I'm ready for the land of carnage?

  1. Hello,

    Well, i'll already completed the game, beated the tyrant baal and my strongest character(Laharl) can deal over 20,000,000 damage(If i equip him with the correct equip). So i've decided to go to the Terrorifing LoC. But ALL the people says that the LoC it's the hardest/hardcorest/kickass/f*cked/etc... place in the game, so i'm scared.

    Here's a list of my main characters.

    Laharl lvl.8685

    -Lv.0 Demolition Sword with 8 Gladiators Lv. 18482.
    -Lv.200 Testament with 1 Guardian Lv.500 and 7 Gladiators Lv18482
    -Lv.200 Testament with 8 Gladiators Lv. 18482.
    -Lv.200 Testament with 8 Gladiators Lv. 18482.

    Mao Lv.90 (I've reancarnated him but i can lvl up him very fastly with my statisticans so i don't care).

    Same as Laharl but a Gladiator in the first testament instead the Guardian (i know that i must put a guardian in the first testament but duppin is so fustrating, but i will put it).

    Battousai (Sword Master) Lv. 4650

    Lv.0 Demolition sword
    Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor
    Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor
    Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor

    Super thief(Master thief) Lv. 5780

    Lv.0 Three Year Kill with 8 Gladiators Lv. 18482
    3x Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor

    Austin(Tier 3 Masked hero, i don't remember the name of the 3rd Tier). Lv 4786

    Lv.0 Red Shooter.
    3x Lv0. Accelerator

    Gadea (Galaxy Mage) 5679

    Lv.0 Dark Ritual
    Lv.0 Foresight
    (Don't remember the other equipment but it just was crap).

    Bo Tie (Battle Master) 4157

    Lv.0 Demolition Sword
    3x Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor

    Adrian (Lethal combatant) Lv. 7810

    Lv.130 Knuckles with 8 Gladiators Lv. 18424
    3x Lv.0 Kamikaze Armor

    So what do you suggest? I must to train more? Go to item world and perfect some items? or just complete the X-Dimension stages, go to LoC, and kick some asses?
    Please answer me. (And sorry for my poor English, i'm Spanish).

    User Info: X_Betrayer

    X_Betrayer - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For one thing, i highly recommend u get the best emblem, Trapezohedron, from a legendary Arcadia, found in the loc item world and max it out at lv 200. the easiest way to do that would be to go into a rank 34 item in the loc and use multiple geo masters till u get the legend Arcadia with Bonus Change. just max out the rank bonus first before u attempt to do so. after that, get the rank 39 legend weapons and get the rank 40 weapons from the loc and max out those levels as well. then, if u have the Puppy Paw Stick, u can start dupin a bunch of those items and have insane stats once ur finished by goin into the class world and puttin a lv 1 character in there and equippin the item u want duped. its a frustratin process, but well worth it. see the faq section for more info.

    User Info: aces4839

    aces4839 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0   1

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