Extra maps that unlock Asagi, and Others, but not the Diez Gentle man side quests?

  1. Like the question says, I talked to the shaman at the end of the game, and a new bll can be passed. BUT when i finish the first map when Master Big Star loses his name And changes to Master Bigster, The next map wasnt Salvatore, so i kept on going, and i get all these Diez Gentleman, like Some Eating Animals Dude, Crazy Orphan Girl, and Bo-Tie that likes sweat. o.o So how do i get the extra maps that unlock Laharl, etna and flonne and asagi characters.

    User Info: JustAny1

    JustAny1 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Make sure you talk to everyone in the academy after every event. Once you get Bigster, you need to talk to the people again, until the subject can be taken to the assembly. So to get Salvatore, Prism red, and then Asagi etc. you beat one, talk to the people in the academy, and then once the bill can be past; be sure to have enough mana, and go for it.

    User Info: Kitsuke

    Kitsuke - 9 years ago 0   0

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