Were can you get the ultimate weapons from?

  1. I am in the epilogue and on the last stage before you beat Baal.

    User Info: Skeith12123

    Skeith12123 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Congratulations on reaching baal
    (check the item chart on the FAQ section)
    Normal game
    While you remain in the normal academy the highest rank of weapons you have available is rank 34
    After you unlock Land of carnage you will be able to find Items up to rank 39 (there are guides telling the best method to obtain these - check the FAQ section)
    Item World
    After obtaining a rank 39 legendary weapon/gear, you will be able to find the HIGHEST rank 40 weapons, which you can STEAL, on the "Item God 2" that you encounter on floor 100 in LoC Item world
    (the r40 wll belong to the same category as the item you entered, if you enter a r39 sword you'll find the r40 sword)

    Principal weapons
    DLC Survival has this weapon type - inferior to r40 weapons
    Magichange monster
    2 types: your monsters or LoC PPS stolen - potential to surpass r40 weapons

    User Info: zurcn

    zurcn (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

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