Item World Rooms?

  1. Some item world rooms are IMPOSSIBLE like the one with the multiple treasure chests on crate towers--how do you get them all? And the big building of crates--how do you talk to the pink kitty on top? And the zig-zag maze with platforms---how do you make it to the end? The platforms are too high to jump! Answer PLEASE!!!

    User Info: ze_guy

    ze_guy - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I agree with Zeff, the BW club would make it so much easier, but it's not necessary. I was able to get them all with my normal jumping height, you just have to look at the map in terms of a puzzle. Mao can jump on a 2 crate stack, so once you get on one, just look for the closest 3 or 4 stack of crates, and jump to them ( you can also use his shadow as a guide). The room is always set up to where you can get every chest with normal jumping height, it just takes a few attempts. I had the same problem when I first found that room, I couldn't figure it out so I didn't even try lol. Once I figured it out, I was kinda mad at myself for missing something so easy like that lol.

    Also, if you want to just try and find the Birdman Watchers club, you get it when you find a hidden room in the item world with a massive stack of crates in the center, with a purple cat sitting at the top (he is also the 'Cat God' you have to talk to, for one of the trophies). just leave that room, because you can't reach him with your current jump height, and once you finish the map after that room, you automatically get the topic for the Birdman Watchers club.

    User Info: Paradox422

    Paradox422 - 9 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. To get higher jumping ability for Mao (which is nessesary to complete a few of those rooms) you need to pass the bill for the birdman watchers club in student council.

    The birdman watchers club in turn increases Mao's jumping height (based on his level).

    User Info: Zeff_fury

    Zeff_fury - 9 years ago 0   0

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