1. Johnny Yong Bosch (English) Voice of Almaz
  2. Dave Wittenberg (English) Voice of Geoffery
  3. Lara Jill Miller (English) Voice of Kyoko Needleworker
  4. Vic Mignogna (English) Voice of Mao
  5. Liam O'Brien (English) Voice of Master Bigstar
  6. Christopher Corey Smith (English) Voice of Mr. Champloo
  7. Laura Bailey (English) Voice of Raspberyl
  8. Michelle Ruff (English) Voice of Salvatore the Great
  9. Stephanie Sheh (English) Voice of Sapphire Rhodonite
  10. Dave Wittenberg (English) Voice of Super Hero Auram
  11. Hiro Shimono (Japanese) Voice of Almaz
  12. Natsuki Kousaka (Japanese) Voice of Asuka Cranekick
  13. Gorou Kubota (Japanese) Voice of Geoffery
  14. Arai Shizuka (Japanese) Voice of Kyoko Needleworker
  15. Hiromi Hirata (Japanese) Voice of Mao
  16. Chihiro Suzuki (Japanese) Voice of Master Bigstar
  17. Keiichi Kuwabara (Japanese) Voice of Mr. Champloo
  18. Chiwa Saitou (Japanese) Voice of Raspberyl
  19. Miho Yamada (Japanese) Voice of Salvatore the Great
  20. Akiko Hasegawa (Japanese) Voice of Sapphire Rhodonite
  21. Toshihiro Okubo (Japanese) Voice of Super Hero Auram
  22. Souhei Niikawa Producer

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