When does mao learn more sword moves???

  1. My Mao is level 117 and cant learn any more sword moves past x-level flurry. please help.

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    mCaHtAhOeSw - 10 years ago

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  1. You have to proceed to Class World in order for Mao to get more Sword Specials. To do this, you need a character that can learn Sword Specials higher than X-Level Flurry. Please download this file for more information:


    *The numbers below the weapons indicate what rank of the Special the character can learn up to. For example, Mao has a 3 under Sword, which means he can only learn up to X-Level Flurry. 1 means Blade Rush, and 6 means Mach+ Slash. 6 is the final Special for any weapon except Staff. Staff can only go up to 4, which is an Omega Special.

    With that done, you need Class World unlocked. To do this, you need to pass Chapter 3, Stage 3 and have the topic Appoint [ Student Council ] passed. After that's done, you need to place at least one character in the [ Student Council ] club in order for an Afro Prinny to appear. You need to beat a battle map at least three times for the Afro Prinny to appear (the message that comes with him is "Sir Pri the Vagabond is visiting HQ!"). When that is done, raise a character that has more than 3 in Swords and place him or her in the same club as Mao (any club is fine). Then, find the Afro Prinny and talk to him to enable Class World. Select the character that you want the Specials to be transferred to (in your case, it's Mao), go to Skill Inheritance, and proceed onto floor 9. Enter the Mystery Classroom and viola! The Specials are 10x more than the original mana cost of the Specials.

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    KlayBuddy (Expert) - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. To get Mao (or any other story character) to learn more moves, you have to have them learn the moves from someone else via Class World. To do that, just take whoever knows the move and Mao and put them in the same club. Make sure Mao has at least 10 times the amount of mana that it normally takes to learn the move. So if the move costs 1200 for someone else to learn, Mao will need 12,000. Then go through class world and on the 9th floor, go into the mystery room. Talk to the person there and learn the move you want.

    User Info: ljay90

    ljay90 - 10 years ago 0   0

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