How do you increase the population of an item?

  1. In an item, there are pop bills I can pass to increase the max pop. Is there any other way to increase the max pop of an item?

    User Info: Someoney3000

    Someoney3000 - 10 years ago

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  1. Population caps of items can only be increased by two methods:
    - passing the bill to increase Population in the Item Classroom (found in Innocent Towns after the 10th floor of Item World - the classroom mushroom does not always appear)
    - defeating the Item King found on every 30th floor of Item World, or the Item God found on the 100th floor.

    Normal items start with a population cap of 4 and can max out at 7: pass the item classroom bill once (as it only appears once in Normal items) and double kill* the Item King on the 30th floor.

    Rare items start with a population cap of 5 and can max out at 8 as soon as the 30th floor by following the above method for Normal items. Item Classrooms can appear twice, but only one Pop. Increase bill needs to be passed to reach the max Pop. early. The Pop. cap of 8 can be reached without passing any bills by defeating both the Item Kings found on floors 30 and 60 - one of them must be double killed* at least.

    Legendary items start with a population cap of 6 and can max out at 8 as soon as the 20th floor. Item classrooms appear up to 3 times in Legendary items, and two bills can be passed on the 10th and 20th floor should the mushroom monster appear. However, you can double kill* the Item King on the 30th floor to max out the Pop. cap without having pass Item Classroom's Pop. Increase bills.

    "double kill" - Defeat the Item General/King/God, but then use Mr. Gency Exit to leave instead of clearing stage. Go back into Item World and defeat the boss again. You reap the benefits of defeating the Item boss twice, which includes increasing max Population Space.

    User Info: luxion

    luxion - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. Population of an item depends on its status. Normals have four, Rares have five, and Legendaries have six. The max population for any item is eight.

    To increase population of an item, you must:

    - *Pass the Pop. Bill in Item World Homeroom every 10 floors.
    *You can only meet Homeroom once in Normal, twice in Rare, and a third in Legendary.
    - Kill the Item King or God (recommended that you double-kill the first Item King for two Pop. status; refer to the boards if you don't know what "double-killing" is).

    User Info: KlayBuddy

    KlayBuddy (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. I'm not certian but it used to be defeating the Item General, King, God will increase it. also Rare and Legendary items have a higher pop than regular (Legendary more than rare) by default

    User Info: Skel_Ettin

    Skel_Ettin (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   2

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