1. My party is lvl 70 and stuff i was wonder in wats a good place to lvl up after i beat the game???

    User Info: mrmoore07

    mrmoore07 - 9 years ago
  2. OK I'm confused about that "House of Ordeals" bill. Can you only get it with Mao? And whats the different between "House of Ordeals" bill and the "Opening Gates to Ordeal Mansion" bill?

    User Info: TimeX3O

    TimeX3O - 9 years ago

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  1. 7-3 is the beginner leveling map. That's the third map of the seventh chapter called Corpse Eaters. It has nine monsters in a convenient 3x3 formation, perfect to be killed by a 3x3-hitting fist skill, Big Bang. If you don't have Big Bang, you can kill them with Mao's third special attack, or a large-area magic spell.

    Anyways, just kill them until you get strong enough to 1-hit kill them all. I strongly recommend that you get Big Bang. Once you can 1-hit kill them, you're basically set. When you get strong enough, pass a Stronger Enemy Bill in the Homeroom. You should still one-hit them, but they give more EXP and HL now, making you level up faster. When you're strong enough again, pass another bill, kill, etc. Once the monsters hit level 99, STOP PASSING BILLS! There's a bit of a glitch/bonus that makes level 99 monsters give about as much EXP as a level 300-ish enemy. Now grind on these until you're around level 600. Remember to upgrade your Big Bang (or your alternative killing skill) to about 1k SP cost maximum.

    Once you're 600+, pass the House of Ordeals bill in homeroom. The final map of this extra place is even better for leveling.

    Seriously though, just check out the forums, and look at the stickies... read the 1-9999 guide XD

    User Info: Maiagare

    Maiagare - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. When your monsters are level 99 keep on passing the bill "Go on a School Excursion to help boost the exp so its a bit faster.

    User Info: TimeX3O

    TimeX3O - 9 years ago 0   0

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