What is the best strategy for getting all of the clubs?

  1. As the question states whats the best way to get all the clubs, and what each one does if possible, thanks for any help

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Accepted Answer

  1. Going Homers (unlocked): No effects, but has large base unit cap (max 7)
    Honor Students (Create a "skilled" character): Acquire 10% of the EXP from adjacent students (max 4)
    Robber Shop (Pass the bill): Acquire 50% of the Mana from adjacent students (max 5)
    Lifting Inspectors (Pass the bill): Members can use the 'Dual Throw' Command (max 4)
    Corner Res. Club (Pass the bill): Students seated in the corners of the classroom gain 25% more EXP (max 4)
    The Punk Org. (Clear 4-7): End seat will gain 50% more HL (max 4)
    Magintology (Use the Magichange once): Increases the parameters of ma-change weapons. Magichange turns increased by 1 (max 6)
    Gods of Cookery (Customer Rank 7): Doubles the effect of consumables (max 7)
    Nursing Club (Revive 5 times at Hospital): Leader enables legendary items at hospital. Reduces hospital fees by 10%. (max 4)
    True Robbery Store (Clear the Building of Ordeals): Acquire all of Mana from adjacent students (max 3)
    Hall Monitors (Steal a weapon or piece of armor in item world once): Lawmakers' item can be confiscated in a homeroom. (max 6)
    Music Club (Discover the music shop in the item world): Can change the BGM in the Item World and the Academy World (max 5)
    Comrade! Club (Clear the Prism Red Extra Scenario): 10% of the stats of all adjacent dead characters is added to the Leader of this club (max 1)
    Wednesday Team (Visit Innocent Town once): Chances of finding an Innocent Town in an Item World increases by 10% per person. (max 6)
    Birdmen Watchers (Vist Corsica's Tower once): Clear or skip the tower room in item world once Increases base Jump power (max 4)
    GlassesGirlLovers (Customer Rank 5): Can buy glasses and increases chances to find Providences by 7% per person. (max 4)
    Justice Legion NW (Customer Rank 4): Can buy belts and increases chancesto find Orion's Belts by 7% per person (max 4)
    Shoe Artisan (Customer Rank 6): Can buy shoes, and increases the chances to find Barefoot X's by 7% per person. (max 4)
    Student Council (Clear 3-3): Allows access to Academy World by causing an afro prinny to occasionally appear. (max 4)
    Election Committee (Home Room rejected 3 times): Members are able to vote during assemblies. (max 4)
    School Board (Clear Episode 3): Able to select homeroom teacher. (max 4)
    Shura Support Group (Defeat Baal): Reduces Magichange turns to 1, but adds the unit's weapon stats aswell as the Magichange weapons'. (max 2)
    PPP (Defeat a group of item world pirates): Allows reverse pirating of a cleared item. (max 4)
    Tora no Ana (Obtain a ticket): Allows Access to X-Dimension. Increases chance to find Illegal Ticket Shinigami the more units in club. (max 4)
    Demon Change Committee (Clear the Ten Gentlemen extra scenarios): Increases the time a ma-change weapon is usable (Not an actual club. Modifies Magintology). Changes Magichange option to MAGIchange (max 6)

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