How can I determine throwing height of a character?

  1. Is there any way to determine how high a character can throw. I'd like to know if a throw will clear a high barrier and if a throw will make it to a high spot. I've determined from trial and error that Mr. Champloo can throw higher than most other characters, but I haven't figured out if there are any character statistics that would indicate this. His throw height seems to be completely independent of his jump statistic, for example.

    User Info: random_6487

    random_6487 - 10 years ago

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  1. The Wing is as you originally assumed just for jumping limit. It has nothing to do with throwing height.

    Throwing height is solely dependent on the characters maximum throwing distance, regardless of how far they throw. More specifically, it is as follows:

    12+4x, where x=throwing character's throw stat

    This also applies for monster bouncing as well. Bouncing a character off an ally monster will send him as many panels as the throw stat of the monster in the direction the monster is facing, but he will stop closer if he would land in a pit (or otherwise unihabitable square) or is not able to clear the height of one of the squares along his path.

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  1. The throwing height is directly under there move stat aka the green wing type symbol if you look in the top right also you can find something like 17DM if your charecter has a 20 next to the green wing symbol he can throw upto a height of 37 ;3 Hope this helps~

    User Info: Enyaron

    Enyaron - 10 years ago 0   3

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