Whats class world? And transmigration?

  1. Excactly what it says.

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  1. Class World Sticky with much more detail:

    What is it for?
    Through class world you can increase various stats, such has movement range, number of counters, etc
    It's also how you pass skill and evilities to a character that doesn't learn them naturally
    To pass a skill/evility you need to place a unit which knows the skill, and the unit you want to learn the skill on on the same club - the unit that wants to learn the skill is the one that has to host the CW
    class specific skills/evilities can't be inherited

    How do I enter it?
    Each time you transmigrate a character you are allowed a limited number of visits to CW, the most being 3 if you choose the highest level of genius
    However you can only enter CW when Sir Pri is visiting the campus, Sir Pri will randomly appear in campus If you have at least 1 character in the Student Council Club (unlocked during chapter 3). having more students in the club increases his appearances. (he can leave the campus if you keep clearing levels, and will leave every time you enter CW)
    Sir Pri doesn't have a fix position, when you get the message that he is visiting search the campus for a prinny with a big afro hair, leaving the campus (reloading/classroom/dimension guide) will cause his position to change

    What is it like?
    Class World is similar to Item World, every time you enter you'll have a set of 10 random levels, however:
    Enemy levels are tied to the level of the char hosting the run
    Most levels will have a Gate Keeper and some Gate guards in addition to random enemies
    Levels have Geoblocks instead of Geopanels
    The level bonus list only includes mana and money
    Using a Mr.Gency will waste a visit since you can't continue where you left

    Basic Class World
    Most boosts have a fixed mana cost, however when inheriting skills and evilities the cost is 10x the cost which it had at the evility trainer
    You can enter CW with less the the required amount of mana
    Clearing all Geoblocks in a floor reduces the cost by 5% (max 45%)
    Destroing blocks awards mana to the host even if he remains in the base panel (small amount)
    On floor 9 there is a Mystery Gate, enter it and talk to the trainer inside to recieve the boost/skill (you need to have the required mana at this point)

    Aptitudes boosting in Class World
    on every floor there is a small chance to appear a dropout
    a dropout is a copy of the char hosting CW, it has the same level/skills/gear/...
    kiling a dropout gives the CW host 1 point in a random aptitude
    by using a Puppy Paw Stick you can duplicate gear by killing dropouts
    on the 10th floor there is a unit that awards extra aptitude points if you kill it, the name and amount of points depends on the quality of the char hosting, with Genius chars giving the most benefit (double killing it does NOT increase the bonus)

    Extra CW
    if you clear all blocks on the 10th floor an extra Mystery Gate will appear
    usually you will find inside a character offering to increase the size of the club the host belongs to (max 7 slots per club)
    on rare occasions you will find inside the prinny master wish will give you the opportunity to learn 1(one) hidden weapon skill
    each weapon gets 2 extra skills this way, one costs 2400 mana and the other 4800 (staffs don't get extra skills)

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Other Answers

  1. Transmigration
    Generic classes transmigration cost doubles each time before it caps at 999.999mana
    Unique units however have a fixed cost of 100 mana
    Transmigration will reset your level back to 1 and mana to 0
    You will however keep all your skills/gear/boosts/... (serums however are lost)

    Generic classes can reincarnate in different classes and learn new skills while retaining the previous job's skills
    (class specific skills are lost. for example: monster skills, primary evility, class skills like the thief's Creat Box)
    Unique units recieve a base increase to their aptitudes 5% per stat up to 25% after 5 transmigrations
    Transmigration resets the Class World visit counter allowing you to get more boosts
    units recieve bonus points to allocate to their stats and small bonus increases at low levels result in great increases at high levels

    For extra info see the Maximization Guide section of Aerius' FAQ:

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  2. Class World-
    Once you pass a certain club, and put someone in that club, a prinny NPC named "Prin" will appear randomly as you go through stages. By the way, Prin appears randomly throughout the campus, so look through the whole place for him! Prin can also appear in the Land of Carnage, an area you'll be at in post game. Once you talk to Prin, you can select a character, and raise one of their statistics. You can raise things like their critical rate, Move, and can learn evilities (not sure though). These all cost mana.
    Once you enter, Class world is like item world, and there's 10 stages, no more. Every stage has a dimension gate, enemies, and geo blocks. If you clear all geo blocks in a stage, the mana required for an upgrade decreases. You can clear a level by defeating all enemies or going through the gate. Once you reach the ninth floor, a mystery gate appears. Go in it, and you can get your upgrade. Now, the 10th floor is next. Once there, a "boss" appears, and you can defeat it for an aptitude bonus, we'll explain that later. If you destroy all geo blocks here, and not complete the stage, you can unlock another mystery gate. Go through it, and with a 90% chance, you'll see a person who can upgrade the number of people a club can allow, which is...mostly useless. The 10% chance you'll see a person who can grant the character who's holding the class world a legendary skill. Unfortunately, monsters can't learn one. Anyways, you'll appear at floor 10 once again when you come back. Since you can be at floor 10 twice, you can also double-kill the boss, giving an even greater aptitude boost. Once you clear level 10, your aptitude bonuses will be attributed.
    Also, during any floor of the Class World, you may encounter a "dropout", or clone of the character holding the class world. If you defeat it, you'll earn another aptitude bonus.
    A character can hold a class world run 3 times. If you want to run it more times, you'll have to transmigrate, which I'm about to explain. First though, a little guide to aptitude. This affects how much stats you'll gain from an item. 100% means you'll get all the stats of an item. By having, let's say, 130%, you'll get all of it's effects, plus an extra 30%.

    This is making a character going from it's current level to 1, and is able to level up and go through class world once again. By transmigrating, you can get even stronger, by aptitude and basic stats. You can transmigrate as much as you like. By the way, when transmigrating, you'll choose an option of which kind you want to be, from Good-For-Nothing to Genius (again, not sure these are the exact words). A genius is better, since you get more of your past stats transferred to your new stats, but it costs more mana.

    I know, it's a big tutorial, but it'll be simple once you use these things for a while.

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