Why are the Trapezohedron's stats better, but they then go down?

  1. Ok I created a new Trapezohedron. I ran it through the item world killed the bosses on every 10 floors gency out and killed them again. The item level was 167 at the end of the item world. I picked up all the level spheres that appeared and talked to 3 fortune tellers all giving me a boost. I then moved to reverse pirating on floor 20 I failed to collect the level sphere, but I did kill the boss. On floor 40 and onward I killed the bosses and took the level spheres on my ship. The final stats for my Trapezohedron were Hp-671,000 Sp-335,600 Atk-348,972 Int-335,600 Hit-335,600 Def-335,643 Res-335,643 Spd-335,600. All my innocents are Gladiators. Why do my stats go down when I try to equip it? The Trapezohedron I have equipped has Hp-503,300 Sp-251,750 Atk-255,190 Int-251,750 Hit-251,750 Def-251,750 Res-251,750 Spd-251,750 with no innocents on it. When I try to equip my new Trapezohedron that shows has better stats my stats show that they go down by Hp-56,145 Sp-22,916 Atk-14,431 Int-21,232 Hit-27,802 Def-26,722 Res-23,195 Spd-25,612. I have no idea why the my stats go down when I try to equip my new Trapezohedron that has better stats. Why does it go down?

    User Info: macshaggymac

    macshaggymac - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's likely matching rarity for other equipment.

    User Info: aces4839

    aces4839 (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0

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