Why does my ATK increase more than with an armor with less ATK?

  1. I have a rare Daimyo Armor with an ATK of 37, and a Lv.48 Legendary Spartan Shield with an ATK of 0. When i switch my Lv.0 Daimyo, for my Lv.48 Spartan, My ATK increased by 729.

    Why is that?

    User Info: LaotianPride14

    LaotianPride14 - 10 years ago
  2. 10% to my ATK? It also seems like my spd also increased. I'm using a Boulevard Fighter by the way. Why doesn't it increase my hit and int also? And 10% of 32,530 ATk isn't 779 (if i wasn't switching with my daimyo armor, otherwise 729).....

    User Info: LaotianPride14

    LaotianPride14 - 10 years ago

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  1. You probably triggered the rarity bonus.
    There's a bonus of 10% on stats for two items having the same rarity.
    20% for three items, and a 30% bonus for all four items having matching rarity.

    >>Additional details - 5/21 4:23PM
    Because the bonus increases the stats you gain from the equipment that triggers that bonus. Meaning if your two equipped items that triggered the bonus don't increase HIT and INT, the bonus will not change anything.
    Why don't you just check if two of your equipped items have the same rarity? And now look at the stats they increase. These stats you gain will be increased by 10%.

    User Info: sion4ever

    sion4ever (Expert) - 10 years ago 2   0

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