What is Magichange?

  1. What is it What does it do and How do you do it is all i need to know

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  1. Magichange allows a humanoid and monster to fuse together, giving the humanoid a weapon (depends on the type of monster for your type of weapon, which is represented by the icon at the bottom of the status screen of the selected monster).

    It gives fixed status boost (like +1 MOV), the monster's innate Evility, two new Magichange abilities (dependant on the monster's level to use) and either adds more stats or lowers your character's overall stats, which is coherent to the monster's level.

    To activate this, you must place the humanoid and monster in the same club. It does not matter which club, just that you have both of them in the same club. Once done, you can access the Magichange option on the monster when in battle, and have both the monster and character stand next to each other in battle. Clubs like Magintology or Shura Support Group are better at Magichanging, which can be obtained by doing a Magichange once or beating Land of Carnage Baal, respectively.

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  1. It's like he said, but I have more to add. Magichange will not lower a character's stats, but the magichange weapon may be weaker than the character's normal weapon. A magichange weapon's stats are equal to either 10% or 50%, (I don't remember which) of the monster's stats.
    Magintology increases magichange length by one turn, and if you pass the bill "Improve Magintology" after defeating the Diez Gentlemen in their bonus maps, 50% of normal weapon stats are added to the magichange weapon's stats when in the magintology club. I think the Shura support group has a similar effect to "Improve Magintology" but I think it is also less, (I could be wrong here...) I know that Marona has an evility that eliminate the turn limit on magichange. After magichange ends, the monster disappears and is still considred dispatched, reducing the number of charcters you can use. A magichanged monster recieves the same amount of experience and man as the wielder gets, essentially doubling the amount of experience and mana you get. You could probably use this to increase the effectivenes of experience and mana "stealing" clubs. That was a long answer wasn't it?

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