How do I get past stupid Marona and her ghostly allies?

  1. I go in there with decently leveled characters-
    Mao Lvl779 Male Ninja (tier 5)lvl 726
    Lazer Z Blade (Item level30) Summer Rain (leg.)
    Reflex (legendary) Reflex (rare)
    Testament (Item level 20) Accelerator (rare)
    Testament(legendary) Star Mucle (leg.)
    Master Bigster lvl701 Male Archer(tier5)Lvl734
    Demolition Sword Ancient Bow (leg.)
    Kamikaze Armor Hero Mantle
    Star muscle (leg.) Foresight
    Black Belt (leg.) Crosshair (leg.)
    Salvatore Lvl 722 Ghost (tier 6)Lvl689
    Anaconda (leg.) Fenrir myths (leg.)
    Kamikaze Armor (leg.) Kamikaze Armor(rare
    Angel Sandels (leg) Holy Orb
    Foresight Crosshair
    Asagi Lvl 732 Male Gunner (tier5)
    Crimson Wing (rare lvl 20) Anaconda (leg.)
    Royal Ring Hero Mantle
    Testament Accelerator (rare)
    Foresight Crosshair (leg.)
    Martial Artist (tier 5) Male Fighter (tier 6)Lvl708
    Macho Fist(leg.) Brilliant Axe (rare)
    Hero Mantle (leg.) Hero Mantle (leg.)
    World Muscle (leg.) Star Muscle (leg.)
    Testament (rare) Black Belt (leg.)

    -then I get swarmed by those stupid ghosts! They reduce my health down to where one more hit would kill me. What should I do?(besides level up.... I tried and I still got slaughtered)

    User Info: AlternateEnding

    AlternateEnding - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I didn't really struggle with this level but I'm not sure what level I was...

    I'm pretty sure you can snipe a lot of the ghosts through the walls and no entry geo panels on this map. Perhaps now would be a good time to invest time creating a mage character? X-Level fury could work as well maybe...

    Right off the bat a number of the ghosts rush at you don't they? You could try bringing out suicide characters to lift your killer, e.g. Mao, in between turns.
    Send out Mao, kill a couple of ghosts, pick him up with a sacrificial lamb.
    Once attacked the sacrifice will die but Mao will live on to kill another ghost. Repeat this until you've taken out a number of ghosts and the you can bring the rest of your party out to take down whats left or just Marona.

    User Info: EasyTiger_

    EasyTiger_ - 10 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. Dont forget the ever important thief ((I think it has to be around level 900 )) so you can steal her weapon ((as it is eather the easiest way to get it or the only way to get it))

    User Info: Psycho3333

    Psycho3333 - 10 years ago 0   0

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