Where to train in Raspberyl mode?

  1. I am currently in chapter 4-1, and my strongest character is level 900~. Enemies started giving me problems already, so I'd like to train. What's the best spot to power level in Raspberyl mode?

    User Info: Sirius_Reinhart

    Sirius_Reinhart - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well the best advice is to train at the house of ordeal, ordeal 4 before even doing raspberyls sidequest, this way you have mao, prepare by first having mao in corner res group or whatever it's called, then have him at a corner so he gains 10% extra exp, then have raspberyl in the honor student club so she gain 10% exp from nearby friends or so to speak, then have her next to mao, and next to herself put almaz, assuming you have his best skill, the help me goddess i think, and maos vasa aergun, that way the battle won't take more than 10 seconds tops if you're strong enough, then when she's leveled up alot hopefully enough to be able to take care of the enemies herself, you just kill them with here, you can do this with any char, instead of raspberyl you just put another in honor student club instead and put him/her/it inbetween mao and almaz, that's how i would do it(and do it)

    User Info: Vegeta-SamaSSJ4

    Vegeta-SamaSSJ4 - 8 years ago 0   0

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