(English) Voice of AlmazJohnny Yong Bosch
(English) Voice of GeofferyDave Wittenberg
(English) Voice of Kyoko NeedleworkerLara Jill Miller
(English) Voice of MaoVic Mignogna
(English) Voice of Master BigstarLiam O'Brien
(English) Voice of Mr. ChamplooChristopher Corey Smith
(English) Voice of RaspberylLaura Bailey
(English) Voice of Salvatore the GreatMichelle Ruff
(English) Voice of Sapphire RhodoniteStephanie Sheh
(English) Voice of Super Hero AuramDave Wittenberg
(Japanese) Voice of AlmazHiro Shimono
(Japanese) Voice of Asuka CranekickNatsuki Kousaka
(Japanese) Voice of GeofferyGorou Kubota
(Japanese) Voice of Kyoko NeedleworkerArai Shizuka
(Japanese) Voice of MaoHiromi Hirata
(Japanese) Voice of Master BigstarChihiro Suzuki
(Japanese) Voice of Mr. ChamplooKeiichi Kuwabara
(Japanese) Voice of RaspberylChiwa Saitou
(Japanese) Voice of Salvatore the GreatMiho Yamada
(Japanese) Voice of Sapphire RhodoniteAkiko Hasegawa
(Japanese) Voice of Super Hero AuramToshihiro Okubo
ProducerSouhei Niikawa

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