How long is the post storyling stuff?

  1. The sidequests, basically. How long should those last?

    Also, is there a new game plus? If so, what carries over in it?

    User Info: InvaderKimimaro

    InvaderKimimaro - 11 years ago

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  1. As for the after story, there is the extra chapters, where you recruit most of the side story characters such as Mister Bigstar and Laharl. Also, theres the new version of Baal in this game which is lvl 4000 and has VERY HIGH stats, which means you will need to maximize characters in order to defeat him. Also, if you are to download the content on PSN, theres the command attack mode and the survival mode, which means more hours there.

    Theres also the X-Dimension, where you replay the maps you already beaten, but with different settings using Geos (Usually they're at the far back where you cant get them). Though you will need to hunt for Illegal tickets, bought from special stores in th eItem world, or stolen from each pirate ship captain. Once youve cleared enough of the X-Dimension maps, the Land Of Carnage will open up, with the exact same maps youve beaten during the game, but this time with UBER ennemies (House of ordeal 4 : Ennemies in normal mode with 20 stronger ennemies are about lvl 2100, in LoC without stronger ennemy bills, theyre lvl 8900). Theres also Baal in there if you want to deafeat a 400 million HP monster.

    All this means if you want to get a 100% game, you will need to spend ALOT of hours, probably over 200-300 total.

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  1. Theres 11 or 12 extra maps, the dark world and land of carnage. So theres enough things to keep you goin for awhile.

    When you start a new game all ur equipment, levels, created chars, and money. pretty much everything carries over but maps you have to unlock and pass bills for them. And the time warp guys down the stairs under the Sexy Teacher.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. There's also a lot of grinding required between extra maps which will probably add a lot to your playtime.

    And you forgot to mention that all unlocked characters leave if you start a new game.

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  3. It's impossible to give a really accurate estimate because a lot of it depends on how much you want to do. I would estimate about 150 hours to complete all the regular sidequests and defeat LoC Baal, who is probably the strongest enemy in the game. If you want to completely max out several characters and their items, it's going to take significantly longer.

    There is a new game+ function, you have to talk to the Time Traveller to activate it. All characters will remain at the same stats they were before the game ended, but in the case of story characters you have to wait until you get to the point where they join your party. You'll also have to pass a lot of Homeroom bills again.

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  4. fighting baal is very annoying and it will take alot of training if your playing it and your up to chapter 7 and the 3rd part then train there. keep passing stronger enimies untill they are lvl 99 then a glitch in math will happen and u get the same amount of exp as a lvl 300 would be.

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  5. And theres a bonus for every new game plus u get a diez gentleman in your party but u have to meet lvl requirements from wat i kno u should at least be over lvl 1000 to get everyone

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  6. Without dlc, i say something about oh... too long.
    Disgaea 3 is one of the game with the best timeplay , and will be the Best Game Ever with some best graphics, like Valkyria chronicles.

    Some fan spend 400h or more for complete the game..

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  7. tl;dr


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