How do I obtain the best items?

  1. -I'm gonna toss in a sub question real quick. Do the Diez Gentlemen EVER learn any specials other than the ones generics learn?

    -The questions I have about items is which is more powerful...

    -Max Level 200 Legendary Rank 40 weapon, LoC Magichange Weapon, or a legendary Principle item leveled up to lvl 100 in LoC?

    -Since there are no principal fist or monster weapons, What's the best Monster Weapon and I assume the best fist weapon is an LoC Magichanger right?

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  1. - Actually, the Diez Gentlemen do not learn anything. They only come with an innate Evility, and that's about it. You have to teach them the appropriate Specials and Evilities through Class World.

    - Rank 40 items are required to get Land of Carnage Magichange items, and essentially, all you need is the Rank 40 items to breeze through the game completely. The Principle Sword is nice, but not worth your time because Rank 40 and Land of Carnage Magichange items outshines it (in many ways).

    - The best monster items are Rank 40 Baal Body and Bahamut Note (for ATK and INT monsters). There is no "best" item in the game, so that's completely arbitrary.

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  1. To get rank 40 items you must first find a legenday rank 39 item (only obtainable from stealing from enemies in Land of Carnage) then go to the 100th floor in that item and the Item God 2 will be holding the Rank 40 item you must steal.
    NOTE: you must do the 100th level in Land of Carnage else the boss will not have the weapon, I suggest doing 1-98 in regular world then gency out on the 99th floor and do the rest in LoC.
    as for level 200 I suggest using the Item maximazation guide/sticky for help on the specifics.
    To get Magichanged weapons you must get a Puppy Paw Stick (easiest from finish the Diez Gents missions) and using it to kill an enemy that has a magichanged weapon equiped, sometimes this will steal that item.
    NOTE: remember to equip the item before the battle is over otherwise the stats revert to all 0's.
    Use the Item guide (.png) in the FAQs section to see what the rank of wepaons are.
    Principals, Delinquents, Honor weapons are from the DLC special modes, Survival, Classworld Command Attack, and Item World Command Attack. respectivly.

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  2. wow every1 beat me to It>.<

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