to how different type of monsters prefer different types of items. For 
instance, you have to bribe Warcats with Shoe items for them to be 
"Interested" or "Must Have!" - all other items will max out at "Slightly 
Interested". For this reason this strategy is not too useful early on since 
you either cannot buy the items or cannot afford to buy them.  However, 
bribing is still an excellent strategy for the end-game when you have plenty 
of money and HL and want to pass topics as fast as possible. 

On a more practical level, buy/find items for the certain group of monsters 
you want to appease and vote on some random topic. Use up all of your items 
and cancel out of it before you actually vote. Repeat over and over until the 
monsters are blue. The level/cost of the item has no bearing on whether the 
monster will want that item and ideally you want to get them to the highest 
level (Love) because even Total Support will not ensure they will vote 

As a list of what different types of monsters prefer as bribes:
Chickens - Snacks
Flowers - Armor
Succubus - Belt
Mushroom - Monster Weapon
Warcat - Shoes
Warslug - Glasses
Reaper - Orb
Baciel - Emblem
Ifrit - Muscle

Election Committee - By passing this club and assigning characters to it, you 
will allow the assigned characters to vote on topics. This helps immensely 
(especially for the weaker bills with low level monsters voting) since voting 
is power is based on the character's level. Stick in a couple high level 
voters from your team and you will almost never fail. Just keep in mind that 
sometimes your own characters will vote against you. Consider making the club 
bigger through the Class World.

4.2 Diez Gentlemen Sidequest                                        [APX4200]

You start the sidequest by talking to the Shaman once you enter the post-
game. Basically pass a topic, kill a boss, repeat over and over. After each 
battle you will get a legendary item. Although most of the rewards are pretty 
useless, the primary purpose of the sidequest is to obtain the Puppy Paw 
Stick which lets you duplicate items. 

Pass the "Master Big Star" (1000 mana) topic in Homeroom to unlock the 
"Makeup Exam: Extra Maps" area (though they just reused the Heart Vault.. 

Master Big Star
Lv100 Sophomore Leader  x1
Lv90  Bujin             x4
Lv90  Celestial Idol    x2
Lv90  Holy Swordswoman  x4
Lv90  Necromancer       x1
Lv90  Rune Knight       x3

Am I the only one that found the dialogue hilarious? Throw some guys across 
the chasm to destroy the geos; bring along someone that can cast Espoir since 
enemies on the other side like spamming status effects.

Take your main party to kill the boss and his friends after.

Pass the "Let's Break a Good Sweat!" (2000 mana) afterwards to continue. 

Bo Tie Revolution  
Lv300 Muscle Preacher  x1
Lv250 Dark Elder       x2
Lv250 Dream Idol       x2
Lv250 Pvt. Prinny      x4

The only real trick here is the boss' Evility which will recover all of his 
HP if it is low at the end of each round. Take him down to around 40% to give 
yourself a bit of margin for counter attacks then wipe him out the turn 
afterwards. That is of course if you can't kill him in one turn!  

Next up is the "Go play in Monster Kingdom!" (4000 mana) topic.

Animal King Goro  
Lv400 Animal King  x1
Lv350 Cocktrice    x2
Lv350 Cu Sith      x2
Lv350 Kitten       x1
Lv350 Pvt. Prinny  x2

Pretty straightforward fight in general. The animals will show up with Yellow 
bars but are aggressive against you. That means you should probably kill 
them, but if you kill the boss first the battle will end automatically.  

Pass the "Watch a Classic Animation Bit!" (8000 mana) topic to beat up on an 

Orphan Girl Pauline
Lv500 Orphan Girl  x1
Lv450 Photinia     x4

Pauline will try to poison you, but otherwise pretty simple.

Poor orphan, pass the "Play a Fierce Card Battle!" (16000 mana) topic to 

Duelist Master  
Lv900 Normal Prinny   x1
Lv600 Duelist Master  x1

The boss can use a fairly strong attack that can deal easily above 100k, but 
other than that, fairly straightforward as usual.

Pass the last topic of "Play with Breezy!" (32000 mana).

Classroom Queen  
Lv700 Classroom Queen   x1
Lv650 Kitty Ear Prince  x1

Good Morning! Slaughter Game time! Satina has some neat attacks, but this is 
probably easier than the last battle.

When you complete the battle you will automatically get the Puppy Paw Stick! 
If you are any kind of completionist or intend on maximizing your characters, 
I strongly suggest that you reload your game until you get a rarity 0 Puppy 
Paw Stick.

4.3 Unlockable Characters & Extra Stages                            [APX4300]

Other than the Diez Gentlemen Sidequest, the other major sidequest is a neat 
story wrapped up in a chain of battles. Doing the sidequest will also add a 
bunch of story characters to your roster and allow you to fight the strongest 
boss in the game. Similar to the Diez Gentlemen sidequest, this involves 
talking to one of the stationary characters in your between every battle base 
to progress the story.

To get started, talk to Ms. Machiko (Sexy Teacher) to unlock more topics in 
the homeroom. The first topic you unlock is "Meet Salvatore the Magnificent" 
(2000 mana).

Lv200 Diez Gentlemen  x1 (Salvatore)
Lv180 Gambiel         x1 
Lv175 Dream Idol      x1 
Lv175 Pilgrim         x1 
Lv175 Prism Mage      x1 
Lv175 Prism Skull     x1 
Lv175 Sky Faller      x2 
Lv175 Steel Knight    x2 
Lv175 Valkyrie        x2 
Lv175 Viper Fighter   x5 

If your characters aren't totally overleveled for this stage you should 
perform a chain tower throw in order to destroy the Purple geo. That'll turn 
a lot of the stage into +damage tiles but Enemy Turbo x3 is much more 
dangerous. The following turn destroy the Red geo to eliminate the other 
Enemy Boost bonus. Proceed slowly and take out the enemies as you go and try 
to bait Salvatore and his enemies out of their Turbo'ed area. You can chain 
throw the Aqua geo out of the purple area to get rid of the +Damage. When you 
have an opening you can destroy the Null geo to eliminate the yellow bonus as 

Saying all that, I highly recommend leveling so you can crush this level 
without playing geo tricks. The difficulty ramps up very quickly in the Extra 
Maps and you'll need to do it very soon anyway.

Pass the "Meet the Werid Costume Guy" (4000 mana) topic to continue.

Prism Ranger People

Lv300 Black Pudding    x1 
Lv300 Blue Gelatin     x1 
Lv300 Green Slime      x1 
Lv300 Grey Ooze        x1 
Lv300 Hero of Justice  x1 (Prism Red)
Lv300 Ochre Jelly      x1 
Lv300 Red Blob         x1 

Pretty annoying level since all of the geo blocks will move around. Perform a 
chain throw and destroy the Red geo as it is the most dangerous to you. When 
possible, destroy the Purple geo to get rid of Warp and then work through the 
enemies destroying them all.

The next topic is "Meet Another Main Character" (8000 mana).

Main Characterisque 
Lv500 Main Character?  x1 (Asagi)
Lv450 Desperado        x9 
Lv450 Fortune Venus    x9 

This is a fun level with exploding Invincibility geos. On your first turn 
move a character as far as possible away from the enemies, Defend, and End 
Turn. Subsequently, every turn more geos will blow up allowing you to kill 
the enemies on them. You will likely be quickly overwhelmed if your level is 
not high enough. Try to stay healed, throw enemies close to each other for 
area attacks, and keep low HP characters in the back.

After all the bad things you have done in the game you can redeem yourself by 
passing the "Meet a Lost Girl" (16000 mana) topic.

Lost Girl
Lv800 Chroma   x1 (Marona)
Lv800 Phantom  x3 
Lv780 Fiend    x3 
Lv760 Wraith   x2 
Lv740 Specter  x2 
Lv720 Boggart  x2 
Lv700 Ghost    x2 

Not much to it, you will get rushed by various ghosts right off the bat. Keep 
in mind you can kill enemies through the No Entry geos.

Continue onwards by passing the "Meet a Comedian Sort of Guy" (32000 mana) 

Comedian Guy
Lv1200 Dark Hero     x1 (Axel)
Lv1000 Aegis Knight  x2 
Lv1000 Freischutz    x4 
Lv1000 Idol Master   x3 
Lv1000 Soul Invoker  x2 

There are all sorts of stuff you can steal here if you want it (Tambourine, 
Sunflower, Puppy Paw Stick). Other than that this level has no real tricks. 
As usual, try to maximize area attacks and feel free to lift up Axel at the 
end of each turn if you are having trouble whittling down his substantial HP.
To unlock everyone's favourite overlord, pass the "Meet a Different Overlord" 
(64000 mana) topic.

Otherworld Overlord
Lv1500 Beauty Queen  x1 (Etna)
Lv1500 Fallen Angel  x1 (Flonne)
Lv1500 Overlord      x1 (Laharl)
Lv1200 Phantom       x6 
Lv1200 Prinny God    x6 
Lv1200 Zombie King   x4 

Yay! Everyone's favorite character is back! As a bonus all of the boss 
characters carry a testament so it is possible to snag a Rare or Legendary 
one if you are inclined to reset a couple times.

The way the level works is that a geo explodes each turn changing the effect 
in the middle. Generally speaking, try to kill off everything in the middle 
before the barrier comes down so that you can fight Laharl and friends 
without any distractions.

Ok, it is the end of the line; pass the "Meet the Tyrant Overlord" (99,999 
mana) topic so you can see what real power looks like!

Tyrant Overlord
Lv4000 Tyrant          x1 (Baal)
Lv2500 Omega Sentinel  x6 

Anticlimactic indeed. The only trick in this battle is that you must steal 
the Makai Wars from Baal if you want it. This is your only chance. While it 
is no longer the uber item it was in D2, it is still a decent item (though 
unlikely a part of your ultimate character).

Other than the stealing bit, this battle is really just a battle of power. 
This is Baal's weakest form (ie, no stronger enemy bills, and not in LoC), so 
have fun. If you can't beat him don't worry about it, you will crush him 
easily if you follow the stat maximization guide above!

As a side note, although the "story" ends after this battle, you can do one 
final battle by defeating Baal in the Land of Carnage. Doing so will unlock 
the Shura Support Group.

4.4 X-Dimension                                                     [APX4400]

Every time you get a new Illegal Ticket (from Pirates or from the ticket 
vendor in the Item World) you unlock an additional level in the X-Dimension. 
While they are generally fun levels to play, the real purpose of them is to 
unlock the Land of Carnage and earn some cool extra weapons.

Out of the 43 potential levels, one you get for free, 20 you get from the two 
ticket vendors, and the remaining 22 you get from pirates. When you complete 
25 X-Dimension maps you will unlock the Land of Carnage. After every 20% of 
maps you complete, you will also get a free item. They are as follows:

Completion     | Reward
20% (9 Maps)   | Naive Glasses (100% accuracy)
40% (18 Maps)  | Used Rag (reduce enemy stats by 20% when attacked)
60% (26 Maps)  | Stolen Shorts (Geo chains restore health)
80% (35 Maps)  | Chicken Hat (Alternate between immunity to physical/magic)
100% (43 Maps) | Dark History (20% deathblow if target's HP under 25%)

In particular, Naive Glasses and Chicken Hat are extremely useful. You can 
get one every cycle. 

Chapter 1 - Netherworld Honor Student  [APX4410]

Strongest Entrance 
Lv110 Storm Bringer      x2
Lv110 Champ of Fighters  x2
Lv105 Champ of Fighters  x2
Lv100 Storm Bringer      x2
Lv95 Champ of Fighters   x2
Lv95 Storm Bringer       x3
Lv85 Champ of Fighters   x4
Lv80 Storm Bringer       x2

This level is basically a maze where you need to follow the path, easy. 

Strongest Hallway 
Lv600 Violator  x3

If you are not strong enough to kill the enemies on their Enemy Bonus x6 
tiles, move characters to each of the warp tiles on the side to remove the 

Strongest Garden 
Lv150 Peryton  x26

If you are strong you can just sit a guy on the green tile and kill all of 
the chickens as they attack you. The proper way to beat the level is to move 
a character to the green tile before picking him up and throwing him across 
to where the Null geo is. Throw the Null geo back to the blue tile area to 
wipe out the +100% damage before killing everything else. 

Strongest Crossroad 
Lv200 Bishop   x8
Lv200 Pilgrim  x8

Toss or move someone towards the Aqua geo (Reverse damage), and destroy it 
with a heal as quickly as possible. This will cause a chain reaction getting 
rid of both reverse damage and HP/SP swap. The battle proceeds as normal 
afterwards. Mop up and move on! 

Chapter 2 - Mao's Heart  [APX4420]

Childhood Memories 
Lv120 Carmilla  x10

Despite the Enemy Boosts, the enemies should still be pretty weak due to 
their low level. Just move around and kill them. Attack the geos underneath 
them if they are too high for you or if you want to reduce their boost. 

Dragon's Rest 
Lv420 Gaia Titan  x3

Basically every turn the effect will change as the geos in the corner blow 
up. After 5 turns you lose, so kill them quickly! 

Cooking Corridor 
Lv320 Fiend  x1

First go around knocking down all of the geo towers. Take the boxes and make 
a tower that you can use to go collect all of the other boxes on the level. 
It helps a lot if you have shoes that will allow you to scale the platforms 
since it will save you a lot of throwing. In order to make super tall towers 
you will need to build it up slowly. For example, make a couple small towers 
of two boxes each then throw them on top of each other. As long as you always 
pick up the box at the very bottom and do not try to throw too high, you will 
be able to make as a tower as tall as you want. 

You will need someone with good throwing ability (like a Heavy Knight) and 
someone else on a nearby platform to throw an ally on top of the tower that 
you made. That character will pick up the ghost to throw him to the ground so 
you can beat him up and win the level! 

Home Ec. Kitchen 
Lv90 Gambiel     x1
Lv85 Champinion  x12

You have five turns before the purple area turns into an entire Bye Bye panel 
zone. However, as long as you can one-hit the enemies this level isn't hard. 
Just use chain throws to quickly approach the mushrooms and start wiping them 
out. Keep in mind you can also throw a guy past the rifle demon to safety if 
you don't think you will be able to kill all of the mushrooms in time. 

Grudgeful Memory 
Lv330 Master Thief  x5

This is a long battle since you need to do a ton of throwing. The main idea 
is that you should toss around the Iron Box and then throw the colored geos 
on top of it to cause chains. 
Start by throwing the Iron Box by the tower with the Aqua geo at the top. 
When you throw a purple geo on top of the Iron Box it will combo the tower 
bringing the enemy down so that you can kill him. 

Repeat the process with the tower with another Iron Box at the top to kill 
another enemy. Now make a tower of two Iron Boxes by the tower with the 
Yellow geo at the top and combo the Aqua geo to bring down that tower. Use 
the yellow geo that should now be on the ground to bring down the tower with 
the Blue geo at the top. After you defeat that enemy you will now have three 
Iron Boxes to take down the last tower. 

Chapter 3 - The Freshmen Leader! [APX4430]

Blazing Firestorm 
Lv335 Messenger  x8
Lv335 Mothman    x8
Lv335 Observer   x8
Lv335 Watcher    x8

Every turn one of the No Entry barriers will go down and 8 mothmen get to 
attack you. Generally speaking, this level is not too hard if you have a 
couple strong characters that can area attack them down. 

Student Chaos 
Lv585 Hell Dragon    x1
Lv545 Dark Dragon    x5
Lv525 Mystic Dragon  x5

First form a tower and chain throw someone so that they are beside the Blue 
geo (Silence) and take it out. Many of your throwers will likely die, but try 
your best while you slowly work yourself across the screen. Stay on the blue 
tiles to not take any damage. 

An alternative strategy is to perform a even larger chain throw all the way 
to the Yellow geo (Ally Damage) and take care of the problem right away. If 
you choose to do this more straightforward strategy, make sure that whoever 
ends up on the final island can attack at that height. Also, since the map 
consists of several islands, make sure each island has somebody that can kill 
the enemies there since you may run out of characters while trying to do such 
a long throw. 

Lv280 Prinny God   x1
Lv280 Prinny King  x13

Quite a tricky level. There are two ways to beat this level. 

The more straightforward method is to use a gun wielding character to destroy 
the Yellow geo on the side. However, this requires that you have an attack 
range of 8 or more. Therefore to use this strategy you will need to extend 
your range via Class World or Item World. 

Alternatively, use a flying character (you can capture a monster if you need 
one) to lure the Prinnies back towards your base panel. When they are in 
range, throw a prinny from your own base panel (you can lift if you do not 
move off of your base panel) to cause a chain reaction clearing the level. 
Clearly this requires that you have a prinny of your own. 

Threatful Abuse 
Lv260 Berserker   x2
Lv260 Dark Elder  x4
Lv260 Ghast       x14

The main challenge in this level are the shamans up top (60m) who will snipe 
you with spells as you pass through below. Try to rush through as fast as 
possible using Espoir if necessary. 

Once you reach the end, throw the geos back towards the central platform so 
that you can jump up and kill the enemies. The easiest way is to get someone 
with Jump of 36 or higher and use two geo blocks. Equip some shoes to help 
out if you are having trouble getting that high. 

Nightmare Days 
Lv777 Death Army  x6

First create a tower of 6 characters with a ranged character at the top. 
Perform a big chain throw using the pillars along the way. When you reach the 
pillar closest to the enemies attack them with your ranged attack. If the 
attack can kill all of the enemies then you win, if not, then this map is a 
bit more troublesome. 

If you have shoes in your possession that can raise your Jump above 60 then 
this battle will still be easy. Simply equip the shoes and walk on top of the 
platform to kill the remaining enemies. If you do not have shoes what you 
need to do is chain throw the two geo blocks forming a step that you can use 
to reach the final platform. You still require a Jump of at least 36 to make 
the final leap. 

Forceful Education 
Lv600 Malchidael  x1

The tile without an Iron Box at the top is the only one without Invincibility 
so you will only be able to damage the enemy on that one spot. Although the 
other tiles have +120% Ally Damage and such, you will not die if you stand on 
those squares as the affect is netted out with the +Heal. Thus you take 20% 
damage if you stand on a tile with +120% damage and +100% Heal. Just wait 
until the enemy Warps on the tile that does not have invincibility and kill 
him - easy (that is unless you cannot deal that kind of damage). 

Assault! PTA 
Lv560 Dagon  x8

Use a gun to destroy the Aqua or Purple geos (Silence, No Lifting) to be able 
to throw someone over at the end of the path to use the warps. Using the 
warps, you will be able to kill off the enemies with melee attacks. 
Alternatively, if you have a strong ranged attacker you can just kill 
everything from the middle without using the warps at all. 

Chapter 4 - Almaz the Hero  [APX4440]

Freezing Soul 
Lv650 Boulevard Fighter  x2
Lv640 Lethal Comatant    x2
Lv630 Viper Fighter      x2
Lv620 Champ of Fighters  x2
Lv610 Fight Artist       x2
Lv600 Fury Fatalist      x2

Fairly straightforward as this is just a battle of counter attacks. Because 
of the moving Game Over geo you need to kill everything with normal attacks 
(and counters) in 5 turns. Use characters with lots of counter attacks or 
consider boosting it with Class World if you are having trouble. 

Chaotic Chill 
Lv1 Pvt. Prinny x1

As indicated by the enemy's level, stage is just a big puzzle. First create a 
chain so that one character is on each of the Wooden Boxes leading across the 
chasm. Keep in mind that you must use a Heavy Knight or some other boosted 
character that can throw 6 tiles for the especially large gap. 

Next chain throw two of the Wooden Boxes all the way to the end right beside 
the really tall tower of Iron Boxes. The pile of Wooden Boxes will be of 66m 
height while the Iron Boxes should be 110m meaning you need a character that 
can jump 44m or more which should be easily accomplished by equipping shoes. 
Also keep in mind that you need to be able move 8 tiles in one turn to make 
it from between your Wooden Box ledge to the green Warp tile. Shoes will help 
immensely in this regard as well. 

On a fresh turn, throw your high Jump/Move character all the way to the 
Wooden Box then move to the Warp Tile. On the following turn, move all the 
way to the Prinny (Move of 9 required) and throw it to finish the level. 

Eternal Teardrop 
Lv1000 Malchidael  x2
Lv1    Ghost       x8

Throw Ghosts on top of the Disperse Damage tiles and eliminate them with 
strong attacks to take out the Rifle Demons on the other side. Easy level. 

Murderous Intent 
Lv315 Aqua Fighter x1
Lv315 Charybdis x1
Lv315 Dagon x1
Lv315 Sea Monk x1
Lv315 Vodianoi x1
Lv315 Warslug x1

If you have good movement (via shoes) this level will not be too bad since 
you can go around and eliminate them the enemies before the cloning gets out 
of control. If you have low movement or do not have a level advantage, you 
will need to destroy all of the geos as you move across the map to eliminate 
potential clone points. 

Futile Revenge 
Lv140 Forest Guardian  x1
Lv130 Tree Folk        x7

Start off by manually destroying two Aqua geos close to your Base Panel that 
will leave one by itself. By doing so, you can pick up the solidary Aqua geo 
and throw it at the others to cause a big geo chain removing the enemy 
advantage. Kill all of the enemies afterwards. 

Chapter 5 - Grand War  [APX4450]

No Running Hallway 
Lv60 Matango  x1
Lv50 Eryngi   x10

The general theory of this stage is to use the Disperse Damage panel to kill 
off the mushrooms in the other area. However, since the 10 mushrooms will 
continually move around, it is nearly impossible to kill them all using 
Disperse Damage. 

One way of doing it is to throw the Matango on the Red tile (Disperse Damage) 
then use a weak character (under 1500 ATK) to attack it so it doesn't die 
while damaging the enemies on the other side. Throw the Matango and heal it 
while it is not on the Red tile (heals will also be Dispersed) then keep it 
lifted up at the end of the turn because it will attack somebody and might 
die from a counter attack. You will only be able to cast heals from your Base 
Panel. Repeat this every turn to slowly whittle down enemies on the other 
side. Eventually when there are only a couple left on the other side, you can 
just wait until they are all on a Red Tile before dispersing through a strong 
attack to wipe them all out. 

Alternatively, wait one turn then use Disperse Damage to kill as many as 
possible (hopefully 5-6 of them), then move a Gun user with a range of 6 or 
more to the edge of the Blue area and just manually kill them off with normal 
attacks. Some guns like Brave Cannon and Red Shooter will give you a range of 
6 innately. If you use a normal gun with a range of 5, you will need to 
manually raise range through Evilities, Class World or Item World. 

Organized Corridor 
Lv250 Blue Skull   x1
Lv250 Dark Elder   x1
Lv250 Green Skull  x1
Lv250 Prism Skull  x1
Lv250 Red Skull    x1
Lv250 Star Skull   x1

Just throw the countdown geo on top of the Blue tile and wait for the 
Encroach affect to work its way across the map. Try to keep your distance 
from the countdown geo so it doesn't get caught in area attack crossfire. 
When you have a free path to the Yellow geo, move it so you can destroy the 
remaining enemies with ranged attacks. 

Audio-Visual Room 
Lv200 Death Coppelia  x12

This level is a pain because if any character (friend or foe) ends their turn 
on a Red tile it is Game Over for you. You should start off the level by 
moving your strong characters towards the middle of the stage where there are 
fewer red tiles. After a turn or two of fighting in the middle spread out and 
try to kill the rest quickly. You can also lift up the enemies at the end of 
each turn to keep them from moving and use decoys to lure them towards 
certain areas. It will probably take you a couple tries until you figure out 
which enemies are particularly troublesome, but this level is definitely 

Chain Death Battle 
Lv200 Fungus     x1
Lv150 Mystic     x1
Lv140 Cait Sith  x8
Lv140 Catsaber   x6
Lv150 Exorcist   x2
Lv140 Warcat     x8

To complete this level you need to be able to move the Purple Geo to the Blue 
tile area within 6 turns before it disappears. First create a tower of 6-7 
characters so that you can start tossing the Purple towards the Blue tile 
area. Every turn kill some enemies as you slowly move the geo towards your 
target. Destroy the Purple geo when you have it on a blue tile to start a 
combo allowing you to kill the final enemy. 

Rotten Grudge 
Lv400 Desperado   x1
Lv380 Bullseye    x1
Lv360 Hitman      x1
Lv340 Outlaw      x1
Lv330 Dream Idol  x2
Lv320 Sniper      x1

This level is way easier if you have high Jump (72m) but if you do not you 
will need to do it the hard way. Used a strong ranged character to kill off 
the first enemy then throw him on top of the first tower. Next turn use him 
to kill off the enemy on the second tower and End Turn. Throw a second 
character on top of your first one so he/she can chain throw to the newly 
vacant second tower. Kill the enemy on the third tower and so on. This level 
requires at least four decently leveled characters with ranged attacks. 

Victims' Ecstasy 
Lv280 Bandit        x8
Lv280 Trickster     x8
Lv280 Master Thief  x6

You have three turns to kill all of the enemies before the yellow tiles 
change into Game Over tiles. If you are really having trouble it is possible 
to remove the Red Geo so that the tiles will not change color. 

Waking Nightmares 
Lv600 Abraxas         x1
Lv600 Agni            x1
Lv600 Black Pudding   x1
Lv600 Dagon           x1
Lv600 Divine Dragon   x1
Lv600 Dreadnaught     x1
Lv600 Eryndom         x1
Lv600 Fenrir          x1
Lv600 Hell Dragon     x1
Lv600 Hells Crown     x1
Lv600 Lilith          x1
Lv600 Lord Cat God    x1
Lv600 Malchidael      x1
Lv600 Parthenocissus  x1
Lv600 Phantom         x1
Lv600 Prinny God      x1
Lv600 Thanatos        x1
Lv600 Shadow Orc      x1
Lv600 Unknown         x1
Lv600 Zombie King     x1

On the first turn you need to put at least one character on each of the Warp 
geos. If you maximize movement with shoes and such you should be able to 
throw a stack of characters to accompany your weakest character if you 
require some extra help. In essence this level requires two strong characters 
and 2-3 slightly weaker characters as a minimum. 

Captain's Location 
Lv180 Orc King     x4
Lv180 Orc Master   x11
Lv180 Shadow Orc   x1
Lv170 Orc Captain  x13

This level is basically just one massive melee. If your characters do not 
have a large level advantage, move towards the groups of 3 enemies forcing 
the other enemies to walk through lots of the Bye Bye tiles. Hopefully many 
enemies will die before they reach you. After the first wave is gone move 
back towards the middle so the stronger enemies need to go through the tiles 
as well. 

Chapter 6 - The Reckoning  [APX4460]

Evil Mind Vortex 
Lv480 Enforcer  x6

This is a fairly tricky level requiring a lot of throwing. Kill the closest 
enemy and then stand on the vacated Yellow geo to kill the second closest 
enemy (you will require a ranged attack). After the second enemy is dead, 
form a tower and chain throw your ranged attacker on top of the second Yellow 
stack to kill the third enemy. After the third enemy is dead, make another 
tower back at the first (or second if you have someone who can throw that 
high) in order to do another chain throw so that you can kill the fourth 
enemy from the third Yellow geo stack. Repeat until everyone is dead. 

Howl of Agony 
Lv440 Beast Master  x1
Lv440 Freya         x1
Lv440 Galaxy Hero   x1
Lv440 Kensei        x1
Lv440 Touryou       x1
Lv440 Trickster     x1
Lv439 Grimalkin     x1
Lv439 Mad Jester    x1
Lv439 Orc King      x1
Lv439 Orthros       x1
Lv439 Photinia      x1
Lv439 Wight         x1

Hypothetically the enemies could jump on the geos to fuse together but they 
seem rather reluctant to do so. Simply kill everything to beat the level. 

Legendary School 
Lv100 Red Blob  x1

Be sure that you bring or equip shoes allowing you to scale up the steep 
steps. Perform a chain throw and follow the blue tiles all the way to the 
enemy; you may need to throw the enemy in order to be able to attack it. You 
can quickly get rid of the exploding barrels by tossing them - be sure to 
pick up the bottom one so you destroy the entire stack at once. 

Vile Voodoo Doll 
Lv160 Forest Guardian  x1
Lv160 Green Slime      x1
Lv160 Peryton          x2
Lv160 Sea Monk         x3
Lv160 Specter          x2
Lv160 Watcher          x2

Every two turns geos will explode blocking off areas of the map. If you do 
not make it past the No Entry tiles before they come into effect you will not 
be able to beat the level. First create a tower of 5 or 6 characters and 
perform a chain throw to get your fastest moving character as far forward as 
possible. You will also need to equip shoes to help you cover more squares 
per turn. Basically move as fast as possible and use area attacks to blow 
past enemies. Keep in mind that you can still come back to the Ghosts even 
after the last set of tiles turn No Entry as long as your Jump is high 

Pool of Bloody Tears 
Lv150 Hoshikage  x1
Lv150 Jounin     x1

This is probably the hardest out of all of the X-Dimension maps. The general 
idea is that you need to move the Green Geo to the other side and cause a 
chain reaction before it blows up so you can kill the male ninja. 

As preparation work, you will need at least one person in the Lift Inspectors 
Club, one human class character that can move through enemies (Masked Hero or 
anyone with Asagi's Flying High Evility) that is decently leveled, and two 
characters that can handle the Lv150 ninjas. 

Turn one: Form a tower and throw the character that can move through enemies 
to the Purple geo by the female ninja. Have that character pick up the Green 
Geo to freeze the countdown and End Turn. The pillars will collapse dealing 
major damage to your throwing characters so you may want to use weak 

Turn two: Form a tower of 9 characters and make sure that the bottom 
character is a member of the Lift Inspectors Club. Position the tower so that 
there is two squares between the tower and the Purple Geo and three squares 
between the tower and the nearest Yellow Geo. The two characters that are at 
the top of the tower should be your two strongest, and the character below 
them (3rd highest in the tower) needs to be able to throw 5 squares. After 
the tower is made, use the Dual Throw command and press up and down until you 
are throwing from the highest character possible. Throw the top character by 
the female ninja and kill her. 

Turn three: Chain throw the geo so that it is sitting on top of your tower 
and use Dual Throw again. This time press up and down so that you are 
throwing the top character and the geo (as compared to just the geo) to the 
other side with the male ninja. To complete the turn, toss the Green geo so 
that it causes a chain reaction (throw of 4 required). 

Turn four: Kill the male ninja. You can use Dual Throw to throw more people 
up there if you need. 

If you are doing this level with shoes, remember that as long as you unequip 
them before you attack, you can move them around to someone else. This means 
that you only really need three Accelerators (or better) to clear this map. 
By using shoes you should be able to kill the female ninja on the first turn 
simplifying the level a bit. 

Cruel Destiny Plan 
Lv95 Bow Master     x1
Lv95 Galaxy Mage    x1
Lv95 Galaxy Skull   x1
Lv95 Hermit         x1
Lv95 Outlaw         x1
Lv95 Necromancer    x1
Lv95 Scout          x1
Lv95 Strider        x1
Lv95 Trigger Happy  x1
Lv95 Rune Knight    x1
Lv95 Martyr         x1

If your levels are high this level is pretty easy - slap on a couple of shoes 
to increase your movement and just walk past all the various enemies moving 
the No Entry geos along the way. When you get to the top, End Turn while 
standing on the Purple tile to win the stage. If you are weaker you can kill 
the enemies along the way by moving the enemies with attacks (ie, use Fist 
Skills) then killing them afterwards. 

Chapter 7 - An Eye for an Eye  [APX4470]

Hearty Comeuppance 
Lv490 Lilith    x1
Lv470 Thanatos  x8

Fairly straightforward level where you just need to do a billion little 
throws over the little gaps. Remember that you can kill enemies through the 
No Entry tiles if you are using weak throwers who would die from an attack. 

Unsated Thirst 
Lv240 Violator  x5

The major challenge in this level is to kill the enemies before the +50% 
Enemy Level geos get out of hand. Create a big tower of 8 or so characters so 
that you can take down the Red geo tower on the first turn. Subsequently, you 
should be able to knock one or two towers down per turn as you move more of 
your characters to the main area. 

Corpse Eaters 
Lv360 Geo Master    x1
Lv350 Force Knight  x8

The only real trick here is to know that if a character is lifting up the 
Warp geo while standing on the colored tile, the character and the geo will 
both be transported to the other side. If the character is standing on top of 
the geo, only the character will get Warped. Move the Warp geo with you 
through the level and kill the last enemy at the end, simple. 

Grieving Death Knell 
Lv250 Aqua Fighter    x1
Lv250 Belladonna      x1
Lv250 Death Coppelia  x1
Lv250 Malphas         x1

On the first turn place a character on each of the Warp geos so that you can 
kill the enemies on the second turn. Although all the enemies are on Clone 
geos, the situation should not get out of control if you have a couple of 
decently leveled characters.  

Wandering Hunter 
Lv450 Abraxas       x1
Lv450 Aegis Knight  x1
Lv450 Dagon         x1
Lv450 Eryndom       x1
Lv450 Galaxy Mage   x1
Lv450 Genocider     x1
Lv450 Sagittarius   x1
Lv450 Unknown       x1

If you have extended range, just kill off the enemies from your base panel. 
Otherwise throw characters to the individual islands to take out the enemies. 

Death's Path 
Lv700 Phantom  x9

This is generally speaking not a hard level as long as your characters are 
decently leveled. You need to run a gauntlet past all the ghosts until you 
reach the end where you can destroy a geo allowing you to enter the green 
area. Equipping shoes to extend movement and using someone capable of casting 
Espoir helps a lot here. Try to Defend each turn unless you need to cast 
Espoir. Remember to remove the +1 Attack geo when you reach the end to make 
the fight more manageable. If you destroy the geos on the Red area you will 
also be able to attack the ghosts more safely from your base panel area. 

Finale - Super Battle (Chapter 8) [APX4480]

Super Hero's Requiem 
Lv600 Wight  x29

Straightforward slaughterfest! I recommend using at least two characters so 
that you can block both of the paths at the latter part of the stage and 
prevent mass enemies from spawning from the gate. 

Super Hero's Apostle 
Lv1000 Battle Master      x1
Lv1000 Galaxy Skull       x1
Lv1000 Blade Master       x1
Lv1000 Dreadnaught        x1
Lv1000 Galaxy Mage        x1
Lv1000 God Buster         x1
Lv1000 Iron Maiden        x1
Lv1000 Freischutz         x1
Lv1000 Desperado          x1
Lv1000 Malchidael         x1
Lv1000 Shadow Master      x1
Lv1000 Boulevard Fighter  x1
Lv1000 Fortune Venus      x1
Lv1000 Sword Master       x1
Lv1000 Sagittarius        x1
Lv1000 Master Kunoichi    x1
Lv1000 Zombie King        x1
Lv1000 Hells Crown        x1
Lv1000 Fenrir             x1
Lv1000 Divine Dragon      x1
Lv1000 Parthenocissus     x1
Lv1000 Agni               x1
Lv1000 Shadow Orc         x1
Lv1000 Lilith             x1
Lv1000 Lord Cat God       x1
Lv1000 Thanatos           x1
Lv1000 Hell Dragon        x1
Lv1000 Dagon              x1

Thanks NIS for making me type up that huge enemy list. I hope you turned off 
Magichange animations else you may be put to sleep! Anyway, this is a very 
straightforward battle. I recommend you play more defensive than normal due 
to the MC weapons being quite strong.

4.5 Hospital Rewards                                                [APX4500]

Similar to past Disgaea titles, the Hospital will give you free rewards when 
you recover a certain amount of HP/SP or when you revive your dead 
characters. People have always attempted to exploit the system by dying and 
recovering HP/SP on purpose so they can get high level items early in the 
game. Personally I think this is poor way to spend your time but I have 
included this section anyway due to the prevalence of this questionable 

The gist of the strategy is that you fill up your Homeroom with random Lv1 
characters then throw something you can't capture into your base. Story 
characters and characters that you cannot create will always destroy your 
base panel and anything inside.

When you go to the Hospital to heal up, you will unlock the prizes if you 
meet the criteria outlined below. If you go inside the prize selection screen 
then cancel out of it you refresh the rarity of the items. The implication is 
that you can repeatedly refresh the prizes until you get a rare or legendary 
item. Note that legendary items are only possible if you have passed the 
Nursing Club topic in the Homeroom and assigned someone to it.

HP Recovered |  Prize
         100  |  Brawny Muscle
         800  |  Kung-Fu Muscle
       4,000  |  Spirit Muscle
      20,000  |  Fight Muscle 
      60,000  |  Ace Muscle
     120,000  |  Victory Muscle
     240,000  |  Dream Muscle
     480,000  |  World Muscle
     980,000  |  Star Muscle *
* Can only be claimed in the Land of Carnage

 SP Recovered |  Prize
          50  |  Common Orb
         400  |  Psycho Orb
       2,000  |  Dark Orb
      10,000  |  Bloody Orb
      30,000  |  Astral Orb
      60,000  |  Lunar Orb
     120,000  |  Royal Orb
     240,000  |  Holy Orb
     480,000  |  Chaos Orb *
* Can only be claimed in the Land of Carnage

       Deaths |  Prize
           5  |  Caterpillar Egg
          10  |  Charred Newt
          25  |  Chicken Blood
          50  |  Snake Kidney
          80  |  Yummy Kimchee
         120  |  Frog Sweat
         170  |  Immortal Pill

     HP  &  SP  &  Deaths |  Prize
     800 /     400 /   5  |  Imperial Seal
   4,000 /   2,000 /  15  |  Dark Rosary
  20,000 /  10,000 /  40  |  Devil Ring 
  60,000 /  30,000 /  70  |  Feather Token
 120,000 /  60,000 / 110  |  Sophia's Mirror
 240,000 / 120,000 / 160  |  Pravda Pendant
 480,000 / 240,000 / 220  |  Royal Ring
 980,000 / 480,000 / 300  |  Testament

To reiterate, the best items that the Hospital will ever give out are 
mediocre in the grand scheme of the game.

 - REFERENCE -                                                      [SEC0005]

I hope you were not looking for tables and tables of statistical minutia 
because it will not be here, sorry! I'll just summarize the most pertinent 
information and leave the massive tables for those with more patience than 
me. There are (or soon will be) great FAQs that talk about every number you 
would possibly want to know - making a FAQ of that nature takes a ton of 
work, go check them out!

5.1 Stat Specialists                                                [REF5100]

Dietician - Increases HP
Master - Increases SP
Gladiator - Increases ATK
Sentry - Increases DEF
Tutor - Increases INT
Physician - Increases RES
Marksman - Increases HIT
Coach - Increases SPD

These specialists max out at 19998.

5.2 Dual-Stat Specialists                                           [REF5200]

Gladiator (ATK) + Marksman (HIT) = Sniper
Gladiator (ATK) + Tutor (INT) = Hard Worker
Gladiator (ATK) + Coach (SPD) = Sprinter
Gladiator (ATK) + Dietician (HP) = Muscleman
Sentry (DEF) + Physician (RES) = Patient 
Tutor (INT) + Master (SP) = Nerd

These specialists max out at 19998 and are obtained by using a Mediater. The 
way it works is that whenever you enter an Innocent Town there is a 
probability of a marriage between two specialists if there is a Mediater 
present in the item. Generally speaking, you want to have a Mediater of level 
100 to maximize your chances of a dual-specialist, although it is not 
guaranteed even at 100.

Practically speaking, simply move your Mediater and two other single stat 
specialists onto an item (ie, a Gladiator and a Marksman if you want a 
Sniper) then finish 10 levels of Item World. If you subdue other misc 
innocents you may want to gency out to remove it so it does not interfere 
with the process. Upon entering Innocent Town, the two specialists that marry 
(if any) is random and if the combination is not one that is listed above, 
the results are unpredictable. 

Dual-specialists created will then have to be subdued (and removed if you to 
make more) before you can move them around. The level of the dual-specialist 
is dependant on the strength on the item. For example, a rank 40 item will 
spawn dual-specialists that are much higher level than if you had spawned one 
from a rank 10 item.

5.3 Other Specialists                                               [REF5300]

Extra "Stuff" (max out at 300)
Broker - Increases HL gain
Manager - Increases Mana gain
Mentor - Increases Skill EXP gain
Statistician - Increases EXP gain
* Note: this means you can only have 300 per combined specialist; you can 
still stack them by putting 8 on one item (32 if you fill all four equipped 
items). Said different, 32 maxed Statisticians x 300% = 9600% EXP gain!

Elemental Affinities (max out at 100)
Aeronaut - Increases affinity to Wind
Cryophile - Increases affinity to Ice
Firefighter - Increases affinity to Fire

Status Ailments (max out at 100)
Alchemists - Add Poison to attack
Amnesiac - Add Forget to attack
Gangster - Add Deprave to attack
Hypnotist - Add Sleep to attack
Witch Doctor - Add Paralysis to attack
Professional - Increases chance of Critical attack

Status Resistance (max out at 100, 100 = immunity)
Coffee Maker - Increases resistance to Sleep
Medicine Man - Increases resistance to Paralysis
Pharmacist - Increases resistance to Poison
Psychologist - Increases resistance to Forget
Social Worker - Increases resistance to Deprave

Specialist Modifiers (max out at 100)
Mediater - Creates dual-stat specialists in Innocent Town
Teacher - Increases level (number) of specialists by 5% in Innocent Town

Mastery Specialists (max out at 500)
Cane Man - Increases stats from equipping a Staff weapon.
Deadeye - Increases stats from equipping a Gun weapon.
Eros - Increases stats from equipping a Bow weapon.
Fencer - Increases stats from equipping a Sword weapon.
Fist Fighter - Increases stats from equipping a Fist weapon.
Guardian - Increases stats from equipping Accessories (armor, emblems, etc).
Lancer - Increases stats from equipping a Spear weapon.
Lumberjack - Increases stats from equipping an Axe weapon.
Monster Hunter - Increases stats from equipping a Monster weapon.

Cat Burglar - Randomly get defeated enemy's equipment. (Puppy Paw Stick)
Heat Seeker - Attacks always hit the target. (Naive Glasses)
Mode Changer - Invincible to physical attacks on odd turns, invincible to
                  magic attacks on even turns. (Chicken Hat)
Reaper - 20% chance of Deathblow if target's HP is under 25%. (Dark History)
Secret Trainer - At level up, stat growth +10%. (Dumbell)

* Not an exhaustive list

5.4 Pirates and Pirate Ships                                        [REF5400]

After the pirate finding fiasco in Disgaea 2, the system has been revamped a 
bit to make the process less tedious. While pirates will now only appear on 
floors 21 and higher, you do not need to find all of them to go to the Land 
of Carnage. Each pirate will carry an Illegal Ticket which unlocks one stage 
in the X-Dimension. Assuming that you find both Illegal Ticket vendors in the 
Item World, you need to find only 5 pirates types (out of 22).

To increase the odds of running into pirates, you should fill (and expand if 
possible) the PPP Club. To increase the odds of running into the Illegal 
Ticket vendor, you should fill the Tora no Ana Club. Both clubs are unlocked 
once you defeat your first set of pirates.

To actually run into pirates you need to spend at least one full turn on any 
stage in the Item World. There is a chance that Pirates will show up on turns 
2, 3 or even later, but normally a Turn 1 absence means they will not come no 
matter how long you wait.

Below is a list of pirates and the pirate ships that the come in:

Floor 21+
Wise Innocents Pirates (Flying Tortoise)

Floor 31+
Donnax2 Pirates (Carriage)
Eryngi Pirates (Carriage)

Floor 41+
Cheerates (Treasure Ship)
Cowboy Pirates (War Galleon)
Lucky Pirates (Treasure Ship)

Floor 51+
Asian Pirates (War Galleon)
Pirate Cleaners (Treasure Ship)
Sports Pirates (War Galleon)

Floor 61+
Ghost Pirates (Carriage)
Horizon Pirates (War Galleon)
Z Pirates (Magic Cloud)

Floor 71+
Garden Pirates (War Galleon)
Pirate Club (Treasure Ship)
UFO Pirates (?) (UFO)

Floor 81+
Boney Pirates (War Galleon)
Element Pirates (War Galleon)
Kit Cat Pirates (Carriage)

Floor 91+
Prinny Pirates (Carriage)
Red Pirates (War Galleon)
Shinsengumi	(Treasure Ship)

Floor 91+ (Land of Carnage only)
10 Gents Pirates (Treasure Ship)
Baal Pirates (Carriage)
Prism Pirates (Warship Yoshitsuna)

Most of the pirates show up reasonably frequently but the Prinny Pirates and 
Prism Pirates are widely know as being rare. 

A new feature in Disgaea 3 is the ability to capture pirate ships then do 
some pirating of your own (ie, reverse pirating). The way you capture pirate 
ships is to completely finish a map when the ship you want appears. That 
means that you need to simply eliminate every enemy on the map. You cannot 
capture pirate ships that attack you while reverse pirating. If multiple 
pirates show up on a level, you will only be able to capture the first pirate 
ship that appears.

Every pirate ship has two main stats: duration of stay and storage space. 
When you reverse pirate, you have a certain number of turns before the ship 
will leave by itself. During the time that it is there, you can kill enemies 
and toss Innocents or treasure chests onboard. When the ship leaves, any 
treasure chests on board will automatically open by itself and Innocents will 
be subdued at double the level than if you had simply killed them. You also 
throw Level Spheres onto your ship to level up your items.

Pirate Ship          | Stay Duration   | Storage
Carriage             | 1 turn          | 13
Flying Tortoise      | 1 turn          | 4
Magic Cloud          | 9 turns         | 5
Treasure Ship        | 2 turns         | 37
UFO                  | 2 turns         | 3
War Galleon          | 3 turns         | 77
Warship Yoshitsuna   | 4 turns         | 53

The "best" pirate ship depends on what you are using it for. Generally 
speaking, longer is better as long as you can reasonably survive on the 
level. Magic Clouds are very easy to get as Z Pirates are common. Warships 
are very hard to get, good luck.

5.5 Class World Upgrades                                            [REF5500]

Below is a list of Class World mana costs to complete actions. If there are 
multiple entries it refers to how the cost changes between the first and 
subsequent time(s) that you complete the action.

Movement +1: 5,000
Movement +1: 50,000 (2 times max)
Counter +1: 5,000
Counter +1: 50,000 (2 times max)
Throwing Range +1: 5,000
Throwing Range +1: 50,000 (2 times max)

Jumping +1: 2,000 (25 times max, mana costs increases 2,000 each iteration)
Critical Rate +1: 2,000 (25 times max, mana costs increases 2,000 each 

Skill Inheritance: 10x the initial cost of the skill 
                   (minus 5% for every level that you clear geos)
Evility Inheritance: 10x the initial cost of the Evility 
                     (minus 5% for every level that you clear geos)

Club Capacity +1: 5,000
Club Capacity +1: 50,000
Club Capacity +1: 500,000
Club Capacity +1: 5,000,000
Club Capacity +1: 9,999,999 for all subsequent increases

Legendary Skill (weaker): 2,400
Legendary Skill (stronger): 4,800

5.6 Item List                                                       [REF5600]

I have only included an abbreviated version of the high end equipment in this 
section. Please refer to Prometheusx303's Item Chart if you want to see the 
low level items, etc.

To reiterate, items rank 30 and below you can buy from the store; you can 
tell what is better based on the price. Items ranked 31-34 can only be 
obtained in the Item World (bonus list, treasure chests, stolen from 
enemies). Items ranked 35-39 can be obtained in the LoC while rank 40 items 
can only be obtained by stealing from the Item God 2 in a rank 39 item in the 
Land of Carnage.

       Fists             Swords              Spears            Bows
31 |  Hell Strike     |  Laser Z Blade    |  Sakro Indrah   |  Cloud Chaser
32 |  Death's Grab    |  Demon Slasher    |  Bruenack       |  Quartz bow 
33 |  Three Year Kill |  Summer Rain      |  Gungnir        |  Red Moon Bow
34 |  Macho Fist      |  Demolition Sword |  Polaris        |  Ancient Bow 
35 |  Exploding Fists |  Dark Calibur     |  Chronos Spear  |  Luciferal Bow
36 |  Fainting Palm   |  Yasutsuna        |  Longinus       |  Lunar Strain 
37 |  Golden Fist     |  Hrunting         |  Eternity Spear |  Cirrus Bow 
38 |  Heart Breaker   |  Sunrise Sword    |  Beam Javelin   |  Drake Hunter 
39 |  Ultimus         |  Yoshitsuna       |  Drill Emperor  |  Lovely Cupid 
40 |  Cosmo Infinity  |  Baal Sword       |  Flare Phoenix  |  Radiance 

       Guns               Axes                Staffs
31 |  Anaconda         |  Lunar Axe        |  Orpheus Rod    
32 |  Crimson Wing     |  Death Scythe     |  Nightmare Wand 
33 |  Lightning Barrel |  Brilliant Axe    |  Oracle Staff  
34 |  Red Shooter      |  Madame Butterfly |  Dark Ritual
35 |  Gun Justice      |  Heartless Flower |  Maiden Staff
36 |  Noble Rose       |  Diabolic Axe     |  Moonlight Staff 
37 |  Deus ex Machina  |  Moon Child       |  Fortissimo 
38 |  Pandemonium      |  Beam Axe         |  Infernal Staff 
39 |  Megiddo Cannon   |  Apocalypse       |  Omniscient Rod
40 |  Invincible       |  Grand Madness    |  Key of Scion 

      Monster (P)       Monster (M)         Armor               Emblems
31 |  Mammoth Tusk   |  Yaksa Sutra      |  Dragon Mail      |
32 |  Phoenix Wing   |  Cerberus Guide   |  Kamikaze Armor   |
33 |  Fox Tails      |  Demon Scroll     |  Reflex           |
34 |  Furious Scale  |  Fenrir Myths     |  Hero Mantle      |  Testament
35 |  Devil Matrix   |  Kraken Epigraph  |  Shield of Aegis  |
36 |  Insanity Eye   |  Argos Warfare    |  Goddess Dress    |  Exodus
37 |  Dragon's Anger |  Dragon Thesaurus |  Pinpoint Barrier |
38 |  Uroborus Ring  |  Pazuzu Script    |  Infernal Armor   |
39 |  Satan Motor    |  Astaroth Texts   |  Super Robo Suit  |  Arcadia
40 |  Baal Body      |  Bahamut Notes    |  Antimatter Field |  Trapezohedron

Normal items only have 30 floors (can pass one topic inside max), Rare items 
have 60 floors (can pass two topics), and Legendary items have 100 floors 
(can pass three topics).

As a side note, for some R39 accessories such as Barefoot X (the best shoes), 
you must have someone in the applicable Club in the Homeroom in order to see 
them in the Item World.

5.7 Character Classes                                               [REF5700]

To summarize the different classes, I have listed the unlocking requirements 
and tier progression requirements for each class. As an example, any 
character that belongs to a default class will have the following tier 
progression structure:

Tier 1  - meet prerequisites and pass the appropriate topic if applicable
Tier 2  - level up a tier 1 character to Lv15
Tier 3  - level up a tier 2 character to Lv40
Tier 4  - level up a tier 3 character to Lv80
Tier 5  - level up a tier 4 character to Lv160
Tier 6  - level up a tier 5 character to Lv360

I will be using a shorthand form of 5 numbers to denote the level criteria to 
unlock higher tiers. Monster prerequisites are that you beat a certain level 
in the main story; the actual level differs per monster type, but if you beat 
the game you will unlock them all.

After redoing this section a couple times I have decided to refer to a class 
by its Tier 1 name to avoid confusion. This unfortunately means that my 
references will not be the same as the people who copied the official guides 
(with the official class names). I just figured that if I get confused on the 
difference between a Warrior and a Brute Warrior, many readers would probably 
be as well.

To unlock human classes, you must have all of the prerequisite characters at 
the minimum level stated at the same time. To give an example, you need to 
have a character that at least level 15 of any tier in the Fighter class and 
another character that is at least level 15 of any tier in the Heretic class 
to unlock the Ranger class.

Story characters do not have different tiers, but the first five times you 
reincarnate them will increase their aptitudes by 5% (for a total of 25%).

Default classes: (unlocked when you start the game)
Lady Fighter
Fury Fatalist
Wind Spinner

Tier progression: 15 / 40 / 80 / 160 / 360
Equivalent monsters: Catsaber, Eryngi, Ghost, Marionette, Mothman, Orc,   
                     Prinny, Slime

* For Skulls and Mages, you must obtain a combined level of at least Lv50 
between the basis classes (Blue, Red or Green) to unlock tier 4. To unlock 
tier 5, level up a tier 4 character to Lv150. To unlock tier 6, level up a 
tier 5 character to Lv450.

Newbie unlockable classes:
Ranger (Lv15 Fighter and Heretic)
Archer (Lv15 Lady Fighter and Healer)
Gunner (Lv15 Skull and Thief)
Gunslinger (Lv15 Mage and Thief)
Heavy Knight (Lv15 Fighter and Fury Fatalist)
Beast Master (Lv15 Lady Fighter and Wind Spinner)

Tier progression: 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 400
Equivalent monsters: Zombie

Basic unlockable classes:
Druid (Lv20 Fury Fatalist/Wind Spinner and Healer/Heretic)

Tier progression: 25 / 60 / 120 / 240 / 480
Equivalent monsters: Alraune, Cockatrice

Beginner unlockable classes:
Shaman (Lv25 Skull/Mage and Druid)
Magic Knight (Lv25 Fighter/Lady Fighter and Skull/Mage)
Brand New Idol (Lv25 Healer/Heretic and Druid)

Tier progression: 30 / 70 / 140 / 280 / 560
Equivalent monsters: Cu Sith, Warslug

Intermediate unlockable classes:
Genin (Lv30 Fury Fatalist and Skull)
Hanakage (Lv30 Wind Spinner and Mage)

Tier progression: 35 / 80 / 160 / 320 / 640
Equivalent monsters: Empusa (Succubus), White Dragon

Advanced unlockable classes:
Ronin (Lv35 Fighter and Ranger)
Exorcist (Lv35 Lady Fighter and Archer)

Tier progression: 40 / 90 / 180 / 360 / 720
Equivalent monsters: Chernobog (reapers), Skeletal Dragon

Expert unlockable classes:
Barbarian (Lv40 Beast Master and Heavy Knight)

Tier progression: 45 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800
Equivalent monsters: Baciel, Ifrit, Wood Giant

Ultimate unlockable classes:
Masked Hero (Lv45 Gunner/Gunslinger and Thief) - 50 / 110 / 220 / 440 / 880
Chaos Soldier (be on 2nd cycle or higher) - 80 / 180 / 360 / 720 / 1440

5.8 Legendary Skills                                                [REF5800]

There are eight attacks that can be learned for each weapon (except Staff and 
Monster weapons) type with six taught by the Evility Trainer. The last two 
are commonly referred to as Legendary Skills and can be only be learned from 
the Old Combat Master in the Class World.

If you clear all the geos on the 10th floor you will either encounter the 
Committee Coach (who increases the club size) or the Old Combat Master (who 
teaches legendary skills). The combat master shows up approximately 1/8 of 
the time so he is reasonably rare. The only prerequisite in using him is that 
you must have enough mana to learn the skill you want. Any human class can 
learn any legendary skill, even if they are not naturally proficient with the 
weapon. Monsters cannot learn legendary skills.

There are two learnable legendary skills for each weapon type with the 
cheaper one costing 2,400 mana and the more expensive one costing 4,800 mana. 
Despite their name, they are not always superior to normal special attacks.

Weapon   | Skill           | Mana  | Attack Rank         | Element
Fist     | Lion's Roar     | 2400  | E (Multiple Enemy)  | 
         | Rising Dragon   | 4800  | S (Single Enemy)    | 
Sword    | Moon Slash      | 2400  | C (Multiple Enemy)  | 
         | Dark X Slash    | 4800  | S (Single Enemy)    | 
Spear    | Lightning Spear | 2400  | A (Single Enemy)    | 
         | Spear Storm     | 4800  | D (Multiple Enemy)  | Fire
Bow      | Delta Split     | 2400  | A (Single Enemy)    | 
         | Doppel Ganger   | 4800  | S (Single Enemy)    | 
Gun      | Shooting Stars  | 2400  | A (Single Enemy)    | 
         | Toten Kreuz     | 4800  | D (Multiple Enemy)  | Fire
Axe      | Violent Storm   | 2400  | A (Single Enemy)    | 
         | Calamity Drive  | 4800  | S (Single Enemy)    | Star

The most effective way to learn all of the skills is to just learn it once 
and pass it around through the Class World. They are transferable like any 
other skill.

 - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -                                      [SEC006]

Q: How do I get Laharl? (or some other marquee character)
A: If you can get him or her, it will be through the various sidequests in 
   the postgame.

Q: How do I turn off animations?
A: Press the Triangle button to pull up the menu, go to Setting and turn Off 
   animations for enemies (and/or for allies as well).  This is strongly 
   recommended for leveling and general Item World exploration.  You can
   also make Geos blow up faster.

Q: Isn't duping items cheating?
A: In my opinion, with the removal of Weapon Mastery and the ability for 
   developers to fix "bugs" through a game update, it is intended for 
   powergamers to utilize duping. If you are against it don't do it.

Q: Why won't <certain pirate/Old Combat Master> show up?
A: It's random, try some more.

Q: Should I be reincarnating?
A: Due to the removal of the level multiplier, reincarnating is a bit more 
   important than in previous titles. However, I continue to recommend 
   that players refrain from major reincarnation endeavors until they 
   can level up easily. Instead of using reincarnation to unlock tiers,
   consider using a combination of the "Honor Student" Club, HoO4, and
   the creation of completely new characters.

Q: What is the best class?
A: This argument will likely run into eternity, but I believe the 
   current damage champ is Champloo doing an absolutely massive counter. 
   Flonne has also dealt hundreds of billions of damage through reverse 
   damage heals. In a more conventional sense, I think Laharl and female 
   ninjas are really strong.

Q: How do I kick the goons out of the Classroom?
A: It varies, but it is always a combination of placing a female, male, 
   monster, or prinny beside them. At times, you will require two females, or 
   two males, etc.

Q: How come I have random Diez Gentlemen joining my party?
A: The v2.0 patch included a system where a single Diez Gentlemen will 
   automatically join you every time you use the New Game+ feature and meet 
   certain conditions. Mao needs to be at least the following levels for the 
   Diez Gentlemen to join you: Prinny Mask (Lv62), Beyond X (Lv64), Shyrone 
   (Lv64), Gorillian (Lv64), Bo Tie (Lv300), Goro (Lv400), So-to-oh (Lv500), 
   Pauline (Lv600), Satina (Lv700).

Q: Wow, this FAQ is great! Can I send money to you?
A: No, I do this for my own enjoyment. (Some humor to round out the FAQ 
   is only fitting given the lighthearted nature of the game!)
   Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

 - ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -                                                [SEC007]

Disgaea 3 GameFAQ Forum Regulars - Thanks for all of your posts and personal 
insight. In particular, thanks to: KlayBuddy, KStar099, Mistere Man, Nietono, 
TheBarkode, the_blood_wolf, Unknown_PC, zldafnatic.

Official Strategy Guides - most of the stats were likely derived at some 
point from these guides.

Corrections - Brandon G., Eric N., Laurel M., Patrick M., Robert R., Shahin 
K., TheMoJoBear

For comments/suggestions/typos/errors, email me at aerius@beyond.ca with the 
subject starting with "FAQ:" without the quotes. If you do not follow the 
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