What Are Tiers?

  1. I look through the Q&A list to see about unlocking a fourth weapon skill but i ran into this tier thing. what is it exactly?(For example) is it when you use a heretic and later on when you create a character you see one in back of it but a different color, and if so how do the main characters get the fourth skill? And also do you have to level them back up when you make them? it took me awhile to level my fury fatalist and i hope i dont have to do it all over again just for the fourth skill.

    User Info: Ryumal

    Ryumal - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A tier refers to a character's status rank. It is basically a transmigration of a better character in terms of rank and status power. When you reach a certain level with a generic character (characters that you can create), you can create a better character within that same selection of character (for example, you can create a better version of Lady Warrior when you level her up). The palettes of the characters differ for each creatable tier.

    Main characters can only learn up to a certain skill level, so the only way for them to learn another skill is by going through Class World, which is unlocked after Chapter 3, Battle 3. Go to Homeroom, pass the topic [Student Council], place at least on character in that club, and you should see an Afro Prinny appear after a certain number of battles. Refer to the_blood_wolf's FAQ about Class World to learn more about it:

    When you make or reincarnate a character, they start at Level 1, so you will have to level them back up in the same fashion. However, they gain more stats and aptitude as you increase their tier rank, so it's generally worth the trouble (they also learn newer skills within their respective weapon mastery).

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Other Answers

  1. Every class consists of 6 tiers. For example a Monk. If you reach a certain level you unlock the next tier. You can reincarnate to the tier 2 class. Until you reach tier 6. At that point it is good to create a complete new tier 6 character.

    (Doesn't work with story characters)

    User Info: Cloonix

    Cloonix - 10 years ago 0   0

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