The evilities after magic change?

  1. I wonder if there are people still playing this game... I am really a beginner of this third game..
    I read something in official guide that the monster can carry all of its two evilities to human type after Magic change, so now we should have 4 evilities in total.. But I always got only 3 evilities: 2 from human and one from monster.. I wonder if what the official guide said is correct or I just did something wrong (I did equip two evilities on the monster before magic change)..

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    wushun8001 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I don't remember reading that but....

    When you magichange you will have a max of 3 Evilities on the Human character that magichanged with a monster. The Human's Default, the Monster's Default, and what ever the Human's secondary evility was.

    If you go through Class World or just reincarnate from generic to generic you can teach the human any evility so he/she will have the one you want for use with magichange.

    If you're not in post game, I would say not to worry about Magichange till you can beat Baal in the Land of Carnage since when you do that you'll unlock the best club for Magichange the Shura Support Group.

    Basically when two people in that club magichange the monsters shown stats (this includes being Brave Hearted having an evility that increases stats on anything) and the monster having a level 25 Magichange Lover in their equipment they'll transfer 60% of his shown stats into the weapon they turn into. Then the weapon the human was holding if any would add 50% of it's shown stats.

    Of course that kind of power has a downside Magichange only lasts one turn in Shura Support Group. But if your using any other club you get 2 or 3 turns for it. But using other clubs only adds (I believe) 30% of their base stats (without equipment) to the weapon, which is why I said don't worry about Magichanging till post game where it can actually make a difference.

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    the_blood_wolf (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

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