Trophy help?

  1. How do you get the trophy for the following things

    1) get hit by abc gum?
    2) recieve 4, move 20 (and the other recieve 9 move 60)
    3) the combo 255 trophy. I dont get what you actually have to do

    and finally can somebody explain reverse pirating as i am really confused about how it works. i have read some things but im still confused, so can somebody explain in a n00b friendly way?

    Any help on even one of the above will be greatly appreciated
    thx in advance

    User Info: shadow5747

    shadow5747 - 9 years ago

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  1. 1) Behind the Large Prinny statue in the Academy there's a trap door keeping clicking X on it.

    2) This trophy means recieving a bounce and going the require amount of spaces like a throw, except with monsters. Basically make a bunch of slimes and give them shoes, then set it up where when you throw the Geo-Block on the Practice stage it hits a slimes bounces 7 spaces hits another slime and keeps going just space them out where the one will send it farther.

    3) Basically have a person NOT move and attack 255 times use Kyoko since she has Daisy's Vow which makes her immune to ally attacks, You can use Deck Brush or Revya's Evility Second Attack Win to speed this process up.

    Basically in Reverse Pirate depending on your ship's turn limit that you choose, you have that many turns to collect treasure chests, kill the item boss, collect the level sphere or the innocents. I ALWAYS grab the level sphere since by doing this it will increase the item's leve by 10, killing the Item boss will add more stats, and the Innocents (the monsters that say help) you can either throw them on yorur ship to double their level (like a subdue innocent in the item world) or just kill them to get them before your ship leaves.

    Basically there are rare innocents only found by doing reverse pirate raids, like Statistician, The weapon masterys and Guardian. By raising them (weapon mastery) and putting them in the correct weapon it'll increase the shown stats by 5 times (500).

    User Info: the_blood_wolf

    the_blood_wolf (Expert) - 9 years ago 2   0

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