US DLC for EU-version of Disgaea3?!

  1. I fiddled around a bit with creating accounts for US-PSN. I tried to download latest DLC for Disgaea3, Raspberyl sidestory Chapter1, and the download/install seemed to work fine.
    Although im having trouble actually entering the chapter. Ive beaten the last boss and continued on to post game, where am i supposed to enter the new sidestory?!?!

    User Info: bananaradament

    bananaradament - 10 years ago
  2. I c.
    After i posted this i got some friends to try out material for other games and you are completely right :)

    Sadly, since the 2 latest EU store-updates didnt even hint at adding the disgaea DLCs (even thou most other material was the same as the US-release), i might not even get the right version of this....

    Think my gameplan will be to give em a few months then import US-copy, cause thatl work right?

    User Info: bananaradament

    bananaradament - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are many reasons why this doesn't/won't work.
    First of all DLC isn't region-free. If you really have the EU version of the game, the US DLC won't work.
    Secondly you don't have the required 2.20 update. (EU version doesn't have any updates yet.)

    You should also note that although the download/install seemed fine the psn store doesn't actually check if you have compatible gamedata. All it does is download and install data you bought - and it did.

    User Info: sion4ever

    sion4ever (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   0

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