Transferring big bang?

  1. I have a question about big bang...My Mao is a sword user...if i transfer the big bnag skill via the class world to Mao but keep him equipped with a sword will he still be able to use big bang in battle...or will i need to equip a fist weapon? How does this work with other characters? ie say my thief( gun user)...could i transfer big bang in the same way mentioned above and still be able to use it in battle with a gun equipped?

    Thanks in Advance

    User Info: shadow5747

    shadow5747 - 9 years ago

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  1. To be able to use a skill you must have its associated weapon equipped. This means to use Big Bang you need a fist weapon equipped. You can only use the skills of a certain weapon type when it is equipped. There is an exception though. Spells and skills unique to the character like a story character can be used with any weapon equipped or no weapon at all.

    User Info: Menchii

    Menchii - 9 years ago 2   0

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