Damage Trophies?

  1. I can do 1 million combined Dmg with an AoE attack, I still haven't unlocked the trophy. Is it a normal attack only or a skill single target attack?

    User Info: MangoVita

    MangoVita - 10 years ago

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  1. The damage has to be on only 1 enemy to count. It cannot be a AoE doing a total of 1mil damage

    User Info: T3CH_L3O

    T3CH_L3O - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. The fencer and Guardian part is pointless after 1. Basically only have one in each respective equipment otherwise you lose out on what could be precious stats. Also you need to hit a single target in order for, at least for me, the 10 billion damage one to work. I tried with Almaz's Final skill and got over 10 billion but it didn't count because I hit 7 targets. Best bet is all the rest in the guide.

    User Info: MacnellMan

    MacnellMan - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. The "damage done" is the total damage (AoE works, such as a Big Bang in House of Ordeals 4).

    I can confirm it since I hit 19 billion total damage done an hour ago, and got the 10 billion damage trophy.
    (19 billion divided by 9 enemies = 2.1 billion each.)

    User Info: diskenth

    diskenth - 9 years ago 1   0
  3. this is from the trophy faq and i assume you meant the first one never the less i included them all

    [TRO34] Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire [Value: Bronze]
    Preconditions: A reasonably powerful character.
    Strategy: Just do a million damage in a single execution. It's quite easy.
    3X3 attacks recommended.

    [TRO35] 100,000,000 Damage Pyramid [Value: Bronze]
    Preconditions: A powerful character.
    Recommended: Well into post-game, able to handle the Land of Carnage.
    Strategy: Do 100,000,000 in a single combo. I prefer to do this with a single
    character. LoC House of Ordeals 4 is good for this. A powerful character with
    a decent Fist weapon can churn out 100 million from a Big Bang attack easily.
    Alternatively, Omega Heal + High RES stat + Death's Heal works well, too.

    [TRO36] The Ten Billion Damage Man [Value: Gold]
    Preconditions: The ability to deal unnecessarily large amounts of damage.
    Recommended: Hero Prinny, from "Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?". He is DLC,
    which means you must purchase him from the PSN (1.99 solo, or 5.49 for the
    fake hero pack, which includes Midboss(!) as well as Dragon) and I used one of
    Hero Prinny's Evilities to acquire this sum of damage.
    Strategy: Step one, get your character of choice a maxed out Rank 40 Weapon
    and rarity-matched maxed out accessories. Myself, I used Laharl with a Baal
    Sword filled to the brim with Fencers (500*8) and 3 Trapezohedrons filled with
    Guardians (3*8*500). For information on how to acquire these, see the Item
    Maximization FAQ. At any rate, the point is to have a maxed out S-rank ability
    (S*640%) and 99,999,999 of the affecting skill stats. 99,999,999 is not
    completely necessary, but kind of inevitable. Teach and equip Hero Prinny with
    the "Hell's Finest" Evility, which increases Evasion by 50% and increases
    damage recieved by 1000%, and then attack him with your S-rank skill. While
    Laharl's "Slayer's Descent" was only hitting 9 enemies for 510M each (roughly
    5 billion damage total), by hitting Prinny with a 1v1 skill he scored 17
    billion, more than enough.
    For anyone too lazy to max their stats out, so long as you can perform a
    9-enemy-AoE skill for 112M or more damage you can achieve this Trophy by
    teaching each of your party members the Hell's Finest Evility and then
    performing the 9-enemy-AoE attack on the lot of them.

    User Info: gawn123

    gawn123 - 10 years ago 0   0
  4. i found out that getting hit by enemies for that ammount counts too i was fighting baal and he killed me then i got a trophy for damage XD

    User Info: shadowlaharl

    shadowlaharl - 9 years ago 0   0

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