Do unlocked characters retain their stats/equipment after new cycle?

  1. I'm hesitant in power leveling anyone other then my generics because I'm worried that they'll just end up resetting and wasting all that time spent on them.

    If I start a new cycle, (or the Beryl chapters), will my unlocked characters, (specifically, the DLC characters), keep all of the stats and gear I put on them once I get to post-game and the opportunity to unlock them again?

    User Info: Et_D

    Et_D - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, they'll be the same when they join you in the new Cycle. (Unless you specifically delete them in the Homeroom.)
    Here's a list of what gets carried over in the new cycle:
    - all current items, money and skills (incl. upgrades)
    - all characters with their current stats and equipment, but unique characters need to be unlocked again (once you do, they'll be as they were in your last cycle)
    - inventory level for shops
    - hospital's recovery and levelsphere collector counters
    - Classroom size, available clubs and passed proposals that affect the game
    - the route to LoC (this tends to be buggy, I lose it sometimes.. that's why I keep my illegal tickets)

    User Info: sion4ever

    sion4ever (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   0

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